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"Our God shall come, and shall not keep silent;

a fire shall devour before Him." (Psalm 50, 3)

"Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." ( Psalm 50:15) 


7.  A poppy tale hero

Was is a threat? Was it a death threat?

It had been a while since I perceived what I saw, read or heard to be a kind of a threat against me. I recall the carcass of a bird, which years ago had landed dead near my Mitsubishi motor car, right outside our residence. (Photo Book 4, Ch. 24). Another dead bird had chosen a family member's doorstep as a place of rest.

I just noticed two things: One, our Mitsubishi motor car at the time had carried the registration plate ....301, the digits of the date as I write. Two, the twin of number 301 is 228. (These two numbers were the catalyst to my fixation with car registration numbers - see pic. Book 1, 19). The perceived threat I am about to write about has a clear link to 228.

Stop Press: On final editing (7.10) came this: The price of a barrel of crude oil - $ 82.28. Remember ? >>> Turn OIL upside down - it becomes 7I0! 

O (this just came) it makes even more sense, if you add 8 (7+1) !


On the morning of starting this chapter (3.10) I received a phone call on my mobile telephone. I answered with my full name, as I usually do. The male voice at the other end, which I did not recognize, asked calmly:

"Is R.... W..... there?" (I shall not disclose the name, because there would be dozens of people in Australia by that name.)

I answered: "No, you must have the wrong number".

It got me thinking. By the sound of my voice, shouldn't the caller have already known that it was the wrong number? And why did he not show any degree of surprise at having phoned the wrong number? The phone intruder certainly did not appear to be apologetic.

The first name this caller had asked for was R ..., a name very closely connected to a person I had traced during my Peter Liddy investigations. I had checked this person's details online. Only once I spoke to him on the telephone, but only for a very brief fifteen seconds. I also had written him a letter, some years ago, asking him to come clean and tell the truth. (How naive had I been!) 

On another occasion I took a photo outside his residence, which happened to be 228 R ... Street (same name, as the R.... name above).

But more so, the second part of the name this person had asked for (W.....) mildly alarmed my mind into thinking: This caller had called my number on purpose. Something sinister is happening.

My creative, suspicious, and perhaps still mildly paranoid mind, took this name to another level: Will kill, or even - Will kill N. 

A search for this name in Wikipedia actually revealed a prominent US citizen. He is listed as Federal Court Judge, who was nominated (by the US President at that time) on July 2 (7.2). He received his commission the following year on Jan 26.

Both dates take centre stage in various parts of my books (7.2 in the previous chapter). Number 1.26 actually takes us to a Royal Commission - a legal court (Book 4, Ch.15).

I just noticed the number 3011 in that chapter; the date a cyclist died on a country road. Maybe the phone call was timed for 3.10.11 for a reason? (I tried a reverse search via Sensis, the producers of telephone directories. I was informed that reverse searches are illegal in Australia. I was advised to go to police* .... (as if I had not been there for years without any help whatsoever).

*A caller to Radio 5AA spoke the word police as I typed it! (7.10.11 - 10.11am) 

- - - - - - -


I recently met a big-time whistleblower, an ex-policeman, who had plenty of death threats. I wrote about him briefly in my Book 5, Chapter 6. Simon Illingworth joined the police force as an enthusiastic, somewhat naive, law enforcer. He was in for a shock. Early in his career he witnessed police committing crime, unashamedly. Not only did the corrupt element assume Simon would keep quiet about what he saw, they assumed, he would naturally join in. (Simon tells his amazing story in his book Filthy Rats, ABC Books first published 2006 - Warning - strong language). 

On August 21, 2011 I had the privilege of meeting Simon. He came to Adelaide and spoke at the Enfield Baptist Church. He no longer is in the police force. I took my copy of Filthy Rats along to have it signed by the author. Unfortunately there was little time to talk one on one. He'd be on the list of people I would love to sit next to at a dinner party! (I'd fix his language, no worry). 

Simon had displayed a trait that whistleblowers often have, a naive outlook and a passion for truth. Aha, as a child he spent too much time playing a game called: Simple Simon .... In his book Simon says he hates the word whistleblower. I do too. I recently emailed him my suggestion, which explains us lot: lover of truth or LOT.)

