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21.  Room @ the cross

The court case of a care worker, who allegedly abused boys 15 years ago, had captured my interest. It was somewhat frustrating that for many days the proceedings were in a closed court. Why the public was excluded from following the case is not clear in my mind. I would agree if school-age children were barred from this case, but why mature adults?

Only two hours before starting this chapter I returned from yet another trip to the Supreme Court, the Samuel Way building in Adelaide. I had been assured that the court room would again be open to the public. The alleged victims had finished and it was now the detectives' turn to give evidence. However, I still was unable to sit in on the case. It was not merely a closed court, it was no-court-at-all, despite the case being listed to start at 10 am in Court 3.

From a trusted source, a friend of the accused, I had heard that the accused gentleman is innocent. I asked her, just to be sure she knew what she was talking about: "Are you 99 % sure that TE is innocent?"

She replied: "No, I am 100 % sure that TE is innocent." When referring to the Liddy case I tell people that I am 99 % sure he is innocent. (The reason is the same as this: I can only say that I am 99 % sure I will be alive in ten minutes).

In an email to a fellow crime-fighter in Canada I put my thoughts regarding these cases as follows. (I found the gentleman's name rather amusing - Mr. Wahrer. (Wahr translated into German = true):


Dear Mr. Wahrer,

I emailed you approx. 4 months ago regarding a man in jail. You put me onto Lynne W. who runs a program out of Griffiths University Queensland. I thank you for that contact. You asked me to let you know what happened.

Well, I made application and passed it onto the mother of the prisoners, who is in regular contact. I suspect sometimes the mail does not get through to the prisoner. If he has completed the paperwork and made application, I am not sure.

The sad part is, another case is before the court at present. Circumstances are very similar in this case - a social worker working with boys, a criminal who claims sexual abuse 15 years ago, brought in from Queensland, enquired about possible compensation, if the man is convicted etc. etc. 

I really looks like an orchestrated scheme. Criminals found a way of making easy money, using liars and lawyers.

I certainly will keep fighting (and will pray) for the gentleman. His lawyer*, so it appears to me, is not doing anything of significance. I wonder, if he takes money?

At the end the truth may prevail. At the very end, the truth will prevail.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511

PS  Australia is in the grip of the worst drought in living memory. I wonder - why?

(*Here I was talking about Mr. Liddy's lawyer, not that in the TE case.)

The University, so Mr. Wahrer had advised me, runs a program investigating convicted people, who feel they had been imprisoned unjustly. I sent a letter requesting an application, which I passed onto Mrs. Liddy, to sent to her son. (I nearly said to her: "Peter has more time than I to ... " But sometimes even the truth is better left unspoken).

It will be interesting, what the outcome of his latest case will be. Will truth prevail? If TE will be found not guilty by the jury, surely the authorities will start taking notice of my claims in the Liddy case? The parallels are just too many to ignore.

At the time of writing (NOV 07) responses to my letters, emails, phone calls etc have been very scarce. When I did receive a reply from a Member of Parliament, it did not address the issue. One MP stated that he had heard about the Liddy case and believed the ex-magistrate was guilty. Another, who lives in Mrs. Liddy's neighbourhood said the same thing.

The rest merely informed me my that my letter was received and passed on to the Attorney-Generals Department. The vast majority of MP's did not even acknowledge having received my letter.

The Acting Secretary to the Attorney-General on 11/1.0/07 (dot added) sent me a reply that my correspondence was received. If I were James Bond, I would decode the name of this Acting Secretary. It's a city in the US, which I recently had visited - The place where somebody died. (May be the real Secretary will send me another letter, and her name is Freeman?)

I would not be the first whistle-blower, losing his life for exposing and making pubic the evil done by ruthless perpetrators.. One such martyr was named *Dietrich ...

*Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor, who spoke out openly against his Government, was executed only weeks before WW2 ended.

- - - - - - -


3/10/07 - 3.15 PM  - Jury in View ...

From left: 4 WD/Court officials, Sedan/Detectives, Minibus /Jury, (hidden - my Suzuki ...228) and Channel Seven News vehicle.

