1.   A new Epoch – Dignified and Noble

Did anyone notice it? My previous book ‘…and of a sound mind’ finished with a quote by Martin Luther, the great reformer. He certainly had opened a can of worms, standing tall. As he faced his critics, church officials in the German town of Worms, he made a famous statement, cementing his resolve: Here I stand I can do no other? 

Did anyone play the game of exchanging letters for words and come up with my version? With only one a/o swap a remarkable truth appeared, the initial catalyst for my mission: 

Here I stand             I can              -    do  no      other.

Re: He, I and ts        I see a n        -    not a d     hero.

I purposely did not want finish the final chapter with this playful, changed version of Luther’s statement, because it would distracted from the impact of what I had revealed.

Likewise, the number 95 had taken on significance in a big way toward the end of part two of my autobiography. This very day, days before the launch of this my third book, this number came to the fore in a strange manner. It seems I can’t escape the numerical way God wants to show Himself to me. To dismiss that God was truly behind it all, would be an act of betrayal at the highest level.

My wife and family were still closed off to any suggestion that God could work through numbers. But I needed a sounding board to stop me from really going crazy. I emailed the BBC in London telling them of my little spiel. I sent a copy to our own ABC Newsradio. I chose the BBC, because in Chapter 32 of Part 2, you read about mathematical phenomena, which I had emailed to the UK Broadcaster, after listening to them on my transistor. At the time the clock radio had shown an unusual string of numbers. This morning it happened again, just as I opened my sleepy eyes to check what time it was. 

Email to BBC, London – 3/12/04, sent at 9.51 am:

Hi all,

Here is what happened to me last night. I woke up three times and usually look at the clock radio. The first time I did it showed 12.34 - the date 3.12.04 had just started.

I probably would have forgotten it, had I not looked twice more - at 4.07 am and  finally, when I got up (without an alarm) at 5.43 am. Out of habit I just added the two numbers, don't ask me why, they came to 9.50, which it will be in three  minutes, when I press the send buttom (this was not planned, I just realized it).

Why am I sending this to you? Nobody else listens to such trivia, but my brain sees it and ACTS.

Kind regards                                                                                                                                                                 Dieter R. Fischer

PS   Recently I took notice of two separate phone numbers  *8 337 0400     *8 226 1311 when I realized each digit is 1 different from the other. Don't ask why this happens and why I notice. I'm a numbers man. Perhaps my number comes up soon?      

*Changed for privacy

(For those who have not read the last chapter in Part 2,  Acts 9, Verse 5 is Jesus answering Saul: I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting).

The ‘PS recently’ happened on Saturday 27/11/04. Adelaide was in the middle of its first heat wave for the season, several days with temperatures above 35 C; officially the summer was still 4 days away. Driving by, on my way to pick up a client, I noticed near the Motor Registration Department on Glynburn Road a young man watering the garden with a blue bucket. Did I take note because blue buckets are not very common? Was I meant to take note? It is difficult to explain; all I know that this fleeting glimpse of a blue bucket would a little later lead me to one of the phone numbers in above email.

An hour later, when my client was out with the examiner, I walked the few steps to where I had seen the man watering. The place belonged to a center for ‘spiritual awareness’. A vehicle was parked in the carpark. I had the urge to just walk in and ask about their program, even though I had no intention of joining any. But I resisted the thought at that moment and walked on. Perhaps I would call in on the way back?

Despite the heat and blazing sun I continued along a dry creek, passed the scout hall and headed back to busy Glynburn Rd. Right next door to the spiritual awareness center I noticed a ‘for lease sign’. It was advertising space available in the large, modern building, where Isobel and I had a year earlier seen a Christian psychiatrist. At the time Isobel insisted that I seek medical help, which I did to please her. However, I refused the suggestion of medication, which would not change any data my mind took notice of. No dosage of tablets of any kind could change my date of birth or the name of the street we lived in.

This time it was the name of the salesman, listed on the for lease sign, Ente, which made me look twice. Those of you who are familiar with my story would understand, why to me this name meant ‘enter’, minus the R. (Chapter 31 Part 2). The salesman’s Christian name I could also identify with. Reading the strange name on the real estate sign outside gave me the idea to ‘enter’ the premises.

The air-conditioned small reception area was a welcome relief from the heat outside. I had been reluctant to make an appointment with any psychiatrist or doctor, because I considered myself well. Nobody else was in the reception. After a while a lady came and wondered if I was her next appointment. She realized straight away I wasn’t. It gave me the opportunity to ask if Dr. B. (my psychiatrist) was in. “He never comes in Saturdays”, she replied. Had she said yes, I don’t know where things would have gone from there. Would I have had the courage to say: “Dr. B. did you read my latest chapters in my autobiography? What do you think?”  Nobody in the world had either read my revelation or was too frightened to confront me and it or both.

