37.  A war of wills and minds

The longer my autobiography continued the more I could observe strong patterns, which became more and more predictable. Telling the story of Greg, I knew, would not go unnoticed in Adelaide. In Chapter 36 I repeated that a war was raging, a war of wills and minds. It may sound strange, but I had no clear picture, who was a friend and who was a foe.

The very next morning after uploading Chapter 36 vehicle registration DEAD .. crossed my path. I am not absolutely sure, if this was from a friend as warning or from a foe to scare. Neither message would at this point in my journey affect the way I conducted business. It may indeed have been just a vehicle crossing my path, like any vehicle that day.

In the “The Advertiser’ Newspaper, June 2, 05 I noticed likewise what I perceived to be a reaction to my frank disclosures of what I heard and saw when I sat in Greg’s office. Right on the front page the two words, Dangerous Liaison, summarized that it can be dangerous to be associated with certain people. An advertisement for a liquor outlet, inside the same edition of the paper, illustrated a message of a different kind. Look for yourself.


'Dangerous liaison' was front page, the ad inside the paper.

The black line in the centre extends to the bottom of the page. An arrow is pointing to a big black box.


A few pages further on another liquor store fires a shot from the other direction:


Sitting in Greg’s lounge room I noticed a wooden baseball bat leaning against the wall, right by the entrance. It speaks volumes. Despite showing a brave face underneath, it was noticeable that Greg was still struggling with the fruits of his bitter experience as a young teenager. Humanly speaking he had every reason to be bitter. His was the most horrendous story of injustice I had personally heard from a victim of crime.

Now his dark, traumatic past had all been raked up again. A change in the political landscape after the 2002 State Election brought hope for abuse victims like Greg. A newly elected MP, Pastor Andrew Evans, a founder of the Family First Party, was successful in abolishing the law, which kept sex crimes, committed before 1982, out of reach of prosecutors. One wonders why the original law, protecting sex offenders, had been allowed to pass in the first place. 

Labor Premier Rann was quick to claim credit for the positive change. But his Attorney-General later had to admit that it was not a Labor Party initiative. Rather it was the work of the newly formed ‘surprise party’, who in Oct. 2004 helped keep the Federal Liberal Party in power in Canberra.

By sheer fluke, nothing new, on page 3 of today’s Advertiser (4/6/05) a senior Member of the Government in Canberra, Nick Minchin, slams our Premier Rann for claiming credit in another matter. Earlier in the week a contract had been awarded to South Australian Company ASC to build 6-billion Dollar’s worth of air warfare destroyers. Senator Minchin says the credit belongs to the Chief of the company who placed the bid.


Many people like Greg had a choice after 2002, to again face their traumatic dark childhood and join the fight for justice, or keep silent. Greg chose to speak out and face the pain of digging into his past. He was hoping that this was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, he could not foresee that three years later the promising light had been a train coming from the other direction. Perhaps nobody warned Greg that there is a price to pay for standing up and speaking out? In extreme cases the price is - your head on a platter.

In all fairness to our Government an enquiry into child sex abuse has been in progress since July 2004. A retired Judge named Mulligan has been commissioned to take statements from abuse victims. All are encouraged to come forward. In an interim report in late May 2005, Judge Mulligan said, over 500 had come forward so far, but he may need extra time beyond the June 2006 deadline.

This was the mild shock. The real worry was Mr. Mulligan’s statement that during recent findings, the abuse is still happening at the present time! Does this mean we can do nothing, but just watch our children being molested and abused until 2006 or 2007 and then deal with the hundreds of cases, one by one?

If people like Greg have suffered or there are other victims suffering at the present time, action must be taken to put a stop to this organized child sex abuse, now – not years down the track. If names of offenders are available, why can’t charges be laid immediately? Greg’s case would be a good start. He said he knew the name of the teacher, who committed the acts of crime against him. Greg claimed “this man lives with seven boys in …”.    

I had a degree of doubt, if I should believe this and everything else that Greg told me. He certainly sounded passionate and genuine. During our conversation Greg had mentioned a church he attends. I phoned a Pastor and asked about Greg without going into the full story.

He answered: “I don’t know what Greg told you. He had counseling at our church over the past 12 months and unfortunately, most of what he says is true”.

