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"For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds. (Psalm 57,10) 

4.   Fleet Street fallout    

"Don't write crap!"

No, those words weren't addressed to me or about my writing. The three-word advice was given by our Prime Minister Julia Gillard, speaking to journalists at the National Press Club. 

I receive very little feedback on the material I publish. It's best that way. Too much criticism and you may think: Why bother? Too much praise may lead to thoughts of pride. Plus it could place a sense of obligation on the writer to churn out more text, which, of course, is expected to excel previous works.

Within hours of publishing the previous chapter, the colours red and black seemed to be everywhere. My brain was bombarded with these colours: Be it in the street or on TV, suddenly people seemed to be wearing these colours clothing. A celebrity on TV wore a red/black tie. My eyes spotted a royal couple boarding a plane. He wore black, she wore red.

On TV a famous interviewer wore a bright red dress. (I mentioned the big O lady in Chapter three). Her guest wore black. It was none other than the US President. It may well have been my brain, which simply registered the colours, because they had played such a prominent role. But colour blind I am not!

The day after publishing the previous chapter was called 'Carbon Sunday'. This is what the media dubbed it. Our Prime Minister was making her much anticipated announcement as to what price to put on carbon, the carbon tax. The vast majority of Australians is against this tax. I'm one of them. Without going into scientific arguments, which to the average citizen is too complex anyhow, here is what I think about this issue:


If there is a God, who created the earth, HE controls all of it, including the elements. No human activity, or a new tax, can ultimately change the climate. If God indeed allowed temperatures to rise, HE has the power to cool the earth again, or do whatever HE pleases with HIS creation.

Natural phenomena remind people there is a force beyond ourselves. Storms, earthquakes, the weather etc. are all under HIS sovereign control. Humans are but a speck of dust on the earth, if viewed from God's perspective. 

This does not mean I am reckless in how I live. I conserve energy as much as possible, e.g. I walk or ride my bike rather than burning fuel.

The debate concerning climate change has taken on the character of a new religion.  The God they worship is the earth and /or their own body. As it is written in Romans Chapter 1: They worship the creature, but not the creator!

(How timely - as I edit the above, a lady (Barb) on radio ABC 891 is passionately talking about her work with dolphins in Adelaide's Port River.) 

If authorities worry about smoke in the atmosphere, has there ever been a study done, how much the burning of tobacco has contributed to pollution? One cigarette, of course, counts nothing. But how about when multiplied by the billions that are lit up every day? 

Smoking is bad news on all fronts. Besides polluting the atmosphere, health care for smokers, who contract lung cancer and other illnesses, adds considerably to the world's energy consumption.

The latest initiative by our Government to reduce smoking is a world-first. A law has been proposed by our Health Minister, which would force cigarette manufacturers to wrap their products with plain packaging; all cigarette packets would look the same - plain and unattractive. As if that would stop addictive users from buying them?

A large cigarette company has already signaled opposition to this move. No surprise there! The tobacco giant will challenge the government in the courts. Can we blame them? Should governments, who allow a product to be sold, dictate the way the product should be packaged?

The legal battle, which can only start once the law has been passed, may take years. How much will this all cost, money that could be far better spent? As I see it, the only winners will be lawyers. They love it.

It's time somebody started doing some logical thinking!

- - - - - - -


During a walk with my dog I noticed this doubling up of Nos. 15. Why two numbers for one letterbox?  Code 1530 or ISSO + 1, how about  I LoVe I?

Or is there a logical reason? Maybe, the small number is for people with good eyesight, the large one for those who don't see so well - like my ISSI?

- - - - - - -


The word love recently arrived in a most unusual fashion. Had I not made a spelling error I may never have seen it. It took a day or two to register. I emailed a TV breakfast show after our Adelaide (Australian Rules) football team lost another game in what has so far been a miserable season.

Here is the story, how I came to be watching Adelaide lose, after having led by 6 goals at half-time. 

