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18.  Truth flies out the window

US President George Bush during the APEC Conference in Sydney in early September 07 called our Prime Minister John Howard a battler. Is the label battler a positive or negative one? Or does it depend on, who labels you?

As life was unfolding I found myself battling on one front after another. Often without realizing I found my mind engaged in a battle. Were the codes I saw really God's way of showing himself? Was I not being irrational to think that a number could mean something, a signal, or message, for me? 

Was I being tested, did somebody place a clue into my path, so I would see it and make a song and dance about it? The battle started almost always when I left the house. 

Yet, amidst the battle in my mind, the peace of God dominated. I knew HE was in control, HE can be trusted one hundred percent at any given moment! What blessed assurance; better than any Allianz policy, despite their nice name. 

At certain times in my writing certain numbers dominated. On the day of writing, five days after having uploaded the chapter titled Job No. 3, I took Becky to the vet. During the short walk to the veterinary clinic, about 400 metres away, the number 33 stared me in the face twice. (Details in a moment).

But first let me recall another weird trail of numbers, of which my diary is filled with. On May 26th, on page number 57 in the Advertiser Newspaper, the name Bentley stood out. The headline of a notice, placed by the  firm Bentley, read - Witness Wanted.

(What a timely fluke, I just noticed, their address is 33 M.... Street. I also just posted a letter to the Mullighan Enquiry. Their address is 33 F... Street).

The advertisement was right next to another notice, regarding an Open Day by the Science and Mathematics School, attached to one of our Universities. For whatever reason, I started playing with the numbers in the ad, without trying. They just fell into place. It all made sense.

After I had seen the name Bentley I had asked myself, was this a test - was it to check if Ben is a lie? The accident, for which witnesses were wanted, happened in Trott Park on Jan 5th, my daughter Michelle's birthday.

The way I saw the numbers in the advertisement work out perfectly, made me suspect that indeed the Math's School was playing a game. Check the numbers for yourself: The Open Day was held on 29/5/07. At that point in my writing I had completed 29 Chapters in Book 5. The hours of the Open Day was 7.30 - 9 PM. If seven is broken into 1+6 then I see my special number 1 6 3 9.

The two vehicles involved in the alleged crash was a 1983 model Mazda. Deduct 20 to arrive at 1963. The second vehicle involved was a Corolla, rego ... 466. Add twenty and another famous number shows up - 486.

But there was more. On the website of the Mathematics School I happened to surf a page, which said: Last updated: ...21.58 PM on ..... Reading this on that particular day, I became aware it was not even 8 PM yet. Whoever wrote this, was two hours ahead of themselves.

This made me more curious than I already was. I  read their phone number and saw that it started with  4 digits, which matched 21.58 PM - 82051. What do you say, except 0?

Unless you want to play on, extra time, if you pardon the pun. The remainder of the Maths School's phone number was 686. So what is there 2 C? - 200, which brings us back to 486.  

I can't blame anybody thinking, hasn't that man got better things to do? My answer is a definite maybe, but if this is the level of thinking you're stuck at - lift your game a little. Thinking in numbers is good for the brain. Criticizing others for thinking too much, does nothing at all to reduce mental ageing.

- - - - - - -

May I make a point here, which is worthy of consideration. Most bible believing, fundamental Christians, swear by the truth that every word, every phrase, every verse in the Holy Scriptures has been written by divine inspiration. Why then should it shock anyone, when I claim that centuries later, God likewise inspired those, who gave each Chapter, each Verse a certain number?

Why dismiss my thought as madness, when I claim that God indeed used numbers (and names etc) to give us a message? I believe HE did just this with Joel 2, 28 in the English Bible, which is the same text, but numbered Chapter 3, 1 in the German Bible.

Speaking of the number 228, on the morning of writing I discovered a verse in the Bible, which speaks what God is going to do. Verse 21 of Isaiah 28 reads:

"For the Lord will rise up at Mount Per.azim (dot added).... that HE may do HIS awesome work ... and bring to pass HIS unusual act."

Before laughing at this, read the first few words of the next Verse, (28, 22): "Now therefore, do not be mockers ... ."

