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17.   The No. 3 Job 

The previous chapter ended with the two words - the power. As I write this first draft in this new chapter, the Power is the flavour of the month in Adelaide. Three days ago this Port Adelaide based football team secured a place in the semi-final of the Australian Football League. Port Power won against the West Coast Eagles, last year's champions, by a narrow margin.

Later in the chapter I shall explain, how God once again used football scores, to show Himself. There is no doubt in my mind that HE, the God of Heaven and earth, is behind all of this, just as HE was in the voice (four more months) I had heard in Hollywood that April.

The revelation I had received on Father's Day 07, regarding the powerful number four, was followed by two more surprises. The first came on the day after uploading the previous chapter, No. 16 (4 x 4). The date was September 4th.

Chapter 16 was my 256th chapter overall in this, my numbers-filled biography.  Multiply 4 by the power of 4 and you arrive at 256! God's perfect timing is awesome.

The second surprise also came on the morning after publishing Chapter 16. For the very first time, as far as I can recall, I had written about the breakfast program AM. I  even titled the chapter using the two letters AM. As I listened to the introductory music on September 4th, AM sounded different. As I listened I wondered what was happening.

How incredibly timely was this? Less than 12 hours after I had written about this program, in my chapter about the number four, the program celebrated 4 decades of broadcasting. According to AM's website, their first ever broadcast went on air on 4/9/67.

- - - - - - -


Drive-belt found during bike ride at Mawson Lakes (Sat 8/9/07).

Cycling through Mawson Lakes, a brand new Adelaide suburb, a black, round rubber belt was lying in the gutter. It looked as new. I turned back to check. Above my find, in huge letters, I read the name Ma.w.son (dots added) on a placard/fence.

One of my early slogans was: It all makes sense. A picture still shows this on the slash page of my * website.

After picking up the belt, what I read made sense: Gates, Power, GT, MR 750 (7 upside down - L = 50). Even the letter R makes sense. In a recent chapter an R fell off on Sunrise!

(*Since I am concentrating on this writing, I have been neglecting the site - Anyone interested in revamping it and running, or should I say, driving with it? Email me, address see


- - - - - - -


As above example (4 to the power of 4) shows, as childish as it may seem, I was still discovering clues in numbers or other unusual ways. Less than a week before writing I again made a surprise find, with numbers mentioned in the preceding chapter! I could not help, but email the story to a TV program I watch occasionally, but only email rarely. 

History seemed to be repeating itself. I noticed a little magic, as I flicked from one TV Channel to another. What happened is explained in my email to Channel Ten, dated 7/9/07:


Hi all,
Yesterday morning (6/9)  I turned on the TV. It was tuned to Channel Ten. Cartoons is not my forte, so I switched it immediately. Before Channel Seven came on I heard the words "in control" (around 7.04 am).
Next, Kochie on Sunrise comes on. The first words he spoke were "in control".
Now to the numbers. Last evening I took my dog for a walk as usual. Outside our house, virtually, was an empty beer can - Castlemaine XXXX GOLD Australian Lager. It's worth 5c. Next I walked up Goodall, turned into Nelson, crossed it, crossed McIntyre Road and, how strange,  I saw another empty Castlemaine XXXX Gold, identical.
When I got home, I was curious. Did the two cans come out of the same batch? Did the same person perhaps drink the beer and toss the empty cans?
It appears so. The numbers on the bottom of the can are identical - 10/03/08  -  20 : 14   19.
The number 138 rang a bell immediately! To understand it all you must have read my latest Chapter 16 in my autobiography.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

- - - - - - -


Nothing much had changed during my six weeks absence overseas. After returning I sensed, my family even had enjoyed the break from their extrovert father and husband. Our 24-year-old was totally devoted to his theology studies. He has also taken up a further subject, studying philosophy. The news on that front, however, was not very encouraging.

Whoever planted the seed inside his studious, thinking mind is unclear. Judging by how passionately he argues with me about the bible etc, he changed direction from a child-like approach to an academic, analytical thinking style, which doubts many fundamental, traditional beliefs.

What's more, our third boy thinks I also ought to ask questions, since there was no absolute truth. (As if I was not asking questions!). Games I play, like turning 7 upside down to create 50,  is ludicrous to a rationally thinking University student. If I go further and apply this thinking in any kind of message, I receive further laughter and scorn.

My level of popularity was not much higher with his younger brother. *** was fast approaching adulthood. (He turned 18 a week before writing this). It was refreshing to watch how well he coped with his final year in school. In addition he managed a few hours per week, to earn some money, working in a chicken shop in Salisbury.

