44.  Number 44 Servant    

During a recent trip to Melbourne, Victoria I bought an edition of ‘Every Day with Jesus’ (EDWJ) a Bible Study guide published in the UK, read by millions of Christians world-wide. 

On April 25, 1999 I had read Psalm 94 from the (recycled) May/June 1991 Edition. That day I regard as the starting point of my mission. The first chapter, however, led me into the depth of despair.  A few days following I was admitted to a mental hospital.

The previous chapter finished with an interesting twist in the address on the Key Inn. This morning's EDWJ parallels it somewhat. The theme for 17.7.05 is "Christ has the keys'. This was the third time in a week where I saw a parallel between my experiences and the bible reading from EDWJ. 

Here are the other two. On July 11th I sent the following email to the publishers of EDWJ, because a rare visit to our church Library the evening before (Sunday) brought out a beautiful co-incidence.


Email to Every Day with Jesus, 11/7/05, edited slightly to protect privacy:

Subject: All things bright and beautiful.

Hi all,

I just rediscovered EDWJ and bought your 40 year anniversary edition. I had a time, when nothing seemed to make sense. 

About 6 years ago a process started, where I saw circumstances and data surrounding me, all linking together, creating a chain of co-incidences. I emailed a theologian: "When does a co-incident become a God-incident". I never received a reply.

Thankfully, I have leaned toward the ways of God and claimed - if HE is interested in how many hairs are on my head, then HE is interested in every area of my life! I have seen amazing things happen and give HIM all glory.

Last evening for the first time im many months I went to our small church library and browsed through the video section. I borrowed two. One was titled: All things bright and beautiful.

This morning I open EDWJ and read - Everything is beautiful. I think that's beautiful. God is beautiful.

Kind regards from Australia

Dieter R. Fischer


A timely bible reading about God's timing. (Hey, I like the word cynical).


Only two days later I had reason to again email this organisation with another little thought, when I saw a link between us. I had been awake and thinking of recent events in the political arena. On that day, Friday July 15th, the report from Commissioner Greg James into the Kapunda Road Royal Commission was to be released to the public. Exactly one month earlier I had been a witness to this inquiry. 

(I volunteered myself, as any member of the public was allowed to do; some others did too). In my 28 minute appearance I didn’t get through my whole 13-point report, but Commissioner James questioned me and allowed me to contribute to what I had noticed, things that didn’t add up. A transcript of the proceedings can be viewed at: http://www.service.sa.gov.au/krrc/6_05_05.pdf   (Click on June 15th). 

That morning July 15th 05, a day where I was supposed to be at home blogging - sorry finger-crafting literature - lots happened. (Details later). It started with a thought I had about the judicial system in our city. In my half sleep before rising, I had pondered about a judge's comment in a high-profile corruption case. He said something rather arrogant. I was aghast. The bible reading an hour later, was exactly on the theme of justice. I emailed the publishers of EDWJ again. 

(If any organisation finds that readers sent too many emails, they must be open and tell us so). 


Email to EDWJ  15.7.05  - slightly edited!

Hi all,

If you believe, I am making these little co-incidences up, I can't blame you. A few days ago I emailed, how I had borrowed for the first time in ages, a video from our church library and next day your reading was on the same scheme (Everything is beautiful).

In our newspaper a judge in a court case stated quite plainly, arrogantly, that judges don't have bosses. I was contemplating, what if this judge, by the name of …is as nasty inside as an ex-boss of mine, where would we be?

Then I read EDWJ this morning: "The day is coming, when all corruption and injustice will be judged before God's throne.

"The court case judge … presided over was about our first ever case against corruption. (Just now on the news as I type, this matter is on the radio news, 7.51 am Adelaide time).

And there's more. Exactly one month before today’s reading (on June 15 05) I stood before a 'Royal Commission" into a Road Crash, giving testimony. (A minute later, right now, on the news is the announcement that the report into the Royal Commission will be released today). 

I agree with you. God will have the last say before HIS throne. Not long now.

