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 Car crashes  can happen to anyone. But they are less likely to happen to motorists, who apply their knowledge and skills diligently to eliminate the most common cause of crashes, driver error. 


As with air disasters major crashes are often caused by the smallest detail - a minor misunderstanding, neglecting important routines or not adjusting to weather conditions. Whilst plane crashes are very thoroughly investigated at great expense, and the findings made public, the same can't be said for road crashes.

This website investigates road trauma caused by human error. Former driving instructor Dieter Fischer writes from his decades of  experience on Australia's roads. His stories may read like fiction, but sadly, serious crashes, just as explained here, occur somewhere every day.

As you read - think!  Learn from the mistakes others made and save yourself the trauma of a road crash! Motoring for 20, 30 or 50 years without causing a crash is possible!

Road safety must be owned by everyone!


Please note! The information on this site relates to traffic driving on the left side of the road! The safety principles, however, can be applied on all roads.

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About the author:

Dieter Fischer, German born, resident of Adelaide, South Australia, taught thousands of people to drive during his almost 30-year career. He was a pioneer in online road safety with his first website, now part of More on


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