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"For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,

but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." (1.Cor. 1,18).


"These people say they love me. They show honour to me

with words. But their hearts are far from me. The honour

they show me is nothing but human rules they have

memorized. So I will continue to amaze these people

by doing more and more miracles."

(Isaiah 29, 13, 14 ICB)

8.    AN - TRUE Chris Rea 

Did I see correctly? On the evening television news a blond haired man was wearing what looked like a small, red flower in his lapel. It looked very much like the flower that played quite a role in my previous chapter.

The gentleman was none other than Julian Assange. The Wikileak founder, and the world's number one whistleblower, had his appeal against extradition to Sweden rejected by a London Court. The small red flower in his lapel was indeed a red poppy. 

The item that followed in the same news bulletin brought another surprise, another red poppy in the lapel of another famous person. It was none other than Prince William. He and his wife Kate, together with Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Mary, had joined forces to take action toward fighting the terrible famine in Somalia.

To complete the poppy spotting hat-trick, on the day before commencing this chapter, another famous face appeared on our TV screens. British actor Daniel Craig also had a red poppy in his lapel. The star of two previous James Bond movies was in the news about his third called Skyfall.


Daniel Craig (James Bond) promoting his latest movie 'Skyfall'.

                                                    Pic. Daniel Deme WENN


In my Da Ninci code you don't need the J of James to arrive at:




In Julian Assange, you could use the letter L to make the Wikileak founder into: J U 1 AN AS A n g e L.


or J U Won as an angel.


How about J U 1 A N Angel Ass.?


- - - - - - -


What about all these red poppies worn by those tall poppies? (On the day of editing / publishing everyone seems to be wearing them). The answer came in an email just as I was observing above famous names wearing them. A friend in his regular email newsletter explained that the red poppy is a symbol of Remembrance Day, when we pay our respect to the fallen. At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare. 

Here is how the poppy came to become a symbol to remember the fallen:

While the poppy was firstly linked to battlefields during the Napoleonic era, a closer connection occurred in 1915 when the Canadian soldier John McCrae composed his famous poem "In Flanders Fields". Noticing how the poppy arises from soil disturbed through burial, his poem commences as follows:

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row."

In response to McCrae's observation, the American poet Moina Michael pioneered the use of poppies to remember dead soldiers, and in 1918 she wrote verses which include the following:

"Oh! you who sleep in Flanders Fields,

Sleep sweet - to rise anew!

We caught the torch you threw

And holding high, we keep the Faith

With All who died."

As the poppy and other plants arise from their sleep within the earth, so too all who die in Christ will rise into eternity: What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. When you sow, you do not plant the body that will be, but just a seed, perhaps of wheat or of something else. But God gives it a body as he has determined .... (1 Corinthians 15:36-38).       (Source: David d'Lima)            

- - - - - - -


It so happened that on 7.10 (October 7th) I published Chapter 7 in my Book 10. Since I completed editing just around the right time, why not upload at exactly 7.10 PM? That's what Nos do to you. But as I had mentioned many times, there are far worse fixations to suffer from. What's more, as I look around I observe that there may be others, who are amused by, even respond to, what I write. 

The front page of our Advertiser Newspaper the next day (October 8th, 2011) read: TRAPPED IN A CELL, by Cindy Wockner.

(Interesting, I just noticed Y D C IN. Moments earlier, after scanning the pic below, I noticed a finger pointing at IN).

The headline reminded me of another: TRAPPED BY A LETTER, the initial story how Peter Liddy was allegedly caught out. He is still trapped in his sad prison cell. 

The trapped person Cindy referred to was 14-year-old Lewis Alan Mason, who allegedly had purchased a small quantity of drugs on a Bali beach. He was arrested and has been in the prison cell and in the news ever since. (See previous chapter). Unusual that, apart from the Sydney Morning Herald which published his name, nowhere had I seen or heard his name mentioned. And why is his face never shown on TV or other media?

There are times I feel trapped, trapped in my discoveries, trapped within my truths. As soon as thoughts of doubt arise, I remind myself that HIS thoughts are above our thoughts, HIS ways are beyond ours. In trying times I let my mind rest on that one verse in the psalms, the verse which puts a troubled mind to rest: "Be still and know that I AM God." (Psalm 46, 10).

At other times I pause and meditate on one word God gave me years ago. At the time I desperately needed it: TRUST.

