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Inevitably, the reaction after publishing Chapter 4 was almost instant. Maybe, I have more than 1/2 dozen readers? 

We again touch on the controversy surrounding same sex marriage, which in the US had taken a nasty turn - a Christian going to prison, because she stood up for her believe. Later in the chapter read about another innocent man, who spent time in jail.

"They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood. But the Lord has been my defence, and my God the rock of my refuge."                                           (Psalm 94, 21, 22).


5.  Why - Warum?

There's not a great deal in my previous chapter regarding the Ashley Martin, Have an affair website. But as with all the words I write, I pray and hope that each thought will make an impact to someone, somewhere, as God's Spirit leads the reader. May all who can think examine themselves and follow God's ways in their daily lives. It may mean a complete turn-around.

Totally unexpected, only hours after I had published chapter 4, I heard a news item, which made me wonder, if this man I heard about in the news had done just that. Did he think and examine himself and go in another direction in his life? Surely, it was not as a result of what I had written, but who knows? 

The timing may be purely co-incidental, but facts remain facts: On Friday 28.8.15, the date of uploading the Ashley Martin criticism of Chapter 4, the head of their parent company, Noel Biderman, resigned his position as CEO. In my mind I'd like to think the gentleman is not merely running away from a possible multi-million Dollar lawsuit, but had a serious change of heart. 

Writing here, I must make 4 points in his name:


The parent company is - Avid (Life) - A victor ID.


The date of this man's resignation 28.8, in the US written as 8.28,  is a significant one in the USA. It marks the day of the worst natural disaster that hit the US, the flood of 2005 in the city of NO. When I wrote chapter 4 (and Ch.3) and the mystery surrounding the song Fairest Lord Jesus, as well as the words son and man,* I had no idea that the day of uploading would be right on the tenth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. God knew.

*The word man features, very timely, in Book 3, 42 in New Orleans during my 2005 visit, 4 1/2 months before Katrina.

- - - - - - - 

After sitting for hours writing about unplanned magic, timely observations or unexplained mysteries my mind takes a while to settle down. Sleep is often interrupted, as was the case on Friday 28.8.15. Around 3 AM I decided to listen to the radio. Since there was only contemporary music on the Christian Radio, not my genre, I tuned in to the BBC London.

A conversation about the ultimate sacrifice took my interest. At the conclusion of the broadcast I found out it had been a program called The Y Factor. How weird, I thought. It was the first time in a long time I had tuned into an overnight BBC broadcast. It was the first time I had heard of the Y-Factor, and only hours earlier I had written the chapter, where I had discovered a printing error - a missing Y.

The subject - the ultimate sacrifice - raised a question in my mind, one I had pondered in recent weeks: If a male suicide bomber, who makes the ultimate sacrifice, gets 50 virgins as a reward in heaven, what reward do females receive, who sacrifice themselves for jihad? (I know what readers are thinking: Hasn't he got more important things to think about?)

- - - - - - -

A week later the letter Y crossed my path again - in a most unusual place and context. To understand it, the reader does not have to be German speaking, but those who do will appreciate it more. 

My wife and I went to see the latest Christian movie called 'War Room'. The theme of the film is prayer. The full-length, well-produced drama demonstrates how earnest, deliberate prayer defeats the devil. The main character, a real estate sales-woman, whose marriage is in danger of breaking down, literally prays the devil our of her house. Her clothes cupboard became her prayer closet, or war room.


For some time my brain was wondering, why call a film war room, a title, which does not easily roll off the tongue? And why just war room and not THE WAR ROOM?

The next day a surprise answer came with the letter Y, the word... why.

You see, the German word for why is warum, which is pronounced just like the title of this film - war room. No room for THE. (Two days later THE appeared again, read on).


Two noteworthy snippets came after watching this movie in the North Adelaide Theatre; names, which made it into my diary. On exiting I happened to recognize two people among the small crowd. I knew their names. Each made me think. 

One was a gentleman, surname Ridley  = Y el ID (<<< plus R).

Another cinema goer that day was a close friend over 30 years ago. Her surname's Whar.ton.

So, where did I spot the letters THE two days later?

It came while I was sitting in church during a special conference called OTHERS. Our church, besides preaching the Good News of salvation, specializes in helping people meet the physical needs of others. Christians should be open to others, especially to those who dwell in appalling conditions on the fringe of our rich, sophisticated society.

On arriving at the venue, mixing among delegates before the start, I talked briefly to two ladies. One named Ros I knew reasonably well; the other was new to our church. Her name tag read Roslyn, but she wanted to be called Ros.