Kind regards 

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  Did I hear correctly? Just then at the end of the news they quoted the Australian Dollar - 75.1 cents US. Somebody loves playing my game! What a date, what a start to the day, after waking at 5.07 am this morning! 

God's timing about God's judgment! Did you notice that not only the Australian/US Dollars numbers, but also the time I typed about 'my day in court' was  7.51. That was the exact time shown on my P/C when I heard the news item on ABC News 891 Adelaide.

If I had arranged it like that, I would be a Master Planner. (Later that day I went into Adelaide and took a few photos. I took one of a sign I had stumbled across - Masterplan - it all made sense). 


A timely bible reading about God's judgement.


I had indeed woken at 5.07 am on 15.7. What was God planning for the day? (Lots, details in a later chapter, God willing). So far the numbers added up. I found it so exciting, I sent copies to a News Channel in the US, our ABC and the BBC World service.

The heading on July 15th of EDWJ – Your day in court – was about justice, which was surely to come. Some can face it with a clean conscience, while others will fear and tremble, because they have not trusted Jesus as Rescuer. Any evil deeds, telling lies, stealing, murder, will no longer be hidden. It will be plain for all to see. The shame will follow punishment. But the main sin of the world is not accepting Jesus. Eternal regret for not giving HIM HIS rightful place will be the reward to those, who thought they knew better than Almighty God.  

It’s not to late to make a U-Turn for all those reading this. God is a forgiving God, but time is running out. Christ has the keys. HE is the key. 


On 17.7.05 I wrote Chapter 43 about events that took place, while I was in the US, staying at the Key Inn. When I read the headline of my bible reading that day, I was reminded - God loves hat tricks. 

Before leaving for 'my day in court'. Actually the Kapunda Road Royal Commission was not a court, just a high-level inquiry. 

I bought the brown suit especially (on impulse, it was a bargain). The store I had stumbled across was called Man to Man, I liked that.   


On the weekend of July 2-4, 2005 my journey took me to Melbourne, Victoria. I almost said, where it all started, but this would not be correct. My first journey to the USA started from Melbourne on March 30th,  2003. I had been contemplating the July trip for a number of weeks after I had read an email, advertising a Christian seminar. The invitation, which I almost deleted as Spam, said ‘this will be the only notice you will receive’, or words to that effect. They can’t be too serious about people going, I thought.

The theme for the July 1-3 conference was ‘Dangerous stories’. Who wouldn’t take notice of that? I was reluctant to commit myself and only slowly warmed to the idea of attending. I knew it would cost quite a bit of money, not only the conference, but also for the 1900 km round trip.

A week later, it was now mid June 05, I read the email again. One leader, who was to take a major part, was unable to attend. Comrade … was migrating to Holland’. The churches I used to attend would call each other Brother … not Comrade. This certainly was a radical group. I deleted the email. I wasn’t going.

Late June came, a week before the conference, and something inside me stirred. What if I found someone to drive over with me to share Petrol and Accommodation costs? There was nobody. Isobel had figured that I was on one of those tangents, another trip to feed my madness. (She'd say it in nicer term, but the bottomlie (sic.) is the same).  

I would have loved a weekend away with my wife at a nice Motel in Melbourne. She accompanied me on a trip to the Flinders Ranges in March, but saw none of the magic. If it was to happen at all, this was going to be a solo trip, as usual. I would see and hear magic, unbelievable parallels to my Da Ninci code and to events in 2003. Will you see it? I let you decide, read on.

On Thursday, June 30th I was packing sleeping gear, cooker and gas bottle, to make an early start the next morning. Searching for the starting time of the Friday evening session, I discovered missing links and little detail about the Dangerous Stories conference. I still decided to go ahead and emailed that I was planning to come. I requested information, how much was the night session was going to cost and what time it started. 