- - - - - - -


Only an hour or so before writing, (on 17/9/07) without even thinking, my brain had involved itself again in a complex thought pattern, playing games. I didn't mean to do it; it just happened that way. And it's weird.

I took our Fox Terrier Becky to the local Vet for her annual injection. Opposite the surgery I noticed two parked vans in a carpark. One was plain white, the other sign written - Hills. I did not think of it any more, until reading the name Hills again on a display of pet food in the waiting room of the surgery. The pet food slogan - Science Diet. My mind saw the name Dieter and science - Aha!

Looking through the waiting room window, both van drivers were now in their vehicles and driving off to exit the driveway. But the Hills van (not by the Pet food company) stopped, much to the annoyance of the driver behind. He was now stuck behind and shook his head, raising his arm, because he could not continue, for no apparent reason.

I could read his lips, shouting *Go, as he waved his arms. After a few moments, both vans moved on. I could just read their registration plates, 371 the Hills van and 581 the other, before they both turned south and disappeared on Bridge Road. I saw the difference - 210*

This is where the outside the box thinker played his game of Diet(er) Science. The evening prior a big news item came onto the airwaves and TV screens. A big jet airplane had a dilemma in landing at *Phuket (sic) airport in Thailand. 

There were conflicting reports. One witness spoke of a fire, before it crashed, another said, the fire started after the plane broke into two. Heavy rain also was mentioned as contributing factor. The latest report on the ABC TV News 7 PM 17/9/07, 90 were killed, over 50 of them foreigners. (The next day on ABC TV it was reported that the pilot decided to land, despite the weather conditions? How can a pilot judge the weather on the approach, from a distance?)

The airline which crashed, a low-budget carrier, flying McDonald Douglas MD 80 aircraft, is called One-Two *Go!

- - - - - - -

*On the day of writing my wife, her mother, Mrs. Newton, and I went to see the movie: Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce and his friend John Newton, who wrote the famous hymn. Almost opposite the theatre, as we exited, was a sign: Phuket Restaurant.

More surprises in the film - a glass of water right at the beginning. Later I overheard a name, which sounded like Klatterbeck. Funny, I had made up the name Joe Klatterbeck at random in an email to radio ABC 891 on 6/9/07. Weird!

The release of Amazing Grace in Adelaide was well timed: It was around the time I had written Chapter 10, titled La Rose d'Alsace, which included the amazing (pardon the pun) story of Grace - on 1/7, where I had discovered that Ephesians 1/7 ends in the word Grace.

Hey, I just discovered something else - amazing - the theatre where we watched the movie was on the corner Rose Street. 

The challenging story in the film, the battle of one man, Wilberforce, who believed strongly in a noble cause, the abolition of slavery, reminded me so much of my own struggle. Except I was unsuccessful in my bid for Parliament. But God will have HIS way regardless.

Watching Amazing Grace I kept thinking: How blind were those educated, intelligent Members of Parliament to not see the folly, the madness, which went on right under their noses?  Yet they resisted for 16 years, while Wilberforce's battled to convince them.

Will our great-grand-children in a hundred years ask: How could Members of Parliament in the early 21st Century allow single women, or two women or two men, make babies without a father and a mother?

Why did politicians at the time never do anything to stop the killing off hundreds of thousands of unborn babies? Our society would not be so old now?

Any politician arguing that Church and State ought to be kept separate, should closely look at what took place all those years ago, when laws were made (or should I say, resisted) by otherwise rational thinking politicians, caused misery, death and despair. The problems the slave trade madness caused continues until today.

Thank God for a spirit-filled, God-fearing, discerning thinker, who didn't consider prayer a waste of time, who kept standing up and speaking out, until God's truth changed the world. How we need such fearless people today!

 - - - - - - -


During ordinary, numberless moments, which I suffer from occasionally, I make some useful discoveries. An online news item, dated April 03, I read the following item, which set the scene for the rest of this chapter, dealing with very serious issues.

At that time in 2003 I was travelling in the USA, therefore missed this rather significant piece of information about the Peter Liddy case:


Liddy victim's trial abandoned

Posted Thu Apr 10, 2003 3:50pm AEST

The mid-year trial of a civil claim by one of the victim's of paedophile Peter Liddy has been abandoned in South Australia.

