14.   Wow! What a prayer!

Clues that my story had travelled widely came to my attention constantly. The disappointment of my friends’ silence was more than offset by these mysterious revelations that came my way. An extract (below) from my diary (21/11/04) shows two examples:

I noticed the product - facial tissues - on the shelf in a supermarket. Where did they get the idea to sell them in packs of 228 in a box? (Just as well they didn’t call it approximately 228).

The picture below shows the product. The scribble in red records, how I viewed the website of a large US church organisation. The main frame showed text, whose letters ALL, AM, TS, MA were placed outside a frame - ‘outside the square’? Unless it was caused by my outdated browser. It amazed and amused me just the same. Life had become very unpredictable.


Unpredictable is a word I have not used much so far. But this is how my life could have been described as 2004 turned into 2005. Leaving home for a leisurely bike ride on a long summer’s evening I just didn’t expect anything. Without trying I fell quite unpredictably into a predictable pattern, if that makes sense.

I say predictable, because the locality of the incident was near a previous one. It involved names and numbers and ended in a humourous letter with an underlying message. Channeling my brain waves into humour was my way of coping with it all. Looking back, I think, I had used humour from an early age to overcome stress, embarrassment or, as a young child, to get attention.   

On January 8th I wrote the following letter to a company, whose premises I rode past on my bicycle.  (I will keep the recipient private, if that is possible): 


Subject: Read and write

Hi there,

Reading and writing are two of my passions, or if you ask my wife, two expressions of my madness. You can make up your own mind which it is, at the end of this letter.

Yesterday evening, Jan. 07th, I cycled into S., which I do only once a month, if that. Cycling on the western side of the railway line, I felt prompted to cross the train line and continue down your street. (About 2 months ago, I had a strange experience there).

As I looked near your premises I caught the word READ, which didn’t click at first as special. But inside something said, turn back. So after 50 meters I turned back and only then took in the number 07. Immediately I realized that it matched the day. Then I saw a  line of containers, stacked side by side  -  5+6.  Looking around I noticed another stack in the form of a large L. What does all that mean  - LI? Or that I have nothing better to think about?

I could write a book about what I see and notice. As a matter of fact I have written much of my life story on the internet. Some lies I saw etc. Try dieterfischer.com if you are into reading. But isn’t it often the case that ones name reflects the exact opposite? Wit the surname Fischer, I haven’t got the patience for fishing. And my Christian name starts with Die, when I’d rather live!  

Now you can make up your mind, if you think my thinking is madness or something else. Or better still read what I have written on my weblog (it’s free) and act on it and you may also start thinking like I do. It will change your life.

Kind regards and wishing you a successful year 2005.

Dieter Fischer

PS   I think the expression: 'You wouldn’t read about it' needs reviewing.    


Another story on the radio pricked my ears. The Premier of New South Wales Bob Carr announced plans to create a huge urban park in Sydney’s West. I had some fun before with his name, (Mind, Chapter 46) when I mentioned about Bob’s carring on again. This was a good opportunity to have some more fun with this popular politician and his grand idea. I researched the details on the Internet and sent an email to the Sydney Morning Herald’s feedback line:

Subject: Need a job – like travel – dated 7/12/04

Hi all,

In your article about the proposed Carr's Park in Sydney's West, the Premier expressed it could be in fact the biggest and best urban park in the world." To put his mind at ease, why doesn't he send someone to find out? When one boosts about the biggest or best in the world, how does one measure it, unless one has checked out the rest of the bigs and the goods.

At present my business is a little slack, people spend their money on Christmas (when all Christ wants is a thought of appreciation for his coming and the good He did). So I may be Bob's man to go, do a little study and come back with, I am sure, that his park will be the biggest and the best. It may take a while, especially, if the park will take decades to create. But while I'm away (I chuck that in for free as a bonus), I could find out, if Manly Beach really is the best in the world and if Bondi has the prettiest girl swimmers.

This morning, how timely, I received a regular email-news letter with the headline: New Year's Eve in Sydney - people the world over are dreaming of it. How much more popular would Sydney be, if we could truthfully say, Bob Carr's Park is the biggest and best in the World, Manly has the best waves and the prettiest girls are found at Bondi. 

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  If you insist, I take Jennifer Hawkins with me. But then we need 2 pushbikes for checking up if pack-cycling is allowed in other parks of the world.

(If I get the job, please keep it confidential, especially the bit about Jennifer. My wife Is might not understand).


The report mentioned a debate, if pack-cycling should allowed in the park, so I threw in the bit about cycling. Jennifer Hawkins, the beauty queen from Newcastle (Australia) had reached world fame a short time before, after being crowned Miss Universe for 2004. (I had mentioned her also in a previous email to a journalist). 

Whilst above email was written in jest, the fun suggestion that I go with young Jennifer Hawkins, had a sequel with a twist. No, I wasn’t offered the job and young Jennifer was not dying to share her travels with an old man like me. Fate was just having a little fun with us. My bible reading the next day touched on an interesting subject. I sent this little comment:


Subject: Truth democracy and Jennifer Hawkins – dated 9/12/04

Hi all,

Don't let the subject line confuse you, Jennifer is not going into politics, just like

I am not entering Miss World. Mr. Universe - perhaps?

The day after my fun email on Tuesday, about Carr's Park and Jennifer coming with

me to study overseas parks, my bible reading was from 1. Corinthians 9. Verse 5:

"Do we have no right to take along a believing wife...?"

My wife Isobel is always telling me God speaks through his word. What is he telling

me with this scripture? Any clues?

- - - - -

At this point my email switched to another subject, the election in the Ukraine, which I have already covered in the previous chapter. In the PS I told of the timely thunderstorm 3 days earlier, which itself had another strange twist in the end:

- - - - -

PS  Did you know on Monday morning, Saint Nicolas Day in Adelaide a 'pro-gay-rights' Rally took place on the steps of our Parliament House. That morning we had the loudest thunder and lightning for a long time.

But co-incidences happen. Just like the co-incidence when I opened my bible the same day and it fell open to 1. Sam 2, to Hannah's prayer: Verse 10: "The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken in pieces. From heaven he will thunder against them. The Lord will judge the ends of the earth".

WOW! What a prayer! On that Monday I had not read from my regular German Bible Kalender, because a section of scripture was missing (the dates jumped from Nov 23rd to Dec 9th). As I flicked through the bible, I saw Hannah’s Prayer and thought, let’s read this.

That’s how I stumbled across this powerful verse. (I should, perhaps, have explained in my email what I meant by - the bible fell open. Finding guidance or answers to problems can happen by our bible falling open, but it is rather the exception than the rule).

The remarkable part was that God led me to that verse right on the day where a thunderstorm coincided with a gay-rights rally. (At the time I did not even know about it yet. I only heard about the rally in an email later that evening).

Let every reader take note – the God who is in charge of the weather is also in control of earthquakes. PLEASE BELIEVE IT. Had the storm come only 12 hours earlier, Sunday December 5th would not have turned out the eventful, perfect day it was.

Things happened – you wouldn’t read about it.

Chapter 15