I received no reply all that day. By Friday morning I had changed my mind again and decided, perhaps to save my money and stay home or go somewhere else. Maybe Johnny would have loved a weekend away, an exciting adventure, camping somewhere? But I had so much writing to do. It was nearly 3 months since my USA trip and I had only just started. The few days in Alabama and the trip to LA took a whole chapter and a half.

On Friday a youth leader from Adelaide, already at the Conference, returned a call I had made and recommended to not rush over to Melbourne. There was another event in August, close to home. 

If I was driving to Melbourne, I was not going to rush; my Suzuki doesn’t like rushing. Just after midday, on the day the conference was already in progress, I received an answer to my previous day’s enquiry. The Pastor I wanted to hear speak, was listed for the Saturday evening. A Caravan Park, Wantirna Park, was listed among various places for accommodation. It was the closest Caravan Park to the venue.

To go or not to go, was my game all that day Friday. I finished and uploaded chapter 40 of my literature, sorry blog. I happened to have a nice photo of Isobel and myself, so I reluctantly included it. It was to be an impacting decision. God's hand is all I can say.

"Lord, if you want me to go to Melbourne, I will be there" was my attitude, as it is in all areas of my life. I do what I can do, he does the rest.  A little co-incidence tipped the balance into going. The theme of the Saturday night speaker, as per the email I received, was – “God made me do it”.

Chapter 40, the one I was working on as the email from the Conference arrived, covered the exact same theme.  I was asking: Was it God that made me do all these silly things, or was it all me doing my thing? Maybe the evening speaker on Friday at the Conference would have the answer?

I decided to drive to Melbourne a day late, on Saturday 2/7/05, and at least attend the evening session. The remainder of my weekend in Melbourne was open to where God would lead me. Not unlike the USA trip, I knew that there was more in store for me than just a Christian Conference. I didn't know much about the organisation,  except they call each other Comrade.

Another similarity to the USA trip – I went with the disapproval of my family, but was totally convinced within myself that I was doing the right thing (God made me do it).

I was up around 4.30 am on Saturday 2/7and packed the rest of my gear, trying to make as little noise as possible, while everyone was still asleep. At 7 am I kissed Isobel good-bye and boarded my little green machine, hoping I hadn’t forgotten anything. The reading on the odometer at the start was 193 333. Was this a kind of overture of what was to come? It was - numbers and letters to do with cars.

I love driving. The trip was uneventful from a motorist's point of view, but exciting, when your name is Da Ninci. There was a never-ending parade of car registration plates, names of company vehicles, road signs I saw and played with. It keeps the mind active.

One such observation made me stop and have a break. Just before a major tourist attraction, the giant Koala, I had seen a large truck pass from the opposite direction. The company name read Collins. My Da Ninci brain read ‘Calls in’, which I promptly did. I took a photo of the Giant Koala and bought a Mars Bar.


The giant Koala tourist stop. I bought a Mars Bar - on purpose. They are made by Masterfoods. Nearby a tradesman van was parked. I read the business name as: Son of a L&P in.

(I am not running a cryptic words competition. But if I gave the actual name, I would hate the business receiving prank callers).


It was for a reason that I chose a Mars bar. The headline in the major newspapers that day was about a recall of all Mars and Snickers bars. An extortionist, according to the Advertiser, alleged that he poised a number of bars and placed them onto shelves in Supermarkets. South Australia and Victoria, where I had stopped, were not affected. I enjoyed this Mars bar, it could be my last one for a while?

In a smaller way this trip also came to be a walk down memory lane. Fifteen months earlier I had attended a German Fest in a town called Dimboola (starts with Di and ends with LA). I made a point of taking the slight detour and stopped by the post office. At the time of my previous visit this was the spot from where I had tried to phone a radio program, to tell them about the fun everyone was having. This time I only stopped briefly. I still had much ground to cover.

My little Suzuki was not only driving perfectly, the fuel economy made up somewhat for the high cost of fuel in July of 2005. The venue, where my speaker was scheduled for 7.30pm, was on the eastern side of Melbourne. Arriving from the west I took the opportunity to spent ½ hour to just soak in the lights, fire and atmosphere of the big smoke.

