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Please note: This is the final chapter in this book. If and when God wants me to continue writing or in what format, I do not know. The future is ALL in HIS hand.


24.  ALL is CA.LM

Had I not been writing diary regularly, would I ever have reached the same level of magical discoveries? These occurred almost daily, and still do.

To answer the question with a firm NO, let's revisit the previous chapter. Only after writing about it four months later did I discover the similarity between the numbers 190 / 191 at Shepparton and the Radio Station  MIXX at Kerang. MIXX is 1019 in Roman numerals.

Stephanie Dowrick, the No.1 best-selling author, in her easy-to-read book Creative Journal Writing, the art and heart of reflection, brought out this point. I am flattered that an example from my writing made it into her book. (Thank you, Stephanie, for taking my strange writing seriously).

What took place in the evening of Wednesday 19/12/07, the day  before writing this, came as clear as fresh water over a meadow. As with many chapters, when commencing to write this chapter, I suffered from writer's block. In my case it was not because of the lack of words to write. It was because of the overwhelming amount of amazingly bizarre material I had to choose from.

Where should I start? What is of interest and, most of all, what is important in the bigger picture? Will I sound repetitive. if I write this? Would readers be bored, if I write that? Do I see God in that story or is my active brain  working overtime again?

These are the questions that go through my mind, before writing. In the overall picture, however, there is a driving force, the Holy Spirit, who is ultimately writing these books. I happen to be the main player, the typist, the editor and all the rest.

On the midday news that Wednesday (ABC 19/12/07) was an item about two children drowning in a dam in the Darling Downs district in Queensland. Initially I could not put my finger on the clue, why I suspected something about the story. This came later. By adding an r and moving the s, the place turned to - darlings drown. They children allegedly were 7 and 8 years old.

During the 7 PM ABC TV News I watched another item, an alleged rape in Salisbury North. I recognized a face on the screen, a senior detective, who had worked on the Peter Liddy case. The alleged crime had happened, according to the News, in broad daylight on the previous Saturday. It was now Wednesday.

I asked myself, when a rapist is on the loose, why wait for 4 days before alerting the people in the area?

The gentleman I recognized was not interviewed on TV. It was another police officer. His name flashed onto the screen ever so briefly - Tren.... I deducted an R from his surname and thought: Aha - Tren ... Ten... and the rest of it. All made sense.


The letter R had sucked me in. A day earlier I had seen the misspelled word Power Stuggle on the TV screen, real large in the background, while the newsreader read the news item (about leadership struggle within the ANC). My wife drew attention to the word stuggle, which made me see Power as - He POW.  (See previous chapter).

This had woken the poet in me. I composed a 4-verse poem and emailed it  to two TV programs. My poem consisted words, which changed in meaning by adding the letter R - cap-crap, sting-string, weak-wreak* etc.


*A few days earlier, researching the Kerang train crash, on Channel Nine's website, I saw the word wreak, instead of wreck, referring to the crashed train.


Here is the last of the four verse poem:

If anyone thinks the R deserves no tick,

 just remember the little word fee,

our single R again does the trick,

because the best things in life are for free.

- - - - - - -


As I type it's not even 6 AM. I just sent an  email to California. It fits here perfectly: It's amazing, most amazing - a divine eye behind it all.


Hi all,
Just before retiring to bed on Sunday evening 23/12/07 (last night) I turned through the radio dial, just to listen to the BBC broadcast for a while. They have world news. As I searched for the BBC I heard basically only one thing and wondered, fi? Is this a website in Finland?

Out of curiosity this morning I am checking out your site and find it fascinating - a lounge by the window, background music, while working on a world-changing project! Fabulous!

I wished I were a software engineer. My only credentials for a job with EYE IF ... I see things differently - like adding an r to eye.if, and arriving at ... y i free?

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer, Adelaide, Australia

PS More of my talents are in my six books, the last one I am about to finish today - Christmas Eye 2007, if you allow me the typing error.

- - - - - - -


(Back to the Salisbury North Crime scene)

I studied the UBD (street directory) trying to pinpoint the location, from the little I had seen on TV. No details were given.

(When writing this, I had an Aha moment. The date and time of the alleged crime: Sat. 15th, 11.00 AM -  1511?)

Watching the same news item earlier, on Channel Seven, I noticed a local resident being interviewed on TV. She expressed surprise that such a thing (the rape) could be happening in broad daylight, among houses.

The lady, interviewed by both the ABC TV and Channel Seven TV News, wore a red top, which I recognized straight away - an Adelaide United Football Club guernsey.

(How strange, without knowing the streets, looking for the place later I would be passing Guernsey Street and Header Street?)

It was still very much daylight at 7.20 PM that Wednesday evening. Two days later would be the longest day of the year. The weather was perfect for a ride, mild after a hot, humid day. I cycled via McIntyre and Kings Roads and turned right into M.... Road. There would have been a shorter Route to Salisbury North, but this is the way I went.

I had previously experienced much magic in Salisbury North. The most outstanding comes to mind. On Feb. 10, 07 a cardboard box printed The REAL McCoy littered in a large public park (Book 5, Chapter 29).

Cycling briskly along M ... Road I spotted a shiny 10 cent coin. Brain-activation was instant. Less than a week earlier, in the previous chapter, I had reported about finding 10 cents, plus 5 cents on the opposite side of the road. With this in mind, I sensed something was in the making.

After pocketing the 10 cent coin, I saw a fan belt on the grass beside the road, right there. I hung it over the handlebar (for forensic examination later. Picture below). Just in case there was a coin waiting, I cycled to the opposite side of the road. There was no coin at first, but a red Johnny Walker box.

Immediately my brain recognized it. I had picked up an identical carton before - on Frost Road ...

(Hey - that's weird; it really is: After arriving home, while writing it all down, my wife was watching television. On Channel Seven screened the British TV detective series "A touch of Frost". The episode was about a rape case - one suspect's name, I clearly recall it, was Deering. On my cycle near the alleged rape scene I read Deering Street.

But there was more: As in the Austrian TV Series Inspector Rex - at the end of "A touch of Frost" a German Shepard dog appeared.

When I first arrived at the park, where the alleged rape took place, I saw a group of people outside a house. I spoke to them. Near them was a German Shepard dog. It belonged to them. He briefly came over to sniff my bike tyres, before someone called: "Inside Soarer".


Salisbury North, South Australia, UBD - Map 60

In my mind, but I am not certain, the alleged rape incident happened in the green section between Pyatt and Moore Courts (toward 10 o'clock on map).

(Researching this chapter I read that the assault took place on Diment Road).

My cycling route started bottom right - Geoffrey, Header, McCormack, Deering, Guernsey, , Shorthorn, Haughan, Ireland, Andrews Street. In Andrew Street I met the German Shepherd dog Soarer.

     - - - - - - -

On the opposite side of M ... Road was not only one other coin, there were two. They were not 5 cent coins, but 50 cent coins, about 10 meters apart. It was a profitable ride that night!

Two things convinced me that the divine scriptwriter was at work. One, within a second of picking up the 10 cent coin, I can't recall if before or after, I noticed a vehicle rego ... 135 drive by. Next came a vehicle, car rego ... 125. It all went so fast. The other irrefutable fact is the house number, where I first saw the 10 cent coin - Number 19.

