13.   Victory, all wrapped in orange  

Periodically I had spurts of brain energy, which made me acutely aware of my surroundings. Perhaps I was over-reacting to a point. When I felt I should respond, however, and the urge would not leave me, I had to be obedient to the call. Often it was just sending an email, questioning something that didn’t make sense or express appreciation for what God allowed me to see. This is how it happened on Dec. 6th 04, while listening to the radio.

For a fleeting moment that Monday afternoon I heard a song. I say fleeting, because my FM reception is not very good on that station. I recognized the tune immediately, because we sing it during our worship in our church in Enfield  -  ‘You are my world’. I had never heard such a song on the radio, let alone sung in English on this program from Hamburg, Germany.

It was performed by a group called Gospel-Train from Harburg; only one letter difference in the two place names, an R and an M? It was not hard to find a contact through Google and I wanted them to know that somebody in-far way Adelaide recognized and enjoyed their singing.


Email – (Translated from German) – 10/12/04

Hello to the Gospel Train,

On Saint Nicholas Day I briefly sat and listened to the radio. Our station EBI FM 103.1 broadcast the Hafenkonzert from Hamburg. I couldn’t believe my ears: “You are my world.” At first I thought I tuned into the wrong channel, because this song, which we sing at our Church, has never been played on radio.

I must say I was astounded and blessed at the same time, to hear this song from so far away. 

Many greetings from an emigrant from Swabia to Adelaide, Australia.

Dieter R. Fischer

PS I trust all the singers knew, who the song addresses. Of course, otherwise you would not be called the Gospel Train.


I received a brief acknowledgement of my email, saying that the choir members were happy about my reaction from Adelaide. The contact person’s surname had my decoding brain working – the first part I translated into burden, plus the letter T at the end – burden on the cross! What fitting name for the contact person of the Gospel-Train.

In a previous chapter I mentioned that Spam is not entirely useless; it does have one positive function; transmitting coded messages. One such Spam I received made me think it was just that, because it came on 15/12 at 1.23 am. Here is an extract:

From a Spam received Wed 15/12/04  -1.23am

Its ongoing and developing contracts are projected to quintuple in 2005, expanding profits to multiples well in excess of revenue growth. In 3 years, it could be generating $60 to $90 million a year with 20% NET profit! [...]


Unless it’s my imagination – I saw a 963 (backwards) code, plus a 2/1. Net is ten backwards and therefore counts as one = won. (But please everybody refrain from sending me spam/codes, I don’t need them).

On 26/11/04, perhaps because it was Friday, I had so much taking place, it filled 4 pages in my diary. Looking back, God must have had a big program to fulfill. It was the day I dropped my 4th larrikin present (Banda id) into Parliament House to Mr. T, the Member of the Upper House (Chapter 2). It was also the day I attended a State Funeral of an ex-Senator, where the group “The Allisons” sung “Are you sure”.

In the afternoon that Friday I went to have new tyres fitted on my Suzuki. Instead of waiting at the workshop, wasting the ½ hour, I went to McDonalds for a coffee and to have a peep at the Newspaper.

Why I always see strange things, when I pick up and flick through a newspaper, I do not know. All I know it happens and I react in my natural, questioning way. I never search for clues. They just jump from the page in words, numbers or names and voila – another adventure starts.

On page 30 in this Advertiser was an advertisement for a product recall. I cannot recall (pardon the pun) what exactly made my brain trigger the skeptic’s button. It could have been the address of the Australian Branch of this German Company. I read the address as: For be it. And by inserting a G into the Company’s well-known name, the letters could be rearranged to create – LIGHTS. (This took place about 3 weeks after my disclosure, who I think I was).

It was easy to find a contact address online. Plus I learned a lot about this huge company, having trained in a machine tool company, in the same district in Germany before migrating. Here is the email I sent the next day – 27/11/04:


Hi S,

I find your history fascinating. How interesting that Australia was one of the very early branches of S. (1971, the year I got marred, sorry married - amazing what little i can do). I come from Esslingen. I know Waiblingen and Cannstatt very well. Loved surfing your German website.

Yesterday (26/11/04) I had a coffee at McDonalds. Reading the paper I noticed a S. Recall notice on P. 30 of our Adelaide Advertiser. You have clutch trouble with your M 55. (Your website didn't mention anything, unless I couldn't find it).