- - - - - - -


Land of Ideas (Germany) Newsletter, Issue 01 // 07

Page 2: A joint Business/Government Committee promotes Germany as the land of ideas. In picture above -  Land der Id.

Two gentlemen's names tickled my brain:

 Mr. Lamm he t ...... Mr. N he march.


 Below: Page 3, Land of Ideas - TectoYou(th).

Photos Deutsche Messe AG

Five people, one top VIP (the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel), two NSIP (not so important people) and two young people, (NAAIP) - not at all important people.

I call them so, because their names were not shown, in the article about a new, youth-friendly information and action program. (Unless this was at the young people's request?)

In Book 1, Chapter 18 I had written that a good journalist should not show two people and only give one name!

- - - - - - -


My weird thinking, which none of my family ever tried to follow seriously, had created an ever increasing barrier between us. On returning from my overseas jaunt, whenever the discussion turned to finances, I received the hint, more or less with a snigger: "If you had not wasted thousands, travelling all over the place, we could afford ..." I was used to this kind of criticism. Our finances could have been much worse, for which I am very thankful.

To those around me, I was the man, whose use-by date as driving instructor had expired, who now did volunteer work, helped older people, who writes page after page into his diaries and website and whose second most important calling in life was doing dishes. I did at least 63 % of all dishes at home. (Please note that this number has just appeared on the radar of my brain, so I typed it. According to a recent finding, 77 % of all statistics quoted are obtained that way).   

How much our fellow parishioners at church knew about my travels, or indeed my lengthy, weird writing, I did not know. According to my wife people are too wrapped in themselves, too busy to be reading someone else's diary. On the first Sunday back in church, only a few asked questions. Everyone accepted that I travel to the US to visit my sister and to Germany to see my brothers. Why would anybody want to know more?

This was not surprising, since we were not attending a home fellowship group. In a small group there is opportunity for transparency, dropping the religious mask, which is conducive to personal growth. Whilst in the pew on a Sunday this is almost impossible. Even in home groups, many shy away from the opportunity for close, brotherly, open, honest sharing of oneself. Yes, the bible can become a wall to hide behind! 


In the September 07 issue of InTouch Magazine I read a good example, where a man, a pastor, dropped his mask. It brought tears to my eyes. I found a soul, who really thought as I did.

One well trained pastor learned in Bible College that he will be carefully watched by his flock. So he should always look like a pastor, dress like a pastor, sound like a pastor. He learned the lingo of a pastor, what to say and what not to say. He played Mr. Perfect, pretending to be the church's role model. To the average church member he looked calm, confident, preaching fine sermons, where the dot points start with the same letter.

On the outside, he looked as if he was IT. But God does not look on the outside. During the following years he spent much time on studying how to preach better sermons, how to move up the ranks. He hardly realized how he slipped behind, in the sincerity of his prayers and close communion with God. One day, burned out, he woke to realize he hated himself.

Here is how the Pastor describes, how he dropped his mask: "I had to get honest. I reluctantly admitted to myself that I was not a pastor first, but a regular, insecure, everyday guy. And if Jesus really loved me as I was (I knew he did) then why should I go on trying to be someone I wasn't?"

The story goes on, how with a trembling heart, totally unprepared, without notes, he faced his congregation the following Sunday. With a quivering voice, he confessed to his congregation, what he had confessed to God.

It must have taken guts to do that! But real men don't make excuses, they do what they know they must do, whatever it is, whatever it takes.

Dropping your mask, living a transparent life, is taking a risk. You risk rejection (and don't I know all about that). But the reward, an intimate, daily walk with God, is the most precious thing any man or woman, and not only pastors, will find fulfilment in. 


- - - - - - -

As life in Adelaide returned to normal I often asked myself, what the purpose of my extra-ordinary journey was. If my intention was to alert my friends and the world to the innocent man in jail, I had not much evidence to show any success.

In the winter of 2007, starting on June 7th, I commenced writing chapter after chapter of what you are reading right here, my latest e-book, All in His Hand. Much insight came during researching and reviewing. What took place during the six week trip, took three months to write about and publish here. I was and am still astounded every day, what was and is taking place every day.

My God-given dream of vast numbers of people being profoundly touched by the Gospel of Jesus, seemed to have become a reality. The question was to what extent and how could I measure it? How was I to know, who was reading my story and what they thought of it all?

I contemplated finding this out many times. Tangible numbers, a big number of readers, would silence those critics, who thought (and expressed it) that I ought to get myself a real job. On the other hand, I did not want to know. I may have been writing the story, but was I not merely the messenger, the reporter of the magic? Why should I be concerned, who was reading HIS message or what they thought of IT or HIM?


