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As I commenced this chapter, the first in my 14th book, a football match here in Adelaide attracted a  record crowd. Two teams,  English  Premier League Club Liverpool FC and Adelaide United, both called the Reds, played a friendly match at Adelaide Oval. The host team had to don, for the first time ever, a yellow strip while Liverpool played (and won 2:0) in their traditional red. 

I loved watching the bright red and yellow colours against the green lawn. The highlight for Liverpool fans was, no doubt, the moment the stadium erupted into their theme song: 'You'll never walk alone.'

"Walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone!" 

Before travelling overseas in the next chapter, read here what transpired, as I wrote about this football match. Firstly, however, a brief look back at Book 13. There was an instant, surprising  response. At the end, justice is still crying out in Adelaide. There are lot's of traumatised people...!

God never promised that there won't be dark valleys we have to go through. HE did promise, however, HE will go through with us.



1. WINNA at 103

It is almost inevitable, after publishing a chapter in my autobiography, that things cross my path soon after, which match what I had just written. Over the years this pattern has taken place so many times, should it surprise us still? 

In this case, yes, because there was a response before my writing had even appeared online. What should I make of this? Could it be coincident? You be the judge!

At the end of my previous chapter (Book 13, 10) you read about my surprise encounters with the word MINE. Eager to publish the chapter as planned on Saturday 18th July, I changed my mind. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to wait. Not until later that night, did God show me the reason - more mine appeared in a bible study booklet.

But there was more, more mine (Note more/mine). How could I not notice the word mine in church the very next morning, only an hour or two after uploading the chapter? It came in the lyrics in the very first line of the first song we sang: 'My Jesus I love thee, I know thou art mine'.

But it was the word mine, a little later that day, in a different setting, which really blew my mine, sorry mind. My wife had bought the Sunday Mail, our only Sunday Newspaper. She casually showed me a cartoon on page 62. Take a look:


Below: Sunday Mail, Sunday 19.4.2015, page 62.

The 6 states of Australia are screaming for their slice of the GST 

(Goods and Services Tax) pie. All shout MINE. Note - six states, 

but eight shouts of Mine?! The cartoonist did not include the two

 territories (Northern Territory) and the ACT (Australian 

Capital Territory), but still drew eight shouts of MINE.  

The letters m,i,n,e  spell a very common word, one we come across very often. But, as happened so often, it was the timing of it all, which surprised me.

There are only 3 explanations for this: One, all co-incidental.

Two, God supernaturally inspired this cartoonist to draw the dominating word MINE just at that time.

Three, somehow my writing is monitored and this is a direct response to Bk.13, Ch. 10.


It so happened, days before this writing the Premier of New South Wales proposed to increase the GST to 15 %. (If this were to come off, they would all still scream. Perhaps not MINE, but MORE?)


Code challenge: Create the word black from mine /more?

*(Answer in grey box below).



Readers may think I'm digging too deep with the following, final word MINE. (Pardon the fun.) A day or two after the previous chapter I rescued a book from the trash bin. My wife had decided to throw it, when I took a closer look at the slightly tattered, very old book. It was a Collins Graphic English Dictionary, age unknown. As I looked through casually, not expecting anything, I suddenly notice the word mine on the bottom of every page, from page 1 to page 1167:


 Collins Graphic English Dictionary, page 1061 - winner etc.

Note the word mine, 6th from the left, among this list of 9 at the bottom of the page: Fate, far, ado; me, her; mine; note; tune; moon.

The nine words are to explain the scheme of pronunciation; they are the key to the long and peculiar vowel sounds.

How remarkable! After scanning the above I noticed the 9th word (moon). At that point, unaware at the time, I had already written the segment below and included the scan. (The moon is central to it).

Originally I was going to commence this chapter with the moon story, but repositioned it. Read on, how it fits in perfectly!

- - - - - - -


*Answer to above code challenge:

Delete doubled up letters (e & m) in mine / more = in or. 

Rearrange the letters   >>>   n o i r   =   black (in French).


- - - - - - -


Below: Coded message on pavement? Another Winner?

<<< INWR 20R


Had the traffic light not been red I would never have spotted this strange bit of scribble in Hutt Street, near Pirie Street.


If we were to interpret the 4 letters as WIN R, and if R = 2 x 10, the message changes slightly.

Either way, it's a win win.


Just now, after taking a second look, I see the letter J.

A big tick for the ONE who won by losing i t all first. 