I sat right at the back, when about 1/2 hour into the first speaker's talk, the names of those two ladies teased me. I had seen the writing on the wall. There was the THE:


OTHERS Conference 5/9/15 Ingle Farm, Salvation Army

The names of both the ladies I had talked to was Ros. Deducting ROS from OTHERS  = THE  =  HE t.


At the time of writing the world is facing an enormous challenge. The refugee crisis in Europe provides ample opportunity to show that we care for others. Germany is reported to have agreed to give refuge to 800 000 fleeing Syrians (and other nationals) in 2015. This amounts to about 1 percent of it's population. If Australia were to match this, we would need to accommodate 230 000 of these unfortunate people.

The sooner politicians realize they don't have the answers, but GOD has, the sooner the world's problems will be solved. If only the world would return to GOD! If only people would have followed the Bible - YOUR will be done -  many of the tragedies of this present age would never have happened!

- - - - - - -

Besides the refugee crisis in Europe a drama of another kind is playing out in Kentucky/USA. A bible believing county clerk, Kim Davis, has been jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples. She believes in the biblical teaching regarding marriage and stood firm, rather than violating her conscience and religious belief. What a hero, who stood up for what is right, even going to prison for it!

As I understand the matter, opponents of same sex marriage question the legality of the recent decision by US judges to allow sex marriages nation wide. Do judges make laws or does the democratic process give this power to the people, via elected parliaments? Judges are not elected!


Mr. Obama! To arrest a woman because she stands firm on her Christian belief, and lock her up in a jail cell, is not the way to solve the problem! Are not Americans better than third-world leaders, who put Christians in jail for their faith?  What happened to the America, who claims: In God we trust?

Readers, who feel strongly about this matter may sign Mike Huckebee's petition here:  The presidential candidate is visiting the jail in Kentucky on the day of this writing, Sep 8th.

STOP PRESS   >>>   On 8/9/15 Kim Davis was freed! With hands raised, she gives GOD the glory! 

Holding her right arm is Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who had travelled to the Kentucky Prison. 

But Kim's real strength does not come from a man, but HE t.

Love her name in numerical form: 11 I 13    500 1 5 I 5.

- - - - - - - -

Before touching again on serious matters, there was some fun happening on Monday 31.8. The number 38 has dominated Australia's sports world in recent days. Following the huge success of Jason Day, an Australian football star Darryn Hayne (nice name), won a place on the squad of the San Francisco 49ers. His jersey No.38, already, is hot property.

On social media Darryn announced his appointment. He included a thank you to God. A top star who does this, in my eyes, is a real champion.

Following the segment on TV about Hayne's success, the presenter made this comment: "Now our man got there, let's hope he delivers", (or words to that effect).

Earlier in the show the lady reading the weather had made an error, a slip of the tongue: "Sydney this morning is covered in flog", which was followed by a correction and a general giggle about nothing, as they do on breakfast TV these days. 

After hearing this L sip in, sorry slip in, I decided to sent a brief comment, my first to the team in a few months: "If heavenly Hayne doesn't deliver, he should be flogged.       PS  Love Kochie's ties."

For some years the gentleman had been wearing ties, then dropped the habit, only to start wearing ties again some months back. Many years ago, in the days when I was as nutty as...? I had an issue with men not wearing ties. I even sent this TV presenter one of my red boy scout ties in the post. That's why I mentioned it in the PS above. 

On the day of writing and publishing this chapter (9.9.15) viewers of this show witnessed what was probably a world first - a terror attack on a tie on life TV:


Sir Richard Branson on Sunrise Breakfast TV 9.9.15:

Out of the blue, toward the end of the interview, the silver-haired Virgin boss walked over to the male presenter, Kochie, pulled out a pair of scissors and cut off his tie. 

Amused co-presenter Sam looked on, as their guest followed up by pouring a glass of water down Kochie's now open neck shirt. He later reappeared minus underpants, viewers were told, but this could not be confirmed! 

Typical Pom; comes to Australia and tells us what to do! (No, it's all good!)

- - - - - - - 

The fun on 31.8 started also on breakfast TV. Being bilingual I overheard, on a different channel, how their male presenter mispronounced the German word Waffen. His pronunciation sounded like waffle, when it should rhyme with puffin'. I had the letter a on my mind all day.

There was also the name Harman in the news. The golfer had achieved an incredible two holes-in-one, (two aces) during the the same round of golf, something which last happened in 2006 and only once before that! I felt clever, inserting the letter e into the name Harman. It created!

What came only a few hours later, I thought was real clever! During my regular voluntary work, driving the church bus, I was heading for *Royal Avenue. But I could not complete the turn. There were road works:


Map of Pooraka, about 10 km north of Adelaide

Approaching from the road on the right, I turned left and wanted to take the first street on the right to reach Royal Av. But CLEAVER AV, the J-shaped connecting road, was closed for road works.