(If Adelaide has 1 million population and Melbourne 3.3 million, they are approx 3.3 times larger than us - remember the odometer reading at the start?) 

When I say fire, it really happened. Outside the Crown Casino, near where I had parked the car and went for a walk, I saw a huge flame rise into the night sky at spasmodic intervals. It must have been a feature for tourists. The flame was most likely gas-fueled. It shot up into the night sky, as visitors looked on in awe. It was spectacular to watch.

Being a Saturday evening there were people everywhere, going for a pre-dinner stroll along Melbourne’s South Bank. Restaurants were packed. Outside one establishment people were queuing to get in. It faced the Yarra River, which would make for romantic dining.

I was not hungry or even needed a coffee fix. I had eaten my sandwiches and boiled my coffee in a park on the outskirts of Melbourne in a suburb called Melton. I gave Isobel a quick call from the basement of the Crown Casino to say, I was just about to catch a plane to LA, just kidding.

For a moment I thought I ought to phone the Caravan Park. I didn't. It was to be quite an important factor in the turn of events. That depends or course, if you're on the side of magic or madness.

The following observation, very fitting for chapter 44, you may class a strange, but read to the end, and slowly. Things take time to sink in. It took me all these years to see a direct link between my German name Dieter and the word servant. When I did, as you will read a few sentences further on, I broke down in tears as I wrote on 17.7 it was too much to take. (I left the original writing unedited). 

Can you see number 44 in this graphic? Can you see two letters of the alphabet? 

To see a four you have to tilt it 90 degrees. In either direction you will see it.  On closer examination you will also notice they are the two letters t and N. These two letters came into the spotlight on that eventful morning, July 15th, only two days since writing this.

Flicking through a CD catalog yesterday I read the title of one: Antone Fisher. They forgot the c, or not?

I had been writing for the first time to a small group of friends in Germany. I had asked, if somebody remembered and could send me the words of the song, which was sung for me on my final Sunday before migrating to Australia in July 1969. I only remembered the Chorus, which had been making music in my head for all those years on and off.

(Unedited) In the email request to Germany I used the word ‘Diener’, the German word for servant. My God, this is incredible – Lord, I can’t take no more …. Sorry about the tears.... 

Friends, I am overwhelmed. You see the word servant, just needs a swap - Minus R, plus E. I can’t believe this friends – remember how both of these letters in quite separate stories came about? Now here is a word servant, in German it means Diener, Change the two letters in above graphic, the n to a t – it reads Dieter.

(Commence editing):

But there’s more – I am not making this up, friends. If I did I would put JK Rawlings into the shadows. – On the very day I discovered Diener/Dieter (yesterday) I put a for sale sign onto Isobel’s mother’s 1978 Datsun 120 Y. Those long-time readers with a good memory will remember it from Mind Chapter 16. (Seriously interested buyers, make an offer - stop press, vehicle sold 21/7/05). 

Grandma’s car's registration plate is not only 963 in number, the 3 letters also fit like hand and glove into this holy mystery. That’s why I broke down a moment ago, it’s almost too much to bear. The letters to go with 963 read ‘Victory N on the cross’.

Isn't it almost identical to ‘See V a n (on the) t - the word servant, with only an exchange of R to E.   

There are still people, who will read my accounts of what I am experiencing, and say – so what?

In an email from Germany just in one of my friends thinks NT could stand for Nimm Tabletten, translated - Take tablets. He has learned the code OK, but needs lessons in application. 

My family says, get a real job. There are times when I am tempted to think in the same manner. What do my little numbers games achieve? Is it helping the poor, is it bringing families together or drawing people closer to God?

Then I remind myself, there may be readers, who were blessed by my writing and found their way to God or back to God. This would be the fulfillment of my dream, my mission. It would bring sense into all those complex thoughts, events, numbers, links and co-incidences.

I had nothing to prove to anyone, only to be faithful to God and do HIS will, whatever the cost, wherever it takes.

Chapter 45