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5.   Found in the temple

It had been an eventful time, my final day in Southern Alabama and trip back to Dallas, Texas on the Greyhound bus. There was so much to think about. At times I wished my brain would join me in having a real holiday. But our self-talk, no matter how hard we try, never stops. This is why it's so important to keep it clean, holy and filled with God.  

Inside the bus station in Houston, during a brief middle of the night stop, people were watching reports of the Virginia Tech, Blacksburg shooting. During my brief observations, a few things didn't add up right then: The College was reported to have 26 000 students enrolled, of which 9000 live-in. Certainly a huge operation.

On one of their web pages, however, only 15 names were listed under Staff and Leadership! One name particularly stood out, as I did my research for this chapter - Crowder. (I was to meet a gentleman with this surname, after an incredible link from Singapore to Melbourne, details in a later Chapter, God willing).

Another web page of Virginia Tech opened to the IT Department Staff: Details and photos of 4 young men. Here are 3 of their names, after I played my game: Marc De is Bon - Steve I see War - R and all I C. Could all this be part of a plot, which was being played out on the world stage? Three of these young men, according to their webpage, work in Room 111a, one works in Room 111c. Did I not long time ago call myself AC, a see, one who sees?)

In a video I viewed for writing this chapter, one sentence uttered by the alleged suicide gunman, stood out: "I am dying like Jesus Christ, who gave his life for the oppressed" (or words similar). This latest development, anybody being able to produce video clips and showing them to the world, holds tremendous potential. Will we use it for good or evil.

If this video clip, a man claiming to die sacrificially like Jesus Christ, then takes 32 people with him, is a fake - what damage does it do to those watching? The notion of sacrificing one's own life literally and taking as many others with you, does not line up with the teachings of Jesus! Love your enemies does. (Matthew 5, 44, Luke 6, 35).

As I sat in the waiting room of the bus station, (Houston from memory) watching the TV screen, I found two coins beside me, a one cent coin, and a dime. I wondered, why not 2 cents and a dime, as I had in Dallas (in previous chapter -  Ironically, a month later in Frankfurt, Germany I found, how strange, a one cent (US) coin).

The amount of data etc I identified with my code and linked to my story was amazing, considering I was so far from home. Increasingly I came to realize, and still am trying come to terms with IT everyday. My dream, my mission, my destiny was coming to pass! Had God not given me a deep assurance that I was doing HIS will in all of this, I would have reason to become fearful of the future. But love is stronger than fear.

Who was it who said: "Be careful what you pray for - you may receive IT?


TV screen on 17/4/07 at Dallas - Forth Worth airport. CNN advertises 9 pm News special on the Virginia Tech shooting.

 When I heard that there was gap between the first and second shooting spree, my Da Ninci brain registered the numbers 2hrs. 10min.

  Other names surrounding this huge news story: Norris Hall, Cho Seung Hiu, Blacksburg. The latter, by moving the L and translating burg into German, it could read: L Tower 's back.

 Then again, it may also read just what it reads: Blacksburg (Zipcode 24 060) - God knows. End of story.

- - - - - - -


On the flight to London I sat beside a young lady author from Sydney. We exchanged a few thoughts. During our conversation, I mentioned about the case of the innocent man in jail in Adelaide. As was the case in other places, this was not a popular topic of conversation. Researching her background on her publisher's website later I found out the young author has worked as a Criminal lawyer. Had I known that on the airplane ...?

In a strange way, as I had in many places, I suspected this person knew me and my story. Her short surname, consisting of the 4 letters EA and LL, may not have been co-incidental. The letters EA definitely linked to the US and Easter.

As I rose out of my seat after the 9 hour flight, I saw that I had sat on a needle, an ordinary, sewing needle. I never felt it at all during the flight. (And only now do I see - Need L). Did the author with the two LL's plant it to give me a message, a L message?

I didn't regard it as a disadvantage having landed at Gatwick, instead of Heathrow. The hour and a half on the coach to London was good value. I sat in the front seat beside the driver. My driving instructor instinct carefully watched the traffic, as he steered the big bus on narrow roads through cute villages with parked cars outside timbered houses.  From the freeway the landscape looked refreshingly green, with oceans of yellow flowers in full bloom everywhere. It was Canola blossom season. 

- - - - - - -


Bus Gatwick to London. Will our National Express bus fit through here?

Why is the world suddenly obsessed with famous Belgians, or the apparent lack thereof? What's wrong with being Belgian, famous and living an obscure, quiet life-style?

 I only wanted a photograph of a typical English street scene. As a bonus Bus No. 57 (upload date of this chapter 5/7) and licence plate LGO2 .... Love it!

The traffic stopped as we were right in front of an impressive looking, ancient church. Outside on a wall (in stone letters going from memory) were these words: "AND THEY FOUND HIM IN THE TEMPLE."

I smiled. My one and only appointment in London a few hours later, was to meet someone outside TEMPLE Tube station. My contact insisted, we meet at that place, even though I would have preferred a more well-known landmark. Was there a reason?