The July date was vacated today by District Court Master, Mark Rice, in a legal process dogged by difficulty and delay.

The court heard one of the victims, W, had not attended a psychiatrist's appointment, a prerequisite to his trial.

Another victim, D, was not prepared to step into the vacated date.

There are eight victims suing the disgraced former Magistrate, who was convicted of multiple child sex offences in 2001.

The lawyers involved in the case say they are negotiating a possible settlement, but the pool of Liddy's funds available to compensate his victims, continues to diminish.

(End of news report)


(On editing I saw the interesting date - four 123 - 3/5)

As I understand the above, victim W, the person who had been brought from a Queensland jail and who was going through a methadone program at the time of the Liddy trial, did not bother turning up for a psychiatrist's appointment! His day in court was cancelled and the date offered to another victim. But Victim D. also did not bother to follow through with the civil case.

It would make sense that those pressing for compensation, if their cases were based on fabrications, would eventually run out of energy. What if the whole truth would suddenly surface? I am waiting for the day when one of the Liddy accusers crumbles and tells the whole truth. The trouble is - would the newspapers, the Radio and TV News inform the public? It would be most embarrassing to some.


Stop Press: Can you believe this? I was just able to phone one of the abuser's mother. She told me that she thinks her son was never abused. She said: "He was more of an onlooker".

I said: "This is not what I read in the court case".

I think the lady then realized, that I was not on the team who called the man a monster. She ended the conversation, saying she'd rather not discuss it.

Her son never pursued the compensation claim. From my research he had been one of the three main accusers. 


Unless I missed it, but there was nothing ever on the news, which reported what happened with the rest of the civil claims against my alleged paedophile friend. Perhaps more thinkers had finally woken to the fact that Mr. Liddy may not be a monster after all?

In a surprise email received in September 07 a fellow battler for truth sent me a copy of a letter he sent to the editor of a nationally distributed magazine. From what I read, a journalist wrote false information about an alleged sex-offender. But the sender of the email knew the facts. He is a friend of the victim and his family. The alleged child rapist is Mr. Bill D'Arcy, who is serving an 11 year jail term in Queensland.

If the following facts are correct (I don't doubt them), the case looks just like another politically motived witch-hunt, resulting in a serious miscarriage of justice.

Below is the email letter I received. The letter, of course, was never printed. It would mean a journalist would have to admit writing untruths. Before this ever happens, the world will be swamped with breeding Giant Panda bears, who had enjoyed too many blue movies every night in their cages:


Your article (Doing Time, Good Weekend Sept 8-9 07) on Bill D’Arcy, created a totally false impression. I feel deeply sorry that Lois D’Arcy [Bill's wife - Editor] trusted your writer Trent Dalton - because he got it wrong. The friends did not fall off as your article implied. And three rape cases – are you kidding? There was one rape case, which emanated from a 37 year old “recovered memory”.

Bill was supposed to rape (and penetrate) an eight year old in front of a class of about twenty pupils, none of whom saw the rape – the child never screamed in pain – never told her parents – no corroborative evidence of any kind and - he was found guilty! Expert evidence says the charge was absurd and impossible.

Bill D’Arcy’s trial was held at a time of a wave of anti-Bill D’Arcy, politically conceived, false rumours, and in the midst of the *Hetty Johnstone campaign against child abuse. This campaign at that time approached a type of hysteria against any person (especially prominent people) who were accused by anyone, and in the public spotlight. (Witness GG Hollingsworth)**

Bill D’Arcy never had a chance of a fair trial or trials. And the minor offences? I attended one trial wherein D’Arcy was found guilty of touching a young girls breasts. Since the trial, school records have been found, which prove conclusively that neither D’Arcy nor the accuser was at the school at the same time.

The truth? Many more of Bill D’Arcy’s ex-pupils swear by him and stand by him than the “accusers”, the true friends have not dropped off, and Lois D’Arcy and the D’Arcy family are intelligent aware people. They have stuck by Bill, not because they have blind faith, but because they know he is innocent.