(On editing I see connection - MIXX - second paragraph above).     

If this was all staged, I don't know by whom and why. A test perhaps, if HE again would lead by divine guidance? If so I was the pawn, used by a higher power, to accomplish HIS will to ultimately win the game. This was OK with me, as it was with Mary, bearing baby Jesus in her tummy for 9 months.


Talking about No. 9' at the end of Moore Court, where I thought it had happened near, I saw a vehicle registration No. 978. This is a long shot, but taking No. 9 out of the equation, it leaves the ages of the two children, who drowned in the Darling Downs. They were reported as 7 and 8.


The oxygen rushing through my brain did more work on the way home. I suddenly saw the connection - from the Adelaide United guernsey to the Johnny Walker carton I picked up in the gutter opposite No. 19.

On 10/2/07 I had also cycled to Salisbury North. I had worn an Adelaide United supporter's shirt printed - The Stand. During the ride I had also picked up a Johnny Walker box on Frost Road, right on the corner of a road called The Strand.

The letter R had surprised me already back then. (Book 5, Chapter 29).

Now you may understand, why I wanted to offload the Johnny Walker carton. What better place than to place it at the corner of Frost Road / The Strand in Salisbury. There is a fire station right opposite.

One last observation to stretch our brain cells to it's limits. At this location, where Frost Road meets the Strand, on the wide grass area was a painted ceramic or moulded concrete object. I got off the bike and examined it a little closer. It looked like an outdoor ornament for the garden, like a frog or gnome. This one had been a chicken once. Its head was missing!

- - - - - - -

The fanbelt I picked up outside No. 19  .... M Road, after having stopped to pick up a 10 cent coin.

NISSAN 11720 - 77A00   4PK910

Considering I had titled my previous chapter - Mainly about 19 & 4, I found the small numbers on the right, very interesting!

- - - - - - -

On purpose I took a short detour via Titmus Street. Near the small roundabout is the bus stop, where in June 06 a letter box had been sprinkled with white powder. It had caused a great stir at the time. I suspected bulldust, if you pardon the pun. (Book 4, Chapter 1).

Negotiating this roundabout a thought went through my mind, after pondering about the small numbers 4PK091 on the fanbelt, which was still dangling from my handlebar: Isn't it strange that I have not noticed lots and lots of rego numbers 419, after uploading the 19 & 4 chapter?

Within a few seconds in Barrington Street I read a registration number in a driveway. It jolted my brain, when my eyes fell on it ... 914 J.

My whole ride, approx. 16 kilometre in all,  took approximately one hour. I am not sure which type of exercise was more beneficial last evening, the physical - cycling, or the non-stop brain storming?


I just read the Chapter, where previously I cycled along on Frost Road (on Saturday 10/2/07 - Book 5, Chapter 29). The parallels to the above are uncanny. I was on the way to crime scene (fire); I found a 50 cent and a 5 cent coin, I was amazed by street names and picked up a Johnny Walker box etc..

Another intriguing parallel is the name *White, where the 7 / 5 incident occurred, very early in my story.

*At present the name White and two addresses in Seaford Rise occupy my mind. God willing I shall check these out soon. (In Gregory's Street Directory one of the streets is on Map 316, grid C 3!


What is IT all about, you may ask, and rightly so? My wife keeps questioning also, what purpose is there in picking up rubbish or coins and finding a link to another incident in the past?

The answer is simple - truth. Here is the dilemma: My television has been beaming out so many lies. And I can't afford a new one.

- - - - - - -


Seconds before commencing this writing I noticed on television a preview for a British TV show: "Who do you think you are?" I have been asking this question for a long time. 

With every chapter I write and experience inexplicable wonders, the certainty that I do not suffer from a mysterious, or common, mental illness is becoming stronger. I have a increasing assurance that I really am HE, who I think I am. IT is hard to grasp, but no less REAL.

My family, however, almost every day, reminds me that my writing is all the result my confused brain. The latest expression of their disapproval came minutes before commencing this chapter.

The tragedy is the lack of depth, or total lack of understanding by those who attack me. They are so certain of their side of the story. It they notice me engaging in a minor irrational act, such as gluing a stranger's business card into my diary, or if I see a name or number on TV and comment, I am crucified, almost. Why does such a minor thing justify an attack at the core of my being?

I see a parallel between such behaviour and that of many, who have turned their back on the Good News of Jesus Christ. Without ever having tried to fully understand what HIS story, HIS birth, HIS life, HIS death are all about, they dismiss it. They reject HIM. HE and all his writing go into the too hard basket. Nothing has changed in 2007 years!

There is a further reason, why people want to reject anything to do with God and HIS truths. If you believe that there is a God, who is watching every action, every second of your life, you are less likely to break any of God's laws - stealing, lying, cheating or worse.

If there is no God, and nobody sees what you do, there is less guilt feeling? Everyone has a conscience, a radar that registers when committing deliberate sin. Ignore the warnings long enough, and your conscience becomes dull. To give in to temptation becomes much easier. The end result are ruined lives, because they believed the lies.

Friend, if you have reached such a tragic state, don't listen to those who tell you, there is no God, as does that academic Dawkins. God is only a delusion to those who have never taken the risk and kept their heart and mind closed.

Those who open themselves to God, who passionately want nothing more than to know HIM, who take the risk and leave their comfort zone, will find God. Such an attitude pleases God. You move one inch toward HIM, He leaps a mile toward you.

 It will be painful at times. But the reward is immeasurable.

Friends, there is a God. HE came in the form of a human man to show how serious HE is about wanting to become your best friend.

This is the real message of Christmas: The message of Christ is REAL.

- - - - - - -


The way the first Christmas happened was most unusual. A young girl Mary, who never had sex with a man, had a visitor. The mysterious being, described as an angel, told her that she is pregnant and will have a baby. The stranger said that the baby's father will not be Joseph, the man she is engaged to, but the Holy Spirit? Little wonder Mary asks: "How can this be?"

Instead of protesting, or asking endless questions, she was willing to say - OK, if this is God's will, I'll do it. Mary had the heart and spirit of a volunteer;  likewise Joseph. He could have changed his mind and broken off the engagement. But not Joseph. God had hand-picked just the right couple to entrust them with bringing up HIS son.

The timing of the birth of baby Jesus was terribly inconvenient, just as Joseph and Mary were travelling. They had to fulfil government regulations, in this case a sensus, and were far from home journeying in their Suzu-don-ki.

Because it was the day before Christmas all hotels were full. (This hasn't changed either, in 2007 years). It meant emergency accommodation for the wanderers, in a stable behind the hotel. At least it was warm among the animals, out of the cold and wind.

This is where the birth of Jesus took place. Instead of a fancy cot, Jesus' first bed was a food-trough, as our Pastor in church pointed out yesterday. World history was unfolding in this most unlikely place.

My German friends will love this little twist: Both the English and German word for the place Jesus was born, the barn behind the hotel, start with st. The rest is what the event at Bethlehem is all about.

St...all   -

 Through his birth in the stable all are able!

- - - - - - -


Expecting soon - in Semaphore, an Adelaide beachside suburb.

The pretty lady's name is neither Mary, nor Sarah. And she is not expecting, either.

