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13.  Man in Z - ESP

Since I gave up driving instruction I usually rise in the morning at a time when .....wakes me. Whoever this was this morning had a sense of humour or knew how to play our little game of matching numbers. It wasn't at 2.28 am (No.2028 will come a little later). It was at 6.13 am. (Sometimes I'm allowed a little sleep in).

A day before writing this introduction, which was on 21/8//07, the Space Craft Endeavour had returned to earth. It was a day early, because of potential problems with hurricane Dean, the category five storm, which was and is reported to be still battering the Caribbean as I write. As in previous space flights there had again been problems with the heat-shield. However, yesterdays return to earth went smoothly, no mention of heat-shield dilemma's in landing.

There is a reason, why the word heart-shield rings a distant bell in my brain. While working for the EZ Mining Company in Risdon, Tasmania almost 30 years ago, I received a reward for making a suggestion for improvement. While operating huge, cylindrical-shaped lead dryers, the flame would often block the feedpipe, which meant a shut-down, clean-out and start-up procedure, each time this happened.

I sat down one day, drew up a solution and submitted it to management. The suggestion was to place a heat-shield between the flame and the pipe to stop it from overheating and blocking up. Surprisingly, my idea was acted upon, and I was granted a $ 15 reward. As I ponder, I am having a smile on my face.


(Back to Germany 07)

It was hard to believe my 6-week world tour in 07 was coming to an end. After leaving the Allgau on Friday May 11th, there were only four days left, before I was to fly out of Frankfurt. Only as I prepared this chapter did I realize that the most impacting event, a simple photo, took place on the very last day of my stay in Germany. (Read it in the next chapter).

Back in Esslingen a close friend from my youth was celebrating his 60th birthday. It was a big event, in terms of people attending and the distance they had travelled: Relatives from Bonn, a business partner from Basel, Switzerland, another close friend from South (or North) Carolina/USA, and of course an Australian from Adelaide, who was thanking God, how well timed it all was.

Willy and his wife Andrea lived near the landmark Stadtkirche (the Evangelical Church), on Esslingen's Marktplatz (market square). We had attended the service there on the Sunday prior (as reported in previous chapter). As part of the celebrations, the whole birthday party was invited for a free guided tour of the archaeological excavations underneath the Stadtkirche.

At one point the tour guide opened a tiny trapdoor to the street level above us, to illustrate a point he was making. Was it co-incidental, or was there another point he wanted to make, a Mercedes Benz was parked right there. The registration number stared at all of us: ES-F-111. I had no idea, if anybody else even read the number. I whispered to Willy, who stood right beside me: Jetfighter. (As I wrote this I thought of J & T fighter, plus three No. 1s, would all make sense).

The highlight of the tour was climbing the stairs to the top of the church's twin towers. As we passed the enormous bells, it was hard to imagine, how they were even hived up to that height, let alone how they could swing back and forth and not make the whole structure collapse. The magnificent views over the ancient city, timbered houses with red roofs all around, right up and down the Neckar valley, made the climb worthwhile.

The venue for the birthday dinner was an Italian Restaurant, opposite Esslingen's most beautiful, famous Old Town Hall. The evening is best described with the German word Gemuetlichkeit. There is no proper English word to translate this. Gemuetlichkeit simply encompasses all that is warm and cosy, with food and drink in a friendly atmosphere and good company.

- - - - - - -


Top: Juergen plays the guitar, as we sing Willy a birthday song. Paul, who was MC for the evening, is wearing the blue shirt.

Bottom: High up on one of the towers of the Stadtkirche, Willy is pinpointing the red roof of their house.

Right: My brother Roland (right) and I during a Stadtbummel (city-stroll) in Muenster, Westphalia.


A few days after scanning above picture a thought came to me. The names of my friends in above photo all fit my Da Ninci code. I admit, my thinking is very much outside the square, e.g. both ES, as well as H, I regard as IT.

(ES translated into English means IT. Using the letter H and raising the crossbar, then moving it forward a little, transforms an H into IT).

Heinz surname starts with L in d.

Eric's reads like: N IT T&L.

Juergen's surname:  MUT sees IT HE L. (He and I stayed in the Allgau).

Manfred's surname, pronounced in English sounds exactly like the word - keys.

Paul's surname: L Die IT. (Paul had spent two days with me in the Allgau).

- - - - - - -


Historic Esslingen/Neckar, Rathaus-Platz


Note how the tower of the beautiful Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) points right at the letter L.

On the morning of writing this I cracked a code, which I ought to have seen long ago - only the letter L was left, after I recognized two words - one was Aldrin.

