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The latest Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens' broke every box office record during the time I wrote this chapter. Wars and rumours of war seem to be everywhere - on earth, in the heavens, even among the stars. 

There is another war raging, the battle for the hearts and mind of every individual on earth. The good news is that each one can win the victory (V) in the End (Z) if only they trusted Jesus. This divine message, sent literally down by cable, concludes this chapter and book. 

As always, life is full of adventure - keeping cool in searching heat, smiling at football scores, enjoying our son's wedding; all surrounded by numbers. In this chapter it's four.

"You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because HE who is in you is greater than he that is in the world."                             (1. John 4, 4)


11.  The Four awakenz

As I was finishing the previous chapter, late in the evening on November 25th, I was totally oblivious to the fact that a serious bushfire was raging just to the north of Adelaide. Listening to the radio until well into the night, all our local stations had suspended regular programs. The fire was the breaking news; and for days it was the talk of the town.

South Australians were stunned - summer had not yet officially begun, when the fire destroyed more than a dozen houses and hundreds of sheds. The ferocious blaze had started at a locality called Pinery. It moved south with tremendous force and caught many locals by surprise. On one stage it was feared the large fire front could threaten the Barossa Valley. (A function I had planned to attend in Tanunda was cancelled). 

The Nov 25 fire, according to Adelaide Now, had a perimeter of 210 kilometres. 2 people lost their lives, 5 were critically injured. How could my numbers brain not see these numbers and be overawed, having published the chapter titled 'Two Ten ...' that very day?


Fireman, desperate to save house - TV picture of Pinery Fire - 25.11.15


At the time of writing, three weeks after the above tragedy, Adelaide is experiencing its worst December heatwave ever. The forecasters predict an unprecedented run of four consecutive days over 40 degrees Centigrade. On the day of commencing this chapter the gauge reached 42.9 deg. C, with 42 and 43 degree days expected to follow.

(Update 22.12.15 - no serious fires occurred, during above heatwave. Thank God!)

No doubt, extreme weather like this, many believe, is the result of climate change, or global warming. For this reason, days before this chapter, the world's leaders, representing almost 200 countries, met in Paris and agreed on limiting the increase in temperature 1.5 degrees.

Watching the celebrations at the conclusion of the Paris conference made me think: Can humans really make decisions, which will control global weather? What if God decided to awaken a volcano, which will be active for weeks or months? All the efforts by us humans - riding our bikes instead of driving, taking shorter showers, building wind farms or installing solar panels could be annulled with one Act of God.

Burning off large areas of land in the Amazon or in Indonesia, smoking chimneys, burning coal in China and other places, may indeed add to rising temperatures. But if scientists think that humans alone are in control of the climate, they are in direct conflict with the bible. In both the Old and New Testament we find examples, where a superhuman force influenced nature.

In ancient history the force is Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Since the first Christmas, the same force, is the person, the deity Jesus Christ. HE demonstrated absolute power over physical laws, including the weather. Just to mention one example, Jesus calmed a storm, after HE and the disciples got into trouble. HE spoke a few words into the wind and immediately the storm abated. (Luke 8,22 - 25).

I cannot say, if any delegate at the Paris Climate Change Conference suggested to ask God, in the name of Jesus, to stop global warming. Did any world leader ask God for wisdom* to come up with ideas and solutions, to take measures - with God's help - which will bring results to the benefit of all?

(*Had anyone suggested this there first would have been an endless dead-end debate about which God we should ask!)


The prophet Jeremiah, a few thousand years ago, gave the people of his generation a global warning. I thought that Jeremiah's words would have fitted perfectly after the Paris Conference ended on 12 Dec.15, with big celebrations, applauding and backslapping.

"Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear: Should you not fear me? declares the Lord. Should you not tremble in my presence?

I made the sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross. The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail; they may roar, but they cannot cross it. But these people have stubborn and rebellious hearts; they have turned aside and gone away. 