Subject: Wolfs or Crows


Date 16.7.11  Sent 9.00 AM


Hi all,
Maybe the Crows need a name change? Wolfs?
I saw it happen two days after my previous email to you. On 22.5. my son was showing me where he works in Melbourne at the 1010 Building. Casually, he mentioned that the Crows were playing at Etihad, just across the road. I thought to myself, visiting him from Adelaide, I'd love to go and watch the match.
It was almost into the third quarter.  We were told at the gate the Crows were 5 goals up at half-time. So I thought: "Wouldn't be a bad time to watch the Crows (which I never do). If I'm meant to be inside, I will be."
My son and I circled the stadium, when a man and his wife walked out early. Here's my chance - "Excuse me. are you leaving. Would you mind if we used your tickets?"
"Not at all."
Of course the turnstile displayed - Invalid entry. Ticket already used.
But we were meant to be there.  A gatekeeper let us in anyway.
The bad news - we must have brought them bad luck! In the last quarter the Crows were butchered by Collingwood by 66 points - unbelieveable.
Last night history repeated itself. Except - this time on home soil and they can't blame me or my son!
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS  Did I see on your sports news (8.22 AM our time) , Essendon plays again tomorrow? I bet that's a mistake, either I saw it wrong or ... 

I thought I had seen on their show that Essendon, who had beat the Crows on home soil, was playing again the next day. That's what I queried in the PS. 

Anyone who is good in spelling would have seen the mistake I made, right in the subject line - wolfs. The plural (nice word plural) of wolf is not wolfs, it's wolves. I can't recall how or why, but sometime the next day I saw my name - my middle name Rolf. 

I removed the first and last letter (ws), and used my + R code (just like the word books turns into brooks, or tap turns into trap.) 


The correct spelling of wolves, again by removing ws, makes olve, the letters to make LOVE. (Not very often does a spelling error lead to making LOVE.) 

- - - - - - -


Round 9 AFL, 22.5.11 - Battle of the birds: Magpies vs Crows, Etihad Stadium 

Disappointed Crows supporters sat stunned after the final siren went.

My son and I found ourselves right behind the northern goal among the Crows supporters. Adelaide was still leading by a large margin. But as in life, it's the end that counts, not how good you looked at half-time! The name of Adelaide's No.24 is Jacobs.

Top right: My son Jon, right opposite Etihad Stadium. Doesn't he look 10 / 10?


But there was more. As I briefly checked through my Outlook Express Email archive I noticed that about 3 1/2 years earlier I had sent an email to the same TV breakfast program. Suddenly - numbers came to life. I emailed my unplanned discovery, plus a scan of the entry ticket, which I had forgotten to include in my 9 AM email.


Date 16.7.11  -  Sent 9.09 AM

Hi all again,
I just noticed that on 16.11.07 I sent you an email titled: My passionate sport.
How timely that I was prompted today 16.7.11 to sent you an email about sport - even though AFL isn't really my number one passion.
I also forgot to include a scan of my free entry ticket . Please note, if you put 2 and 5 together, you may also see today's date in the seat number at Etihad - Row A, Aisle 25, Seat 16.

Thanks for your shows,.

Dieter R. Fischer

Still, there was more; totally unplanned, but the timing could not have been better. My fingers were frozen, after having sat in the computer room typing these emails. At 9.10 AM I went back to the TV room, where the Kerri-Anne Show just went to an ad break. The ad was one in a series, where only one person features. In my third email to the TV show (let's call it Etihad trick, I wrote what transpired next:


Date: 16.7.11  Sent: 9.19 AM

Hi all a third time,
Just after signing off my previous email I went into the warm TV room to watch Nine. Kerry-Anne went to a break and on came - the Super Cheap ad.
Here is the magic: On my previous visit to Etihad, during an A-League match, I bumped into a face I knew: But who was it?
I asked him at half-time. It was the guy on the Super Cheap ad.
Forgive me emailing three times, but I find this amazing.
Kind regards


On above Ticketmaster ticket, did you notice - kick-off 1.10 pm? HE deserves not 1, but 10 out of 10.

- - - - - - -

The very next morning, back to 10.7.11, after publishing chapter three, I once again sensed that a supernatural power was at work around me. Call me silly, but to me I saw a gigantic, powerful God, who used a tiny insect to make HIS presence felt.

It was barely 14 hours after uploading chapter three. My wife and I sat in church as we do most Sundays. The singing had finished. The preacher was halfway through her sermon when I noticed a tiny insect fluttering around ahead of us. It was not a fly or mosquito. In July in Adelaide we don't have these. It was a moth. In size it was so small, nobody reacted to it. (My wife later said, she had not noticed it at all).

