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14.  RE: P window

The mind games I saw people play all around me were amazing to behold and on the increase. However, it was one thing for ordinary folks to be playing mind games, but another, when an unseen, awesome, inexplicable power was involved. I had experienced this a number of times before. Whenever it did, usually it came with an important, coded message.

My final day in Germany, on 15.5.07, brought just such a message, in an unexplained, awesome way, which only Almighty God could have arranged. It again came in the form of a photo. All I did was press the button of the camera. (Details in a moment).

On Sunday May 13, 07 I was travelling by train to Westphalia, where I had a contact, who I was to stay with. I would have preferred to be the guest of my brother and his wife, but it did not work out this time. Speaking over the telephone to my brother's wife, my sensitive spirit had given me the impression, she rather not have me visit. I preferred to be staying with a friend, who appreciates my visit, rather than with a family member, who resented it.

From what I discussed with my brother, I figured that his wife did not agree that I should be spending such a large amount of money, just travelling around the world on my own. I can understand that. But where would I start to explain that I was travelling, guided by the Holy Spirit, to go and do God's will, regardless of what it costs?

A scripture comes to mind: "HE came to HIS own, and HIS own received HIM not".

Did any critic, who regarded my actions as mental illness, consider this: How much would it have cost, if over all these years I had seen a psychiatrist regularly and swallowed tons of tablets, which supposedly would cure my inquisitive mind, and spoil all the fun I was having?

In the end travelling around the world, as I did, was probably much cheaper. And let me assure you, it was much more fun, trust me.


Since I was not staying at my brother's apartment, he travelled about 30 kilometres from Langenberg to Datteln to visit me. On Monday morning (14/5) at 10.35 am my brother, a retired company manager, rolled up in his Mercedes and took me to Muenster, an hour's drive north.

I was not going to write this, but I will now. At exactly the time I had finished writing the last paragraph, Isobel walked in and asked for help in putting on her necklace. It was perfect timing, because I had bought this necklace in Muenster, on the day when my brother and I visited the city. This was only the second time my wife asked me for help putting on this necklace. (We will be attending a funeral later today - Fri 17/8).


Roland and I had a wonderful lunch in the Kiepen Restaurant. Fine dining is something my brother, who is 4 years older than I, had always enjoyed. I appreciated the large serving of scrumptious goulash, garden-fresh lettuce and noodles, especially since my generous brother took care of the bill.

That afternoon, I think, I witnessed a world record in sightseeing. We had entered through the large doors of a Muenster church, in the centre of town. I had hardly caught a glimpse of the grandeur, the majesty of the place, when my brother had a quick glance left, right and above and walked back outside, in less time it took to type this paragraph.

Unless he had just remembered another Cathedral, St. Paul's, and wanted to take me there. This ancient place of worship is home to the famous astronomical clock, a gem of an instrument, built in 1540. The huge structure not only shows the time, but the date, the phase of the moon and position of the planets. Built into this timeless (wrong word) masterpiece are biblical figures, which move at regular intervals, depicting the story of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. They don't make this kind of clock any more.

As was the case with my other brother, saying good-by to Roland came with the renewed realization, that we lived in different worlds; and I mean this in more ways than two. One thing I will never know: What would my relationship to my brothers be like, had I not migrated to Australia?

Surely, every migrant asks this same, basic question from time to time: What would my life have been like had I not left my homeland? There is no answer. What is for certain, however is this: it's not where you live, but how you live that matters.

Everyone lives by their choices. I choose to live for God. What language is spoken, what the climate is like, or how much tax one has to pay, it only of minor importance.

The person I stayed with in Datteln, Hans-Peter, was a colleague of Paul. Hans-Peter had visited us in Australia some years earlier. He owned a bicycle in working order, which kept me occupied and happy, looking around this old, ex-mining town.

Early on Monday morning, I took a walk to buy bread rolls for breakfast. Something curious caught my attention. On the footpath, written in large, white letters was the number 135 X. What I found odd, the nearby numbers to match, were not in sequence, but went 133 - 137 - 135 or similar.

What the numbers meant I did not know. Why they were not in order was a mystery. I tried to ignore those silly numbers, but since they were on the main road, not far from where I was staying at my friend's place, I did not totally forget it.

