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... because your sins are so many, and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.     (Hosea 9, 7b)


9.  A happy earth day

How could I not commence Chapter Nine today December 9th, after reflecting on what took place on this very morning?

I felt to read a chapter from the Book of Isaiah, the book which has so many references to the *Lord Jesus Christ, sometimes also referred to as 'my Servant'. The prophesies, pointing to our Saviour, were written hundreds of years before HE was even born.

*It still happens: Just as I typed the word Lord, it was sung on the radio. Some weeks ago I discovered 'Gospel Music Selections'  a station, which plays just the type of music my age group enjoys. 

It was amazing; I savoured the music so much I was prompted to give a small donation. Somehow the number 2 came to me, but you can't just donate $ 2. So I decided to make it $ US 22.22. Somebody else must have liked this number too. At the time this amount converted into $ AU 22.02!


At this time, leading up to Christmas, the scripture from Isaiah 9 (Verse 6) is quoted frequently on cards, in church services (as it was on the day of this writing) and newsletters: "Unto us a child is born ..." (More of this amazing birth later in this chapter).

I was reading through a different chapter from Isaiah, one which also has many references to the Messiah Jesus, Chapter 49. On top of the page I had scribbled something, which I also saw as reference to the Saviour Jesus.

About an hour later, eating breakfast and watching TV Channel Nine, this little scribble suddenly came alive. As you may have guessed - it was a number.

It all started with a segment on TV, which featured the all-time classic 1964 movie The Sound of Music. I took special interest, since it is my favourite, and I had made mention of it only in the previous chapter.

The von Trapp children, now all in their 50's and 60's, were interviewed via video link, except one Germanic looking gentleman, who sat in person in the studio in Sydney. He has lived in Australia for the past 30 years. In the movie he was Friedrich.

How amazed was I when those seven grown ups started to sing one of their 'Hillsongs'. Out of all the tunes they could have chosen the von Trapp Singers gave an impromptu rendition of: ..."Doe, a female dear ...". It brought tears to my eyes, to think that ... 


The Sound of Music team with Oprah

                                                                                            Photo: La Times


Viewers could sense the fun those wonderful people must have had during the making of the all-time classic, filmed in the beautiful Austrian Alps around Salzburg.

Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews are on either side of Oprah.


Among the snippets of information I had not known was a name that took my fancy - Charmian. The actress, who starred as the eldest of the von Trapp children - Liesl, was Charmian Carr. What a nice name, Charmian. It first had crossed my path about two years ago, when I started doing some work for a lady by that name. I recall having some fun, calling her Chairman. 

(On editing: Apply the a /e code - i cher man. She did cross my path - not so Sony). 

How strange, almost spooky - I just became aware, while editing here at 7.02 PM - 11/12/11, on Gospel music selections a lady is singing 'Blessed Assurance'.

The time I wrote about watching Cher in her fare-well concert here in Adelaide, I had joked that in her repertoire - 'Blessed Assurance' was not included. (Book 3, Chapter 28).

Friends that's amazing ... God gives us blessed assurance, but what amazing timing!


As things often do in my weird world, from here is got weirder. I knew Charmian lives at No. 144 ... (Read on). 

The host of the TV show asked viewers to email their favourite scene from the Sound of Music. So I did, adding a little of my conservative views on motherhood. But it did not stop there. Before I knew it I relived some of my own magic from years earlier:


Email Today Show, Channel Nine, dated 9.12.11:

Subject: DO RE IM

Hi all,
The most moving scene in the Sound of Music was the Fraeulein kneeling beside her bed praying. The greatest sacrifice a mother can give to her children is to ask Almighty God for HIS help in raising them.

A woman who succeeds to become the CEO of a big company may be regarded successful. But what in her later years? I'd rather be the woman of a great company of children and grandchildren.

Thanks for that nostalgic look at DO RE MI


Kind regards


PS   A lady named Charmian lives at 144 ... in Paradise! Interesting!


After sending this email and reading the PS again I couldn't help thinking a little more. My bible reading that morning suddenly came back to me. I saw how the number 9 and 144 had come through on Channel Nine. To top it off - the date - the 9th. 

I felt a supernatural moment was taking place. So I took a scan of the page I had been reading in my bible that morning and emailed it as attachment (shown below) together with the following email: (It so happened I pressed the sent button at 4 minutes to 9):


Hi again,

After having noticed the name Charmian (Charmian Carr was one of the Sound of Music children) and that I know a lady whose name is Charmian and lives at 144 .... I remembered my bible reading this morning and what I had written on that page years ago (4914) 

Take a look how it fits in with the theme! The page number (711) adds to Nine, the chapter (for) four nine, which in 2006 on April 14 came onto my radar in an amazing way in Angaston (Zion Church).