At least not that I know of! But then, it happened to Joseph.

And Sarah wasn't too old at 90. My wife will be a similar age in a week, with a little turn-around - 60.

Photo with permission - No animals have been hurt in taking this photo. (And my wife didn't suspect anything, when I asked her to stand there for the photo).

Jokes aside - I woke this morning with this thought: What bulldust, advising viewers that no animal has been hurt in the production of ....

That Almighty God is deeply insulted, whenever HIS Holy name was blasphemed in a Hollywood movie, never mattered one iota !!!

Interesting - mild anger led me to - AO IT.

- - - - - - -


On November 24th Australia held its 07 Federal Election. The result came as expected. No last minute miracles for the Liberal/National Party Coalition. The predicted, and in my opinion manufactured, swing to the opposition Labor Party devastated the Conservatives. Their tactic didn't work this time.

In only the second time in Australia's history a Prime Minister was unable to hold his seat. The high-profile TV personality M. Mc, who ran against Mr. Howard. succeeded in winning the Sydney seat of Bennelong, which Mr. Howard had held since 1974. His defeat was only by a slim margin.

Another seat, the seat of McEwen, was retained by the sitting Liberal MP. After a recount the difference was only a mere 12 votes. It shows how important each vote can become. Had a dozen people, out of the 100 000+ voters, ticked the other box, the Liberal Party would have lost the seat.

South Australia felt the brutal force of the anti-Government sentiment in its three marginal seats. The young, upcoming Members for Wakefield and Kingston had only served one term, before losing their seats.

The Member for Makin, the lady who supposedly tripped around Europe with a photographer at taxpayer's expense (Book 2, Chapter 41), did not contend the poll. She had made way to a local businessman, who spared no expense and ran a passionate, professional campaign. However, it was not his time. The Mayor of Salisbury won the seat on this, his second attempt.

There was, however, some very good news. The former Member of South Australia's Upper House, Mr. Xenophon, as expected, won a seat in the Senate in Canberra. Sticking his neck out, the gamble to switch from local politics to Canberra, paid off. (How ironic, didn't Mr. X. say he was against all forms of gambling???)

But there is more good news. Mr. X. is only the second independent MP to be elected to Canberra. His vote, together with one other Member, will hold the balance of power in the Senate. The previous Government had control of both Houses of Parliament, a situation, which is generally regarded as less than ideal.

After July 08, when the new Senate will be sworn in, Mr. X will be one of the Nations most influential people. What responsibility!

In the earlier parts of my story Mr. X received many mentions. I called him Mr. T back then. I also delivered a number of little gifts to his office. The first and most memorable was the little "Nothing is too hard for God" basket. (Book 1, Chapter 22 ).

When he sits in his red leather seat on Capital Hill or walks in the Corridors of Power, rubbing shoulders with the chosen few, will he remember, who put him there? When his load will seem overwhelming, may he remember my little gift, and stand back in awe and marvel at what God has done, because nothing is too hard for God.

- - - - - - -


I had offered my services at the polling booth, handing out 'How-to-vote' cards for the Liberal candidates for Wakefield and Makin. My first two-hour stint was at Salisbury Park, outside a school in Wildwood Avenue. One famous face I handed a card to was Mr. Hicks, the father of trainee-terrorist David.


(David Hicks, co-incidental timing again, was on the News as I write this. He has been imprisoned for terrorist offences; at first for 5 years at Guantanamo Bay, and since May 07 in Adelaide's Yatala Labour Prison. He is housed in the same G-Division as Peter Liddy.

The News a moment ago was that David Hi. will be released in 8 days. He is only the second person in Australia to have a restraining order placed on him, under new anti-terrorist-legislation.


After completing another two hour stint at a different polling booth, at St. John XXIII church in Modbury, I noticed a vehicle driving into the carpark, as I exited. It was typical of my brain, how it activated by the registration number of the vehicle arriving.

I  immediately saw the registration number ... 772 as ... 277, which converted  in a flash  to 177 + C (please note!)

Where did my Suzuki drive to next? Since we was not  far from there, it drove to Ward Street, to the 177 777 spot. (Details in Book 2, Chapter 40).

After I had parked the Suzuki in the same spot in Ward Street, out of curiosity, I looked at the odometer. I don't know if I ought to be surprised or not. I read (254) 277, which again comes to 177 + C. Because numbers at the time had played such a painful role, I had called Chapter 40 in Book 2 - Heartache by the number.

Hey ....ward! I just saw a connection to ... (later in this chapter).


My final election day duty was two hours at the polling place at Tyndale Christian School. Three of our 4 children were educated there. Jon, our youngest, graduated only a week before writing. We are all happy with his final exam results.

Toward closing time of 6 PM I had my eyes on some posters; for my collection. The Labour Party did not object me taking one poster home, neither did Family First. Should I just take a Democrats poster, without asking anybody? There was nobody left to ask.

The problem was solved when I saw not just any helper, but the No. 1 Democrats candidate for South Australia, walk around the car park, starting to pack up their gear. Why was this lady right there at Tyndale, and not at another of the hundreds of polling places around Adelaide?

On the way home did I catch on the little twist: The ladies name was Ruth ... The motto of my children's school Tyndale is: "God's Truth prevails". Love you T.ruth.

- - - - - - -


Tyndale Christian School, December 14, 07.

Our son Jonathan receives a handshake and an important piece of paper from The Hon. Jennifer Rankin MP, during the 2007 Graduation Ceremony.

(Politicians are good at handshakes - and passing important papers to somebody else).

The school's slogan 'God's truth prevails' has real meaning - so does the name Tyndale.

- - - - - - -


As I write, on the doorstep of 2008, the USA is looking to their presidential elections in November. The primary voting in Iowa is in full swing. Watching the occasional early morning broadcasts from the US, I learned that the religious beliefs of candidates, are increasingly considered by voters. And so it should be.

Why do I think so? An elected Member to any Parliament represents thousands of citizens in his or her district. They receive requests from thousands of individuals and probably dozens of religious groups, who all want to be heard.

When religious sensitive laws need to be passed, whose view will he or she put forward? Most likely their own, based on the member's personal belief. And so it should be. Why ever cast a yes-vote in something you don't believe in?

For this reason a candidate's personal belief ought to be questioned, before deciding to vote for him or her. The traditional notion, to keeping one's personal faith out of politics, is a blatant lie. It places the whole religious issue into an off-side position. Instead of once and for all deciding, if the Bible and Christianity is the foundation of a nation - we tolerate all. In the end we believe in nothing.


Recently, I argued a point with a professor in politics. He agreed that in a democracy the majority decides. If more than 50 percent of people agree on something, this ought to be the law. How then is it that we don't call Australia (or America) a Christian country? In any official sensus since Federation, far more than 50 percent of the population classed themselves as Christian?

The counter-argument that people may tick the Christian box, but never ever practice or go to church does not stand up. How many at the election voted for Labor, but never ever attended a Labor Party meeting or gave one cent to the Labor campaign? This made no difference. Australia at present is a nation under Labor. Christians have a democratic right to call Australia a Christian nation. Australia is a Christian nation!


