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"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given ... and his name shall be ... Prince of Peace!"

(from Isaiah 9,6) 


1.  Prince NOI - Topone

The night before commencing this, my tenth book, the clock showed 11.36 as I retired to bed. How interesting, I thought, the numbers for tomorrow's date, June 3, 11! This morning I woke at 5.01. 

Numbers and their connections has become a familiar companion in my journey. No longer are they a source of stress. They are like a familiar face among a crowd of strangers, reminding me I was not alone. Over the years they have become a companion, a friend, who simply wants to make HIS presence felt.

Not only numbers, but letters, words and names, which appear anywhere, unexpectedly, still play a big part in my thought life. Thankfully, I have come to accept these as signs of the ever present force surrounding me. I see God in these encounters. 

As I write, pictures on the TV graphically illustrate yet another natural disaster; a tornado in the United States. The place name is Monson, MA. A huge church tower had fallen, Adams Market Store had received serious damage, four people are reported dead and two hundred injured. 

The year 2011, more than any I remember, has begun with disaster after disaster. Massive, destructive floods continued for weeks in Australia. Roaring torrents of water caused many to lose their lives. At one stage almost 2/3 of Queensland was affected by floods.

The Pacific region was just getting over the shock of the Christchurch earthquake, when another calamity of apocalyptic proportions overshadowed it. The horrific pictures from Japan reminded viewers of the images of 2004, when an earthquake and tsunami had also caused havoc over the whole of the Pacific region.

The world is asking, what is going on? Does anybody ask after God?

- - - - - - -


"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. (Malachi 4, 2). 

While speaking on the telephone to a friend on June 2nd, my eyes fell on the Bible Society calendar on the wall (shown on left). During our conversation I read to her this scripture, to encourage her in her journey. 

Later, reading the day's text in Our Daily Bread (on right) I noticed that it was exactly the same scripture for June 2nd. The Healer knew it. 

Writer David Roper links above scripture to Rom. 8, 21 - God's irrevocable promise that our Lord Jesus will come again and all creation "will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God".

Next - there was more. The day before launching this new book (on 9/6) I happened to come across the Warcry Magazine of April 30, 2011. On page 2, titled reflection, I spotted this:


 It took some days of reflection, what title to give my 10th book. After reading the above I felt, I had chosen the right one: Healing in His Wings.

I'd like to know, if the word like is missing?

Unless it's just a test, who is reading their magazine? A few days ago such a thing happened. I had emailed a Real Estate Agent in Apollo Bay, Victoria. I had seen a property for sale in their display window for $ 550,000. In another window, same firm, a few steps away, the same property was advertised for $ 560,000.

A quick response to my email revealed, they only wanted to test, how long before somebody would spot the error.   

- - - - - - -


Oh, the power of words! In a regular segment in the Readers Digest Magazine a quiz appears to test readers' knowledge of words. It's called Word Power. For something to read I took a Readers Digest Magazine on a trip to Port Elliot, on South Australia's beautiful south coast. 

I don't normally read everything in all editions of the magazine. Rather, as one does, I leaf through them and read what sounds of interest. On this first day of 2011 at Port Elliot, I happened to read the Word Power segment in their Nov 2010 Edition. I discovered - Code ION - or turned upside down - NOI. 

You see, my numbers mind got excited, not only because this NOI code was in the 11.10 Magazine, but my discovery of it happened on 1.1.11! Take a look (especially No. 5):


Answers to Word Power, Reader's Digest, Nov 2010, Page 184.

Can you see, how in the explanation of answers in 4 and 6 the words in question (gouache and plein-air) were used? In example 5 the word garret was used. Should that not have been atelier?

My playful brain took the words garret and atelier, and crossed off the letters that were doubled-up. It came to G R L I E. One could do a lot with these letters. Being a pious kind of a guy I jumbled these five letters into RELIG. ION, of course, were the remaining three letters to complete the word RELIGION. 

The magic of these three letters (ION >>> NOI) only came as I was emailing my little discovery to the Reader's Digest Magazine on 2.1.11: 


Hi all,
This email has little to do with religion, but if I played a mind-game and added ion to 'relig' it would create religion. (But the last thing we need in Australia is another religion!)
It appears that in your Word Power on Nov. 2010 there is a mistake, unless I am mistaken. Not in a sense that the word atelier was wrongly defined, but the word garret appeared instead. Garret is also a kind of artist's studio, but more so in an attic, while atelier could be located in a garden or ground floor.
Kind regards from Adelaide
 Dieter R. Fischer
PS  I just discovered a little twist, no two.
One, ION upside down becomes NOI or NO.1. Yesterday, when I discovered the above (your magzines are great in that they don't become outdated) the date was not only  1.1, but 1111.
Two,  Later in the evening my family and I dined at Victor Harbour, in South Australia's top holiday spot. On leaving, right outside the Hotel Grovenor, I noticed a commercial vehicle parked, an electical firm named: Power Electrical. It was parked right opposite the office of Radio Power FM. The word power is a nice name - in German it's Kraft (like the Jeesus, sorry Cheeses, in French it's ... (I don't know, but not atelier or garret).