A few pages into the same edition newspaper, as if in response to my supernatural writings the night before, an article appeared, which deals with the subject of the paranormal. Bryan Littlely wrote about alien activity around Adelaide and was placed on YouTube by a mysterious Ben of Fluffy Jet Productions. ( FLUFFY = F Y U L FF [and following]).

Here is the introduction to the article:

(Adelaide Advertiser 8/10/2011)

BELIEVE it or not ... UFO and ghost chasers reckon Adelaide is a hotbed of activity. Dozens of videos showing supposed alien activity in our skies and apparent ghosts haunting everything from suburban homes to landmarks are flooding on to websites dedicated to the search for the supernatural.

((End extract)

Still browsing the Advertiser Newspaper (of Saturday October 8th) I spotted the word STURT in the sports section. My brain rather liked the anagram of Sturt - TRUST. It was the day our State's Football League grand final was played. On page 107, (number made sense) among many statistics, the number 159 stood out. 

The sportswriter pointed to Sturt in his review of the history of football grand finals in South Australia. In 1969 Sturt had won the grand final with the highest score ever - 159 points, kicking 24 goals and 15 behinds against Glenelg.


From the diary: Oct. 8th 2011

159 was the highest score ever achieved in our state's SANFL football grand final. 

Note the background picture. The name Graham Cornes is well known in Adelaide. The former football star, now sports commentator, was the founder of the car dealership that bears his name. Cornes Toyota. It is located in poppy land, right next to Solitaire, Medindie.

Who is pointing the finger at - IN?

- - - - - - - -


Two days after October 8th was October 10th; not only in my diary but, most likely, in everybody else's as well. It was a Monday. That morning I went to the doctor to check my blood, if my iron level had increased. (Remove the letter r from iron leaves ion.) 

Enough word play; while sitting in the doctor's surgery's waiting room I picked up a Readers Digest Magazine. It amazes me constantly that out of nothing, often within minutes, a story emerges, after seeing something, somewhere. 

This time it was on page 150, right at the bottom, where I spotted the spelling error. How ironic (pardon the pun) was it - the misspelled word was the word se (should have been see) in an article about better eyesight?

Much later did I noticed that the RD Magazine was a year old (October 2010 - note 10/10!) I also matched that day's date. But my mind always sees more. Looking at I50, turning it into ISO, I could sense something, which I emailed the magazine after I arrived home.


Email to the Reader's Digest Magazine, dated October 10th 2011.

Subject:  RD Oct. 2010, P.150 - ISSO

Hi all,
The waiting room of a doctor's surgery is a place, where you may experience lots. It's the place, where you find time to read an RD magazine, no matter if it's a year old. But how rare is it to find a spelling error in an RD Mag?
Right at the bottom on Page 150 in the October 10 edition I saw the word se - it should have been see! How ironic, the article is about healthy eye-sight! 
Old age (I'm 61) may waken the eyes, but obviously not spelling error detection or other skills, such as decoding >>> Page 150 + [e, 5th letter of alphabet) = IS0 + 5 = ISSO).
Thanks for an entertaining, educational magazine. (I learned this morning the difference between effect and affect,  in the same magazine, plus much more).
PS  Interesting - October 2010 can be divided into
10, (10+10) + 10 and another 10 >>> IS 50. (Took me a whole year to find that out. I probably should go to the doctor more often!)



At the time I had not noticed the misspelled word waken (in blue above). After I had copied the email into my Word File, I noticed the missing e. How about that? In an email about a missing e, by sheer fluke (or is there a higher power* ...)


Stop Press: Isn't this amazing! Earlier in the day I had discovered a most beautiful Christian Radio Station

I have been listening with tears in my eyes. Just as I typed the word power, a female vocalist was singing these lyrics: "Learning to lean on Jesus, finding more power.." She sang the word power, just as I typed it. 

Friend's there is a power beyond our understanding!



Another email to Reader's Digest followed minutes later on 10.10:


Subject: A little surprise magic
Date: Monday, 10 October 2011 10:33 AM

Hi again,
Just copying my previous email five minutes ago into my Word Files I noticed two twists.

One, today's date is actually 10.10 - (the date I went to the doctor).

Two, - please don't think I did this on purpose - in my email about the missing e, I misspelled the word weaken. I wrote it with an e missing - waken!

But really, it should not surprise me. Such magic has happened for a number of years. I've been writing about it in my (sorry, but it isso) ten books. 

