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16.  I write therefore I AM

The day of uploading the previous chapter was one of Adelaide hottest August days ever. August is classed as win.ter (sic) in Australia.  According to the Advertiser Newspaper Adelaide Airport recorded 30 degrees Centigrade, it's highest August temperature in 51 years. I wondered, if any locality recorded  30.8 degrees? If so, did they realize the digits were that of the date?

There was much fallout after uploading Chapter 15 on 30th August. Severe winds buffed our state that day. Minutes after making public this latest chapter, a brief, but heavy shower fell in Para Hills and around Adelaide. Hahndorf recorded 13 mm of rain. It was the first good rain in weeks; not much is forecast for the near future.

The extreme weather may have caused the two power blackouts we had on August 30th. The first one lasted for over an hour, starting around around 3PM (15.00 hours). I had just written and de-coded the amazing connection from No. 5 River Street to No. 31 River Street.

The second power failure lasted only a few minutes. It occurred moments before I uploaded Chapter 15. Did this power outage have anything to do with IT? I am inclined to think so. A power cut draws attention to electricity. The ER.. company, the one I had a triple encounter with at the end of chapter 15, is a large Electrical company in Adelaide. I rest my case.

One more sequel to the previous chapter must be mentioned. Just before finally leaving my office, after creating and making public Chapter 15, around 10 PM, my eyes fell onto the calendar hanging in my office. Here is what I saw:



Left: On August 29 I was at 107 Cross Road at 9 am sharp. (Big, separate story). Anyone who recognized that the scripture James 5, 16 appeared in the previous chapter, go to the top of the class!

Centre: On August 30: Follow up Police Commissioner. I was reminding myself to follow up my whistle-blowing in the Liddy case. I had supplied the Police Commissioner with a copy of my findings in Chapter 13, Book 5.

(A copy of the same document is in the possession of the Mullighan Enquiry, probing into sex abuse against wards of the state. In nearly a year, they have not acknowledged receiving the document, let alone commented).

Will the Police Commissioner act or just sweep it all under the carpet? (In the next chapter I will return to the Liddy case. I have not given up, seeking justice).

- - - - - - -


(Continuing World Trip 07)

Instead of taking the airport-to-city express bus, I arrived at downtown Melbourne by tram. Coming down Elizabeth Street I spotted a parked vehicle. The large letters on the side read: Car hire $19/day. I had a history of spotting things in downtown Melbourne, parking meter numbers in Elizabeth Street. The hire-car company's phone number, 9636 0070 (not in order), also registered in my Da Ninci brain. Soon after getting off the tram I phoned the company from a public phone booth. Unfortunately, only vehicles costing $35/day were available.

A hire-car would have been the solution to a problem, I had yet to solve: How would I return to downtown Melbourne, after the night meeting in Wantirna? To get there, to this  outer Eastern suburb, by public transport would be no problem; returning was. According to my research the last bus on that route ran at around 9 PM.

As I always do, I prayed that all would work out well. If God wanted me there, coming all the way from around the world, literally, to attend this meeting, he would see that I get back OK. And he did.

After checking into the hostel I thought I shall have a few relaxing hours in Melbourne. (As if that were possible for an active brain like mine!) At the Tourist information office on Federation Square I bought my bus ticket for my final trip back to Adelaide the next day. Across the road, at St. Paul's Cathedral, I sat and meditated for a few minutes. Many recent events had taken place here. (A candle blowing in the wind). I took part in the lunchtime Eucharist. 

A visit to the famous Melbourne Markets is mandatory, almost, when in Melbourne. I spent-up big - $ 1.65 for a banana, cucumber and an apple, my lunch.

- - - - - - -


Please note: I took the following picture during a Melbourne trip three weeks later. Our daughter and her partner flew from Sydney and met with us. We were invited to stay with them in a luxury apartment at nearby Southbank.

Events during this long weekend could easily fill a chapter or three. It was a most interesting 3 days, during which I even heard DL speak. (DL is the religious leader, who always wears orange and jokes a lot).

Below: Melbourne, looking into the Yarra River from footbridge, located between Southbank and Flinders Street Station.

 I recall clearly, and my diary confirms it, there were three letters CCC printed on the cone, when I took the photo. Who removed them?

The C's are vital to make sense of how I interpret this artwork: Two examples:

1. I can C light.

2. Icon C's light.

 - - - - - - -


While waiting for the train at Flinders Street station to my evening meeting, a man walked past me with an unusual message on his T-shirt: "Aren't you dead yet?" I am not sure, whose mind is the most warped, the mug producing such a T-shirt, or the clown walking around, wearing it in a crowded railway station?