*Regarding Royal - on editing, shortly before uploading, the evening TV News reported that HM Queen Elizabeth II has today (9.9.15) become the longest serving British monarch - 63 years 216 days. Her great-great grandmother Victoria had held the previous record.

Totally unplanned, just before writing about Royal I noticed on this map GARNAUT AV. Mr. Garnaut happened to be interviewed in the same news bulletin this evening. He is part of the Royal Commission (no pun intended) into Nuclear Energy in Australia, which is being held in Adelaide as I write.  Note also Richard Street!


Now you know why the letter a made it clever, and why I had that letter on my mind for the rest of the day. Given this, how amazing that in the evening on the same day, I would come across a spelling error - missing letter a. Take a look:

Adelaide Advertiser - 31.8.15 - Article on page 25 - Of secrets and sharing, by well-known, former radio presenter Carole:

Text, first sentence of article: 

"SOMETHING happened the other day tht made me think."

The article was obviously about sharing, how we start off sharing toys, then experiences, meals with friends and finally, in old age even medication.

Let me share what I think the missing a stands for - 1 or No. One or God. So the second line above could read: God made me think?

Something else to share, if I may: In the whole article there are only two words in capital letters - SOMETHING and (further in the text) THERE. So there must be something there? 

There is: Take THERE, delete the doubled-up E and replace it with A - voila:    tHEAR

May my God make you think too!

- - - - - - -

Now to another jail story. On the evening before writing these paragraphs Adelaide's TV Channel Seven reported on the fate of 42 year-old Adrian Drummond. He had spent 2 years and 3 months in jail for an alleged kidnap of a teenage girl, the charge he denied all along. What lead to this terrible stuff-up, which sent Adrian to jail for such a long time, innocently?

In 2010 the 15 year-old girl had alleged that on her way home from school she was walking on Prospect Road, one of Adelaide's major arterial roads north. Next, a car pulled over, a man jumped out and tried to drag her into his vehicle. She struggled and was able to free herself by kicking him and punching him in the face, after which the attacker fled. She took the vehicle's registration number, as the would-be kidnapper sped off. 

The registration number belonged to a vehicle owned by Adrian Drummond, who had just finished his day's work as a glazier in a nearby workshop. Around 4.15 PM, at the time of the alleged attack, he was driving home via his normal route along busy Prospect Road. 

The first he knew something was amiss, when police knocked on his door and requested to search his vehicle. Forensic evidence eventually led to his arrest. Adrian maintained his innocence ever since.

The photo below is off the TV screen, taken on the 14th anniversary of the day, when another innocent man was jailed for 25 years. 

Adrian Drummond on Channel Seven TV, 7.9.15.


Very early in my writing, in 2004, I reported on a very similar incidence as the above. A girl had claimed she was assaulted at a bus stop. How strange, the location of this (read it in Book 2, Chapter 25) is very close (maybe a kilometre) from this latest fiasco.

A year later in 2005 a girl had claimed she was abducted from a bus stop, waiting for a bus in a southern suburb of Adelaide. I had doubted the story right from the start and written to our newspaper and TV Channel about it. A few days after she had allegedly been released by her kidnappers, she confessed to making up the whole story. (Book 4 Chapter 1).


Adrian's family was devastated as to what had occurred. His wife, who all along stood behind her husband, was upset and stressed to breaking point. She miscarried their baby. Friends and neighbours shunned them. 

Adrian pleaded innocence until the end. But so-called experts persuaded the jury to doubt his story. They found him guilty purely on circumstantial, forensic evidence. His subsequent appeal failed. The innocent man went to prison, despite the alleged victim unable to pick his face from a police line up. 

The Channel Seven TV broadcast also reported that the alleged victim had a fixation for 'stranger danger', as revealed on her facebook page. The credibility of this girl must seriously be questioned. 

Thankfully, in 2013 a law had been introduced into South Australia, whereby a court case could be reopened and a verdict overturned, if fresh evidence was obtained. Adrian was fortunate to have a lawyer working for him pro bono, as well as the TV Station taking up his cause. Eventually, with their help, this case reached a successful outcome.

Researching the case online, of which there is very little, I came across the MAKO files on the facebook web-page, where Adrian is listed in the register of convicted Australian sex offenders. At the end of the page readers make comments, some of which shocked me as I read it. The bigotry and prejudice are unbelievable. 

Here is a sample of entries, dated November 2012:

Lalla Crowe: "The sicko should have gotten longer than that."

Cassie Griffith: "...bullet in the head for the dog."

Sue Malcolm Borich: "the bastard don't get long enough, bullet in the head would be best option."

