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      "God is in the detail" -  (Mies van der Hero, born March 27th, 1886)



"The grace of our Lord Jesus

Christ be with you all."    (Rev. 22, 21)    

"...although there were so many,

the net was not broken."    (John 21, 11)


13.   LED from Grace to Grace

As the year 2012 unfolded my compulsion to email people or TV Stations had decreased considerably. I no longer felt the same urge to get it all off my chest, as I had in the years past. Still, almost daily I could see things on TV or hear words on the radio, which I just could not ignore. 

(One such data arrived moments before final editing / publishing this chapter - see above - Mies van der Rohe, who happens to turn 126 on the day of publishing).  

Two days after publishing the previous chapter the colours black, red and white, showed up. They were worn by the presenters of no less than three different TV breakfast programs. This time, however, there was an additional dominating colour, worn by at least one presenter on each TV Show - lemon. 

Listening to the news early on Feb. 29th 12, the day after publishing chapter 12, I heard the announcer correct himself. He said "combi...."at first, before correcting himself quickly "compiled". A slip of the tongue, of course, but as my ear hears such goofs, my mind plays with it. 

I also discerned the little word led, plus the letter B and P. How strange that a news item, the very next morning on the same broadcaster, involved the BP Company, dealing with an issue to do with fishing!


Whilst B and P are not Roman numerals, L & D are. I had claimed it many times to have been led by the Holy Spirit to have come to the right place. Had this again happened that morning?

If so, what I heard next fitted right into the picture. As I changed radio stations, on Cruise 1323, just as I virtually walked past their frequency, my ears picked up the number 450. Strangely weird - 450 is LD in RN (RN is also a Radio Station, but here it means Roman Numerals). The radio host was just announcing the prize for whoever would guess the secret sound - 450 Dollars. (The money sounded good, but the secret sound was more like a drunkard burping loudly, then gulping for air. You could almost smell the beer ...")

At the same time a video clip was making the rounds. It showed a perplexed lady in Germany, who had a tray full of beer poured all over her by a waiter, who was pushed from behind. The beer-baptised lady was none other than Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. She was very blaze about it.

The Germans have a proverb: "Don't cry over spilled beer" (Or is it m... Does it matter? Germans cry when they want - almost never!)

(Read on, how I spilled some beer in Beerbane, sorry Brisbane).


But there was a further L D twist, one I had noticed following the previous chapter's I L L D. What added to 399 could be extended by the 3/5 code. We now have 599, which in RN is D I L L. (I sense, how some Liberal Party voters are warming to my 3/5 code ...!?). 

But there's still more to it. Add this symbol = to the third letter in L I L D and voila - L I E D. German speaking readers, of course,  know that Lied means song. Australian Liberal Party voters would immediately see the English version, the word meaning the opposite of telling the truth.

Ms. Gillard, who, as I write, is in Korea attending a nuclear summit, may regard singing, sorry telling lies, as a tool to stay in power and push through her agenda. But in the state of Queensland on March 24th, her party was all but wiped out politically. We may soon hear more singing by Ms. Gillard - her swan song, if you pardon the pun. 

Did I not write years ago that lies, when put under extreme heat, rise to the top to be scooped up and discarded. What remains is pure gold or silver.

- - - - - - -


Save the Unborn - Election poster for Independent Trevor Grace. (Note the name!)

In the previous chapter I did not mention the name of the candidate I was assisting in the Ramsay bi-election. It was Trevor Grace, who, together with his wife, boldly stands up and speaks out for those, who can't speak for themselves. The world needs more Grace'.

"When the media recently showed the brutal slaughter of cattle in an abattoir in Indonesia", Trevor says, "there was a public outcry." "Why is there so little protest, so few who care about those helpless, innocent babies, who are brutally slaughtered every minute of every day around the world?" 

God's judgement day is coming - no mercy for those who have shown no mercy!

- - - - - - -


God's judgement has already begun. Take a look what I recently discovered on my own website, my own writing, two years ago. On 10.2.10 (the 2.10's of Jesus?) I published Chapter 10 of Book 8 under the title Sensation - saison. It's the story of our trip to Christchurch, New Zealand. My daughter and her husband got married in that city, just over a year before the big earthquake struck.