The insect landed on the shoulder of the lady in front of me. Next, it took off and landed on her hair. Still listening to the message by the lady preacher, a thought suddenly came. I don't know, where it came from, or what influenced its formation. It may have been the fact that I had only uploaded a chapter the evening before?

I thought: What word will the preacher speak the moment the little moth flies away?

It was about ten seconds later, the moth flew away. To my great amazement the word the preacher spoke was:. "No ...." 

The subject of the sermon was 'God keeps HIS promises'. I clearly heard the phrase: "No matter, if we keep our promises, God will always keep HIS."



More connections came. In all 319 chapters of this my autobiography only three make mention of the annual sporting event, held in London since 1877 - the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The previous chapter is one of them. I had written how I had seen the odometer reading of my Suzuki on Good Friday - 304015. Can you see the connection to tennis?

The next day another link to tennis: This time table tennis. It actually came as I was playing table tennis, which I do regularly. The title of chapter three mentions two colours - red and black. The official two colours of table tennis bats are red and black. Why this is so, who knows? (I knew this, because a few months earlier this question had come up on Channel Nine's TV Quiz, Millionaire Hot-seat).

Talking about the title of Chapter 3: How weird is this? On TV a report showed a black-skinned player wants to again play for the Reds! His name is Bruce. No kidding!

- - - - - - -


Flashback to January 2011: Lance Armstrong, the US cycling legend,

 rode his final race of his career in

 Adelaide in the Santos Tour Down Under.

Our Daily Bread Bible reading Jan 16, 11

A Child's Potential. (Note the first words Louis Armstrong)

Text: A CHILD'S POTENTIAL. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)


Lance Armstrong ended his professional career in 2011, riding in the grueling Tour Down Under around Adelaide. He was presented by our Premier with a pair of iconic RM Williams boots and reminded: These boots are made for walking.

Louis Armstrong was well known for his smiling face, raspy voice, a white handkerchief, and virtuoso trumpet playing. Yet his childhood was one of want and pain. He was abandoned by his father as an infant and sent to reform school when he was only 12. Surprisingly, this became a positive turning point ...

How timely: Our Daily Bread bible reading, on the first day of the cycle race (Jan 16th 11) was about a famous man called Armstrong, not a cyclist, but the trumpeter legend Louis. Both had overcome immense obstacles to become the legends they grew up to be.

The name Armstrong was a surprise, when I discovered it the day after (Jan. 17) catching up with my Daily Bread bible reading. The day before it had been a joke: "Is Louis Armstrong racing today?" After that I had hoped for an autograph on the above page. But Lance cycled right by. Would he have seen the peculiarity?

LOUIS and LANCE written differently  -  LL OA UN IC SE

One week later I did get an autograph from a young British rider. Ben Swift took out two stage-wins in the 2011 Tour Down Under. Whilst I hadn't managed to get Lance's autograph, Ben obliged after giving a media interview.


Left: Our Daily Bread Bible Jan. 23, 11 God is at Work (with Ben Swift autograph): 

Right: Ben - swift on two wheels, wins a stage in the 2011 Tour Down Under, Adelaide.


Text  He is my God and I will praise Him. Exodus 15:2.


Jack and Trisha were driving to the hospital late one night for the birth of their second child when the unexpected happened. Trish began to deliver the baby. Jack called 911 and Cherie white an emergency dispatcher was able to talk Jack through the delivery. But the baby wouldn't breathe. So Cherie then instructed Jack how to give emergency breathing, which he had to do for 6 anxious minutes. Finally the newborn took a breath and cried. When asked later how they all got through the ordeal and remained calm, Cherie responded,  "I'm glad God works midnights!"



As I write young Ben is racing for the SKY Team in his first ever Tour de France  The 15th stage just ended in the Pyrenees. The British cyclist came sixth, chasing his fellow countryman Mark Cavendish, who won his fourth stage, his 19th overall, placing him 7th in the all-time stage-winners list.

Australian Cadel Evans has been in 2nd place in the early stages and is placed 3rd as of stage 15. (23 makes sense).


Late News 20/7: Cadel is back in 2nd spot (a move in the right direction.)

- - - - - - -


Over the years I had sent many emails to the media. I still do, but far less frequently. Often I question the value of contacting the media. On the surface of it nobody seems to be listening. The lack of response does not worry me in trivial matters; unlike, the media's total ignorance of the unfortunate plight of my unfortunate friend in jail. This has been a great disappointment.

