35.   In SA it is so 

Just after 4.00am on May 10th 05 I was sitting in our lounge, waiting my turn to come on air on Radio 5AA’s overnight talkback show. The presenter Brian B. had an easy style of talking and listening to his callers, which made his show very popular amongst the insomniacs, shift workers and Taxi drivers in Adelaide. He listened very patiently and allowed callers time to tell their often interesting, but at times tedious stories and opinions.

My arm was getting weary from holding the telephone, while listening to other callers having their turn. The story I was waiting to tell, came into a bracket of its own. After all I was a whistle blower and was thankful for talkback radio as an outlet to be heard by the public. My website was the other sounding board.

After my USA trip in April 05 (which I will report in chapters following, God willing) I reached another level of speaking out. I had for the first time publicly spoken about my doubts in the Liddy case. Even before I went to the US, in one early morning phone session, I asked the still unanswered question as I did in Chapter 20 (Mind) – How did one of the abuse victims get basic geographical details so wrong in his victim impact statement?  

My website story had not been taken as seriously as I had originally hoped it would be. At least I could not see any media report, which addressed my questions raised in the Liddy case. But God was working behind the scenes. HE always is. HE started long ago to set the wheels in motion for HIS will to be done in the end.

Tuesday the May 10th turned into quite a story. My call that morning was to follow up on a conversation I had the previous Friday on the same talkback show. I had tried to make sense to B.B. of the discoveries I had made, years earlier, in this unusual story.

Such as the time I happened to sit next to a journalist, Ms. Altmann (‘Alt Mann’ means ‘old man’ in German) at the trial of Peter Liddy. Months later I uncovered a strange twist in our car registration plates 228 and 301. Both numbers were pointing me to the same verse in the book of Joel, 2 V. 28 in the English bible, the other one, 3. V 1, for an unexplained reason in the German Version. The verse speaks about ‘old men’ dreaming dreams.

Just this small sample of co-incidences must have sounded bizarre to BB and his listeners.  What were they thinking when I continued how by changing one letter in the name Liddy, I could see Lindy, the name of the Seven-Day-Adventist-Pastor’s wife, who spent 3 years in jail innocently for murder?

B.B. allowed me to make my points, one by one. I hoped he and the listeners would also find it strange that we were going to church in the suburb of Enfield, N being the letter that was so crucial to the story; likewise the letter D.

That Friday I also told listeners, how on impulse I scribbled a note about my doubts in the Liddy case onto my business card and dropped it into a North Adelaide radio station as I passed by.  Much later my eyes opened to the co-incidence – the name of the station were those of my two special letters DN.

The radio host BB repeated that co-incidences happen to everyone. I knew he hadn’t grasped any of what I had tried to get across, not even my main point, that there is a limit to the number of co-incidences. At a certain point one has to ask – who or what is behind all this?

The shortest possible version of my story – Why D. Here it is in two words, one suburb (postcode 2099). My wife just returned from a visit to our daughter Michelle, who lives in Dee Why. Isobel and her mother again received VIP treatment from the airline – Seat 9 on the way over.

After returning I asked Isobel at the airport: What seat were you sitting in from Sydney? Seats 5 E&F. Then she turned to her mother and gave her a look, which said: “Poor man, when will he get over this madness?               I am asking – when will Is see it?


My weird phone call on Friday May 6 ended with the host asking me to phone again. I’m not sure if he meant it, or was he just being polite?

That same evening, after I had for the first time on air shared my mysterious story, I saw a TV News item, which left me puzzled what it really meant. The brief report was about a company in financial difficulty. Part of the issue was a mysterious share deal. As the newsreader read the item, I noticed in the background the two words: Shares Mystery. I let the reader guess, what I was thinking.

The following Tuesday I thought he was ready for a second round.  I finally came on air just after the 5am News. In a calm voice I tried for the second time to tell BB that I agree, co-incidences do happen. But after a certain number, one must ask – what is going on?

I had this little story ready to illustrate my point:

“Imagine you read in the newspaper in a Third-World Country: A man is reported to have won first prize in the country’s main lottery three times in a row. Such a co-incidence had never happened before. A week later you read - by another stroke of luck that the same person won first prize again. It so happens that the lucky winner is a second cousin to the President. What conclusion would any logically thinking person draw from that?

