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(Please note: My travels in Germany continue later in this chapter)


8.  Six-pack plus ONE 

Two things surprise me almost every time after publishing a chapter in this, my autobiography. Firstly, as I transfer thoughts and events from my diary into a literary form for others to read, I gain further understanding, how all things work together for good, as the Verse in the Book of Romans reads (Rom.8, 28). Thinking through it all again opens new horizons, new possibilities, fresh insight.

The second phenomena, for which I don't have a rational explanation, is the timing of my uploads. After uploading the previous chapter, one of those amazingly well timed incidences happened, only six hours later. It was July 8th 07. I was watching the Hour of Power, my regular viewing Sunday mornings.

Dr. Robert Schuller jr. talked about the Christian Cross, the universal, instantly recognizable symbol. He had a thought: Viewing the cross from the side it is no longer recognizable. Is there a way to design a cross, which is always a cross, when viewed from any direction?"

Neither he nor anybody else could come up with an answer. Only as he was travelling in Berlin, Germany, did he learn there was a solution. Well, I was flabbergasted, at this co-incidental timing. Had I not hours earlier published my account of my experiences in that very same city? 

His answer, a cross which looks like a cross from every angle, had long been discovered on the 368m high Berlin Television Tower (built between 1965-69). As the shiny steel panes of the globe-shaped body, at the 212 m level, reflect the sunlight, a cross appears, no matter from which direction one looks at it.

Ironically, the tower had been built by a regime, who officially did not believe in any God. When first discovered, this phenomena was glibly labelled The Pope's Revenge (Source: Wikipedia).

- - - - - - -

Ever feeling you've lost your marbles?

In Warcry Magazine, July 07, I found this word of encouragement, for you and for me.

Don't give up, Moses was once a basketcase too.

If they (13911) only have a COF 8 (congregation of 8) they ought to split into two groups ( 5 & 3) and pray. They may grow to 59. If their faith grows even more, they will soon number 153!

- - - - - - -


Another puzzling, well-timed incident occurred two weeks prior, while watching a TV show. I had just started attending a group of the world-renowned BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). There are approximately 1000 groups world-wide) That evening I was working on the questions and answers in Lesson 17, which was about Romans. The amount of study was rather challenging. When I came to question 10 it said: Read Exodus (!), Chapter 5.

Having already read quite extensive study notes, now having another chapter to read, made me comment to my wife: "There really is a lot of reading to be done!" (She had done BSF some years earlier).

Within 30 seconds of saying this, the commercial break on her favourite TV Series McCloud's Daughters finished. The next scene on the popular TV show, filmed outside Adelaide, included a bible. Not only a bible, but a bible, opened to the book of Exodus. The actress read Verse 5, Chapter 11 "...all the firstborn of the Egyptians shall die ..."

(The story that evening centred around a disturbed lady, who thought the plague, as described in Exodus, had hit their farm, and caused their animals to die).

- - - - - - -

The phenomena of weird timing, either while on the P/C or in my diary, writing and hearing the same word come out of the radio, still happens very frequently. Only on the day before writing this, I composed an email, where I wrote the word demand. The exact same second 'demand' was mentioned on Radio EBI FM, 11 AM News: ".... troops (or kidnappers) in the Pakistani Red Mosque siege had (or had not) complied with demands....").

I still have not found a writer, who confirmed with me that this phenomena is normal, and happens frequently.

Before returning to Berlin, I feel compelled to report a further, remarkable series of events, which only make sense, if an intelligent power is behind it all. The end-result was a meeting I was led to on 10/7/07, plus a strange discovery a day later.

For me to even know about this meeting was pure chance, which of course, I believe, God can arrange at anytime, if HE wants to. While googling churches online, I clicked on one in Brighton, in Adelaide's South. I had stumbled across this place one Sunday morning, while searching for the Historic Museum (Book 2 - Mind, Chapter 20).

Next I clicked onto their "week in focus" and read an announcement by an organisation, called TEAR Australia, about a meeting on THU 10/07. Something made me look up the date. On my calendar July 10 was a Tuesday, not a Thursday.

(As I write this makes sense. The date played a role that evening (see picture below). Aha, now I get it - TUE minus THU leaves HE! Did I not start this chapter by saying, I discover things as I write? What a perfect example!)