As I had done, in his naivety Simon went to police. One would think that a lover of telling the truth should feel safe taking a matter to the police? Sadly, this was not so. Perhaps police should have as its motto: No suspicious circumstances are to be suspected under any circumstances.


Front Cover, Filthy Rat: A first-hand account of courage in the face of police corruption.

Text: I am thirty-eight years old and too young to be writing an autobiography. But every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of the seventeen-year war I've waged with the true rats of our society - the corrupt cops and underworld gangsters. I don't feel thirty-eight. I feel much older.

Simon was I 38-year-old, who must have felt 55?

  ... talking about death threats! Is this strange or what? My spell-check underlined Illingworth. As alternative it shows Killingworth. One o / a exchange in Simon and - man is worth killing?

I wonder does Simon still carry a .38 calibre ...?

Thanks mostly to this brave man's determination, Victorian authorities woke up and established an ICAC, an Independent Commission against Corruption. Sadly, in South Australia the call for such a body has long died down. Leading up to the last election calling for a fight against crime and corruption was fashionable. It was a convenient subject for political point-scoring. It didn't make a difference. 

The focus now shifted to a 700 Million Dollar upgrade of a football stadium. (As if this would help our two Adelaide football teams, who ended their season at the wrong end of the ladder). If this makes you feel sick, don't worry, a new hospital is under way. It will only cost 2.7 Billion Dollars or so! (After plans for this new supa-dupa hospital-resort had been announced, I couldn't resist, tongue-in-cheek, congratulating the authorities and wishing them - many sick people!)

In the meantime the death of people like Rhonda Firla (see Chapter 2) is simply filed under 'no suspicious circumstances'  .... and all died happily ever after. Bulldust! It makes you wonder what other crimes are left un-reported and un-investigated?

Hearing Simon talk that night at Enfield I could identify with many of his experiences - nobody wants to believe you, you lose friends, or what you thought were good friends. Doors close for no reason. Authorities don't want to know you etc. etc. 

Writing this (on 5.10) I saw a distant, but possible link between Simon Illingworth's whistle-blowing and my very first experience with Crimestoppers. In Chapter 5, Book 1, I had written about one of my students, Monica, whose father was an ex-policeman. They had paid for her lessons with a few out-dated, but still valid, 20 Dollar notes. A double-lesson payment had included an out-dated 50 Dollar note. (I had suspected suspicious circumstances!)

Speaking to my student and learning about the family's luxurious lifestyle, things did not add up. Monica's retired policeman father was an ordinary worker.

Looking back it would make sense, if the money my client had paid me with came from armed robberies years earlier. Her father, according to Monica, had had good friends in Melbourne and was always visiting them. He was running a mobile LOCKSMITH business. (My suspicion is a safe bet!)

Coming back to Simon's whistle-blowing - the senior police officer, who Simon first had to take to court for committing theft on the job, had just been promoted from the Armed Robbery Squad. I learned it researching this chapter on the ABC's website here:

Reading my (almost nine year-old) Book 1, Chapter 5 now makes me wonder, why I took so long to report the incident about the old money. In hindsight, police corruption may explain, why the police had never ever contacted me, regarding the information I had supplied. It would have been simple courtesy to at least acknowledge my vigilance. A simple thank you, even if I had been wrong, would still have been appreciated.

It would not surprise me, if way back then, there was a criminal link between Victoria and South Australia. Does not Adelaide have a reputation for marijuana production? 

- - - - - - -


Advertiser Newspaper 27.9.11 - Page 11

A carport and car were destroyed by fire in Parkside yesterday...

Strange: It was on the afternoon of uploading the previous chapter. I wrote about my wife and I visiting our friend Rhonda.

I had left the two ladies earlier, because I was on my bicycle, therefore I missed this fire. But my wife told me later that she had smelled smoke on leaving, and the traffic was diverted. The above fire took place one street or two away, just at the time of our visit.

