20. About ticketing, DNA and agapanthus

On the TV News on February 9th 05, I overheard an item, which for no reason registered in my brain as interesting. Two young people had died in a car crash, burning to death after hitting a tree. 

Before taking you on a trail looking at the crash scene, let me take you on a different kind of trail, which started that same morning. I reflected on a TV documentary I had watched the day before on the life of Nobel Prize winner John Nash. Certain similarities of his journey to mine, especially his appreciation of numbers, had me spellbound.    

That morning I was also chewing over a Gospel-tract, which I had received at a church meeting on the previous Friday (4/2/05). My email to the church, with a copy to various email ‘friends’ tells the strange story. (Those who don’t like my play with numbers ought to skip this section). 


Subject: John Nash was on track  -  Email  9/02/05:

Hi all,

I watched a program on ABC TV yesterday on the life of John Nash, my twin brother, almost. (I was almost as mad, but not in the Nobel price bracket). Toward the end I heard him make a very interesting statement - "I saw connections and co-incidences in numbers and thought it was God" (or words similar).

He may have been on the right track. I firmly believe that co-incidences can be one way God speaks to us. But it is not the numbers that are the centre of the issue - it is a relationship with God - intimate, affectionate, brutally honest. Numbers are incidentals.

I try to be brief about a little numbers trail, I discovered this morning. Before rising I was thinking about a Gospel tract I picked up at a church last week. It has 101 funny 1-liners to make people read it. No. 35 goes like this: DNA: National Dyslexic Association. As I pondered about this in my half-sleep I looked at the clock radio - 5.41am (late for prayers). 

I had never been to the church, where I got the leaflet from. (The way I got there is another story). It is located at 145 N Road ….

But there is more - one more to be exact. I was meant to go earlier to one of the meetings, which were held all that week. But because I was writing and uploading a few chapters in my autobiography, I only got there on the Friday - date 4.2.05.  

I see God in everything and thank him for letting me know he is still there and loves me and loves numbers.

John Nash was on the right track. He was a thinker, looking at the world in a different way. Sadly, if appears, he never went deep enough into the spiritual side of his illness to realize, God loves him and his mathematics. It may have saved him from the more ugly episodes of his illness.    

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS   If you started the numbers trail at 541, go back and have another look.


Of course, I saw the 1-liner No. 35 as the start of the numbers trail, 135; plus 1(00) adds to 145, the address of the church. Another interesting observation was the last hymn sung during that Friday night meeting. The preacher announced: “Let’s sing the hymn we have been finishing with all week – I surrender all.”

For a moment I felt perplexed, almost doubted, if it was really true. This hymn, I surrender all, the very hymn sung in closing every night during that campaign, was the one I had uploaded onto my autobiography the night before. I remember having to think hard about how to finish chapter 17. God again came up with something special. 

The reason I was attending the church at 145 N…. Road that week was simple. A lady had handed me a flyer at a public outdoor event, the screening of a film at Mawson Lakes. I had noticed the film screening advertised and it stayed in the back of my mind all week.

God seemed to operate in this way. When HE wanted me to be at a certain place, HE gave me information together with a gently, but persistent - Go there!  - marching order. As you can see, if I disobeyed one of these, I would be missing out on everything that was to follow. I was not happy, except with HIS complete will for my life.

After chain-reactions like these, I fully understood the scripture in Romans 8, Verse 14: For as many as are led by the Spirit of God these are the sons of God. 

When I say, I believed to be guided by the Spirit of God, somebody may argue that I went to the film screening, because I saw an advertisement, or to the church meeting, because somebody handed me a leaflet. This is perfectly correct. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that there was nothing spooky about being led by the Spirit of God. If I were given messages through voices in my head, many would laugh at me and psychiatrists would diagnose schizophrenia.

Let me repeat a previous, fundamental statement – I have never heard God’s audible voice. Yet I am totally convinced that I have walked exactly the path HE chose for me to tread. I expect the same will happen in the future. HE will continue to lead me by using anything HE chooses.  

When Jesus was on earth working miracles HE never fabricated anything out of thin air. HE could have done so, but chose to use water and turned it into wine; HE took five loaves of bread and two small fish to produce food for thousands. God always used something, e.g. numbers, pictures, names etc, which triggered my brain, which in turn made me act. Often I only saw in hindsight, how HIS leading was correct, even magic (177777).  

In the one-liner above, I sensed, lay a deeper, hidden purpose. Not simply because it was number 35 in the list of 101, but DNA and I had a love/hate relationship (more hate than love).  (Chapter 49, Mind). Did the printers of the Gospel tract really only want to make a joke about people reading letters back to front? Was there a subtle hint of support from what I had written? How I wished! 

The following happening carries the same question - was it arranged by people and HIM, just for me to observe?  

After picking up my son Ben from the airport on 25/9/04 I said, let's have a drink in the city before going home. Wakefield Hotel was closed, so Ben suggested the Seven Stars Hotel. It was under renovation. We did not share a drink that morning - something else was in HIS plan. 

Our way home led us through the Eastern end of town. Therefore we came across this bunch of old beauties on a run preparing for the Bay to Birdwood vintage car rally.. Under protest from Ben I changed lanes quickly and drove into the car park to have a closer look. 