It may sound naive, but in the end this minor glitch, had drawn my attention. I went on to finding out, when that  meeting was to be held, and to attend. What TEAR was all about, I had no idea; but I recalled that the word tear was on the Index Page in one of my books (3).

At the Tuesday 10th July meeting a Christian worker and his wife had travelled from Kampala, Uganda, to give a PowerPoint presentation. The focus was their work, fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the African country. The meeting, attended by around two dozen supporters, was held in an old Chapel, attached to a Bible College.

It had a very high ceiling. At the front, while watching the PowerPoint presentation on the screen, I noticed above it, two tall windows, plus a small round one above them. Without reason, perhaps out of my recently acquired habit, I counted the panels inside each window. There were 7 in each. 

Not until the next day, as I wrote my diary, did my brain suddenly pick up an uncanny parallel to what I had uncovered at the end of Chapter 1 - two windows, plus a small round object above it. There was also an African connection (to Lagos, Nigeria).

 Here is the rough sketch I scribbled into my diary:



Two windows, seven panels each, plus one round window above.


I emailed my discovery to the TEAR organisation. What they thought I do not know, but they experienced first hand, how magic can happen, while you write about magic.


Email to TEAR Australia

Date: 11/7/07:

Hi all,
Thanks for a great evening last night, learning about Uganda with Jim and Josephine.
I have been looking to be useful in some voluntary capacity. So far I have not had much luck here in Adelaide. Perhaps my talents are not much in demand*
*That's amazing, just as I wrote this word, not a second later, it was spoken on radio EBI FM on their 11am News (Radicals in Pakistan made demands).
Another of my talents, if you can call it that, is observation and interpretation. Last evening was a good example. Watching Jim's screen all night I looked up and saw something:

1 0-shaped small window, plus on the left a window with 7 sections, and a 2nd identical window beside it, also 7 sections. 

My outside the box mind saw yesterday's date in those windows (Read above sentence again, add 00 and you will also get it). 
So what kind of work can a man do, with such a strange talent?
Kind regards
Dieter Fischer

Ephe 511 


Please note: I had been using Ephe 511 (Ephesians 5,11) as code under my signature. How well it fits the McCloud's Daughters incident earlier in this chapter.

On occasions, where I discover what I regarded as code, in websites, on TV or radio etc, I add my find under my signature, in place of Ephe 511.

Here is an example: On Sunday 8/7/07 (after the Hour of Power) I flicked through the TV channels. I heard another preacher speak. He quoted Acts 9, Verse 23, but was actually referring to Acts 9, Verse 27 - 4 verses further ahead.

I let them know in this way: I composed an email, discussing some other matter. Under the signature I wrote this code: acts 9, 23 << >> acts 9, 27.

- - - - - - -

(Back to Berlin)

Whilst my friend Elsa was at work, and her son at school, I composed a whistle blowing letter about the innocent man in jail. I intended to deliver it to two major newspapers in Berlin, plus a politician, possibly the Minister of Justice. I regarded this activity as sowing a seed, which was the least I could do. If it would be falling on to fertile ground, and indeed bear good fruit, was up to God.

It so happened, by divine appointment, HE knows, in the Berliner Morgenpost was an article about a paedophile (or sex offender?), written by a journalist named Peter Oldenburg. The newspaper, owned by the huge Axel Springer Verlag, is Europe's largest publisher of newspapers and magazines. My second letter was addressed to the Berliner Zeitung (Newspaper).

That day, Thursday 26/4, I helped repair Elsa son's 21-speed Trek cycle. This became my donkey for the day, and a fast one it was. The weather was fine once again, which I thanked God for regularly. In a short time I had traversed Schloss Strasse and Haupt Strasse and soon reached the heart of Berlin. Traffic was surprisingly quiet. I felt safe at all times.

My first recipient, The Morgenpost, was located in the Axel Springer twin skyscraper, near Checkpoint Charlie. I left my letter with a receptionist. If it ever reached Mr. Oldenburg, or he read it, I do not know. He may have read my letter and thought,  this strange tourist from Australia has not all his cups in the cupboard (Australian basket case). 

For the offices of the Berliner Zeitung I had to cross further into East Berlin, and found their somewhat smaller premises, at the Alexander Platz. There was much building taking place on and around this huge square. In the foyer of the Berliner Zeitung a security guard took my letter and assured me it would reach their Court Reporter. I asked what her name was. "Frau Rauch", he replied.