The next day, on Tuesday May 15th, my final day in Germany I again cycled in the vicinity. A sign read B 235, the Federal Road number. Waiting at the traffic lights, I noticed a schoolboy crossing the road. He was wearing a top displaying the No. 85 in large digits. I took note.

For some reason, most likely because it was not far from the number 135X, I played with the two numbers - 135-85 came to 50, my famous L. I decided to take another look at the white 135X. Within seconds I was there, dismounted and saw, what I had missed before - my number 135 X was right outside house No. 85. I took the photo shown below and moved on.

I wondered, if any of the passing drivers, of which there were many, was thinking: What on earth is this cyclist taking a photo of over there? Had someone asked me this, how would I have answered this question? There certainly was no brief explanation to any curious passer-by, or even worse, a passing police patrol. The best answer I could give - I was creating a piece of art.

(On editing, seeing the X after 135 I multiplied 135X85=11475 - the 75 has double meaning - L).


Creating art to search for meaning, to make sense of confusion, is as old  as mankind itself. Isn't this all I was doing?

Calling something art, however, also justifies all kinds of mad, weird, even immoral creations or behaviours. An example of this is the photographer, who had a brainwave one day: He takes photos of large crowds of volunteers, all lined up, standing nude in public places. He then takes photographs.

I saw such a photo, in the German Stern Magazine, taken in Mexico City on 5/5/07. The photographer broke his record when more than 18 000 nude dudes had followed his call, and lent a hand, and a bum and ... to create his work of art. Full marks for creativity; zero for taste.


My artwork were numbers, as my readers know. But the photo in Datteln revealed something far deeper, in the form of letters. It took until writing this chapter, before I discovered IT. IT was absolutely magical. I hate using the word absolutely, but to describe this discovery, I must.

The way the letters came out in the photo would be very difficult to create artificially, even with advanced computer skills, which I didn't have anyway:


Please note: The photo below has not been altered in any way!

Whatever is marked by 135 X outside house No. 85?

Please note, how the letter P is blue, while ER stand out on their own in red. But this distinction is accentuated by having the P in a separate window pane than the ER.

 I had not seen the mirrored letters in the window when taking the photo, or even when picking the photo up from the shop after development. Only three months later, to write this chapter, did I look closer and see IT.

- - - - - - -


History was repeating itself. On three previous occasions, in the USA in 2005 and in Port Adelaide just before Christmas in 2006, had letters emerged, totally unplanned, and revealed something special.

On Monday 20/8/2007 (note date), early in my prayer time, a thought came to me. Each of the photos fits into a bigger picture, like pieces into a puzzle. I will come back to this at the end of the chapter.

Before I do, I must report a world event, which happened around the time I discovered the letters PER in the window pane of above picture. A huge earthquake struck in South America, in the country of PERU.

The town mostly affected, according to our ABC TV News, was the town of ICA. Two other towns were also badly affected by this major quake, Chincha and Pisco.

The quake, which took place on 15/8/07, measured 8.0 on the Richter scale. Earthquakes of that size are rare.

- - - - - - -


Since the date of uploading this is 22/8/07, allow a brief detour, visiting another world event in August 07. My wife had bought a newspaper, something which I don't buy and seldom read any longer. In the Saturday 11/8 edition (Page 5), of the Adelaide Advertiser, I saw a picture of  a man, holding his hand to his forehead, as if he was worried. The gentleman was a stock trader, his identification-tag read 2208, Jason N Blatt. The name was barely readable; the number rather large, possibly computer generated.


The Adelaide Advertiser, 11/8 page 5. Jason N. Blatt, Trader ID No. 2208, at the New York Stock Exchange.


The number 228 had played a pivotal role in my story, very early in Book 1. My Suzuki still carries this number on the registration plate. Together with the registration number of the Mitsubishi ... 301, my journey took a turn into the spiritual, the supernatural. I had no idea how far, how deep and how long this journey was going to continue. All is in HIS hands.

At first I didn't react to the picture. Numbers were popping up frequently. Only after I overheard on national radio (ABC News) the figures 2.0 and 2.8 during a news item, did I recall the photo. The figures were about the big drop in share prices in the stock market. One was the local market, the other the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). For a few days I pondered and prayed what IT was all about.

Finally on August 16 I had occasion to email Channel Seven's breakfast show Sunrise. They had had a slight mishaps with the letter R falling off in their studio. My creative mind stirred. (Typing this I see a connection between 2208 and the letter R. My Suzuki is a Model Wagon R+).