(End letter)


*Hetty Johnstone, herself a victim of abuse, is one of Australia's foremost campaigners against child abuse. Over the years she has received much airtime in current affairs programs and the media generally.

On one occasion she spoke on the telephone, while I was present to my Adelaide contact at his home. This person is the one, who was finally convinced, after reading my chapters, that my friend Peter Liddy had been framed and is innocent. If he discussed this case with Hetty Johnstone, I do not know.

One thing I do know, false allegation cases like the D'Arcy and Liddy cases disarm child abuse organisations like that of Johnstone. Suddenly, they may find themselves not in such great demand by the media and/or have difficulty in obtaining the same level of public funding, if indeed they receive tax-payer's money.


**GG Hollingsworth was Governor General of Australia, when amidst great hype and media frenzy (as above email suggests), he gave in to those looking for a scapegoat, and resigned. He had allegedly not properly dealt with allegations of sex abuse 40 years earlier, when he was an Archbishop. (I have written about the hypocrisy of it all in Book 1, Chapter 75).


But there was more. One evening, driving home in my green Suzuki, I overheard an item on the popular radio current affairs program PM, on our ABC network. A gentleman had been fined $40 000 for breaches in the trade practices act. The name vaguely rang a bell. After a few moments of listening to the details, I got the connection. I had had email contact with that man. It was the same person battling for Bill D'Arcy.

From what I heard on radio in the brief segment, the gentleman, a marriage celebrant, was found guilty by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) for alleged price fixing in the funeral industry.

I spoke to the gentleman concerned moments before writing this. He assured me, he was totally innocent. He had simply sent a letter to funeral directors, giving some advise in relation to the recovery of costs, when a particular service was offered to their clients. The person fined, as is plain to see, is experiencing the fruit of his standing up for an innocent man in jail. I wondered, how many ABC radio listeners that night would have know about this; maybe not even the ABC staff, who simply reported the case.

I felt I ought to fill them in and sent an email to the ABC's PM program:


Date: August 13, 07  - Subject: My cynical mind speaking:

Hi all,
D.M was fined $40,000 for alleged price fixing. Yet, I heard on your show that he did not gain one cent from the alleged offense committed. How can sending a simple letter justify such a heavy fine?


One interesting point none of the listeners would have known about D; he is very active in having an innocent man released from prison in   Queensland (MP Bill D'Arcy).

The cynic inside me thinks, D. is being taught a lesson to not be speaking out against a gross injustice!


My cynicism comes from the same experience here in Adelaide: Speak out against injustice (my prisoner is serving 25 years innocently) and the full force of the State will be upon you!

Kind regards
Dieter Fischer
PS But there is a power stronger than all corrupt Governments put together. This power will have the final say.



Friends, this is not the Australia I migrated to. Oh, yes, corruption has always been with us. But has it ever been sanctioned by Governments, misreported in the media, or assisted by police?

It makes me ask the question, and my contact above agrees: Perhaps Premier Beattie (and Carr and Bracks) suddenly realized the truth of the falseness our system? Was their eyes opened in a moment of enlightenment, which led to them walking away from the corruption? Walking away is the second best option. The first option, however, is a road nobody likes to take. But somebody has to walk that walk.

- - - - - - -


February 07: Symbol of drought - Boatsheds minus water on "Lake Wendouree" Ballarat / Victoria, 120 kilometres west of Melbourne.

This popular tourist and recreational destination (when there is water in it) was the venue for the 1956 Olympic rowing events. (They ought to erect a sign for potential visitors: Boat owners must bring own water ...)

Are we not all glad politicians can't included rainfalls in next year's budget? But politicians, and all of us for that matter, can influence rainfall.

How? Let's declare, there is no God, prayers are a waste of time and make laws accordingly, even when they go directly against God's laws.

- - - - - - -


In my friend's letter above, regarding the D'Arcy case misreporting, he mentions that often prominent people are accused of sex crimes which never occurred. It makes me think, how easily a friend of mine could have also ended up in jail. Maybe what saved him, he  wasn't a public figure?