What perfect timing; just as I typed here, my son-in-law and my daughter, walked in the door that same moment.

Here is part of this chapter, a selection of anagrams:


and my favourite 


And did the earth shake in Christchurch! But take a look at my favourite, written in another way:

11 + 2 = 12 + 1

You only need to put 1 and 1 together as 2 (Feb) and you find the digits for 22.2.11. It is the date nobody in the Australia / Pacific region will ever forget. A thriving city of 300 000 was almost mortally wounded in seconds. It's showpiece and main tourist attraction, the Cathedral, lay badly damaged. 

So, where does God come into the picture? If HE cares, when a hair falls from our head, according to the scriptures, why should HE show no interest, when a huge Cathedral, God's house, comes crashing to the ground? 

Did you know that the Anglican Church, whose Cathedral had collapsed almost three years to the day in Feb. 2008,  appointed a female bishop? The lady was not only controversial because she was female, but also because of her liberal views on gay marriage. On I read this comment:

"Dr Matthews' election will be controversial for some Anglicans, as her sex and her comments about gay marriage are likely to upset conservatives." 

Did anybody consider that not only conservative church members, but the head of the church, Almighty God Himself, may not approve of her appointment?

Friends, God is not mocked. Either HE is God, or HE is not. No playing of games here. His judgement is coming on evil doers, let's make no mistake about it! It will be harshest on those, who walk around, looking pious in their flowing robes, but inwardly they are wolves in sheep's clothing! Does the church hierarchy give Almighty God any say?

If they were seeking HIS will, as written in the Holy Book, and aim do fulfil it in all honesty and humility, would they not carefully consider any doctrine in the light of scripture. Gay marriage is not HIS will for HIS created beings. Never was, never will be.

Sorry Mr. Turnbull, while it's true, God did create Adam and Steve, he certainly did not intend for Adam to have sexual relations with Steve, nor with any male for that matter. For a former Liberal Party supporter this was a sad statement to come from a high-ranking Liberal. (Even the Labor Leader believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.)


When clergy is swept along with political correctness, it's like salt that has lost it's flavour. When the clergy is more preoccupied with their own agenda, their programs, their careers then the sheep go hungry. They yearn for truth, for justice, for reality. These are found only Christ alone.

- - - - - - -

At the time of commencing this chapter, in the state of Queensland, voters are going to the polls to elect a new government. Only a few hours after the booths close the result should be announced, since a landslide victory for the Liberal National Party is expected. (Read on).

Two weeks ago, on March 11th a friend and I flew to Brisbane, Queensland. Our Adelaide United Football team was playing against the Queensland Roar. That day was the anniversary of the Japan quake, when the oceans roared. Before leaving for the airport that morning, I was reflecting on those events in Japan.

I was thinking about Psalm 46. The psalmist assures the reader that there is nothing to fear for those who trust in God:

"God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear. Though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea, though its waters roar ..." (Psalm 46, 1-3). 


As far as the football was concerned Adelaide had nothing to fear, except losing the match and landing at the bottom of the table. Their season had been lacking two things - goals and match wins.

Normally, I would not spend big money on travelling interstate to watch a football match. However, when a lady named Mel (note the name) on national TV advertised flights to Brisbane for $ 69, my antenna went up: "If I can get flights for that price and at a date, when Adelaide plays in Brisbane, why not?"

It all fell into place for March 11th, 2012.

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, QLD.

Only a very small group of fans made it to Brisbane from Adelaide to cheer for the Reds. (Total attendance 10 739). 



Notice the flag? The same as I flew in Christchurch on my 60th birthday. (Bk. 8, 13).


Adelaide was leading for almost a whole hour, when in the 69th minute a misunderstanding in their defence cost them the victory that day.


A win for Brisbane Roar would have placed them in a position to become [minor] premiers. With the one all draw Adelaide spoilt the party.


As I climbed over the seats to take the photo, somebody had left two cups of beer on the ground. I kicked one accidentally. (I offered to replace it, but ... after considering the crowd, I went to the men's room instead. ...just joking).

