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God's CV - Curriculum vitae: -   Psalm C.V. (100.5)


 "For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endures to all generations." 


5.  Four days - one month  

It can't be!

In the back of my mind a whisper of a thought had clung to a brain cell. It would not let go. A friend had mentioned about the timing of hurricane Irene, which had just lashed New York and the US East Coast. He pointed out that, not long before Irene, gay marriage had become legal in New York.

This thought would not let go: How long was the time-span between lawmakers passing this law and Irene causing death and destruction?

I saw a parallel to what had happened in Australia in 2006. In a landmark decision our Parliament in Canberra had passed a law, which gave the abortion pill UR 486 the green light. One month and four days later cyclone Larry hit the East Coast of Australia. It was one of the biggest ever to hit our continent. The ferocious storm devastated towns and villages and destroyed 90% of Australia's Banana crop. Their price skyrocketed.

A little inspirational thinking revealed the reason, why the thought of Irene would not let go. My mind travelled to Hollywood, California. In Bk. 6, Ch. 1 you read my experience of hearing an audible voice speak mysteriously. It was a man's voice. I had not heard any such spooky voice before or since. The voice had said: "Four more months!" (This was in 2007, exactly 4 years, 4 months and 14 days before this chapter).

On July 24th 2011 in New York gay marriage became legal. Irene hit New York on August 28th. My thought had proved correct. As it was with RU 486 and Larry, the time-span in between was one month and four days.

Four days earlier the region had already been through a frightening experience, a once-a-century earthquake. The time of the quake was reported as 1.51 PM. On the 24-hour clock this is written as 13.51 Hours. The quake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale. 

Repeating myself, isn't it amazing that God's end-time period has earthquakes as a major factor to the final count-down. Scientists measure earthquakes by the Richter-scale. Richter in German means judge.

Let's pronounce the word earthquake differently. How about - earth-wake!

Had I not written this sentence in the previous chapter? Natural phenomena remind people there is a force beyond ourselves. Storms, earthquakes, the weather etc. are all under HIS sovereign control.

- - - - - - -

Back in Australia, for most of 2011 the price of bananas had once again soared to very high levels. The reason was a massive storm earlier in the year. Cyclone Yasi, as it was called, hit the Queensland Coast and once again caused enormous damage. As if history was repeating itself, it made landfall also on Queensland's north coast and again destroyed the banana crop.

At the time I had thought, what a strange name - Yasi ! Read it backwards it becomes - i say. The centre of Yasi made landfall at a place called Mission Beach. This is the same beach I had visited during my big bike-ride in 2009. I had written in the sand on Mission Beach - Mission possible. (Pic. Bk 8, Chapter 9).

Friends - God is speaking to a world that needs waking up!

 - - - - - - -


- Residents of South Australia -

 At 14.00 hours on Saturday, September 10th, a rally is being held in front of Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide.

Organisers ask as many as possible to simply show up and demonstrate their support for traditional marriage, i.e. against legalizing gay marriage in Australia! (God willing, I'll be there!)

 Evil prospers when good men go to the football instead !


Hours before putting these words to print I had an encounter with a German TV station. Watching the DW Asia Journal the female presenter was wearing a red dress and black blouse. Perhaps this made me take more notice? As she commented on the stock market, saying that the DAX rose almost 1%, I looked at the graphic shown. It actually showed an arrow going down 0.94%

Unless I was mistaken the presenter should have said: ab, but instead said auf. Next, the word AB registered and all went wild from there. 

The short 1/2 hour program ended with a report on Swedish car maker SAAB. Unlike German car makers, SAAB was reported not doing very well. The segment concluded by showing the slogan (in English): With Power comes Responsibility.

That's when it hit me: SA AB. SA is pronounced like saw, past tense of 'to see'. Do I really see too much? I did see more. Right through the journal's economic report stock market figures scrolled across the screen. The same ones kept coming up. That of BAYER took my attention. The share price was shown as 44.44 + 1.

It all suddenly made sense: the letters BA and Y.ER. HE (German ER) always makes sense.

I sent a brief email via their feedback form. Selecting the country of origin, as a joke I ticked: SAO TOME and PRINCIPE, the tiny, Portuguese speaking island nation off West Africa. At least the first two letters are correct - SA (South Australia).