On July 9th 07, having worked solid for a number of days, I cycled into Adelaide to look for more voluntary work. I liked the exercise. It was the day I had picked up the fan tale wrapper and marbles, shown in Chapter 9.

Cycling through the suburb of Collinswood I noticed something on the footpath. It deserves a special mention, because it was located a few hundred meters from Mr. Eugene McGee's residence, in the same street.

I have spoken to Mr. McGee a number of times, hoping to receive useful information in the Liddy case. Perhaps he knew more about the case, but he was gagged, as I suspected  many people were, who had close involvement in the case. (A reliable source told me that many at the Elizabeth Police/Court Complex would know that Mr. Liddy is innocent).

The name McGee still occasionally pops up in the News. Authorities are still trying to get a conviction for the alleged hit-and-run drink driver, and his brother, who allegedly helped him get away. The accident became the subject of the Kapunda Road Royal Commission. (I wrote extensively about it Book 4, Chapter 15).

Normally I would have ignored what I spotted on top of a pile of ready to be collected rubbish, but the item rang a bell immediately. On top of a broken, wooden pallet was something red, blue and yellow. It was a toy truck, the size of a football or bigger, identical to the one I had photographed in Kapunda some years earlier.  (Book 4, Chapter 2.)

It was no co-incidence. The toy truck in Kapunda was in the street, where Eugene McGee's mother lived, where Eugene fled to, after committing his alleged crime. To now spot an identical, plastic toy truck, still covered in sand, was too good to leave behind. I strapped it onto the back of my bike.

For the next two hours, as I cycled the streets of Adelaide, from place to place, the toy truck was like a symbol of triumph that God knows and God sees. And so will all in the end.

Very strange, moments later, on Main North Road, Medindie I saw a VW Van for sale. It was sign-written - Powerful & Mighty. The registration number fitted very powerfully, the mighty number ...864.

My next stop was the Catholic Centre, adjacent to St. Xavier Cathedral. A Balfour's Pies sandwich board read: Real honest food. (Except, you can't eat sandwich boards).

For a few moments I stayed and reflected and prayed  for Msr. Cappo. He was the senior Catholic clergyman, appointed and paid by our Labour Government to be the head of the Social Inclusion Board. I had filled him in on my findings in the Liddy case. Nothing had come of it, which I could identify as a positive, except an email, where the gentleman asked me to keep him informed. (He should have chosen to be a politician, not a Seelsorger).

When the clergyman appears on TV, he usually speaks out for the homeless and the poor. But I question, could you be more socially excluded, than being locked up innocently in prison? Was it not his duty to be standing up for his Catholic parishioner in Yatala jail? How could he reconcile knowing about him and not doing anything about it? (Unless, again, as I hope is the case, something is happening in the background).

Where next, I silently prayed? The Magistrate's Court, where Peter Liddy used to work, was just around the corner in Victoria Square. Because this thought came into my mind, I felt this is where I ought to go. From a distance I saw that at the recently built Remand Centre, right next to the Magistrate's Courts, a flag  was flying what looked like half-mast.

(Strange, on the News this evening this building showed on the screen, during a report on Mr. Duncan, a former Attorney General, who was charged with making false pretences. A huge letter showed the number 3, the address of the Remand Centre).

The flag had made me curious. I walked a few steps to ask a bystander, if anyone important had died. The man had a big beer belly and a beard. I asked him about to the flag at half-mast. He didn't know. We got talking.

Suddenly I had a weird sensation: Don't I know this man? After a brief moment, I knew that I knew this person. But where from? The answer came in seconds. The big bearded man had two years earlier made headline news in Adelaide. I had seen him on TV. I asked him, straight out: "Your name is Terry, isn't it?" He nodded.


Business card - Terry Stephens (not the Member of Parliament by the same name).

God's Work Will Be Done

Terry Stephens may well have had a change of heart. His organisation Felowship 1 helps released prisoners with emergency accommodation.

If his slogan is anything to go by, he is right on the money! (Oops ...should I rephrase that?)


Here is what I had written in my first book about the gentlemen. (I better write nicely about him, knowing he is out of jail now - just kidding).

(Extract from Book 1, Sand, Chapter 33).

Terry Stephens had appeared on a TV program. I was surprised at  the large amount of airtime he received in the media. At the conclusion of one interview the convicted ex-criminal publicly announced: “If you are listening, Peter Lewis, I will destroy you!” The audacity of the man was beyond belief. In the back of my mind I questioned: Had he done this before, ruin another person’s life? Was he involved in plotting against the other PL perhaps? Was he a specialist in scheming evil?