Some eager journalists go too far into probing the religious belief of candidates. I came across a classic example of this in an online article. The editor of the website Mother Jones (in Australia we have a similar website called Crikey) asked an ex- Baptist Minister, Mike Huckabee, if he really believed that angels intervene in the affairs of human beings. The cynical journalist never received an answer to his question from Mike Huckabee's campaign office.

This subject matter took my attention - a presidential candidate, who really believes and practices the supernatural, as long as it comes from the right source, would be one I would vote for.

Below is an extract from the Mother Jones article. It begins with the tail end of a speech Mike Huckabee gave: (No date was specified).

(The former Arkansas Governor had been hunting in the cold and was frustrated that he could not finish off the animal, he had been stalking. After calling on a higher power his gun supernaturally met its target). 


(Extract from Mother Jones website):

"Thanks to those angels, that elk was dead".

After hearing that speech, I sent an email to the press office of the Huckabee campaign asking if the former Arkansas governor does "believe that angels literally intervene in the affairs of human beings and that such intervention includes hunting events." I received no reply. I tried again. Still silence.

Huckabee is delighted to let people know he's a firm believer in God. He's well aware that helps him with Republican primary voters, especially in Iowa. But he doesn't want to answer questions about his beliefs. That's trying to have it both ways--the glory without explaining. With less than month to the Iowa caucus, can Huckabee continue to duck questions about spiritual affairs? Maybe with the help of angels.

(End extract)


Well, what a challenge to any angels, available for duty! I thought, perhaps I could volunteer to become an angel, just for this occasion and meet the challenge? I sent this reply to the Mother Jones website-contact:


Hi all,

David did not seriously expect an answer to his ELK and Angels question to Candidate Huckabee?

What if Huckabee's Campaign office simply answered: Yes.

If Mr. Huckabee believes in the Bible, as a great many people in America do, then he believes his God is intimately interested in him and all his affairs (and I don't mean women, you know what I mean).

God goes over the top in this subject, as Jesus did in his parables, saying I know the number of hairs you have on your head, or when a little sparrow falls to the ground in your back yard.

Somebody who trusts a God like that would make a great President.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

Ephe 511

PS  Omaha Ne. starts with O and ends in Aha. Obama is bam enclosed with AO. Huckabee starts with Hu and ends in bee? God knows all that too.


For some time now I noticed names of US politicians, and how they fit into my code. An obvious one is When I first saw Obama, I was astounded. Next came Mrs. Pelosi ...

(Hey, I just saw that one differently again, how weird. Change the P to B and the lady becomes  ...   Isobel?) Isn't her first name Nincy?


Omaha Ne (Nebraska) had been in the News after a shooting in a M.all. It was shortly after I had ended chapter 22, discovering Aha, God LP.

Playing my little game, changing o to a, Omaha Ne became - Aha name, or Aha am.en.

Police chief Warren Thomas of Omaha Police may not be amused by my game, switching letters. However, even he would offer a smile, seeing this picture in a church newsletter. I came across it a few days after Alpha Dog, changed to Aha, LP God:


(Pic: Child and dog kneeling at bedside, praying)

Training your puppy dog is important. But this is taking the matter too far.

- - - - - - -


One of the happiest people I know this Christmas would be Tom, the care worker, acquitted on each of 20 charges of sexual abuse. (He sent me a Christmas card yesterday, thank you). During his  trial, lasting from October 3 and ending on November 23, I made a point of attending hearings, where possible. Many times I arrived in the Supreme Court, in the Samuel Way Building Adelaide, only to find the court room was closed to the public.

From a UK contact, a lady who had been involved in the case originally, I received some information what took place during the sessions I missed. Here are three incidences, the (false) claims of 3 accusers. (There were another 5 who claimed abuse, totalling 8). Those who have read what I investigated in the Peter Liddy case will see the parallels.


Alleged victim Ben E:

Ben E. gave 2 completely different and conflicting versions of claimed abuse. He denied he ever gave the first. Ben also told that, whilst in prison for setting fire to his partner's house, with her and her children still inside, he had been given the names of other complainants before making his allegations. He had demanded assurances of compensation before making allegations.

Ben described how as a teenager he thought of Tom as the 'arsehole who ruined my life'. Little wonder, he battled to explain, why he had sent Tom cards and letters signed 'your friend Ben' as late as 6 weeks before making allegations in July 2004.

- - - - - - -

Alleged victim RC:

RC said he had never seen Tom after the 1998 'incident' except to go to Tom's house to kill him with a Bowie knife soon after the alleged abuse incident. His Mum apparently ran across the road and stopped him, barricading Tom and herself in and calling the police.

Surprisingly the police have no record of this incident.

RC also threatened to kill Lindy Powell QC and Tom when he stormed out of court mid-evidence because Lindy wouldn't believe his answers. He also left early one day because his psychiatric drugs had run out and he was feeling funny. He then missed the next morning because he was vomiting, a side effect of heroin.

- - - - - - -

Alleged victim RW:

It was only after 3 interviews over 3 weeks, that RW. made the allegations against his friend and carer of 11 years, Tom E. During these interviews he also made allegations against 3 other carers.

Was it coincidence that this happened on the eve of the eviction from his state owned house, and on the day of his arrest for outstanding warrants? That's when he started to make allegations.

He gave a very detailed account of 2 occasions of abuse in Tom's Kangaroo Island beach house in late 1992 (Note!) whilst under Tom's care. RW marked on the floor-plan where the drinking, games and abuse occurred, and confirmed photographs of the house and its contents.

One thing didn't stack up in court: The house was built in 1995 when RW was living 1500 miles away!

Oops !

The jury then heard how RW had recently pleaded guilty to making a false assault report in 2006 to police to get victim of crime compensation.

- - - - - - -


A few days ago Mr. Mulligan QC, previously a colleague and friend of Peter Liddy, was mentioned in the news. He had been given the task of enquiring into sexual abuse of children in state-care. (Book 4, Chapter 23). The extend of the claims must be huge, because he had asked for a three-month extension to make his report. (Read the last two lines, under Oops, again).

Of course a Government must be seen to be serious about sexual abuse against children. However, as the TE case proved, many of these allegations are nothing but fantasies by disturbed children. Or they are invented to gain easy access to money, by simply lying about child abuse, which never occurred.

I wonder, if in the light of the TE case, Mr. Mullighan is looking at the whole scenario in a different light? Otherwise, the Government will spent millions, according to an article by Nigel Hunt in The Advertiser 21/08/05:

"Based on the allocated cost of the first year – which has been increased because of higher staffing levels – and the new timeframe revealed in The Advertiser yesterday, the total cost is likely to top $10 million." Mr Weatherill said.

As I understand it, this amount does not include eventual payment to victims. This would be in addition to the initial 10 million the enquiry alone will cost. As the TE case proved, much money may be spent on wild goose chases, mainly against men! How many abuse cases in the end will be genuine?

And is money going to take away the deep pain many victims may still be suffering? Would there be as many abuse victims, who want to pursue claims, if the only offer of compensation were professional counselling, rehabilitation or life skills training?

- - - - - - -


Unlike the Liddy case the carer's trial made few headlines. Normally, the story of a violent man in a courtroom threatening with death a Queen's Council, ought to make it into the tabloids. But I see two reasons that this incident didn't make it. Number one, it would draw attention to the whole shemozzle. And two, printing truth and the tabloid press have only one thing in common - the letters T & P.