That the pastor showed a degree of reservation is understandable. Nobody can always be absolutely sure, if others are telling the truth. One has to know the person well or check past performance to be able to pass judgement

Likewise I had read between the lines in newspapers articles in the past and called them lies. On one occasion I read about an abduction of a young girl from a bus stop, but there was none; no bus stop and, I figured, perhaps no abduction? (Mind, Chapter 35).

In late May 05 a nephew and his friend arrived from Sydney to stay with us. He offered me the copy of the Saturday Edition of the Sydney Morning Herald (28/5/05), if I wanted to read it. At the time I had this ‘Da Ninci’ feeling, meaning something deep inside registered, which would lead to something later. When this happens I pray a silent prayer, asking God, if there is something HE wanted me do, to make it happen. I am always willing to do whatever is necessary. 

The next morning I casually picked up this paper. As soon as I did an article on the front page caught my eye. I saw a name, which without vowels merely consisted of the letters PTL. Further clues were the names Jo, the author’s Christian name and Bundaberg, a town in Queensland famous for it’s sugar mills.

A train had crashed near that town in November 04. I remember struggling at the time to believe the reports. I had intended to write a whole chapter on what I found online and in the Press. (There is so much I haven’t written, except notes in my diaries). 



The front page article, not the main item, didn’t take much de-coding to notice that the numbers 5 and 9 were the only numbers not present in the left column. In the centre column I noticed the 3 as not included in the date. Oregon and New York rang a bell (YN). Finally, if the cost of the one-way ticket, $ 3547, was a co-incidence, it was an interesting one: The numbers 1,2 and 6 are the ones missing between one and seven. The Royal Commission I was to give testimony to was located on the 1st floor of No. 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

I wrote the following, longer that usual, email to the reader link of the Sydney Morning Herald. To my knowledge it was the first time I emailed them. Six copies went to various recipients.


Email 29/5/05

Subject: Lies, lies and more pies.


Hi all,

'Pie in the sky' is an expression I would describe as an unreachable goal or wish, usually that of another. But I wished every Australian would place a higher priority on truth (personal and in the public arena, like the media) than the 1/4 acre block in the suburb with a 3-bedroom home and tiled red roof.

At the bottom of page 1 of Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald (28/5/05) is an article about a doctor, 'who left the town for dead'. I looked at the first few lines and new that it is not true. I could read my Da Ninci codes all over. Those who read my latest chapters in my autobiography (www.dieterfischer.com) would know that I had a fascination with numbers 5, then 15, then 35 plus many others. I like playing with numbers. When they weave into my story and make sense, I question if they have been printed for my benefit or are just co-incidence.

Jo, the name of the writer, means a lot to me. In my most desperate hours of struggle for sanity I regarded myself as going through a Joseph experience. He or she is from Bundaberg. Aha! Near that place late last year it was reported was a disastrous train crash. The tilt train had crashed at over 100 km/h. But what I read in the paper and online did not make sense. The pictures showed no mangled wreck. Not one passenger died and all the injured (from memory 129), apart from minor injuries, were back to normal in days. What a miracle.

The funniest comment was that of a fireman or ambulance officer. He said: "There were a lot of broken windows". I always see something funny, which keeps me sane.

My own family regards me as unstable. An improvement from a few years ago, when I was labelled insane. It had to do with the numbers, letters and clues I see.

In the SMH article mentioned above, I discovered those numbers, 5, 1, 3, plus others. In the left column are all numbers present from 1-8, except my beloved 5. In the second column number 3 is missing. In the amount of money the doctor owes, the numbers 1, 2 and 6 stand out, because they are also missing. That's interesting, because this week I will be at 1/26 F. Street hoping to do a job that needs doing. Pray for me.  

Like Dr. Patel DRPTL I had cleared out to the USA once and left a debt in a hospital. (I went there recently and it is now all fixed). N.Y and Oregon, places Mr. Patel had worked at, also ring a bell in my Da Ninci brain. My brain sees a few more codes - local headlines, (which used to tease me), native India (sounds melodic), royal commission, (something we all should operate under).

The article continues on page 13, but I shall avoid overloading your mind, which could already be stressed. Perhaps, bear with me for one more thought - Schapelle Corby. Your headline, her mother Rose's outcry - 'It's all lies', is probably the only true statement in the whole case.

Let me paint you the picture I can see:

A young actress (too pretty for a boogey board rider) is chosen to play the main part. Reporters on TV and radio, the media are all in the game together. They catch Schapelle with the 4.1 kg of marijuana and the circus begins. Drama, drama and more drama. Mercedes plays the angry sister. The media and everybody loves the real life entertainment.