- - - - - - -



One question that has often been asked in recent days: Are we alone in this vast universe? TV Channel Nine, minutes before this writing, broadcast a brief segment interviewing a futurologist, who is convinced that we are not alone. Physicist and Cosmologist Stephen Hawking is supporting the push by scientists to search for life in space, despite the high cost and the danger of being taken over by hostile aliens, if indeed there were any.

That we are not alone is true. But to be searching for water on Pluto, or trying to capture coded radio signals from outer space is futile. Only GOD and HIS huge host of angels exist somewhere in the heavens, but they live in a completely different dimension, a different realm altogether, to us.

A verse in the book of Obadiah comes to mind. The Prophet passed judgement on the people of Edom, who arrogantly thought they were invincible:

"Though you exalt yourself as high as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down, says the Lord." (Obadiah 1, 4)

Instead of looking for water on Mars, would it not be better to channel those vast amounts of money, effort and energy into providing clean drinking water for all on earth? In the 21st century children are still dying for lack of fresh drinking water. Others don't have a toilet, one of life's most basic necessities. 

- - - - - - - -

Certificate No. 00546 - Flight to the Moon.

On July 20th 1969, exactly 46 years before this chapter, man first landed on the moon. This was the very day I migrated to Australia. My older brother gave me a gift for the occasion - this certificate, a booking for a flight to the moon.

It was issued on July 17th, 1969 by the Frankfurt office of TWA (Trans World Airlines), and officially signed. "Departure details will be supplied to above passenger at the appropriate time."


For 46 years I have been checking my mailbox eagerly, hoping to hear from TWA. Are they still waiting for the appropriate time? (If they're waiting for a blue moon, as I write in July 2015, would be a good time. There are two blue moons, on the 2nd and 31st.) 

Maybe I should write to them: "Since I have retired from the workforce I could take the trip anytime, not only on the weekend?" This July would suit me. (Mother-in-law has indicated, she'd sponsor me, but only one way, ha ha).

Jokes aside, rather than waiting for an airy-fairy trip to the moon, I am looking forward to that journey, which will take me to a special place, a mansion in another realm, prepared for those, who trust in Jesus:

"I go and prepare a place for you. I will come again and take you to Myself; that where I am there you may be also. (John 14, 3).

- - - - - - -

In late April 2015 the head of South Australia's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) arranged a public hearing into the complaints process against SAPOL, South Australia's Police. When I initially checked their website, as to the dates of the hearing, things did not add up - Thursday April 24th 2015 was not a valid date! 

I phoned to point out the error and enquired about the location.  The event was held at the Riverside Centre 7th floor, Room 3 and was open to the public. The dates were April 23rd, 24th and 28th. (Naturally, my maths skills added these to 75, Code 5/3?)

On the final day of the hearing, Tuesday April 28th, I rode my GIANT into the city of Adelaide real early to ensure I would get a seat. En route in North Adelaide, two observations, no three, puzzled me: At the traffic lights near Christ Church two vehicles turned across my path. I could hardly have missed them. 

The first was a large sedan, which displayed a flag on its bonnet, much like a diplomatic vehicle from another country would do. Except, this one displayed a white skull on a black background, if I remember the colours correctly. What country in the world would such a diplomat come from? Not Deutschland; Deathland perhaps?

The second vehicle, following right behind the above, carried a rare, registration plate. It consisted of one number only - 9. The location happened to be, co-incidentally, less than a kilometre away from TV Channel 9. Of course, since these vehicles were moving, I was unable to catch a photograph.

But I snatched a photograph seconds later, after the traffic lights changed. I had spotted a pedestrian walking on the other side of the road. There was nothing unusual about this walker, at least not to anybody else. As he crossed in front of me I took the picture below, for a reason:


Near Christ Church, Nth. Adelaide >>>

The fast walker, crossing Jeffcott Street, was wearing the identical top to mine that day.







Room 3 on the 7th floor of the  >>> Riverside Centre, North Tce.

Senior police, lawyers, journalists and members of the public filled the small room to capacity. Having arrived early I secured a seat right in the front row.

Later that evening, on the TV News I had my one second of fame. Just as well I wore my red stripes; no other real bright colours in the room.

                                                                            (Pic. off TV screen)

Had I known in advance that the ICAC Commissioner had called for submissions from the public, I may have alerted him to the way my whistle-blowing to a former police Commissioner was handled. My letter, which I had personally delivered to his office, was ignored. It was probably thrown straight into the trash bin. 