No. 10 Vidosic takes a corner for Adelaide, who were mostly defending in the first half. During one break in the 15th minute., their first shot at goal was right on target: 1:0

Below: A good label on the cap, Mitchell & Ness. A goal to win the match would have been better.


My friend had never been to Brisbane. And why travel almost 2000 kilometers without enjoying the place a few more days? What better way than on two wheels?

Brisbane has a fantastic network of bicycle hire stations, scattered all over town and inner suburbs. For a mere two Dollars registration fee per day, paid online, I received a code, which enabled me to use any bicycle, from any station, for half hour free. The next half-hour, if needed, is only $ 2.20). It all worked wonderfully. I was glad to have thought of it, and taken my own helmet, which in Australia must be worn by law.

Riding around Brisbane that Monday it occurred to me to ask: "Why are there no election posters anywhere? Isn't there a state election coming up very soon?" The first person I asked did not know. He had just arrived from the UK to take up a position. I had asked him, because he was a look-alike of the candidate, who most likely was going to win the election. 

Having just helped Trevor Grace in his election campaign in Adelaide, I had expected thousands of posters; on poles, trees and anything upright, which you can fasten a piece of cardboard to. (Actually, to be waterproof these posters are made of HIPS, high-impact polystyrene). But there was not one to be seen anywhere, until ...

Late on the Monday afternoon I decided to take a cycle to Fortitude Valley. In a tourist information booklet I had read that this suburb was worth seeing. Only a few minutes walk from the YHA (Youth Hostel), where we were staying, I picked up a bike and cycled along the well laid-out path beside the Brisbane River. It was a superb evening; warm, little wind, and not a worry (or election poster) in the world. 

At times the cycle path became crowded. Thank God for bells on bikes. City workers were queuing up on the piers to catch their ferry home, riding one of the public ferries, called City Cats (Pic. below.) My ride took me past the Goodwill Bridge, through the Botanic Gardens and under the Story Bridge, where I took this photo:


A city cat is taking commuters home via the Brisbane River. 

Above: Brisbane River Bend and Story Bridge. Please note Bowen Street.


This pic I took from under the bridge, just above the 15 on above map).

A few minutes later I read a street name - Bowen Street.

Hey, I just saw this - not only are we back in New Zealand. Bowen is also the name of a politician, who I happened to bump into in NZ (Bk. 8, 11).

I continued on the path beside Bowen Street. A minute later, back on the roadway, I suddenly found myself looking at a large poster. It looked like an election poster. It had a lady's portrait on it, and a name. It was indeed an election poster.

I nearly cycled by, taking only a quick glance at first. Luckily I did not. As the name of the candidate registered in my brain, it nearly blew me off my two wheeler. I dismounted and knew in a nanosecond, this was a memorable place. It would become part of history in my story.

What else is there to say? Amazing ...


Her name was indeed Grace Grace. In 2007 she was elected to Parliament as the Member for Central Brisbane. (It was also in a bi-election, after former Premier Peter Beattie had resigned). 

Her website tells that she lives in New Farm. It makes me think that the poster may have actually been displayed on her own property at New Man, sorry New Farm? (From memory, the location was not actually in Bowen Street, but just off it). 

I didn't know any of this. There can be no doubt, I once again had been led to the right place - to the place of Grace.


Unfortunately for her, the Queensland election result meant that she, along with dozens of Labor Party Members, lost her seat. In a huge landslide victory former Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman became the new man in Queensland politics. ( reports, after 60 % of votes counted, the swing against Labor in Central Brisbane is 9.9 %).

Newman's spectacular ascent to power and unbelievable success will, no doubt, become a remarkable chapter in Australian political history. One sentence I heard during the new man's first speech as Premier was music in my ears: 

"I promise we will conduct ourselves with humility, grace and dignity ..." May God bless HIM, if HE really means it. 

Prime Minister Gillard and other Federal Labor MPs should be worried about what happened in Queensland. One journalist made this comment on TV on the morning of writing: "The Queensland result would have sent shivers down the spines of many Federal Members of Parliament.

No matter how much Labor supporters try to ignore what happens at State level, the result speaks volumes as to the political climate in Australia. Voters don't like to be lied to. 