A week or so after the jury had handed down their not-guilty verdict, a news report broadcast that T E. had lodged a claim for compensation. It further said that he was suffering from depression. As both men exited the Samuel Way building, surrounded by a group of supporters, his brother John gave Tom a big kiss on the cheek.

Still, not even a million Dollars will compensate for what those unfortunate brothers had to go through.

There is another strange parallel to the Liddy case. From what I researched online and had confirmed by my informant, Tom's brother is a business man, and not poor. It would have been a great sacrifice in terms of time and money for him to sit in court most days over the seven-week period. (He was the only person allowed into court, even when the public was excluded).

Mr. Liddy also has a very wealthy brother. Mr. Google told me this. There may be reasons why, but from my observations, he is less involved in his brother's case, if at all - another twist in this true life drama, which is more dramatic than any Hollywood blockbuster-fiction movie.

Another question in the TE case: Now that it has been established Tom did not do any of the crimes, it means that either he was lying or those 8, mainly drug addicts, delinquents or criminals, were making it all up!  Are they now being made accountable for telling lies, for causing this farce to go to court? Or will the truth never be established?

A news report after the trial reported that the victims had been paid to tell the alleged abuse stories. If they had been encouraged to do so, did anybody assist them?

I can only guess how much the whole farce has cost the community in Dollars terms; if the total were over a million Dollars, it would not surprise me. And out of whose pocket comes the compensation for TE, when his claim is settled? (If you live in South Australia and pay tax, it probably will be out of your pocket?)

In one email my UK informant made an interesting observations and asked a very valid question:

"One of the things that has not come out  is the identity of the lead complainant  - he has immunity - but also a public position of power and influence. I don't know to what extent his evidence was decimated, but obviously it did not stand up for the jury, despite his probably relaying his 'credentials'. Can this be right?"


If she is correct, who is this public person of power and influence, who relayed his or her credentials and can hide under immunity?

It makes me wonder, is it the same person, who is also blocking my attempts to have Mr. Liddy released from prison? Is this influential person using his or her power to assassinate (ensure, they're put away in jail) innocent people?

Is this person or persons responsible for other crimes, pushing drugs, perhaps or is otherwise connected to the underworld? The truth will come out. Truth always wins in the end.


- - - - - - -

When one single subject in the media receives mega amounts of space and attention, especially when the bizarre is involved, I get suspicious. As soon as I heard of a 53 year-old woman missing from the tiny town of Francis in the middle of the year, my antenna went up. Her husband Neil, together with their son's, became the main suspects. An inheritance of some seven millions Dollars, so the tale went, was at stake.

The surname was Heyward.

Yeah, now I get it! Cross ! Neil , of course !

I just scanned the photo below. I had taken the shot over 4 years ago. It's from an accident scene I reported about, way back in Book 2, Chapter 18. (At the time I did not include photos in my books). A motor cyclist had died not far from our suburb. I went to the scene and noticed a few strange things. One was the date on the cross, which the victim's brother had already erected in a hurry. The date he'd written on was - 31/11/03. But there was another error, there allways (sic) is:


RIP - Alan Kevin Watson - 31/11/03


(The word ALL had been 'born' 10 months earlier).

- - - - - - -


Below: The Advertiser Newspaper - Monday, Dec. 3, 07:

The same mistake, the date November 31, in an article, four months after the Heyward murder.









But there was another very obvious factual error in the above: The town of Wilkin was the place, where the woman's body was found. According to above article (text not shown) Wilkin is 52 kilometres south-east of Mount Gambier.

Above map, in contrast, places Wilkin north-east of MG. No postcode is listed for Wilkin.

A Google search for Wilkin lead me to a prominent Baptist Pastor, a writer, born 3/5 .... not in MG, but in 1855!

The Wilkin man, (Frederick John) served in Kerang and Brighton. This information thanks to our sponsor (not), the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Jill Manton.

What is this lady going to write about me, one day? "He loved numbers and codes, which he called Da Ninci ... he saw connections everywhere, even from my surname Manton to his favourite sport ... football ...? Otherwise he was normal.

- - - - - - -


One more link: On 4/12/07 I happened to be near the Unley Public Library. I had never been inside before, so I wanted to research something I had heard on the radio (the response to the call for sacking Judge Shaw - see last chapter).

Turning the pages of the Advertiser Newspaper I stumbled a.cross (point added) onto above error (31 Nov). I photocopied it right there, for the diary. (Minutes later I would be glad that I copied the article straight away).

Finished at the Library, I felt prompted, can't explain how, it just happened, to walk a.cross the road to the shopping mall. I recognized a familiar face. It was a gentleman I knew by name. His Christian name ... linked to Heyward, surname Cross.

I walked up to him, excused myself and showed him the stuff-up in the newspaper article. He recognized the mistake immediately. He already knew about the geographical stuff-up, which I was going to point out next. (An earlier edition of the Advertiser showed the same map, with same geographical error).

The Heyward murder, on the day of writing (22/12/07) again fills about  3/4 of page 17. An advertisement takes about 20%, the other 5% are minor news items. If I weren't so amazed by it all, I'd be really cross.           

- - - - - - -


Believe me, friends, during 2007 I have not stopped making waves in Adelaide in the case of the jailed, innocent ex-Magistrate. In September, after tracing Peter Liddy's initial accuser's mother, I wrote to the Attorney-General and Mr. Liddy's lawyer about the shock the lady gave me. She had said plainly: "I don't think my son was actually abused, he was only an onlooker."

She was the same lady, who during the court proceedings produced a diary of her son. Nowhere had she found any reference to any abuse. No wonder, she talked to me like she did.

The victory in the TE case gave me fresh impetus to again write to South Australia's politicians. As you read the letter below, I trust you feel as strongly as I did, that it is time for real action to be taken. My one wish for Christmas 2007 was to see Mr. Liddy spent Christmas with his mother and family at home.


Date: Nov. 30th 07

Re: Justice for Mr. Peter Liddy

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

Thank you for your letter of Oct. 11, advising that you received my letter regarding Mr. Liddy. You should also have received a number of letters from other MP’s. Those few who bothered replying to my last letter said, they passed my correspondence to your office. Urgent action is needed NOW. This sad matter will not simply go away. Every day which passes, without positive action taken, means another miserable day for an innocent man, lingering in Yatala Labour Prison.

Exactly a week ago, on 23/11/07 Mr. Tom E, accused of sexual offences, was found not guilty of all 20 charges, by 8 different accusers. This shows clearly that just because a number of men claim abuse, does not mean it actually took place. As happened in the Liddy case, some of Mr. E’s accusers may have invented stories, simply for monetary gain. Considering that both in the E. and Liddy cases the accusers had criminal backgrounds, both cases may be the result of a sinister, orchestrated scheme to obtain money fraudulently. This ought to be investigated as a matter of priority!

I have been trying to contact ... Solicitors, Holden Hill. They are the solicitors acting for Mr. Liddy. If anybody, they should be on the side of those who believe in Mr. Liddy’s innocence. Unfortunately, whenever I phone their office, I am facing the same brick wall, as I do when I try to enlist the media, politicians and the police to act.