Of course, the place is full of corruption! But what a display of freedom in the Press!   (This was not part of the phone call).

I think BB, and most of his listeners, now understood my main point.

I continued my call pointing out a weakness in our judicial system. For the second time on the program I wanted listeners to hear what Magistrate Peter Liddy had told me in one of his letters. His main accuser, a drug user or drug dealer (I can’t remember which) had once stated in a Queensland Family Court that he had never been abused as a child.

Mr. Liddy had hoped this vital piece of information* would sway the jury to cast a ‘not-guilty’ vote. As things turned out, the document was not admissible in the trial. The jury passed a guilty verdict, without knowing about this document.

*The document can now be viewed in Book 7, Chapter 26.

In my mind I was analyzing this legal dilemma further. I could see both sides of the argument. Let me try to explain, how I understand the system in our State:

A person is charged with, say, breaking and entering. The jury is instructed to judge the case on its merit. The fact that the accused has seven prior convictions for breaking and entering is not permissible in court. The jury must only judge on the case before the court. On one hand I can understand this, because the accused may not have committed his eighths burglary, yet. 

On the other hand, if a jury had to pass judgement as to the likelihood of a person being guilty of a crime, the fact that this person had committed the same crime seven times before, should not be withheld from the jury having to judge a case.

In my opinion, an important decision, like judging the guilt of a murderer, ought to be made only after looking at all the information available – nothing ought to be withheld about the case or the background of the defendant.

In the following true, somewhat extreme case this flaw in the law showed up in an ugly way in a South Australian murder case. The father of a murder victim personally told me the sad story, which he since published in a book. A man had been apprehended and charged with the murder of his daughter, after abducting her from Adelaide’s Hindley Street. 

There was not enough evidence to reach a guilty verdict and the suspect was acquitted. In a sad twist in this case, the same person had been arrested and charged for rape and murder in Melbourne, allegedly committed while his case was under way in Adelaide. Would the jury have let this person walk free, had they known of the character and criminal record of this person?

(I realize that the case is much more complex than described here. I suggest you read the book yourself – ‘Halfway to justice’, Ken Turner, New Holland Publishers. Above information is what I recall from the conversation with the author).

In Adelaide’s newest Newspaper “The Independent” (published weekly) I read a statement, which shocked me, if indeed it is true. Journalist Joan A. reported on a conference that was to be held in Adelaide on Dec. 9 & 10, 2004. It dealt with the treatment of sexual victims of rape, and the way the law treats them. According to the article, the Keynote speaker at the conference was Dr. Taylor, a legal expert in matters regarding rape and abuse.

In the third paragraph Dr. Taylor states: “Truth is meaningless for many defence barristers”. Toward the end of the lengthy article, which carried the headline – Exposing the dirty tricks of lawyers, I read the following shocking statement:



The Independent Newspaper – December  04.


I am asking again, why was the piece of evidence, which would have kept Mr. Liddy out of jail, not admitted into court? As experienced Magistrate (the longest serving in our State) he ought to have known the legal technicalities and not pinned his hopes onto something he knew would not be allowed in court.

The other possibility is that he was lying to me. But what reason would the man have for deceiving me, a complete stranger? If you read my full story, I have witnessed at least one instant, where blatant lies where reported about what took place in his sentencing on 7/9 ! 2001.

Mr. Liddy, who was given 25 years in prison, also wrote in a letter that he was hoping his lawyer could take the media to court for false reporting. He had felt hostility towards him right from the start, which he feared had influenced the jury.

Since this first hand experience, I am viewing the news in a different light. Please remember everybody – when someone spreads lies, it takes another to believe them. Many believe something simply, because it is printed in a newspaper or pops up on the TV screen. Let’s not forget that TV Stations compete for ratings and newspapers need controversial, abnormal stories to keep up circulation to attract advertisers. 

After reading Dr. Taylor’s statement about a lawyer not interested in truth, I wonder if there are journalists, who think along similar lines: “We don’t care whether the story is true or not – if the police pass it on to us and it sounds interesting, we will print it”. 