They do not say to themselves: Let us fear the Lord our God, who gives autumn and spring rains in season, who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest. Your wrongdoings have kept these away; your sins have deprived you of good." 

(Jeremiah 5, 21 - 25 NIV).


The "Boundless" reading, referred to in previous chapters, very timely on the day of commencing this chapter, speaks of another force, who is able to control weather events:

"And I will give power to my two witnesses* ...  If anyone is trying to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies ... These men will have power to shut up the sky, so that it will not rain ..." (Revelations 11, 3 - 6).

- - - - - - -

There is a website called In their disclaimer at the bottom I noticed a strange sentence (or simple spelling error - *missing t? (*should read 'extra t').

Disclaimer: This site has No affiliation with any person or organisation proclaiming to be One or Both of the Two Witnesses even thought I own extensions of their websites.

- - - - - - -

For solutions to the world's problems, climate or otherwise, nations and individuals must look to the only true, all mighty God. If they do, the result will be good. 

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..." (Psalm 33, 12).

 - - - - - - - -

In the previous chapter you read this paragraph: "Just at this point in composing this chapter an unusual name featured on TV - Zanta ... ?  The rest of the story is weird, perhaps for another chapter?" Here is this weird story, which I recorded into my diary soon after it had occurred:

I had just written about and pasted the photo of FANTA into Chapter 10, when a person with the (first) name Zanta came on television. Her surname S.... was identical to that of a person I had only spoken to the day before, more or less for the first time. Her first name was Thelma.

My creative mind wondered what would be the outcome, if I took the Christian names of these two people with the same surname, and played my letters elimination game. The only doubled-up letters in Zanta / Thelma are T and A. The remainder: HE L MAN Z. 

(The letter Z will feature again at the end of the chapter.)


One of the reasons I am writing this story here was a picture, no two, I was able to capture from off the TV screen the day before commencing this chapter. I just happened to surf channels when a quiz show featured an interesting name - FANTO. This alone did not make me take a picture. No, it was the number 210, because it reminded me of the previous chapter, titled Two Ten, where FANTA featured.


My phone/camera happened to be close by, so I was able to capture the moment, when a team of 4 ladies won the contest:

But it didn't end there. Unintentionally, my sensitive Samsung snatched a second photo, a nanosecond later. This photo gave the winning score the ladies had achieved - 486.  

                                                                   (Pics TV Channel Ten)

Long term readers will know the story of RU 486, when a major weather event took place in Queensland, postcode 4860. How well it fits into this chapter! 

Number 486 represents the time, when God sent a storm to express HIS displeasure about a godless decision made by our Government in 2006. (Bk. 4, Ch.32 and 5, 26).

God's SON controls the weather and NOS on TV.

Amazing: About two hours after writing this segment (18.12.15 - 17.45 PM) on Channel Nine's TV Quiz Show Hotseat this question came up: 

Which of these (4 choices) is Coca Cola's oldest brand? The answer was B: FANTA. (This kind of thing can drive a man to drink ...)


People often laugh, some scorn, thinking I was mad, when I express surprise, how these things can be; even more so, when numbers are involved. A recent family wedding was such an occasion. One of my three sons got married to his lovely bride Emily. The elaborate occasion started with the official ceremony in the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens, a short 20 Minute drive up Adelaide's Mount Barker Road. 

Later in the afternoon a grand reception for the invited guests (approx. 110) was held at the Pavilion, in Adelaide's South Parklands. Some had travelled from Europe for the occasion, others from interstate. All went perfectly to plan, including the weather; even though it was a little on the cool side on Mount Lofty......

The young couple had put so much preparation into the event, it made me think - if they put the same diligence to work in their marriage, they will be a happy couple for many, happy years. No doubt, they will - with God's blessing.


Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, November 28th, 2015.

From left: Our three sons and partners (wife) - Jon, Corinne, Liz, Ben, Tim and his lovely bride Emily, our daughter Michelle and New Zealand husband Darin. (Their memorable wedding in Christchurch in 2010 is documented in Book 8, Chapter 10).