Not only do Australians believe our present Prime Minister lied about introducing the carbon tax and the poker machines reforms, the way she had grabbed the top job did not go down well. Until she pushed him aside, Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister and a well respected Queenslander, who was often seen going to church on Sundays.

- - - - - - -


The next day I wanted to go a little further a field. What better way than by train? Years earlier our family took a trip to Queensland. At the time, I recall, Redcliffe was a place I wanted to explore further. Now, twelve years or so later, here was my opportunity. 

I took the 8.48 am train from platform 7 at Roma Street Station. The weather was again warm. The air had a tropical feel to it, compared to Adelaide's dry heat. About 15 minutes into the trip the train stopped. Since it was not inside a station, I looked around for a possible cause, but nothing... except - GRACE. 

As I looked out of the window to my right, in large letters on the side of a building, was the name GRACE Records Management. My double grace from the day before immediately came back to me. How weird, not only had the long train stopped right there, but the carriage I was sitting in was right opposite this sign. Over the loudspeaker came an announcement of a short delay. Short, but long enough to get my camera out and document it all. (I'd love to show it, but must have deleted it accidentally, when transferring the files.) 

Not long afterwards the train moved again and entered - Bowen Hills Station. How remarkable, I thought, after having had a Bowen / Grace encounter the day before.

At Sandgate I had to change from the train to the bus. An elderly gentleman was the only other passenger waiting for his bus. He wore a blue cap which had Kentucky written on it (Hey, another blue cap?) We got talking. He used to attend the Salvation Army too. (There was a Salvo Store right near the bus station). He was on his way to a Vietnam Veteran reunion. 

Before my new friend got off the bus at Woody Point, he looked up his time table for my ride back. A bus was returning to Sandgate at 1.26 PM. I asked him his name - Jim. I don't know what made me ask. Minutes later another Jim was to cross my path. 

It was easy to see, why Redcliffe was popular with tourists. As I strolled along the Esplanade I saw many sipping a latte, chatting with friends or reading the paper. At certain times of the year, I found out, humpback whales make Moreton Bay their playground.

My first port of call was the Redcliffe Museum. The attendant wore a name tag: Jim. I learned that Redcliffe is the birthplace of Queensland. The area was first explored by Captain Matthew Flinders on July 17th, 1799. In 1824 a settlement was established just to the north, which today is Scarborough, on the tip of the peninsula.

Browsing through the excellent exhibits I found out I had just travelled across the longest bridge in Australia - the six-lane Hornibrook Highway, which opened in 1979. It spans across the Pine River at Hayes Inlet. The original bridge opened in 1935.


My walk through Redcliffe took

me along Humpybong Creek,

which teemed with wildlife. After

spending some time in the

museum I walked via Dix St. to

Suttons Beach. (See below). 

This 1935 structure is still standing. It's now just a memorial

and gateway to the fishing platform. On the left the new

bridge can be seen.

<<< Found on Dix St, a torn betting ticket. 


The lady at the tourist information had made a point of directing me to Suttons Beach, via Dix Street. What was so special about Dix Street, besides being the shortest route to the beach?  

Strolling along I noticed on the ground  a torn up betting ticket. On one side it showed st4; on the other, if any number at all, it was the 2 which stood out. I had not picked up rubbish and decoded it for along time. But old habits die hard. Was there some connection?

If so, it may have come very early the next morning. It was 4.30 am. My friend and I were just leaving our hostel in Upper Roma Street, when we noticed a motor car had parked right across the footpath. Again, out of habit, I read the registration plate - RU...942. 

Thinking about it later, I discovered that DIX minus D = 9. Here we can use the 4 2 from the red Redcliffe betting ticket. But as readers well know, one could go on and on...


Originally I wanted to catch the 690 bus back at 1.26 PM. However, I spend an extra hour enjoying a coffee on the Esplanade, writing a few postcards to friends in Germany. Just on leaving a driving school vehicle drove by. In large letters I read: ME Ls. It put a smile on my face. Was it not Mel I should be thanking for all this? Had I not seen her on TV advertising cheap flights to Brisbane, I'd experience none of this. 