The divorced man in his early 40's, let's call him L, became an invalid pensioner, after a serious motor bike accident. Every week he helped in a church children's program, where parents, many who never go to church themselves, dropped their children and went shopping etc. During the evening the children received a meal at a very minimal rate.

One evening my friend L, together with some children and another leader were preparing the meal they were going to have later. L noticed a couple of girls playing with sausages and giggling. The girls, about 12 years old, were mimicking oral sex and masturbation. A sausage and a penis, even a 12-year old child knows, are of similar shape.

What is a children's worker to do, watching this, apart from trying to hide their embarrassment? My friend L simply said: "Cut that out!" A few more giggles from immature little girls and that was it. So he thought. But that was not the end of the matter.

A few days later he was called to the church office. The mother of one of the girls had phoned the church, because the girl had told a complete different story. She alleged that L made a comment to her, suggesting they go and do "it" somewhere, referring to the sausage act.

My friend was shocked. He explained what really happened and that the other youth leader on the table witnessed the whole thing. Why don't they ask her?  L was asked to speak to the girl's mother to appease her. He explained things and they all lived happily ever after - or did they?

L's offer to bring in his witness was not taken up. He was told, he should call himself lucky, that the police had not been called in. Had the girl's mother contacted the police, no doubt, detectives R ..., S...., L ..... and possibly B..... would have tried very hard to gain another conviction.

Whenever L. tells me about it all, I still sense his deep hurt, even though he says he has forgiven them. He does not go to church any longer. I tried to tell him to not blame God, but rather see if there is a purpose, a lesson which could be learned. (Perhaps writing about it here may bring change?)

Of course, in hindsight L. should have just ignored two giggling little girls; or should he? I said to him: "What those girls did to you is called sexual harassment. If they get away with it, will they try the same trick on a teacher or, a few years later, on their driving instructor? Why don't you demand an apology?"

Friends, you can see the damage a simple lie, by an immature girl, caused or could have caused. The devil is a liar. His very nature is lying. His aim to steal, to kill and to destroy.

Another point must be made here - the hypocrisy of our society. Why did 12 year old girls carry on as they did at the Youth Club? At 12 years old I hardly knew there were two kinds of people in the world, let alone had any clue what oral sex was. Any vigilant adult, who witnesses 12 year-old children mimic sexual acts, must ask, where did they see such behaviour?

As I write, a series on Channel Ten TV is screened. It's called Californication. I never saw any of it, but from what I read about it, it's rather disturbing - frontal nudity, a nun giving oral sex to a man etc. And please, nobody tell me that 12 year old girls are always in bed at 9.30 pm!

A prominent radio personality, Mr. G. wrote in a newspaper column in Adelaide's Sunday Mail 8/9/07:

"Generally the dial-a-prudes like the Festival of Light, the Australian Christian Lobby and Family First imagine sex is dirty unless it's within a marriage of two heterosexual people. The fact consensual sex outside of marriage might be fun and healthy is horrifying. God forbid anybody enjoying themselves. They want non-conjugal sex and any depiction of it banned."

Your radio shows, Mr. G are very entertaining and fun to listen to. Your article in the Sunday Mail, however, where you attacked above organisations, is the opposite of fun - it's alarming.

Sex outside marriage may sound like fun at the time. But the fruit of  substituting lust with genuine love for another person, tastes bitter in the end: Sexually transmitted deceases, unwanted pregnancies, ruined relationships etc etc! Look at certain third world countries, where children, conceived during an hour of fun, are roaming the streets - a breeding ground for crime, misery and poverty.

The organisations you are attacking don't hate sex. The leaders in FOL, who I know personally, are responsible parents and grandparents. FOL is fighting a battle against warped, godless thinking like yours. Christians don't hate sex, but want to guide our young people down the right path, to shield them from the bitter fruits mentioned above.

As is the case with drugs, it is far better to prevent harm, than to turn a blind eye to the damage being done, then having to spent millions on rehabilitation. Telling young people what not to do, clearly marking a line between what is acceptable and what is harmful, is not a popular task. But it needs to be done.


Nobody likes confrontation. Just ask the United States President. Where would Saddam Hussein be today, had somebody not taken on the unpopular task of standing up against the evil dictator? Would his influence have reached into Israel by now?

