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19.   Be it - LIAM 

The previous Chapter 18 had been planned for publishing on September 18th. It didn't work out that way. There was a reason, however, which afterwards I marvelled at. Two little surprises lay in store.

A day after actually uploading Chapter 18, on Sep. 21st, I visited my friend L, whose sad story I had written about. I wanted to make sure I had the details correct. Really, I should have done this beforehand, because I found out I had made a slight error. The girl which almost managed to get L into trouble, so he informed me, was not 12 years old, but 9 years at the time.

As soon as L had mentioned this fact, my number conscious brain recognized the digits 9.2.1 as also being that day's date. (I had mixed up the girl's present age 12, with the age, when the incidence occurred).

The second, well-timed bit of magic would also not have happened, had I not made this mistake. On 21/9 the heading in the Daily Bread Bible reading was Father, Forgive Them. L had to learn to forgive through his bitter experience, a 12 year-old, telling lies about him. The first sentence in the Daily Bread reading started with ..."A 12-year-old ...


Daily Bread - 21/9/07

The story is about a 12-year-old boy, during a school excursion to a museum, sticking chewing gum onto a famous painting worth $1.5 million. A school official said, the boy never understood the ramifications, of what he did.

"Father forgive them" were Jesus' words, while still alive, hanging on the cross. Those who had demanded he should be put to death didn't know the ramifications of their action.

I recall Peter Liddy, my friend in jail, had hoped that those who lied about him, who put him behind bars, would become aware of the ramifications of their actions. If one of them were to come forward and tell the truth, it would be a good start to right this terrible wrong.

It has not happened so far: Any of Peter Liddy's accusers reading this: It's not too late to come forward, tell the whole truth. If you know, you did not tell the truth in court repent of your  sin. God in HIS mercy will forgive. There may be a few years jail, but at least no eternal damnation and pain of regret for ever and ever and ever ...

- - - - - - -

Almost as if somebody read the above, as I wrote the first draft of this chapter, in a weekly email from a Christian man came this piece of writing:


Vol. 10 No. 40                          October 1, 2007

The Brevity of Life

As the week begins consider this short verse from the Psalms, "Teach 
us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in 
wisdom" (Psalm 90:12, New Living Translation). Another version says, 
"Teach us to use wisely all the time we have" (Psalm 90:12, 
Contemporary English Version). "Teach us to number our days aright, 
that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12, New International 


The third version (NIV) fits into here perfectly: My prayer for next time - teach me to number aright! Note that wisdom is not only a matter of the mind. Wisdom from the heart is far more precious than conventional, rational wisdom according to the law. Grace from the heart brings life and peace.

- - - - - - -


In Chapter 16 a picture refers to the website In Warcry magazine I had seen a small article titled: I am, therefore I think. The website aims to answer any question readers want to pose. So I did. I asked the question, which had bugged me right from my first book. So far I have not receive an answer:

Q.  We all know co-incidences happen. At what point should the person, who discovers one after another, such as numbers/names/colours, which all link together, turn and say: There must be more behind these co-incidences and I shall find out, what it is all about?

A few weeks later the website supplied an answer. (Thanks to the people behind this website for doing so). The first part of the answer went like this:

A.  There's no simple answer to this question, but there is a caution: both common experience and a good deal of psychological work suggest that we have a strong tendency to project patterns onto random events. We also tend to notice things that interest us and ignore things that don't. And remember that it is overwhelming probable that some improbable events or other will occur. A single run of ten heads in a row on flipping a fair coin has a chance of 1 in 1024. (Note the number).


The rest of the answer was a little academic, which I couldn't get my teeth into. The number 1024, however, made sense. I had just discovered in my 256th Chapter, that 4x4x4x4 = 256. I had written word for word, under the picture, which mentions the website:

At the time I had not seen how well power goes with No. 4!

I can't recall when it came, but some days ago, probably around the time I received my answer from, I was contemplating, how much 256x4 would come out as. It's 1024 or 4 to the power of 5. That makes sense; power goes both with No.4 and 5! 

- - - - - - -

Another unreal connection, literally, occurred three days later on September 24th 07, which was a Monday. In church the day before I had heard a funny little joke. That Monday I emailed it, as suggested joke of the day, to Sunrise, the breakfast show I was watching on TV: (In the PS I could not help, but draw attention to the unfortunate man still in jail).


Email to Sunrise, Monday September 24/9.

Hi all,

A classic joke in church yesterday:

Three little boys were bragging how much their fathers earned. The first little boy said: All my dad does, he writes a few lines on a piece of paper, calls it poem and gets $ 500 for it.

The second little boy did one better: My dad writes a few pages and calls it script: He gets $ 1000 a page.