The gentleman was now standing opposite me, only my bicycle between me and his hulk of a body. But he sounded far from evil. He gave the impression of being a friendly, amiable character. He asked me, who I was. He knew. Somebody had alerted him, after having read the above chapter, possibly. To me it confirmed that people were reading what I had written.

During our 15 minute conversation Mr. Stephens made some quite startling claims. If they were to be true, and the public of South Australia would be allowed to know them, there would be an outcry. (This information I will, of course, not disclose). One thing I have learned here in Adelaide - Do not believe everything you hear. Then again, if I assume the newspapers are full of lies, perhaps this ex-criminal, who appears to have had a change of heart, may be telling the truth, at least sometime?

After our brief discussion, during which Mr. Stephens answered his mobile phone a few times, we both came to the conclusion that it was hard to judge in this corrupt city, who is telling blatant lies and who is simply failing to tell the full truth. He said, he didn't mind, if I were to write about our conversation.

One piece of information by Terry Stephens really shocked me. He claimed to be in possession of a video, which shows Peter Liddy committing evil acts, like the ones he was arrested and convicted  for.

I challenged Mr. Stephens, if he was prepared to show this video evidence to me; or other people I know, who think Peter Liddy is innocent. I can't recall his answer. It was not a clear yes. What I do remember, he mentioned a State MP, one I knew personally, who supposedly had seen the video.

Another piece of information Mr. Stephens passed on to me: I had not known that Peter Lewis, in 2002 one of the most powerful politicians in our state, had moved overseas. He is the one Mr. Stephens pledged on our TV screens, he would destroy.

- - - - - - -


On the way after checking out a house fire about 8 kilometres from our house, I came across this: 5-11, SOLD, Ph. No. ....5555, Windsor - Grove / Grave.


 Early in September 21 World Leaders met under tight security in Sydney, Australia. The faux pas, saying OPEC instead of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) became a joke.

pl sa(w)

- - - - - - -


As I got back onto my well used Wheeler Crossline 2600, Terry Stephen's handed me his business card. He never commented on my unusual piece of luggage strapped to the carrier.

There was plenty to think about as I pedalled on. I can't ever recall having personally spoken to a well-known, professional ex-criminal. I certainly did not feel any fear. There was something, which made me want to like this man. Perhaps his transparency? Or was it his business card, which indicated, he was on the same team, at least on the surface?

I resisted the urge to rush down King William Street, charge into Parliament House and find out first hand, if the said MP really had seen a video of the ex-magistrate committing sexual acts. It would have been unwise of me to act too quickly, on information from a convicted ex-fraudster, which was literally obtained during a chance meeting on the street. Yet, if it were true, unthinkable, I would have a lot of explaining to do.

If this MP were to confirm he had undeniable proof of Liddy's guilt, a video from a trusted source, my credibility would be damaged beyond repair. My whole world would collapse, at least temporarily. Much of my writing would be regarded as useless. What's more, all my talk about God showing me this and that, would all be blowing in the wind.

I still felt that in South Australia, even an MP's office email, including his phone line, could be under surveillance, just as I suspected this to be the case in my home. Technology in today's world is such, if authorities wanted to, they could monitor every email, every phone call or trace every journey in your motor car. Of course, on the surface it all looks clean. There are privacy laws. But laws are made for lawyers to become rich, not for the innocent or poor to get justice!

The only way to ask this MP about the Liddy video was face to face. It so happened eleven days later I would be having the opportunity to meet this gentleman during a large gathering.

On July 20th 07 the Federal Member for Wakefield and the Liberal Party held a morning tea. The special guest was the Prime Minister, Mr. John Howard. The MP I needed to speak to, so I was told, would be there.

Originally, I had hoped that, with a slim chance, it might be possible to draw the Prime Minister's attention and talk with him about the case. What better person to do this than Mrs. Liddy, the mother of Peter. I phoned the 88-year old, very alert lady, and explained it all. Sadly, she declined my offer to come along to the function, even though it was held only a few minutes drive from her residence in Gawler.

Once before I had felt a reluctance, by her and her imprisoned son, to  plead his case more loudly, even if it made waves. Peter, regarding his mother's age, possibly did not want her to feel she had to fight for him. This humble attitude, in this case rather misplaced, made it very hard for me and those, who want to take up Peter's cause. Critics may even argue that this is a passive way of admitting guilt.

I rather see it as a very loving relationship the prisoner has to his mother. They seem very close, despite the separation. Every time I talk to her, I sense love behind the hurt. I am sure a ten-minute talk to this fine, elderly lady, would convince anybody, that she did not bring a monster into the world, but raised a fine boy, who grew into an upright, respected, generous man, serving our community.