(Pardon my spelling errors - magzines and electical - were unintentional. And I should have known what cheese is in French - fromage).

- - - - - - -


My current diary is covered in LOVE.

Please note:

On scanning I did not crop the right hand side of the picture ( to create Yo). 

The brand name of the bicycle reads 'Topone'.

Can you decipherWHY ISSO [is] top one - or

Why I LOVE O [U] ?


There's a little story attached to the above photo. In an email to a TV breakfast programme I tried to explain the love-twist, which occurred as I purchased this diary. (At the time of purchase I had not yet looked very carefully at the picture. The words - I Love Yo - on the cover only entered my conscious mind after arriving home.

Doesn't the name of the TV Program I emailed this little twist to (and many more) fit very well here? SUNRISE (The very next day the Christian world celebrated the son, who rose!  


Email Weekend Sunrise, Date: 23/4/11 

Hi all,

Last Monday as I was waiting to pay for the new dairy I was buying my eyes fell on a product. The letters L V and E, plus a heart-shaped O obviously made the word LOVE.

A nanosecond later I heard the lady at the counter say to the attendant: "Thanks, Love".

But there was more. At home, taking a closer look at my new diary's cover I noted the letters I LOVE YO. The U was just outside the picture. (Pic attached).

So what does this mean? Y O, but not U?

Surely not!? - O has taken over as the new world religion? Sorry, but until our big O lady* lays down her life, then comes back to life again, the world will say: U are Lord!  

*refers to US talk-back queen Oprah.

- - - - - - -


It was around sunset (6.30 PM) on April 2nd 2011, as I was driving in a westerly direction on Grand Junction Road in Pennington, an Adelaide suburb. I turned on the radio. A program was broadcast from the BBC, London. The subject was the monarchy, a debate about the luxury of having monarchs around the world, who have virtually no power, but cost a lot of money to keep. 

The first Royal that would come to mind to most English speaking people is, of course, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Australians, however, in recent years have a 'home-grown' Royal to look up to: Princess Mary, born in Tasmania and wife of Prince Frederick of Denmark.

Mary and Frederick (note Frederick) came into my mind during those moments, as I was listening the radio, driving my car. Just before turning into Addison Road (note Addison), listening to the BBC about monarchs, out of the corner of my eye flashed a street name: Price Ave. Immediately my strangely wired mind made a connection: Add a n and Price turns into Prince.  

Any reader of my works would know at this point that the letter N in my writing stands for - SON. It took a long journey - eight books in almost as many years - to arrive at this.

As I continued driving along Addison Road I kept pondering the incident. It took another 10 or 15 minutes to reach my destination, the suburb of Seaton. I was attending the final event of the ONE MISSION Conference, organized by the Salvation Army, but held at another church.

Only minutes into the meeting, during the first or second song, my mind made a connection - the word price, the street name, which had started my train of thought - Thank you for the cross, Lord. Thank you for the price you paid.  

But the very next discovery, how I earlier came to see price / prince only came later, after the singing. I had added n, just before turning into Addison Road.

But there was more. On my way home I decided to travel via Grange Road, past the 'holy ground' of Hindmarsh Stadium. Out of the corner of eye, as happens so often, a business name flashed across my consciousness. The name fitted my story down to the letter N - NHANCED. (The N was a different colour).

There was much to think about that night, as I retired to bed. That's when a further connection came to me: This whole story had started thinking about (Mary and) Prince Frederick of Denmark. The venue where I had just been to, the large church in Seaton, was in Frederick Road. 

Can it all be co-incidence? The word co-incidence in my mind is closely linked to meaningless. Life is not meaningless. If we live life thinking Godís thoughts, we will see God in all things. Life becomes an adventure. "All things will work together (link together) for good."

- - - - - - -


Two photos taken during a Melbourne visit in May 2011:

Right: There appears to be only two streets in Australia called Bible Street. During a trip to Melbourne in May 2011 I came across this one. The other Bible St. is in Eltham, also a Melbourne suburb. The red bag is my SONY bag, which I used to carry the Yellow Pages I was delivering. 

Below: Not in Bible Street, but it might as well be: The front yard of a private residence, obviously of a Jesus fan, who is not afraid to let the light shine! I took both pictures at Elsternwick, Melbourne.

"And I say unto you, every one who shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God". (Luke 12, 8)









(There's not much wrong with the theology ...and what's more - here is one way of keeping religious callers from knocking on your door!)