Instead I read the heart-throbbing 4-Mix story and noticed two pictures not working. (Better fix it before head office gets onto you - you know how perfect the Germans are, especially the breed from Swabia.

I hope the clutch problem sorts itself out. My learner drivers take about 3 months.

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer

The S. Company’s website had a special link to story - the 4-Mix story. I was intrigued. Four mix could mean “I’m 4 cross?” Entering the page the 4-mix story was just a description of a special motor. I would soon have forgotten about it, had I not seen, a few days later, a flyer featuring ‘MIX 4 and save’ in huge letters. It was an advertisement for spirits (the fluid variety), which came through the letterbox.


The second part of the flyer’s headline ‘and save’ reminded me of a photo of another liquor outlet Sip ‘n Save. (If this autobiography needed a descriptive name, how about - ‘Spi ‘n Save’?).

The names of the advertised products all fitted nicely into my letter codes, Pale Ale, James Boag, Stella Artois, Corona Lager, Loewenbrau, (lions’ brew), etc.  If I was roaring up the wrong web page, I was still having fun observing it all. My diary entry says: If their recall, plus all these codes are just co-incident, then God is literally raping me. But He loves me and is using me.

Why would God lead me to follow these mind-trails, if they were nothing? The way I made sense was to assume, people were testing what they had read on this my website (and I reported some incredible connections, you must agree) and were playing the game. I didn’t mind, as long as those who doubted honestly would move from disbelief to faith, from testing to trusting. 

On November 17th 04 for the first time I sent an email to a newspaper in Pakistan. According to news reports a man had been killed in Holland by Islamic extremists. His name was Theo van Gogh, a descendent of the famous Dutch painter. Perhaps his death would not have made such big news, if he didn’t have such a godly Christian name, and his surname wasn’t Van Gogh. 

I had often thought about the logic of killing in the name of God. Does it really make sense that by killing the believers of another religion, your God will grant you a special reward in heaven? What kind of God is this?

My God says: Giving your life for my cause is truly a noble act. (So far a suicide bomber’s thinking is correct). But to destroy your life only to destroy that of other believers, who don’t agree with your religion, does not make sense.

I am glad to be serving a God of ‘Love’. One who does not force HIS way onto anybody; one who gives a choice to accept or reject HIS offer of life through love. If you pause and think about the life/love message, it is the only doctrine that makes complete sense. Herein lay the secret and the only way to world peace.

Sorry folks, without Jesus Christ world peace would never happen. But through HIM it will.   

Researching in Google I found the van Gogh murder story in the website of the Pakistani newspaper, the Daily Times. I emailed the paper on 14/11/04:


Subject: God is crazy

Hi all,

the murder of Theo van Gogh so dramatically shows how religion, as a means of getting power, is very destructive. God must be crazy, because he says to love our enemies, even give your life for your fellow man, don't insist on your rights. Only because another human doesn't believe as we do, is not a reason for killing them. The true God is the one who may appear to be crazy (hence the word "Theocrazy" - just kidding). 

I'd rather follow a God who says: "Love even those who don't agree with you." How can we follow a God that says - anyone who does not agree with my way of teaching, kill them?

There always has been good and evil in the world. Good by its very nature has won the war already. Justice and truth will prevail in the end.

Kind regards from Adelaide

Dieter R. Fischer


I seldom received answers to my emails. This did not bother me. A well-known scripture in Isaiah sums up my persistence in writing, despite seldom receiving a reply.

“So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”  (Isaiah 55, 11)

God pleases Himself only. The responsibility is not ours, if a word we speak to a neighbour, a friend or a stranger in a newspaper office in Pakistan bears fruit. Results are up to God. I had no idea if my email to Dacca was read or what fruit it was bearing.

This did not deter me from sending two email messages even further than Pakistan. Twice I felt I should be supporting the struggle for fair elections in the Ukraine, the Eastern European nation of 48 million people. 

Later in November 04 they had held a Presidential election. From reports on television I learned that people wanted a popular man to be their leader, but another man had won the ballot. Fraud was suspected. The people felt so strongly on this issue, thousands (many lots) stood in freezing temperatures, in the main Square in Kiev, protesting. The official loser – named Yushchenko – climbed from relative obscurity to take center stage on the world news every night for many days. 