Just recently she reminded me, how Peter would pass money in envelops to needy people. They would not have know, where it came from. Who does that these days, giving money away, without it being a tax-deduction?

Even if Mrs. Liddy would have accompanied me to the morning tea, I could not promise her to get even a minute personally with the Prime Minister. Just her presence, however, would have turned some heads and raised some questions. At one point, when the Prime Minister was walking among the large auditorium, giving people the opportunity to ask questions, I contemplated dropping the big one.

Here is the big one: "Mr. Howard, are you a cruncher or a folder?" (To understand this joke one needs to have seen a certain TV commercial, which promotes toilet paper").

Well I did not have the courage to publicly ask this question, nor if he could help, to release my innocent friend from jail. (I'm telling it as it was).

The AM tea with the PM, however, was not entirely wasted. I scored a free drink, shook hands with a local Pastor, the one who said I had been deceived, and found the MP I was looking for among the crowd of over five hundred.

To my great relieve the gentleman, an experienced Liberal MP, said he only heard about the existence of such video. Somebody else had apparently viewed it. Before we parted he made a quiet comment, almost talking to himself: "People in Kapunda have been asking questions". I almost answered: That means they can read!

Will the citizens of Kapunda and Gawler and Adelaide receive answers to their questions, is the question?

- - - - - - -

An interesting News item at the end of May 07 reported that the Federal Member for Port Adelaide, Rod Sawford, who was retiring from Federal politics* at the next election, called for the establishment of an independent body to tackle corruption in our State.


*The latest News: One day before writing, on Sept. 10th, the third State Premier of Australia, Mr. Peter Beattie of Queensland, announced his resignation, which was a complete surprise. In August 2005 the NSW Premier Bob Carr had resigned and departed with equal haste. To complete the hat-trick, Labour Party Premiers resigning, the Victorian Premier Steve Bracks said good-bye to politics on July 27th 07. His departure also came totally out of the blue.

Surely, people are asking, why are these high-profile politicians turning their backs on the very position they had tried to achieve, possibly since being elected to Parliament?

Mr. Peter Beattie, as did the other Premiers, gave as the main reason - he wants to spend more time with his family. He will be playing a different game from now on, honestly.

After yesterday's announcement a caller to ABC Radio 5AN 891 asked, why our State Premier, Mr. Rann, was not following the NSW, Victoria and Queensland example?


In response to the Federal Member for Port Adelaide, on the same News item, a spokesperson for our State Attorney-General rejected the idea, saying we did not need  an ICAC (Independent Commission against Corruption). No reason was given, at least not on the news item I heard. I emailed the Attorney-General:



Dear Mr. Atkinson,

At the 10am ABC 891 Radio News (31/5/07) it was reported, a spokesman for your Government, who was not named, rejected the call from Federal MP Rod Sawford to establish a Commission to monitor corruption in our State, something which the main States have. No reasons or further explanation were given.
Why is your Government not tackling corruption, by police, by the judicial system and the media, in this State?

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer


I felt a little hypocritical to be signing off - kind regards, when in fact I was seething as I typed. I was thinking to myself, why was the Liberal Opposition not making justice, exposing the Liddy case, a part of their strategy to win back Government?

I could follow up and feed them with at least one other case, a possibly innocent man serving 18 years, also on sex charges. If this is not a reason to tackle injustice and corruption, or gross incompetence by the court system, I don't know what other catalyst was needed?

A friend from church passed on to me a few pages from our Advertiser Newspaper, dated Wednesday August 23rd 07. On the front page was a huge headline: LIBS ATTACK CORRUPTION. Our State Opposition Leader called for the establishment of an Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC). If elected to Government in 2010, his Liberal Party would form an ICAC. He believed, it would only cost $15 Million a year, according to the front page article.

I wondered, why wait 2 1/2 years? Would not the chances of election be far better, having demonstrated that you and your party are really serious about exposing corruption? About a week ago I passed a copy of my long version of the Liddy case to he Liberal Opposition. If neither party tackles the issue, one can't blame the people of South Australia, saying they (the politicians) are all crooks. 


Front Page ,The Advertiser  Newspaper, 23/8/07 (beside headline LIBS ATTACK CORRUPTION)

Jockey Troy Baker* wearing South Australia's state colours,, is thrown from his horse. It happened the day before, on 22.8, at Murray Bridge.

Underneath it read: Baker was uninjured. It looked as if "he b ok". Why did this rider, by falling uninjured off his horse, make it on to the front page of a Saturday Newspaper?   

On page 5 of the same paper the headline reads: Black Friday's $53 billion plunge. Stock trader Jason N. Blatt was holding his forehead in disbelief. (Picture Chapter 14).