Despite leaving early, around 4.15 pm, it took me almost 4 hours to reach Wantirna. The fault was not with the public transport system, but online misinformation, which I had relied on. After two train rides, two bus rides and a long walk, I arrived about 45 minutes late.

The medium-sized auditorium at Grace Church was almost filled. I slipped into a vacant seat right at the back. The main speaker on the podium was from the USA. Based in Michigan, he is associated with the RBC (Radio Bible Class) organisation. This long established body, according to their website, was founded in 1938*. With offices in 20 countries around the world RBC, they are committed to making the bible understood and accessible to the nations.

- - - - - - -

(A slight detour into our judiciary):

*Moments ago I sent an email, commenting on a gentleman named Callinan (I  heard about him on the radio news and saw a 9 in his name). On the morning of writing the gentleman announced his retirement, 1 day short of his 70th birthday (107?)

But how well does the date of his announcement (31/8) match the comment made during his radio news conference? Mr. Callinan said: 3 of the present judges will also retire over the next 18 months!"

Mr. Callinan is one of seven judges in the High Court of Australia, who had dismissed the appeal by my friend Peter Liddy in Australia's highest judiciary, the High Court of Australia, Sydney.

How was it possible that these dignified seven legal gurus, custodians of our laws at the highest level possible, did not recognize the miscarriage of justice that had taken place at state level? Both systems failed miserably!

In just a brief glance online at the High Court transcript of Mr. Liddy's appeal, I read this statement by one High Court Judge (possibly Mr. Callina):

47. It is difficult to see how a man who has committed serious crimes when a serving magistrate and who continues to participate in the administration of the criminal justice system as a member of the judiciary, including in the determination of guilt ...

I could not agree more with this High Court Judge. It is difficult to see, how Mr. Liddy could have done, what he allegedly did. Sir, has it occurred to any of you experts, that the gentleman may have pleaded not guilty, because he is not guilty?

Another High Court judge said, referring to the personal attacks on Mr. Liddy in the victim impact statements: 

63. I accept that these statements do go beyond what should be included in a victim impact statement. They contain insulting and demeaning remarks and opinions about the appellant which are of no use in the sentencing process, although it may readily be understood why the victims would make those remarks.


Here is what I wrote in Book 5, Realm, Chapter 13, regarding this:

I ask: If the jury is supposed to stay dispassionate, why did she [Judge Nyland] allow the accusers in their victim impact statements to play on the emotions of the jury?


Law students ought to take a course in common sense, plus an IQ test, before being admitted to law school.

 - - - - - - -


(Back to the Bible class in Melbourne)

Sitting at the Grace Baptist Church in Wantirna I looked across to my left. A face looked familiar. A gentleman, sitting with another in a wheelchair, looked just like a man, about my age, a musician, from the Clovercrest Baptist Church, where we had attended years earlier. As the evening went on, I even remembered his surname - Lee. (In Book 2, Mind, Chapter 21, this gentleman and his wife got a mention). 

Next I experienced one of those moments of Karma, totally out of the blue: Seconds after Mr. Lee's name had popped into my head, the US pastor in his talk happened to also mention a Mr. Lee: Pastor Herbert Lee, of Singapore, the head of RBC worldwide.

Another bell rang straight away: Had I not just come from Singapore and touched base with a man also called Herbert? (Herbert van der Lugt, the author of the writing at the shrine, for a better word, outside St. Andrews, Singapore).

(As I write, I am thinking, perhaps the rock, the cross and the writing were to honour the late Herbert van der Lugt? Then my thoughts wander: Insert an e and Lugt turns into Luegt, the German word for lies, as in telling lies....? No, I did not write lies, promise).

During the break I walked over to Mr. Lee, the only person in the room I knew. At least, I thought I knew him. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Despite the incredible likeness, the bald head, the long pointy nose, it was not my Mr. Lee. The man's name was Morris. I felt a bit of a fool.

Morris was rather friendly, the kind of person you meet and after two minutes it feels like you had known him for years. We got talking. He had brought his friend Tim, the man in the wheelchair, to the meeting. Morris' wife was spending the weekend visiting Gawler, South Australia.

When I asked him, if on the way home, he would pass close to a railway station, he said yes. It was good to know, I had a ride after the meeting. I knew it would work out, if I left it to HIM.

After the meeting, before leaving with Morris and Tim, I took the opportunity and told the preacher, what I had seen the day before in Singapore in the grounds of St. Andrew's Cathedral. He said that he had known Herbert van der Lugt well. He had passed away only a few months earlier. But he was seeing his son regularly and would pass on my little anecdote.

