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Not often are major changes necessary in my chapters. Right at the beginning here, there is a change, which makes sense. It comes with a surprise; unplanned, magical timing.

The Number 9 appears a few times in this chapter. When I thought about why, I recalled EN IN - the N in the cross created a symbolic 414 in my earlier writing. Here in chapter 4, Book 14 it all makes sense.

Our journey through Europe continues. We visit Germany's capital Berlin, a metropolis rich in history, some of which is very, very sad.


4.  Behold the man - Sela 

At the end of the previous chapter something did not make sense. It made me think for a few days. I had tried to recall, how the microphone cable hung over the letters SON in church that Sunday morning. The first line shown - Fairest Lord Jesus Lord - seemed rather lengthy, out of balance, compared to the others. 

Writing this chapter on Tuesday, 25th August 15, I had a further re-think. No doubt, I had seen the letters SON on the screen, but was the first line really much longer than the rest?

While a CD was playing in the background, I again typed the lyrics onto my P/C screen, but in a different way. Sure enough, there is another option, while the letters of the word SON line up perfectly:



The lyrics are far more balanced. Each line fits the melody. Plus, the microphone cable touched the word SON three times.


Earlier, as I had placed a CD into my disc drive, I had been thinking - will there be some magic again? It happened so many times during my long writing career. I would be writing something and just at a certain time an appropriate tune or word or phrase would come out of the P/C speakers or radio. (The very first time this happened - not in this auto-bio - I had been writing the words 'supernatural powers'.)

So it was. At 10.36 am exactly, as I was pasting the above onto the page, I could hardly believe my ears, I heard the choir start singing the hymn Fairest Lord Jesus ...!

CD cover Hooked on Hymns - The Nashville String Machine - ECD3247,

 Medley No.9, final song: Fairest Lord Jesus.

In the process I discovered a spelling error: "To God Be The Glor ." No y. (For more missing letters, read on.) 

- - - - - - -

A man named Jason Day is one, Australia can be proud of. The professional golfer (27) won his first major tournament, the US PGA championship, right in the middle of August 2015. The Queenslander did it in style. His score of 20 under-par broke the record held by Tiger Woods, his childhood idol. His win placed Jason at No.3 on the world ranking.

Jason Day, Aussie pro golfer


The fifth Australian to win the PGAJason Day drains 49-foot birdie putt on the seventh hole at Whistling Strait (Source/Pic:

His life story, from the underprivileged kid of a poor migrant family, who lost their father when Jason was 12 years old, to the now multi-millionaire champion golfer, can best be described as a modern-day fairy-tale, if you pardon the pun. And what better name than Ja[yes]son and winning this trophy just on that day?

- - - - - - -

More sports records, more amazing timing, here in Book 14, Ch.4. During the second round of the German Bundesliga a game was played in Hoffenheim, place we shall visit in the next chapter, or the one after). Two statistics, broken records, made me take note, when I happened to watch the German News on DW TV, something I had not done in months.

On Monday 24th August 2015 the sports reporter gave the results of the weekend's Bundesliga football matches. He clearly said: "Stuttgart 2, against Hamburg 3". The ladder, shown on the screen however, clearly showed, incorrectly, Stuttgart 1:Hamburg 2. 

To check if I heard right, I asked my wife, sitting beside me. She also noticed the mistake, but urged me to not let it bother me. It did bother me for one reason: In 2007 during a Germany visit I watched two Bundesliga games, one in Hamburg and one in Stuttgart. It provided much material for seeing and writing magic. (Bk. 6, Ch.6).

Had I not seen this error I may not have bothered doing a little online research. I learned about the two records in Hoffenheim, (lit translation - hope home). One was the fastest goal scored in a Bundesliga match - 9 (Nine) seconds. The lucky player was Kevin Volland; nice name all in the centre.

The Hoffenheim goal equalled the previous record, also 9 seconds, scored exactly one year and a day earlier by Dortmund player Ballarabi; nice name also - all is in it. 

Kevin Volland, playing for 1899 Hoffenheim Despite the super-fast goal after 9 seconds, Hoffenheim lost the match 2:1.  (Picture:


The second record in that game in the Rhein-Neckar Arena Hoffenheim came from Bayern Munich's Mario Goetze, the hero of Rio in 2014. The 23 year-old superstar played his 144th Bundesliga game after which he became the youngest player in the Bundesliga to clock up 100 wins.

