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"Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints! Who shall not fear you O Lord and glorify Your name? For you alone are holy. For all nations shall come and worship before you. For Your judgments have been manifested."

(Revelations 15: 3,4)


2.  Rhonda - why did she die?

Her death was in the newspapers and on television. But it was not sensationalized as other stories are. To the average South Australian the disappearance and death of a 58-year old woman in the town of Kapunda was of little significance. I would have missed its real significance too, had I not received an unexpected phone call one day in mid May 2011.

A distant relative and friend of Peter Liddy phoned me after a long period of little contact. She had received a letter from Peter, written some weeks earlier, from Yatala Labour Prison. The content contained dynamite. It took some time to sink in. The more it did, the more I realized what ramifications there may be, if I published these facts.

But if we allow fear to stop us from doing what is right - evil will triumph. 

Before I expand about the death of the lady, her name was Rhonda, let me write about a little magic about the name Rhonda. A few weeks before we had phone call. It was from a different Rhonda, a family friend, who we used to know well during our years in Tasmania. She and her family had also moved to Adelaide. We have kept in touch over the years.

Why I recall this Rhonda's phone call has a reason. That evening I casually perused the Advertiser Newspaper. Suddenly a name stood out. It was that of the adult daughter of Rhonda. She was featured in an article, promoting the SA Coast to Coast bike ride, which was taking place the following weekend. It surprised me that Rhonda had not only phoned on that day (the first call in over a year), but that she did not know (or mention) that her daughter had her picture in the newspaper that very day.

Three days later my wife and I walked into church. As we were seated, for some inexplicable reason, divine guidance I call it, I chose to sit right next to this lady. After the service I learned her name...

(Hey, I just saw the significance in her husband's name too ... !) 

Her name was Rhonda. Her husband's name - Peter. That's amazing, because this chapter is mostly about linking the deceased Rhonda to Peter. It must have been a premonition, since my encounter with this Rhonda was almost two months before the deceased Rhonda's death.


Another Rhonda crossed my path en route to Melbourne, a fish called Rhonda.

No, none of the Ministers Hill, Foley (Snelling) or Rann are called Rhonda. Check for the name in the left top corner!

The (permanent) banner is a protest by the residents of Keith, a large country town in South Australia's south-east. The government plans to close their hospital, spending $ 2100 000 000 instead, on a brand new one in Adelaide.

The government also managed to sign off on the $ 700 000 000 upgrade of the Adelaide Oval. (It's true for governments as it is for individuals - if we really want something we manage to find the cash for it - or borrow and let the next generation worry about the debt!) 

- - - - - - -


The news of Rhonda's death, and it's possible link to the Liddy case, came at a time when I had almost exhausted all avenues for finding justice for Peter. There did not seem to exist a listening ear in South Australia, or anywhere, who was willing to engage with me, answering the questions I have been asking for years.

My latest findings regarding Australia's criminal laws was an eye-opener. As recent as on the evening of writing this, on the TV program Today Tonight, the reporter interviewed a prominent lawyer. The subject was a new law, an Australian first, which enables convicted criminals to have their cases re-opened, when fresh evidence is brought forward.

At the present time, and this I found unbelievable, once a case has been closed, i.e. all avenues of appeal have been exhausted, a case can only be reopened on the direction of the Attorney General or the State Governor. No other door of justice is open to the innocent.

I have written to both. Soon after he came into office during 2010 I had written to Mr. Rau about Peter's case. Within weeks I received a 'there's nothing wrong' answer. 

On November 15th, 2010 I also appealed to the Governor of South Australia, Rear-Admiral Kevin Scare. Again I made it plain, that there is conflicting statements by key witness W. who in 1993 had stated that he had never been abused as a child. Seven years later, aged 26, he came up with damning allegations, which two years later landed Peter Liddy in solitary confinement in Yatala Labour Prison. 

To back-up my claims I included the document, the Prisoner Assessment Report (Book 7, Chapter 26) which to any fair minded, logical thinker confirms witness W. has questions to answer. I concluded my letter with this question: Should we all believe a career criminal, Mr. W. rather than a respected magistrate, who put many criminals behind bars?

Apart from a letter acknowledging receipt of my correspondence, nothing happened in four months. I followed up this matter in February 2011 with another letter. I urged for some action, fearing that even this highest office holder in our state would just ignore my plea. A reply came in early March; the case was being looked at by the Solicitor-General.

Two more months went by without any action. I sent a third letter to the Governor of South Australia, who represents Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This time I reminded His Excellency of the case of Lindy Chamberlain in the 1980's. After fresh evidence had surfaced  - the jump suit baby Azaria had worn the night she was allegedly taken by a dingo - Lindy Chamberlain was released from prison that same day.

Since this, my latest correspondence to the Governor of South Australia, Peter Liddy has spent another three months in jail.


Friends, I am all for the monarchy. I deeply respect Her Majesty the Queen, to whom I swore my allegiance, when I became an Australian citizen. However, my faith in the monarchy and the Westminster system of governance, will be greatly damaged, if the Governor can't act to right this terrible wrong.

If no action is taken to investigate the truth and bring forth justice, yes even for a magistrate, what future does our country have? 

Sure, police can make mistakes, courts may not get all cases 100 % right, but when clear evidence exists, it should not be ignored for convenience sake. There must be a body, a trustworthy, uncorrupted watchdog, which ensures the system is functioning. Otherwise, who will be the next victim?

It remains to be seen, if the monarchy is really just an expensive, pompous institution, costing us all lots of money.


