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If I were a female writer, readers may call me a drama queen. It is true, often mundane, everyday scenes in my life turn into drama. Or there is a message my observing mind discovers, which creates a spark in my brain, and explodes on decoding. This chapter includes one of these. (Does that make me a drama king?) 

As I write this chapter Australia is debating marriage laws. It divides the community as nothing has in recent times. Those opposing any change are reluctant, even fearful to express their anti-gay marriage thoughts. I'm not. May the silent majority find the courage to speak out for common sense. One such voice I came across on the very morning of publishing this - God's amazing timing. 

We recommence this chapter continuing our European journey from Znojmo to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

- - - - - - -


3. Son and Man - BE

We had not yet learned our lesson from Linz, but arrived in Znojmo without a booking. Again my son Jon and I had to spend valuable time searching places and debating, which hotel would suit best. A local young man we met, Paulo, helped us out. He showed us a few establishments right in the historic centre of this old city on the Dyje River. 

Paulo had lived for some years in Sydney. He seemed happy to practice his English, as he walked with us, pushing his toddler Theodore in a stroller. Around 7 pm, after walking through narrow cobble-stoned streets for ages,  Jon and I finally decided to book into Hotel Karnik, which dates back to the 12th century. 

Jon was not in a real happy mood the next morning. I must have broken my own decibels record snoring during the night. He gave me the name and address of our next overnight and decided to ride there on his own. The day's riding started in reasonable weather, but became increasingly overcast and windy. Late in the afternoon the wind turned into rain.

A break in the fairytale town of Telc (nice name) provided a welcome rest for my tired legs. I felt I deserved the freshly brewed coffee and strawberry cheese cake, in the warmth of the Cafe under the arcades (picture below). I promised myself to one day return as a real tourist, God willing, minus bicycle plus wife.

Main Square, Telc, a Southern Bohemia and Moravia, Renaissance town. The historic centre has been heritage listed since 1992.


The weather, unfortunately, remained wet even the next day. The timing, however, could not have been better. We were a day ahead of schedule, having planned four nights between Vienna and Prag. We could afford to stay the extra night in Pilgrim (Pelhrimov). Our pre-booked apartment had cooking facilities and, what mattered most, two separate rooms. Jon got two nights restful sleep.

It was also good value for money ($ AUS 105 / 2 people/ 2 nights). Staying two nights allowed us to catch up on our washing. Plus, my left shoulder appreciated a rest day.

Jakub Fountains Pelhrimov >>>


The town, also called the Royal City, is regarded as the gateway to the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands; Elevation is almost 500 m above sea level.


(Source and picture: Wikipedia) 

On our final 120 kilometres into Prague Jon had to slow for me on the hills. I seemed to lag behind, about 40 years. At least there was little chance of colliding. The weather had improved somewhat; still overcast but dry. We cycled Route 112 almost all the way, stopping only briefly in Vlasim and Benesov. The motorway would have been easy riding, but no bikes allowed. 

We had a little trouble finding our way to Route 603. Once on it, this scenic route took us all the way  into the Czech capital, the 'city with a hundred spires'. Our hotel was in Vlasska Street, very close to the US Embassy, right in the centre of Prague. Prague is the fifth most visited city in Europe.

In the native language it's called Praha. My alpha-numeric brain noticed that these five letters are also those of our suburb in Adelaide (Para H)ills.

Praha, Charles Bridge 

Prague's tourist traffic centres around the 14th century Charles Bridge. The Karluv most (in the Czech language) is for pedestrian traffic only. That Friday / Saturday in May 2015 it was crowded with tourists each time we walked over. The cobble-stoned roads in the old districts of Prague were unsuitable for bicycles. 

The famous 621m long structure spans the Vltava River and features 30 ancient statues on both sides,. The tower and gate, shown above, is considered one of the most  'astonishing civil gothic-style structures in the world'. 

The foundation stone was laid by Charles IV. A believer in numbers, the king's  astrologers had advised him that at 3.51pm* on July 9th in 1357 would be a good  time to lay the foundation stone. This date, the numerologist believed, would give the bridge additional strength, because the date written as 1357 9 7 531 is a bridge itself. It can be read forward or backward, like a palindrome.

(*Correction: Should read 5.31am.)

On Friday morning May 22nd my son Jon and I strolled casually across Charles Bridge, as were zillions of other tourists. In a setting such as this, as you casually look at people's faces, one often is reminded of somebody, who looks familiar. Most times it turns out to be somebody else. 

