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15.  All you need is L

It was very draining, writing about all the magic I had seen while travelling overseas, and  constantly receiving fresh revelations, as I did. Thankfully, I turned to my source of strength, drawing on a power, which must be experienced to appreciate IT. It was the same power, a spiritual power, which gave me a deep, inner peace (!) to cope with IT all.

To be walking daily in close communication with God means to live beyond earthly circumstances. To know deep inside that there is an Almighty, Sovereign God, who controls us, who wisely guides our daily activities, is all that is necessary for a for a healthy life. But we must let HIM do IT. How wonderful to know, and to trust HIM, that HE only has good things planned for us; hope beyond human understanding.

In the previous chapter I had written a fun email to a TV Show, replacing all letters r with x. In my haste I mistakenly typed 4 words, where I used the letter r: regards... under ... crises ( ! ).... Lord.  When I saw it, I felt a little silly for doing so.

The next day, however, reading my daily InTouch Magazine, I was mildly astounded to read one of above words in the InTouch headline: August 22nd, 07: "Praying in a Crisis".

How amazing - long after the incredible events of Easter Sunday 06, where I was lead to a church of a different kind, was I made aware, who had conducted the ceremonies. It was the Anglican Archbishop John HEPworth.

Below: Archbishop Hepworth speaking at a Nov. 06 Festival of Light Seminar).


- - - - - - -

August 22, 07, InTouch Magazine headline: Praying in a Crisis.


The second daily bible reading I follow, Our Daily Bread, on August 22, 07, how co-incidental, also fits chapter 14 perfectly. The headline: Inn erP eace (Gaps added for illustration).

 (Peace inside the person and ... inside a window pane).

- - - - - - -


There was sequel to the previous encounter with the letters ERP, a well situated company name: PER... (two letter omitted for privacy). On the Sunday after uploading Chapter 14, I happened to attend a meeting in a different part of town. Driving home, waiting at the traffic lights near the Glenside Mental Hospital, I spotted a company's name in large letters.

The first letter was a large, white P on blue background. It had only been a few days since I uploaded a photo (previous chapter) with the three letters ERP, where the letter P was blue. Something stirred, especially after I saw something else: in large numbers their address showed as No. 135 ...!

Hey, the significance only struck me just now, on editing -  Under the ERP in Datteln the same number (135) was written on the footpath - that's spooky, but perfectly true, for all to see.

PER . .

The company is located on a corner block. It appears to have two addresses, 135 to the south, and 247 when approached from on the eastern side.

(PS. Read another ER-code story at the end of the chapter)

The final surprise, which compels me to include this strange connection, and clearly points to an intelligent designer behind it all, came on the morning of writing this first draft. I googled the company and before anything else, I found a travel report.

A small group of their staff in 06 had joined a climbing expedition. It was led by Adelaide's Duncan Chessel, a well-known mountaineer. They visited PERU and Bolivia. Chessel conquered Bolivia's tallest peak, Mt. Sajama (6,542m).

- - - - - - -


(Back to Germany)

My super fast ICE train arrived at Frankfurt Airport around 5.00 pm. This would have given me plenty of time to catch my 7.45 pm flight to Singapore. However, as I had touched on in Chapter 1, my flight did not depart at 7.45 pm, but much later, at 5 minutes to midnight. I had mixed up the Singapore departure with that of Frankfurt. Now what do you do with over six hours to spare at an airport?

I deposited my luggage and took the train into the city centre. It was a beautiful, warm evening, daylight until almost nine o'clock. Exiting the huge Hauptbahnhof (central station) I headed up Kaiser Strasse and walked to the Roemerberg, Frankfurts cobbled-stoned tourist square. From collecting postcards I recalled the Roemer was a landmark worth checking out.

The Roemer is actually a group of three ancient buildings, which today are used as town hall. Much of central Frankfurt was destroyed in World War 2. Between 1951 and 1953 the Roemerberg district was rebuilt and restored again in the early 1980's.


Frankfurt, Main.

 Fountain on the cobble-stoned Roemerberg square.

(Any reader, who is tempted to started counting windows, should ... What the heck, why not?)


I was conscious that Frankfurt was my final chance to soak up of Old Germany. I did so, sitting on a bench seat near the fountain, watching the world go by. Tourists were taking photos, others enjoyed coffee or dinner in one of the many outdoor eating places.