- - - - - - -  


Before my arranged 1 PM appointment I had plenty of time to explore the magic of London on my own. I had been to this mega-metropolis three times before, the last time in 1977. For London in April, the weather was surprisingly beautiful, something which I was to be blessed with for the rest of my world-tour.

I left my luggage at Victoria Station. At L 3.50 it wasn't cheap, but very convenient. After having spent 9 hours on a plane, 15 hours on a bus and additional hours waiting around bus stations and airports, logic told me I was meant to be jetlagged and exhausted. But I forgot all tiredness among the hectic traffic, sights and sounds of central London.

I loved the feeling of freedom to just roam the streets, with no agenda, just taking life as it comes. Notwithstanding, I constantly, silently, thought about my unseen friend, who I believed had sent me here. I was asking HIM, perhaps even subconsciously, if there was anything HE wanted me to see or do. This was and is my constant prayer. Whatever happens as a result, to a point, is out of my control.

Please nobody interpret this reasoning that I call myself a robot. It means HIS Spirit is guiding my thoughts and therefore my steps. What in my eyes, and that of other people, may look very ordinary, HE can turn into something supernatural, if HE wishes. I may not even be aware of this. Diligent readers will have realized long ago, that a greater power than that of a human is at work and has been right from Chapter 1, Book 1, Genesis).

As I slowly made my way toward TEMPLE tube station, I read a street name, John Adam Street. (Goes well with Genesis). Moments later, on the footpath, I saw a white plastic fork. Obviously it had been discarded, after somebody finished their take-away food. But there was something odd about it. It only had two prongs left on it. The other two prongs, out of the original 4, had been broken off. A code flashed through my brain 2 / 4, which stopped me in my track.

The small plastic fork was placed near a steel cover of a man hole. It pointed  at the engraved address of the manufacturer: 9 Farrington Road ... . In true Da Ninci fashion, only a few minutes further, I took the photo, shown below, after spotting a registration plate with only a 9, besides a few letters. From memory the photo I took was in Fleet Street:


Serious traffic in London's Fleet Street

Taxi - Y9 ...OY (I covered 1 letter)

After scanning this photo I noticed some more: Traffic lights show red and yellow at the same time (different to Australia).

 POL beside the bus (a police vehicle?). Bus 139, advertises THE LION KING.

Very early, before rising this morning (2/7/07) I saw the word Lion backwards - N 0IL.

Revelations 5,5 speaks of Jesus as the lion of the Tribe of Judah, who has triumphed over evil. HE is able to open the scroll and it's seven seals.

Oil in the bible is one of the symbols for the Holy Spirit.

- - - - - - -


In  Book 4, Chapter 23, Wind,  I had mentioned a lady from the UK. I had called her Kathy. She was, and still is, one of only a handful of people, who agreed with my doubts about the jailed Magistrate. Kathy in her emails was a fountain of knowledge, when it came to false child abuse allegations. Her emails had helped me immensely, both with good information and giving me moral support. She was the first to agree with me - Peter Liddy was probably framed to get access to his money.

I had never seen a picture of Kathy and didn't know what to expect.  As she had indicated the Temple Tube Station had only one entrance/exit. The first lady I saw standing around and walked towards was Kathy.

- - - - - - -

In another uncanny piece of timing, in the same Chapter 23 I first wrote about Kathy, I also wrote about the London bombing of 7/7/06. As I write now, almost a year later to the day, again London and (failed) bombings are in the headline news. My diary entry of  8/7/06 (shown in Chapter 23) could have been written on 1/7/07 and be as valid as a year ago:

"The media is all about the Bombs in London, to me something, somewhere is not right ..."

It continues: " one stage a Mr. Angelo Power was interviewed, he sounded like he was making it all up as he went."

If Angel Power was at work in the latest, June 07, foiled bomb attempts I do not know. What I do know is that the vehicle described outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket, was a Mercedes E-Model. The letter E rang a bell.

Further googling revealed interesting facts. Tiger Tiger was listed on the entertainment website Late-Night-London. Alert readers recognize the same two words on the index page of this e-book - Latte and Night. Their phone number contains four 7's.

But the real clue, I figured, was part of the address of the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket: London SW1Y 4SP. All I needed to do was to add 1+4 and insert the 5th letter of the alphabet E = ... ESP.  

But there is more: On 1/7/07 an attack on the Glasgow airport took place. A burning car had crashed through the front door at the airport terminal. First reports said, two South Asian men were seen running away. The rest of what I heard about this news item, all sounded very interesting.

As part of an email I let a well know TV program know, what I deciphered:

"What a waste of a Jeep Cher ok ee (in Gl sa govv], and a Merc E outside TigerTiger. The Merc had a $ 10000 Sony CD Hi-fi installed, I read or dreamt). They should make a law what kind of vehicle is allowed to be used in car bombings."

(The Sony Hi-fi is part of the clue, of what I had seen in Cherokee).

Another interesting bit of data is the locality of the Glasgow Tiger Tiger nightclub. It's Glassford St, Glasgow - G1 1UL.

But there's more. On the day of writing I happened to walk into a person's office at a major hospital. His name was David. I enquired about volunteer work. I detected a slight accent and asked about it - David was from Glasgow.

