17.  The nine dimension 

It surprised me that in 2005 I again was visiting car crash scenes. I had done so regularly during 2004 and earlier. On Wednesday Jan 26th, 05 Australia Day, I had just arrived at our church at Enfield at 7am to complete a clean up job. The day before we had to abandon it, because of the 38 C degree heat.

A minute or so into the 7am ABC news an item “just in” caught my ear. Torrens Road, West Croydon, was blocked off because of a traffic accident. Something inside made a mental note. After finishing the job at church around 8.30am, I took a little detour before going home. 

Driving west on Regency Road I passed the previously mentioned hit-run cycle accident scene. As I turned the corner into Churchill Road, right there at the Sip n’ save store, my eyes took in three huge letter painted on a factory. Using the DaNinci code, ignoring the R, the remaining two letters mean,’ see the cross’. (More on this later).  

It was over 2 hours after the crash, when I got there; everyone had gone. Bits of glass, metal and plastic littered the edge of the 4-laned suburban road. I was at the scene no more than probably 5 minutes, and found so much info, which I could identify with, I had to scribble things down.

Like the crash scene described in the previous chapter, this one was also right opposite a Sip n’ Save store. The locality was also right near a pub, called (See all) Challa Gardens Hotel. I had pulled into a carpark of a Company. I liked their name (it sounded like ‘comes’ in DaNinci Code).  Their slogan, written on a sign, was very positive - There are no limits.

The nearest corner west is called Goodall Avenue, the closest corner to the east - Stevens Street. It all made sense. The TV News report in the evening was brief. A small red hatchback had hit a parked truck. The driver died as a result. The crash was reported to be the sixth fatality for the year (a very low number, when compared to the 2004 monthly average, just under 12). 

The TV pictures showed footage of the truck and the car that had hit it. The fact that the Daihatsu was rather small, made me wonder, why I saw a huge truck’s wheel lying on top of the small bits of debris (I forgot all about a small item for the collection, except two 5c-refundable Iced Coffee cartons).

Any passers-by looking at the wheel would assume, a huge truck must have been involved. But how could a small hatchback have generated this brute force, detaching the wheel of a big truck, parked on the roadside?

On top of the wheel I noticed a long piece of timber, neatly placed there – where did this come from? And why were those two items, the only large objects, left at the scene? 

It is common knowledge in South Australia that our Motor Accident Insurance scheme had been in the debt for years. Not just by a few million every year, but by hundreds of millions of dollars. The Government was constantly bailing it out, injecting huge sums.

This must be the reason, why for a number of weeks in late 04, early 05, there had been advertisements on TV, and in the printed media, urging the community to report suspected motor accident insurance fraud. On the surface my discoveries could have a link in that direction. But it is one thing to purposely cause damage in a scheme to defraud, it is another matter when there are reported fatalities. 

I wished I either would not see the inconsistencies at crash scenes, or God would reveal to me, what role people’s reported deaths played in the bigger picture.

On the day of writing (and God willing uploading) tributes flowed in for a prominent Adelaide businessman and his wife, who had been reported killed in a small plane crash in New Zealand. I found a report on a New Zealand TV Station’s website. Three minor items surprised me.

One, the three people on board had been declared killed, before anybody had been able to get near the wreck, due to accessibility and fog. Two, a clear photo of the wrecked plane in sunshine (no sign of fog) had been shown and three, the TV Channel’s website did not bother to mention anything about the pilot, except that he also had died.  I wrote an email to the Charter Company, whose plane was involved, asking questions along those lines. What would I find at the scene, if distance were no barrier to conduct a little search for clues?

I also would have loved to travel to Queensland last November 04 to investigate a train crash, a huge disaster, where almost nothing I saw in the newspaper made sense. It happened near Bunda berg. (God willing I will write about it in a future chapter).  

On Thursday January 27th 04, however, I was able to follow a trail I had started looking at the hit-and-run crash, where the cyclist had been knocked off his bicycle. (Just thinking – has there ever been a hit-and-fly airplane crash?)