But is it? Are we so bored with Bollywood and Hollywood scripts that we need to stage a show to satisfy our innermost longing for truth? You can't fool everyone into thinking it is for real.

Is there another purpose behind it all? I think there is, but for today I shall go back for some more sleep - but I never sleep.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

Reading my own email again surprised even me. But I will stand by every statement I made. The Bundaberg train crash didn’t add up in many ways. A fast train crashes at over hundred kilometers per hour and an ambulance officer is surprised at the number of smashed windows? Laughable!  Wasn’t he surprised that nobody died and most of the 130 people injured were back to normal within days?

This statement by the Chief of Queensland Railways, Mr. Sch, tops the cake:

“Just from the observation, when you look at where the train is, and that sort of thing, you sort of form a view that one the issues is that speed was a contributory factor. Now, I don’t know to what extent, I'm not going to speculate to the extent, I'm just trying to be honest with you and say that's an obvious thing we are considering. (ABC Radio Program, PM on 17/11/04).

What a gem of gobbledygook on a nationally broadcast radio program! I think he simply meant to say: “We think the train had been traveling too fast”. 

(But the Chief did rightly point out that 'speed was a contributory factor' in the crash. Any vehicle - train, truck, bus or car is always safer when stationary in the garage or depot).  




The other case mentioned, the sentencing of so-called Schapelle Corby, was described on radio yesterday as the biggest story since the Bali bombing, where over 200 people had died in Oct. 2002. In the luggage of a pretty, young lady 4.1 kilograms of marijuana was discovered at Bali airport. She was arrested in October 04 and charged with drug smuggling. The accused said she didn’t know anything about the drugs and had passionately maintained her innocence. What we saw on TV, she always appeared well groomed and performed like a professional actress.

A TV Channel’s survey revealed that 92% of Australians believed she is innocent. Even if she were guilty, most were outraged at the length of her jail sentence – 20 years. One of the Indonesians, responsible for the bombing of the nightclub, which killed over 200, received a mere 3 years jail term for the horrendous crime. Newspapers, radio talkback and television were saturated with the Corby case. Her sentencing on Friday May 27th was broadcast live from Bali. One reporter's sensational headline said, the sentencing of Corby 'stopped a nation'.

Like many Australians I did my bit for this fellow Australian, lingering in a foreign jail. I sent an email via one of the websites. I also sent a letter to the prosecutor in Bali. I even went as far as giving a copy to an Indonesian friend and had it translated. Like the vast majority of Australians, I was hoping and praying that the truth would come out. My letter to Indonesia stated basically that I was happy they were taking the trading of drugs seriously, and that the truth will be revealed in the end (or words to that effect). 

One morning in my prayer I received a complete different impression of the truth. The amount of publicity Miss Corby received from the Press was totally over the top. There are hundreds of Australian men and woman in jail, the world over. I dare say some are innocent and nobody gives a damn. My mind started its outside the box journey.

On Monday May 30th 05 I visited the State Library to use the only tool I could think of, the Electoral listing of voters, to see who the two sisters are.  On the News the Corbys were said to be from the Gold Coast, a major tourist hub about 1 hour’s drive south of Brisbane. I searched all 28 books, which lists voters by name and gives the enrolled addresses. My commercial training found good use. In about ˝ hour I had viewed all alphabetically listed Corbys in Queensland in 2004.

I could not find Schapelle or her sister Mercedes in any of these books. On one television station Mercedes was reported as married, but her surname still given as Corby. These little clues make me wonder. I didn’t look for their mother Rose, because she had a different surname. A male named Ian, most likely the girl’s father, was listed on the Gold Coast.

In one of the last books to check I saw a name, which made my probing mind say: “That’s odd.” One Corby entry in this electorate was so full of my Da Ninci code it was not funny. It included 7, my initials DR, Victory, Lot, PL – too much to dismiss as a fluke.

It was exciting to think that I had possibly uncovered a secret, a possible hoax in story that made headlines Australia-wide. It was also frightening. What if I was wrong, up the creek, my mental condition coming to the surface again?