In the PS I wrote: "Bin ik wieder ein Schelm heute". (Translated: I am a larrikin again today.) It's a famous quote by German comedian / actor Heinz Erhardt. Mr. HE / ER passed a way in 1979 in Hamburg. (I recall my parents laughing at his funny, entertaining jokes and poems.) 

- - - - - - -


Again, only moments before this writing I re-read one of my most compelling chapters in any of my books. Every time I read this chapter (Book 5, Chapter 13, about the Liddy case) I can't  comprehend, why my friend is still left to linger in prison. The latest later in this chapter).

Thanks to modern technology, as I was reading I was able to listen on the computer to a beautiful song on the radio. I had tuned into Southern Star, New Zealand's Christian Radio. Then it happened again, as it does so often in my experience. Just as I was reading the word reason (half-way down the page) the same nano-second it was sung on radio. The song was: "We are the reason ...that Jesus suffered and died...".

It did happen in Book 7, Chapter 16. I was actually singing the word reason, when at the same nanosecond I had spotted it on a post just as I was driving by. How ironic, in the same chapter I wrote about one of the most precious encounters I ever had with a song. It had also been played on Christian radio - Amazing Love.

I think I never mentioned the following: A few months after I wrote the chapter about my 'Amazing Love' experience, a popular women's magazine featured this front page headline: Australia's Amazing Love Story.

- - - - - - -


WE HAVE A WINNER !   Paris, July 24th 2011. 


Mr. CLC is cheered by his BMC team after winning the 2011 Tour de France. Cadel Evans is the first Australian to win the prestigious race.

When he had progressed from third to second position early in the race, he was moving in the right direction and kept going. He finally did it. Congratulations Cadel.


Stop Press: Another Australian sports star is celebrating a huge win. As I was writing this chapter, Sprinter Sally Pearson won the 100 m hurdles at the World Championships in Daegu / Korea. She ran a perfect race, the fourth fastest time ever. 

Just look at her time - 12.28 seconds. (Read about another remarkable Sally later in this chapter) 

 On the same day Usain Bolt won the 200m sprint. Reports said it was also the fourth fastest time ever! He made up for his early false start and disqualification in the 100 m.

- - - - - - -


On the day of Cadel's superb victory my wife and I also had a reason to celebrate. It wasn't quite like winning the TDF, no grand-standing on the podium or cheers during a street parade. I can't even recall a kiss on the cheek, let alone two, which every TDF stage winner got. Still, the calendar assured me, it was our 40th wedding anniversary. I had survived 40 years in the wild...!

That day was a Sunday. Things often happen on Sundays. One thing happens very regularly. I'd be watching TV early on Sunday Morning. I would hear a hymn sung during a broadcast and the same hymn would be sung later in church. On Sunday 21.8.11 this strange phenomena played out even further.

I woke at 5.08 AM and tuned into the Hour of Power (HOP), from the Crystal Cathedral in LA. The choir was in the middle of singing "It is well with my soul". Later in church a member of the band played the same song as a superb solo on her French horn. Later it was sung again as benediction.

Another song that same morning in church was 'Make me a channel of your peace'. It was rather uncanny, but as we arrived back home at around 11.40 AM, I tuned into the TV to watch the remainder of the BBC's Songs of Praise (SOP). The first song I heard was presented by 4 young ladies dressed in red: 'Make me a channel of your peace', It was amazing to hear and watch. Two of the four singers, this is how I viewed it, wore black belts.

(In my diary I marked that day as SOP/HOP Sunday. But I won't mention this to my wife. She may interpret this as a sign to ... SHOP?

- - - - - - -


July 24th 1971, Sydney, Australia

Then ... He in red, black and white. She all in white.

July 24th 2011

...and now ... married 40 years.


She still all in white,



he still all smiles ...


Photo: Cermak, Mariazell.




Please nobody think, this is what marriage does to you! Wrinkles and grey hair happens anyway. Besides this - looks can be deceiving. Some things never change*! 


Please note: The photo of the happy old chap on the left is for illustration purposes only!


(He's probably single.)