Kind regards


I was on an E-roll. Scrolling back through my emails I opened a regular weekly email newsletter. Keeping in mind I had just experienced moments earlier a little magic with the letter e, you may understand why I had to send a third email to Readers Digest that day:


Email to Readers Digest, dated 10.10.11


Subject: Hat trick big E.


Hi (a third time today),


I couldn't help myself sharing this with you. It arrived yesterday in an email newsletter, which I opened a moment ago. It seems to complement (not compliment - I learned that this morning in RD too) the emails regarding the letter e this morning.


How do you know if there's an elephant in your bed?
By the big E on his pyjamas.

(Dads 4kids - Fatherhood Foundation Newsletter 9/11)


God bless,



That morning in that Readers Digest Magazine, in the surgery's waiting room, I had read about common words people get mixed up with. Hence my hint at complement and compliment.


On the day of commencing this chapter there was another incident which surrounded the letter e. As if planned by an unknown power - what transpired also matched the date 5.11. It all may sound repetitive; yet I write it as I saw it,  just as it was; no misunderstanding possible.


On the evening of Nov. 5th our family had relatives visiting from New South Wales. Their surname happens to be EMMS. It came to me during a ride that afternoon. If I take the letter E as the 5th (letter) and M as 1 (thousand / Roman numerals) I see the date -  5 1 1 S.


Seconds afterward, still thinking about this, I was cycling past a side road, called Kingston Street. A quick glance to my right showed a small, white sedan parked right there. The registration plate was  .... 511.


Monday October 10th continued at a rather hectic pace. More supernatural incidents took place that evening. One particular one stands out, which only I can verify as true and ...


Monday evenings the ABC broadcasts a program called Media Watch. Years ago, after I had given them a tip-off, I had received in the post a fridge magnet with their slogan: STAY BRAVE AND TRUE.


As I watched the program that evening I distinctly heard, and took note of, firstly the word true and moments later the word an disappear. It happens with digital transmissions that short sections, nano-seconds of words go missing. Or was there more behind the words true / an?


Around that time I was reading Simon Illingworths' Filthy Rats, which I had written about in the previous chapter. (Co-incidentally? it was published by ABC Books.) After the broadcast my mind was reading, but was also, perhaps on a more subconscious level, pondering the words true and an: What if this was a kind of test, if HE was true, if IT was true, if indeed N was true?


Reading on in Filthy Rats I suddenly saw just those two words (True / an) in the book I was reading. What co-incident this would be, if indeed it were not God speaking in HIS unique, unmistakable way?


I emailed what happened to the ABC's Media Watch:



Date: 10.10. 2011


Subject:  Stay brave an true


Hi all,


Just after your show I picked up Simon Illingham's Filthy Rats (ABC Books and started reading. As I was thinking about an true I was reading this sentence on page 178:
"Whether this was true or not, an increasingly cynical and pessimistiv media and public weren't likely to believe it."
I thought I had to tell you, so I went to start my P/C, and what did I see? A Media Watch Magnet - STAY BRAVE AN.D TRUE (Dot added). Love it.



This is how I saw it that evening:




Bottom: Page 178 - Filthy Rats (ABC Books)





The challenge of the century: With an ever increasing flow of information by all kinds of media, who do we believe, who can we trust to the end?




(On editing: Spelling error - pessimistiv, should be pessimistic. Spelling is not my best skill in my CV).

- - - - - - -




The opposite of truth is lies. On Sunday October 30th 11 Australia woke up to a shock announcement by the Chief Executive of our National Airline QANTAS. (Take a closer look at that word without the Q). QANTAS (Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services) has been a very successful Australian Airline. Its safety record is the envy of other major airlines. That day Alan Joyce, the chief executive with a British accent, had grounded the entire fleet.


Over some months, leading up to the surprise announcement, there had been industrial action taken by unions, fearing many employees would lose their jobs, if plans to moved certain services off-shore. (A pilot speaking about the incident may still have been spooked, when he said "off-share, sorry off-shore.")


The unprecedented action to lock out the entire workforce of 27 000 (or is it 32 000?) stopped the Australian giant in its tracks. ! Such a drastic step had never been taken in the history of Australian industrial relations. Hundreds of thousands of travellers had their plans disrupted. A commentator on TV likened it to cracking a walnut with a sledge hammer.