The third little boy said: My father is a preacher. He writes a few pages and calls it sermon. They need eight people every Sunday to carry all the money.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS   If fear is a lock and humour the key, what does it take to get an innocent man out of jail, Nat?


The amazing connections came in the back-up-number, which I always seem to have fun with. It came in seconds. Since the email was about writing, I looked in the business pages under W. One company had the word Write in it and matched perfectly. The first few digits in their phone number were 294, that day's date. The last four digits were identical to those of our home phone number - 2573.

Then I saw their address, Rose Street. What a connection! The Wallis Theatre, where I had watched the movie Amazing Grace six day's earlier,  was located at the end of the same street.

A week later, again on Sunrise as part of the back-up numbers game, another street name, Graeber Street, provided a little fun (the first three letter of funeral).

It was on 31/8/07 when I saw a TV ad for a funeral parlour. Only two weeks prior I had helped to arrange a funeral at that same place. (My friend Ron, the German man without legs, passed away on Aug. 10/07, aged 77).

After the ad the TV station flashed onto the screen a word, which was needed to enter the competition of the week. I never entered the competition, so the word was of no consequence. But it was.

The password that morning was the word 'grass'. My quick bi-lingual brain, in a nanosecond, read it backwards, with only one s. It came to sarg. Sarg is the German word for coffin. That was half the fun.

The rest came in the back-up number, or should I say, the address. I chose a funeral parlour from the Yellow Pages. The location for this funeral director was Graeber Road. Graeber is the German word for graves. How well does that link with coffin and Psalm 90,12 above?

- - - - - - -


Left: ABC's 75 year anniversary celebrations - Elder Park, Adelaide. The gentleman with his arms crossed is a famous TV personality with a Da Ninci name.

Both men in the photo are good at asking questions. Moments before taking the photo I picked up the AM card - full story Chapter 16).

Right: Chapter 15 shows a  graphic of a white letter P inside a blue box. A few days later I went back and took the photo. The three lost children are covering up the huge number 135!

- - - - - - -


Regular readers must have wondered many times, where on earth did that writer get this fixation for numbers, letters and names from and what does is it all mean? If the answer is mental illness in the brain, then all I can say, as I said in an earlier book - God can use even a mental illness to his glory and purposes.

Let me illustrate my point with a short anecdote from German Classes in my early primary school days. The  fact I still recall the story means, the essence of it made an impression on me:

A woman, who lived some distance from the town, was keeping a pet bear in a cage. The door to the cage sometimes came open and the bear would disappear for a while, then return some time later. 

One day the lady was walking to the town for some chores. She said good-bye to her pet bear and went her way. Her path to the town led through a dark forest. Suddenly from behind a bear came running toward her.

She turned and thought her pet had again escaped from the unlocked cage. She shouted at him: Go back home you naughty animal", and gave the bear a hit with her umbrella. She bear promptly turned and went back where it had come from.

In the evening the woman returned home, but was surprised. The door to the cage was firmly locked. Her pet bear inside greeted her as normal. She then realized, the bear in the forest had been another.


In what way does this explain my numbers and the unusual way I view my world? The way I see it goes like this: If my numbers and data was all bulldust, all just one great big false assumption, it still brought forth a very good result in the end. If people found reading about my weird journey interesting, they will also read how wonderful God is, despite my mistakes.

Had the lady known the bear in the forest was a dangerous, wild animal, not her pet bear, she would have fled in terror. Her action, though based on wrong information, actually saved her.

Friends, if my silly game of numbers and everything Ls I C, is all based on wrong information, what I discovered and followed up, concerning police corruption and the innocent man in jail, certainly is based on facts. I personally read those facts in the court transcript. If my initial madness, eventually, will lead to a prisoner released from jail, so BE IT.


 Love the BITE Billboard, North Adelaide, Barton Tce West

In a late message from the Festival of Light, besides Ford and Kellogs, Coca Cola was also added to the list of companies not withdrawing their advertisements from Channel Ten's Show 'Californication' (see last chapter).

It makes me play my game: For.D, K&L.Logs and now OC CA LA?

- - - - - - -



The slip up by the mother of one of Peter Liddy's main accusers (as reported in the previous chapter) disturbed me for a number of days. How could she think that her son has never been abused, but was only an onlooker, yet he was the very first one to go to police? After advice from my UK contact I realized this alone was no reason for police to reopen the case. And I still did not trust the police sufficiently to go there with information.

Instead I contacted Mr. Liddy's lawyer, both on the telephone and confirmed what I found out in writing, urging him to follow this matter up. If he does anything remains to be seen.

After further information from another reliable source, I renewed my efforts working on the case. If the document could be produced, in which Peter Liddy's main accuser stated in a court in Queensland, that he had never been abused as a child, the case surely would be looked at again!