On the plane back to Adelaide the next morning there was time to indulge in a little reading. Be it as it may, I find it hard these days to pick up any magazine or newspaper without seeing things. Mistakes, misprints, funny things or anything, which does not make sense. Something inside wants me to point out that I saw it. (Perhaps, a leftover from thinking I was being tested?)

In the Readers Digest Magazine (Summer Edition 2011/12) I found a blatant error, which many would have picked up. It was a wrong number, ten short of what it should have been. I also noticed the way one article started - not with one drop letter, but with two. Take a look:


Readers Digest Summer Edition 2011/2012

(Magic? I only noticed after I had scanned both pics - it is the last word and also the first)


Page 3 Index. How can two major stories both start on page 126? Taking it a step further I wondered, is there a possible connection between the two pages 126 stories? If so, is Yoon it? 

On page 141 I saw a similarity in the name Yoon (second story) and You (the title in the first) So:

Yoon - You  =  u on.


Or using our O/A code: YOON to YAON,  

read backwards


= NO [1] A [26] Y = No. 126 !!!

Page 138: Have you seen It before, two

drop letters? It even makes a word - It.

Next, the names of the two main players in the story above: Bowers / Bouwer

The detective in me saw a clue - us.


My diary spells out the entire code 'u on us'. The page has a smile of its line: a trip to the US is booked. (More later).


Text from above article (on left):

Professor Han-Seung Yoon's persistence prompted police to conduct a full coronial post-mortem.


Love H an Se u ng!

(They almost got away with it.) 


Arriving back in Adelaide from Brisbane I had so much to offload, but who listens? There was no one, at least not one, who would take my stories seriously, or would try and understand. 

Two days later the subject of electric cars came up during a TV breakfast show. The subject interested me. Years ago I had had an idea. I sent the following email to the TV show. (Rather than printing it straight off, I shall break it up in between the paragraphs to explain other observations and my thinking behind it). 


The first two paragraphs are about the 942 DIX Street find:

Email to Today, Channel Nine TV

Subject: Electric exchanges

Hi all,

On Upper Roma Street, Brisbane a motor car had parked in a strange way. It blocked the footpath totally. I had to take note of the registration plate RU.. 942. Last night, thinking about it and writing my diary back in Adelaide, I saw 9 in the name DIX - [D] IX.

I had taken a walk back from the Redcliffe Museum to the Esplanade. At Dix Street I had picked up a section of a torn betting ticket. All it had on it - ST4. On the back the two digits 2 and 4 stood out. Well, is that close enough to 9 4 2?

The next two paragraphs followed a letter I had sent to the Readers Digest Magazine. I had submitted a joke, which I had thought of on the plane coming home from Brisbane. I had indeed been accused of telling lies. But what's the point of getting upset, when you can use humour to get over it?

Another magic twist as a wrote my diary last night - amazing stuff. I had just written the word liar - having been accused of being just that. My mind then was on the joke I had emailed to Readers Digest the night before. The punch line is: [the liar] flew to LA for free, he used his frequent liar points.

That same second I had written liar, on Channel Nine's Earthflght, Charles Wooley spoke the word - [high] flyer.

The rest of my email is regarding an thought I had long ago regarding electric vehicles. To overcome the problem of having to wait until the batteries are recharged, why not exchange it?

Coming to the subject line: Am I thinking to far ahead, when I see electric cars no longer have to recharge their batteries, but simply roll an empty one out on one side, while a new one rolls in (underneath the vehicle) on the other side?

If we could then recharge batteries via solar / wind power, it would be ideal for Australia. No more carrying fuel on outback journeys. There would be recharge stations all over the country, just like there a petrol / gas stations now!

But forward thinking has gotten me into lots of trouble lately, especially with the person, who accused me of lying. Very sad. Call me silly or bossy or whatever. But I am a LOT, a lover of truth. I wished we all were truthful and transparent.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  In Australia most addresses are - Streets, Roads, Avenues, Courts etc. Not many are LOTs.

- - - - - - -


A strange phenomena took place on Wednesday March 21. At church after choir practice* I got talking to a retired gentleman, who was sunburned, as if he had been on holidays. Our brief conversation went something like this:

(*I joined only for a few weeks for the Special Easter Choir). 