I had just taken my wife to work at Gilles Plains and planned to pay a brief visit to the company, whose three letter name, minus the R, reads “See the cross”. In the phone book it was listed on 123 …Rd. The last part of their phone number was 9966. The numbers were one reason I wanted to say ‘Hi’ at that address (I could not find an email address on their website).

About a kilometer after passing the Yatala Labour Prison, I noticed a large piece of clear plastic littering the roadside. I will never forget the piece of plastic I picked up in the US in 2003 for no reason, except to do my civic duty. This one was just as big. Still, for a moment I hesitated, which from a road safety point of view, is a good idea. Sudden movements, after impulsive decisions, especially heavy braking, can lead to crashes.

Months earlier an almost identical scene had happened. – I spotted an enourmous piece of plastic right on the side of Main North Road, Prospect, but was too fast to stop on time. I turned around at the earliest, safe location and loaded the rubbish into the back of my small van to dump it into our trash bin at home. Amongst the plastic was a little wrapper from a fish-and-tackle shop.


This is the wrapper I found inside the huge plastic bag I picked up on Main North Road, Prospect. The reader may want to practice their Da Ninci Code?

I did the same on that Thursday morning. To turn around and pick up the plastic only took an extra minute or two. Approaching a major junction, called Gepps Cross, I remembered days earlier, on the way home from the airport, seeing a black box on the footpath.

I was curious. If it were still there, I would check it out and/or take it home. Thousands of motorists would have passed the black box, as big almost as a shoebox, between Sunday and Thursday. I parked the Suzuki and picked up the contraption. From the label on it I could read it was part of a vending machine. The Adelaide distributor’s name and address were also shown. The company’s name started with Ben….

Now I knew I was led here to do a job. Another rather clever trick needs mentioning. Right where the part had been placed was a sign - Ford Parts. The Da Ninci in me read: Parts for D. It might as well have included - please collect when convenient).

It all started when near my home I picked up 2 delivery notes written by a Furniture Store, located right opposite above. (One address read Camelia Street - it made sense).              I visited the store just for fun. The small box above, part of a vending machine, was lying on the footpath for days, before I decided to have a closer look, snap above photo and take it home. 

I wrote a letter to the owners, who promptly pick up the part at our home. (If you read this, please keep it, just in case the museum will happen one day).  

But there was more. On closer examination of the label attached the model number of the vending machine was ALD G707. There just seemed too much Da Ninci to dismiss all this as my madness.

Before continuing the journey, read the ‘iffi’ letter I wrote to the Ben …company a few days later. (The company phoned afterwards and had the part collected from my house). As usual, my letter provided information, but sent an underlying serious message, spiced with humour: 


Letter to Ben … Company – date Jan 29th 05  - (I gave my correct name and address). 

Re: Iffi machines in German Club

Dear …,

If this letter doesn’t make sense, it’s OK, it’s not your fault.

If the Candam vending machine in the German Club belongs to your range, could one of your engineers go out and check it out. If it’s Model ALD G707, then I think it is.

If I have one more person walk out of the men’s toilet, screaming abuse at the lady at the bar, because the darn machine doesn’t work, I’ll never go back to that joint again.

If those idiots only knew how embarrassing it is, not just to the poor girl, spilling the drinks at the bar, but to the patrons enjoying a Schnitter and Schlucker, they would be more discreet in voicing their complaints.

If they would put this machine outside the men’s toilet, don’t you think there would be less vandalism going on?

And if they want to sell more chewing gum or lollies, wouldn’t you be better of to place those vending machines in a place, where ladies can also access them. If they have those machines in the ladies toilet, I wouldn’t know. If there are any they must be much more reliable. 

If you have no objections to my suggestions, which seldom happens to German migrants, why not think of re-placing those dam machines? If you’re not sure, where to put them ask the lady at the bar. If she doesn’t tell you where they should go, I will—to hell. 

Find regards

PS   If this problem is not addressed soon, I will be dam mad. (If you don’t know the address, ask me). 