Our only grandson Aidan looked very grown up as page boy. At the time of writing he is exactly 35 months old (and asleep in the coolest room of our house, while Michelle is attending a Christmas luncheon; temperature outside - 43 deg. C.)

The controversial number I had come up with for the above wedding was 4444. Why and when it came to me, I can't recall. But it was not rocket science to work out that between our wedding, on 24.7.1971, and that of our son (above) on 28.11.2015, exactly 44 years, 4 months and 4 days had passed.


- - - - - - - 

Numbers are still teasing my digital brain when it comes to football matches. The national soccer competition, the 2015/16 A-League, is in full swing. I recall two matches, where numbers were on my brain either during the games or afterwards. In the middle of writing the previous (No.20) chapter, the digits 2 and 0 came up as my team Adelaide United played the Newcastle Jets on 22.11.15 ... 

Stop Press: How timely, totally unplanned is this? Right here I interrupted my writing to watch Adelaide United play Newcastle again. Friday night's game is the only one broadcast on free to air television. It's only been 4 weeks since the above mentioned match). 

How awesome is this! Just as my script circles around the number 4 and the fact that God is in charge of the weather - HE showed up! 

The moment I walked into the TV room my wife was watching the weather forecast on Channel Seven. Tim Noonan, reporting from *Freeling,- gave the amended temperature for Saturday 19th Dec. - 44 deg. C

"I stand amazed ..."


... The score on November 22 between Adelaide and Newcastle was 0 0. My diary for that Sunday starts with this important trivia - I saw 20 twice. (Adding 20 to 2200 were back at a former, famous number - 2220!)

*It so happened, five days prior, for the first time in many years, I visited Freeling. Totally unplanned (on the Spirit of the M ...?)  I had felt to phone my friend Dave and take him for a Sunday afternoon drive, during which I pushed him around Freeling in his wheelchair. He's the friend, who in the previous chapter was taken away in Ambulance No.20!


The score on December 18 between Adelaide and Newcastle was 0 0 - goalless again. Unlike the week before when my sensitive brain picked up another bit of trivia, the date created by a football score.

On 11.12 Adelaide played at home in Hindmarsh. They won! One could not describe it as a good win, only a lucky one. Adelaide played against light-blue Sydney FC and scored 1:0 about half-way through the second half. Minutes later my mind started thinking: If Sydney gets a goal, the score 1:1 would match the day's date! Seconds later, Sydney FC* scored - 1:1.

Next thought: If another goal comes, the score line would match the month of December. Nothing came, until the very end, well into stoppage time. In the 95th minute Adelaide was awarded a penalty - 1:2 win, but only just!

Cooper Stadium Dec. 11, No.16 C.Goodwin about to corner-kick! 

 After scanning this picture I noticed how the advertisement of my former employer RAA came out:

A RAA RAA = 1 20 20. (No.20 won again). 

Sydney coach Graham Arnold later got into trouble with FFA officials. He had called the referees decision to give Adelaide the winning penalty as 'criminal'.

*Question: Why does Sydney merely have the letters FC in their club's name, when all other teams have more? Glory (Perth), Roar (Brisbane), Victory (Melbourne), Phoenix (Wellington), Mariners (Central Coast) etc.

- - - - - - - -

Readers might perhaps expect me to address deeper questions about life? To do so, let's change religions - from football to Christianity. One question, which has bugged me to the point of doubting my sanity, is the reason, why I keep noticing the microphone cable, as I sit in church singing hymns? It happened four (4) days after publishing the previous chapter.

The madic, sorry magic, started early that morning Sunday 29th November 15. Listening to a song on the radio I could not help identifying with the lyrics:

"Now I understand what you tried to say to me, how you suffered for your sanity, how you tried to set them free. They would not listen. They're not listening still. Perhaps they never will?"