There is a word for disruptive behaviour by unreasonable employees. We call it the 'British decease'. In this case, however, it was an employer with a strong English accent, who took industrial action.


Q: What is the common name for a British-born social commentator?


A: Whinging POME*


*POM stands for Prisoner Of Mother England.


(Please note: I'm not calling Mr. Joyce a whinging pome. However, is anybody worth that much that they should be earning tens of thousands of Dollars a day, when others don't earn that much all year. Not to mention those, who have to survive on a few dollars a day?)



So what did you notice as you pondered the name QANTAS without Q? SATAN?


On the morning after the debacle I opened my Daily Bread Bible reading. It so happened - on the very day our QANTAS did not fly - the first word in my reading was Satan. This got me thinking:





Satan's sway over mankind began when he turned the minds of Adam and Eve against God. In order to pull it off, he had to lie to them about God - and they had to fall for it. In that defining moment he lied to them about God's goodness, God's Word, and God's intentions (Gen. 3:1-6). 

Our problem is that we, like Adam and Eve, believe Satan's lies. And when we do, our loyalty to God is compromised. Then our enemy slithers off to his next assignment, leaving us alone to face our regrets and the realization that his lies have seduced us away from our truest and dearest Friend. Who have you been listening to lately?         - Joe Stowel



Text: Satan can catch you by surprise

And stop you in your tracks,

So keep on guard and trust God's Word,

Resist his strong attacks.   - Branon


The power of Satan is no match for the power of God's Word.



How fitting that earlier in this chapter I had a little encounter with the word power! And it's all true! 

- - - - - - -



On one occasion, some time back now, the phenomena of hearing a spoken word on the screen, but viewing a different word on the TV screen lead to some interesting observations. It involved four words. Here is what I mean, explained in table format, for easier understanding:




      Spoken and

    shown on screen 

Letters left over Did it mean ? If so - here is the rest




   I DO     









T I 






The letters in the bottom right-hand column are lyrics in the movie: The sound of Music! (DO - a female deer...)


The Hills are alive with the sound of music ... Now the program, where I had observed the above makes sense: HILLSONG (TV).

SO DO IT ...  FA La La La La La La La La...




The day before this writing, also on Hillsong TV* a word stuck out as I was watching their program early in the morning: BIT. In the afternoon I stepped out into our street and took my dog for a walk. Along came a vehicle, registration plate - BT I. (Yes, it sounds crazy, a bit).


*Ps. Brian's sermon was titled: "When ordinary people pray". I could not have agreed more. The most effective prayer comes from a transparent, pure, enthusiastic, humble heart. Remember, God is not looking for eloquent words, but passionate thoughts, motivated by a sincere desire to please HIM in all we do.


Such a prayer will express words which God wants you to pray. You will be in tune with HIS will. HE will answer, perhaps in unexpected ways, and not immediately. The outcome, however, will be good. Just trust.


There is that word TRUST again. As if God Himself spoke this word to the people of Adelaide on 19.10.11 ! In the middle of that night many residents woke to an earth tremor. A 3.5 second rumble as if a train was approaching (according to one eyewitness). The earth shook at 2.22 AM with a magnitude 3.3 tremor on the Richter Scale. The epicentre was reported to be near Upper Sturt (ABC TV News).


Whatever you may think, whoever you may trust, No.1 (God, the man of P's) controls ALL.


- - - - - - - -


Ever since my youth I have trusted God. It never made sense to trust anyone else, any other force. Trusting God is a life-long adventure. The deepest secrets of God can't be explained rationally, neither with a scientific, nor an academic mind. God's ways are totally different. He reveals HIS secrets to the simple in faith.


The word of the cross does not make sense to those, who don't want to believe. To them it is foolishness. Sadly, they will perish (1. Cor. 1,18). Yet, to deliberately forgo God's invitation for an eternal life is beyond foolishness, it's a tragedy with eternal consequences.


To find out that the torment of hell is for real, once you have arrived it's too late! (Check out the sad story of such a man in Luke 16, 19-31). If only the Dawkins and Grayling followers could experience an hour in hell, maybe they would re-examine who they place their trust in?


Those who seek God diligently will find HIM (Luke 11.9). It's HIS promise. God keeps HIS promises.


Many things I see and write about can be regarded as foolish, I agree. Some may regard me as a religious numerologist. Others view all of life as co-incidental, without meaning, without purpose. In the end all will make sense, when you will see life from God's point of view.