The bi-annual Bay to Birdwood Car Rally is one of the largest  in the world, attracting entries from around the world. 

Above entrant was on a separate run (100 years Singer cars) the day before the main rally. The rego Number reads - The Man! The location was the Wine Centre Car Park, the building opposite is called "The Observatory". 

This Queensland vehicle, entry No. 35 carried rego "501 - Hi L". (Hi to you too). Two other registration numbers are mentioned in my diary - DR&VV and 11234. 

The gentleman sitting in the red car, wearing a red cap, has a famous surname - Day. Mr. Day kept a watch on the vehicles. The rego of his vehicle read like: Whistle for nine! 


Since raising the (serious) DNA issue I had not had any feedback, neither outrage from scientists, nor condemnation by police using the technology. Not that I expected any. Ignorance is more effective in showing disapproval than words of hate or opposition. I didn’t in earnest I think that a scientist would sit down with me and walk me through the “DNA for Idiots” guidebook.

Doing a little research online I discovered that the inventor (one of them) had died not that long ago. Here is a brief from the internet about the scientist:

Francis Crick, the British scientist who helped discover the double helix structure of DNA has died. He was 88 years old and had been battling colon cancer. Crick was born in Northampton England in 1916. In 1947 he went to Cambridge University to study physics, but later became interested in biology. In 1951 he began working with an American biologist named James Watson, and in 1953, the pair announced they had determined the structure of DNA, the molecule that carries the codes for genes.
The discovery revolutionized biology, and won Crick and Watson the Nobel Prize in 1962 along with their colleague Maurice Wilkins. In 1977, Crick resigned from the faculty at Cambridge, and gave up molecular biology to devote his attention to studying the brain, both in a biological and a philosophical sense. He joined the faculty of the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, where he worked until his death on 02/8/04.

I know I am very naďve trying to have DNA explained in a 5-minute tutorial. Perhaps it is the feeling of not being in control of a situation, which causes angst. Not that I suffer from fear and angst, but I can imagine the darkness a man must feel, when a code on a computer screen convinces everybody of his guilt, when in his heart he knows, he is innocent. 

If the following experiment was carried out, without any opportunity of cheating, I would believe, even embrace DNA testing as a foolproof way of identifying criminals:

Assemble 100 people in a room and supply 101 DNA testing kits. Each person gives a DNA sample in the normal manner. Without anybody knowing, the umpire conducting the experiment, asks 1 person in that room to supply an extra DNA sample.

It should be simple, for any laboratory the world over, to identify the one person, who gave two DNA samples. Two correct results would suffice, but it the method was 100 % all tests would pick the same person. An experiment like this would convince everybody that DNA is as accurate as claimed. I would gladly become the fool for doubting and apologize. 

I am aware that I am harping on this subject a lot. For the moment I have said enough. There is a time to trust God that HE will deal with matters, especially when they are out of our depth. As I did with the discrepancies in criminal cases, I can only point them out and leave the rest up to the authorities to investigate further and to God, the ultimate authority.

One glimmer of hope, in the area of authorities taking note, came in the mail on January 10th, 05. So far response to any of my whistle blowing was scarce. That day I received a letter from a senior Minister in the Federal Government. I had written to him, the media, the Federal Police and some of my Christian contacts, raising doubts about the MP, who had admitted to an alleged affair and subsequently lost his seat in Parliament.

The response from Canberra was brief: “… the Commissioner (Federal Police) will consider the information you have provided and determine whether to investigate the matter.”  It will be interesting to see if I hear any more on this matter. However, the envelope this letter arrived in gave me another ray of hope.

The envelope the letter arrived in:

Did the staff-members of the Minister, who sent the letter to this address, purposely make three mistakes? I highlighted two mistakes for Isobel to see, but ... mistakes happen, even to staff of Federal Ministers in Canberra. 

God sees everything. HE controls everything - the weather, earthquakes, football scores, hair on our heads etc. etc. HE is not too big, too small or too busy to care about us.

In chapter 6 I mentioned that our garden had only yielded 3 flowering agapanthus that year. Well, there’s more - more to the story and more agapanthus. One morning as Isobel and I were leaving she said, looking across our garden: “There are two more buds on the agapanthus”. Knowing, what I had written, it came as a great surprise (to me more than to Isobel). Now our total number of flowering agapanthus had increased from 3 to 5 this season. Love it. (The photo I took will be uploaded, when available).

In the same chapter (6) I had also pointed out my amusement over my son Ben’s seat allocation (9 C) on his flight from Sydney to Adelaide (the same day, we saw the vintage cars above). I believe God is even in control of seat allocations on aircraft. When our eldest son Tim flew to Sydney in early January, he was also placed on seat 9C. 

How peculiar! One of those six reading this autobiography must be working at the airport and is listening to an inner voice. If there were a rational explanation, why both my sons were allocated seat number 9 C, would someone explain it to me and put me out of my misery, please?

Is there an airport employee with a degree in science and/or biology? One who knows about ticketing, DNA and agapanthus? I’d like to talk with you.

Chapter 21