DF: "Hi Gary", sorry, Barry (I did an Alston here), "you look like you've been on holidays." 

BARRY: "I was. We spent a week in Tumby Bay."

DF: "Ah, Tumby Bay, I remember it. It's just past Port Lincoln. Did you know there is a turnoff, which is called Tod Highway? Strange name that, because in German Tod means death."

We then talked about Barry's holiday and travel in general. Little did I know what had happened only a few hours before our conversation. I heard it on the TV News the next evening.

"A WOMAN has been killed in a crash between a car and a truck on the Tod Highway on Eyre Peninsula. The Elliston woman, who was the driver and sole occupant of the car, died at the scene after the crash on the Tod Highway, 2km north of the intersection with the Flinders Highway, about 4.50pm."


Tod Highway, of course, has nothing to do with death or dying. It was named after explorer Robert Tod. Another place name, not far west of Port Lincoln, is Coffin Bay. No, there is no connection to this, again macabre, name! It was given by Captain Matthew Flinders in honour of his friend, Naval Commander Isaac Coffin.

- - - - - - -


There are times when all the links I see threaten to overburden me. How easy it would be to overreact; to go over the edge with what I see and interpret! But God ...

Would God load us up with a burden we cannot carry? In John Chapter 21 we read a story how Jesus helped his disciples, professional fishermen, to land a catch of fish. They had been fishing all night and caught nothing. On the advise of their friend Jesus, who they only recognized afterwards, they once again cast their net to the right of the boat. To their great surprise, they caught so many fish (153* - love that number!) they could hardly drag in the net. But the net did not brake, despite the huge catch.

Amidst all the numbers, names, letters and links reverberating in my head, God keeps my mind in perfect peace, because I trust in HIM. How wonderful this is. Not only is HIS burden light (Matt. 11, 30), but I don't have to carry IT alone! (Ps. 55, 22, 1. Peter 5,7).


*Less than a day after the previous chapter, I met the numbers 15 and 3. It felt like meeting an old friend. I'm not paranoid or dreaming. What I saw was this:. 

After a tour on the bus I was driving, I dropped a client outside her residence at No. 35 ... Right opposite, on a football oval, a small group of boys were preparing for training. I clearly saw the numbers on the back of their jerseys - 15 and 3. I felt like ... going fishing!


Early that morning, during my quiet time, I had been prompted to do something rather unusual, after my eyes fell onto a box beside my computer desk. It contained daily bible reading material, which I had kept from previous years: Every Day with Jesus, In Touch Magazines, Our Daily Bread; even some old Neukirchener Calendars.


Anyone for bible study? 

I felt led to pick out at random any booklet to read. The one I picked out was written by the late Selwyn Hughes - Every Day with Jesus, Jan/Feb 1990. 

The reading I was led to was the very last verse in the bible.

Jesus - "the Big Tree". Revelation 22:12-21. "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people (v. 21: NIV). 

Note the handwritten numbers on the left. They came to life in my brain, knowing I had uploaded Book 10,12 only hours earlier on 28.2. Originally I had planned to finish on 27/2, before midnight. But since it was 12 minutes after midnight, technically the date was 28.2).     

Text: We end our meditation on the theme of Growing in God by reminding ourselves that from the very first moment we come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way, an inward drive takes hold of us that pushes us toward conformity to His character. A visitor to Japan tells how he saw a number of ropes going out from big trees in the forests, and asked what it meant. He was told: "The big trees pull the little ones that are crooked into straightness" Jesus is the ... 

... good man, who hung on a tree!

Is it purely co-incidental that the word god is inside good?


On Saturday 3/3 I was sitting on the couch, reading the previous day's Our Daily Bread. It was by Bill Crowder, the gentleman mentioned Chapter 12. The heading read: "I'M GOOD. His text was from Matthew, Chapter 19, the story of the rich, young ruler (see below).  

A moment later, still during my brief reading, my eyes fell onto the coffee table beside me. Right there, in large letters, the word GOOD sprung into my face. It was on the front cover of the RBC Magazine, the same one that publishes Our Daily Bread. 