*How weird. As I'm typing this, on the ABC's RN Radio (Law Report), a scientist on DNA said: "DNA does not change with age!) 

- - - - - - -


Another weird phenomena takes place regularly. As I am watching my religious early Sunday morning TV programs, I hear a word spoken, but on the screen a different word would come up. The differences are only minor, but my playful mind finds amusement in it.

On Sunday 14/8, for example, I was listening to Brian Houston preach. I forgot which verse it was, but the word he had spoken, quoting a scripture, was - be. On the screen I read instead - is. I could not help it. My mind registered the two words - is and be.

I don't do this to find fault. It's just how my mind works. (Just like I noticed the same preacher, saying on Sunday 28.8: "David was angry .. "In the context it was King Saul, who was angry.)


The amusing part about is and be came in church. Only hours after that sermon by Brian Houston the words be and is crossed my path during the very first hymn we sung that Sunday morning: Thine be the glory.

Now take a close look at the other version of that song, in the scan on the right:


Thine be the glory

Thine is the glory

Traditionally this hymn is sung at Christmas or Easter. Is there a theological argument behind this discrepancy? Knowing how some Christians love to argue, would it surprise...? Maybe we have a referendum among church goers:

Is it be or is? (Is or be it is!)

But there was more. The next day I caught up with my daily bible reading. That very same Sunday (August 14th - I called it BE IS Sunday) Take a look what the very first word is in the heading, and then the second to last word.



Amend your ways

and your doings - Jeremiah 7:3.

Remember - God cannot and will not be manipulated.


More outside the box thinking: Combine BE and IS and translate

into German = beis = to bite !




A very similar scenario occurred during another early morning TV program on 31.7.11. It was also a preacher from a Sydney Church. Keith Garner from Wesley Mission spoke the word them, while the text on the screen came up as it. So what action did I take? I emailed it to them?

There was, however, another part to this story, which took me into another direction. Keith's guest that Sunday morning was a lady with an amazing life story. Her book As black from White tells in brutal honesty how low she had sunk in life, and how God took her and raised her up. She now is a member of a [victorious] church. 

Here is what is printed on the back cover of her book:

As Black from White is the gut wrenching life journey of Sally Graham. From the secluded upbringing of a single child to the misty fog of late teens without any purpose; like a ship without a mooring, Sally's life drifted into a deep sea of alcohol and drug abuse. Caught in the middle of a controlling marriage, three children and further drug abuse Sally prayed a desperate prayer. "God if you're real, you'd better do something, otherwise tomorrow he gets it!"

The following day she embarked on a plan of murderous intent ...

As Black form White is filled with laughter and tears. It is an encouragement of hope when all hope is gone. Sally's life reminds us that God does not have a too-hard basket. ( 

(May I add, Sally ... because God is ... all ys).


Toward the end of the TV program Sally told how she met her new husband. A photo of her wedding came up on the screen. "Hey," I thought to myself, "isn't that ...?"

The bridegroom in the wedding photo looked like a man I had met only two, perhaps four, times in my life. I wasn't sure, however, if it was the man I once met at Victory church, another time right outside his house, about a kilometre away from us. I googled the TV program. When I saw on the website that Sally was from South Australia I had to check it out.

The next morning, the date was 1/8, I took my dog for a walk. It was as much my curiosity as testing my sanity. Did I simply see too much and imagine things? Part of me, however, wondered, if the Holy Spirit had been leading me and I was meant to be somewhere?

For this reason I prayed, as my Fox Terrier Becky and I walked up Nelson Road: "If it really was the lady on the TV and she lives in that house, Lord, please let her be outside [in the yard or driveway]." I did this because I did not want to knock on a stranger's door, making a fool of myself by asking: "Was that you on television yesterday?"

But so it was! As I walked past that particular house I paused briefly. Becky took a sniff in the grass and lifted one leg, when suddenly the door of the vehicle in the driveway opened. A lady got out. As she turned I knew immediately it was Sally. It really was her, who I had seen on television at 5.40 am the day before.