The date as I edit is 11.11.11.  is one of four such Nos.1 dates in 2011. The previous three were: 1.1.11 - 11.1.11 and 1.11.11. Perhaps you also received the email, which informed us, if we added the year we were born and our present age, it all adds to 111. In my case, I was born in 50, my age is 61 = 111.


The number 111 came up exactly one week before this writing (on 3.11). That day I started for the first time to drive a small bus for the German Welfare Centre, to pick up passengers and take them to their day out at the German Club. The depot, where the bus was garaged, was No. 111 W... Road.


As I passed No.108 W ... Road I was reminded of the person, who lived in that house. Years ago I had met a gentleman with whom I had much in common. During conversation we discovered that he was born on the same day, same year, as I was - 30.1. He and I had both been born overseas, had migrated to Australia and we both started our own driving school.


It was something to think about during my day's driving, but nothing really earth shattering. Except, there was more. (Read on, after this special insert).


- - - - - - -



CD - purchased at a garage sale




the best of ... Chris Rea

You're correct if you think I purchased this CD because of the name of the artist. Just now, before scanning, I noticed how No.310 fits well here.


Another rea.son, pardon the pun, this fits so well are the first two songs: 'The road to hell'* and 'Josephine'.


You see, way back in 1979 my very first client as a freshly baked driving instructor was a girl called Josephine. Certain milestones in your career you remember for the rest of your life.


(Think it's crazy? Look at the title of song 4 - Fool).

*Not again: Just as I edited this, on ABC 891 Radio (3.47 PM) Carol Whitlock commented to her colleague Peter Goers: "Listening to this ... (yodelling) ... sounds like - dying on the road to hell'. 


- - - - - - -



(Back on the bus)


At the end of that day's driving (on the third of that month), I dropped the bus back to the depot. As I recorded the mileage travelled into the log sheet - 27400 - the time on the dashboard read 4.27. To top-off this numbers-magic day at work, I had driven the 12-seater bus for 103 kilometers.


Right at the start on that 3rd. November day 2011, I had had an encounter with the number 3. I had sent an email to a TV program that very morning. That day the Australian visit of a famous US pop star was in the news. Her name was Kim. She had caused a storm in the media, announcing that she was divorcing her husband, 26 year old NBL star, Kris Humphries, after only 72 days marriage. The paparazzi chased her like a hungry mob of wolves.



Hey, I just played with their first names: KRIS minus KIM leaves MRS. Or put in another way -  MRS leaves! 

Ha, ha!



The Australian visit of this divorce-happy lady prompted me to sent two emails to Channel Nine TV. The first one referred to a comment made by a breakfast TV host who, tongue-in-cheek, suggested a Kiss a Kim Day (or some similar nonsense). Later at night I remembered it, watching Eddie's Millionaire Hotseat. This question came up: Who painted The Kiss. Like the contestant I had no idea what the correct answer was. But spotting the letters KIM inside one of the multiple choice answers, I got it right. Take a look:



Date: 3.11.11


Subject: Unlucky Marnie not in (the money)


Hi all,
I only got to see the final 3 questions on Eddie's Millionaire Hotseet. Had Marnie. R. watched the Today Show yesterday morning she may have got the answer correct?
Who painted THE KISS? I didn't have a clue either, but Karl and Lisa yesterday morning suggested a Kiss a Kim (or was is hug a Kim) Day. Well, the answer was D: Gustav K L I M T. (I also knew what a T R A B A N T was (Answer B), but more often than not the questions are beyond the average brain.
This woman Kim (somebody), is it true that she planned all along to just marry that famous, rich sportsman for his money and to get fame for herself? Should a marriage partner be allowed to just say Good-bye after 72 days - no reason given and walk away with millions?
If so, what has marriage become?
Kind regards
PS  It just came to me. I got a glimpse of a name tab KIM yesterday. Wasn't it in the Kindergarten at Elizabeth East? It was. Had I not been busy delivering Yellow Pages phone books, that young lady standing there was very attractive - Hmm, I wouldn't have minded a quick ....  ?
PPS  This morning God woke me at 5.33. It made me think - November and May, six months apart, have this is common NO V = No.5.




The next day there was more. I am writing it as it was. It was one of those familiar starts to my day. I woke feeling rather fresh and somewhat surprised that the time on the clock radio showed 3.11. In the US the date was still 11.3.


