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  Written / Published 6.6./9.6.20  (Pics by author, unless indicated

In the previous chapter I had flagged that the name Nelson would again feature here. To stay true I want to briefly mention it here, since the Pell case is now over. A very prominent lawyer, Frances Nelson QC, in a radio interview had stated (after Cardinal Pell was exonerated): "I was very surprised that the cardinal was convicted in both initial trials" (or words to that effect). From such a high profile legal identity this means something!

Today's chapter also deals with justice, or lack thereof.  We also take a short trip to a little seaside village for some scenic walks, where we make xxxx (insert any synonym of amazing) observations.

No. 20 (also known as 2 10) keeps popping in unexpected settings and varieties. To begin with we find a misprint in a bible; a very unusual discovery. But isn't it all?


4. Six letters and Nine?

How rare is it that one finds a printing error in a book? Even more so when the misprint occurs in the most published book in the world, the bible? It so happened the error occurred in a biblical chapter 2, Verse 7. And how peculiar that I stumbled across it after publishing the previous chapter, where number 2 and 7 played such a major role? 

A large publishing company in Stuttgart, Germany overlooked an obvious misprint in an edition of a German, easy-to-read version of the bible. I had used it for at least 30 years, but never seen the mistake until now.

Below: Die Bibel im heutigen Deutsch (The bible in today's German) printed in 1983, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart:

Revelations 2, Page 321.


The heading ('The message to Thyatira') contradicts the next line, addressed to the angel (Engel) of the church in Philadelphia. Between verses 17 and 19 we should not find Verse 7. (Should be 18, unless politicians made a new law..., ha ha???)

Note numbers 7 and 18! I just happen to see it in my diary, while writing here. It's unrelated, but what a perfect match! (Read on!)

Revelation 3, P. 321: >>>

The typesetter in error inserted this Verse 7, the identical text in the next column, same page. It's the start of Revelation chapter 3.

Translated Revelations 2, Verse 17 says: "They that can hear, take note what the Spirit says to the churches! Those who reach to victory, I will give of the secret Manna. He also receives from me a white stone*. On it is written a new name, which is only known to the one who receives it".

*In ancient times a white stone was given to the poor as entry ticket to social events, so they could obtain food. In the setting of a court case a white stone was also a symbol of being pronounced not guilty, winning the court case!

What a picture of God's plan of salvation!

Those who trusted Jesus, uncompromisingly, passionately, who loved HIM, fed on HIS sustaining Word until the end will enter into heaven. They are the winners, found to be innocent, because they trusted Jesus for the sacrifice HE made on the cross. Their new name is written on a white stone. It will be their personal password!

- - - - - - -

Here's the tale of 7/18, the diary entry mentioned above. It has nothing to do with Revelations, but ends in a surprising twist - 7.18:

"On Mothers Day afternoon, after a happy family get together, one of our sons and myself took our grandsons to a local park to play.

Three year-old Jacob >>>

and his brother enjoyed the play ground, kicking the ball, playing chasing on the grass. We were having a great time.

When it was time to leave, about 45 minutes later they didn't want the fun to stop. Little Jacob asked: "Can we come here again tomorrow?"

Our son, his uncle, said: "No, I have to go to work tomorrow". To keep little J. happy I asked him: "What time did you want to play tomorrow?" Without hesitation Jacob replied: "Seven eighteen!" (Loved it, then and even more now!") 

Only the day before had I seen the 7/18 error in the German Bible, but not until writing here, almost a month later, did I notice the diary entry.

But there's more! There's an often quoted phrase, which originates in the bible. It says this: "Out of the mouth of babes ..." As I understand, it's used when little children utter words that are true and/or far beyond their grasp to  understand:

"Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have obtained praise". (Matthew. 21,16 ESV). 

One had to do the Math: 7 x 18  = 126 

Like a little child, God longs for being together (having fun) with HIS children.  Many adults are just too busy, self-centered, independent or proud to humble themselves and become like a little child.

The words of Jesus:  

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven". (Matt.18: 3,4).

- - - - - - -

As much as two and seven featured in the previous chapter, the number ten, or 10 10 to be exact, featured even more. Two ten was part of the title. Little wonder that during the following days many magic moments stemmed from NOS 10 10 or the sum thereof - 20! (The latest came within hours after writing this paragraph, read on).

During the so-called Covid 19 lockdown my wife, like many around the world no doubt, were watching lots of television. It was very strange, how shortly after the previous chapter I noticed briefly on the TV screen what she was viewing. Did I see correctly?

20 MINUTES  >>>

As much as I liked the title, it wasn't my kind of program, a drama series in a foreign language with subtitles.

Just after pasting the image here I noticed how the description fits in nicely: 

"... a dogged investigator sets out to uncover the truth." 

Another number 20 popped up around the same time. It also came via my darling, who is not at all into numbers or sees anything unusual while I make a song and dance about it. 