Rauch means smoke in German. I had hoped to start a fire. Perhaps Mrs. Smoke's name was prophetic?

- - - - - - -

Colourful Berlin

Top left: German flag and jet streams above Berlin's Bundestag building. Behind the flag I see 7, underneath a A, to the left a t.

Right: View near East Berlin's Alexander Platz, from top of Park Inn Hotel.

Bottom: Visitors from around the world queue for a tour of the Dome of the Bundestag.

Do I see too much? Starting with my black suitcase, I see my red shirt and a lady wearing a yellow top in the distance - the colours of the German flag.

If I start with my red shirt, move to the yellow top, I see a blue top right above her - the colours of the South Australian flag.

- - - - - - -

A big fire in March 1933 in this building, called Reichstag, was blamed on the Communists. It was thought that the fire was started by the Nazis to clamp down on those opposing Hitler.

Hitler came to power 17 years before my birthday.

- - - - - - -

My third letter, to the Minister for Justice, was still to be delivered. Since the address was right back in West Berlin I took the S-Bahn. The bike was not a problem. The address had come up as 31 Hardenberg Strasse, the same wide boulevard, where I had rescued a plastic bag from the middle of the street, the day before. I did not find the Ministry of Justice at this address. Somewhere I had made a mistake, or they had moved. I left this seed unsown.

It was late in the afternoon by then, but still time to visit the suburb of Kreuzberg. The German teacher, who had given me a lift from San Diego to Los Angeles, made a real point of it: "You must visit Kreuzberg, it has great markets, it's a must".

The quickest way was back down Hardenberg Strasse, the same street I had cycled the day before. I passed under the S-Bahn bridge at a reasonably fast pace. The traffic lights stayed green. To my right was the 'hollow tooth' of the Marien-Gedaechtnis Kirche, where hoards of young people sat on its steps, watching the traffic go by.

How many were watching, I do not know, but many would have seen me, as I stopped my bicycle, dismounted and walked back a few paces. Some would have wondered, what was this bloke doing, picking up some trash in the middle of the road? And for what reason? Did this cyclist really interrupt his ride, merely to pick up a piece of cardboard and drop it into a nearby bin?

So it was. Cycling past the church I had seen the word BECK flash across my field of vision. It was printed on a piece of cardboard right in my path, on the cycleway. My brain almost automatically and instantly changed the word Beck to read BACK. This triggered an equally instant response in my hands, braking and bringing my bike to a stop.

As I did the 30 second clean-up job I thought, perhaps among the crowd was somebody, who was waiting and watching, just for me to come beck, sorry back? (Another Beck encounter came the next day - read on).


Cut-out from a Beck's carton (not the above).

 July 9th 07: A friend of my son's brought with him a 6-pack carton of Beck's, to celebrate his birthday.

Only then, 2 1/2 months after the Berlin Beck find, did I notice it: The brewery's trademark - a key.

Did I not just recently quote Revelations 5, 5 ...?

- - - - - - -


My final day of my fun-filled time in Berlin was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable. Elsa was able to take time off from work (on 27/4/07) so she showed me some of the prettiest parts of Berlin, located inside the formerly occupied East Germany. With perfect summer weather, what better place to visit than the lakes and castles around Potsdam? What better transport than by bicycle?

Our first destination was the impressive, historic hotel-castle Cecilienhof, set amongst a vast reserve, beside a huge lake. Despite this being off season, cycling inside the park was, with minor exceptions, prohibited. There were guards in uniform watching, and enforcing the walk-your-bike rule.

However, how strange, perhaps a German tradition from the bad old days, a few unashamed men were lying on the grass stark naked, sunbaking. (What is worse - getting excited about a piece of cardboard, because it has a certain word written on it, or lying naked on the grass beside a major tourist attraction, with international visitor walking by? Who is the basketcase? (who has ...nicht alle Tassen im Schrank - ...not all cups in their cupboard?)

Potsdam, however, had an even better castle on show, without the embarrassing parts, the beautiful Rococo style Schloss Sans Souci. The King of Prussia, Frederick the Great  really indulged, when he spared neither cost nor effort to have this pretty palace built as his summer residence. Together with the vast, well laid out parks and gardens, the place reminded me of Versailles, outside Paris.