The minibus' registration is No. ...019; small number, huge story.

Likewise (below), the VW Combi VEW ..., photographed minutes later, shortly after leaving the Mitcham Shopping Centre - fitted the picture perfectly, i.e. adding i creates View, deducting e makes VW.

(Story previous chapter).


- - - - - - -


On Monday 22/10/07 I surfed the website of the British based Household Troops. Anybody, who thinks they are an army of helpers doing voluntary domestic cleaning, is partly correct - they are part of an army, the Salvation Army. Household Troops is the name of a brass band, with players from all over the United Kingdom. The band's history dates back to 1887.

An ex-driving-instructor friend and I went to hear them during their only concert in Adelaide. The band's skilful playing was most enjoyable and impressive; nothing like brass to shake a place and wake the sleepers!

Surfing online through the band's web pages I saw a photo. The band was marching in the foreground, a huge ornamental, gold-laced gate was seen in the back. Outside the gate on a building I read: Hilden House (Hi to you too). It took only little googling to arrive at an address in Warrington, a suburb with an interesting name and an equally interesting postcode - WA 11SR.

This teased me. Seeing the S as 5* it became the number 115 and WAR. (Hey, I just saw this - how well does army and war go together?)

I regarded myself as fighting a war, according to Ephesians 5, Verse 11: The writer, the Apostle Paul, encourages Christ's followers in Ephesus to not take part in evil works, but to rather expose them.

- - - - - - -

*On the morning of writing (final edit and upload) I overheard a political reporter from Canberra ask a local radio journalist - What does the S stand for? (Long story - the answer is in the PS of my email below).

The main body of my email, however, expressed mild anger at the subtle insult this particular Canberra reporter dished out to our Prime Minister. Not only he, but other media try to make the age of our PM, who is only 68 years old, an election handicap.

I regard mature age as an absolute PLUS - experience and the wisdom that comes with age. And fresh ideas, if the Green and Democrats had their way, would most likely include gay-marriage and abortion free for all etc. etc.

In my opening sentence I refer to a little magic I experienced out of the blue, as it always is. (Somebody played the old trick, I don't know how).


Email to ABC Radio, Adelaide - 5/11/07

Hi 1500 (M & D)!

Just as I typed the above on this form T. W. said those words on your program.

His comments about the age of the Prime Minister is bordering on vilification on the grounds of age.

If your were to have a walking race, between John Howard and Kevin Rudd, John is my favourite.

Stop picking on people, just because of their age! I thought this issue had been dealt with.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Perhaps Nic X. S stands for 5? Digitally both look the same.


For some fun I addressed the program Hi 1500 (M & D). The presenters' names were Matt and Dave. The rest is Roman history. 

Mr. X. had featured in my earlier books rather prominently. He is the recipient of the "Nothing is too hard for God" Basket. The somewhat maverick politician, who loves to emphasize his messages with a stunt, is switching from state politics to the Federal scene, trying to enter the Senate.

(The announcement to give up his State seat, a rather risky move, was done in front of our Zoo's Giraffe enclosure. A classic setting, since he was sticking his neck out, making such a risky move !)

Judging by his popularity in South Australia, he is tipped to make it to Canberra. An ex-Baptist Pastor is also running on the same ticket.

(I hope Mr. X, you have valued the special gift basket I gave you on 25/11/01. Remember - things go better with God).   

Nick Xenophon's position on the ballot paper is S, hence his S reference on his advertising.

- - - - - - - 


(Back to Monday 22/10/07)

That day I again attended the Supreme Court in Victoria Square. Again, the court room was closed to the public. Another wasted trip - or was it? I silently prayed: What now, Lord? It's not that I expect to hear a voice: "Walk out of the building, turn left and follow the man, who is being chased by TV cameras." But this is just what happened that morning.

I have never heard a voice, any voice, giving me directions. Still, I am guided by God's Spirit daily, after committing my life to HIM every morning. By faith I then know God will lead me to wherever HE wants me to be at the appointed time.