It was time to return to the carpark and check on my client. As I passed the ‘for lease’ sign again I had another glance at it. The phone number listed didn’t stand out in any way. Something, however, made me turn back and write it into my appointment book I carried with me. I am glad I did, even though I never would be dialing it. 

This time, as I walked further, I knocked on the front door of the ‘spiritual awareness’ center. Through the glass I could see that nobody was there; no lights were on, the car park was empty. I now regretted not having taken the opportunity earlier to enquire. Then I saw a notice beside the front door. It was run off on a computer, not a permanent sign. The names of a male and a female and their phone numbers were neatly printed. The lady’s surname started with Ben. Her Christian name Wendy also made me wonder, is there is someone behind it all? 

Whatever it was, I took note of Wendy’s phone number and within seconds saw the peculiarity – seven 1’s, separated the two numbers. (For those who are not familiar with my story, I had called myself a winner, who gave it all. One (1) and won sound exactly the same; that’s why I liked those seven ones).

Wendy and I had a nonchalant conversation on the phone the next day. To the Real Estate Salesman with the funny name, I wrote the following letter a few days later:

(Slightly altered for privacy reasons).

Mr. ...  Ente Real Estate Agent, Adelaide SA  5000

Ph. 8 337 0400

8 226 1311 

RE: One Name saved the day

Dear …,

Before I confuse you, I better explain. Last Saturday (27/11) one of my students went for a driving test at Tranmere Village. It was a very hot day I had 45 minutes to kill. Actually, I don’t kill time, I usually pray for an adventure and it just comes, everyday almost, without trying.

Because of the heat I would have been very uncomfortable waiting in the examiner’s car, which I normally do. The Motor Registry was closed. As I walked along Glynburn Road, I saw your name on a sign advertising ‘offices for lease’. I knew immediately what to do. My Wagon R Plus gave me the clue: Add an ‘R’, stir for 2 seconds, let it settle for another second and ‘enter’.

The premises happened to be the offices of Dr. B, my psychiatrist. Ente is German and means ‘duck’, but not many who play Cricket speak German and make the link.

Well, I did just that on Saturday morning, no, not go out for a duck, but enter the premises of Dr. B. The small reception area was pleasantly cool. I even got to read a Time Magazine of March 04, where they had printed that the Gallup Poll put the ’gay marriage-debate’ at the bottom in a list of 14 issues important to Americans. November 2, 04 proved them wrong.

I trust that in your business you always tell the truth. It is the best policy in the long term. Even to leave off one letter is unacceptable. (How does this sound? In July 1971 I got marred, i  married that moth?).

Anyway, in distress last Saturday, your name and my R plus saved the day. It all worked together for good.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS If you can’t make sense of above, please contact my wife. She is struggling with similar issues. But remember, why would I be an ex-client of Dr. B, if it all makes sense to others? If your state of confusion worsens, I suggest you form a support group. My wife and Dr. B. could be your first two found’n members.

According to the clock radio, my day that Saturday (27/11/04) had started at 3.10am. Because I was wide-awake, I glued my ears to my small transistor and turned the dial slowly. Behind the faint, crackling signals I could hear a caller named Andy, ask a talk-back host: “What is the most dignified suburb in Melbourne?”  It was meant as a joke. The answer was Noble Park. Two words triggered my brain, which sprung into action: Dignified and Noble. The name ‘Noble’ appeared in my autobiography Part 1, Chapter 10. It was one of the first ‘outside the square-interpretations’ I had made, after a caller had twice called our number and asked for a ‘Jacky Noble’.

The other word ‘dignity’ had come up only two days earlier in a Jesus-Seminar I had attended. It was one of three words, which I played with and made into a question. The six letters of dignity, broken up, I re-created into: “Y G (Why God) di in t”. Another word was hope. It took me a while to see it, but by inserting a ‘c’ it transformed into ‘epoch’.  

The action I took at 3.20am that Saturday morning was something I had never done before – I phoned the interstate Radio Station on their talk-back program. I heard the phone number, dialed it and was surprised to get on air reasonably quickly. I am not sure, if the host, Adam Joseph, recognized that I phoned from 700 km away. To the listeners of Melbourne’s Radio 3 AW, which I had previously emailed (Part 1, Chapter 37), I was just a local.

I chose a safe subject, speed cameras and their road safety value, versus revenue-raising. I pointed out that a $ 130 fine was no punishment to a rich person. It wouldn’t make them think twice about their action. To a motorist from a lower income bracket, it would hurt much more and would more likely bring the desired result, less speeding. Perhaps they should be looking at another way of punishment that puts the rich and poor on an equal par? My conversation on 3 AW that morning also touched on politics. I questioned if politicians are allowed to be themselves, or are there forces behind politicians pulling the strings?