I really wonder if the defence lawyers in the Liddy case just told the best story on behalf of their clients and let truth fly out the window? What place is there for truth in a courtroom? Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

My phone call to Radio 5AA that morning ended rather abruptly. BB did not try and enter into the debate seriously. Instead he told me that he had callers, who had read my website and who thought I was crazy, because what I was saying didn’t make sense. I replied that I could understand people thinking that way. They had not experienced what I had. On the surface, my writing looked, as if I was not there one hundred percent. That was fine with me. I was getting that same message every day. 



Australia Post’s Postcode Book Cover, Edition 24.  Dated 10/2000.

No comment!


Later that morning I wanted to check my correspondence with Mr. Liddy, if he had said, his main accuser is a drug user or a drug dealer or both. After my prayer I searched my office for the copies of the letters Mr. Liddy had written to me some years earlier. I had put them into a special place, but in the two or three years since I have forgotten that special place. I could not find them.

(The originals I had given to Channel Seven TV in good faith. A reporter had contacted me and asked for them. I received only photocopies back. I am starting to wonder, if I ought to ask for them back. I once contacted the station about my letters and was assured that they are in good hands. Anybody from Channel Seven reading this, please note – these letters from Mr. Liddy remain my property). 

While rummaging through my files I came across an interesting document. A four-digit number leapt into my face. This number had played a huge role in a special vision I had on 23/5/04 (Mind, Chapter 40). I had seen the letters ISSO as in a flash while half asleep. Writing my diary later I saw the similarity to 1550. That morning, by co-incidence, if you like, this number 1550 was the one that leapt off the page. It had played a role almost six years earlier, well before I even thought about numbers:

This is how it came about: 

In the midst of my depression in 1999 I had supported a State Member of Parliament in a campaign to have traffic lights installed at the junction of Bridge Road and The Grove Way, Salisbury East. In a speech given on the floor of State Parliament, the MP mentioned she had assistance from a ‘driving instructor, who had written a book on road safety’. (She was referring to me). On the day of her speech (7/7/99) the MP, whom I had dealings with before, concerning driver education issues, tabled a petition about the traffic lights, signed by no fewer than 1550 of her constituents.


Extract from Hansard - South Australian Parliament - 7/7/99


I couldn’t help emailing this amazing co-incidence to the lady, who did get the traffic lights installed and is still the sitting Member. As I typed I wondered if this busy person would see the hand of God in this, or would she wipe me off a lunatic.

To any doubter let me say – it’s a matter of first believing – then your eyes will be opened to see it. I knew this was God at work.

I purposely selected six additional recipients to receive an email of my discovery. If you have been reading from the beginning, you will know, why I wrote to seven people altogether. 


Email J.R. MP, State Parliament, Adelaide  10/05/05

Subject: When does co-incident stop?

Dear Jennifer,

Early this morning I came across an interesting paper from the time we touched base for the first time. (1999).

Because I had phoned Radio 5AA talkback earlier, I wanted to double check some facts, so I rummaged through papers trying to find some letters (from Mr. Liddy, the disgraced Magistrate).

On the way I came across the Parliamentary Hansard of 7/7/99. On page 1765 you had tabled a petition and spoke on the urgent need for traffic lights on the corner Bridge Rd and the Grave Way, sorry I better leave the strange bits till after and stick to facts - the Grove Way.

The petition was signed by 1550 residents. I had also collected some signatures, which you must have appreciated, because you mentioned me in your speech in Parliament (without naming me). At the same time another petition was tabled about the taking of FINFISH in the River Murray (by Karlene Maywald and Ivan Venning. For some reason these both petitions are written up twice?).

Why am I so excited about all this? The number 1550 is only one reason. Disregarding zeroes, the number resembles today's date. Much more ironic - I talked to BB. this morning about co-incidences - How many does it take, before one says, there must be something more behind it all.

Almighty God has his finger on Adelaide and is trying to say something.

If we would only listen and take heed.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  Apart from my driving-school website I run dieterfischer.com You will find that the number 155 has come up before, plus more ... many more nos.



As you can see from the PS, up to that point I had only seen 155 as the special number (similar to the date) that day. Only some hours later, as I pondered what incredible things God was doing, did the real significance hit me – all four digits of 1550 had played a huge role, when God gave me the vision on May 23rd 04. What a classic example of God knowing the beginning from the end. 