 After scanning above I also realized how the next verse (15) sums up the love of a mother toward her children and compares it to God's love toward HIS people.


With much love,



(Isaiah 49, Verse 14, American Standard Version - Page 711)

Text: God Will remember Zion > 4 9 14

But Zion said ,

"The Lord has forsaken me,

And my Lord has forgotten me." 

Can a woman forget her nursing child,

and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you.

The story of Zion in Angaston Postcode 5353 on April 14, 2006 is told in Book 5, Chapter 3.

- - - - - - -


ANGAS - part of the Adelaide skyline near Victoria Square

This sign is located above 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide, the same building where the Kapunda Road Royal Commission KRRC took place.

Can you see a link between Angaston postcode 5353 and the ANGAS Logo - three five-sided shapes?

- - - - - - -  

The subject matter of the KRRC had been the alleged hit-and-run by lawyer Eugene McGee. On the evening before this writing, (on 9.12.11) it was on the news again: The previous Attorney-General Mike Atkinson was in conflict with the present one, John Rau. He claimed that on legal advise his hands were tied. There was nothing he could do in the matter (eg. finding justice for the widow of alleged victim Ian Humphries.) He did not, however, give details of this advise.

In my opinion both Attorney Generals have failed the public of South Australia. Neither has responded to the evidence I had supplied in the Liddy case. One politician had described the final report by Commissioner James as containing dynamite. (I'm referring to the shorter version, which was never releases to the public, unless I missed it). 

What is in it that is so explosive? Why has it been kept from the citizens of our State? Where is the transparency, where is the justice? What did the public of South Australia get for the millions spent on the KRRC talk-fest five years ago? (Story in Book 4 Chapter.15 - A Royal Calling). 

- - - - - - -


More ancient news was resurrected in the media in recent days. My wife pointed out the item in the Advertiser Newspaper. I had heard the story on ABC Radio during a most memorable moment - at the time I was listening to the ABC News on car the radio, while trying to free the Suzuki, who was stuck in a deep sand drift in a National Park on a rough road at the bottom of Eyre Peninsula near Port Lincoln. (Story next chapter).


Advertiser Wednesday 7.12.11 - Page 30  

 The full headline: Court sets limit on Liddy claims saga.

Text (not all shown): The lingering, decade-old compensation claims against paedophile former magistrate Peter Liddy must end next year, the District Court says. Master Mark Rice yesterday said the claims, filed by Liddy's two victims and five other men who claim to have suffered at his hands, had lingered in the courts for too long. "I thought that the 10 years we've had so far had nearly brought this to an end, he said. (End quote).

At the bottom right hand corner is the name of the reporter. Use code + e to arrive at FEW SEE A N.


I saw some irony in the placement of the Apology by supermarket giant Woolworths. Why right next to the name Liddy? Why next to the man the justice system of South Australia owes a big apology to? 

If Master Mark Rice were to think again, if he were to study the full facts, the other side of the case, maybe he'd plead for the re-opening of the Liddy case instead of finalizing compensation.

If victim W. gets compensation, maybe he will pay for the vehicle he stole and crashed, after being released from jail instead of being arrested, a few days before testifying against Peter? 

The other victim mentioned above would have to be victim D, who promised to see lawyer Eugene McGee on Peter's behalf. He never did, instead he had tried to extract more money out of his trusted, rich friend.

What doesn't make sense to me: If there were five other men, who claim to have suffered under Peter, how can they claim compensation, unless Peter is first tried and their claims found to be genuine? Or do we have a system in place like Canada had once upon a time: Just fill in the details of the abuse you suffered and the compensation cheque will be in the mail? Unbelievable! 

- - - - - - -

There was another person I urged to think again. It was on the morning of 2.12.11, the day our Labor Party began their much anticipated national conference to discuss certain issues. Among them was the Party's adoption of same-sex marriage, a much debated issue in Australia at the present time.

In the email letter I sent I included my full name and address, and sent copies to our local MP, as well as the Premier of Queensland, whose Government had given a green light to same-sex couples just prior to the ALP Conference.


Date: 2.12.11

Subject: Thy will be done

Dear Mr. Crean,

On the ABC Radio yesterday (1/12/11) I heard you express the view (as I understood your brief comments) that you will be in favour of changing the marriage act, e.g  Labor Party Policy would regard same-sex couples the same way as normal couples.

Can you guarantee that in the future no super-tolerant, gay activist politician will not push to change any of the other criteria to be married in Australia. e.g minimum age, not marrying a relative or (God forbid) any animal, and only one husband or wife? 

One other important point, if I may: Any politicians, or citizens for that matter, who supports the above view, can never ever pray the Lord's Prayer again, praying "Thy will be done".

Scripture is very clear in this - sexual relations between two men or two woman is an abomination in God's eyes. (Lev. 18, 22). How could same-sex marriage then be HIS will?