- - - - - - -


Now to another sport, one I like playing myself - decoding. Over the last decade and a half my talent for turning letters and numbers into a message had plenty of opportunity to flourish. I have become a verteran (sic) decoder.

In the previous chapter I had uncovered letter L, hidden inside No.510-560.  Regular readers, who have learned the code, might have discovered a further possibility to extract the letter L from the registration plate BE 75. It came to me a day after the previous chapter:

B = letter 2. E = letter 5  >>> 25 from 75 = 50 = L.

Interesting to note that I had bought this little plate in Switzerland. The BE stands for BERN. Code minus R = BEN.

- - - - - - -

When I wrote in the previous chapter that my emails to the media had become a trickle, compared to a decade ago, it did not indicate that I no longer saw things. How could I, after the previous chapter ignore the name Emil on the screen, or the misspelled word Verteran (see above) or a musician, ending an interview saying: "...where can I go?" His name needs only two dots and it hits the right note in my code: (Love it).

On Tuesday August 18th, 2015 on Channel Nine's TV quiz I decoded something a little more complex. As mentioned numerous times, I don't search for material, it just comes. Two answers on this multiple choice quiz show, both answer D, looked a little strange, as soon as I saw them.

Firstly, the contestant had to choose the incorrect spelling of a State in the US. I knew the answer was Conneticut - Code >>> C. (I saw).

Secondly, the very next question was a choice of four animals, one of which derives its name from an aboriginal language. In the previous chapter I had applied Code plus 1 to the word same/sane. Therefore the correct answer Wombat in my brain turned into - won.bat!

Into bat I went, but only after I saw something else only minutes after the above. Having just had fun with code plus 1, in the TV News, during a report about a house fire in Clearview (very appropriate name), I again saw code plus 1. The word COME appeared in very large font on the screen, while the rest looked normal size.

COME turned into C.ONE. This became both, code C and code plus 1.

The next morning, the date was the 19th, it seemed an appropriate time to send a message to Channel 9. (In the latter part I make comment regarding a feel-good segment I saw during their program).  


Subject: Code C plus one.

Hi all,

on Eddie's Hotseat last night I noticed two interesting questions - the answers were D in each case, if I recall correctly. Being bi-lingual (German and English) I knew that the correct spelling of Connecticut - the second c in German is pronounced. (Note code C).

Next came code 1 (or plus 1). The Australian animal name wombat   derives its name from an aboriginal language. If we were to change  m to n , Wombat becomes won - bat, my kind of language.

But what came next, in the Adelaide NINE News amazed even more - code C ONE. During a report on a housefire in Clearview, north of Adelaide, the word COME stood out. There again you have  code C  (m to n) - ONE.

And the moral of the code? See ONE, see God.

If that policemen in the US, who delivered that little baby after pulling over their car, did not believe in God, (see God) in the birth of that baby, he never will get a clearer view of the works of our amazing God.

Kind regards, Dieter Fischer

PS   Congratulations to Lisa for calling the birth of a baby a precious gift. Many women these days regard a baby as an obstacle to their their careers. How much better would our world be, if mothers would place their family before their career?

- - - - - - -

Another missing letter ...OLES.

 Supermarket sign, no C. (missing letter C). 17.8.15 / Unley SA.

Total letter value = 51, applying code A/O = AL it, or Sela.

The word sela means 'rock'. As I understand it, in the bible sela is used to make the reader pause and ponder about the text. This is just what I did, when I passed the above sign, driving by south of Adelaide.

- - - - - - -


In the previous chapter for the first time, to the best of my knowledge, I had written about a palindrome number - a number, which can be read forward and backward. Just recently I created one myself. It's a name, whose letters turned into a palindrome number, using various methods:

S   I    L   V   I    E

5   1   5 0   5   1   5

Note! When using the 0 in the centre twice, the above makes ISSO (2 times).

(At the time of writing, Adelaide's temperature for this day is min. 05, max. 15 deg.)