That morning, at the old-town side of Charles Bridge a gentleman with long hair, wearing a black jacket looked like ...? I wore my gasses at the time; there was no doubt, it was the world famous violinist Andre Rieu, who stood there with a camera man filming and tourists having their photo taken with the popular musician. 


<<< Andre Rieu, the maestro in glasses (not sunglasses, that's Jon!)

The gentleman was making a public appearance ahead of his 2015 Prague concert that evening at the 02 Arena.I took the opportunity to tell him how much we appreciate his music, at least our generation. 

Had I thought of it at the time, I would have told him that every time I listen to his solo of Paul Anka's My Way, recorded in the Radio City music hall in New York, I get very emotional; great tune, superb rendition and only one change necessary in the lyrics ... 

"I did it God's way".

It so happened, looking for some music to play while writing chapter 1, I realized I had this CD in my collection: <<< You'll never walk alone! Love it!

Australia has become special to Mr. Rieu's heart. On one of his CD covers I read the following: "Australia, which Andre visited for the first time in 2007 has become a favourite. The public welcome for him was overwhelming. So much so that after that visit Andre admitted ,"something within me had changed." 

Did Andre change, as all must, from doing it his way to doing it God's way?

- - - - - - -

Old Town Square, Prague.

The crowd of tourists that gathered on Old Town Square grew larger as the time approached 11 AM. They came to admire the 600 year old astronomical clock on the facade of the old own hall. The historical timepiece, the oldest working clock in the world, has the 12 apostles passing by as it strikes the hour.


 Dancing house >>>

This architectural oddity, depicting two dancers nicknamed Fred and Ginger was a sensation when it was built in 1996.

It won the Time Magazine's design of the year award that same year.


Prague castle, >>>

above the Vltava River dominates the skyline. The hrad, as Czechs call it, is the largest castle in the world and the residence of the nation's President. 


Jon and I climbed the spire of St.Vitus  (nice name) Cathedral, almost to the top of the highest tower.


The 360 deg. views were spectacular, rewarding us for the long climb up the 287 spiralling steps.


View over Charles Bridge toward the Old Town.              >>>

<<< Jon, a home brewer, loves an occasional beer, with or without a pretzel. 

On the weekend of our visit the Prague Beer Festival was held. After visiting the castle, we walked quite a way through extensive parklands to check out the event in the red-white striped beer tent. Readers can be assured my glass contained alcohol-free beer.




When Jon needed to make an important de-fuelling stop, he spotted this one. It had his name on it. 

<<< Johnny dunny! 


From Prague our journey continued by train. The only service available, where there was vacant bicycle space, was at 6.30 am that Sunday morning. To ensure we would not miss our train we both set our alarms on our smart-phones. But they did not do the job. Luckily, something (or ONE) had woken me at 5.20 AM. It was a quick breakfast, packing bags (schnell, schnell) and off to the station pronto. 


On our final crossing, at about 6 AM, Charles Bridge was almost deserted. A few early risers included a beggar and a couple in their wedding outfit, who had photos taken. Rushing to catch a train or not, I paused to take this photo. 

To find the train station was not problem; but what platform and how do we get there with our loaded bikes? Thankfully a railway worker walked us to the train with only five minutes to spare. I rewarded him with the spare Czech coins I had left over. Some had gone to the beggar on Charles Bridge. What a relief when we finally settled into our compartment, looking forward to visiting another important city - Berlin, capital of the Fatherland. 

- - - - - - -


(Back to Adelaide - August 2015)

On the morning of writing - the date 13.8 - I heard on Radio 5 AA that their legal expert, Mr. Ward, will be interviewed on the subject: 'Be careful what you write online'. A decade and a half ago I had this same advise given to me, but largely ignored it! As with many bloggers, the net has become my public voice. Caution yes, fear no! 

Of course, we live in a politically correct world, one which tries to stifle free speech. But our LOT, lovers of truth, have once and for all broken the power of the mass media, which is more concerned about making money than independent, truthful reporting. 

I could not resist emailing the radio station with the following message:

Subject: Where could I go?

It's understandable to warn bloggers what they can write online. But could Mr. Word tell us, where does a whistleblower go with vital information, if nobody. literally no one, is prepared to listen?

My findings regarding a possible serious miscarriage of justice was ignored by MPs, lawyers, the media (including 5AA) the ICAC, the Police Commissioner, the Attorney-General, the clergy - the list could go on.

Dieter, Para Hills


I pasted this email here for two reasons. One, to show I still believe as strongly as a decade ago that a serious miscarriage of justice has occurred and still needs addressing.