To you and all your Labor Party colleagues, who have obviously been influenced by vocal, gay activists, or who are responding to political pressures from the Greens, I say this: to give same sex couples the official approval by governments is nothing short of defiantly spitting in the face of Almighty God.

I would think again!  

Yours sincerely,

Dieter Fischer

PS  Whatever man soweth that he shall also reap. For the sake of our young people may sanity - sane sex marriage - be the path the human race will follow to ensure their survival.

(As I pressed the sent button the clock on my P/C showed 6.48 AM).


With all due respect, Prime Minister Gillard stood by her belief that marriage should remain as it is, between a man and a woman. (Unlike our local Liberal Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond, who one would expect would be holding a conservative view). PM Gillard encouraged delegates to debate the issue. A vote was taken by delegates, who promptly endorsed same-sex marriage as official Labor Party policy. 

However, in a political clever piece of manipulating, Gillard promised to allow Members of Parliament a conscience vote, when the matter comes before Parliament. As I understand it, those in favour of this fundamental shift in the way politicians respect male / female relationships don't have the numbers to succeed. 

History will tell, if the 2011 ALP Conference was a new beginning. It may well have been - the beginning of the end for Labor; a move in the wrong direction. 

Labor is a working-men's party. I find it hard to picture an average pub, where hard working blokes, drinking at the front bar, would happily support the push for same-sex marriage. But sadly, our system is such that one percent, a small vocal minority, can outnumber the 99 percent, who fail to make their view known to their local politician. Apathy kills democracy.

But we know WHO controls the numbers. Take a look at this one: 100586.

This is the number of signed petitions a Christian organisation was able to raise from concerned citizens. It was presented to the Labor Party Conference in Sydney but obviously ignored by those in authority. 

In a media release Jim Wallace AM (nice name and title) the Director of the Australian Christian Lobby expressed that the Labor Party is on the wrong side of truth. Here is a summary of his concerns:


It [the Australian Labor Party] is on the wrong side of truth ...

... where gay activism has made a lie of children’s birth certificates. A father’s name can be removed in favour of two lesbian’s names. 

 ... and biology, when a single man can “get” a child, who has no right to a mother like every child should have.

... when the gay life style is to be presented as normal and healthy in our schools, when their own data shows it shortens a males life by double the years that smoking does.

 ... telling us they are 10% of the population, when it has always been around 1.5%.

... bowing to gay activism and breaking another unequivocal election promise given by its leader before the last election that: “The Marriage Act will remain unchanged."

(Source: Australian Prayer Network Newsletter - 7.12.11)


If the Marriage Act were to change it would be the second promise broken by Julia Gillard. She already has pushed the carbon tax law through Parliament. Before she was elected she said that there never would be a carbon tax under a government she would lead.

But that's what politicians do - promise the world to get elected, then do what they want to do anyway. Maybe my wife was right at the time I was active in the Liberal Party? I may never have lasted long in a leadership role. If being tough means you can tell a lie or break a promise without blinking an eyelied, sorry eyelid, pardon the pun, then I'm not suitable, not tough enough.

- - - - - -


The solution to the world's debt crisis - in a registration plate! 

X...L 196  

I saiah 96: Unto us a child is born ... a son is given..."

Driving in Cavan, a North Western suburb of Adelaide, I was listening to the ABC News (some months ago): "The Australian Dollar this morning reached a record high of $ 1.10 / US in early trading.... At the moment it stands at 1.096."

A moment later at the traffic lights, Corner Grand Junction Road and Cavan Rd, I had to stop behind this ute. My camera was handy - X..L 196.

Here is the message: The world is in a big debt crises, but not only financial debt. All owe a debt they can never pay - the heavy load of the punishment of sin - death. 

But there is the Good News. ONE came and took this punishment in your place - JESUS. And Christmas is HIS birthday.

"Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given ..." What for? To pay the debt once and for all. How did HE do it?  He died on a X out of L ove for You.

That's what Christmas is ALL about - not the value of the Dollar or the Euro.

There is the solution to the debt crisis: Accept the son who came and paid the price. Thank HIM for what HE did on that cross and live your life according to HIS ways, not that of the Labor Party. It's a brilliant solution ... the debt, the guilt, the fear - ALL GONE. 

- - - - - - -


Moments before this writing I returned from our local shopping centre Tea Tree Plaza to collect a batch of photos, the last lot before entering the digital age. My thinking mind wondered what shall I write next in this chapter?

A name came to mind in an instant - Kim. It was not Kim K, the MRS who had dumped her husband after 72 days marriage, but a male friend named Kim, who I had known for years.

 (Hey, isn't that interesting - he was very much instrumental in the Angas Easter Magic in 2006 - See Summaries to March 07). 