What is strange about this, you ask? On the previous visit to the same person, the same thing had happened. There was a fire down the street at the same time, the same afternoon I had visited Rhonda. I had smelled smoke and heard  fire engines outside Rhonda's place.

This fire at that time (how timely to report it today on 5.10.11) "destroyed three shopsin (sic) a precinct in Unley Road, Malvern on 10.5.11" (7News Adelaide Yahoo!7).

Wasn't there a big fire in South Australia on 11.1.05? There was! (Dame Edna would say: "spooky...!") 

- - - - - - -


Exactly a week after the Illingworth meeting the Enfield Baptist men's group had arranged a tour of our Parliament House on North Terrace. The host was to be South Australia's Treasurer and former Speaker The Hon. Jack Snelling. The group consisted of 22 men. How could I not have noticed the number? This was on Wednesday, September 28, the day after I had published my latest chapter in my never-ending story. We met at 11 am in the church car park and took a public bus into the city.

Had it not rained heavily that morning I certainly would have made the trip on my bicycle. Looking back, I was meant to go with the group on the bus. But only in the morning. The afternoon was to bring much brighter skies and an interesting walk. (Read on).

Another peculiarity came as soon as we arrived in the city cafe, where the group was to have lunch. A young lady waitress (she looked about 22 years-old) was busy rearranging tables and chairs. As she did I could not help taking note of her name tab - Steph. (This name and the number 22 had featured in the previous chapter. Read on for the answer to the mystery surrounding Steph's car and the number 217).

I had been to Parliament House many times, both in the public gallery and for special events; even as guest of a Minister once, enjoying a silver-service dinner with nine ladies. This time it was only men, sitting on the padded, wooden seats in the chamber, admiring the huge chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling, wondering who the dignitaries were, whose giant portraits covered the walls.

A lady staffer of Jack Snelling was our hostess. She explained everything very thoroughly, as she took us around the corridors and chambers of Parliament House. Many aspects of this building, she explained, as well as the whole of Australia's political system, is based on the Westminster system, the British Monarchy.

I noticed the large book in front of the Speaker's seat. I knew this, but still asked our guide, if this was a copy of the Bible. I continued: "If the Westminster system is based on this Bible, should not the laws, passed by this Parliament reflect the laws laid down in this ancient book?"

I did not receive, or expected to receive, an answer to my question. The fact that the Book of Books on the small table in front of the Speakers Chair was closed, may hold the answer? Anyone arguing that church and state should be kept separate should take a look at that bible, the sheer size of it, and ask: Why is this book sitting right here?

A simply illustration when Church and State remain strictly separate, doing their own thing!

Both did a wonderful job, at each end of the project!


But worse was to come. During a further question / answer session over afternoon tea, I learned that each sitting of Parliament is still opened with The Lord's Prayer. How I wished it was not just repetitious words, but that laws were passed, which reflect God's authority over all - THY will be done! (If unsure what HIS will is, OPEN THE BOOK !). 

With a hint of pride, perhaps to impress the seniors from the Enfield Baptist Church, our guide pointed out that in the parliamentary dining room it is still tradition to not serve meat on any Friday! WOW! What deep respect for the Day when our Lord died for the sins of the world! A big halo to the person, who insisted that this tradition be kept!   

What hypocrites! Upholding useless traditions, but advocating to 'move forward' when it comes to standing firm on established, moral values and common sense traditions! (The phrase 'move forward' seems to be our Prime Minister's and the present US President's favourite phrase). 


A few minutes ago I sent my last farewell (email) to a breakfast program, who I once regarded as one which upholds solid family values. This morning they lost a  viewer. The all-female panel cheered and cajoled in favour of same-sex marriage, proclaiming that same sex parenting is no different, as long as they love their children. (Bulldust!)

Then came the argument from the pit of hell - by one panel member, who said she liked being vocal on the issue: "I know so many traditional families, which are not working .... blah, blah.... but I have so many gay and lesbian friends, who are wonderful parents! (More bulldust!)

Did these godless women really try and tell us that same sex parents are better than traditional parents? What insult to all parents, and what a nonsense argument for legalizing so called same-sex marriage, whatever that means!