Have you followed up my letter of 8/10/07? Has the mother of Mr. Liddy’s main accuser been asked, why she thinks her son was not actually abused, but was only a by-stander? Her son was the first to claim serious abuse, which eventually put Mr. Liddy behind bars.  

Mr. Liddy’s right to a fair trial has not been upheld back in 2001. It is not now in 2007. He holds a document, which would prove his main accuser lied about being abused as a child. Why is Mr. Liddy refused to table this document? Likewise, Mr. Liddy wanted to take the media to court, since they had misreported in a very biased way. Why did this not happen?

To give one example – the Advertiser Newspaper and Radio/TV (to the best of my knowledge) reported that Mr. Liddy had handed $ 5000 in an envelope to one of his accusers. This looked very much like bribe money. However, this was not the truth. The money was passed to one of the alleged victims, in two sums, as a gift toward the man getting married. This blatant error by Mr. Sam Weir (the Advertiser reporter at the time) obscured the possibility that Mr. Liddy himself was being blackmailed!

Mr. Atkinson, I am asking you to use your power to intervene, as you did in the Nemer case, and order above case to be re-investigated. In the meantime, on compassionate grounds, grant Mr. Liddy freedom to live with his elderly mother in Gawler. The lady is grieving and has lost the strength to fight this battle. So has her son. This is why I am taking action.

Even if Mr. Liddy feels comfortable and safe in jail, it does not alter the fact that those who put him behind bars, ought to face the consequences of their evil action.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer (L.O.T.)                                                                                                      

(LOT = Lover of Truth)


To gain maximum impact I sent a copy of my letter to Mr. Cappo, the influential Catholic clergyman, and head of the Social Inclusion Board. I didn't expect much response. However, his secretary did reply politely ... He thanked me for my letter, which he had copied and passed onto the Attorney-General ...

(... otherwise they are all sitting happily on the fence, enjoying the view).

Another copy went to Mr. Hedley Thomas. The gentleman, according to news reports, had just won the gold Walkley award for outstanding investigative journalism. He was the kind of man I would love to make friends with. I am still waiting for a response to my letter, if it arrived at his desk at all.

In my naive view of justice, I thought that our ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Commission, has a moral responsibility to make public matters of such a serious nature. At least this is what I thought, when I sent a registered letter to the Managing Director, Mr. Scott in Sydney. The ABC's Four Corners unit, almost exclusively, deals with matters, where somebody did somebody wrong or acted corruptly.

An ABC media spokesperson replied. She  virtually told me that the ABC had no obligation to carry out any investigation in matters raised by the audience. My letter was not considered serious enough and the source, meaning me, had also been a factor in deciding to not pursue the case.

It makes me wonder, how the ABC's local staff feels? I had sent many letters over many years to draw attention to this issue. Somebody is gagging them; somebody very powerful and influential.

But nothing is impossible with God. In his time justice will come!

- - - - - - -

Thanks to Mr. Google I traced PL's first accuser, whose mother I mentioned in above letter, to an address in Melbourne: ... 228 R ... Street, .... Melbourne. (Hey, read under the next photo, the number 228 ... linked right here - The circle is closing in).

What surprised me was that this person, who claimed his whole life had been ruined by 'the monster Liddy' holds a very responsible job in a public sporting organisation. My guess as to his salary - $ 150 000 plus.

Life isn't fair - only short! It's not where you start that matters, it's the end that counts!

- - - - - - -


Bandon Tce, Kingston Park, opposite Kingston Cres.


In Book 4, Chapter 17 I was led supernaturally to Kingston House, 5 Cameron Ave, where I took a photo.

The story was pure magic! I just re-read the first part. I saw a Ute, rego number...228, unbelievable!

Immediately afterwards I took the above shot. I liked the name Bandon. It had a 'good DN' feel to it.

I also see AND surrounded by BON. Remember one of my favourite songs: AND I love you so?)

When I took this photo I had no idea that, if my recent research is correct, PL's first accuser's mother lives nearby; an aunt or sister lives in Bandon Tce, Kingston Park.

- - - - - - -


History is repeating itself, or so it seems! At Christmas 2003 we had an extra vehicle parked in our driveway. Grandma was away in Sydney, visiting her sons. Through some intuitive thinking, inspired is a better word, I had read the registration plate on her car - VNT 963. I followed this number to a verse in the scriptures,  Psalm 96, Verse 3:  "Declare HIS glory among the nations ...".

That day, December 26th 03, a huge earthquake had taken place in Bam, Iran. That same day I had uploaded Chapters 13-15 in my second book, And of a sound mind.

Now at Christmas 2007 I am also uploading a chapter, declaring God's glory among the nations. The spare vehicle in the driveway is grandma's, who is again visiting her sons in Sydney.

An earthquake a few days ago was reported from New Zealand. It was a strong one, 6.8 on the Richter scale. The place most affected was Gisborne (Amazing timing - G is borne - at Christmas?)

Ma's car is a different one, a Lancer. But the registration plate surprised me as I am writing this story - The letters XX (two crosses) and the number 624.

You are reading Book 6, Ch. 24, the *264th chapter in my autobiography.

*This does not include summaries or updates.

- - - - - - -


The day after uploading the previous chapter I decided to borrow a video from our local library. It had been a long time since I borrowed anything from the library. I selected two travel films about Scotland and Ireland. I would love to visit these places one day.

Looking further through the selection of videos, one was totally different to the rest. It stood out by the plain cover and strange title: Proof that God is the beginning and end. (Library Reference No. 15 189). Who wouldn't be intrigued by this title?

(I know someone ... she's the one who is expecting soon ...  visitors for Christmas tomorrow).

Watching the religious video I found out it was produced for the Greek Orthodox Church. The company who made it was ATV. Unless I am mistaken, they are the same people I had written about in Book 1, Chapter 57:

Teasing me, the producer of the church videos asked, if I had applied for the job of “playing the trumpet” when Christ returns? I was his very first subscriber to his new Christian Video Service called “Top C”.


From the video I learned that the Greek Orthodox Church believes in the same God as Christians, and in HIS son Jesus. They also raise certain outstanding believers to the level of sainthood.

The proof that God is the beginning and end, according to the video, is the miracle of the bones. All over the world remains of Greek Orthodox saints exist, which discharge a sweet smelling aroma. Some are hundreds of years old and to this day, they let off a pleasant aroma. The video had mentioned this and that a few remains of a third century saint, are kept at a church in an Adelaide suburb.

If indeed the bones were 1800 years old and throughout those centuries they had been discharging a sweet aroma, it would be amazing.

I knew I'd have to sniff out this miracle, if you pardon the pun. One of the Priest's name was Christo, which I mentioned briefly in the previous chapter.

I phoned Christo. He confirmed what was said on the video: A Greek Orthodox church in Glenelg held some sweet smelling bones of Saint Panteleimon. The church was named after him.

Before finishing our conversation I asked Christo, if he had been to a multi-cultural seminar about two months earlier. He confirmed that indeed it was he. I had recognized his face on the video. He had also worn a black robe at the seminar. Saint Panteleimon Church was listed in the phonebook at 533 Anzac Highway.

The following Sunday, December 16th Isobel and I were late for church. It's a poor excuse, but my watch battery had gone flat and I operated for a few days without a watch. We walked into the church foyer about 15 minutes late, after prayers. We had just sat down when the song-leader announced: "Let's sing together - Joy to the world, the Lord is come".