When I squeezed in the back seat of Mr. L's Sedan, competing for space with the wheelchair, I read the brand name - Karma. My prayer concerning a ride home was more than answered. Mr. Lee made a lengthy detour and dropped me right near my hostel in South Melbourne. Somebody knew what it meant to go the extra mile, for a total stranger. Thanks Brother.

- - - - - - -


Street Sign - Stawell, Victoria

On the return trip from the Melbourne Long Weekend, June 07, I felt we should drive into Stawell, a few kilometres off the main highway for a break. (Stawell got a mention in my story, but only to illustrate a minor point).

On the way back to the Western Highway I saw above street sign -  AR E was all that was left of BARNES St. ARE registered immediately as EAR, which has a connection to a Melbourne story. (Book 5, Realm, Chapter 12).

Scallan Street = Street. Main Street leads to the hospital. Stawell is famous for the annual footrace, called the Stawell gift, held at Easter.

Off Barnes (born it) Street, according to the map, is Childe Street. Makes sense.

- - - - - - -


(Back to Melbourne)

Room 123 at the Urban Hostel on City Road was a good number, but a noisy room. Friday night was a bad time to be staying there. The whole 3 or 4-storey building seemed one big nightclub. My diary says, if I got an hour's sleep (after having spent the previous night on an airplane) I would be surprised.

At 2 am another all-night reveller came into the 4-bed dormitory. He started talking. At first I thought he was talking to me, who was trying hard to sleep. But no, 2 am was a good time to dial a friend and hold a conversation on the mobile phone! No wonder, the slogan of the Urban says: "Sleep is optional".

Instead of letting the lack of sleep frustrate me, I listened to my transistor radio. Unless it was my lack of sleep or what, I was sure on RRR FM, I overheard a DJ say the next morning: "It's 8.59 and 41 degrees ...". At first a touch of panic! My bus was leaving for Adelaide at 8.30 am. Then relief, the time was more like 5.19 and the temperature 14 degrees. The date was 5/19 (May 19) which may have had something to do with it?

The game of matching the date with any random number popping up, was still a popular one being played. A good example are the digits 138 in the retirement of the High Court Judge, as described above. The 318 did not escape me. The digits 138, or August 13th, was the date, when four months had expired, since the day I had heard the voice in Hollywood (Chapter 1).


Before delving into August 13, a classic example of how my numbers appeared, totally out of the blue. In the evening of August 30 I was working frantically to finish my day's work, editing Chapter 15. Isobel asked me to go to get a chicken and a few items at the supermarket. At first I hated the interruption, but after a while I went. (I wouldn't want more things blue ..., just kidding). 

Then the numbers kicked in, without trying: The chicken was $ 10.77, the total bill came to $ 16.03, the checkout was No. 5 and the girl serving me was Kristi. I was no longer annoyed, since the short excursion gave me something to write about, and a docket with nice numbers to decorate a page in my diary.


Never for a moment, since hearing the voice in Hollywood, did I doubt the three words I had heard, loud and clear - four more months. The medical profession, classes hearing voices as schizophrenia. Is it still schizophrenic, if you only hear a voice once in your whole life, which this instant was, to the best of my knowledge?

What was going to take place in four more months? Would anything major occur, a world event or a personal tragedy? Would my family's eyes suddenly be opened to the big picture? Would the truth be made public? Would my writing resume or end?

There were times, when I thought even worse: August 13, 07 could be the day Revelations 11, 7 will be fulfilled - two men will be killed.  If the two are in fact one and the same person, then who knows, I might bite the bullet that day? I would be ready for this, no worry. I am telling IT as it is, friends.

However, neither on the News, nor in my personal life, did anything of significance occur, except perhaps, the downturn in the stock market. So what, or still better, whose was that loud voice I heard. Was it from Almighty God? If so, what was the message?

Long after hearing the voice, about three months later, I remembered* a scripture, which includes the words four more months ('still four months' in some translations). I quoted the verse (John 4, 35) at the end of Chapter 12.  At first I did not want to know, if and what was to be happening after 4 months. But after that date had come and gone, uneventfully, I was puzzled as to the meaning of it all.

Until the morning of writing, I was in the dark, as was everybody else, who followed my writing. All I knew that the voice was real, and the three words I had heard were spoken clearly*.

(Writing 2 days later)

*It was still happening - both words,  remembered and clearly, came out of ABC's 891 radio program (Carol Whitlock) within moments of each other, at the same second I had typed them.