One lady at this hearing had made a submission. She had lost two sons. The death of one, because it involved police, prompted her to approach the PCA, the police complaints authority. Here is her tragic story, as written in our newspaper:


Excerpt: Adelaide Now, April 24th, 2015:

Commissioner Lander also heard submissions from Julie Wilson.

In 2004 her son, Christopher, was murdered two days after he approached police with concerns about Hootan Beigzadeh — the “teenage hitman” who would eventually kill him.

A subsequent coronial inquest identified 49 errors made by police in the lead-up to Christopher’s execution-style murder.

Today, Ms Wilson said she waged a six-year battle with SA Police to be allowed to attend the Police Disciplinary Tribunal hearings of officers involved in her son’s case.

She said the Police Complaints Authority granted her permission to attend, but was then overruled and rendered ineffective by SA Police management.

“The PCA was a toothless tiger in the face of SA Police and the tribunal process ... I was excluded from the tribunal, I was ignored, I was given the cold-eye,” she said.

“I was dismissed, it was like they were brushing away a fly ... the PCA could not do its job ... it was clear no one in SA Police was interested in responding to our plight.

“We were left dangling ... SA Police’s energies were devoted totally to downplaying the incident.”

Ms Wilson said the department’s “patronising” attitude left her “incensed”, and it responded only when the media and Independent Senator Nick Xenaphon (sic) championed her cause.

“There’s a cost to all this secrecy ... blocking me made me pursue it more,” she said.

Ms Wilson was finally allowed to attend “the tail end of the last hearing” but, by that time, her health had declined — her other son took his own life.

She said police had never truly apologised for their handling of her complaint, and the Commissioner had sent only a “qualified piece of correspondence”.

“If the police ever did correct anything, they never told me,” she said.

Ms Wilson said a truly fair and just police complaints system would give victims “sanctity” to talk about their problems, adding: “I had nowhere to go.”

She urged Mr Lander to push forward with his suggestion of constant oversight, and asked he order victims and their families be allowed to attend police disciplinary tribunals.

“Justice must be seen to be done ... there must be an indisputable right to enter police tribunals,” she said.

“I don’t think that’s asking much, Commissioner — there’s a lot of traumatised people.”

However, she said police should not be permitted to investigate their own officers if a death had resulted from the alleged misconduct.

“I don’t want those police from the night before (Christopher died) dealing with me the next day,” she said.

“I have absolutely no confidence in that.”

(End of excerpt)

Can you believe it? You are threatened with death by somebody, you go to police because you fear for your life, give the name of the potential murderer and ... nothing! Two days later you're dead, killed by that very person you sought protection from! 

Somebody didn't do their job. One can understand two or three errors, but 49 (forty-nine)?

I feel like writing again to the ICAC Commissioner, asking for the third time to look into accuser W. in the Liddy alleged child abuse case. This key witness, at the time of the trial, was described as a career criminal. He had a criminal record eight pages long. He once stated that he had never been abused as a child, yet managed to claim abuse 15 years later, which put Peter Liddy behind bars for 25 years. 

Should we not at least ask this criminal key witness, why he said that he had never been abused as a child? "I don't think that's asking too much, Commissioner! There's a lot of traumatised people".

- - - - - - -

At the conclusion of the hearing I got talking to a lady whom I knew. She told me, why she was there, another member of the public, bullied by an arrogant police officer.

The incident took place late one night in Adelaide's CBD. Here is how I recall her experience: "She executed a U-Turn on her motor scooter, illegally, over a continuos centre line. A policemen spotted her, pulled her over and started to write an infringement ticket for 350 Dollars. 

Another officer appeared, out of nowhere, and told her that she had not fastened her helmet according to regulation. The lady had no idea that this particular requirement (I forgot the details) even existed. Without taking any notice of her objections this officer wrote another ticket. He was very rude, and treated her harshly, as if she had committed a major crime. Her debt to the government now totalled $ 700. What madness, what severe punishment by police for such a minor offence!

The big fine was not was upset her the most. It was the way this particular, arrogant officer had treated the young lady. Her battle with police is not yet over. Justice is crying out for all those traumatised, abused people, bullied by those who we should be able to trust for safety. 

How strange - a minor traffic offence calls for severe punishment. A possible miscarriage of justice, a possibly wrongfully imprisoned magistrate, deserves no reaction at all?

How ironic! Peter Liddy was once the head of the Police Complaint Authority, which was at the centre of the above hearing. (At the time it may have been called the Police Disciplinary Tribunal?)