In a nutshell, here is what I am questioning regarding all this: Is terrorism really happening to such great extent, or does somebody apply spin (another word for lies) to inflate the problem? Is the ultimate aim to bring in laws, which curtail our freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom to express firm religious beliefs?

 - - - - - - -


(Back to London)

I would have been happy to sit in a Cafe and work out, how to solve the problem of innocently accused men in jail, while drinking endless cups of coffee. Kathy preferred to take this opportunity to show me London. She played tour-guide, showing me some of the remarkable, historic places along the Thames River and nearby attractions. She not only knew the pick of historic sites, she was familiar with their ancient history.

After a marathon five hours sightseeing on foot, with only one coffee break, we parted company around 6 pm. Kathy had to travel two hours back home  by train. I only had a short ride on the underground to my hotel, the ACE Hotel, in South Kensington. The 17 pounds it cost me for a bed (in a shared room) also included breakfast. The place was spotless and located very conveniently. It was value for money and suited perfectly.

Since I had an all-day ticket on public transport, despite my schedule telling me I was meant to be sleeping, I spent another few hours, soaking up London's Circuses by night. I travelled by bus to Oxford Circus, walked down to Piccadilly Circus, another bus to Trafalgar Circus, the place where the Nelson's Column stands. They were all wonderful, but I did not see one lion in any of them, unless I was too tired to notice.

It would have been nice to share this lovely time with someone, but not even a pigeon to feed! They must have all gone to sleep early. But I had experience in feeling lonely, even in busy cities, breathing the same air as the millions around you.

I knew that one of my nieces lived in London. But efforts to contact her before I left Australia failed. To just be spotting her, walking along The Strand or Pall Mall would have been a sensation. It never happened. The night ride on the top deck of one of the famous, red London buses topped off this incredibly eventful, exciting day.

I can't recall how late it was, only that  it felt heavenly that night, wrapping my feather pillow around my head for my first real sleep for two days or so. I think I dreamt of lions and pigeons.

- - - - - - -


South Kensington - Central London

The district of my early morning walk in Kensington South. On the left, just off the map, is Charing Cross Hospital.

Only now, as I look at this map do I realize that on my walk from Star Road (far right) to Caxton Grove (far left) I passed St. Alban's Church, via Greyhound Bus Road - familiar names.

Caxton Grove is near the cemetery. (C AO NT Cross Grave).

- - - - - - -

Late the next morning, April 19th, I was to fly out of London Heathrow. I had time for a refreshing walk through this London neighbourhood. Getting ready in my shared room, I was treading carefully, as to not be waking the other guests. Before I left for my exercise I sent two brief emails, one to the BBC London, the other to a local radio station LBC. (From memory, I commented on certain aspects in the Virginia Tech shooting, my diary does not give details).

The street sign Star Road had a certain ring to it, so I turned that way. As I passed one of the terrace houses, on the door a large No. 7, a man was about to mount his bicycle. We exchanged a few words in passing. He was cycling to work. London was one of the few places on this trip, where I did not use a two-wheeler.

Further along Star Road, I noticed sheets of white Styrofoam, about a foot square, littering the footpath. (Looking at the map it may have been across the road from St. Andrew's Church, on the corner Normand Street - that would make sense to DR Numbers man).

At first I walked on, thinking, who am I to clean up their rubbish? What's more, I am on holidays. But then I remembered how I had, almost on reflex, picked up a large piece of white foam a few days earlier in Southern Alabama. Since there was a bin nearby, and my conscience pricked me to do it, I turned back, gathered the white foam stuff up and shoved it inside the bin.

- - - - - - -

Code white? This chapter includes this encounter with a piece of white (Styro) foam. So did the previous one, where I also told, how my wife arrived home with a purchase of a small appliance. It was a Rank Arena microwave oven, all wrapped in white foam.

The same chapter, furthermore, included white foam in the song God bless America. On the morning of writing I saw it in the second last line : ...from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ...

- - - - - - -

To my right in the distance I noticed a high brick wall. Out of curiosity I turned that way, Caxton Grove. A few houses to my left an elderly gentleman was doing what the Star Road residents ought to have done - put rubbish in the bin where it belongs. We started to chat. He had been living in the house for four decades or so, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The high wall I had seen was that of Hammersmith Cemetery.

After chatting to the old man, before moving on, I had a last glance back to notice the number on the gentleman's bin - all 1s and 5s. Another local resident I got talking to, after taking a photo in the Cemetery, also indicated he had lived in that district, alongside Charing Cross Hospital in St. Dunstan's Road, for most of his life. He stressed also, that he wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

How true, home is not only a place, it is a state of mind. How nice to see people content where they live. What better place for old people than beside a major hospital, just down the road  from the cemetery.

(I am reminded that later today (4/7/07) my wife and I are to attend a funeral. 77 year old Mrs. New L had passed away at 5pm on 1/7/07).

- - - - - - -

Flying from Heathrow to Amsterdam took only 45 minutes or so. Air travellers nowadays, of course, add know it may take three hours in total. From my window seat, before crossing the English channel, I again feasted my eyes on those extensive fields of yellow. They looked spectacular.

What do they call it again, the end product - Bio DIE SE L ?

Chapter 6