Two, (amazing timing) the second I typed the subject line - where could I go  - the radio announcer, on the same radio station, spoke the words: "where could he go?" (As I understood, it was the sports reporter talking about a sports star transferring to another club?)

What came next puzzled me; or should I say what didn't come next? I kept listening and waiting for the interview with Mr. Ward. It never took place!? My question was left unanswered ... 

No, I should rather write: I already know where I could go. I go there every morning ... ! 

- - - - - - -

On Monday 3.8.15 I had occasion to email a TV station. (Compared to a few years ago my emails to the media have dropped to a trickle)  A person was being interviewed, who wore a very similar top to the one I had written about in the first chapter of this book. It reminded me of two other incidences, where people wore a special colour clothing: 

One, the day before in church a gentleman wore exactly the same cardigan as I did that morning. (But much more had happened that morning, read on). 

Two, on the day after launching Book 14, three female presenters, on three separate TV breakfast shows, all wore vivid green dresses. One of them, to the best of my knowledge, had only ever worn white or black.

In my brief email message I pointed to this co-incident. The very next day one of those three ladies on TV appeared on her show wearing just these colours - vivid green and black (and white). 


A decade ago, in a different state of mind as today, I once had the idea of surprising my wife, predicting the colour of dress presenters on a certain TV show would be wearing. Crazy idea at the time. Today, it seems to be (kind of) happening, without me trying.

In the same email on 3.8.15 I had fun with the name Emil, which as a teenager had been my nickname. Only a few days later did I see code plus 1: Emil + 1 = Email.

- - - - - - -


Five days later a more serious matter arose - media bias in the same sex marriage debate, which is raging in Australia as I write. A TV advertisement, aiming to make the public consider carefully the issue of same sex marriage, was refused by two television networks. The 30-second clip showed the drawing of an iceberg. Above the waterline were the words 'Same Sex Marriage', underneath the words 'Education and Children's rights'.

The ad highlights possible outcomes, if current laws where to change: One, a group of children will be raised without the right to a father or mother. It is sad enough, when one parent dies, or a single mother or father has to raise a child, after parents split etc. But to deliberately create a law, which denies a child this right, is nothing but Government sanctioned child abuse.

Two, teaching children that the practice of sex between two men (or women) is just another life style and harmless is even worse child abuse. Until early teenage years children should be sheltered from being exposed to matters relating to sex, especially unnatural relations. 

The media, especially TV, has become a showcase for featuring sexual material. Not only in movies or comedy shows, even advertisements for motor cars, cosmetics etc. are filled with sexual innuendos. The sad part is that the general population gets more and more desensitised. It's time for a wake up call !

As soon as I was alerted that TV Channel Seven and the Ten Network refused to broadcast the above mentioned advertisement, I wrote to both channels:


Date: 8.8.2015

Sir / Madam,

From a reliable source I learned that your TV Channel has banned an advertisement, urging people to think again about backing the redefining of marriage. I saw the ad and can not see where it is either offensive or is breaking any regulations.

Whilst you have the right to your programming etc. the media has also a responsibility to inform the public about both sides of any debate, which should include the broadcast of advertisements from both sides.

Allow me to give you one example of a possible negative outcome in our society, if same sex marriages were to become normalized.

If my best friend's son were to marry another man and I would be invited to the 'happy' occasion, I would carefully think about accepting. It may be the end of a long friendship, if I stood on my principles. Not to mention the moral dilemma my friend would find himself in! Do we really want our society to become divided?

Please reconsider your ban on the above mentioned TV ad and do what is fair for the good of our Australian society.

Kind regards,

Dieter Fischer

PS  Arguing against same sex marriage, in reality, is futile - there are no arguments for it!


As I touched on in the previous chapter, the way the extremely vocal and organised gay lobby treats those, who oppose their agenda, is frightening. The owner of a bakery in the Adelaide Hills wrote a letter to a newspaper, criticising the paper for their pro-gay marriage stance. The Bakery very quickly found itself the target of an orchestrated boycott via social media.

Friends, when you can't express your conservative views any longer, without fear that your  business could be ruined or your windows smashed in,  it's time for a rethink. A careful rethink is all the above mentioned advertisement wanted to achieve. Are Channels Seven and Ten not abusing their power in refusing to broadcast it? Without responsible, unbiased  broadcasting by television, radio and the press there can be no real democracy! 