This phenomena, is still happening frequently. The latest less than an hour before writing this, the word Revelation came out of the TV during a program broadcast by the Paradise Community Church (approx. 6.10 am - 2/9/07). Seconds later, as I wrote about it into my journal, it happened a second time, again it was the word Revelation!)

This is totally out of my control. I just hear what I hear on the radio, I know that I wrote the same word into my diary at the same second. I do not know, if this is unusual. But I do clearly remember that this happened for the first time about 6 years ago. I had typed the words 'supernatural powers', when at the same moment they were spoken on radio.


Amazing timing! On the morning of writing this, September 2nd 07, God gave me the revelation. In my mind it explains what the voice in Hollywood was all about. God really is a God of surprises. He surprised me this morning:

Let's look at Four more months: As I  typed the word Four it clicked. Moving the capital letter F four space forward, it comes to our F. This the beginning of the Lord's prayer - Our Father... How wonderful that I received this on the morning of Father's Day!

But there is more; I mean, literally, the word more, the word which also was written on the plastic card I had found only hours after hearing the voice. Applying my A/0 code, more is transformed into AM ER. How this fits in with the previous chapter!

The word MONTHS is simply: Man (on the) cross 's IT.

The voice in Hollywood was not at all pointing to a date, but gave this message:

Our Father (HE the I AM) is IT - the man on the cross.

- - - - - - -


Top: Warcry Magazine 21/7/07 - Book Review - I AM, therefore I think.

Six weeks later, on Sunday 2/9, I happened to come across this magazine and emailed the editor, commenting on their review. I added in the PS: I think too much, therefore I AM.

Bottom: Amazing timing. That same Sunday afternoon (2/9) my wife and I drove into Elder Park in Adelaide to have a look at our ABC Broadcaster's 75 years Birthday celebrations.

 Moments after the presenter of the ABC's current affairs program AM, Tony Eastley, walked by, I spotted above card on the ground nearby - I think, therefore AM.

- - - - - - -

   Another incidence with a link to the ABC fits rather well in here. After having heard the voice in Hollywood I had picked up a plastic card with the word  - power.

Sometime in July I had read about a family,  who had lost a teenager in a car crash. Their surname, which I do not want to print here, is the same as that of the German word for power!

On Monday 6/8, while in Adelaide, that name suddenly came to me. I went to the State Library to search the electoral roll. I noticed a person, with that same surname, lived in a nearby suburb. I also noticed his Christian name: Adam Phillip*. This made me take a look, nothing else, at the address: No. ... East... St.

 (*A well-known ABC presenter is called Phillip Adams. I had written about him in Book 1, Chapter 53).

Stop Press: On final editing I had two brain waves. One, a person I shook hands with the day before writing, wore a shirt, which had Easy Street, written all over - East/Easy ( Code: YT).

Two: Near that address a work van was parked. The personal plate was: W ...4. At the time I had not seen how well power goes with No. 4! Oh, the power of blogging!

- - - - - - - 


I had a further thought, or revelation, if you prefer, regarding the three words of Hollywood. The verse in John's Gospel, Chapter 4, speaks about fields of harvest:

"Do you not say, there are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields..."

On Monday 13/8, my thinking turned to the word harvest. Was I to reap a harvest, bringing home a crop, in return for all the seed I had sown; the speaking out, the emails, the letters, the praying for justice?

Only days before writing this, the word fields opened up: "...lift up your eyes and look at the fields..." Did not my whole story take a turn into the supernatural, drawing attention to the N-field and the D-field in the names Lindy/Liddy?

On the surface this was childish thinking. How could I use two letters to point in the direction of a man, innocently imprisoned? But so it was! Today, after much research, I can rationally say, the D-field and the N-field were not crazy child's play. It was God at work - HE wanted all to see the fields of injustice in the corrupt world I had stumbled into.

The final piece of the Hollywood puzzle fits into this picture perfectly - the digits of the date August 13th - 138. They tie in with my first encounter, where I had perceived that a criminal activity was taking place (Book 1, Sand Chapter 5). I reported it to Crimestoppers, but never heard anything back from them. Their phone number is 1800 333 000. The reference number they had given me was B 1083.

Last, but not least, those digits are those of the scripture, which tells why Jesus came: " destroy the works of the devil". (1. John 3, 8).

If a genuine mistake has been made, putting an innocent man behind bars, it can still be, and must be, corrected. If it was done deliberately, it's the work of the devil.

Thank God HE sent his son Jesus to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus is the winner. Jesus has been given the numbers - the power.

Chapter 17