Unable to enter the court room, I walked down the grand staircase of the historic Supreme Court building, past security and through the automatic glass doors into Victoria Square. Just at that moment TV cameras were chasing a grey-haired man in a northerly direction, toward the Hilton Hotel next door.

At first I thought it was Mr. McGee, who was being chased by TV cameras. He had white hair. I walked after them. The TV cameras retreated after 50 metres or so. I somehow felt the urge to keep following this snowy-haired, mature aged man, who was holding the hand of a lady walking close beside him. (The man was not Mr. McGee). Because I had seen Mr. McGee and Mr. Liddy being chased by TV cameras at the same place,  I felt a degree of sympathy for this gentleman.

When the traffic lights changed I continued walking behind these two strangers, not knowing where it would lead me. If this was stalking, I may have broken the laws against stalking? The next pedestrian traffic lights, on the corner of  St. Xavier's Catholic Cathedral, were on red. I was tempted to enter into a conversation, but refrained.

For some inexplicit reason my ankle started to ache. I leaned against a services box and gave it a little rub. As I did a used bus ticket jumped out at me, or was it the numbers? It had been squeezed into a gap in the metal box.

Against all rational thinking, I took a second look, read the numbers on the ticket and was hooked in an instant. Somehow the ticket found its way into the back pocket of my jeans. The lights changed to green. The three of us continued north. I couldn't really keep stalking them for no reason. Should I talk to them? What would I say?

Curiosity alone is not a valid reason to make contact with strangers. As we were passing the front door to the State Administration Building I stopped walking and/or stalking. I paused outside this office block to pray, as I had done once before. This time my prayer was: What on earth am I here for? I also prayed for the gentleman and the lady, who looked more like a pastor and his wife, rather than criminals, that justice would be done in their case.

(On the way home, on the radio, I heard that an ex-priest had appeared in the Supreme Court on alleged sex charges, which dated back to the 1970's. That figured - hungry TV cameras love it).


   Diary 22/10/07 - Used bus ticket

Code OC 1115 - 183 IT

The central number 183 took my attention. Together with 1115 it made for a potent combination. (11.1.05 was the date of a big fireball in South Australia. The date of writing happens to be 1.11.07).


The next day, Tuesday 23/10/07, after my morning prayers, I felt to read a Psalm. Why not pick one at random, one I was not very familiar with? My bible opened to Psalm 83. For the first time I saw Verse 4. Those knowing a little a modern world history would agree, it could have been written in 2007:

"They have said, "Come and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more."

At least one middle-eastern head of state comes to mind, who talks in this threatening manner. Other enemies of Israel also want to see this perceived intruder driven into the Mediterranean. (The Bible has prophesied a different script).

Likewise, Verse 14 of the same Psalm 83 could not have been more up-to-date: "As the fire burns the woods, and as the flames set the mountains on fire, so pursue them with your tempest and frighten them with your storm."

That Tuesday was the second day of the worst* wildfires California had ever experienced.  Was God once again talking to the nation of America and indeed the whole world?

*How co-incidental: I had written originally - some of the worst...  At the same second as I did, at 7.55 PM on 1/11/07 on ABC Radio National, a gentleman spoke these words:  ... some of the worst ...  (I would love to hear the Science reporter Robin Williams' opinion about this phenomena).


The writer of this Psalm, Asaph, goes on implore God to teach his enemies a lesson. He wants God to frighten them, to put them to shame in order to make them seek HIS face. Verse 18 concludes this Psalm: "That men may know that You, whose name alone is the Lord, are the Most High over all the earth."

It may sound simple, friends, but those who do not fear God, his enemies, may need to be frightened to take notice of HIM, and to acknowledge HIS power. A father does not punish a disobedient child, because he hates his child. A father does not need to demonstrate how powerful he is. HIS ultimate motive is love.

Did I not have to learn this lesson - Love before Power? It was a painful lesson to learn, but it changed my life!

As a driving instructor I was not able to teach anyone without them first having obtained an L-permit. God can do little with a person, who has not learned this lesson - act in love, not in power. Love must be genuine, not motivated by selfish, manipulative ambitions. Love must be unconditional. 