An unwritten rule with Baptists (and Pentecostals and ...) goes like this - those who arrive late are allowed to leave early. Immediately after the sermon  I gave Isobel a kiss and slowly walked out of the auditorium, as quietly as I could. Walking through the foyer I heard the congregation sing Silent Knight (sic).

My bicycle was ready in the Suzuki and I combined pleasure with business. I cycled to Glenelg, to catch the priest after their church service, hoping to perhaps see, or even smell, the miracle of the bones for myself.

It took about an hour to wind my way through the suburbs on two wheels. Without the interruption I could have managed it in perhaps 45 minutes. But a garage sale in Ross Street, an interesting looking Greek shop at 135 Marion Road and a parked tradesman's van in a back street in Torrensville, Rego number ....712, were too good to miss.

One more discovery on the way to smell the bones must be mentioned. As almost always I had no detailed plan, which way to cycle, only that I was heading for the western end of Anzac Highway. As I turned off Marion Road I found myself cycling through an industrial suburb.

On the roadway I noticed a business card. I had been very disciplined to not pick up anything that morning, and had stuck to my resolve. This card was an exception. Perhaps a vehicle coming the opposite way, rego number ...051 did it? Or did I want it to brighten the page in my diary?


I recognized the surname Harrison immediately. My find in Chapter 21, disclosed only H ..son. It was this same name.

Note: the postcode 5013,  PROTEC, Hilton and Mile End.

Even when it's happening so often, I can't but marvel at the magic. Totally unplanned.   


Church had finished at the Orthodox Church on Anzac Highway. People were drinking coffee in a courtyard. I parked my bike and took a look inside the tiny chapel. It would not hold more than 30 people. The walls and altar area was filled with pictures and ornaments. It all looked very traditional and super religious.

After a few moments a young man, Dimitri, dressed in normal clothes, came and spoke to me. I explained that I had found the video in the Library and spoken to Christo, who suggested I come here. I asked a few questions about the differences in their belief to that of other faiths.

Instead of statues they have pictures of saints. I detected some pride, when Dimitri pointed to the picture of Saint Panteleimon, the physician, who this worship centre was named after. "He healed people and did not take any money for it", Dimitri explained. 

After a few minutes he called out to a man, who was dressed in black robes. After a brief introduction he joined in on our theological conversation. I did not want to create the impression that I doubted their bones miracle. But to believe that the smell was indeed caused by nothing but the body of a dead man, who had died 1800 years ago, takes great faith. He must have been a very good man.

The man in black robes, Father Peter, entered a closed off area, unlocked something under the altar and came back out with a little ornamental box. As soon as he opened the lid a pleasant smell, much like perfume, filled the air. He held the box under my nose to have a good smell. It was just like a perfume. I could see what looked like bone fragments under a glass cover.

I asked, if anybody ever had analysed the aroma and determined what kind of fragrance it is. I did not get a clear answer on this question and probed no further.

Personally, I don't doubt for one moment that God can do miracles. But to base one's faith on a miracle is putting the miracle at the centre, not the power behind the miracle. And to claim that God is the beginning and the end from this perfumed box, I can't see the connection.

Some may argue, doesn't my cloud in the sky, the  number seven, which I saw and photographed, come in the same category? Did I not take this, and many other incidences and photos, as a sign from God. A valid question. To me they are meaningful, signs from God.

But I did not stop there and worship the pictures. We must never worship the creation, but the creator. HE alone deserves praise for what HE has done, for who HE is. (Please take note - lovers of dolphins, whales or Giant Pandas). 

Looking back at this whole episode, it may well have been a test. How did this video make it into a public library? If it were part of some kind of test, then it would make sense. The video title - Proof that God is the beginning and end - to me speaks of A and O. The church's name starts with P & NT and ends in MON.

- - - - - - -

On the day of writing I had occasion to send an email to a newspaper and a radio station in Melbourne, Victoria. Would you believe, bones once again were part of the story.

The bulldust, if you pardon the expression, started late last evening. Logging onto the net on our ISP's website I happened to read a headline about a serial rapist. The man allegedly attacks people in the West Lakes area. He jumps at his victims, but they all* get away...

Stop Press:

*(Adelaide's RPH 1197 Radio, 16.47 PM)  Within a second of typing this on the Hour of Power (on radio) Dr. Schuller jr. spoke the word all on his weekly program). That's interesting, friends, because on my first trip to the US, I recall clearly, writing a note to Dr. Schuller jr, highlighting the word all.

Dr. Schuller talked on the theme - believing without seeing. In Book 1, Chapter 65 you can read about this visit to the Crystal Cathedral in 03.

A thought just came, three words from Silent Night: All is Ca ...

Amazing how all worked together for good - normally I would not be listening to the Hour of Power on Radio, but watch it on TV early in the morning. Because our daughter and her partner are visiting, staying in an adjacent room, this Sunday I listened on the radio instead.



The writer of the online article about the West Lakes attacker had a long, unusual name, Malinauskas - 

(Hey, I just saw something else - Last four letters backwards SAKS - read on).


Before retiring to bed I casually leafed through our Advertiser Newspaper. My wife had bought a copy, which she does some Saturdays. In this article, on page 4, the word Impostor drew me in: Impostor, who took on life of a killer. The co-writer of the article had also a long name, Masanauskas. Something registered.

The names when viewed side by side looked odd - Malinauskas, Masanauskas. The letters that are different are SA IL*.

*Can you believe this? A while ago I put an easy listening CD into my D-Drive. As I type it is playing: "We are sailing ...


It was nearly 11 PM. Instead of rushing into emailing my discovery find, I retired to bed.

Hey, I just got it, of course. Johnny Walker plays a big role here. Earlier in the week I had an magical experience with a Johnny Walker box ! (Story earlier in this chapter).


In the newspaper article from the night before, on Page 4, a man called Peter John Walker pretended in a phone call to Melbourne Radio Station 3 AW that he was an ex-prisoner. He claimed to have been the person, who escaped from Pentridge jail together with Ronald Ryan, who was the last person to be hanged in Australia.

But the real John Walker phoned up and exposed the alleged impostor. Here are the last two columns of this amazing story. (Note somebody's Christmas present - dead man's bones).


 The Advertiser - Saturday 22/12/07

Text: (Extract starts with the real Johnny Walker phoning the radio station, exposing the impostor).

"He's duped the radio station, he's duped all their listeners" Walker said. "He seems to be some churchgoing bloke who believes he's me."

Ryan' s exhumed remains are now with the Victorian Coroner's office, where they will be formally identified through DNA testing and, if confirmed as Ryan's will be handed to Ryan's daughters. The women were only young when their father was hanged on February 3, 1967, at the age of 41.

Journalist Nick McCallum, who conducted the interview, said the imposter had originally rung 3 AW to talk about prisoner rehabilitation and had identified himself as Walker.

A photo with the article fills about one-third of page 4 of the newspaper: Six people loading what looks like a metal box, the size of a coffin, into the back of a white van.

John Walker must have been a heavy-weight.