For years I've been writing, telling my story. All this time I felt, who is listening? How often have I doubted my sanity? Those closest to me do not want to listen? Will those in power ever take my claims seriously? Will Adelaide's lawyers and judges ever right that awful wrong I have pointed out? Will my friend in jail ever get his freedom back? Perhaps he never will?

I had heard the song before on that same radio station (Frequency 1323, please note!). The title, I had always thought, was Starry, starry night. It's not. Wikipedia informs that the title of the song is Vincent. Starry Night is a painting by Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch master-painter, who produced it in 1889, while he was in a mental institution.

A few hours after hearing Starry Night on the radio, surprise, surprise! At church the song leader had chosen to sing a hymn, written in 1994 by Joy Webb - Starry Night. Obviously, I paid more attention to the lyrics than I otherwise would have. Readers may guess what's coming. Please believe me, friends, I did not imagine it or make it up - the microphone cable, during the refrain, hung over two letters, in my books, significant letters!






The letters N D were one of the catalysts, which steered my thinking into the realm of the supernatural. It pointed to that wrong I have been writing about ever since Book 1.

But there was more: You see, the radio station Cruise 1323 AM, the one I had heard the song on that morning, was previously called 5 DN. In my Book 1, my early struggle with sanity, I referred to this radio station many times. Radio 5 DN played a big role, starting in the tenth Chapter. 

Maybe, some may now understand, what I tried to say to them ever since? (Read on for more of ND and another MC - microphone cable - story at the end of this chapter.)

- - - - - - - -

Two days later my wife and I were travelling in Victoria, South Australia's neighbour state to the east. We escaped on a short trip away, which took place soon after the hectic activities of the big wedding. The date was December 1.15 as we where driving our Hyundai i30 south from Geelong toward Portarlington, on Victoria's picturesque Bellarine Peninsula.

Around 10.15 AM I searched the car radio for some relaxing music. Lately is has become harder and harder to find any 'easy listening' on the airwaves. I had almost given up, when suddenly, I recognized a familiar melody and the emotion filled lyrics " I understand, what you tried to say to me... how you suffered for your sanity ..." etc. The Vincent song was playing on 91.5 FM.

Sometime later I smiled at the connection I had found between the Vincent song on that road, and the time I had heard it on Radio 1323 two days earlier. The road south from Geelong toward Portarlington is the C123. If C = 3 it all figures - 1323.


- - - - - - - 


Now to another man named Vincent. His full name is Bernhard Vincent Finnigan. In Book 13, Chapter 10 I have asked many serious questions about this man's court case, which had been ongoing for 4 years. In late 2015 the former (acting) Police Minister had three more court hearings. The final one took place on December 9th.

Having been found guilty on the charge of accessing child pornography, and not guilty on the charge of trying to access child pornography, Finnigan received a 15 months suspended sentence. It was a relief, something I had been praying for, that he did not have to go to prison. There was the potential of 5 years imprisonment.


TV picture, Channel Nine - 9.12.15

Text: "People who access child pornography encourage the vile degradation and sexual exploitation of children." Judge Steven Millsteed.

Sec 16, Sec 39, 102C 

While nobody would argue with the Judge, I am asking all in the legal fraternity:

What about those who produce and publish child pornography online? Are they not guilty of a greater evil? Why are they getting away with it? Is it really too hard to trace the origins of these websites, even overseas ones, and shut them down? Is the sentencing of Mr. Finnigan going to stop anyone from making themselves rich through child exploitation?

In court on Dec. 9th I counted the number of paid staff and professionals in the courtroom. 12. Their total wages bill that day would have amounted to thousands of Dollars. Over the four years this case could have swallowed up hundreds of thousands, just as had been the case in the Peter Liddy saga.

If all this money and effort would have been directed toward prosecuting those who produce and publish their filthy material, not merely child porn, but ALL sexually explicit stuff, the web and the world be a better place.

And why in the first place break into MP Finnigan's computer to find his search history? Is the police doing this also to all other Members of Parliament or other prominent people? 