As I understand it now, the document had not existed in the original trial, but was ready to be used in the High Court Appeal. Peter had placed much hope on this weighty document, hoping it would once and for all prove, the man who claimed the most serious abuse, was lying.

The document never made it to the High Court appeal. My source suspects that corrupt police put pressure on the person supplying the document to withhold it. In fear she did. If this really was the case, a most serious offence, perverting the course of justice, had been committed. The 25 year jail term  was confirmed by the highest court in Australia. Peter's fate was sealed.

With a little guidance for a higher power, no doubt, I embarked on finding either that person, or a way of obtaining the document myself. But where in Queensland would I find this lady? Unlike South Australia, only about a quarter of the population live in the capital Brisbane. The rest is scattered in this vast northern state, reaching from the Gold Coast in the south two thousand kilometres north to Cairns and even further.

To make matters worse, the lady's surname was very common, almost as bad as Smith or Jones, not quite.

When I finally traced the lady, after a few phone calls and more googling, I was flabbergasted in which city I landed - I never forget the postcode 4860! The lady had worked the last 15 years, before retiring in 2006, in Innisfail. I could hardly believe the co-incidence, unless God put his finger once again on this town.

How amazing - a direct link between my battle for Peter Liddy and the town of Innisfail, Queensland, which was devastated by Cyclone Larry in March 2006 (Book 4, Chapter 34).

Was there another reason, not only the sin of the RU 486, why God singled out this place, where the letters spell Sin-in-life by changing the a to an e?

But there was another clue, an even more subtle link between LARRY and LIDDY:

Hey, as I wrote this I saw DRDRIA, but no, I don't need to blow myself up, I just happened to see both names start with L and end in Y).

Of the 15 charges Mr. Liddy was accused of, he was actually found not guilty on charges No. 1, 4, 6, 8 and 12.

To a layman like me, does it not make more sense that the man was either a child abuser, and is guilty of all charges - or he was not a child abuser and was framed and innocent of all charges?

- - - - - - -


Street Sign - King William Street - Adelaide (Western side, one street north of Trust, sorry Sturt Street).


Note: There are three letters I - only two have the accent!

When I noticed this street sign, cycling through Adelaide, I wondered was somebody trying to please a certain ethnic group, by translating the street name into their language?

As I scanned the picture my Da Ninci brain deciphered a possibly different meaning, using code (+R) - SAID I, L I AM.

One could read backwards, then you got MAIL ....  Change the first S to Y (wise) and voila - the word diary! The possibilities are endless, it may even just translate into King William Street?


 - - - - - - -


During above investigations in the Liddy case I visited the State Library on Adelaide's North Terrace. Right opposite the main entrance I noticed a huge sign in a shop front: Congratulations Liberals for tackling corruption (or word similar). I crossed the road to have a closer look. The premises were that of a club.

Apart from the huge sign  I noticed many smaller ones, reprints of newspaper articles, which were all over their shop window. Most articles were about corruption in the police force. One story was about the club itself, which, according to their account, had been harassed by police.

Later at home I visited the advertised website - Under Articles, not sourced and undated unfortunately, I found many reports of incompetence and/or suspected corruption by police or other instrumentalities, such as the National Crime authority.

I will only mention one story, an article which was published originally in the Adelaide Advertiser on August 16th 07. The headline read: Major Crime Chief quits.

"One of South Australia's most senior detectives has stunned colleagues by quitting as head of the crime team responsible for the state's biggest investigations. The Advertiser understands Supt. Woite told his staff he did not want to speak to anyone from the office of Police Commissioner Mal Hyde or his leadership team. "He just went into the office, handed in his papers, specifically said he didn't want anyone from Hyde's office ringing him and walked out," said one source."


Every thinking person, reading this article must ask: Why would anybody walk away suddenly from a job, after 39 years of service, unless there is something seriously wrong. My cynical mind says, perhaps the detective became aware of the extent of corruption all around him, and decided he could no longer be part of it? I had suspected that many politicians were resigning for this same reason.

But then, the Advertiser Newspaper puts our minds at ease, saying in essence, it has nothing to do with corruption. They have a logical explanation, how they understand it, which does not mean it isso:

"The Advertiser understands he became disenchanted after unsuccessfully applying three times to become the head of the Fort Largs Police Academy."


Where on earth did this information come from? True or not true, the average reader's mind is now at ease. It was not about corruption at all. Just a disgruntled employee, who did not get his way, spit the dummy.

However, those looking deeper, or who have read the feedback on the Advertiser website see a different picture emerging:

"Mal Hyde has publicly said that their is no corruption. This is a lie. What is taking place in this city is beyond belief and with all avenues closed in Adelaide we have to try for help out of here." (Posted by: a. of adelaide 12:40pm August 16, 2007).