The Apostle Paul makes this point very clearly in the well-known love chapter in his letter to the Corinthians. (1. Cor. 13). Without love being the motivation, all works done for God, despite great talent, professionalism or sacrifice, are just that - mere works.

Not what we do pleases God, but our love for HIM, our trust in HIM is what gives HIM pleasure. When love is the driving force, even our feeble, insignificant effort will be rewarded with much fruit - for HIS glory.

- - - - - - -


On the back of a return envelope by a large Christian organisation I noticed in small print:

 Please notify of change of address here (allow 3 months to take effect).

Did I read correctly? If I were to move house, I should notify this organisation 3 months in advance? I was thinking, if Christians really want to save the world, they would need to lift their game a little in the administrative area. This called for a fun email:

Hi all,
On the back of your envelope it states: Please allow 3 months to
effect change (of address).
I estimate to pack up an entire household, grand-piano, double-bed and
kitchen-sink included, and move from Mandurah East 6210 to Riverdale
6103 may take three days. Yet,  to change to the new address on your
mailing system may take 13 weeks.

That I find interesting. But there must be a reason. There always is.
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511
(Writing this, I think the reason for the 3 months is the fact that their main mail-out is done every three months).


A few days later I received an email from this office. The recipient had a good laugh. Yes, there was a reason, but it was too hard to explain. But they are working on changes. The salute at the end blessed me: God bless, Niney.

In the name I saw my familiar message - Why 9, why en-in  (instead of d?) I noticed many such incidences, almost daily. How else could I view them, but a sign that another person was following my journey online and agreed that a miscarriage of justice has taken place?

- - - - - - -

On Tuesday 9/10, after another trip to Victoria Square, I again found court room 3 closed to the public. I did not return home, because my wife was to arrive at Adelaide Airport, after visiting our daughter in Sydney. I filled in time by walking to Flinders Street Police Headquarters and praying for the Police and the Commissioner, outside their front door. My correspondence and follow up letter had received nil response.

Next I took a walk through our main shopping lane, Rundle Mall, and later visited an art exhibition held at St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral. Among the dozens, if not hundreds of paintings, there were a few, which stood out. (Only now, typing this, my mind remembers that I had on two separate occasions visited art exhibitions and discovered a code or two).

Hey, was not one of the codes 1115? In Peterborough ....? How fitting, just as I type this, I see where this exhibition was - in St.Peter's Cathedral !!! (Book 3, Chapter 33).

The other, I recall, was in the Adelaide suburb of Magill.

One painting in St. Peters stood out distinctly: A street scene by an artist (surname Barr) who won the prize for the best iconic representation. His painting (not the winning one) depicted a street scene. In the foreground was a shop front with a sign above. The sign was the only writing on the whole picture - Union dpt. It made sense.

Cycling back to my vehicle, via Montefiore Hill, I noticed a workman was having his lunch by the lookout. Actually, I first noticed his work van. It was one of the large Electrical Company, whose headquarters is located in River Street, which I had written about in Chapter 15. We had a brief chat, but I felt, he wanted to be left alone.

I had brought my own sandwiches for lunch. After getting back to my vehicle, parked outside Christ Church, North Adelaide, I was thinking, where I could go to eat my lunch. I bundled my bike into the back of my Suzuki, which I now can manage in under 30 seconds, and drove a short distance along the Torrens River. Near the Golf Course, under a shady Norfolk Island Palm tree, seemed a good spot to eat my lunch.

What came next either points to a hopeless case of madness, because what I found beside my Suzuki, is mere co-incident, or pure magic. It was an address label, inside a luggage tag, which obviously had detached from the handle of a suitcase.

The address contained much data, which I could link to my story. (Read on for details and a picture later in the chapter).


- - - - - - -

The latest find on the day of writing (2/11/07)



  A leaflet, dripping wet from recent, rare Adelaide rain, looked up at me as I was walking back to my vehicle from the Supreme Court. It was folded (as shown) so that I could read Best D....

This did the trick. I got hooked. When I saw  Barnes and No... (Born it and No.ble) I smiled. The street name where I found it was No.rman Street.