Yet, I know the ONE who is in charge of the climate, the ONE whose eye is on the sparrow, he has all our futures in HIS hand. I regard the emails I send and the chapters I write as a seed sown, which will bring forth its fruit in its season (Psalm 1, 3).

Six years ago, in July 2005, I planted such a seed in the form of a letter. It was a long letter to various media outlets, calling for them to use their power responsibly, and to report the truth. (Read it in Book 4, Chapter 1). My observing eyes and active mind had analyzed a very unlikely news story. I had asked questions, serious questions, doubting if the story was really true. My insight proved correct.

It so happens, the day I write this chapter, the world's most influential man, the guru among media barons, is appearing before a parliamentary committee in London. He and his son are answering questions regarding serious allegations of phone tapping, and possibly other criminal activities, by staff and hired private eyes.

Perhaps, what I had suspected way back in 2005, was not so far fetched after all? In my letter in the first chapter of Book 4, I asked this question: Is it possible for police to invent crimes and sell the fake reports to the media?

In the reports coming out of London, one phrase keeps coming up regarding the scandal: "There was a cosy relationship between police, the media and politicians! One commentator on the BBC said: "There was and always will be corrupt police."

I find this hard to accept. But it would make logical sense: If a crime were committed by a policeman and other police were to notice it, they would need to be strongly motivated to blow the whistle. Often, fellow workers are reluctant to speak out after witnessing irregularities by those they work beside. Plain fear, or a false sense of mate-ship, keeps many mouths shut. The Mafia calls this silence Omerta (nice word that).

Even if corrupt practices by fellow police were reported, a superior officer would need to take it seriously enough to launch an investigation. But if things came out and were leaked to the media (the story might be worth a few dollars) it would bring possible disgrace to the very organization the officer is proud to be working for.

In South Australia we don't even have an independent body, who investigates shady police officers. Police investigates itself!

I write from firsthand experience. As regular readers would know, I have reported serious matters to police, and to higher levels of power; so far without success. Our Police Commissioner did not even bother to acknowledge receiving, let alone commenting on, the suspected stuff up by one of his departments.


After having learned in recent days about News Corporation paying off police and other people hush money, a thought entered my brain. (Please note, in the following paragraph I am not making allegations, rather I am expressing my thoughts. That's what writers do. I'm am limited as to how far I can probe into corruption. I leave this to the Tom Watson's of this world.)

What if News Ltd Australia was paying hush money to keep the story of Peter Liddy from coming out into the open? It would explain, why so many instrumentalities in Adelaide ignore my pleas for justice. It would explain why the Omerta, even after evidence was produced in black and white. 

Until now I thought the truth is being suppressed, because it hurts. Maybe, the truth stays suppressed because it pays, while it's kept secret? (Read on). 

- - - - - - -


Strange road markings on Queens Rd. South Melbourne

During a brief visit to Melbourne in June 11, on an early morning walk, I took this photo on the pavement.

In between 3 and 6 I see a dot and the Letter L, or is it I ? IL could make sense. 

The shiny, round object is a 20 cent coin. I had found it moments before taking the photo near 553 St.Kilda Rd.

 - - - - - - -


(Back to the phone-tapping scandal)

Maybe I had not been that paranoid after all, when back in 1999 (Book 1, Ch.9) I had imagined that my phone conversations were being listened to and /or I was being followed? My apparent paranoia was in full swing around that time, after I had just acquired my first ever mobile phone.

Nowhere did the phone-tapping scandal do more damage than in the case of missing school girl Milly Dowler. News-hungry journalists hacked into the mobile phone of the murdered 13-year-old. They intercepted and deleted text messages, giving false hope to the parents that their daughter was still alive. (The Guardian, July 4th, 11).

Another equally sad case was shown our ABC TV 7.30 Program on 18.7.11. During an in-depth interview Mary Ellen Field (let's call her Mrs. N.Field) told how she was falsely accused of leaking information. The successful business consultant had assisted a well-known supermodel into a lucrative business career. They became close friends; close enough that the supermodel shared some private details with her business coach, but no one else.

Hey, I just see the letter N in the two ladies names - Elle and Ellen!