- - - - - - -

Talking about religious door-knockers. Cycling to the city on my GIANT bicycle I noticed on one side of the road a group of people - men in jackets and ties, girls in skirts, all carrying bags. They obviously were Jehovah's Witnesses going door to door. 

By co-incident (NOT) it so happened that at the same time, just across the road, this truck was parked in a driveway:

GRACE Removal van in Blair Athol:

I could not help myself as I slowly cycled by, calling out to the group in a loud voice: "Hey! By grace are you saved!" With that I stretched my arm out and pointed to the truck across the road. Having a laugh to myself I continued pedalling. 

Ephesians 2, 8, 9: "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast."

Let me add this: If it is really the love of Christ, which motivates a believer to knock on a neighbour's door, bringing them the Good News of Jesus, there is nothing wrong with that. It is a courageous thing to do.

- - - - - - -

On TV an advertisement for a large fried chicken fast food company featured a lie. A harmless lie, perhaps; yet a lie is a lie, especially when told in front a young boy (your son). Father and son were both standing at the counter of a fast food outlet, selecting a meal from the menu. Using his mobile phone the father was speaking [to his wife at home], saying he was "in he supermarket buying groceries." 

I felt stirred to email the chicken fast food company:


If I understand it correctly on one of your latest TV advertisements a father is phoning home, pretending to be in a supermarket, when he actually is in one of your stores. A young boy is shown who, one would assume, is old enough to take in what is happening.

In my opinion telling lies, especially in front of your children, is giving a bad example. Lying is breaking the Ten Commandments. The bible is very clear what the consequence of sin is!

I know your chicken is not as bad as your taste in advertising Ö

Yours sincerely,

Dieter Fischer


A UK-TV programme called Life at 5 aired in Australia on 22.2.11. (It was the day of the devastating Christchurch NZ earthquake). An expert in early childhood education said that one of the skills to help a five-year old cope better with school was ''how to tell lies'.

I could hardly believe my ears: A so-called expert, with probably more letters behind her name than healthy cells in her brain, recommended that it is quite OK to not tell the truth, when life circumstances call for it. Has she ever heard of Ten Commandments? 

Such an insult toward the Holy Word of God called for a response. I emailed our ABC TV and filled in the feedback form:


How far has our society moved away from what is right! According to 'Life at 5' to tell a white lie is a life skill, which will be of good use at school! Just what is the difference between a 'white' lie and any other form of deception? Is there a scale, by which the severity of lies can be measured?

How about twenty years later in a court room? Will this skill be of good use, when a judge needs to know the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth?

A wise man wrote: Teach a child in the way he/she should go, and they will not depart from it!

The experiment in your program, where children were tempted, and then told a lie, would be the prefect stage to teach them that there is a God. HE sees everything we do, good or bad. HE loves it when we do good and tell the truth, but hates it when we lie. Lies have consequences. There will be punishment.

Talk about punishing a child. In New Zealand, don't they lock up parents, who teach their children right from wrong in the old-fashioned way?

How terribly sad that our modern, so-called child-development-experts do not include what would be best for any child: Teach them that there is a God, who loves them and wants to be their best friend.

No, not only do they ignore the spiritual element in education, they blatantly go against God's teaching of right and wrong! No, telling lies is not a life-skill, it's a sin.

God help us, if we don't turn from sin and follow HIS ways, the way of the truth, which will lead to life!

Dieter Fischer



Please nobody think that I included the New Zealand paragraph because it was the day of the earthquake. But I purposely made reference to telling lies in a court room. I have witnessed it.

On the day of writing this chapter, June 7th, 11, I sat in Court 7 in the Samuel Way Building in Adelaide's Victoria Square to listen to the case of Malcolm Fox. He was on trial for alleged sex charges with a 17-year old young man, going back 27 years.

Malcolm is the husband of well-known author Mem Fox, who wrote numerous children's books (Possum Magic etc). Their only child is Chloe Fox, a Member of Parliament since 2006. I recall, after I had written to all Members of Parliament about the Peter Liddy case, MP Chloe Fox was one of only two, who urged me to not ever write to her again about the Peter Liddy case.

I wonder, if after what her father is going through at this time, has she changed her mind? But more so, will she still not want to hear about another man, imprisoned on false sex charges, after reading the next chapter?

The latest developments in the Liddy case, to any fair minded person in Adelaide, must raise more doubts about Peter's guilt. 

I hope and pray that Mr. Fox is not yet another victim of dubious tactics by the pedophile taskforce of the South Australian Police. They coerce young men to fabricate sex abuse, when there never was any.

Read the next chapter - that's just what I've been told happened.

Before healing comes bitter medicine. In the end you're glad you swallowed it. You are healed. 


Chapter 2