*The day before writing, on 9/10, I felt the urge to drive to Oaklands Park, then detour to Somerton Park, to inspect the scene of an alleged hit-run crash. Three days earlier an 85-year old man had been hit and killed as he got out of his car.

The location was the corner of Diagonal Road and Baker Street, outside the Ma.son.ic Homes (dots added). Across the road, only a short distance away, I noticed a business - Unique 1. 

- - - - - - -


The Liberal's call to combat corruption came after retiring Auditor General, Ken McPherson, in a frightening admission, pointed to the fact that no official, independent body exists in South Australia, which monitors politicians and the police, and makes them accountable for their action.

Mr. McPherson had held the position of Auditor-General for 17 years and was happy to stay on. But he was coming to retirement age, and requested to resign (as I understood press reports). During a recent press conference he made a comment, which should concern every South Australian:

 "It frightens me, every time I hear the Police Commissioner announce, that he will launch an enquiry. If the police is investigating their own misdemeanours, it's like the chief lion, looking into his lion's den."

How ironic - Mr. Liddy had headed the Police Disciplinary Tribunal for 25 years, while serving as Magistrate. Now that Mr. Liddy is in jail, the question asked by ABC Radio journalists Bevan and Abraham were valid: "Who is independently keeping a watch on our police and our judiciary?"

Was this another reason, why Peter Liddy was pursued relentlessly, why the detectives tried that extra bit harder to gain a conviction in the case? (One detective even received an official award for his outstanding work in the Liddy case). To think that all that existed initially was a letter, a page of gossip from an alleged victim, possibly a criminal in jail, who did not even have the guts to put his name onto the paper....

It begs belief that this witch-hunt was allowed to go on and ruined the lives of so many. And sad to say, more cases, which look very similar, are popping into the press regularly - one name springs to mind - Mountford.


All I say in this case - there was only one accuser, who is now too sick to testify. The alleged offender has an elderly father, the offences go back over 15 years, while working with boys, the accused maintains his innocence. (Very similar to the Liddy case).

According to an online article in the Advertiser newspaper, the accused is a confessed homosexual. If this is so, why on earth did a Boy's School employ him as school chaplain?

South Australians should hear more of this case, since Mr. Mountford foreshadowed court action in due course. The school involved sent 10 000 letters to their school community, asking other possible victims to come forward! I shall be watching this case!


- - - - - - -


The number of doubtful stories in the media kept increasing. In my mind more and more items, big and small did not make sense. I sensed a war for truth was being waged behind the scenes. Truth was fighting against lies. God hates lies. Nature has it that truth wins. Truth has the power to set people free. It's a wonderful feeling to be free.

While listening to the radio, mainly, but also on TV, I still hear or see items and picture it all in my mind. Often my brain would stop in its tracks and say: wait a minute, this does not make sense. If I then felt an urge to email, I did so to a person or organisation, connected to the story. When the matter was open to humour, or I saw a connection to what I had written somewhere, my satirical mind wanted to play.

One such news story came after waking in the middle of the night on 5/9/07, at 2.28 am to be exact. I have emailed Prime Minister before. That night I did so again, after hearing of a plan that the PM of New Guinea wants to increase the size of his cabinet. It was going to cost $ 100 million. Such a huge amount of money, in a poor country, blatantly wasted, called for action.

I emailed the Prime Minister of New Guinea Mr. Michael Somare, as follows:


Dear Mr. Somare,
On our ABC Radio News, 2.30 am local time, I heard that you were considering increasing your team of Ministers from 27 to 35. The cost was to amount to a staggering 100 million Dollars.
My question is threefold:
1. Is this 100 Million Dollars a one-off cost to set up these portfolios, or an ongoing expense - 0.1 Billion per year?
2. Do you think eight more bureaucrats, and their advisers, cars, offices etc etc, would solve your countries problems?
3. Did I dream or really hear the above item on our ABC National Radio News, after waking at 2.28 am?
Please don't feel pressured to answer these questions. The last thing I would want is for you to have to employ more staff to answer emails from sleepless people with active minds, asking questions.
One last thought you would agree with: My wife owns 27 pairs shoes and wants to spend more money buying more. You agree, another 8 pairs would not make her any happier or wiser!
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS  If you have 100 million to spend, educate your children in the ways of the bible. They will commit less crime, saving your country hundreds of millions later, when the fruit of such wise decision is harvested.


Those with a good memory recall that I had written a poem, following an argument Mr. Somare had at Brisbane International Airport in 05. (Book 3, Chapter 26). He was unwilling to remove his shoes during a search; hence the reference to my wife buying more shoes.  How fitting is the date! I had composed this poem on 30.3.05.