My mind just can't separate itself from the thought that Mr. Finnigan was singled out by bullies, who succeeded in assassinating his character, who ruined his life for whatever sinister reasons. 

The parallels to the Liddy case are so obvious - pick a high profile man, start a trial by media, report only what the public is allowed to hear, never report the other side of the story - details, which may cast doubt on the man's guilt (leave this to bloggers) and drag the case on for years, ensuring the person is also financially ruined. (Mr. Finnigan, I heard the judge say, did not have the finance to pay for an expert psychologist's report!)

The only difference to the Liddy case, Bernhard Vincent did not have to spend years in prison. I pray he will keep his sanity. 

- - - - - - -

Years ago in Book 3, Chapter 18 readers find the story of Henry Keogh, convicted of murdering his fiancÚ. I had taken a mild interest, since the murdered girl worked in the legal fraternity in Adelaide. Keogh spent 19 years behind bars, until in 2014 his earlier conviction was overturned and a fresh trial announced.

The very latest is that there won't be a fresh trial. Judgment on his case was 'set aside', whatever this legal term means. As I understand the matter - after spending 19 years behind bars the experts in the law now say: We can't agree if you're guilty or not. Since we are not sure, you might as well go home." Henry Keogh was released from prison in December 2014. 

Here is the astounding part: According to Adelaide Now (Nov. 13, 2015) there is presently no avenue for Mr. Keogh to receive compensation. No state in Australia has such a law in place, except the ACT.

I can't help but feel a dose of cynicism, when I think of the words a fellow MLC to Berhard Finnigan told me on the telephone some years ago: "We in South Australia have the best legal system in the world."

If I did not answer this man back then, let me do it now: "Sir, accused people do not need the best legal system in the world. They need a simple justice system, one they can afford to pay."

- - - - - - -


As alluded to earlier my wife and I enjoyed a short five-day getaway to Victoria. It was the first interstate trip in our late model Hyundai. We both looked forward to it, especially the modern apartment we had booked right near Geelong's famous waterfront and only a short stroll to shops. (Wives loves that).  

Walking downtown the next morning I noticed that our accommodation was just across the road from a street called Cummings PL (ace). A brief mention in my previous chapter immediately sprung to mind. I had written about a young lady, Thalita, whose surname starts with Cum.

No Through Road, Cummings PL, Geelong, Victoria

 Here I was, looking at the same name, only the letter G added.

The reason I mention this here is the young lady's remarkable turnaround*, winning a major battle against alcohol abuse. reported the story of her success on Nov.18, 2013. Cummins, a popular news reader on breakfast TV, was consuming too much alcohol. It affected her performance at work, her health was suffering and in her own words: "The wheels were starting to fall off." Giving up alcohol, Thalita says, saved her life.

(*I just noticed, how fitting, after typing turnaround: Anyone entering Cummings Place can't go on for long. They must do what Thalita did - turn around!)

The catalyst to recognize that she had a big problem was a good friend at work, who in September 2012 simply tapped her on the shoulder and asked: "You're not OK, are you?" At that moment the 'little' girl** rose up, figuratively speaking, and knew what she had to do - no more booze!

**Thalita cum, explained in the bible in Matthew. 5, 41, means-: Little girl arise.

Since then the newsreader has not touched one drop of alcohol. Her story debunks the myth that life without alcohol is boring. The opposite is true, speaking also from my own experience. Engaging in sport, eating healthy, travel, enjoying the outdoors all can be done - without alcohol. Too bad if your peers think you're a nerd.

(Hey, this came on editing:

Take N  D, insert HE (ER) = NERD ! 

Nerd = a single-minded expert in a particular technical field? 

Hail to the nerds of this world. God knows, we need more of them).


When it comes to alcohol consumption, as with life generally, what you sow is what you shall also reap.  Any doubters? Ask that little girl who is happy drinking fruit juice or Fanta at the Christmas party, or any Salvation Army front line fighter.