During the brief chat in her driveway Sally gave me a signed copy of her book. We both agreed, how good God is, and that nothing is impossible with HIM.  As Becky and I continued our long walk down Kelly Road, I felt the same way I had in 2003, when I had arrived at a bus shelter in Riverside California. The poster had read: You have come to the right place! 

Ever since then I see the word Riverside pop up again and again - read on.

- - - - - - -


From the diary 1.8.11:

"Now, is this the deal we wanted? No!"

The man with the curly hair is President Obama. 

The giant called USA was for the first ever facing financial insolvency. When at the last minute the President was able to secure a solution, he was not really happy. That's when he spoke this sentence during a press conference. "Now, is this the deal we wanted? No!"

As I watched the President speak these words on TV I noticed a very unusual scenario. Behind the President was the word WASHINGTON in large letters. The president's face covered most letters, except (see pic above) W ... ON.

NOW, can you see it? I saw the word WON (read left to right) and reading backwards - NO / NOW.

(Photo from TV screen - inserted 24.9.11)

The few moments it took me to collect my camera, the President had shifted position. (Not unusual for politicians; a shift to the left, after being elected!)

- - - - - - -

Also on 1.8.11 ...



During a brief, spontaneous ride on my bicycle something made me pick up this CD. Next, a minute later, another CD, right outside No. 18 Baldock Rd.

A day later it clicked - BAL DOCK, BAL AND - I saw DOCKLAND. 

Docklands is also a common name (and location) for Ethiad Stadium, one I had written about in the chapter published a few days earlier. The date 1.8 matched the house number.

Above CD lay on the roadway Corner Lauder St. / Fairfax Rd. A large football oval is right at that corner. It all made sense.

- - - - - - -


After church, on our wedding anniversary day, a person approached us, asking if we'd be driving anywhere near a certain bus station. A lady needed to catch a bus to visit her son. Without hesitating I volunteered to drive her right to her son's hospital.

The lady talked almost non-stop for the whole 25 minutes. I didn't mind. She was wearing a name tab. Her name was Sandy Roe. In between the tragic story of her son, who had been injured in a serious car crash, I heard much data, which somehow fitted my codes: 44, NT, 9.

On my way home I picked up another clue as I drove through North Adelaide. How could I have missed taxi plate No. 2407 on my wedding anniversary?

Two days later, having forgotten all about Mrs. Sandy Roe a lady psychiatrist was interviewed on TV. It was not her, but there was not much difference in their names - Sandy Rae.

Two days prior to this writing my path crossed with another lady, a Federal politician in Canberra. She also has a very interesting name, most likely of Catholic parents: Mary Josephine. If I were to play with it, I would view it as Mary & Joseph ie n. 

This lady is in some trouble after allegedly walking out of a supermarket on Dec. 15th, 2010, without paying for groceries worth $ 92.92. She then is alleged to have assaulted a security guard. One online page ( ABC 702 Sydney) reports: CCTV footage of the incidence has been erased! Makes one wonder, how much truth can be established?

Having done some uncharacteristic things while under extreme stress myself, the Senator may have acted strangely when things got too much for her. The time of the offence was only 10 days before Christmas, which also is her birthday!

(Aha, I just figured this out on editing: Her name is Mary Josephine, because she was a Christmas baby! Makes sense.)

The court heard her case on Friday 1/9 at 9.30 AM. There were two brief hearings. First in Court 20, then in Court 18. Taking the lift downstairs I noticed that most of her entourage (lawyers, family members, media) exited on the first floor. My numbers brain kicked in - 18 x 20 [+ 1].

While waiting outside the crowded courtrooms I noticed a stocky man with short hair. At first it looked like he was giving two female police officers some trouble. But nothing developed. As he walked past me, I noticed the lettering on his clothing: RIVERSIDE POWER BAR.


(While writing about court matters, in chapter 1 I wrote about the case of Malcolm Fox, husband of children's author Mem Fox, who faced charges of sexual abuse of a 17-year old. In late August he was found guilty and given a suspended sentence. Fox is said to be lodging an appeal against his conviction; likewise, one victim Craig, who would like to see Fox serve time in jail).   


Another politician in serious trouble is the Member for Dobell, Craig Thomson MP. His wrong-doings are more serious, but have not resulted in criminal charges at this point. During his time as Union boss he allegedly used a union's credit card to pay for prostitutes and escort services. The gentleman has a striking resemblance to a person I know. His name is Chris (- Craig = SAG H).