There is a lot more I could write about this, but feel restrained at this point! The only reference (ID. NO.) I will mention is 22.8. It's a date and scripture reference.

- - - - - - - 


Changing sports again, I still need to bat once again for traditional marriage. On the evening of 17.8.15 we were watching a regular program on ABC TV, called Q and A - questions and answers. I had anticipated this show with some excitement, because Katy Faust was on the panel. The American was in Australia to advocate for traditional marriage and children's rights. She had spoken on the Saturday at the gathering in Adelaide, as reported in the previous chapter. The subject of same sex marriage was surely to come up. It did right at the start.

A remarkably brave lady, Katy spoke calmly, as she made her points regarding children, who are being brought up by same sex parents. As a person, who was brought up by two mothers, she knew what it was like to yearn for her father. 

On the panel, sitting next to her on either side, were two Senators from Canberra. Both were passionate supporters of same sex marriage, the subject of many questions that evening. As much as Australia can be proud of our champion golfer, we should be ashamed of the performance of one of the senators, who insulted a third of all Americans.

The Labor Senator, sitting on Katy's left, replied to one of Katy's comments: "You speak from a place of hate and the last thing we need in this debate is American evangelical claptrap." 

The way Katy remained composed after such a nasty comment, speaks volumes. One must really wonder, who has hate in their heart? Katy made the point that children thrive best when raised by a heterosexual couple. (It does not take great intelligence to agree with her, only an honest, unbiased mind.) The reaction from the other politicians on the panel was typical of one, who does not have an intelligent answer: "Rubbish!" 

From the leader of the Green Party, who I had thought was educated, one would have expected a more specific, logical reply. If only the Greens were as worried about clean morals as they are about rubbish in the environment!


Pic: ABC TV - Q and A - 17.8.15

From left: Compere Tony Jones, Sen. Di Natale and Katy Faust, who remained remarkably calm, after being attacked rather bluntly by both politicians sitting beside her. 

(Note - green dress. Moments before this writing, while eating lunch, I noticed the midday news reader on ABC TV wore the same colour dress.)


The word Faust in German means fist. During the broadcast there were a number of occasions, where I would have loved to land my fist on the noses of those godless politicians. Their lack of intelligent argument, besides their misplaced motto 'equal rights for all', demonstrated they lack both - intelligence and a valid argument. 

During the final few moments of the one hour-long broadcast, the gay lobby scored a beautiful goal - an own goal. Another topic came up; the gender imbalance in our Parliament and the Labor Party's policy of quotas for female MPs. Thinking for a few days of what had transpired, I wrote a letter to the senator, whose comment had offended many people:


On Monday evening on the ABC's QandA you used the term 'American claptrap'. The American lady sitting right beside you, who strongly believes in the biblical way of living, handled the situation very calmly. Do you not think that inside she felt racially vilified, which is an offense, as I understand our vilification laws.

If your Labor party has to stoop this low to convince the Australian people that we desperately need same sex marriage now, I think it's time for a rethink.

If anybody displayed hate that night, it came from your side of the argument - your claptrap, such as two men or two women are equally able to bring up children. 

This led to a classic own goal by your team. Labor believes that our parliament should have more women MPs in Parliament. Women's input is obviously important! But when it comes to bringing up children, female input does not count in any way - makes no sense!

Do you not think this exposes the futility of gay parenting? Anyhow, there is no such thing as gay parenting. It's futile. Only mothering and fathering is fruitful. It ensured the survival of our species.  

My final question: What exactly did you mean by American claptrap? Thousands of  Australian TV viewers deserve to know.

Looking forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely,

Dieter Fischer, Adelaide (name and address supplied).  

PS One final final question:  Do you have any idea  how many American people you have offended?


According to Wikipedia there are about 95 Million Americans, who call themselves Evangelicals. To have an Australian Senator publicly insult them, I find outrageous. If he did this to Muslim believers, there'd be a serious backlash. The Senator's insulting remark certainly won't put Australia, one of the USA's closest allies, into a favourable light in the USA. 

I doubt I will ever receive an answer to my letter. Does the gentleman himself know what exactly he meant by evangelical claptrap? A scripture comes to mind, which addresses people, who don't want to understand the Word of God, who are bound for oblivion.