As I got up to move on, I spotted and picked up a copper coin under the bench beside me. Nothing unusual about finding a 1 cent Euro coin. But I looked closer. What I saw was odd - the profile of Abraham Lincoln, the word Liberty and the famous words In God we trust. Underneath the year of issue, 2005,  the letter D is shown very tiny, barely readable.

How unusual to find 1 cent* US coin of a foreign country, while visiting another overseas country? But because I had found 1 cent coins, both in my  03 and in 05 visits to Riverside, California, I found it extra-ordinary.

*Looking again, applying my Da Ninci code - the message may have been "see N & T?

Above the rooftops I noticed a tall, red church tower and headed in that direction. The huge doors to the Frankfurter Dom (St. Paul's Kirche) were still open, so I took a look inside. It was either here, or in the church adjacent to the Roemer Square, where I picked up the church newsletter, which called for more beautiful mosques in Frankfurt. (Full story end of chapter 1).

I continued my brief, first ever visit to Frankfurt by walking toward the River Main. Unexpectedly, as happened so often, a red parked VW's registration number, 1115, drew my attention. I had written about this number, because on 11/1/05 a big bushfire in South Australia had killed 9 people.

If this were the only clue, I may have ignored it. But right behind the work van was a blue tractor, model number No. SL 312 Allrad. To top it all off, the worksite's rubbish was cleared in a bin, sign-written Manauschen. I read this in Da Ninci as - AUS man see it, en.

For a moment I still hesitated. Who was playing games here? What was the purpose anyway? But the code was  too strong, too much data to just ignore. I took a photo (shown below). Seconds later, my diary says 30 meters away, I read a street sign: Grosse Fischer Str. A person in a parked vehicle was watching me, as I took a second look, before walking on.

To prepare for this chapter I used Google/Maps to check the location of this street. Up came the address, including the postcode - 60311. Grosse Fischer Strasse was a "grosser Fang" (a big catch).


In my diary, which I wrote only a short time later, while waiting at the Frankfurt airport, I commented: weird, very weird. It was the only way to describe so much Da Ninci in one place. Considering I only discovered this, because I had mixed up my departure time at the airport ...!

My evening stroll through Frankfurt continued down to the Main River. The view from a footbridge in both directions was magnificent. Frankfurt bathed in soft, orange sunlight, during the best part of the day.

I slowly made my way back to the cental station, via the Mainzer Land Strasse, the Wall Street of Frankfurt. The district, Germany's financial centre, is one of the few places in Europe with a cluster of high-rise buildings. The highest skyscraper in Frankfurt is the 259 metres (850 ft) high Commerzbank building. In a clever twist, mixing in the name of the river, this section of Frankfurt is nicknamed  - Mainhattan.

- - - - - - -


Below: Behind the Frankfurter Dom (Cathedral), the red VW Kombi van and blue tractor.

    Codes, codes and more codes, a mere 30 meters from Grosse Fischer Strasse.

Inserting an e to the registration plate, it spells FELT. Adding an e to Allrad one could create - all dare!

Advanced Da Ninci:  VW = 555, to match 111 right underneath.

- - - - - - -


On the flight from Frankfurt to Singapore I sat in seat A 30, next to Franco and his son Stefano. Neither spoke very much at all during the long trip. Before disembarking I found out they were from Brescia, Italy, on their way to visit somebody in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

(Strange name that - minus the vowels, apart from the r, all that is left: PTVL VNT).

I must have been tired of writing and travelling or both; in my diary's pages for Wednesday 16/5/7, I can not find a mention of the significant detour our jet had to take. As reported in Chapter 2, our flight suddenly changed direction above the Andaman Islands, to get medical assistance for a passenger in Bangkok. Passengers had to remain in their seats during the 1 1/2 hour delay.


Thanks to the internet I had found a modern, clean and very accessible place to stay in Singapore, the Axis hostel. At AUS $ 10.95 per night, including a light breakfast, it was good value for money. Their detailed online description, made it easy to find. The location was ideal, right beside a train station with the funny name Aljunied.

How could I not play with a name like that? How amusing, if pronounced in English - a L you need or all you need?

But my amusement did not end there. How weird, what transpired after I had checked in! My bed was in room No. 5. But that was not the weird part. It had to do with the only other person, who shared the four-bed dormitory. The young backpacker came from Klagenfurt, Austria.