Mick Collins: "If these parasites ever get the death penalty, I gladly pull the trigger."

Cheryl Kew McCarthy: "Hang him." 

Debbie Marie Heritage: "...and if he did take her, killed her, raped her, assaulted her, he'd be out in 3 years and do it again."


In March 2013, in reply to the above, the accused man's daughter wrote this in defence of her dad:

"Listen carefully, I am the daughter of Adrian Drummond. My father is the kindest person you ever meet. He is innocent of this crime, and I hope the courts wake up and realize this, because the girl who accused him is constantly changing her story. My father is my super hero and he would never do this.

On Sep. 7th, 2015, after the above TV broadcast, a supporter of Adrian Drummond wrote:

"How do you all feel now? He was innocent! Hope he and his family can recover from this terrible mistake made by all." 

I added a comment asking:

"How did you all believe, including a jury in a courtroom, that a man would try and kidnap a girl on a main road, on his way home [from work] at 4 PM in the afternoon? Girls can and do make up stories. Our justice system is useless. All those earlier nasty texters ought to apologize!"


The Channel Seven TV reporter queried, if in such cases a compensation payment should be made? As I understood the legal expert, he said there is no provision in the law for it. 

One question comes to my mind: Why in such cases are the people, who make false accusations, not made accountable to a court? If found guilty of having invented crimes, they should be punished appropriately. What price can you put on those five years of hell Adrian and his family had to go through?

Can anybody fathom the nightmare a innocent person suffers in jail? Above case stirred my mind to again put the spotlight on Magistrate Peter Liddy, jailed in 2001 for alleged child sex offences. The file in my office about the case is about 5 inches thick. On the evening of this publication I had a look through the letters, the notes, the newspaper clippings etc. 

What should not have surprised me, but it did, was the large number of authorities and jurisdictions I have written to over the past 12 years - politicians, lawyers, police, clergy etc. Out of those few dozen, the vast majority simply acknowledged receipt of my correspondence and/or advised that I should write to somebody else, or they would pass on or investigate this matter. Nobody has ever addressed, or attempted to answer the serious questions I raised after my extensive research.

The following is an open letter to Mr. Graham Archer, the Channel Seven reporter, who fought for Adrian Drummond. 


Dear Mr. Archer,

You and your investigative team at Channel Seven's Today Tonight must be proud of the success in having the conviction of Adrian Drummond quashed. The sad case highlights the fact that the experts and even a jury can all be wrong.

When in 2013 the new law regarding fresh evidence (the Ann Bressington Law) came into effect, I recall a story on your program, where you reported that there could be as many as 12 cases in South Australia, where this law could be used to have them reopened. Only two have been reopened, as I understand, so there must be many prison inmates waiting for justice!

One question you put to Adrian Drummond's QC during Monday night's program was this: "Is it possible that many of these miscarriages of justice are covered up when fresh evidence is produced?"

This is a very good question, one which needs to be asked in the Peter Liddy case. Some years ago now you wrote to me that you don't believe that a miscarriage of justice has taken place, and therefore won't investigate further. I had no choice but to respect that, just like you respected my opinion.

However, in the light of the Drummond outcome, I once again ask the same question as I did seven years ago:

Why was the document* - the statement by Peter Liddy's main accuser that he had never been abused as a child - never been tabled in any courtroom? Surely, any fair jury would at least doubt the credibility of this man, witness W. who in the trial was described as a career criminal? He had to be let out of an interstate prison to testify against Peter Liddy. 

If Mr. Liddy were to receive legal help, as Mr. Drummond  had, surely this document alone as fresh evidence could become a catalyst to reopen Mr. Liddy's case? (*A copy of this document can be viewed in Bk. 7, Ch.26).

There are many more facts, things I uncovered, which the public does not know, because they have never been made public, except in my ongoing auto-biography, which I have been writing online now for 12 years. (Specific details of my findings are in Book 5, Chapter 13. Believe me, my findings are serious and true, despite some other, larrikin writing). 

We hear so much in the media today regarding child abuse, and so we should. Nobody likes children hurt and scarred for life. But having false accusations made against you and spending time in prison will also scar a man (or woman). One can only imagine the trauma Adrian Drummond had to suffer.

For the sake of justice, I urge you and your team to consider going into bat for Peter Liddy and test for yourself, if those who accused him of all those crimes were telling the truth, or all have been fooled by them. 

Kind regards,

Dieter Fischer

Adelaide, 9th Sep. 2015


How much longer can the the authorities in our city, our whole state, keep their minds closed and their ears shut, ignoring this miscarriage of justice? 

God knows. In God I trust. HE hears. 


Chapter 6