Whilst Senator Jo-Fisher's position in the Senate in Canberra is not crucial, if the Gillard Government loses any of her Labour MPs or the support of any of the three independents, Labor could lose Government. In December Labor is holding a major Conference, where, among other items on the agenda, same-sex marriage will be debated. 

Will Julia Gillard have the strength to stand by her statement that marriage is between a man and a woman? The Green Party, whose support she needs to be in Government, is very much pro-gay marriage. The Green's leader and at least one Green MP are both openly gay. What Australia needs is a Mann back, sorry Bachmann.

- - - - - - -

Do I think too much, see too much or both? Can one think too much, see too much and keep sane? Two weeks ago a leaflet in our letterbox had advertised a garage sale just around the corner. I didn't need anything, but thought that it's still a good opportunity to meet people in your neighbourhood. I took little Becky for a walk.

There was nothing I needed or wanted at the garage sale, or so I thought. Until on a table, among lots of other bric-a-brac I spotted something we really could do with. In a small box box were decorations for a 90-year birthday party - large silver numbers, two banners, even some serviettes with 'Happy 90th birthday' on it. This was exactly a week before my mother-in-law Agnes was turning 90. The price tag ($ 5) for a garage sale was a little high. But I did not hesitate and bought it. 

Later, it dawned on me. Was I meant to buy this item? Was the Holy Spirit leading me to visit this garage sale, the first I had been to in many months? Why did I think so?

Look at the numbers - $ 5, 90th birthday ... all we need is a 6 to create 5096, the postcode of our suburb Para Hills. It so happened, the house number of the garage sale was - 6. 

Agnes, who also lives in postcode 5096, was going to celebrate her birthday with her sons in Sydney. She was to fly the very next day (Sunday August 21). After buying the 90-year decorations (for later use) I walked to her flat to pick up her vehicle. We normally park it at our place, when she goes away.

After I got there and rang the doorbell, however, everything changed. Instead of Agnes answering the door, her neigbour Faye did. (Note the name). She looked rather concerned. Mildly surprised I entered the small flat and saw Agnes sitting on the floor. She was in agony. She had had a fall only minutes earlier, after Faye had knocked on her door, wanting to wish her a good trip to Sydney. 

Agnes was pointing to her upper thigh as the location of her pain. I immediately phoned for an ambulance and informed Isobel. Within 1/2 hour Agnes was on the way to hospital. No way would there be a trip to Sydney, certainly not the scheduled flight the next day.

Where is this leading to, I hear you ask? I made a remarkable, somehow weird, observation, just before leaving Agnes' little flat. On the couch lay a magazine. It was still open. It must have been the one Agnes had been reading, when the doorbell rang. Two words popped out from the heading - break and bones. 

I retrieved the magazine from her flat as I was writing this (on 3/9/11). It was still on the couch, still open to page 4:


Warcry Magazine, August 6th, 2011, P.4

Text: Don't take a break. Look after your bones now to help prevent osteoporosis.

The article was published on the occasion of National Healthy Bones Week (1-7 August). It highlighted the importance of eating calcium-rich foods, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Did you know - one in two children between the ages of nine and 16 years are not meeting their recommended intake - contains code 1963 if you put 1 and 2 together?


In the same issue of Warcry I spotted a blunder: On page 6 under the column OLD NEWS are some items from the Warcry Magazine 100 years ago. (It happens to be the fourth item). It reads:

"The heatwave which is being experienced in Europe is particularly severe in Austria. In Vienna the shade temperature rose to 108 deg., and in Silesia as high as 155 deg was registered. Death from sunstroke have been numerous".

(End quote)

For Europe 108 deg. is absolutely unthinkable. But if the temperature had reached 155 deg. Fahrenheit, death from son-stroke would have been in the thousands. (155 F = 68 Celsius, impossible). The typist must have been thinking of the date 5811 - when typing 108 / 155).  


More strange numbers: Days after giving this chapter the title 'Four days one month' suddenly, during my prayer, my mobile phone number popped into my head. Next, I became aware of the date. It was 5.9, the day of writing..