How quickly are Christian parents accused of brainwashing their children, when teaching them right from wrong, and that there is a God who loves them. To blatantly on prime time TV (many children would have been watching - it's school holidays) to promote same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting is not brain washing, is it? Hypocrites! 

The most vocal woman, among the three panel members, suggested that children still could call their parents Mummy and Daddy! 

How is that going to work? A male person being referred to as mummy, or a woman as daddy! (Comments like this reveal how little thought these social commentators give to the issue, before opening their mouth.)

Just imagine your little boy wants to go next door and play with his school friend: "Can I go next door and play with Johnny? His mummy asked me over?" Next you find out that this mummy is actually a man. 

May God have mercy on you misguided brain-washed people. May HE open your eyes to see the truth!


My email, less than an hour before this writing, consisted simply of a link to the lyrics of a song. Here are two verses that tell it all:  


I've heard there's a wicked war a-blazing
And the taste of war I know so very well
Even now I see the foreign flag a-raising
Their guns on fire as we sail into Hell
I have no fear of death, it brings no sorrow
But how bitter will be this last farewell

For you are beautiful, and I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

Though death and darkness gather all about me
And my ship be torn apart upon the seas
I shall smell again the fragrance of these islands
And the heaving waves that brought me once to thee
And should I return home safe ...


Oh yes, friends, on TV many people look beautiful. But God looks at the heart of a person, not at what a good make-up artist was able to rescue. 

A few minutes after I watched these women spit in the face of all that is good, a scripture came to mind. It describes today's society perfectly. Our society is being torn apart! Death and darkness all around us. On the outside a religious facade; on the inside poison. Here is what the Apostle Paul wrote to his young friend Timothy:

"But know this, that in the last days grievous times shall come. 

For men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, railers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, no lovers of good, traitors, headstrong, puffed up, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; 

holding a form of godliness, but having denied the power therefore.

(2. Timothy 3, 1-5)


But please - No meat on Fridays! Hypocrites!

Look again at the lyrics of the song above: For you are beautiful, and I have loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word can tell. How true, and yet so sad:  

The God who created mankind looks at us and says: You are so beautiful. I love you dearly, more than I can express in words. How sad to see you going the wrong way! Please come back - all is forgiven! (And I don't give one ihop how many hamburgers you gobble down on Fridays!"

- - - - - - -


Earlier in the year I had occasion to write to a clergyman, one who stands up for what is right; in this case traditional marriage. (As if God emphasized HIS Word, what I wrote in the PPS is just as it happened.) 

Dear B.

Please pass on this message of support to Archbishop Jensen on speaking out for marriage. Watching Channel Seven's weekend Sunrise I clould hardly believe my ears, when I heard the word 'no-brainer' from one godless interviewee. He virtually insulted us, who stand for God's way of marriage.

Such outbursts really confirm that we don't have to wait for Sodom and Gomorrah, it is already here. The main stream media will have a lot to answer for on judgement day.

The female guest on the TV show tried to say that church attendence is declining because the church does not go 'with it' (gay marriage). I call this a no-brainer, because it's the opposite. When the church starts to become trendy, sacrificing fundamental teachings to be popular, that's when those sitting on the fence lose the little respect they have for the church.

We know that God is still in charge and HE will be the final judge.  

Kind regards and God's richest blessing.

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  I'd like a TV Station conduct a poll: "Do you have the same feelings when watching two men kissing each other, as you do when watching a man kiss a women." I guarantee the vast majority, if they voted honestly, would say NO. That's before any religious argument (Romans 1. Leviticus 18*) enters the debate.

*PPS  B, you may think I made up the following, but I didn't: To double check the scripture reference I picked up my bible. It fell open to Lev. 18.


Here is what Leviticus 18, 22 says: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination." Which part of this - DON'T DO IT - is so hard to understand? 

One last question: What is it the gay/lesbian community expects of us fellow citizens? What is it, specifically, which they don't already do, or a right they don't already have, and the rest of us has to just look on? 

If they want a church minister, who believes in the Holy Scriptures, to give his blessing, he could not do so with a clear conscience. You can only serve one master.