The Today Tonight segment on the evening of 2/6/11 called for this body to be established. I could hardly believe the statistics quoted by the legal professional on the screen. In the UK, where a review commission exists, 70 % of cases brought before it are successfully appealed. The gentleman added that here in South Australia there certainly would be cases, which are now shut, where fresh evidence has emerged, but they can't be re-opened in a normal, legal process.

At the time of writing South Australian Upper House MP, Ann Bressington, is trying to have this Criminal Case Review Commission established. Again on the evening of writing (7/6/11) she appeared on TV about this matter. 

Stirred up by the TV report (of 2/6) I emailed Anne Bressington via her website:


Date 2/6/11

Dear Ms Bressington,

Watching Today Tonight on Channel Seven (2/6/11) I heard your name mentioned. The sound of a Criminal Case Review Commission is like a breath of fresh air.  It is unbelievable that until now a person serving a prison sentence, who was falsely imprisoned, had virtually not way to having their case independently reviewed, even after fresh evidence came forward. What if another person actually came forward and admitted to a crime they committed, and not the innocent person serving time in prison instead?

I trust and pray that your bill will be passed by the government and that the case of Mr. Peter Liddy will be one of the first processed. The unfortunate man had solid evidence, which placed the reliability of his main accuser (a career criminal) in serious doubt. Yet, it came too late. It was not permitted in Mr. Liddy's High Court appeal. The Jury believed this career criminal, rather than a senior magistrate!

The remainder of my email to Ann Bressington contained the information regarding the dead Rhonda (the part, which the people of South Australia did not read, see or hear in the media, not even online, until now). 

Here is how the Australian Newspaper reported Rhonda's death; only the absolute minimum facts. (Many newspapers in many cities reported the text, mostly word for word):


The Australian Newspaper - April 27 2011:

"SOUTH AUSTRALIAN school teacher Rhonda Firla has been found dead, just hours after her family made an emotional plea for the missing woman's safe return.

Her death, which police say is not suspicious, is a second tragedy for the small community of Kapunda, north of Adelaide, following a triple murder there last year.

Ms Firla went missing on Thursday with the 58-year-old last seen on foot in Kapunda's main street.

She disappeared without taking her wallet or credit cards with her."


(End extract.) The remainder of the short article refers to a triple murder, also in Kapunda. 

My suspicious mind does not get its head around that there are supposedly no suspicious circumstances. One comment online (before her body was found?) read: Police do not rule out foul play. Please read the following information carefully, then make up your own mind, if there are no suspicious circumstances, or if there is ground for serious questions to be asked.

After I had the phone call from Peter's friend, mentioned earlier in this chapter, I met this lady and obtained a copy of the letter she had received from him. Here is what it says, starting a the bottom of page 1 and continuing on page 2: (Text is printed below for easier reading)



Ive written to J. to tell her of something terrible that happened a week ago, but she may not have got my letter, a lady who was my neighbour at Kapunda had provided a statement some time ago to my previous lawyer which exposed what 3 corrupt detectives had done to try to generate fake evidence against me. She said that her children (who often came to my place over a ten-year period because they liked to look at the things I had there and watch the doves & magpies being hand fed) were all questioned by three detectives who tried to get them to say that Id abused them. They kept insisting that Id always been kind to them, so the detectives then told her that Id assaulted a Kapunda child whose surname was Cameron so badly that he had an injury and that her children should therefore support this child by admitting that Id also abused them.

It was an outright lie and I never ever knew any child named Cameron and was never charged over anything to do with such a child. I had asked my lawyer to go and find the child & his parents and get a statement from them disclosing that it was a lie, but the lawyer (as usual) did nothing.

Anyhow, a week ago the woman who was my neighbour (Rhonda Firla) was seen doing her shopping in Kapunda on a Thurs .morning and then disappeared that afternoon. Her body was found in scrub on the outskirts of Kapunda a week later. It may not have anything to do with my matter, but Ive now lost a good witness to the fraudulent practices of these detectives no doubt they used similar tactics to generate others, who claimed to have been abused.

(End of text)


If anybody doubts what Peter writes, what motive would he have to lie to a supporter outside the prison?

Did you notice, how Peter himself leaves the option open that the lady's death may have nothing to do with his case? It speaks volumes as to the strong character and intelligence of the man! 

Friends, who after reading the above letter would not raise suspicion and ask, why did Rhonda Firla really die? A thorough investigation into this woman's death must take place. Serious questions must be asked. 

Some come to mind immediately: 

What was the actual cause of death?

Was it an accident or suicide?

If it was a suicide, did this school teacher, and mother of three, leave a note? Why and how did she commit suicide? 

Did the lady have a history of mental problems. Had she attempted suicide before? What did she die of? Poison? Gunshot?  

Is it true, the lawyer received information about foul tactics by police? Did they act illegally in fabricating a false abuse case to coerce the Firla children into making allegations? 

If so, did the lawyer act at all on this crucial piece of information?

Had he or she done so, would Rhonda Firla still be alive today?


A passage in my earlier books come to mind. The task force, responsible for investigating sexual crime, wrote in one of the police association journals how proud they were to bring Peter to justice. One comment clearly stands out in my mind: "We just had to try that extra bit harder to ensure we get a hundred percent conviction." 

Peter was found guilty only on 10 out of 15 charges. And 7 of the 10 were allegedly committed on witness W. Can Mr. Conte really call this a hundred percent success? 

After receiving the above information I have passed it on to various authorities, including a radio station, TV Networks and, of course, our Attorney-General. My letter ended with this question:

How many more deaths will it take before justice is done? 


Chapter 3