My 10-digitmobile phone number consists of the four numbers 1 4 5 9. 

- - - - - - -


Isobel accompanied her mother to hospital. I had an appointment for a hair cut first. As if I didn't have enough to think about that day, more happened. As she cut my hair, my hairdresser asked me, if I knew any more about Damian. She meant Damian Echols, one of the Memphis Three, who was found guilty of murdering three young boys in 1993. The case had obviously grabbed attention around the world. Initially Damian had been sentenced to death for this crime he did not commit.

Here is a brief of the story (

In 1993, shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, police arrested Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley and charged the three teenagers with murder based solely upon an error-filled and police-coerced false confession, extracted from 16-year-old Jessie Misskelley Jr. After 12 hours of questioning, without counsel or parental consent, mentally disabled Jessie Misskelley repeated back to the police what he was told to say.

There was no other physical evidence, no weapon, no motive, and no connection to the victims. Instead, prosecutors terrified and inflamed the shell-shocked community.

Jessie Misskelley recanted his statement immediately upon being released to his family, stating that the police forced, via threat and the lure of money, the story he told, but it was too late. Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols, known as The West Memphis Three, were arrested—then convicted of murder.

Stunningly, Jason Baldwin, 16 at the time and a model student, was sentenced to life without parole; Jessie Misskelley got life plus 40 years, while Damien Echols was sentenced to death. Damien has spent  years in solitary confinement awaiting death by lethal injection for a crime neither he nor Jessie nor Jason had anything to do with.

(End extract)


How ironic, a few hours after my hair cut, when for the first time in many months we spoke about the case, I was flicking through the TV Channels. Suddenly I heard an announcer mention the name - Damian Echols. I was all ears. SBS TV News reported that Damian Echols, along with two other prisoners, was going free after 18 years in a US jail. The strange part - he and the two others had to plead guilty to walk free!? 

Before reporting on my innocent friend in jail in Adelaide, another US case - Father Gordon MacRae. He refused to plead guilty to sexual abuse charges. And why not, if he had not done anything wrong? Sadly, insisting on the truth turned the priest's life into a nightmare.

Here is what fellow writer Charlene C. Duline reports about the case:

Fr. MacRae never stood a chance. During his trial, the judge, Arthur Brennan, apparently had decided that the defendant was guilty and needed to be made an example for others. He instructed the jury to disregard the multitude of inconsistencies in the testimony of the accuser; refused to allow Fr. MacRae and his attorney access to the accuser’s juvenile and adult criminal records, and ignored signals given to the accuser from a witness in the courtroom. The prosecutor was running for a state office, and the conviction of Fr. MacRae was a very public notch on his belt. Between the judge and the prosecutor, it was a match made in hell.

The judge castigated Fr. MacRae for maintaining his innocence, and he also had extremely harsh words for Fr. MacRae’s canon lawyer who testified on Fr. MacRae’s behalf. Furious with Fr. MacRae for insisting that he was innocent, the judge sentenced Fr. MacRae to 33 ½ - 67 yrs for crimes that never happened. Later his accusers said they had been assured that Fr. MacRae would take the plea bargain offered to him, and he would be out of prison in one or two years. Their twisted minds could not fathom that someone with the religious convictions of Fr. MacRae would not succumb to such an offer.

(End extract)


Can you believe it - a prosecutor blowing up false abuse charges to boost his chances to gain a high position? Can you see the parallel to the Liddy case? The accuser had a criminal record, both as a juvenile and adult! This did not seem to matter in the slightest. The judge and prosecutor needed a conviction at any cost. Why believe a Catholic Priest, when you can believe a man with a long criminal record?

Had Father MacRae pleaded guilty (telling a lie) he would have been imprisoned and probably freed after two or so years. Thank God for people, who love the truth, even if this truth infuriates a judge and and a persecutor. Father Gordon MacRae is serving 33 years minimum imprisonment for crimes he never committed. He is standing up for the real truth, the truth which will free HIM in the end.

Friends, it's the end that matters. And the end will come!

 (Read more on this case in Duline's blog).