That Thursday I composed a fun email to Sunrise, which did not include one R (or so I thought). I took this opportunity to let them know about the strange numbers, which matched those of the stock trader's ID badge 2208?

This is what I emailed on Thursday 16/8:


Hi all,

On ABC News last week: The local stocks fell by 2.0 %, NY down 2.8 %. Next I see a pic from the NY stock exchange - a man holding his head - his ID tag reads 2208: Name N. Jason (Page 5 Adelaide News 11/8).

Good when you have no money, you have no headaches about the stuff.

All the best to Mr. Cok and wife.

God bless from Adelaide

PS Luckily Sunrise has only one R, otherwise I'd ask - where's your R'se. Above has not even one.


(The stage manager's name was Mr. Cork. He had just become a father).


Alert readers will find two words with R in my email, when I had aimed for 0. (I had been under time pressure to finish the email, but only discovered the from after pressing the send button).

The next morning I had to eat humble pie. I send another email to admit my mistake. (At that stage I had not even seen my second error, the word reads, which only came as I prepared to write this chapter).

Still, I was not embarrassed, but had a brainwave. Why not send another email, replacing all r's with the letter x.

It came out like this:


Date Friday 17/8/07:

Hi all,

Cxeative bxains like mine, who love playing games, take a simple pxoblem like the SUNXISE lettex falling off and make fun out of what othexs xegard as cxap.

May be this is the xeason some people axe hexe fox, to cxoss oux path? Pexhaps even you?

Yestexday, despite xeading and doublechecking my email to you thxee times, I was up the cxeek not seeing the fxom. (Some of youx cxew may have called me an axsehole). But nevex mind. I txust this little piece of wxiting makes up fox it.

Now to come to the cxux of the mattex – yestexdays  online back-up-numbex happened to fit the last entxy in the yellow pages under stockbxokexs – the name was Young. Now, would you believe, on the TV scxeen last night, no joke, on the News, I happened to spot a man, talking about the latest cxash crises – his name came up as Mx. Young.

I pxayed, Lord this is so fxustxating sitting thexe, taking all this in, but those closest to me don’t undexstand. Is this paxt of youx Mastex plan?

I heax HIM say: Son, xelax. It isso. I AM always thexe fox you and you know what I pxomised will happen evexy moxning - SUNXISE.

The Good News: God stxetches out his stxong axm to cxeate something beautiful out of oux exxoxs

Kind xegaxds

Dietex Fischex

PS Would you believe, I again missed an r in above? How did I?


Before sending above email I read it again, to check it over. But strange as it may sound, I still did not get it right. There are four words in above email, which include the letter r. Yet, as expressed in the PS, I had only discovered one. This was the word Lord.

At that point I was spooked, because I only knew of two words I made the mistake in: from &  Lord. Now you see why I was spooked.

(Alert readers have found three more words, which include the letter r. I only noticed these in preparation for this chapter).

- - - - - - -

Friends, the only way to make sense of IT - God  was again speaking, rather strongly, to the global community. We are living in the end times, a time when HIS son will be revealed. Earthquakes in various places, according to Luke 21, Verse 11, are a sign of the end times, also called the last days.

Friends, we should not in any way be alarmed at this news? IT is Good News, great news!

After 1948 God's chosen people, the Jews, returned to Israel, and once again became a nation. Biblical scholars have proclaimed this remarkable in-gathering, from all corners of the earth, as biblical prophesy coming true. The end times had begun in 1948, 59 years before this writing.

How exciting! The Bible is coming true in our times! How fantastic, how awesome! As a 15 year old, in the mid 1960's, I had heard it being preached: "We are living in the last days. Jesus will soon return to earth".

There had been earthquakes back then, and many before and since. But never before has God spoken so clearly through a man in our modern age. This is in no way to elevate me or what God has shown me. I simply need to say IT: IT is as IT is. Tutti must understand IT.

In a Christian Magazine I read recently, only approximately 3 % of Israel's population believe in Jesus. Considering that Jesus is God and the Jews are God's chosen people, one has to seriously question: Why does only such a small number believe in Jesus, the promised Messiah, despite the overwhelming evidence?

What was prophesied about HIM on scrolls, written hundreds of years earlier, came true. Let me give you five biblical passages in scriptures, every Rabbi ought to know. They point clearly to the man Jesus, their Messiah. Those who don't believe these Holy Scriptures, must assume it is all co-incidental.