 - - - - - - -

A unique feature of Geelong, the largest city in Australia outside the capitals, is a variety of colourful bollards, spread along the entire waterfront. The artwork by the late Jan Mitchell, depicts various characters or occupations. Since the theme at our Salvation Army's church service, on the day before writing, was Joy - here is a picture (in two parts) of one of the bollards I took:

Geelong, Corio Bay, Victoria - Salvo lady

Text: The Joys of wisdom Proverbs 3 Verses 13-14

Happy the man who discovers wisdom, the man* who gains discernment: gaining her is more rewarding than silver, more profitable than GOLD.

*Add or woman - they need wisdom and discernment too!

Below: Another (Salvo) lady, who gives joy (not sure about wisdom and discernment....?)

Who would turn his or her their back on 4 (four) lifesavers? To become a Christian* you must turn around and embrace the No.1 Lifesaver, whose birth is celebrated every Christmas. 

 *It so happened: Hours ago it was reported that ten-year old Christian, the son of Princess Mary of Denmark, was rescued by a lifesaver, while swimming on Australia's Gold Coast. The boy, on holidays in Australia, was caught in a rip. Thank God for the Salvos and all Lifesavers! 

- - - - - - -

Grand Hotel, Portarlington, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria

The writer (left) and his wife's cousin, who travelled from Ballarat to spend the day with us, exploring this beautiful stretch of shoreline on Victoria's Port Phillip Bay.

Watching the cyclists ride by, I would have preferred to travel the scenic waterfront road, the C 125, on two wheels, instead of four, as it follows through the villages of Indented Head and St. Leonards, along Swan Bay to Queenscliff.


On our return to Adelaide, via the Great Ocean Road, we spent a night in Port Fairy, a place visitors keep coming back to; as we have many times. The place dates back to the early 1900's when Captain Wishard named the town after his cutter, the Fairy. A major industry, which soon died out again, was whaling. Many cottages from that era have been restored and are heritage listed.


Early settler's cottage, Port Fairy, Victoria

The writer and wife relaxing in main street Port Fairy. In the background the NAB Bank. Many historic buildings in Australia's country towns are still used as branches of the NAB. 

The trees in the background are Norfolk Island Pines. Travellers to Australia will notice that many of these trees are planted in coastal areas along many beaches, including Sydney's Manly beach or Adelaide's Glenelg. There is a reason, why this is so:

Captain Cook discovered this species on Norfolk Island, hence the name, and found they are very suitable to produce masts to repair sailing boats. The tree is sometimes called a star pine, a triangle tree or a living Christmas tree, due to its symmetrical shape as a sapling, although it is not a true pine. (Source: Wikipedia) 


On the only evening we had in Port Fairy, Thursday 3rd Dec. 15, we chose to dine at the hotel, right in the centre of the village, on the main intersection. After being seated on table 27, waiting for our dinner to be served, I noticed the hotel was called The Star.


Minutes after writing right here I got in my Suzuki to drive to the local shopping centre. The radio was already on. Within moments I heard on the stock market report that Star Holdings was ... ? 

Next, I write it exactly as it was, a glimpse on the odometer on my dash showed four 4s (plus a 1 4 O bonus).


Am I weird to notice and make a song out of it? The day I was writing this chapter, where the number 4 features, my motor car clocks on 364444 km. To have 4 digits the same won't happen again for another 1111 km. It will take a few weeks to reach!

A further incident comes to mind, which happened earlier creating this chapter. I wanted to take an image off the TV screen, which showed Adelaide's weather chart; the 44 deg. C forecast for Saturday. Seconds before tuning into the TV, Sunrise Channel Seven, I was thinking: "Would it not be good timing, if the weather forecast was just being broadcast?" 

So it was. Not only that, but the first words spoken, after I switched on our LG television set, was James Tobin saying "44 degrees". I believe this to be far more than serendipity. 


When numbers and names like these cross my path, at the exact nanosecond, I at times doubt my sanity. Am I mega paranoid? Do I think numbers and names follow me for no reason? Of course, as my wife keeps insisting, these things happen to all of us.