Those protesting the outcome of the presidential election were determined in their fight for truth and demanded a fresh and fair election.  At one stage a bloodbath was feared. As the days dragged on the protesters became more determined, but kept expressing their demand in a peaceful way. Many wore the colour orange, hence the name given to this historic event – ‘the Orange Revolution”. 

On the ninth day of this revolution I was listening to the BBC, London on my transistor radio in the middle of the night. I picked up a comment (which I rather not disclose) and immediately took it as a clear mandate – yes I ought to just send an email of support for truth and justice. Russian President Putin had already congratulated the elected president on winning, despite no official results yet made public. It smelled of dirty business right from the start. The protesters’ popular choice, Mr. Yushchenko, still showed scars from an earlier suspected poisoning attack by his political opponents.

I looked up the email addresses of the Ukrainian Community in Australia and also a TV Station in Kiev. The following email I addressed to the ‘unofficial’ winner of the Ukraine Election. I had no idea, if my emails indeed reached the TV station in Kiev or the unpopular President elect.


Email  -  1/12/04 Ukrainian Community Australia - copy to ITV, Kiev

Dear Mr. Yanukovich,

Truth will ultimately triumph!

It's the nature of truth - to stand the test of time. You don't have to convince yourself to believe in it, because it is based on facts. Lies have to be fought for, the mind twisted to believe what is wrong turned into right, what is bad is made to look good. Lies give short term power, but long term pain. How can you, Mr. Yanukovich, go to bed at night, calling yourself a winner, when you know you have cheated and your supporters bashed the opposition? 

Shame on you. The truth will win in the end. The sooner you realize it, the better for your country. 

It's better to look like a loser now and win the ultimate war, than declaring yourself God will judge all corrupt leaders and their governments. Jesus has won the ultimate victory over evil, including corruption. Better to yield to HIM now than in condemnation later. It is not yet too late.

Dieter Fischer

Adelaide, Australia



Like many Ukrainian people, a culture that is deeply religious, I prayed earnestly that God’s will be done in the Ukraine; that truth will win over lies. God is passionate for justice. This seemed a classic case of wrong made to look right.

On evening, during a news report on television, I noticed a group of protesters dressed in red/yellow/blue, the colours which held so much meaning for me. The timing astounded me. Just as the bright colours flashed across the screen the reporter said: “Protesters again were out in large numbers, showing their true colours”.

Maybe, despite the lack of feedback, my writing had reached further than I ever imagined. Maybe my emails were passed on and read by influential figures?  Without me knowing they might have prospered and accomplished that which HE pleased and will continue to do so.

The very next day after sending above email, everybody was elated and astounded by the news that came out of the Ukraine: Mr. Yanukovich admitted to irregularities and agreed to a fresh election. (It was held on December 26th – Mr Yushchenko won convincingly).

Please let nobody think I wanted to claim any credit. Until all aspects are fully researched, nobody can say which factors brought victory. Except to say, if those protesters would not have stood in the cold for days, but stayed home, where it was warm and cozy, nothing would have changed. Had they not stood up and spoken out, the orange revolution might not have succeeded.

I may never know what contribution my message and my prayers had made. All I know is that I did what I believed God wanted me to do - and the desired result came the very next day.  On Dec. 9th I emailed the same two recipients giving credit, where credit was due:


Subject: Truth and democracy  - dated 9/12/04

Dear Mr. Yanukovich,

A man shows his greatness when he does not insist on his own way. When a man says, I was wrong - he demonstrates that he is a winner.

Even if you should lose the re-run of the election in your country, you will also be regarded as a winner, because you have allowed truth and justice to prevail.

Without truth and justice no nation on earth will prosper.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  The truthful lip shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment. (King Solomon).  


This email (and I assumed the previous one) must have been received. A message of acknowledgement arrived from the Ukrainian community in Australia, consisting of only two words (one with 5 letters, the other with 3): “Thank you”. It was music to my ears and food for my numbers brain.

Until Christmas 2004 the date December 26th was remembered as the day of the devastating earthquake in Iran in 2003. After Christmas 2004 people on earth will forever remember this date as the day of two of the world’s worst natural catastrophes of modern times. 

Let’s not forget that it was also the day, where the people of the Ukraine received their reward for standing up and speaking out

Their dream came true. It was the same dream as mine – justice, truth and freedom for all.

They got it – all wrapped in orange.

Chapter 14