Austria - Australia! Two countries, worlds apart, yet so similar in name. Sometime after having met my roommate from Austria, did the weird AL-connection click: Insert AL into Austr AL ia = Australia. (A L you need!)


EW9 = No. 9 stop on Singapore's East West train line.

Did you know that the Beatles composed their hit - All you need is Love - after a visit to Singapore? (I didn't either, I just made it up for fun).

That's funny - on the morning of writing I briefly visited Adelaide's Bakehouse Theatre, to find information about a play, staged until Sat. 1/9 - It's simply called LOVE.

- - - - - - -


The next morning I caught the train into downtown Singapore. I had no specific plans, only to have fun and a relaxing time, walking around this world renowned city. I love surprises, which came almost as soon as I exited at City Hall.  I noticed a sign: Good Shepherd Cathedral. A little reflection inside a church seemed a good starting point for my Singapore walking tour. But I did not find this Cathedral. Instead, without trying, I ended up in a different church, St. Andrews Anglican Cathedral.

At I walked around the gardens of this historic church, Singapore's oldest, I noticed on the side of the path a cross and a piece of writing, which looked familiar. On closer examination it was an enlarged photocopy of a daily reading from "Our Daily Bread". I was reading this same booklet, and had experienced fun before, the latest featured above. (Inner peace).

The reading beside the cross at St. Andrews was from a 2003 edition. It tells the story of Phillip Johnson, an intelligent design advocate. According to the short reading, when Johnson became ill, a friend satt at his beside and sang the hymn 'On Christ the solid rock I stand'. To illustrate the story a few large rocks were placed on the ground under the writing. (The rest of the story I can't recall). 

I was intrigued, discovering this illustrated reading right here, because the booklet "Our Daily Bread" was responsible for changing my flight from Singapore to Australia. (Details in Chapter 11). I had changed my flight to include a visit to Melbourne, where I wanted to hear a special speaker from the USA. The gentleman was one of the main contributors to "Our Daily Bread".

A day later I indeed heard this gentleman speak, after which I told him of this little shrine, for a better word. He knew the author of the 03 Daily Bread reading, Herb van der Lugt, who sadly had passed away a few months prior in Dec. 06.


"Our Daily Bread" display in the grounds of St. Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Singapore - Author: Herbert van der Lugt.

A day later in Melbourne the name Herbert would again come up, linked to Singapore (next chapter).

- - - - - - -


The date was Thursday 17th May 07. Not thinking, I had assumed all morning that it was Wednesday. (After all I had left Germany on a Tuesday night).

I spent quite some time, in quiet prayer or just looking around St. Andrews. At the Resource Centre a notice board advertised a lunch time bible study at 12.45 pm. If I attended, it would still leave me about 1 1/2 hours, in which to explore Singapore. I'm glad, may be I was led by the Spirit, to attend this bible study. I may have missed my airplane otherwise (read it below).

The streets in Singapore were as clean as expected; at least in the downtown district. And it was hot. I wore shorts and my Adelaide United Football top. The humidity would have made riding a bicycle a sweaty exercise, even if I had found a bike-hire place. Watching a wiry, grey haired man, pedalling along on his rickshaw, gave me an thought: If  I paid him, would he let me do the riding, while he sits in the back playing the tourist?

(I didn't do it. Another item to add to the list: 50 things to do to make a fool of yourself). 

The streets were unusually quiet. I felt like the only tourist strolling along the Cafe precinct beside the Singapore River. I imagined tourists were having their latte on their tour late at night.

Punctually at 12.45 PM I was back at St. Andrew's Cathedral for the lunchtime bible study. It was held in English. The opening song, what a bonus, was one of my favourite songs by Bill and Gloria Gaither: Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.


Written in 1971 this song has given millions around the world hope, when faced with adversity. Who else can offer hope than the ONE who is our HOPE?

Watching the Hour of Power, the TV program on Channel Ten Sunday Morning, I was inspired by a visiting speaker, a young man from Australia named Nick Vujicic. Nick was born without arms and legs and only a tiny stump to help him live a life as normal as possible.

How does he face tomorrow? Because Jesus lives and gives HIM the strength. What a champion for triumph over tragedy.