Looking at a condom vending machine every time I used the toilet, gave me an eerie feeling, just thinking what must be going on. (Call me homo-phobic, if you want to). I once made mention, why the need for condom vending machines. I was told that it was a requirement by law to have these machines installed. How sad. What has this world’s thinking come to?

Of course, it is only for health reasons, was the argument. Let everyone, who engages in sinful sexual practices note - a piece of rubber is no going to protect you from the bitter fruit of the seed you sow.

Legislation to make it compulsory to have condom vending machines in hotels and clubs is a typical example of banda id mentality. If it’s feels good do it, just protect yourself - is the flawed motto. A better motto is – Don’t do it - it feels better in the long term. The only healthy life-style to grow a healthy community is that between one committed man and one committed woman.  

Continuing my little excursion to say Hi at 123 … Road, I remembered I wanted to ask a question at an Electronics Store. In my last upload (Chapter 7) I mentioned the possibility of a listening device being installed in our premises. Not long after I heard a news item on TV:

 A listening device had been found outside a famous actress’ Sydney residence. The report didn’t make sense. On the one hand, it said that such device was available at Electronic Stores, on the other, it warned of a possible 5 year jail sentence, if planting a listening device illegally.

At the next traffic lights I pulled into the carpark of Dick Smith Electronics. One customer was being served as I walked in. I waited only 30 seconds before being attended to by the other assistant, a young man with a goatee wearing a nametag – Ben. I was amazed for a moment. Only one traffic light back the name Ben had popped up quite unexpectedly. Now this! (As I wrote my journal later I started to doubt, if the nametag was really genuine). 

I don’t think I made sense to Ben. He may not have understood my request, but the store definitely did not sell listening devices, which could be used to listen in on people’s conversations. (I understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean they are not available).

At last I was on my way to my intended destination. If the young staff member at 123 … Rd expected me, I don’t know. I told them honestly, that I had seen the big letters near a hit-and-run accident, which I traced to this address. I asked if any of their staff knew anything about the incident? But all I saw was a confused man looking at me strangely.

I had journeyed to this address by faith. If indeed I was meant to be following a trail of clues to ‘arrive at the right place’ I could only accept in trust. As I had always done, I had committed my day to God that morning to guide and lead me. Why would he lead me astray to waste my time for no purpose? Who knows what was going on behind the scenes? God is a schemer; he really is, scheming for our good. 

Here is a good example of HIS magic from my diary - January 27th 05: I took two letters to the post office that day. I had never ever written to either recipient before. One was to pay a phone account, which we normally pay electronically. But it was only for $ 3 so I sent the money in stamps.  The other letter went to the USA.

The postcode of the Australian address was 2480 (Lismore – please, I am not joking, these are definitely not more lies ??!!). The postcode for the letter to the US was 9 2840!

After the earthquake in Asia, measuring 9 on the Richter Scale, after 9 people had burned to death in a bushfire here in South Australia only a few weeks later, the number nine took on a new dimension.

There is no doubt in my mind, WHO is behind all this - Almighty God? The following hymn is based on the scripture in Mark 10, 28: “See we have left all and followed You”

Please don’t misunderstand the phrase in the second verse. ‘Worldly pleasures, all forsaken’ doesn’t mean as a committed Christian you can’t have fun. It’s the opposite, without HIM I would find life empty.


J. Van de Venter                       I surrender all.                             W.S. Weeden

All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.

I will ever love and trust Him, in His presence daily live.

I surrender all, I surrender all. All to Thee my blessed Saviour,

I surrender all.


All to Jesus I surrender, humbly at Thy feet I bow.

Worldly pleasures all forsaken, Take me Jesus take me now.

I surrender all...


All to Jesus I surrender, Lord I give myself to Thee.

Fill me with Thy love and power, let Thy blessing fall on me.

I surrender all ...


All to Jesus I surrender, now I feel the sacred flame.

O the joy of full salvation! Glory, glory to His name !

      I surrender all ...                                                            

If you are still a doubter, but you honestly want to find HIM, read above words, but replace the Him with the word YOU. If you really mean it, your life will never be the same.

HE loved us and gave HIS all to us first. Now he wants all of you. 

Chapter 18