But no, I had reached another level of awareness. Mental illness no longer entered my head as a cause for my discoveries. The two Christian names of this female entry into the Queensland Electorate (even the name of the Electorate is pure Da Ninci), gave the decisive clue – S.c.h.a. …are the first four letters of the first Christian name; …e.l.l.e  are the last 4 letters of her middle name.

Is she the real Schapelle Corby?

The Scha…elle Corby I found in the book didn’t live on the Gold Coast. She is from the Whitsunday’s, another famous tourist region, almost a thousand kilometers up the coast. The Whitsunday’s is famous for picturesque, tropical islands and one of Australia’s best known, natural wonders - the Great Barrier Reef - barrier reef.

Do you get it? Read reef backwards it makes feer, which sounds like fear. How true, fear is indeed a great barrier to fulfilling our dreams.


Schapelle in part of a photo on the Advertiser (28/5/05) front page, the day after the Corby sentencing. Schapelle received 20 years jail for drug smuggling. I noticed 20 dots on her wristwatch, one for each year of her sentence. I can also see No. 21, plus more.


In recent months, since giving up driving instruction, one family member keeps challenging me to face up to my fears. He still believes that I am afraid of finding out the truth - that I suffer from grand delusions and will be landing in a mental institution again. To a degree the second part is correct. I do a lot of unusual things. Certain people would love to nail me for speaking out so boldly and fearlessly about God. If I were out of the way, lingering in a mental institution, the convicting voice would be silenced.

On June 3rd I had occasion to turn the tables and challenge my wife to face a truth. She told me that she had an engagement, meeting a few ladies to have lunch together. A small group from church had started to meet and chat once a month or so. The time for the lunch was 1 pm. When Isobel mentioned it, she herself wondered, why so late?

I suspected there was a reason for the late start. It took little time or any mathematical skill to find a link to the most quoted scripture in the bible. The date – 3/6 and 1 are the numbers to make John, 3,16. Her reaction was not very nice, when I mentioned it. Why was she upset only because I had fun with numbers? Most likely it was because she regarded it not as fun, but as the leftover of my illness. Despite six years having passed, she was still affected and entrenched in the thought that I was marginally ill.

I am looking at another invitation, a dinner at a Restaurant, was also arranged by a group from the church. The locality is right at the place, where one of my first co-incidences took place. I had heard the name Marion on the radio, as I crossed Marian Road and said to myself, that’s a bit strange. Perhaps those, who originally written me off as a nutcase, when I wrote about this event, may now accept my thinking as not so dumb after all?


You Were Shaped For Serving God. 

On Saturday 7/5/05 my son and I undertook the most beautiful bike ride from Auburn to Clare and return. Isobel and I had experienced a magic moment in Care about six weeks earlier. Our first stop at Clare was to check out that spot. I knew, if people had read the story, there would be some magic waiting. It was.

It came in the form of above tag, which everybody who did the world-wide program – 40 days of purpose – will recognize. I noticed other things that day, like a car for sale, Rego. No. 111.153. It was just after I had uploaded Chapter 33, the number that 1, 1, 1.  It was a KIA.


After I had worked out the code as 3/6/1, I challenged my wife: “Why don’t you ask the ladies, why the luncheon was arranged for such a late start? Tell them, your (silly) husband thinks it has something to do with John 3,16.”

“No, I’m not going to do that”, she replied. “I’m not going to make a fool of myself.”

Who is not facing their fears? I could accuse my family of not facing the truth, to the same degree they accuse me.

I can see the lesson God is teaching us here. Every human on earth, deep inside, must confront the hard questions about life’s purposes, about where did I come, why on earth am I here for, where will I go after death?

Even the most primitive of cultures, if they were totally, honestly facing the truth, would doubt that a piece of carved wood or an ivory statue could really be the God, who made the world and keeps it all together.

Deep down, if a suicide bomber were to face reality and search for the truth, would he really believe that the more infidels he kills, the greater reward he receives from his God in heaven? Facing the truth is liberating, it sets us free.

I am facing the truth. Either the God of Israel, the God of the bible, who claims to be the only true God, is guiding me by HIS Holy Spirit, or I am the biggest idiot walking this earth.

Like my wife about the 3,16 co-incident, many are not facing up to the truth that there is a loving God, who created everything - us humans, the animals, the mountains and the sea, even the Great Barrier Reef. What is there to lose by breaking through the great barrier fear and facing the truth? 

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, therefore we will not fear.

Psalm 46, Verse 1.

Chapter 38