 Somebody knew what no-man meant, and that only one man, a man whose toys are numbers, would take interest in it!

Only the next day, during my prayer time, did the idea enter my mind: Be L - come ...

In Book 1, Chapter 10, the name Noble appeared during the afternoon of a day I shall never forget. It ended with me spending time in a Mental Institution.


On the day I picked up the above, not only was the court room closed, there was no court at all. The TE case had been listed in error, according to the Registrar's-office. The mistake was made in both, the public notice-boards inside the building, and online. But everything happens for a reason. (Maybe the above, wet Best Deals flyer on the footpath was it?)

Just around the corner from the Registrar's office, in Court Room 9, a stalking case was in progress. I decided, for no real reason, to enter this courtroom and just listen in. I was the only person on the public benches. Just after I sat down the jury was ushered in. In a way, I felt like the stalker (not Johnny Walker). What on earth was I there for? I knew!

- - - - - - -


When sitting inside the courts I am often amazed at the slow progress. One simple fact, or something which was said, could take many minutes of questioning. Some points are chewed over and over. Considering, clients can pay up to $ 1000 per day for a top expert, the exorbitant cost of justice is not surprising.

Googling the name Liddy I came across his court case, where some of his alleged victims were trying to freeze his assets. The process, virtually blocking a person access to his own money, as I understand it, is called a Mareva injunction.

Since the following transcript is already published elsewhere online, I am sure I am not breaking any law in copying/pasting here what I found:


Paragraph 18: "The defendant's solicitor deposes to the fact that the balance of the sum of about $679,700 (namely $464,900) "were utilised by the defendant in preparing and conducting his defence ..."

Paragraph 65: "It appears clear, however, that from the remaining pool of cash funds of about $300,000, there is potentially a significant sum which has already been incurred by way of legal fees ..."


If I read this correctly, the initial costs for preparing Peter Liddy's case, plus further court costs and legal fees, up to that point (November 2002), amounted to over 3/4 Million Dollars. Considering, in hindsight, that all had been unsuccessful - what a waste of money! I think politicians, making complicated laws, and lawyers, charging thousands of dollars to interpret them,  know exactly what they are doing.

So does God - mark my word - and HE will not keep silent forever!

In the same transcript I read the reason, why Mr. Liddy bought a house in Kadina. Whilst the prosecution alleged he tried to hide his money, his defence lawyer gave another reason: Mr. Liddy found it hard to attend church in Kapunda, after his name had been made public. He bought a small cottage (worth under $ 50 000) in Kadina, under another name, so he could attend church there, without being recognized. 

I believe the man. Why buy a place worth $ 43 000, when you are trying to hide hundreds of thousands of Dollars?

The church in Kadina would have welcomed their new parishioner, a very generous man. Mrs. Liddy had informed me, how she witnessed her son leaving an envelope on a car windscreen outside a church in Kadina, and watching it, until it was removed by the rightful owner. Perhaps there was a cheque in that envelope, a big cheque?

Paragraph 17: 24 February 2000 - cash donation to Kadina Catholic Church in respect of their overdraft - $30,000.

Is this what monsters do? Donate money to help the church financially? I feel like knocking on the door of that church and challenging the Chief Priest: "Look what that man did for you. What are you going to do for HIM?"

- - - - - - -


If anybody were to ask me about memorable moments in 2007, and there were many, I would certainly include this one - the cloud, shaped like the letter L during a holiday in New South Wales. (Book 5, Chapter 27). The L, 50 in Roman numerals, turned upside down becomes a 7.

A few days before writing this I came across a verse in the bible. The win by David against the giant Goliath, is summed up like this in the first book of Samuel:

"So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. But there was no sword in the hand of David." (1. Sam. 17.50)

I liked that, which made me prevail over my enemies - God (No. 1) and the number 7, being also 50!

- - - - - - -


15/10/07  - LANCER - in the sky (A state Cricket match was played at Adelaide Oval).

Hey, look at the date, pure magic*, totally unplanned! I just scanned the photo to insert here and looked up the date in my diary!)