Another News item, which my brain tried to picture as I listened, made me almost laugh out loud. During the recent APEC Conference, in a rare and generous offer, China agreed to lend to the Adelaide Zoo two Giant Panda pups for breeding. There were only 185 in captivity, and it was rare to successfully breed these animals. The report named many of the tricks that had been tried, to make these animals, symbols of peace and friendship, produce more offspring.

When I heard that even pornography had been used unsuccessfully, it smelled of pure bulldust. My creative brain came up with a creative, funny short piece of writing. (I think they call it Satire, nice word, Carol, Satire, thanks. I had been writing satire for years without thinking of that word).


Hi all,

So even pornography was unsuccessful in turning on giant pandas to breed! (The World Today, 6/9/07).

Gee, what on earth is Panda Porn? Is there a big market for animal porn? Has it been tried on rabbits and mice? It must have - that's why they breed like flies! But surely, they don't produce flies-porn.

On the other hand - if they ever showed an encouraging movie to a reluctant rooster - they have to title it - cock-porn!

I suggest the following: Train the male panda from a very early age in housework, e.g. scrubbing floors, removing rubbish from their cage etc. Teach him to never argue, to always do chores on time, without a reminder, prepare meals without murmuring etc etc.

If zoo keepers ensure the female never gets a headache, much offspring should follow.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS A pampered panda is a potent panda.


If I am barking up the wrong tree, and panda-porn really exists, this in itself would make a great documentary. If Michael Moore were to produce one, I'd break my rule about never ever watching a porn movie.

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On the morning of publishing (uploading) this chapter I woke at 3.31 am. It took about ten minutes before it clicked: Today I was to publish a chapter, where two 3s played a role. I turned on the transistor radio and listened to the BBC World Service, London.

The good news was that the EU Parliament decided to allow Great Britain to determine, if and when they want to introduce the metric system. There had been a long battle by those refusing to let go of pints in favour of litres, or inches in favour of centimetres.  The determined group was referred to as metric martyrs.

After I overheard the word fun-loving German, the satirical, creative part of my mind kicked in.

Here is what came out minutes later, on 12/9/07. (I corrected a few minor mistakes):

Hi all,
Woke at 3.31AM. Because I am just writing a chapter in my autobiography, where two numbers 3, no 3, play a role I thought this fun-loving German might email you.
It's the year 2030. The EU Dictators have finally managed to force the UK to drive on the correct side of the road. There were only a few, who joined the brave band of Motoring Martyrs. (Most of them were also dodgem car lovers. Dodgem is not an American car maker!). The few that survived have taken their struggle on to the footpath, in their wheelchairs.
It's the year 2031: The Bishop of Dawkins is still standing firm. He is the head of the CMMC, the Christian Metric Martyrs Club. He still refuses to read Matthew 5, 41 correctly, reading: "If your brother forces you to go with him one mile, go with him two, but would rather be burned at the atomic incinerator, than to read: "If your brother forces you to go with him 1.6 kilometres, go with him 3.2 kilometres."
It's the year 2036: The Bishop finally gives in. His fellow Christian Metric Martyrs Club members ask him: Why did you cave in to the evil dictator from across the Channel?
He replied: "I woke at 3.16 AM this morning. I had a revelation from HIM. The Lord told me: It's OK my beloved. Give up struggling. I love the numbers 1, 6, 3 and you should too*.
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS  I was going to make another pint, but O, how forgetful I am getting. Or is it because (I C) the clock shows 4.16 AM?


*As I was thinking - should I have written here too or 2 -  at the end of the 11AM News (12/9) on ABC's 5 AN radio, the reader, Mr. Dunclan,  gave the current temperature as 16.2 degrees. (A missing No. 3, while writing about Job No. 3).


But there was more. Seconds after sending my early morning email to the BBC, I googled Pius (Ncube), a Catholic Bishop in Zimbabwe,  who bravely stood up and spoke out against the dictator Mugabe.

The very first website I opened displayed a large graphic, filling almost the entire screen with the number 316. It was advertising the new book by Max Lucado, called 316.  I emailed the BBC Worldservice again, suggesting that God may indeed love numbers, especially the number 316. (For some reason this email came back undelivered).

- - - - - - -


On Sept 11th 07 Australia's Socceroos played a friendly match in Melbourne's MCG against Argentina. Australia lost 1:0. The crowd numbered 70 171 (The Age Newspaper).

(For football magic results from the MCG read on).


Seven months after the humiliation, which striker Thompson inflicted on my Soccer Team, Adelaide United fans are finally getting over it. But I mainly show his picture, because Thompson is wearing Socceroos No. 17, here in Chapter 17.