I had this serendipity feeling. So I snapped the above picture with my new digital camera. But there was more to come, more serendipity.

A young, rich man had approached Jesus with the question all should be asking, young and old: "Good Teacher! What good thing shall I do to have eternal life?" 

Jesus, in his somewhat obnoxious, straight forward manner, told the young man off for calling him good. "Why do you call me good? No one is good, but ONE, that is God the Father." Only then does Jesus answer the question about eternal life. "Keep the commandments", and HE named six of them. 

Surprisingly, this young man, obviously very sure of himself, said that he had kept these from his youth. There would be very few rich, young men today, who truly could say that they have kept God's commandments from their youth! Are there any young people today, who truly honour their father and mother and who love their neighbour as themselves? (Thank God, there are!) 

Many young, rich men today have that same problem as this rich, young ruler - a deep-seated dissatisfaction with life. Pleasure, possessions, even good friends cannot quench the thirst in all of us - to know God more and to find out what comes after death. 

This young man was obviously no fool. He was not only rich, he was a leader or important official of some kind. He must have also been a thinker, to be asking a question about eternal life. A near perfect human being. 

But Jesus sees right inside his heart. HE comes right to the point: None of your wealth will bring you lasting, inner satisfaction. At best, money can pay for temporary relief from the pain, caused by godlessness, which in turn creates a deep vacuum inside every human heart.

But neither drugs, pleasure, sex, alcohol etc. are the solution to mankind's basic problem - separation from God. This loving God longs to flood this inner vacuum with a torrent of HIS unimaginable love, joy and peace. HE is only too willing to do it for you, if you open your door.

The story of the young ruler had a sad ending. Jesus' unmistakable, direct challenge to give up his riches and to follow HIM did not appeal to him. He went away sorrowful. How sad, so close to Jesus and not understanding HIS message and accepting HIS free offer of love, joy, happiness and inner peace!

Every human being on earth, young and old, rich and poor, has to make a choice: Either declare your independence from Almighty God, or choose a path far better: The path of self-denial and surrender all to God.

- - - - - - -


Before reporting a little twist I discovered at the end of above Daily Bread Bible reading, readers must understand the background story. On television that same morning I had watched two separate stories. One was from Coomera, Queensland about training of dogs, if I recall correctly. The other was a direct telecast (Nat from Channel Seven's Sunrise team) from a flooded Cooma, New South Wales. (The subjects are not important here, only the names).

Pondering on Cooma / Coomera, the letters ER came into focus. (It's not rocket science, really). Now you may understand, why I marvelled as I read the last line in Our Daily Bread that morning, a poem by D. De Haan:

Eternal with the Father; ONE,

Is Jesus Christ, His own dear Son;

In Him God's fullnes we can see,

for Jesus Christ is deity. - D. De Haan

The word diety against the word dieter produces Y E R. That's why I marvelled at ER.

But there was more. In prayer, I suddenly saw the two letters ER on top of the Melbourne tram, the Royal Tram, I had written about in Chapter 10. My mind wandered and wondered: Is there a connection between ER and the number on the Royal Tram - 158? There was.

E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. R is the 18th. (Not a Royal Tram for nothing!)

- - - - - -


Artwork in an Adelaide Craft Market

Sunday March 18th, 2012 was a glorious day weatherwise in Adelaide. I cycled into town on my Giant. Browsing all kinds of artwork standing against a table was this painting. Any numbers brain, without thinking starts counting circles. There are 49.

When I saw there were 7 x 7 a registration plate flashed through my brain. I had for a fleeting moment spotted it. DTAIL 7. That's why I took a closer look, where is the detail?

I spotted what looked like a number 10 (bottom left). It's in No.36 position. Two hours later, how predictable, these digits came up again. On the way home I went to the hymn singing at church.


Diary 18.3.12  - Messy scribbles of 49 dots, plus a pasted section from the list of hymns.

Do you recognize three old friends? When I survey the wondrous cross / number 136 / plus Lois (not from Christchurch NZ). Lois led this hymn and another one or two. 