I was busy writing, when my son called me. A rare sight outside our lounge room window: Writing in the sky. Two days earlier, it only happened rarely, I was driving my mother-in-law's Lancer (full story previous Chapter).

Earlier on 15/10/07 I had travelled into the Supreme Court to attend the McGee case. At Medindie I noticed two men standing outside a bicycle shop. One was wearing a blue turban.

The colour blue, bicycle and the name McGee go well together. Days earlier I had uploaded Chapter 19, which shows a photo and a sign in Arabic (King William in Arabic).

On another occasion, at the same location, I had seen two green balloons fly into the sky, just as I was making my way into the City. From memory it was on 3/10/07).

*But there's more: On the weekend of writing my football team Adelaide United played against Queensland Roar (what a name!) at Hindmarsh Stadium. The attendance was given as 10 750! Queensland roar won, scoring 1 goal.

 - - - - - - -


Australia celebrated volunteers week in October. Around that time I had occasion to email the BBC London, after hearing a short item in the middle of the night. Two Germans were arrested in Africa, because they had apparently taken photographs, which they should not have taken.

The story immediately triggered my sleepy brain. I heard enough to remember it the next morning and email the BBC regarding this story:


Date: Oct. 4th 07

Subject: Germans and their photos.

Hi all,

At 3.28 am I woke and listened to BBC. Two Germans got into trouble photographing Oil Installations in Niger or was it Nigeria? If the arresting officers would have known that Germans like taking photos of all kinds of things, just as art, they would not have over-reacted as they did.

I had a similar experience. I worked in an age care facility. At the beginning I was told you are not allowed to take photographs, so I didn't. When we took a group of old people to the Royal Show, not thinking, I took my camera. Somebody had placed a crown on an old lady's head. She looked gorgeous, so I took a photo, plus another two or three. (Those old people's minds were too far gone, even if I had thought of asking for permission).   

When the film was developed I got an extra set of prints and took the photos to work. The photo with the crowned lady came out especially well. I showed them around at work, thinking someone might display them beside other photos from previous occasions. But things turned out rather differently.

One day I was called into the office - I had committed a cardinal sin - taking those photos! I was furious, having tried to do something good, and then having the rules book thrown at you. I refused to had* over the originals and was dismissed. That's the bulldust that goes on in Australia in our enlightened age!

A society -  run by dull bureaucrats, backed by greedy lawyers who make a mint, finding loopholes in useless laws made by power-hungry politicians, just to stuff up the life of dedicated volunteers, who want to do good -  has lost the plot!

On the surface Australia may look prosperous, but those who see beyond the surface, see more than coal, uranium and gold.

Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
Ephe 511

PS  Did I hear David Cameron say he is going to fight crime, if elected leader? I thought this was the job of the police. Is the UK police contaminated as well?

*The mistake in the 4th paragraph, (had - instead of hand) was not intentional. Perhaps it was a supernatural reminder that it was all about n-in?


The comment in the PS, referring to the UK police force, is a valid question. Only if there is corruption suspected, should it be the job of politicians to get involved and fight crime. Isn't it the job of police to fight crime, without having to make it an election issue? It looks like South Australian police and the UK police are not any different?

How timely - As I write one of the most serious blunders ever made by UK police is making world news: On page 13 of The Australian (3/4 Nov. 07) the headline reads: "Brazilian's health and safety put at risk by ...Five bullets to the head". (I don't read papers much, but my wife usually buys one on Saturdays. For the first time in months I persuaded her to buy The Australian).

The entire London Police Force was found guilty by a judge of endangering the health of 27-year-old Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes. Having five deadly, hollow-point 124-grain bullets rammed into your head, at close range, sounded rather unhealthy.

It happened exactly fifteen days after the 05 London Underground bombing, when the man had been chased by hysterical police, who were totally misinformed. They had hunted him down, like an animal during hunting season, and shot him point blank range. (And I always thought London police don't carry guns?)

According to the page 13 report, the police mixed up with an African man called Hussain Osman. But to their horror, within 15 minutes of the deadly shots being fired, explosive experts found that the alleged terrorist had no explosives. He was just an innocent man, going to work that morning.