Sans Souci is French, meaning without worry. I would have liked to know, what worries King Frederick carried, when he first had the idea, around 1747, to build this enormous, luxurious palace. Unless, he started the tradition of nude sunbaking, and needed a place to do it, without worry?


Sans Souci - Potsdam - no worry

As carefree as King Frederick - DF with cycling friend Elsa.

 I found this 17 07 -  E 1,50  tag in Potsdam's Brandenburger Strasse.

The 3 E tag is the price tag I had found in Ahrensburg (mentioned in the last chapter). I now decided to show. It came to me while writing this: since e is the 5th letter of the Alphabet - was the tag meant to be a 5/3 code? Even it if wasn't, it matched my Potsdam find perfectly.

More 153 magic - an hour before editing, taking my Becky for a walk, I found a window-envelope on the road: Sender: PO Box 3, Adelaide 5001. 

- - - - - - -

In the main shopping mall in Potsdam, Brandenburger Strasse, Elsa and I enjoyed the most beautiful, piece of baked cheesecake and coffee. At E 3.70 for both of us, it was a bargain. Our tired legs enjoyed the rest.

On the way back in Zehlendorf we stopped at a Supermarket. We had run out of drinks. At the check-out was a lengthy delay. The customer ahead had purchased grapes. The price did not come up correctly. We all waited what seemed like hours (about 8-10 minutes), while her 81 cents refund was processed. (The numbers are not invented, they are fact).

During the wait I noticed the purchase of the young man, who also waited patiently in the queue behind me. He only had one item in his trolley, a six-pack of - Beck's Beer. Had I looked more carefully, I may have noticed the key emblem back then.

On exiting the supermarket carpark, it nearly blew me over, I read the registration plate of a Mercedes Benz entering: B - IG 963.

To notice two connections to my story, within such a short time, Beck's and the big rego number, left me wondering ...?

Months later, in an email, my host Elsa agreed, our day on the bikes to Potsdam, despite her severe headache at the end, was one of the most enjoyable, she'd had in a long time.

That evening, my last chance while in Berlin, I took a brief evening walk around Steglitz. Passing a large church, the Rosenkranz Basilika, a man was walking through the enormous front door. I went in too. A service was in progress. Unsure, what it was I sat for a while and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. Just before communion, I slipped out again.

I was looking to buy some postcards before closing time. There were not many places, until I walked into McPaper, right on closing time at 8 PM. (Early on the morning of uploading, in my pre-waking hours, I saw this name as "He Son of P's).

Before returning for the evening meal, I wanted to check out the other church in the centre of Steglitz, St. Matthews. Walking up the long, wide driveway into the grounds, my attention fell onto a discarded cigarette packet. There was something, can't place my finger on it, which made me look closer at this one. (My dairy say $ 3.50, but I can't recall this number on the packet).

The brand was JSB American Blend. On writing I can see many options, but sufficient to say, I did not collect the packet or study it closely. Because I saw no bin anywhere, I simply left it resting on a wall, inside the church grounds.

Minutes later, almost back at Elsa's apartment, under the S-Bahn bridge, I again noticed a cigarette packet. Naturally, I took a closer look. There was one big difference to the earlier cigarette packet; this find contained nearly all it's original content (I can't recall the brand). I deposited it on re-cycle bin nearby.

Since it was my final evening and a Friday, Elsa's daughter had arrived to spend the weekend a home from boarding school. We all enjoyed a nice meal together. I had bought a six-pack box of ice-creams at the REWE Supermarket for dessert. (It held a little surprise, read on). 

During my visit I felt Elsa may have wanted to talk a little more about some of her struggles, bringing up two teenagers on her own. During our email exchanges, before my visit and since, I had read between the lines, how she was finding it difficult. There really wasn't much opportunity then.  