Closer to home the case of my friend Peter Liddy appears to have reached a dead-end. In a letter dated August 23rd, 2011 the Official Secretary to our Governor informed me along those lines:

"His Excellency the Governor has received advise from the Attorney-General that my petition does not disclose grounds for the exercise of the prerogative of mercy in favour of Mr. Peter Liddy".

"The matter will not be referred to the Court of Criminal Appeal persuant to section 369 of the Criminal Consolidation Act 1935."

I took a look at this ACT and Section 369:

369—References by Attorney-General

Nothing in this Part affects the prerogative of mercy but the Attorney-General, on the consideration of any petition for the exercise of Her Majesty's mercy having reference to the conviction of a person on information or to the sentence passed on a person so convicted, may, if he thinks fit, at any time ...


I am not a lawyer. It may take years of studying law to understand such legal jargon. However, may I ask the Attorney-General, what part of doubtful does he not understand, when a key witness, a convicted career criminal has clearly stated that he was never abused as a child, but then comes up with horrendous abuse allegations, which landed a senior magistrate in jail for now ten years?

This shocking truth, and other vital information, is being hushed up. Certain individuals know, however. Not only have I made it public here, on my website, I have written personal letters to the Governor, the Attorney-General, the Police Commissioner and many TV and radio journalists and clergymen. All must know, but have decided to keep silent. To have Peter as a scapegoat is more convenient than the inconvenient truth.

The people of Adelaide are misinformed, some are misguided, like the Governor's private secretary. He wrote in his letter what many use as an excuse to not probe any further: Because three or five boys came forward with abuse allegations, it must be true. That there are boys, as well as the President of the Surf Life Saving Association, who vouched in court for Peter's impeccable behaviour,  is seldom mentioned. I repeat myself: Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

But more than that. Those officials, who I had sent a copy of the damning evidence against Witness A.W, have a legal obligation to inform me about their findings. Here is why (I'm repeating what I wrote in Book 9, Chapter 2):

Whistleblowers have rights. Here is an extract of the 1993 Whistleblowers Protection Act, Pararaph. 8:

8—Informant to be informed of outcome of complaint

If an appropriate disclosure of public interest information is made to a public official, that official must, wherever practicable and in accordance with the law, notify the informant of the outcome of any investigation into the matters to which the disclosure relates.


Does 'outcome of any investigation' mean, if the public official decides to not bother investigating anything at all, can he or she simply inform the whistleblower: "Thanks for your information. But nothing at all has been done or will be done in this matter". (Now buzz off you troublemaker!) 

Above law, as so many others, may not be worth the paper written on or it's equivalent in bulldust. Unless you find a $ 200 per hour lawyer, who might look at it, before putting it into the too-hard basket - and still charge you through the nos for doing absolutely nothing.

The least I had hoped for was that the key-witness A.W is being interviewed in relation to the damning statement he had made. If there were logical reasons, something I had not thought of or known about, I could accept the Attorney-General's reasoning, and the Governor's decision to reject my plea. Nobody ever has addressed this issue and brought forward a logical explanation to reason with.


One thing I have not informed the Governor about, only the Attorney-General, the death of Rhonda Firla (see Chapter 2). Her death holds a clear link to the Liddy case and should therefore be thoroughly investigated.

Is the Governor merely dancing to the tune of the Attorney-General, who I have written to about the Firla / Liddy connection? Why bother writing to the Governor about anything, if he only echoes what the Attorney-General says in the matter?


In a few days it will be ten years (on 7.9.11) that Peter Liddy was sentenced to 25 years jail. Peter's life changed forever.

Four days later on  9 / 11 an event happened, which none of us, who are old enough, will ever forget! 

Friends, I am not an advocate for a Republic. But what is the point of the having a Queen, if she and her Governors simply rubber-stamp everything politicians do? With power comes responsibility. 

I am not sure, if US Presidents have ever been petitioned regarding the imprisoned Father Gordon MacRae. One thing I am sure, our South Australian Governor (and all the other officials, clergy and media I have informed) has a lot to answer for, if or when Mr. Liddy in the end is exonerated.

I am praying this will happen.

Unlike politicians, kings and governors - God does not have a too-hard basket.


Chapter 6