And where would we go to, if we were to move forward after Verse 22? Progress to Verse 23? Please NO! It gets worse: "Nor shall you mate with any beast." I have read a comment online, where this argument was raised: If I loved my pet or farm animal enough, should I not be allowed to marry it?

Friends, some thinkers in the gay/lesbian community realize it themselves: Simply a change in the terminology, to be called a married couple, what difference does it really make to their life and lifestyle? Such a union will never produce children!  

May I make it very clear here. What two people do in their private lives, by and large, is none of another person's business. But when it comes to parading the streets half naked, or wanting to change the laws of the land we live in, it becomes everyone's business! What is a right to one, is an insult to another! Had I not given a simple theory many books ago: Give up your rights, give them to God?

That's why as a responsible citizen I speak out on moral issues. Rubber-stamping a lifestyle by a government raises the issue to a totally different level of perspective for the next generation! No, no and no again, for the sake of our children! 

There is a time for every purpose under heaven. Moving forward may not always be the best option. When you have lost your way, it may be best to stop and think, take stock and consider going back.

Look at nature. Let her teach us!

- - - - - - -


(Technology has not yet caught up with us. I had to finish the film and have it developed. Otherwise this photo would have been published in the right place, the previous chapter.)



Remarkable, how many numbers 22 I happened to come across, since I had written about the above.

Even more remarkable - the word MINER - IM N - HE!

Likewise the word REST. A few days ago, not long after uploading Chapter 6, I heard a comment on TV, made during the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. One man interviewed on TV, it may have been Kenny Ortega, said: "Michael was looking for rest".

On the day of writing - 6/10/11 - I happened to meet an Adelaide radio personality for the first time. Her name is Amanda.

This name has also been in the headline news. Not the Adelaide, Amanda, but an unfortunate Seattle girl. Her court case made big news all over the world - that of Amanda Knocks, or is it Knox? Amanda was released from an Italian prison, where she spent four years, innocently. 

The prosecution got the DNA evidence wrong! Had I not written about exactly such a scenario years ago?


- - - - - - -


(Back to Parliament House, Adelaide)

As the men's group from Enfield Baptist Church left Parliament House to catch the bus back to the church the sun was shining. My legs and lungs were yearning for some exercise. It would only take me an hour's walk back to church, I guessed. One of the group offered to carry my red/white striped umbrella and leave it on my car, which was parked in the church carpark. I was off, in big strides, down King William Street for an hour of power walking. 

Just before St.Paul's Cathedral I crossed the road. This took me past the Women's and Children's Hospital near to the park of the floral clock. There weren't many flowers on display. I didn't check the time. To my right was Brougham Place Uniting Church. This triggered an aha moment. Of course, I could check up, if my mind hadn't played tricks on me two days earlier.

Steph's car had parked a few metres from letterbox number 217. I wanted to be sure my mind had not imagined number 2 I 7 because I was about to finish and publish the chapter where 2 / 7 are part of the title. The numbers indeed progress in single steps - 215, 216, 217 ...

On the northern skies dark clouds were gathering. I decided to walk along Main North Road. If rain would fall the businesses along Main North Road would provide shelter. The first suburb beyond Robe Terrace is called Medindie, where there are numerous car dealerships.

This is were I suddenly saw a single, bright red flower, wedged between a low brick wall and the footpath. It grew all on its own, no other weed, grass or plant anywhere nearby. I had to take a closer look at this plant, which looked like a poppy. It was a poppy. Aren't these plants illegal? Don't they use the seeds to produce opium - a drug? 

I made a point of walking up to two sales men in the car yard, asking jokingly: "Do you know you're growing drugs on these premises?" They didn't share my kind of humour. One grunted something like: "Yeah, I have noticed it there".

Walking on, besotted about the little, lonely flower, something struck me as strange: the name of the motor vehicle dealer - Solitaire. The word solitaire means one, on its own, just like the surprise flower was, all on its own. A few days later I made a point of taking a photo. There was another reason for it, another poppy, (read on).


Poppies - (Californian?)

 Left: Single poppy, between a brick wall and the footpath, viewed from above, growing on busy Main North Rd. Medindie.