On editing: Take the 10 from the top picture, deduct it from the bottom and send both to Wayne or the Readers Digest? This would be the Neway!

Just now, as I scanned the above diary entry, THE VICTORY was looking at me from inside the scanning program. The same second I heard 'the victory' on Gospel Music Selection in this song: "Some golden daybreak Jesus will come, some golden daybreak all battles are won. We'll shout THE VICTORY ...!  

Friends, the battle of all battles has been won long ago! Praise the Lord! 

- - - - - - -


Please let nobody think that I had planned and booked a trip to the USA in haste, because I had decoded and interpreted the letters u on us in a magazine. How stupid would that be? Nine years ago, perhaps, when I was still struggling with mental challenges?

After much prayer and contemplation a plan crystallized, and is still processing, that I would be cycling a *cross...

*Stop Press: As I typed cross, on Gospel Music Selections a male voice sang the lyrics: " ... on the cross his life He gave..." America. I was not going to disclose all until after the event, but something happened since, which compels me to write about it. God is at work; there is no question about it. I stand amazed at what is unfolding before my very eyes. 

Two words in my diary describe my first reaction to what I felt led to undertake: spooky / crazy. You be the judge! In the end we all are in God's hands, safe and secure without fear, knowing wherever we go - we never walk alone. 

In the previous chapter I mentioned that my wife and I were watching the movie When Sally met Harry. During that movie I had a world atlas on my lap, looking over the map of North America. The date was February 5th, 12. I had already thought of a starting point for the gigantic undertaking on my Giant. With 'Harry and Sally' playing in the background I was contemplating, where I could end the first stage of this adventure?

As I perused the map I drew a mental line from west to east. It stretched from Nebraska to Indiana. (Much later I realized that NE and IN make ... a number. Next a place name caught my eye - Anderson. This sounded like a good destination. 

Within a few seconds, not more than ten, maybe less, in the background I overheard a name: Alex Anderson. (Meg Ryan's friend spoke it in conversation with Sally.)

But there was more, more spook and more crazy thoughts, perhaps. Take a look at the map and you will understand my astonishment.


Map of USA, Nebraska to Indiana.

I marked the east / west line with tape. I saw that this line was going almost right through a place called Maryville.

I remembered that it was only two days to the third anniversary of a horrible day - Feb. 7th - when together with other towns, Marysville in Victoria was almost completely destroyed by a massive bush fire. It was Australia's worst ever natural disaster.


Fast forward the calendar to March 2nd, 2012. Severe storms hit the United States. There were many deaths. Many communities left devastated. Among them Marysville, a small town in Indiana. Senator Dan Coats said: "That's the information we have, that Marysville is no longer."

For some time I had thought the Maryville in my atlas was the demolished town. But it was not. I was not the only person mixing up Maryville and Marysville. One US TV program showed both versions on their screen, even during the same news report.

As I was contemplating right here, how to end this sombre chapter, on the internet radio Gospel Music Selections just started this song:


In times like these, you need a Saviour
In times like these you need an anchor
Be very sure, be very sure
Your *ancor (sic) holds and grips the Solid Rock

This Rock is Jesus, Yes, He's the one
This Rock is Jesus, The only One
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock

In times like these you need the Bible
In times like these o be not idle
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock



*How strange is this - a spelling error in the word ancor. The h is missing. Had I not in previous chapters transformed the letter H into it (raise the bar and move it forward, Book 7, Chapter 1). 

Now this, in the chapter where the little word it is shown in very large print! That's God at work! 

Romans 8, 28: "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose." 

On the morning of writing I woke at 4.51 AM. Immediately the thought I had fallen asleep with came back to me. Chuck Swindoll during his message had quoted  Romans 15,4: 

"For whatever things were written before were written for our learning that we through the patience and comfort of the scriptures have hope."

This is my prayer that you may find hope, in HIS word, in times like these!


If I could add another verse to above song, it would be this: In times like these you need a Healer.

The world is hurting. People are hurting. Nature is hurting. Leaders are looking for answers. As I write world leaders are meeting to discuss nuclear power. If only they knew, who holds all the power!

It is Jesus.

                                                                END of Book Ten.



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