(Read all about Nick's amazing story on

Every time the song 'Because HE lives' crosses my path, I think of Marlene. The black-haired lady, probably in her early 60's, was an active member of our church at Enfield. One Sunday morning after church we got talking. At the time I was struggling with life etc, so I said to her: "All week the song has been on my mind - Because He lives, I can face tomorrow."

She looked in my face and replied: "When you said that, a tingling went up my arm. I played that song last night on my organ".

At the time I didn't know Marlene had been diagnosed with cancer. She passed away only a few weeks later. She knew, where she was going and who she was to meet there.

Is there another God, who is alive and is inspiring HIS followers to turn tragedy into triumph, who preaches love, not hate, who never insists on HIS rights, but gives all for the good of the other. There is none other, but Jesus! 


The small gathering at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Singapore sang all three or four verses, and the Chorus of the song - Because he lives. The pianist seemed to be struggling a little.

After singing the last line, I expected us all to be seated and move on. But the lady leading turned to the pianist and announced: "Let's sing it again from the top". (The Gaithers obviously have at least one fan in Singapore). We sang the whole song again from start to finish.

I wondered, what spiritual significance was there in this unusual practice of worship? Perhaps this lady was facing a particular struggle the next day, so she needed the extra encouragement.  As I write, I think, I received a revelation to explain it. As a church musician myself, the reasoning makes complete sense - the pianist needed the extra practice.

Toward the end of the young preacher's talk, I thought he made a mistake. He spoke as if it was Thursday that day. I just ignored it. But when he again spoke as it was Thursday, not Wednesday, my mind opened that perhaps ...

So it was. I had thought wrongly, or not at all, and assumed I had another night in Singapore. But my flight to Melbourne was scheduled for that same evening. Lucky I went to this bible study. I may have not realized my mistake and missed my flight.

Outside heavy rain was pouring down. There were a few claps of thunder and lightning. The rain was a refreshing sight. Not in a long time had I seen it as heavy in Australia. Luckily, the underground railway station was right beside St. Andrews. I didn't get wet. In a short time I was back in my room packing and writing my diary. There was just another few hours to explore in the district, where my hostel was located (see photo below).

At the departures level at Changi airport I could not help but stop and admire the beautiful flowering bushes all around. Changi surely is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Internet access was not only available, it was for free. 

It all worked out for good in the end. Except, I had not fulfilled my promise made after a whirlwind stopover back in 2002. I was going to spend more time in Singapore next time I visited. Another reason to return, to fulfil my promise to explore Singapore a little more, and to take a rickshaw driver for a ride.



 Left: Clean streets along the Riverwalk. Towering in the background (beside the old lamp) the SINGTEL skyscraper.

Top: I had neither 90 NTON NOODLES, nor a Carlsberg; just a coffee.

Bottom: Singpore's ..arliament against an impressive skyline

- - - - - - -


Fast forward to August 29th 07. I had just been riding my bike, led to be at a specific time and place, almost 25 kilometres from home. The events of that Wednesday morning would fill a whole chapter, maybe they will. Let me just write about, why I felt stalked that morning, but not necessarily by an enemy, but possibly a friend.

I turned into Rosetta Street, Collinswood, when a work van, one of a company's fleet, turned ahead of me. In large letters I read the company's name - ER... (plus one more letter). The registration plate was .. 47.

Less than half a kilometre away, another ER van. This one was parked. I forgot what registration plate it had, only took note of the house number - No. 74.

Seconds later a third van of that company, very unusual, crossed my path; it actually overtook me. This one carried registration plate ...000 !

Stop Press: On final editing, as I made myself a coffee, it all fell into place - the code: Had I not written - For God so loved - could be expressed as 47  50 50 05 e 500? This company's headquarters, according to the Yellow Pages, is located in 5 River Street. ( ! )


But there is more: In the Learner Driver Book I wrote in 2000, in the chapter on Anticipation, I gave the following illustration:


"When looking for an address, say No. 31 River Street, indicate when passing house No. 21, 23 or 25 in anticipation ...."

(,  Workbook, Chapter 14).


(Please note: The chapter you are reading is No. 15, the date of uploading is the 30th. Perfect timing to be seeing this connection).


Nice to know I have fans in Adelaide. It all makes sense, but only to those who want to see!

Cycling another half a kilometre further, I turned left at a corner I liked very much. Another  company is located there. They are called SPOT ON.

Chapter 16