19.  Forgiven – 200 million dollars of debt!

Allow me to share with you the first few hours of my 55th birthday on 30/01/05. Regular readers expect me to start with: “I woke at 3.01 am on the clock radio and...” Well, it turned out one better - it was 4.10 am. (Please remember that I did not set the alarm, normally). I was too tired to rise straight away, so listened to D.W., the radio host (and would be MC) mentioned in one of my favourite chapters of my whole writing, Chapter 34 in Part 2.

My birthday seemed a good enough excuse to give Dave a call and tell him of my experience on the morning of Australia Day, four days earlier. I explained the inconsistencies of the road crash scene at West Croydon. The puzzling fact of personally seeing a huge wheel left at the crash scene, yet pictures on the TV News that night showed a real small truck. He questioned my motive for even driving to the crash site. I sensed his trepidation, chatting on such a serious subject.

He was not in the mood for controversy, instead talked to listeners about the lack of cheap eating-places in Adelaide. At 4.30 am you can’t blame him for sticking to a lighter subject. What sort of person visits car crash scenes, takes note of facts that don’t match up and rings a talk-back radio at 4.30 am on Sunday morning, trying to tell everyone about it? I am.

One Sunday morning, many months before the latest car crash investigations, I drove into the Adelaide Hills to check out this crash, which had been reported. Something seemed odd. Firstly, the name of the street, where a young man, named Ben Hall, allegedly had died.

The name is Warren Road. The three streets before Warren Road are: Trust Road, Benalla Road (does that not sound like Ben Hall?) and Winton Road. I could mention the road before that. It is a Tce and still more bizarre.

(UBD 41st Edition, Map 89-90) Does anybody seriously think this is all co-incidental? If yes, I suggest you read my story from the beginning and learn the Da Ninci code! 


It was still ½ hour to the start of the Hour of Power on TV, so I watched another religious program. A well-spoken lady, famous in Christian circles, Joyce Meyer, who has a world-wide TV show of her own, was interviewed by another TV show-host. She told of her early years in Christian work. In theory she knew that Christians ought to trust God for finances. She believed on the one hand that God had led her to give up her job, yet still worried all month, if the income figures would stack up in the end.

Her husband had been less perturbed about money. He was more optimistic, full of faith, and told her to lighten up. He was busy having fun with the children to be worried about dollars and cents. As I listened I was thinking - she couldn’t have better described my wife Isobel and I. 

The Hour of Power started their 50th anniversary in the year 2005. The first part of the program was filled with a review of 35 years on television. Watching a review of many world famous people, who had appeared on the show over the years, made me realize, what huge impact this organisation had, and was still having. A vision by an ordinary man had turned into a dream come true. If anyone were to look for an example of what God can achieve through an obedient visionary, look no further than Robert Schuller and his wife.

After a prayer session I fired up the P/C and sent 3 emails. One was to the Hour of Power, thanking them and saying, how I enjoyed the program. I made a further point, however. Previously I had noticed that the lyrics of hymns had slightly different words to those of the original composers. This was fine, I emailed, but to do this with scripture from the bible, I could not agree with. Robert Schuller sen. had read Romans 8, 28 and correctly started with: “All things work together for good …” But his ending “to those who do his commandments” is not correct. The promise is to those …”who are called according to his purposes”. 

The second email message I sent on my birthday resulted from a news story the previous Friday. Mitsubishi Motors Japan announced that it was wiping off 200 million dollars of debt, owed by their subsidiary Mitsubishi Australia. This was great news for the thousands of workers at the car plant in Adelaide’s South. The Australian operations of the car manufacturer used to be regularly in the news. Usually it was bad news from Japan, threatening closure. 

My bible reading in the NK Kalender that day (sorry, but I see God even in this) happened to be on the theme of forgiving debt. I found the co-incidental timing of this very generous gesture a reason to write a little note to Mitsubishi’s on their website's feedback form. It was also an opportunity to reviving an idea, an invention, I had some years ago – a simple device for avoiding car crashes under heavy braking:


Email 30/01/05

To MMAL  (Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited). 

Hi all,

Is MMAL interested in an invention, which improves the safety aspect of braking? Where do I send my idea?

On another small matter. MMAL must feel like they had a birthday on Friday 28th? All that debt forgiven? My regular scripture reading on that day included the verse about having a debt forgiven - Lk. 7, Verse 47 –

The result? You will love more because you were forgiven a lot. We need more people who give and forgive a laot.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide


The misspelling of laot is intentional. The ‘L on the cross’ is a good description of the ONE, who calls Himself the ‘Alpha and Omega’.

Strange timing: On the morning of uploading (22/2/05) I was listening to our Premier on Five AA Radio mention Mitsubishi. On this day he was to open a new plant, featuring a huge piece of machinery at the factory. It was the largest press (as per the Premier) in … (details have escaped me), capable of an output of seven units per minute. 