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1. Cor. 1, 18).  

One day even Senators must stand before God and answer a few questions (Heb. 9, 27). And God won't listen to any claptrap either. Please, Sir, think again!


Ashley Madison is wrong in their slogan - Life is short; and their call to have an affair is pure evil.

It is true, extra-marital affairs are nothing new. What is new, and so demonic about this website, their clients don't fall in love and engage in an affair, they make the choice before hand: "I wilfully want to break God's commandment (thou shalt not commit adultery) and have an affair". 

May God have mercy on those who make themselves rich by leading others down this path of destruction!

The truth is: Eternal life is long; very, very long. Don't have an affair and keep the other commandments also. That's the right choice for eternity!

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows that he will also reap. (Galatians 6, 7).

- - - - - - - 


(Time travel to May 2015 - Berlin Germany)

My son Jon and I arrived in Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the central station, around midday on Pentecost Sunday, May 24th, 2015. It was a lovely, sunny day. There seemed to be more bicycles on the road that motor cars. Everyone enjoyed the long weekend, soaking up the sunshine. It was my fifth visit to Berlin, the first going back to 1969. 

We had booked into a hotel at No.5 Neue Kantstrasse, not far from the Messe (Exhibition Centre) district. Our half-hour ride took us down the famous famous boulevard, called Road of June 17th, past the Victory column, through the Zoo district. 

We had plenty of time along the way to look at the Pfingst-Markt (an outdoor market) where all kinds of craft, collectables and second-hand and new bric-a-brac were on offer. When I spotted a set of CD's with 125 German folk songs for 5 Euro, I couldn't resist. After checking into our hotel, it was still early enough for some exploration downtown.


View into East Berlin, through Brandenburg Gate (Pic on right: Google images).


Top right: The Berlin Fernsehturm is Germany's tallest structure at 368m.  This TV tower was erected in 1969 to mark the 20th anniversary of the East German State. Another twenty years later East and West were re-unified.

The construction of the ambitious project was supervised personally by Walter Ulbricht, the party chief at the time. It was meant to be a symbol of pride and power of the Atheist State. 

During construction a strange phenomena was discovered - every time the sun shone onto the globe-shaped structure, the light reflected in a way that it appeared as a cross, much like the Christian cross. Ulbricht was furious and ordered that a solution be found to stop it showing so clearly. Nobody could find a solution. 

Friends, over two millennia, until this day, many atheistic dictators tried to wipe out Christians and their emblem of love - the cross. No one ever succeeded. When the light of God's son shines, the cross of Jesus becomes a power no earthly power can conquer. 

"The Lord has established HIS throne in Heaven and HIS kingdom rules over ALL." (Psalm 103, 19). 

- - - - - - -

Jon wanted to check out the Kreuzberg multi-cultural carnival. This annual event is huge - over four days about one million people were expected to join the festivities. No surprise, there was much pushing and shoving, ear splitting noise (called music) and drunken revellers behaving badly. After half an hour I'd had enough and left.

A few kilometers away at the Brandenburg Gate a smaller crowd had gathered. Here was no celebration, rather a demonstration taking place, highlighting the prosecution of Christians in the world. 

According to each month - 322 Christians are killed for their faith,  214 Christian churches and Christian's properties destroyed and 722 acts of violence are committed against Christians.

Protest march, organised by the Ecumenical Council Berlin-Brandenburg.

Seht, der Mensch! Unsere Stimme fuer verfolgte Christen. (Behold, the man! Our voice for persecuted Christians).

Sadly, atrocities committed against Christians is not often reported in the mainstream media. Many Christians are unaware or unconcerned of what is happening to the people they call brothers and sisters.  

- - - - - - -

During two previous visits to Berlin an old friend, Elsa, provided wonderful hospitality. The lady, who I knew since the 1960's from the church youth group, has lived in Berlin most of her adult life.  While Jon and I didn't stay at her place this time, she had kindly offered a room, we spent the day together on Pentecost Monday 25.5.15. My friend knows Berlin better than most. She was a great tour guide. Her love for her adopted home town showed, as she took us from place to place with enthusiasm and youthful energy.


Popular tourist spot - Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse.