But there’s more; a further twist, which God revealed to me only on the day of writing (14/5/05). (Uploading was planned for 15/5, but that wasn’t the twist). Numbers popping up and matching up as that day’s date was exciting to watch, but another co-incidental link came to me. It happened just after starting my prayer time on the morning of writing.  

When I say God revealed it too me I meant just that. Just after 5.30am (it could have been 5.31am) I had only just knelt down in my office to pray, when this number 1550 came to mind. I had the strong impression that there was something noteworthy about it, which I had not seen yet. It came in an instant and didn’t take the brain of Einstein to calculate - 31 x 50 is 1550. This is so, no argument about that.

However, the number 315 viewed as the date 31/5 meant something. As I write it is 17 days to the fifth anniversary of one of our state’s biggest air tragedies, the Whyalla air crash, which occurred on 31/5/00. Eight people had died that evening in a twin engine Piper Chieftain. Both engines had failed for some inexplicable reason. To the best of my knowledge, despite extensive investigations, the cause of the crash has never been fully explained to this day. The pilot’s name was Ben. (The reader may also recall how I had seen a co-incident in the name Ben very early in my story).

What’s more, almost from the start, when events took a turn into the realm of the supernatural, I have constantly asked ‘why’. On another significant date, on 1/2/03, the tiny word ‘all’ was born, also in an air tragedy. This further twist really turned the story from the extra-ordinary to the bizarre; nevertheless it’s all true. 

Another reason why I get excited about numbers 1, 5, and 3 - they are those of my birthday 30/1/50. 

Friends, there is a mastermind behind all this and it’s not I. God used my story to place his mighty finger in the direction of Adelaide. HE has a plan and purpose, if we believe it or not. HIS will will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, according to the prayer we pray.


At one point, after certain discoveries, the phrase ‘N war’ was born. You may not be aware, friend, but a war is raging behind the scenes, a war for the hearts and minds of each member of the human race.  

In this photo Palestinian children are playing with toy machine guns.


Every time I write about experiences of this supernatural nature I am tempted to delete it all, saying to myself: What on earth are you writing this for? Anybody thinking that I never have any fear is wrong. But I do not let fear take over. In times like these God grants extra faith and encourages us through HIS Word.

I experienced this on the morning of uploading, this day 15.5.05. It was as if the writer of the German Bible Reading Kalender knew that I had looked at the number 155 as ‘Love won’. The scripture today was from Psalm 118. Each of the first four verses conclude with: HIS love endures forever. (The English bible translates love as ‘mercy’) 

Verse 6 of this Psalm is the encouragement God knew, I needed at this time: The Lord is on my side, I will not fear. What can man do to me? (Psalm 118, V.6).

After working on this chapter last evening I rewarded, and encouraged myself at the same time, by requesting a song on the popular request program ‘International Rendezvous’ on Adelaide’s EBI FM Radio. I asked the presenters (Dieter and the Angels, as they call themselves), if they would play for me “The Impossible Dream”. During my USA trip I had attended a performance of ‘The Man of La Mancha’ and discovered the lyrics of this inspiring song. 

There was a time when I thought my struggle was an impossible dream. The more I trusted and prayed, however, the more confident I became that God would make my dreams come true, for HIS glory.

If you are in a struggle, remember - HE is the ultimate winner. With God on your side there is no such thing as an unbeatable foe or an impossible dream. 

Let’s all follow the star. His name is well known, even in Hollywood, it’s Jesus Christ. And best of all - HE is definitely not unreachable. 

The Impossible Dream - Lyrics by Joe Darion  Listen here 
(Text slightly modified – the words not italic are mine)

To dream the impossible dream,
to fight the unbeatable foe,
to bear with unbearable sorrow,
to run where the brave dare not go.

forgive the unrightable wrong,
to love pure and chaste from afar,
pray when your knees are too weary,
to reach the unreachable star.

This is my quest,
to follow that star --
no matter how hopeless,
no matter how far.

To fight for the
without question or pause,
to be willing to march into hell for a
heavenly cause.

And I know if I'll only be true to this
glorious quest
that my heart will be peaceful and calm
when I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
that one man scorned and covered with scars
still strove with his last ounce of courage.
To reach the unreachable stars.

Chapter 36