Within hours it was common knowledge among the police, according to the newspaper, that a huge mistake had been made. Still, the Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, insisted for another 24 hours that the dead man had been involved in a terrorist plot. More amazing, not one police officer had been sacked or even reprimanded as a result of this mistake.

What was it, which made me view this story with my "lie detector" working overtime? Had I not also doubted the original London Underground bombing on 7/705? Had I not questioned, why an explosion had ripped the whole roof off a double-decker bus, yet passengers were seen calmly walking down the stairs from the bus, unaided?

Was it the names I read, which made me doubt this latest British tabloid news-report? Hussain (should that not be Hussein?) Osman (man from Oz, not Africa), Livingstone (the Mayor of London), or perhaps the suburb were Osman lived: Tulse (US & TL) Hill?

On closer examination of the article in The Australian, codes emerged, my numbers:

"The errors began soon after police learned at 4.30 am that one of the suspects in the previous day's bomb attempts was an east African named Hussain Osman who lived in a block of eight flats on Scotia Road in the southern suburb of Tulse Hill."

If you didn't find one the 4 digit-number combination in above - the same numbers came in the mail, hours before uploading this chapter. Why do I see all this?


In the next sentence in the The Australian's article, another 4-digit code emerged:


Text: "The first surveillance team was in place by 6 am but a firearm squad did not arrive until after 9.30 am."

So it took 3 1/2 hours for guns to arrive? I hate to imagine what havoc terrorists could create in 210 minutes.

In the next paragraph I read this, how laughable: The surveillance officer who was supposed to be watching was "relieving himself" and had no back-up.

Is this for real: A police officer is watching a suspected suicide bomber, just in case he intents to kill a few hundred people in an underground bombing.

But the officer, human as he is, has to do what we all have to do ... (Back in a minute).

BRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRL...brlbrl.....brl..brl...dribble .dribble!

Aaaah, that feels better !

Now, where did that suicide bomber go?


I googled Tulse Hill. One of the Main Roads in this locality is called Norwood Road. Another, called St.Faith's Road, runs off it.

Because the address also includes Norwood Road, I include here the tag I found under the Norfolk Island palm tree, near Adelaide's Golf Course (as reported earlier in this chapter).


N - son, Norwood Rd. Rivervale Postcode  6103.

 Even meant something special at the time. I had just uploaded a chapter where the letters PER featured.

 - - - - - - -


During my voluminous writing I had on occasion crossed the path of famous people; som (sic) are world leaders, others film stars or pollies. The latest encounter linked to the Irish Prime Minister.

It started with a BBC News brief in the middle of the night. I recall something like this: The Irish Prime Minister insisted on introducing rather stringent, unpopular rules concerning driver licensing, in order to cut the road toll.

The subject was right up my aly (sic - read on). I googled for news on the issue. It led to the website of the Irish-Times Newspaper, Dublin. They seemed a good recipient for an email with a suggestion I had long ago, regarding driver education:


Date: 30/10/07

Subject: Learning to drive 

Hi all,
As driving instructor for 25 years I gave the subject a lot of thought over the years. I even wrote a book for learners and those who teach them.
Until we regard learning to drive as an important part of a young person's education, road crashes will be hit and miss (if you pardon the pun). Why not let the Department of Education, experts in teaching and learning, take over the education of learner drivers? 
Kind regards from Australia
Dieter Fischer
PS  My road safety book is freely available on my website (


Normally my signature included the code Ephe 511, not only on Nov. 5. However, as soon as I had heard the BBC reporter read the item that night, my half-sleepy mind thought about the name of the Irish Prime Minister. The letters, in my signature above, jumbled up, are those of the Irish PM's name. (The only Da Ninci change is HE into ER).

But there was more. I had heard a person on TV mention a town in NSW, which sounded like Taroomy. I had never heard of it. My curiosity took the better of me. I searched for Taroomy in the postcode book. The closest I could find was a small town in Queensland, called Taroom.

One tourist website described Taroom in the opening sentence: The town is located 128 kilometres from Miles. I had fun calculating that this equals 79.503 miles from Miles (1.61 km to the mile).