One statistic stood out in my mind, as I sat and listened in Room 3 at the Riverside Centre. In the four years since 2011 only three complaints against police (out of the many received - 1000s perhaps?) had been brought before the courts! This small number speaks either of a very well behaved police force, or complaints by those who were bullied ended up straight in the bin!

After concluding his investigations, and above hearings, the ICAC Commissioner's findings included one major change: The Police Complaints Authority should not be the body investigating complaints against police officers. (The head of the PCA had actually called for the abolition of his own department!)

Years ago I had asked the same question in regard to the ICAC itself: Should the South Australian ICAC be funded by the South Australian Government? Would not a quasi employee of the State Government be biased naturally, if he/she were to uncover major corruption in high levels of Government? 

What does the proverb say: "Do not bite the hand that feeds you?" Would a State ICAC not be far more independent, if it were a national body, the Commissioners appointed and paid for by the Commonwealth Government?

Taking this thought further - how about a National body handling complaints against police? Still another thought: Where does one go, when one finds that a member of the judiciary is acting corruptly? Is there a complaints authority or does self-regulation apply? Self-regulation, the PCA, obviously, failed the public of South Australia badly!

- - - - - - -

Across the river of Adelaide's Riverside precinct a more joyous event took place on 20th July 2015. Britain's Premier League Football team Liverpool FC visited our town to play a friendly match against our Adelaide United. This much anticipated game was played in front of 53 008 spectators, a record for any football (soccer) game in our State. The Sunday Mail Newspaper, eight days before the event, devoted 3/4 of a page to promote the friendly match.

The headline read: "They're ready to roll out the Reds carpet." (Both teams are called Reds). The image that went with the article had me thinking: Take a look:


Sunday Mail 12th July 2015, Page 13.

(Roy Rene, b. 1891 -  t 1954)

<<< Liverpool  Y NEVER...


Liverpool FC fans posed in Hindley Street in front of a statue. At first it was only the missing letters OU' LL, which caught my eye.


A closer look, as I scanned this picture, revealed a hidden code: RE EN (twice).


The smiling face is that of an Adelaide-born comedian. His surname, Rene, made sense.



  Pic: TV Channel Nine.

<<< Liverpool's No.20 consoles Adelaide's No.14. When I snapped this photo on the TV screen I had no idea that numbers would show off. No.14 for Book 14. 

Later, on scanning, did I see No.20, the match result on the Liverpool player's back. It happened to also match the date (July) 20. Love it!

There is more: Digging a little deeper, as I wrote this, revealed the name of Liverpool's No.20 - LALLANA. (3 L, 3 A + N).

Interesting, Liverpool's Stadium is at ANFIELD. How this fits another Liverpool player, who returned to play at Adelaide Oval - ALLeN.


This takes my creative, active brain on a train of thoughts from a simple observation on TV to a place, where 3 years ago I shook hands with a man named AL. (Bk. 11, 9).

The NBC's Today Show, on Sunday, 26th July 15, featured the headline: "Hey look, a new book". I had only just tuned into the broadcast (a repeat on Australia's Channel 72) when I saw it. Naturally, the timing of it immediately drew my attention. It was only a day, or less, before I was to publish the first chapter of this, my new book. 

The show continued with a report about 103-year old Loren Wade, who was still working every at a Wal-Mart Store. His story was inspiring to watch, especially for us older folk. The old gentleman sounded like a real winner. Little wonder, he has lived all his life in a place called Anfield, sorry Winfield, Kansas.

The TV show now had my full attention. Not that I was looking for things, but somehow, it's difficult to explain, I felt that something was brewing. When moments later I watched a segment about the NYC SALT program (Aha, AL right in the centre) an unusual name made me play my doubled-up letters elimination game (as in the grey box earlier):

GRISEL ISIDOR - Remove letters R, I, S  >>>  G E L D O  >>>  D O G (E) L.

In Chapter 7 of Book 13 you will read about a puppy dog. I named the chapter after it - MR. L. This dog, actually named Wrangler, is learning to be a guide dog, a Learner (L) as it were. This pet has been part of the Today Show ever since. In my thinking, therefore, the title of the 'Hey look, a new book' makes sense: 'What pet should I get'?

The manuscript by the late creator of DR SEUSS, Theodor Geisel (similar name?!) had been discovered 25 years after it was written. It is to be released as I am writing, July 28th, 15.

When I titled this Book 14, and designed its graphic, highlighting AL, I had no idea that the names of Liverpool football players would crop up. Neither did I imagine that at the end it would lead to the name AL.

AL is a member of the NBC Today team, the home of Wrangler, the L DOG.

Chapter 2