My diary speaks of a TV News item that same evening. For the first time a medical scientist had measured the speed of a thought in a human brain. It mentions a brain surgeon’s name: Thulborn. Was it the ‘T & L born’ or the very possibility of a human thought being captured and measured, which made me challenge the thought - real fast? The final sentence amplified my suspicion: “The test is only available in Melbourne at present, but should be available everywhere in 5 years.”  

Why would a scientific test method take five years to move from Melbourne to other states? Why would we need to measure the speed of a thought in any case? If there was success in this area, perhaps they would work on translating our thoughts into images. Now, we really don’t need that!

Previously I had commented how fast TV and Radio News is presented. Many people would not grasp the concept of some items, let alone have time to think about it, before the next bundle of airwaves is churned out and hits our already overloaded brain. The solution would be slower, more accurate reporting.  If ever they do work out how fast and how much our brains can take in, perhaps the electronic media will adjust their rate of output?

I must be a thorn in their flesh, picking up strange stories and asking questions. In early December 04 I was driving into Adelaide for a Christmas Concert, when I heard a news item on Radio. Three people had won 2.5 million pounds in a Casino. Despite evidence that they were cheating, they were allowed to keep the winnings, because no law could be found to persecute them. Hello? My brain seemed to say, look at the clock on the radio? The next day I emailed the program involved and reminded them of the thorn in their flesh. Or was I merely a straw that tickled them into a laugh?   

Hi all,

If the item wouldn't have been broadcast on 5/12/04 - 1.35pm I would possibly have not taken notice:

Someone developed a computer program, rolled up at a casino in London, used a mobile phone undetected, which calculated the speed of the ball going round a roulette table, they retrieved the info from the mobile, placed a bet in the meantime on the likely winning number, got caught out, but because there is no law against it, are allowed to keep the winning 2.5 million. 

The mind boggles. No, I won't ask any why questions, only a question. What's their phone number. May be they go halves with my invention.

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

PS  Another way to win at the rlette, sorry roulette, is to just observe the number where the ball lands on. Do it for about 150 million spins, feed the sequence into a computer, who then gives you the likely winning number. Has been done before with black-jack, according to a News report in July/Aug this year by ABC Newsradio, where the News never stops from entertaining with facts and fantasies.


At the end of Chapter 51 in Part 2 of my autobiography you read about a letter I wrote, on behalf of God, to a well-known Radio and Newspaper journalist in Sydney. He had written an article to God, addressing HIM directly. He mainly wanted his party to win the election. My letter of 24/10/04 received a short email reply from Phillip Adams, something I seldom received from the media. Ironically it arrived the day I uploaded my final chapter of my autobiography, Nov. 3rd, 2004.

Ever since I replied to one of his ‘Don’t-waste-your-time-there-is-no-God’ articles (Chapter 53, Part 1) I think he regarded me as a thorn in his flesh. 

Phillip Adam emailed me:

Sent:    Wed 3rd Nov. 04                                                                                                                                             Subject: Memo from God

Dear God c/o Dieter Fischer

I'm afraid you haven't improved with time. Your political analysis remains decidedly feeble. But then, what would you expect from a Creator who gave us, amongst other things, the hyena, cancer and Tony Abbott? The sooner you realise that you don't exist the better. Give it up, God. You've always been far more trouble than you're worth.

Cheers, Phillip


Tony Abbott at the time of writing is our Minister for Health and obviously not from Mr. Adams political spectrum. I wasn’t going to continue the correspondence, until I heard Phillip Adams interview the female author, Ms. Roy from India, who I made fun of in Chapter 48 (Part 2) after she had appeared on a popular TV Show. I just happened to pick up a repeat of their Radio interview between appointments and was particularly puzzled about a dam building project in India on a river I had never heard of.

Here is my reply to Phillip Adam, dated 8/11/04: 


Hi Phillip,

True, my father does not need improving, he is always been perfect. (except in English Grammar). 

One other question. Ms. Roy, the Indian author, during your interview on Nov. 2nd. 04, said that 3500 dams are being built on the Martha? River. I can't recall having heard of this body of water. It must be a long one, with that amount of construction going on? You may want to clarify the number and the length of the river with her.

About hyena's, I asked my father and he said he had checked the hyena's quality control documents and found them 100 % flawless. Cancer is something that was not in his original plans. It developed after humans started thinking that they know better. They did stupid things, which are against commonsense - like burning leaves and inhaling the smoke that comes off it, or engaging in sex with animals etc. etc. etc.

Another thing that causes problems, I learned from my father, is that unforgiveness is bad for your health. If you love all people, Phillip, even those that voted for John Howard or George Bush, you will be a happier person too. Start with Tony Abbott and Dieter Fischer.  

Kind regards

Dieter R. Fischer

I had later heard a repeat of the interview and listened very carefully for accuracy. The figure of 3500 dams was no mistake. I wondered if I was the only one in the whole of Australia, who had heard it and questioned it.

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

Proverbs Chapter 15, 3

Chapter 2