1. Isaiah 7, 14: "Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

A child born of a virgin was unheard of, ever, before or since. The prophet even gave his name, Immanuel, which means God-with-us.


2. Micah 5:2: "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me, the One to be ruler over Israel." 

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.


3. Psalms 41:9: "Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me."

One of His twelve disciples, Judas, betrayed Jesus. Judas, together with the disciples had communion, shared bread, with Jesus.


4. Zechariah 11:12: "Then I said to them: If you think it best, give me my pay; but if not, keep it." So they paid me thirty pieces of silver."

Judas received thirty* pieces of silver blood money.


5. Isaiah 53, 5: "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and by his stripes we are healed.   

Virtually the whole chapter describes the life of Jesus, his suffering and awful death, to save us.


There is only one verse, which describes this sad denial of the Messiah by HIS own people. I have already quoted it earlier in this chapter: "HE came to HIS own, and HIS own received HIM not" (John 1, 11).

- - - - - - -


* Minutes after typing thirty pieces of silver, a rather spooky chain of events started. In very familiar fashion it included a number (30) and incredible timing surrounding it all. Read it for yourself:

My son and his partner had arrived for all of us to go out for her birthday dinner. Only then did I find out, it was her 30th birthday.

"That's funny", I told Isobel's cousin, who had also just arrived, "a moment ago I was typing about the biblical 30 pieces of silver ..."

Then another number 30 hit me! This time it was gold, literally. That day, Monday 20/8/07, I had finally taken a gold bracelet to the jewellers. I had 2 years earlier picked it up on a roadway. I wanted to find out how much I could really get for it. (A previous jewellery store dismissed the battered 9ct gold bracelet as being worth only 5 Dollars). Yesterday, I received a cheque on the spot  for exactly 30 Dollars at Adelaide's Hallmark Jewellers.

If by chance anybody in Adelaide lost such a bracelet and can tell me, where they had lost it, I am happy to return the thirty Dollars. If you live in No. 30* .....Street, I will even pay 50 Dollars!


Stop Press: There's more: Within an hour of typing above, my wife and I had arranged to do a little clean-up and minor repairs at my daughter and her partner's rental property in Modbury North. I had known a few months earlier the address, but totally forgotten, when I typed "if you live in No. 30 Street", as a joke.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I saw the number of their house on their letter box - 30.

Trying to tell the above to one of my family members a moment ago, received the usual response. I was reassured that I am suffering a mental illness. It's not even co-incidence; neither is waking at 6.13 am, when you're day's work is to publish Book 6, Chapter 13. According to this person it's time I recognized my condition and searched for a shrink and tablets!

Does anybody know what tablets I need to swallow to not see these connections? Is there a pill, preferably without negative side-effects, which guarantees total ignorance of anything, which enters my ill mind, no matter what it is, and ensures, as sufferer I get over any stimuli, especially the urge to have fun with co-incidental numbers or to record them into my diary?

Any clue would be appreciated. especially if you're a shrink reading this and you live at No. 30 ...


- - - - - - -


At the time when the photo above revealed the letters PER, I did not think further. Some days, however, I thought about other photos, among the hundreds I took over the years, where this also took place. Did those pictures, if viewed together create a special message. I can see a message:

These are the photos involved, with details where and when I took them, and where to view them on this website.

Friday 8.4.05, New Orleans, Louisiana - nde, (Book 4, Chapter 7) .

Thursday 14/4/05, Santa Monica, California - MAN (Book 4, Chapter 8).

Sun. 24/12/06, Port Adelaide, South Australia: AL RE (Realm, Chapter 27)

Tuesday 15.5.07, Datteln, Germany, ER P (see above).


In the end the man is real - HE is the man of Peace.

(I can see another word in the three letters ERP: a rep is short for representative).

 - - - - - - -

There are literally hundreds of references in the Bible, God's Word, which point to the man, who is the Saviour of the world. They had been written hundreds of years earlier and come true in one person, the man Christ Jesus.

What was and is daily happening in my unusual life, and I am writing about, is as true as the prophesies concerning the Messiah.

Scientifically, applying the law of probability, an honest thinker must come to the conclusion - IT can't all be co-incidence.

The Book of Revelation is coming to pass in our times. Open your eyes and see. 

Chapter 15