For this commentator to call the state of affairs beyond belief says it rather strongly. The phrase all avenues closed, ties in with comments I had read elsewhere on the 199news website: Adelaide is the suppression capital of Australia. (I came across many no-go zones during my research for the KRRC, the Kapunda Road Royal Commission.)


Further feedback:

"For a long time now, it has been getting to be too much for the lower ranks, now it has reached the higher ranks. Sapol (South Australian Police) needs to take a look at the way they manage their most precious resource...people. Here is a quote from a resigning English recruit published in this months police journal, and it sums it up....."Having had a successful and rewarding police career in the UK, I never envisaged I would ever leave the police service. I arrived in Australia full of enthusiasm but, sadly, as time has past I have found myself de-motivated, demoralised and deskilled." Posted by: Glad I resigned! of 11:28am August 16, 2007).

(Because of a shortage of staff in South Australia police officers from the UK had been lured into South Australia).


One more feedback:

For a person with the years of experience of Mr. Woite to do this at short notice must mean something. For a person just sitting on the side and reading this story and hearing that the greater part of English Police going back home must nean that there is something wrong in the Police Force at the higher level and wants looking into. (Posted by: B. H. of Broadview 10:05am August 16, 2007).

- - - - - - -


I once heard a police chief being interviewed saying, that with a staff of 5000 there has to be some, who are corrupt (or words similar). There is two ways of looking at this:

Firstly, if ten officers out of 5000 are corrupt, this represents only a very small number ... (and should be accepted, perhaps?)

A more resolute approach would be: If there are 10 corrupt officers in a police force, it should not be too hard to eradicate the curse, if the other 4990 join forces, pardon the pun, and decisively act to do so.

The first option is like saying: If only 10 out of 5000 motorists drive on the wrong side of the freeway, why worry, there are still 4990 obedient, law-abiding drivers on the correct side of the road?

With a determined will to do so, the small number of big criminals, who make themselves rich with crime, who cause endless misery and darkness, could and should be eradicated by a society who works together. Yes, we should all be whistleblowers, dobbers, if this is what it takes! 

- - - - - - -


From Misery (Stephen King) to Darkness (Dean Koontz) - Books in Bookshop at Wallsend, New South Wales.

Two books by Richard Layton - QUAKE and ALARUMS (Quake alarm us?)

Rose Madder wrote KING, Frank Peretti, THE OATH. Anne Rice, SERVANT OF THE BONE.

Walking away from the bookstore I noticed a green VW turn the corner. A parked Ford ...774 was there still the next day. (Details of yet another clue-spotting adventure interstate in a later chapter, God willing).

- - - - - - -


The date of uploading this chapter is 2.10 in the year 2007. Just after 11 am I got into my Suzuki to reverse out of my driveway. For some reason I looked and checked the mileage on the dashboard. The odometer read 252010, the tripmeter 136.7.

I had wondered, as I woke this morning, what will 2.10 bring? During pre-waking moments, I had recognized a word for the first time, one which many readers may have seen well before I did. To the best of my knowledge, I had not seen this word in the way I did this morning. It reminded me of the time I first saw my Christian name Dieter as re:Diet, but it took many months before I saw it as he Diet.

Using the same code, er = he, I saw  the word German in a different way this morning  -  G he man. How unusual that this came to me on the morning of 2.10, the day I was to write and upload chapter 19. (Back to the digits 219 again).

Another thought came: Out of all countries in the world I could not think of one, where the nationality of those citizens ends in The most frequent endings are ...ese (Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese etc) or ...ian (American, Canadian, Indian etc) or ...ish (English, Polish, Turkish etc). The only which came to mind are the Romans, but Rome is not a country.

More thoughts came early this morning, floating around far corners of the brain, playing their game, teasing in amazing patterns, yet, they all seem to make sense. Often we wake in those moments and are glad it was a dream.

 My stimulating, fast-flowing brain traffic on the morning of writing, however, was for real and made sense. I had experienced and documented all, during  the past few years. All made sense and pointed in my direction:

He died on the cross ... He is God, he the man ... Goodall Road ... It's all good ... All was in the number 123 on 1.2.03 ... More numbers, another fitting number .... The abbreviation for number is No... NO was destroyed in a big storm Katrina ... I took a photo in NO on 8.4.5; plus 1 is 846 .... a storm in Queensland on 19/3/6 .... the postcode is 486...  etc etc etc.

I rose at 5.03 am and went straight into my office. What else can calm the mind, but falling on your knees and taking it all to HIM in prayer?

How easy it would be to deny all isso, just closing the mind and heart and declare  - it all means nothing? But I know that I know that I know,  it all isso and it all makes sense.

Jeannie is out of the bottle. Jeannie can't be put back into the bottle.

Jeannie must do battle.

Chapter 20