The same nano-second I was thinking of the name Kim in the shopping centre my eyes caught a glimpse of a young man. He was wearing a designer top - Von Dutch.

My mind recalled how I had sat with my Dutch friend Kim at Adelaide's Hindmarsh Stadium. It was only hours before I uploaded the previous chapter. I usually sit with my friend Geoff, also a Dutchman, in an area, where you sit anywhere - no reserved seats.

That night - 11.11.11 - I was sitting next to Kim. At half-time I noticed my seat No - 226. Much later I saw how my entry-ticket matched my seat number, only a 1 (Won) short. (Remember, I only purchased the ticket minutes before kick-off, and there are no reserved seats in that section). Kim must have magical powers?


Adelaide United vs Gold Coast United Fri 11.Nov.11

Adelaide won 2:1 that night, but have not done so well since. 

Note on right - a STREET too many?

If only all obeyed the message on the right: Enter via man on t (the entrance to eternal joy and happiness).

- - - - - - -


Nine days after 11.11.11 I discovered another little twist to do with football in Australia. I clearly recall the date Sunday 20.11 2011. It's my friend VAL's birthday. Early in the morning I was reading from the Book of Hosea, the theme the church services had centred around for the past few weeks. In Verse 10 I read this phrase: "...he will roar like a lion." 

How strange, I thought, how come I had not seen this in all the years I had been following football in Australia? (Read on). 

That morning I felt an urge to take my NIV bible to church. Normally, only a few take their bibles to church, since the scriptures are shown on the large screen at the front.

Often a similar scenario takes place there, as it does when I watch Hillsong - a different word is spoken than the one shown on the screen. Three weeks ago in church it was righteous [righteousness]. The reader owes us ...ness ...


That Sunday I was reading along in my own bible, rather than on the screen. It so happened the preacher was reading from the same translation, the NIV Version. 

The twist my eyes had opened to that morning was that Brisbane has an AFL team (oval shape ball) called LIONS. They also have an A-League team called - ROAR*.


Hosea 11:11 magic on 2011 (2011)

Text: "...he will roar like a lion. When he roars his children will come trembling from the west. They will come trembling ..."

 *This follows: Sydney has the SWANS, so their A-League team should be called Sydney Quack. Geelong's champion AFL team is the CATS, so any future A-league team, no doubt, will be called Geelong MEOW. 


About a week later on 28.11.11 I found another bible verse, taking the ROAR to another level. Actually - they were doing fantastically. This year they broke an incredible Australian record by playing 36 matches undefeated. (It seemed not so long ago when Adelaide held the A-League record playing 13 matches without a loss.)

I was reading through Proverbs 28 and came across this gem (Verse 15): "Like a roaring lion and a charging bear is a wicked ruler over poor people." Not only does this verse include the Lions and the Roar, but also the Bears. Before becoming the Lions, the Brisbane football club was called Bears.

If there is an animal worth calling King of the animal kingdom, it's the LION. In the Book of Revelations Jesus is referred to as the LION of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5).  Alert readers will recall that I had ended the previous chapter with 55, the number that represents LOVE. In digital form 55 = SS.

One Sunday recently two S's popped into my radar in a strange way.

Pastor Brian Houston was speaking on his TV program. He quoted a verse from the Book of Hebrews, which was projected onto a huge screen behind the platform he was speaking on. The verse read: "Do not forget to give hospitality to strangers. In doing so you some people have entertained angels unawares.

I found it amusing, considering that Pastor Brian's theme was Awareness, he actually was unaware of it. He quoted the verse, saying unaware, but right behind him on the screen it read unawares. Because he did this twice I saw SS and loved it.

There was a second occasion when SS came up, again out of the blue as if by magic. I had sent an email (about the Roaring Lion discovery) and realized only later that I had made two spelling errors, most likely through time pressure, not proof reading before pressing the sent button. I had twice written the word come, instead of comes - more SS as if by magic.

In the same email I made another error, which I failed to correct. Writing about the letters LION I wrote: now we can have some some - N OIL. Some and come in my code becomes CS, as when someone sees. God sees it all.


But there's more. Like SON turned upside down, the letters LION, in capitals, turned upside down, look like a number - N O I 7.

How remarkable! Revelations 5:5 includes a 7:

But one of the elders said to me, "Do not weep. Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals."

This victor of all victors, the ONE who has prevailed over sin and death and opened the scroll and losened the Seven Seals is Jesus. HE is the reason for the Christmas season. Christmas is HIS birthday celebration.

Christmas is the best thing that happened to mankind. Here is another 2:10 of Jesus:

Then the angel said to them: "Do not be afraid for behold I bring to you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people." (Luke 2, 10). 


Happy Earth Day - Jesus.                                                                  


Chapter 10