I just hope those bones at the Coroner's office smell real sweet? Since when do they conduct DNA tests at the Coroner's office? And what is there to compare the sample of bone with, to determine the DNA is that of Ryan? And why the doubt, if the bones are Ryan's anyway? At what point was there a mix-up? This is how my Sunday morning 23/10/07 began (after the usual knee-work).

Instead of blasting the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper, I wrote an email to the Herald Sun Newspaper in Melbourne. A copy went to Nick McCallum at Radio 3 AW.

The subject matter is rather serious - lies in the media. I still try to find some humour. Humour is what keeps me sane.


Email to Sun Herald, Melbourne and Radio 3 AW Melbourne:

Date: Sunday 23/12/07

Hi all,
On page 4 of our Adelaide Advertiser yesterday I read the biggest bulldust story of the year. (The story is by - John Masanauskas, please note). 
An imposter claimed to have been in jail with the last man hanged at Pentridge. Now they dug up some bones, claimed it to be Ryan's and want to give it as Christmas present to Ryans relatives.
I am emailing this because I am fed up with people buying and reading newspapers and are dished up plain trash.
It's like going in a restaurant and having to eat the scraps from yesterday's diners.
AdelaideNOW yesterday online ran another story about an alleged attacker roaming around West Lakes Boulevard (a four-laned major road), grabbing women who then run off.
When I read the name of the journalist who invented that story -  Bob Malinauskas - I thought at first Bob is John's uncle, until I saw the two letters difference.
I am not going to waste my time proving that bulldust right or wrong, but imagine - a courier rolling up at the door of Ryan's relatives and delivering those bones for Christmas - when they are not even sure they are Ryan's bones (P.4 Advertiser).
Regards, kind of
Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511
PS After the precious gift of two front teeth - the treasure of a dead relatives bones, comes close second.    


There is a children's Christmas song: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. How about a song John Williamson? All I want for Christmas is my dead Dad's bones.

(Did you notice - SA IL only needs the A/E code to make the letters for LIES?)

No liar is going to enter the kingdom of God. Those who do not believe this, please just sit still for a moment and ponder on the word - eternity! Forever locked into your own world of lies. The torment, according to the scripture, will cause wailing and gnashing of teeth. In addition the eternal regret will be equally painful. "If only I had chosen God's way and taken up HIS offer of forgiveness, and started an intimate friendship with HIM ! If only ..."

- - - - - - -


Recently I have enlarged my territory. My field of playing mind games extended to a TV network in the USA. At least to me it sounded like a mind game - arrived at code - 1115. 

Starting from Wednesday December 5th to 7th, I had woken early on each of the three days and turned on the television. Watching the NBC's breakfast show Today, I felt that much of what I saw could refer to the script on my website story. There was so much, on each of the 3 days, I sent 3 emails with comments and observations.

On the second day, during an outside weather broadcast, I noticed a web address. It was written on a poster, which a girl was holding up while the camera was near. It was an easy address to remember - SAKS.COM.

(Just as I type I see the Da Ninci version -  55 - OK?)

At the time it was the familiar, inexplicable intuition inside me, which took hold of these four letters.

The website turned out to be an online store for expensive gifts. At first I could not find anything and was about to move on, and forget it. To create something from my own mind, fabricate some connection and call it magic, is not what I do. I was about to log off and leave it to God, when suddenly I noticed two watches on their index page.

I read the time on both watches. One showed the time as 1.51, the other as 10.10. Aha, 1115 won? 

- - - - - - -

What do you think IT is all about? Who do you think I am? An impostor? Who do I think I am? A religious comic or the returned son of God?

Friends, what you and I think is of secondary importance. What matters only is what God thinks, if thinking is indeed necessary for HIM, for the unfolding of HIS eternal plan.

Have I appointed myself as Saviour, in an arrogant way, to rise above all? No friends, I did not choose this path. I only obeyed God's calling and will continue to obey the path set before me.

Oh yes, it was and is a strange, twisted, unusually long road I travel on. Amazing what I see and do along the way.

The letters L & P, love before power - the letters N & D, a divine hand pointing to an innocent man in jail - 3 trips across the Pacific, the last one continuing over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans etc etc. How could all this have no meaning?

My mission, with God's help, is to bring peace, truth and justice to a world lost in sin, to set the prisoner free. (And he will be freed, of this I am confident). This is the real Christmas.


Isaiah 42, Verse 6: "I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness, and will hold your hand; I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the gentiles." 

Isaiah 35, Verse 10: "And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing. With everlasting joy on their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing will flee away."

- - - - - - -


When I look at the symbol of the cross with the N in the centre, I cannot help seeing the number 144. This number represents 14.4 - Easter 06. How will I ever forget the amazing path from Cross Street, Enfield to Angaston - a N goes on the cross, passing seven sheep in a paddock, arriving at Zion Church and deciphering their phone number as the date for that Good Friday.

What a foolish thing God has chosen - numbers, letters, names!

Revelation 14, V 1-4:

"Then I looked and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with HIM one hundred and forty-four thousand, having His father's name, written on their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of loud thunder. And I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps.

And they sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders, and no one could learn that song, except the hundred and forty-four thousand, who were redeemed from the earth.

Those were the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb, wherever He goes. These were redeemed from among men, being first-fruits to God and to the Lamb.


Have you ever asked this question: "How did the Apostle John in his vision determine that he saw 144 thousand people? Even 24 people, elders, would be hard to see in a vision. How did he exactly determine these numbers?

Four living creatures are easier to count, but who or what are living creatures? Four pictures - four photographs arranged by God Almighty to give us this message:

In the end the man is real - HE is the man of Peace. (Chapter 14).

The voice of many waters and loud thunder is easier to identify - floods and storms. Did we not have many of those throughout my story? I played no harp, but simply downloaded some of my favourite songs. (On legal grounds, I decided to remove the links). 

The Lamb is Christ. The redeemed are those who follow HIM, daily, everywhere. What did John see, who are these virgins? How could he not only count 144 000 women, but discern that they had not been with a man?

The virgins are those followers of the Lamb, not a mere 144 000, but all who lived clean lives, who did not defile themselves sexually - online and offline.

A further amazing scripture is found in the prophet Habakkuk. Initially God revealed to me Verse 5 of chapter 1, which took me further into the path of numbers. The way the prophet's prayer pointed toward a place in Australia, Adelaide, the suburb where we live, Para Hills, hit like a bombshell (Details Book 4, Chapter 33).

Habakkuk 3, 2-3:

"O Lord I have heard your speech and was afraid. O Lord receive your work in the midst of the years! In the midst of the years make it known. In wrath remember mercy.

God came from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise."


Many times in my journey have I been afraid. My first trip to the USA was born to some degree out of fear. But in God's mercy, HE was behind my work, in amazing ways. HIS hand held it all together and will do so for eternity.

HIS kingdom will never end. HIS thoughts toward me, HIS guidance, HIS amazing revelations were indeed - more in number than the sand.

Friends, among the horrors of things to come, there is HOPE. Jesus, who came as a light to the nations, is that HOPE.

Under HIS Lordship there will be peace among brothers, peace among the nations.

Jesus was born a baby. But HE did not stay a helpless infant. HE became a man. HE spoke the truth. HE paid the price. HE changed the world.

I shall continue to do so - until the end.

End of Book 6