On the far right the Reichstatt Restaurant, where my friend Willy's birthday party was held. (Photo: Clauss/REMAX).

- - - - - - -


The next morning, Sunday May 13, I said good-bye  to my brother Gerhard, where I had spent one more night. I did so with mixed feelings. Perhaps I had expected more action and adventure with my brother. We had done hardly anything* together.


*Here we go again: Exactly the second I typed anything, on Radio 1323 Cruise, at 9.33am, Sat 18/8 the word anything was sung. The song is playing as I type: "I can't smile without you ...can't do anything without you ..."

Did I not write somewhere I will no longer report these co-incidences, because they happen so often? (Promises, promises ....)

Five minutes later (9.38 am) what incredible song is playing: "Sometimes when we touch." Didn't we touch each other just then ...? Amazing!

More Cruise to come ...!


Travelling that Sunday I again took advantage of the weekend ticket, saving probably more than a hundred Euro in train fares. My destination for the day was Recklinghausen, in the Ruhr-Region. Another friend was picking me up from the railway station.

Changing trains in the huge Stuttgart Central Station I realized, I had time for a half-hour walk around Stuttgart. This was the only time I spent on this trip in Stuttgart. I appreciated the small taste of Baden Wurttemberg's state capital.

As I walked out to the street, opposite the Konig (King) Strasse Mall, I saw a police car parked right there. The patrol car's registration number consisted of only 3's and 50. But another number, painted on the roof (or bonnet) in large letters, made the vehicle even more interesting: 183 - 1. I took a photo.

(August 13 was going to be the date, when four months would expire, after my mysterious voice in Hollywood. Details Chapter 1).

I was not going to show the photo I had snapped, but when I noticed the large number 50 (on my luggage bag beside it) I decided to.


Police vehicle outside Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof.

 While scanning the photo (at 9.50 am) the radio again played a magic song (King of the Road): The lyrics included ...50 cents. It jolted my brain. I took notice.

The song: "Trailer for sale or rent
Rooms to let...fifty cents.
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no c...".

A brainwave came as I edited: Stuttgart has 4 Ts. Without the Ts all that is left is: (Oh, sh... sh... sh...) sugar!

But there's more, which I only discovered, just as I edited this chapter. If I add a T to Polizei it comes close to:

P o L / ZEIT = P o L Time!


Just as I was taking the photo, two police officers entered their patrol vehicle and drove away. I'm glad they didn't ask questions. Had anybody ever taken a photo of their patrol vehicle, simply because the registration number was S-30335? Had I needed to explain IT all, I would have missed not only my train, but my plane 4 days later.

I am glad I took the shot. God specializes in artwork, which creates something extra-ordinary from the ordinary.

There was more to come. Minutes after photographing the police car, I found a chocolate wrapper at the Schlossplatz. Adding a T the brand of candy changed to make a new word:


(Diary 13.5.07) Elegan, Chocolate wrapper.

Text: Group of bikers on Schlossplatz, they are cycling 50 km, found Elegan at corner Graf von Stauffenberg Str.

Just as I pondered, a weird thought came. Read the word Elegan backwards, minus the E it reads nagel - German for nail !


Seconds before picking up the Elegan wrapper, I had had a brief chat with a cyclist. A whole group of them had assembled, ready for a 50 kilometre bike ride through the hills around Stuttgart).

The street sign, where I had picked the Elegan up near, was Graf von Stauffenberg Strasse. It was named after the Army officer, who was executed, after a failed attempt on Adolf Hitler's life on July 20th 1944. (The date of my mother's mysterious death was July 20th - see Book 2, Mind, Chapter 37).

Is today Connection Day or what? I keep discovering things - Isn't there a movie planned, about this hero, Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg? The actor chosen to play the central role is Tom Cruise. My triple radio magic this morning happened on .... Cruise 1323 ! (All this because of a 1/2 hour walk around ... sugar!)


(Back on the train)

In the Gutenberg town of Mainz, on the River Rhein, I interrupted my journey to have a snack. I had only been there once before. In 1968 I had stayed in the Youth Hostel for one night, at the start of an adventurous hitch-hiking trip to London.

Now 39 years later I was walking around the Mainz station precinct, going nowhere in particular. When I returned to continue my journey, the noticeboard advised that the train was delayed, leaving now at 15.30 hours. (It sounded like my date/numbers game had caught on; the date was after all May 13!)

This gave me another 1/2 hour to take another walk around the Mainz railway station precinct. During the short walk I made further observations, which lead to more discoveries and links. (As I look back, perhaps I ought to just have sat and did nothing).