Right: Picture of poppy photograph, which I came across about an hour later (story below).

The same second I had written about the above into my diary (the words - one single poppy) on TV Channel Seven an advertisement featured - I heard the word flower-show.

A gardener will tell us that the most popular type of poppy is the Californian poppy. I didn't know this as I continued walking up Main North Road and decided to turn right into California Ave. - minutes after spotting the above poppy. 

As if all was orchestrated - unbelievable, really - outside a residence in California Ave, a lady was just entering her family van, registration plate - D 553 IAS (slightly changed). In my mind California and the number 553 find an easy link.

So does the name (as I saw it on Oct.6th in Adelaide) Wakefield. So does the name of a band - JET LAG. But before LAX much needs to happen.

- - - - - - -  


Walking on, thinking about the solitaire poppy, it came to me. During his talk, exactly a week earlier, Simon Illingworth had mentioned poppies. As a policeman, he had inadvertently grown these pretty flowers in the front yard of his house. Somebody had thrown seeds into his garden; the pretty flowers just popped up. Simon didn't know what they were. (He tells the poppy story in his book on page 151).

But there was more. The dark clouds had come closer. I thought about my umbrella, exposed on my car's bonnet at the church car park. If it rained my umbrella would get wet! It took me about 1 hour and 10 minutes of brisk walking to reach my vehicle. 

Not far from Enfield Baptist church was the rehabilitation hospital, where my mother-in-law was recuperating, after her accidental fall five weeks earlier. It was on my way home, so I visited her. On previous visits I had often stopped and admired the wonderful works of art, spectacular photographs, displayed on the wall of the hospital's passageway.

That day, less than an hour after spotting the lonely poppy outside Solitaire, here was another one. It hung on the wall of the hospital's passageway, where all the pictures had been changed. The new artwork showed just that - one single poppy, the one shown above (right).

Not only that, but the way the new pictures had been arranged to hang on that wall intrigued me. It was something like this:

         Gap   Poppy  

There were 7 pictures. The artistic photo of the poppy was in 2nd position. (I enquired - $ 120 for a photographic piece of art ... ?!) 

It got more interesting the next day. I visited mother-in-law again. As I did, and man was working on the wall of paintings, installing one to fill the gap. The added painting was one of a jetty and a beach. I recalled writing about such a painting many chapters ago (in Book 3, Chapter 33).

Here is a description, how I wrote about this painting from that chapter: RWs painting, the one I voted for as first prize, was of a jetty viewed from underneath, looking through to a distant beach

The new picture on the wall of the rehabilitation hospital, I only caught a glance of it, looked just like that.

- - - - - - -

At this point in this chapter the day's writing ended. Just as well, since I had no idea, how to make sense of it all; how to finish this chapter.

Until the next morning, on final editing, it came. The circle was closing. Look at the initials of the person, who had painted the Jetty picture, mentioned above (RW.) They are the same initials written about at the beginning of this chapter, whose name I perceived may be a veiled threat of some kind.

Unintentionally, over ten years ago, I had walked into the world of criminals and drugs (poppies). I had walked into the world of a magistrate, who gave harsh sentences to drug dealers. They managed to put him behind bars for what allegedly happened, on the beach and at the clubhouse at the end of the jetty.


How timely: On editing on the radio a report is broadcast about a 14-year old New South Wales boy was arrested in Bali, charged with possession of a quantity of drugs (6.9 grams gross or 3.6 grams net.)

Has anyone ever heard of a gross and net quantity of drugs? What does net mean? The weight after corrupt police have helped themselves?

Aha! The boy's surname - Lewis Alan Mason ... initials L A M  ?

The name Lewis reminds me: Before leaving Parliament House, after the Enfield Men's Group tour, on Wednesday September 28th, a man with a poppytale, sorry ponytail, crossed my path in the corridor of Parliament House. I caught a brief glimpse of the man. It definitely was PL climbing the stairs to ...

What was Peter Lewis doing in Parliament House that day?

The name Mason also rings a bell, deep inside my brain. It all makes sense! PL and even the word lakes.



Chapter 8