At the time, Thompson wore No. 10 shirt, when he scored an unprecedented 5 goals in the 6:0 A-League grand final shock result. He produced a magic number of goals, doing the match, which did Melbourne Victory proud. The match was played at the Telstra Dome, Melbourne, on 18/2/07.  

In Chapter 6 I wrote how in Hamburg/Germany on 22/4 I had sat in seat No. 22 and the HSV had played 2:2.

Adelaide United played their first match of the 07/08 season in Brisbane. The result was 2:2. Their second match in Sydney was also a 2:2 draw. But who is interested in odd football scores? (Read on)

- - - - - - -


The Number 3 job started on Friday, September 7th, 07. It was the sixth anniversary of my friend Peter's sentencing - 25 years in jail. For the second time I wrote a letter to each Member of the South Australian Parliament, both in the Upper and Lower Houses. Following my first letter, almost a year prior, I only received a few standard replies: We received your letter...  (Now buzz off).

This latest effort, which I personally delivered to Parliament House, included an idea, which may have shocked many politicians. Those who had not already wiped me off as a religious fanatic and lunatic, may have done so after reading my latest wake-up call. (If indeed my message reached the actual MP's. I could imagine some instructing their staff: Don't bother me with any mail from ...).

Never for a moment did I believe God is a God of revenge or uncontrolled anger, because people were not dancing to HIS tune. At the same time, God has to sometimes get our attention to show that HE is real, that HE means business. HE does it by displaying HIS power and gently nudge us back onto the right path. This is what is happening in our generation.

In my letter to the politicians I asked them to consider another possible cause of the severe drought, which is gripping South Australia. Could it be the lies and injustices, which are allowed to go unchallenged, not only here in Adelaide, but in the world generally? Could it be God is withholding the rain, to wake us up?

There is a biblical precedent, where this occurred. The Prophet Jeremiah in Chapter 3 pointed to the immorality that was going on in the land of Israel. He did not mince any words, speaking as bluntly as prophets do, that evil had been allowed to go on:


Jeremiah 3, Verse 3: "Therefore the showers have been withheld. And there has been no latter rain. You have had a harlot's forehead. You refuse to be ashamed."

In the PS I expressed my displeasure over a planned, public gay-marriage ceremony, on November 18th, here in Adelaide:

"Allowing a public mass gay-wedding ceremony is the kind of thing, which makes God think about sending rain."


Hours after I dropped my letters, that evening, the first of our two Adelaide football teams, the Port Power, played their most important match of the season, the quarter-final against last year's champions, the West Coast Eagles. Port Power won in a thrilling match with a 3 points margin.

One day later Adelaide's only other AFL Team, called The Crows, also played an all important finals match. The contest in the MCG, the huge Melbourne Cricket ground, was even more thrilling. With minutes to play, the lead changed from Hawthorn to Adelaide and back a few times. Hawthorn, only seconds before the final siren, kicked the winning goal. It made them win by 3 points.

Normally, I title my chapters after I finish writing them. The title of this chapter, The No.3 Job however, came after a few paragraphs, when I remembered this God-incidence, the number 33 on Friday afternoon, and the football scores, 3 each on Friday night and on Saturday.

But there was more. Another No. 3 surprise came on Monday (Sept.10th 07), after having titled the chapter The No.3 Job. I opened the page in Our Daily Bread for that day, and noticed that the reading was - Job 3.

Think of this what you like, friends. I see God at work. Nothing is co-incidence. God is real, HIS work will go on until the job is done.

- - - - - - -

On the day of writing a young man, a plumber, spent quite some time giving us a quote for renewing some taps and tiles in the bathroom and laundry. The quote came to $ 620.- As he drove away, I saw his van's registration plate: ... 621.

Next I commenced writing. My eyes fell on the scripture of the wall calendar: "Jesus said to them: It is I. Be not afraid." (John 6:20)


                                          Our Daily Bread. Read: Job 3.


Job 3 is not an uplifting chapter to read. However, the ancient story of the biblical man Job has another 39 chapters. After losing everything, after the worst trauma any man could possibly go through, Job held onto his faith. He did not understand what this remote being, his God was doing, yet he still clings to HIM and trusts HIM. What a man, a real man.

After being totally broken, after much useless advise from his friends, God turned Job's life around. His body healed. God gave him a new family (same wife) and more wealth than he owned before.

If Job had a business card, his slogan would be similar to God's work will be done, written on the card of reformed criminal Terry Stephens.

Job's slogan might read (talking about God): 

 "I know that You can do everything. And no purpose of yours can be withheld from You."

(Job 42, Verse 2).


Chapter 18