As I understand it, the pro-gay lobby is receiving free advertising, while defenders of traditional marriage are not even granted paid air-time. If that is democracy, who needs it? 

History had proven that the majority can be wrong. Have we not learned from history, i.e. Germany in the 1930's? The majority was led astray by clever propaganda, when truth and morals did not count. 

The persecution of the Jewish people took a nasty turn, when on November 9th (9.11) Jewish businesses had their windows smashed and synagogues were burned and vandalized. Historians call it Kristallnacht, translated - Night of broken glass).


Stop Press: Originally I was going to not mention the above, bringing Nazi Germany and the Kristallnacht into this debate. It is just a little too far fetched. Or is it?

In amazing timing, hours before publishing this chapter I attended a gathering of about 50 likeminded voices, who oppose same-sex marriage. The main speaker was US campaigner for children's rights Katy Faust. As a child, who was raised by two mothers from age 10, she told the truth, how children from Lesbian parents, develop a yearning for their natural father. She used the term father-hunger. Same sex adoption creates many father (or mother) hungry children.

But it was the final speaker, who shocked the audience with his story of his horrific six-month ordeal, fighting a legal battle. It's almost beyond belief that the following could happen in an enlightened, advanced nation like Australia. Here is a brief of his 8-minute talk. 

The gentlemen Neil Aitchison, among other activities, runs a surf shop in Adelaide, in a part of town where the GLBT community hangs out. Part of his business is the printing of T-shirts, one of which simply displayed: LOVE IS A CHOICE!

Neil never gave it a thought that this slogan could be regarded in any way as offensive. Next, a newspaper printed a fat headline: 'Surf shop creates a wave of offence'.  Somebody in the gay community had become upset and promptly went to the authorities. The unfortunate businessman, and committed Christian pastor, found himself being arrested, just as if he'd committed a serious crime. He had the windows of his business smashed  and men urinated all over the place.

Friends, this did not happen in 1938 in Nazi Germany, or in a far-away third-world, corrupt country. This bullying of a Christian businessman happened in 2015 in South Australia!

At the conclusion of his talk Neil pointed out how easy it is today to get into trouble for no valid reason. (Nazi Germany all over; and not too far fetched). He encouraged the audience to not be intimidated by the bullies on the other side, but to become even more vocal in standing up for truth. 

God is always on the side of truth!

How the masses can be manipulated by propaganda has been demonstrated at the height of the second world war. In 1943 the madness of a dictator and his cronies had reached a peak. One night in Berlin, the place we will be visiting next, during a Nazi rally Propaganda Minister Goebbels in a state of frenzy shouted this question to the brainwashed crowd:

"Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? Wollt ihr ihn, wenn noetig, so radical und brutal wie wir uns ihn heute ueberhaupt vorstellen koennen?" (Translation: "Do you want total war? Do you want it, if necessary, as radical and brutal as we today can only imagine?") The blind mass of followers shouted back in agreement: "Heil, Heil ... !"

(Speech by Joseph Goebbels, 18.2.1943, Berlin, Sportspalast.)

The crowd got what they had asked for. The rest is history, the most tragic history imaginable!

Two thousand years later, another crowd got what they asked for: "Crucify him, crucify him", they yelled. The difference? The Nazi's won a few battles, but lost the six-year long total-war. Jesus won the war of all wars in three days!

The day before writing our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, held a Liberal Party meeting with his colleagues in Canberra. Thank God, their policy will remain that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I call it sane-sex marriage! (Code: plus 1.)

On the day of writing (12.8.15) Jeremy Cordeaux on Radio 5 AA conducted a phone poll. The question was: "If there were a referendum on same sex marriage, would you vote yes or no?" The result was very clear: 63 NO, 26 YES. I question, why senior Labor Party members keep saying that the majority of Australians are in favour of Gay marriage?

The Labor leader at their recent 2015 annual love-in announced, if they were to win the next election, within 100 days Australia would have same sex marriage. No doubt, he and many proponents for the change, were spurned on by the recent Irish yes-vote.

But believe me, if there ever were a national vote on the issue in Australia, it would never succeed, if we asked the right question. If asking voters, if they believed in equal rights for all, of course, a vast majority would vote yes. But this is a misleading question. The often used word 'equality' is totally misleading. Two men or two woman are not equal, never will be, to heterosexual couples, who ensure our species survives. 

What if Australia held a referendum and this was the question: "If you had a son and he wants to marry, would you prefer him to marry a man or a woman? (There would be no optional answer - I just want him to be happy!) My guess is that very few would choose their son to have man as a wife. Even the English grammar disagrees with this nonsense - her wife or his husband - makes no sense whatsoever!