I aimed for nowhere in particular, as I walked in the other direction to my earlier walk. Around a corner, after turning left, I suddenly spotted a parked VW Golf. My antenna went up; something triggered a reaction. My brain reversed 24 hours and recalled a car registration plate RV-MR 505, hundreds of kilometres away. (Thousands of kilometres away, in Melbourne, I had experienced some magic with number 505).

MR. 505 sounded rather interesting. How could I just walk past this unique Golf? In moments like these you need a ... business card reading, God has indeed worked miracles for us. (Minties would be hard to fit under the windscreen wiper!)

That morning I had already taken a photo with a special car registration number. I didn't take another. It would send my wife in a spin, if I came home with two useless photos of registration plates, taken on the same day). But I made sure to register the name of the car dealership on the registration plate frame. Glad I did. A secret Da Ninci code was hiding behind it, which I discovered ten days later back home.

I googled this car dealer and came up with some interesting data and names. Casually surfing the new cars section, for no real reason, I came across an ad for the VW Golf.

As I read I noticed the loading space for the latest Golf, is 1550 litres. In the same line or on the next, I read that ESP is standard equipment in this new model VW.

(Hey I just saw it - how similar is 1550 to 505? That makes sense, both numbers were born while under the influence of .... ESP!)

ESP in the language English stands for Extra Sensory Perception. The German word for it is Hellsehen. (Nothing to do with seeing hell. Hell in German is an adjective; it means light, bright). In my mind only one car in the whole world should be described as having ESP as standard equipment, my Suzuki Wagon R+ (the Hellseher).

A little more googling and I discovered an interesting name on the same car dealer's website. In my Da Ninci code the man's first name was Re he in; his surname Hi n end; very weird, but no valid reason to ignore IT.

The three letters ESP on the website were my excuse to email the gentleman on 22/5/07 (3 days after returning home):


Lieber Herr H,

Der neue Gold, nein Golf, hat 1550 liter laderaum, das kann ich verstehen. Aber dass ESP Grundausstattung ist, finde ich sonderbar.

Ausser in Deutschland ist unter ESP etwas anderes zu verstehen wie im English sprechenden Raum.


Schone Gruesse aus Adelaide

Dieter Fischer



PS Gibt es eigentlich viele Fehler in der Kundenzufriedenheitsanalysenformularausfuellung?




Dear Mr. H.

The new Gold, no Golf,  has 1550 litre loading space, this I can understand. But that it also has ESP as standard equipment I found strange. Unless in German they understand ESP as something different to that in the English speaking world.


Kind regards

Dieter Fischer



PS  Do people make many mistakes in filling out the ...from.



I purposely included the registration number with my signing off. After all, if I had been led to this car and website, the only explanation is indeed ESP, which in my understanding, is the gift of the Holy Spirit operating in my life.


In the PS I made fun of the lengths of Germans words. I am asking, if people are making a lot of mistakes filling in the customer satisfaction analysis form.


 Mr. H. replied to my queery (sic). He explained ESP stands for Electronic Safety Package. What he thought of my strange email I do not know. (My ESP didn't cover such matters).


I continued my stroll through the quiet streets of Mainz, pulling my little suitcase along and wondering, how on earth could all this be? How could people living in Mainz know about IT, about my stories, my code, my mad magic and play games with me?


But then, why should I have been surprised? Had I not experienced, and for 3 1/2 years written about this kind of leading by the Spirit? The very fact that I undertook this this journey had been the result of this unusual, yet very real, leading by whatever Spirit inside was controlling my thinking, and directing my paths. 


Let me reiterate, living and travelling this way was not exhausting. It was adventurous. God only loads us up with the load, HE knows we can carry. IT is never too heavy or burdensome.


Had this guiding Spirit inside me not caused me to break my train journey on 13/5 in Mainz, none of this would have taken place. But it did and there it is. If this was not Almighty God directing my steps, I find it all inexplicable.


I made sense of IT all, reasoning that God was working behind the scenes, demonstrating HIS mighty power in mysterious ways. I had claimed that God could lead a person from Australia to places in Los Angeles. Why would HE not be able to lead me to Germany, to the town with the letters - i man z - and a car registration plate 505. Is God giving all of us a wake-up call, an S0S?


The games HE is playing are nothing, but battles in the great war. The battlefield is your mind and mine. We who are filled with the Spirit, according to Ephesians 6, 12, are to arm ourselves and fight this war, to defeat our enemy.


Listen to the language the Apostle Paul uses to describe this enemy: "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places".


Paul tells us to stand, to take up the armour for battle. He tell us specifically what weapons God has given us to fight the enemy:


 ...the belt of truth .... the breastplate of righteousness .... the Gospel of peace ... the shield of faith.




Chapter 14