Having been through the experience in bringing up four children in our modern, ever changing world, I had hoped to give my friend some encouragement and hope. Below is my reply to an email from my Elsa, which I sent in late June 07: (English translation follows):


Hallo Elsa,
Also mir hat Potsdam, die Rattour auch sehr gefallen. Und allein waere es nicht dasselbe. Danke fuer die positiven Worte zu meiner Sache.
Ich lese, dass auch Du Deine Last zu tragen hast. Mit Teenagern ist das immer schwierig. Eins habe ich gelernt, in einem Machtkampf mit Kindern gibt es keine Gewinner. Wie ich es sehe Elsa, lebst Du Deine eigene Kindheit, die vielleicht ahenlich stresshaft war, wieder. Wir tun das zu Teil alle, ich sehe es bei mir auch.
Bestimmte Themen, z.B. wenn's Geldmangel gibt, das stressed mich immer, weil ich in meiner Kindheit konstant in Sorge uebers Geld gelebt habe, von klein auf. Meine Mutter konnte ueberhaupt nicht mit Geld umgehen.
Ich muss mir immer wieder sagen - Halt man an, warum sorgst Du Dich jetzt, wieso reagierst Du so? Mit den Kindern hast Du viel Arbeit, ich kann nur sagen, wenn Du am verzweifeln bist, halte an und frage Dich, worum geht es hier?
Ich habe mal wo gelesen - teenager wollen immer wissen (obwohl sie es nie aussprechen wuerden): "Liebst Du mich". Und manchmal benehmen sie sich, das man sich abscheut, ekelt - man koennte ihnen den Hals umdrehn, und doch sehnen sie sich: "Liebst Du mich trotzdem?"
Du bist in einer doppelten Zwickmuehle, weil Du ja praktisch beide allein aufziehst. Betrachte diese Phase Deines Lebens als Wachstum. Wenn Du dieses siegreich ueberlebst (Teenager werden erwachsen, Gott sei Dank) kommst Du am Ende mit einem staerkeren festen Charakter durch, der Dich am Ende zu einer besseren Person machen kann und wird. Und wer weiss, ob da nicht noch ein netter Mann irgendwo ist, in dem diese Staerke funkt, und sich in Dich .... Bei Gott ist alles meoglich.
Ohne die Kraft Gottes, glaube mir, haette ich auch nicht durch meinen Sturm kommen koennen. Ich dachte nicht nur damals, ich drehe durch, ich war in einer Institution, in einer Gummizelle. Ich erinnere mich gut daran. Ich habe non-stop gebetet wie selten. Gott erhoert uns, wenn wir IHN ernst nehmen.
Aber Du weist das alles. Jetzt versuche es doch mal. Aufhoeren zu kaempfen, versuchen in seiner Kraft zu lieben, die Kinder zu verstehen, denn sie wachsen auch nicht in einer einfachen Welt auf. (Mit einem click alles was ein junger Mann sich anzuschauen wuenscht, auf dem Bildschirm, leider).
Ich denke oft an Euch, auch im Gebet. Lass uns in Kontakt bleiben.  
Viele Gruesse

- - - - - -

Hallo Elsa,

I also enjoyed the bike tour to Potsdam. Alone it would not have been the same. Thank you for your positive words regarding my case.

I read that you also have to carry your burden. Bringing up teenagers can be difficult. One thing I learned: A power struggle with children has no winners. As I perceive, you are re-living your own childhood, which probably was equally stressful. We all do this to a point, I can see it also in me.

Certain situations, for instance when money is tight, I become stressed, because in my childhood I was constantly worried about money, even as a youngster. My mother just couldn't handle money.

I have to constantly say to myself: "Stop, why are you so worried, why do you react that way?" You have a lot of work on your hands with the children, all I can say, when you are near despair, stop and think, what is this all about?

I read somewhere, teenagers always want to know: "Do you really love me", even though they would never say so. Sometimes they behave in such revolting manner, you feel like wringing their neck, yet their deep longing is: "Do you love me anyway?"

You are in a double bind, because you are virtually bringing those children up on your own. Regard this phase in your life as a period of growth. If you survive it victoriously (thank God, teenagers turn into adults), you will  have strengthened your character, which in the end can and will make you into a better person. And who knows there may be another man somewhere, who is attracted to this strength and ... With God all things are possible.

Without God's power I would not have survived my storm. I did not only think I was going crazy, I spent time in an institution, in a padded cell. I remember it well. I prayed then as I had seldom before. God hears us, when we take HIM seriously.

But you know all of this. Give it a go, stop struggling, use his power to love the children, because they are growing up not in a simple world. (With one click, a young man can view anything on a screen that he wishes, sad).

I am thinking of you a lot, also in my prayers. Let's keep in contact.




There was a surprise in the six-pack of Langnese Magnum. For whatever reason, when we unpacked it there were seven ice-creams. Did somebody know my code 'plus 1' or simply love the number seven?

I do. I see vn.

Chapter 9