On the left, my friend Elsa (pause and think about her name) is a qualified doctor. She took a good look at my injury (left elbow) and applied expert treatment.

Checkpoint Charlie was the name given by the allies for the crossing point between East and West Berlin, after the wall was built. In 1961 American and Soviet tanks briefly faced each other at Checkpoint Charlie, as the cold war was at its peak. Thank God, all cooled down again. The world narrowly escaped World War III.

When my wife and I visited Berlin in 1972, foreigners who wanted to visit East Berlin had to go through this checkpoint, while German nationals crossed through the wall in Heinemann Strasse.

Because I was still a German citizen at the time, I had to leave my Australian wife Isobel at Checkpoint Charlie and drive our little Opel Kadett , a few kilometers over to Heinemann Strasse. The few kilometers in the car, unexpectedly, took a few hours. This simple border crossing included a long queue and a search of every vehicle. 

While waiting to cross into the East I suddenly remembered something. We had just been to the Mauer-Musuem (the Berlin Wall museum) and collected various brochures and pamphlets. An East German borderguard would consider this West German propaganda literature. If they saw it on my back seat, they could make life very difficult for me, a long interrogation or worse. All I could do was hide the brochures under a suitcase in the back. (I'm sure I prayed, but can't recall). 

My wife in the meantime had waited and waited. She had become increasingly anxious, standing alone on a street corner, in a foreign, communist country. What had happened to her young husband? Thankfully, the border guard did not look under that suitcase. After two hours or so, Isobel and I were re-united.

- - - - - - - - 


Beautiful Berlin Square - Gendarmenmarkt, Konzerthaus (left) and French Dom.

Within walking distance of Checkpoint Charlie is one of Europe's prettiest squares, the Gendarmenmarkt. The 18th century architectural gem is bordered by the Konzerthaus*, the French- and the German Dom (Cathedral). In the centre of the square, once again, stands the statue of Friedrich Schiller, the great German poet. The work of Reinhold Begas had been erected in 1871, but removed by the Nazis. In 1988 it was returned to it's rightful place. (Source:

*Readers may recall my dash, back from a bike ride to Poland in 2012, to attend a concert in this hall that same evening. It had been perfectly planned by Elsa, who was previously known by another name - what else - Else.  (Bk. 11, Ch. 21).


In the afternoon, among other places, Elsa drove us to view some remaining parts of the Berlin wall at Muehlen Strasse and Bernauer Strasse. I never forget, as a child watching on television, the picture of a woman hanging out of an apartment window, in an attempt to flee the East German state. The house itself belonged to the east, while the street below was in the west. As one person tried to pull her back up into the room, another pulled her down. In the end she fell onto the street below - to freedom:



The Mauer-Museum (Wall-Museum) right by Checkpoint Charlie, documents many stories of oppressed citizens, who were desperate, not only for freedom, but to be re-united with family. There were long tunnels, flying machines and modified motor cars, just to name a few.

 Some escapees were shot trying to climb over the wall. One victim was 18 year-old bricklayer Peter Fechter. Germans remember his name. He was shot and left bleeding to death, without assistance from anyone in the East, while hundreds of onlookers from the west were prevented from giving medical aid.

East German propaganda wanted us believe that the wall was built to keep out the aggressors from the west. 

- - - - - - -


EIN GOTT, Abrahams  >>> descendants on the Nile.

Cycling around Berlin for those 2 1/2 days I noticed everywhere large posters with two words on it - EIN GOTT (One God). The advertisements were for an exhibition taking place from April 2nd until 13/9/15. The display in the Bode Museum depicts the longest tradition of coexistence between believers of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths in Egypt.


On the day before our departure from Berlin I spotted an Ein Gott poster near our hotel. Just a short distance away I suddenly spotted another sign, that of a law firm. My mind switched on and I took a photo. I saw a perfect opportunity for a message:

The God of Abraham, for whom we have many names, is indeed the ONE God, the creator of the universe. But because mankind kept sinning, disobeying God, doing life their own way, unable to keep HIS laws, God came Himself down to this earth to show the way to eternal life.


The man (Mann) Christ died so that we could live (leben).

One God - 3 in ONE.


Chapter 5                                    


(Please note: The Europe will continue in Chapter 6, God willing!)