However, the sheer volume of incidences - my diary is filled with them - makes me doubt that all are mere co-incidents'. Regular readers of my earlier books would be familiar with my battle of the mind: Either I am suffering from severe paranoia, or God is using me and all that data for a higher purpose, bringing about a work HE wants to accomplish in the end.

Paradoxically, amidst the daily struggle I have an inner peace, knowing who is the giver of peace and if we can trust anyone with our life - it is HE. HE will finish that which HE has begun. (Philippians 1, 6).

Let's take a closer look at the word PARANOID. If we put on our outside the box thinking cap and view it in three different sections, the word does not have a negative meaning:

1. PARA  -   is part of Para Hills, the Adelaide suburb, where my wife and I have lived for over 3 decades. 

2. NO  -  is the abbreviation for Number.

3. ID   -   is the abbreviation for identification. 

So where is this leading us? 

The ID NO, the postcode, of Para Hills is 5096. The number 50 leads us to the letter L. Long ago I had created the Christian cross, using the letter L four times. (Cutting a cross vertically and horizontally through the middle you are left with four L shapes!)

*The only other Adelaide suburb we ever lived in has postcode 5069. (I just remember, it was house No.14 and the street name starts with LLand .... Amazing, love it!)


The number 96 leads us to the most quoted verse around Christmas - the prophesy in the Old Testament announcing the birth of a child, a son given as a gift* to mankind. This first Christmas was predicted 700 years earlier:

"Unto us a child is born, unto us a SON is given." (Isaiah 9, 6).

*This is the origin of the tradition of giving gifts to each other at Christmas. 

You don't need to be a bible scholar to understand that there would be no death on a cross (50) if there was no birth (96) first. 

On Sunday morning December 6th, world-renowned preacher and founder of Leading The Way, Michael Youssef, gave his regular weekly talk on TV Channel 72. That day he was wearing a startling suit with white stripes. Unlike some TV preachers, I never found Michael to be flamboyant. Maybe, this is why I took special notice?

Michael Youssef, founder Leading the Way (TV Pic Ch. 72)


That morning Michael kept speaking of God as the L. It sounded weird at first, until it dawned on me that he was say EL, using the Hebrew word for God, EL.

Usually, EL is followed by a closer description, ie. EL Shaddai (God Almighty), EL Elyon (the most high God) or EL Olam (the everlasting God) etc.  (Source:

For the first time that morning I saw the connection - 4 L =  t and EL as the Hebrew word for God.

That same Sunday morning in church, only a few hours after this revelation, I was surprised once again. Regular readers may guess how! Yes, via the microphone cable, hanging in front of the church screen. Right at the beginning of a rousing hymn, my eyes picked up the lyrics on the screen. Here is how I recreated it in my diary:


Text: "I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene ..."

- - - - - - - -

Friends, the signs that we are living in the end times, as described in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24, are certainly on display today at the turning of 2015 to 2016. Here are just a few:

Verse 9: Persecution, simply because HIS followers believe in HIM.

Verse 6: Wars and conflicts, earthquakes, famines.

Verse 12: Lawlessness, people will stop loving others.

Verse 14: God's Good News will be preached throughout the earth.

Then, Jesus declares, the end will come. But let's not miss Jesus' encouragement In Verse 6. HE told HIS followers to not let these things trouble them. For HIS followers, this ending will be a triumphant one, a relief from suffering, real justice (a legal system under God's rule) and ultimately a new home in heaven.

- - - - - - -

Please, take another look at the graphic above, at the top right corner! Not only do the two letters Z point to an ending, note how the letters E N D are positioned - in V formation!

HE came as a helpless baby on the first Christmas. On the first Easter HE rose from the dead as Victor.


Friends, do not fear, the God who controls the weather also controls your future. Walk on in confidence - with HIM.


End of Book 14


Please note: Any future writing, when or in what format, is in HIS hand.