12. Believe number one

The world around me was constantly filled with magic. There were times when the workload of digesting data and recording it, became rather heavy. When this magic was of the kind that could not have in any way been manufactured or manipulated by humans wanting to play mind games, all fatigue was gone. God truly was working miracles.

At times it appeared as if God himself, this unseen, yet most reliable force in the whole universe, was saying: “Keep going, I am behind all this. Wait and see what wonders I will do next.”

On January 2nd 04 I attended two church services. In the morning, at our home church at Enfield, the reading was from Isaiah, Chapter 60. In the afternoon, at the meeting I attended (and wrote about in Chapter 10), a lady read from Isaiah, Chapter 40. It was not hard to see that Isaiah 50 is right in between these two chapters. Verse 10 held a very powerful message, which God had led me to over a year ago (Mind, Chapter 15). It made me raise a serious question about the credibility DNA testing.

Because the scripture during the morning meeting was 10 chapters ahead of Isaiah 50 and in the afternoon it was 10 back, I kept thinking about it. It was the time when the world was still in shock at the unprecedented devastation surrounding the earthquake and Tsunami in Asia. 

According to my diary it was not until Friday 7/1 that I examined Chapter 60 more closely and discovered in Verse 17 a remarkable parallel to Chapter 50, 10. It was not the meaning within the verses, but the pattern of the first words in each line:

Isaiah 50,10 -  Who, who, who, and, let, and.

Isaiah 60,17 - Instead, instead, instead, and, I, and.


I checked all of Isaiah to see, if there is another verse, where this pattern occurs; there wasn’t. Was God once again highlighting the insignificant word and, which is DNA backwards? If there were a deception on a grand scale happening, for whatever reason, when will the general public be informed about it? If I am up the creek, does any scientist have the courage to educate me, convince me of the real truth? My outside the square mind could even handle the truth about DNA.

Months earlier I had written to an ABC journalist, casting doubts about DNA testing. In my letter had I said, I would contact him again later. My second correspondence to this man, a famous name in Australian Radio, explains some of my questions that needed answers: I sent the message on 8/11/04:


Subject: DNA and Marie’s lock -  Email 8/11/04

Dear P.T.

Here is an extract from my letter to you, dated 14/07/04 - (What co-incidence - it was France's Bastille Day)!

>Recently I read an item in the newspaper, which concluded that DNA evidence was “too >old” to be of use to this particular criminal investigation. Paradoxically, around the >same time, the authenticity of a French murdered child-king was verified, using the >latest technology in DNA. Something doesn’t add up. The details escaped my mind, but >if I come across them, I will send details later.

Well, I have come across them, and here they are:

- - - -

Last December the presumed heart of the child king was removed from its resting place to enable scientists to compare its DNA make-up with samples from living and dead members of his family -- including a lock of Marie-Antoinette's hair.

"It is the heart of Louis XVII," said historian Philippe Delorme, announcing the results of the analysis.

"This is a great day for an historian. It is very exciting to put an end to one of the greatest enigmas of French history. To draw a close to a mystery that has given rise to more than 800 books," he told Reuters.

- - - - -

How can they say they used Marie Antoinette's hair. I have expert advice that for hair to be DNA tested, the roots have to be included, not just a lock of hair. 

We needed Google, so they can't get away with the lies any longer.

I trust you are unhappy with the findings and that I have kept my promise.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer 

(Did the world really need 800 books on the mystery of the identity of Louis XVII? No wonder there is no room for a book on road safety).

Scientists have an important role in society. The top achievers are admired as superstars, worshipped like celebrities, showered with millions in funds to keep their research on the cutting edge of exploration. The pressure to discover new horizons must be enourmous. Scientists have to be accountable for the money they receive to justify their existence. But to announce a finding as fact, when all is just theory, is overstepping the line. A more despicable act is to announce something fact, when it is not even theory, but a total fabrication.

Evolution, I believe, is pure theory, but largely taught as fact. Only some weeks ago I emailed the office of a Federal Member of Parliament, a shadow Minister. He was interviewed on TV, which left me thinking – what a paradox of a man! On the one hand he aligned himself with the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship in Canberra, on the other he stated that we should teach evolution, exclusively, in public schools. This didn’t make sense, which gave reason for speaking out.