Why on earth would the leaders of any country force this onto its people? Shame on those leaders, mostly western nations, whose leaders have already gone down that path! 

A final thought: Why doesn't the gay-lobby, passionate about marriage, run seminars for normal young people? Many do not bother getting married for years, or not at all. If its really only about recognition and respect, why aren't heterosexual couples craving for it?

- - - - - - - 

BE 75  >>>


During the 2015 Europe

trip my collection of reg-

gistration plates grew by

four. Three I found on the

road, this one I picked up

in a second-hand shop:


510560? >> DXDLX >> L


I'm reminded of a picture in 'God's real L'  (Bk.5,27),

where a cloud appeared. in the shape of L.

It happened during a previous trip, with my son Jon. At the end of that chapter you will see (100) that No. 1170 played a big role. (DX + DLX + C). 


Did I ever report that Adelaide's bus route 560 goes right past our house and turns into Liberman Road? 

- - - - - - - -

On August 9th, 2015 I was riding my bicycle to church. The time was a little later than usual. Not far from our house, in Liberman Road I recall, I sensed that something special was going to take place that morning. My day had started early watching the Hillsong TV broadcast, during which I had noticed an anomaly, a minute detail*, which nobody would have given a second thought. If that makes me a drama king, I'm happy to be (75). 

Brian Houston had preached about Leadership and Greatness, one of the many paradoxes in the Christian faith. To want to be greatest you must become everyone's servant! Brian began with the story of an ambitious mother, who asked Jesus for a favour: "Would you please make a booking for my two sons (both were in the inner circle) and reserve seats for them in your new kingdom? I'd like one to sit on your right, the other on your left."

Jesus declined her request, just like HE won't answer all our prayers. The MAN who walked on water and healed people born blind, who could produce food out of nothing and wine out of water, has no say regarding seating arrangements in heaven. HE told her straight that she was not in the right frame for mind in making this selfish request. (I wonder, where she had in mind sitting - on Jesus' lap?)

Regular readers of my stories would recall that it had happened before: the preacher quotes a scripture, which is shown on the TV screen, but my brain notices a slight difference. Right at the beginning, as Brian started to read from Matthew 20, 20, my brain recalled the magic of 20 20 (not cricket!) in chapter 1. For this reason I listened a little more attentive. Sure enough, I noticed that Brian slipped in the word and, which was not included in the text on the screen.

(*Readers can view it for themselves here, at the 1.20 min. mark). 


<<< TV Channel Ten, Sun 9.8.15.

A numbers brain would feel the urge to count the white lines, which served as a backdrop on the mega-church's platform - 11 per square. Someone may know its meaning*, maybe? My thoughts were on the word 'and'.

The actual church service took place on  31.5.15.

*One possibility came to me the day after writing: 11 = One, One >>> One Won!?

Riding to church that Sunday morning, half praying AND half thinking, I wished that God would show people, if HE was really behind all my writing, my dramas, my extraordinary observations? If  HE were not, if all was my vivid imagination, I'd be willing to be declared insane and live happily ever after (just sitting on Jesus lap in heaven.)

Since I was arriving in church a little later than usual, my normal seat was taken. So I sat further back, in the second to last row. Had this not been the case, I'm certain, what came next would not have happened. God has a reason for everything, if we realize it at the time or not.

As we sang the second hymn I noticed how the microphone cable, hanging from the ceiling, (something which had previously provided grounds for drama) did it again. It came right in the first verse of the hymn Fairest Lord Jesus.  

Here is what I spotted on the large church screen at the front and reconstructed (from memory) on my computer: 

Text: Fairest Lord Jesus Lord of all nature O thou of God and man the son ... 

Long time readers may recall, as I did, how during my 2007 visit to New Orleans I walked into the main cathedral one afternoon. As I sat quietly the organ started playing: Fairest Lord Jesus ... (Bk.3, 42).


(After scanning, I just noticed, how the microphone cable not only hung over the letters S O N, but actually ended in the centre of the word AND.)


Seconds later, take a look what happened in Verse 4. When I saw the word AND, it nearly blew my mind. There was that little word again, for the second time that morning drawing attention to itself ! 

Text:  Beautiful Savior Lord of the nations son of God

son of man ...

The microphone cable revealed not only the word AND, the microphone hung right above the word MAN. 

Jesus is indeed son of God AND son of MAN.


Chapter 4