Within few minutes of surfing around Taroom, I found out that a person, named Greg Chappell, plays in their cricket team. (A former world famous Adelaide cricketer has the same name).

Next in my weird online quest, I found a link from Taroom to Ireland. Taroom is in the Tara Shire Council. The address of the Irish Times, which I had moments earlier emailed, was listed as:

 The Irish Times Building,
PO Box 74,
24-28 Tara Street,
Dublin 2

My Da Ninci was working overtime that morning: Was somebody in Tara Street for (4) 228? Or had they followed my writing, which strongly opposed a product RU 486?

Friends, I do not know fully, what parts here are mere co-incidence, or if I was led with my mouse to click exactly on the right keys to arrive at the right place online. All I know that there was more.

After pressing the sent button to send my email to Ireland, I shut down the P/C and prepared for my day. With a smile I suddenly realized that I had just, for the first time sent an email to Dublin and was shortly to travel through Dublin.

For the first time in years, we were going to visit the NYP (Northern York Peninsula). From Adelaide there is really no other way, than to take the divided road via Dublin.

- - - - - - -


Numbers magic caught on camera!

Left: Prospect Road - South.

My numbers on a BP billboard, advertising coffee. Is there not an L missing in Aly?

It would go so well with the P at the centre of the cross. Unplanned magic - tomtom!I

Hey, the bottom numbers make the date of uploading, Nov. 5th).

 Right: Minutes later, Prospect Rd. North, at corner Grand Junction Road. Van, TOLL 13 15 ..1.  Toll in German could be translated: fantastic.

LL Ta?

- - - - - - -


When I say we travelled to the Northern York Peninsula, I mean myself and my elderly ex-driving instructor friend, Jack. He has three daughters, who live in the town of Moonta. He had not visited there for a number of years. We had planned the trip for a week or so. (In Book 2, Chapter 12 you can read about a previous, memorable trip to the NYP).

Both Jack and I love the same kind of music. I purposely slipped a cassette into the player: Sunday Sing-Along - 20 Favourites that live on. (Brentwood Music, 316 Southgate Road ...) More than anything, this trip will be remembered for the carefree singing, the Sunday Sing-along - too bad that it was a Tuesday).

On side two of the cassette was a hymn, track No. 5, which put a smile on my face. The title was: Room at the cross for you. How strange, Had I not clicked through, only that morning, to a small town I had never heard of - Taroom, Queensland.

Ta room - Room @ T?

But there was more: Back home that night I watched the 7 PM News. The weather picture, shown as the weather forecast was read out, was of Alford. Downtown Alford has at least one tree, a dry creek and a meadow. A viewer from Alford, according to the Newsreader (DS - 5005), sent in the photo. I recall passing the turnoff to Alford ...

Aha, I just looked up the postcode for the tiny place, few have ever heard of, Alford - 5555.

(I was going to write) ... a place so small, it may not even have its own postcode. I would have been wrong. Alford has a lovely postcode, love it.

If I were thinking I was being stalked, can anyone blame me? There was still more: In the same news item that evening (30/10/07) a report from Port Wakefield, the next town after Dublin, was broadcast. The Abattoirs, damaged by fire 9 months earlier, were reopened that day. (Did I not write about Abattoirs, or the spelling thereof, in my previous chapter ?)

A young, male worker made a comment in front of the TV camera. I can't recall what he said, but saw his name on the screen. I could read it, but could n' hear -  Ahern.

- - - - - - -

There is room at the cross for you, Tho millions have come, there is still room for one. There is room at the cross for you.

When you look at the cross of Jesus what do you see? I see a minus _. Minus speaks of all that is negative, wrong, bad, theologically speaking - sinful. Every human is born into a negative, sinful state and into pain. The first sound for all new arrivals is crying! Has a baby ever come out of a mother's womb laughing?

Thank God, Jesus came to transform from negative to positive. HE turned the minus 90 degrees and placed a + above it. Now you see the cross.

The cross is never minus, it's always PLUS 1.

Chapter 22