When the tabloid press printed a story, based on material only Mrs. N.Field knew about, the supermodel accused her consultant friend of breaking their trust in passing on private details. Their relationship ended abruptly, bitterly. Mrs. N.Field's reputation was in tatters. She was ruined financially, emotionally and six years later is still suffering greatly. All because the phone of supermodel Elle was illegally tapped.

But instead of receiving an apology, Field's lawyer pointed out during the ABC TV interview, the supermodel said nothing. The question arises, why? Was it because she had received a lucrative deal within the Murdoch empire, a presenter's role with Sky TV?

More hush money had allegedly changed hands from the Murdoch camp to Mr. Gordon Taylor, the head of the Professional Footballer's Association. The cheque was signed by Mr. Murdoch's son James. It is hard to believe that James Murdoch did not know, what was behind the 700 000 transaction. (But then, 700 000 may be pocket money for the super rich?)

Read the transcript of the ABC TV 7.30 report:

There are at least two Australian connections here. One is supermodel Elle, who is Australian. The other points right here to Adelaide. Mr. Murdoch started his media empire with one newspaper, the Adelaide Advertiser. Over fifty years later the media mogul owns two-third's of all newspapers in Australia. What a success story, what meteoric rise to power and position of influence!

On the ABC program Media Watch, also on 18.7.11, an interesting brief comment registered strongly in my mind. A brief extract of the charter of News Limited was shown. It read: "Journalists must be careful to report both sides of stories covered", or words to that effect.

Did I hear correctly? It can't be! I can think of at least one story, covered in the Advertiser, which was reported very one-sided. The people of South Australia have only been half-informed about the case of my unfortunate friend in jail.

I know I am repeating myself; so be it. Here are just some of the unanswered questions, which would reveal the other side of the story, if released from the Omerta box:

Why have the people of Australia not been told the full facts? That Peter Liddy's main accuser, was a career criminal ... had to be brought from a prison interstate ... was promised a reduced jail term for appearing against the accused ...stole and crashed a car right at the time of the Liddy trial ... had previously said he had never been abused as a child etc etc. 

Why was is not reported truthfully that the hush money Peter supposedly paid to an alleged victim was paid in two installments, not one sum of $ 5000?

Why wasn't it reported that a neighbour, who had vital information regarding the case, was only months ago found dead  ... why would the police say, no suspicious circumstances? (See Ch. 2) 

(The latest news 19.7: "Sean Hoare, a former show business reporter at the News International paper, part of News Corp, was found dead! Police said they were not treating the death as suspicious.")

Peter Liddy's side of the story has never made it into the mainstream press. Never has he spoken on radio or TV, never given the opportunity to defend himself outside the courtroom. One TV station I had contacted about the case (I am repeating myself, again) tried to tell me that Peter would be drugged up so much, he would not be able to answer questions. What bull dust! I later learned from the prisoner himself, that he does not even take a headache tablet, let alone other drugs. 

Thanks to the internet, people now have another source of information and a choice who to believe - a whistle- blowing blogger or a write-what-you're-told journalist.  

 Cyberspace is filled with 'knowledge', something that has been predicted in the bible as a sign of the end times:

"But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge." (Daniel 12,4 NIV).


 It only takes a little 'going here and there' online and ... what magic, the other side of the story can be found.

And why not believe a blogger's research? If it sounds reasonable and can be checked online (by going a little here and a little there) even better! God's truth prevails, friends. Trust me, a blogger who trusts God.

It will be interesting to find out what the outcome of the scandal in the UK will be. Maybe, it marks the beginning of the end for Fleet Street. And so it should be, but only for those who have built their fortune on lies and deception.

Read what the book of Deuteronomy says:

"And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is HE who gives you power to get wealth ... "Deuteronomy 8, 18."

There is nothing wrong with money and wealth, if acquired honestly, through hard work. Money in itself is not evil. The love of money (greed) is the root of all evil. The wisest man who ever lived (King Solomon) said:

"He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver" (Ecclesiastes 5, 10). 

"As he [a rich man] came from his mother's womb, naked shall he return, to go as he came; and he shall take nothing from his labour, which he may carry away with his hand" (Ecclesiastes 5, 15).


Friends, it's not merely about justice for the likes of Mrs. N.Field or my innocent prisoner friend in jail. It's about truth versus lies, fairness against oppression.

It's about the ONE who said - the truth shall set you free! HE came to set you free.

God's truth prevailed.

I hope Julia doesn't call this crap. 


Chapter 5