No, to stand up for a what you believe in, does not always make you popular. But your conscience is clear, because you know you did, what you knew was your job to do, and you followed it through to the end.


The FOL, together with thousands of ordinary, yet often silent Australians, still believe that there is such a thing as sin. To sin wilfully, against all moral conscience, is rebelling against Almighty God and punishable by death, eternal death. Just remember Mr. G. who you are fighting against!

I wished somebody at Channel Ten would read this. Perhaps they would twice think about what they dish up to an audience, who swallows it all, not even thinking the damage it could do to themselves or our young people. Perhaps 12-years old girls would think about other things than oral sex, when going to kids club.

Thanks to the Christian work of the Festival of Light, the following advertisers (according to FOL information) have withdrawn their advertisements from the show Californication:

Holden, Holeproof, Nestle, Campbell Arnott, GlaxoSmith-Kline, Spotlight, BankSA, Aussie Home Loans, Bridgestone, IKEA, Cash-Converters, Mitre 10, NetAlert, ACTU, Toowoomba Special Vehicles, GE- Money, Perth Royal Show.

Sadly, Ford and Kelloggs, according to the Festival of Light email, have refused to join the boycott. Some are obviously happy to make money out of filth shown on TV. One company, Shiels Jewellers, which FOL also phoned, made abusive comments toward FOL staff. They must have reasons for their action, perhaps motives beyond finances?

On 13/9/07, during a brief segment on our SBS Network, I overheard for the first time in years the word Jesus in a TV show. The next day I emailed SBS regarding the blasphemy. During typing, somehow, my thoughts expanded, drawing a bigger picture:


Hi all,
Around 7.40 pm on 13/9/07 (Adelaide) you broadcast a segment called *Mark & Venus. At the beginning the only two characters in it, obviously M&V, had things go wrong and yelled in frustration: "Jesus"!
I find it blasphemous for a scriptwriter to include the name of our Lord and Saviour, even though, you may argue, this happens in real life. TV stations could set a standard, not merely follow them, if they decided to do so. 
This also applies to nudity, sex, violence. Our society would be a better place, if such evil was minimised or not shown at all. People will watch what is dished up to them.
If all stations were to cut out the rubbish, I don't think you would get many emails demanding: "Please show us more murders, bashings, rape, sex, sodomy - we miss it very much!"
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS  Perhaps your scrip writers needs a little education. If he or she had written Holy Mohammed, instead of Jesus, it could have started a holy war.   

(*should read Marx)


As I write, a Member of South Australia's Parliament, is being interviewed in the studios of the ABC, on Radio 5AN. The female MP, an ardent campaigner against drugs, was elected on 18/3/06, much to her and everyone else's surprise. The subject of the interview was truth in the family court system, or more specifically, the use of polygraphs when interviewing parents. The MP said that she receives many complaints from parents, where the other partner tells lies, after a relationship had gone sour.

From information I receive regularly in a newsletter for fathers, many Australian men are suffering badly, because of the unfair treatment they receive in our Family Court system. The male suicide rate eclipses that of females by a big margin.

The most convincing argument for the use of technology in monitoring lies and truth: If somebody knows they were to face a computer program with a 98 % accuracy rate, they would think twice before inventing abuse, which never happened!

The MP mentioned that the technology in polygraphs, which she did not want to call lie detectors, has come a long way in recent years and has been successfully used in the United States for eight years.

Just imagine, if my friend L had a daughter. Had the allegations against him gone further, it may have led to his being cut off from his own daughter. This kind of thing happens, friends. Lies have a habit of breeding like mice and rabbits, when truth flies out the window.

- - - - - - -

Hetty Johnstone - this is the other side of your coin. Let me assure you, if you were innocently accused and serving a lengthy jail sentence, one single, wrongful, fabricated conviction would be one too many!