Was I meant to wake so early and watch a TV Show from the US? Anyhow, that's what I did - 60 seconds of Good Morning America. Within those brief moments I heard the presenters mention the number No. 3, the digit that had been on my radar for many hours.


I sent a second email to Channel Nine's breakfast show, off-loading what had happened:



Date:  4.11.11


Subject:  More on 3.11


Hi all,
This morning God woke me at 3.11 AM. Since I was awake I wondered should I perhaps watch some TV from the US? After a short time of prayer I put on Channel Nine. On Good Morning America (during the 60 seconds I watched) they were bemused about the co-incidence of three generations being born on the same day.
This reminded me: Yesterday I started work for the first time from No. 111 W... Road. At No. 108 W... Road, a gentleman used to live (perhaps still does) who used to run a Driving School. We not only had in common that we both came to Australia from Overseas and became driving instructors, we also share the same birthday 30-1-1950.
(His initials M G).*
But more weird happened: Documenting the mileage on the bus I was driving I realized that yesterday (on 3.11) I had done 103 kilometers.
Still more - when I looked on the dash, the time showed 4.27 PM, the odometer read 27 400. 
Kind regards from the numbers man in Adelaide,
PS  Yesterday, walking along fashionable Hutt Street I saw Keith Conlon (Adelaide's Channel Nine - Postcards) having lunch with a lady on a sidewalk Cafe. What a nice lady his wife must be - taking her husband for lunch.



(*Details omitted for privacy)


Had there been a chance to chat with Adelaide's famous, popular TV name (Keith Conlon) I would have asked about the 1, 2 or 22 dolphins, which inhabit the Port River.


- - - - - - -


At the time of writing a friend and I have almost completed a contract delivering around 4500 Yellow Pages phone directories. Earlier in the year, with the help of my wife, I delivered over 6000 copies of the new, small print White Pages phone book. The cover looked interesting:



Adelaide's White Pages phone book says hi. It's how we connect:



Produced by SENSIS, distributed in SA by ALLMAC


I hope none were left in the rain. They become the Wet Pages.



An incident took place during distribution of the Yellow Pages phone books on 9.11 (November 9th). It both surprised and puzzled me. It made me think deeply. It happened so fast and was over in seconds. As my friend and I were moving from house to house in a quiet back street, running up each driveway to leave a phone book by each door, two motor vehicles approached rather noisily. They were moving swiftly, but not real fast.


As I looked my eyes caught a brief glimpse of both. They were two 4WD business vehicles with writing on the side. On the first vehicle I spotted the letters WARREN. The second, which followed close behind, had  EMERGENCY RESPONSE written on the doors. (t was not however an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and no siren).


What was that all about? I asked myself while working on. It took only a few moments of thinking, looking at the location and I becoming aware of the street name: JAGO Street. I saw a two-letter German word (YES) and a two-letter English word: GO. So was this from a fly-by cheer-squad? If so, the name of the junction, where this took place may hold the second half of the message: ALDERSHOT?

(Hey, I just saw another version, using the A/E code - ELDER.SHOT. Until now I had deciphered it as HE L&D SHOT.)


Please don't think I took this as another threat. No, I took it more of an interesting way of giving a warning in a strange kind of way. But wasn't much of what think and do a little strange?


The next morning out of curiosity I googled the word Warren, wondering what firm vehicle may have been stalking us. Before I give my finding, please note that minutes before this Google search I had sent an email to my brother Roland (note the name) in Germany. In recent months we had not emailed much at all. It all seemed perfectly timed again.


This is what came up: There was a firm in Adelaide named Warren. The location was Dunorlan Street. How I don't know, but I saw the letters R.o.l.a.n.d straight away inside that street name. This leaves U N. (Better than the MRS leaving, hey Kris?)


But there was more. The date 9.11. (Remember, it was not September 11, even though Inside for Living broadcast that morning the original 9/11 program ...?)


I felt prompted to write this email to my brother Roland that day, because Nov. 9th was my late mother's birthday. She would have been 99.


She did not fall in a war. Her brother Willy did. On this Remembrance Day I recall the picture of the handsome, blue-eyed, blond-haired soldier in military uniform hanging on the wall of my grandmother's living room. They were so proud of him.


He was a Member of the SS. If only they knew the code then! SS = LOVE. Even your enemy!




Chapter 9