Subject: Believe number one  - Email dated 21/11/04 

Dear Mr. R,

Last Friday on Seven's Sunrise I overheard you say that creationism has no place in our school's teachings. If I am mistaken, please forgive my ignorance. If however this is true, and I also heard you say you’re a Member of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, then things don't add up.

If a Christian, whose guidebook is the bible, does not believe in Verse number one of Chapter one, he or she is going wrong, right from the start. You know what happens when you take a wrong turn in a maze? You're amazed and lost at the same time.

I urge you and your fellow Labor (did I hear Mark L. say on the News on Saturday, he wanted the U in there?) to believe verse one in the bible, plus all the rest, and teach it to our children.

If Mr. Cameron was still there, I would have suggested you speak to him about Nr. One. He knows the truth.  

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  A Senate Enquiry into Nr. One would be the wrong way to go - the ‘Terms of Reverence’ too hard to determine.


The Mr. Cameron I referred to, was the one, who supposedly had an affair, admitted it and lost his seat at the October 9th election. The Opposition Leader (Mark Latham, who at the time of writing is departing politics) had indeed made a point of inserting a ‘u’ into the name of his party – Labour. (I assume, without the U – the spelling of the word Labor looks too American, too Liberal).

Truth leads to justice. Justice brings equality, the kind of equality that gives dignity to all people, not only the rich. Truth, therefore, is the first step in eliminating poverty. Truth in science is as important as truth in politics, business or the media. God loves truth. God loves justice. God hates lies and inequality. Poverty was not God’s idea. The root cause of poverty lay with humans not being truthfully transparent with themselves and others.

One day we will know the truth - about evolution, about life on other planets and about DNA. One thing is for sure - your DNA code will not help you enter the after life - or should I say, the desired after life. Eternal life with God in heaven is promised to those who love God and cheerfully do HIS will. Only one thing will count as ticket of entry – your commitment to the one and only true God, personified in HIS son Jesus.

On January 11th (11/1/05) the writer of the daily devotional, the Neukirchener Kalender, surprised everyone (or those who noticed it) with numbers magic. This little discovery was good enough reason to contact the Editor, whose uncle, I found out, was the Pastor, who in 1966 baptized me at the Volksmission in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen:


Email to Neukirchener Kalender - 11/01/05 – translated from German:

Subject: I like humming too

Hello G.

Even before I turned the page (of today’s reading) I knew how the song goes: “…knows you too and loves you so. Do you know the number stars that shine in the heavenly tent above… (or similar). I learned that in the 1950’s at the Sunday School of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Esslingen.

Psalm 147, Verse 4 says it clearly that God counts the stars and even gives them a name. I think that somebody at NK also likes Numbers. Today’s Text is also the date, Lk 5, 1-11 on 11.1.05. Some Christians are frightened of Numbers. But God can use anything, Numbers, Names, Events etc.

Only last evening I debated with my wife that numbers, which I like to play with, can be used by God. Perhaps God is behind it all. She reminded me that God even used a donkey in the Old Testament.

What did she mean by that?

Greetings from Adelaide

Dieter Fischer


(The word humming in the subject line is a play on words – summen in German means both to humm and is also the plural of ‘sum’).

Five days earlier the church calendar showed it was the feast of Epiphany. Epiphany means: God reveals Himself. The day marks also the arrival of the three wise men at Bethlehem, to visit the newborn king - Jesus. But few people would have worried about events in the church calendar that day. The world still came to terms with the tragic events of Boxing Day 04, the biggest ever earthquake to hit planet earth.

A verse came to me from the Psalms, which best describes the chaos the affected countries had to deal with. How I wished each survivor (and distant spectator on television) would possess the eternal glimmer of hope, knowing who is in control of every situation - even when the world lies in ruins. 


God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed,

And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea,

Though its water roar and be troubled,

Though the mountains shake with its swelling.

(Psalm 46, 1-3)

This Psalm starts with utter, unimaginable chaos. It ends with a simple, calming statement, whose author is God Almighty. If the world is looking for comfort, if hurting people are asking, where is God in all my pain, (Verse 5) HE is in the midst of their suffering, saying:

“Be still and know that I am God”

(Psalm 46, Verse 10)


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