I ask the question: Has sex abuse, an offense committed mainly by males, been blown up out of all proportion, and exploited by certain elements? If so, I can think of at least five sectors, who just love and make a good living from the "false memory industry", as the organised false sex allegations industry is called:


1. The feminist lobby: Woman who have been abused by men often hate men for life. As tragic as abuse is, how can they justify random attacks on men and make accusations, which are unsubstantiated, or simply invented? I noted that the main legal professionals in the Liddy trial, the two prosecutors, the defence lawyer and the sentencing judge, were all females.

2. Governments: If any high-profile person is charged with offences, especially sex offences, it looks good, when such a person is jailed - guilty or innocent, who cares? Anybody standing up for the wrongly accused person, finds that they are themselves targeted. Ask my friend, mentioned above, who was fined $ 40 000, which he claims was unjustified. The ACCC is a Government body.

3. Lawyers: Let me repeat a sentence printed earlier in the Press release of the abandoned Liddy civil case:

The lawyers involved in the case say they are negotiating a possible settlement, but the pool of Liddy's funds available to compensate his victims, continues to diminish.

I ask, who is taking money on behalf of Peter Liddy? What are they doing to earn this money? In a face to face meeting with PL's lawyer I have suggested two courses of action. As far as I know, nothing is being done in the case. Unless it's all done in secret!

4. Criminals: Knowing how easy it is to fabricate false charges against an innocent man, the threat of child abuse allegations could be used to blackmail a person. This argument bears out in the Liddy case. One accuser went to find out from a lawyer, how much money he was entitled to as compensation, if his abuser were found guilty. Many jumped on that bandwagon.

5. The media: Stories, which include sex, plus anything bizarre, involving high-profile people, like MP's, the clergy or magistrates, are popular with readers. Be honest, which newspaper headline catches your attention more: Government Committee to proceed with land tax reform or Preacher accused of raping choir member. I know which one sells more newspapers and makes people feel good not going to church.

- - - - - - -

The year 2007 in Australia is a Federal Election year. I noticed very early in the year, months before the polls were due to be held, how the media reported poll results. Initially, they looked so bad that even a Federal Minister, I could hardly believe my ears, said on national TV: "We (the Liberal Party) will probably lose this election". This was in May 07, months away from even the start of any specific election campaign.

The barrage of bad news for Mr. Howard and his Government was relentless in the weeks and months following. Having almost lost complete faith in what I hear and see on radio or TV, I started thinking, how easy it would be to manipulate people in poll results. And who on earth could double-check, actually audit, a published poll result?

Was my cynicism toward the media a result of my bitter experiences with newspapers twisting the truth? Did I mistrust the media, because of my disappointment of their silence about the innocent man lingering in a dark jail cell? Whatever it was, my cynicism toward the media and the doubts about the poll results came through in the email I sent to ABC's AM program on 17/9/07:


Hi all,

When I get my phone bill I can check it, if it's correct. My bank statement I tally up at the end of the month. What about opinion polls, conducted verbally by telephone?

Who on earth could ever check back, if the numbers were correctly input. I have experienced enough corruption in our otherwise beautiful country to get very cynical, when I hear that the people of Bennelong want Howard out, with a big 7 % swing!

The media, as far as I can see, wants John Howard out and have been telling us so, when there is no real reason for change.

Regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

PS   One of dumbest statements I ever heard was by one of your very-high profile colleagues in the ABC, telling Mr. Howard: "Australian voters are bored .... ." The media is bored, they want and need a change, they are telling us, who to vote for!


(Are you an Australian voter? Are you bored? For God's sake, find a worthwhile cause to do good and then do it!)

A high-profile, female journalist gave up her job in order to enter politics. She is standing for the Labour Party against our Prime Minister in his Sydney electorate of Bennelong, which Mr. Howard has held since 1974.

It is understandable that journalists are favouring one of their own. However, ABC staff would especially be glad, if the lady were to snatch the seat from the PM's grasp. The female Labor candidate used to work for the ABC on television.

I really wondered, if the reported 7 % swing against Liberal in Bennelong, against our second longest serving Prime Minister, is a true poll result, and if the poll was conducted fairly.

Did I dream this or is it fact? The inventor of the lie detector at first wanted to call his machine journo-graph. But then he thought this might upset some journalists. So he called it poly-graph.

I still dream.

Chapter 19