My third email went to a politician, who in the newspaper the day before had called for an enquiry into the ‘Attorney General’s Trust Account Affair’.  From what I understand, surplus money had been stashed into a special trust account for later use in social programs. However, the funds were being misused on trips for public servants, staying in luxury hotels around Australia. (The public has reason to cry ‘corruption” and ought to demand the truth).

The Government Auditor had criticized the practice as being against regulations. Fingers pointed at the Minister concerned, the Attorney General, who defended himself saying, he had not known about the trust account. The senior executive, however, who was blamed for the bungle and resigned over the matter, claims she had informed the Attorney-General a number of times. 

The reader may think I am simplifying reporting this complex case. But I see this happening on the radio and TV News every night – complex issues are condensed into a 15 seconds (or less) broadcast, which can’t possibly tell the full story.

Something smelled fishy, another red herring, possibly, to distract from serious crimes? Or was it to discredit the Attorney General, who happens to be a regular churchgoer. It has happened before. At the time, he stood down, while investigations were carried out. He was very quickly re-instated and cleared of any wrongdoing. (News-update 4/07/03).

Subject:  Enquiry into truth  -  Email to S.K.  – 30/01/05  (slightly edited).

Dear S,

I am one of a Lot (lover of truth). Lot people hate few things more, than being lied to.

This week my wife and I had a disagreement. She gave me a job to do, which I had told her, I had already done on 19/01/05. She said I had never told her that I did the job. But I recall having done so, hence our disagreement.

If such a scenario is happening in the AG Trust Account affair, an enquiry would simply waste a lot of time and money. Mr. A stepped aside last year* after a similar allegation of his integrity - and was found blameless. I have a 'gut feeling' (I have many of these) that somebody is again targeting Mr. A's integrity.

If you want my other gut feeling, who I think may be behind all this, you can contact me privately and I may let you in on my feelings. (I like sharing feelings; it bonds people and can make a very powerful team).

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS.  With a German sounding name like yours, you may know what 'gut' in German means. I had a gut full of lies being told by the media, politicians and bureaucrats. Truth will set us free.

* this is incorrect - it was the year prior (03).


On my birthday morning there was time before church to take Becky for a walk. The weather was almost perfect, low 20’s, sunny and no wind.

I sometimes joke that I can't apply to go onto "Who want's to be a millionaire?" I don't have 3 friends to nominate. Becky is a friend. Good for taking on a walk along Liberman Road and up Mitchell Drive, where this picture was taken. 

It felt safer to go a different route every time, even though I was no longer afraid of any unseen enemy. As the months turned into years, the assurance that each step I took in this strange journey was indeed all in God’s will for my life. He had it all under control. HIS word and the wonderful promises to those who trust in HIM gave me strength and courage to do the things I did.

To a certain degree my intelligent mind tells me how naïve I really am in certain matters. I have not fully grasped, neither the heights nor the depth of my experience with God. You may find this as hard to understand as I find words to express it.

About 9am on that last Sunday in January Becky and I walked down Goodall Road. I took the route along the small group of shops, past McDonalds and turned north onto Bridge Road. I had planned to turn up Wynn Vale Drive and return home via the small lake that nestles picturesque half way up the slopes of Gulfview Heights. But my plans changed. 

Something reminded me of a ‘for sale’ sign I had spotted on Bridge Road. I had meant to check it out, but never done so yet. That morning Becky and I decided to have a look. Strange, but we never got to this place either. Just before reaching my destination I noticed the footpath had been vandalized. The path was made of large paving bricks. Some hooligans, in a destructive mood, must have ripped out 35 pavers (unless I miscounted) and threw them around just for fun.

I had seen the spoiled footpath a week or two earlier and not even considered doing something. That sunny morning I spent 15 minutes or so to put the pieces back into place. The interlocking pavers fitted perfectly. The last two pieces needed a little force, but laying them felt as good as placing the final two pieces of a 500-piece puzzle. 

Why am I reporting this? Not to make me look good, but because it could also have been another test. Would I see it? Would I do it?

When the job was done and I looked up and saw it was right at bus stop 43 C on Bridge Road. The 35 pavers bridged the gap.  

Pondering my life on my fifty-fifth birthday I compared it to a picture puzzle. There were a large number of pieces in play - events, numbers and names etc. etc. Some already formed part of the landscape. But others, like unexplained clues in car crashes, men in jail, scripture verses, which I linked directly to my life, are only some of those mysterious pieces laying around, waiting to find a place in the overall picture.

Despite not knowing what exactly lay ahead, I was confident that in the end God was working all things together for good, creating the picture HE has in mind. It will happen.

Everything HE has planned will happen. It came to pass since the beginning of time.

Chapter 20