One morning before leaving the house she mentioned she was going to our local Chemist shop (drugstore). She needed to exchange a box of medication. Earlier in the week she had picked her regular supply of 5 mg tablets, but was supplied with 20 mg tablets instead. Luckily, she noticed the difference in the size of the tablets. I immediately could see C (Yes!) - 5 x 20! 

On 22.5.20 again, it could not have been at a better time*, the number 20 showed up and again in error. I happened to check the post office box of a German Senior, who was in lockdown in his aged care home. I do this as a volunteer every two weeks or so. The post office had made a mistake. In P.O. Box 220 was a letter for Box 200. 

*Perhaps on Feb. 20 (2.20) would have been a better time. That day I had almost forgotten to do this little service for the gentleman, but remembered later that day. Afterwards I realized how the date had matched post office Box 220.

Here's the latest encounter with our number 20, as promised earlier; plus another with 10.10. (Is this happening because we're in year 2020? Generally speaking, from a global perspective, there not much to write home about regarding 2020! Besides, everybody is at home!)

20 Solar panels   >>>

During a break in writing the above script I took our grandsons for a walk. We were playing the game: I spy with my little eye ...

Seven year-old Aidan counted these 20 solar panels. I had seen them before and had spotted something else. Only a child-like  numbers brain would pick it up - our postcode. I see 5, 6 and 9 panels. One space has 0. Voila - 5096! 


<<<  YouTube - F - Hbf.


After spending hours in front of the PC an excursion to Europe on YouTube was just the relaxation needed to switch off.

Except, the eyes still see; the mind still thinks. 

On Rick Steve's travel channel we loaded a video of Frankfurt and Nuernberg / Germany. Around the 4.55 mark, up came footage of  the Frankfurt (F) Central Station, the Hauptbahnhof (Hbf). Did I see correctly? I did. I had to rewind the clip and take above picture. The time happened to show 10.10 precisely - 10 out 10 for timing!

- - - - - - -

Sunrise at Port Vincent, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

To find a final surprise number 20 we travel for a short 3-night stay to this lovely seaside village, about 180 km by road on the other side of St. Vincent Gulf. Within days of the authorities giving the green light for South Australians to travel anywhere within our state, we had made a booking.

Our family had been to this place many times. Twenty years ago, perhaps even more, we had been able to use a holiday house, made available by a very kind man from our church. We spent many weekends and short stays at Port Vincent; some of them with friends and their children. One of the first things I wanted to see after arriving was that holiday house.

<<< Holiday House Port Vincent.


That the address was No.20 I had long forgotten.


Reminiscing about those happy holiday memories made me look into the windows of real estate agents and ponder. 

One place listed for sale sounded like the kind I'd like to own - across the road from the beach with uninterrupted views over the ocean. The address - that's why I'm telling this story - was 2/10!

The next day curiosity took the better of me. Arriving back in Port Vincent, after a bike ride to the next town 16 km away, Stansbury, I decided to take a look at the 2/10 property; no harm done, just looking. Without checking any map, only going by the photos in the estate agent's window, it was easy to find the place.

Looking over the building I noticed the name of the salesperson listed out the front on the large FOR SALE sign. It needed only one letter in his surname changed to create 'Book Mann' (Man of the N book?). Unreal? May be? True? - 100%!

I'm just reminded of one more 2.10 incident. (It will be the final in this chapter; too interesting to ignore.) I was listening to the radio a few hours after uploading Chapter 3. Someone's clever brain had worked out a complete sentence using 10 2-letter words:

"If it is to be, it is up to me."

A bright brain, indeed! But then, more practical and useful would be a holiday house in Port Vincent! 

- - - - - - -

The Esplanade, Port Vincent, Yorke Peninsula

The eastern side of York Peninsula, facing across the St. Vincent Gulf toward Adelaide, is one coastline in Australia, besides the eastern seaboard, where one can admire the sun rise over an ocean. On the second day of our stay, Sunday morning 17.5.20, I rose early to enjoy the beauty of it. Our apartment was only a minute's walk to the esplanade.

As I walked briskly in the crisp morning air, shortly before taking above photo, there came this moment of deja vu. My thoughts went back one and a half years to Penguin, Tasmania. During a morning walk by the ocean front I had found a black & white striped baby sock. Since then, especially after writing about it, anything b&w striped takes me back there.

Would I find another black and white sock here? I thought, as I continued across a car park near a public toilet block. Really, I didn't want to find anything, just be blessed by a brisk sunrise walk in the fresh morning air.

But it came anyway! Seconds after taking above picture, on the ground, meters from the water's edge, I found it. It wasn't a baby sock, but black and white is was. Take a look:

<<< Dairy 17.5 SHIMANO.


It must have been curiosity that made me pick up this, a product label from a fishing gear shop.


I nearly threw it away again, but saw that the letters AN were covered by the price tag. Was there more to it? (There was, read on!)

What's going on? I thought, as I crossed the road toward the Visitors Centre. Within a few seconds, a dozen at the most, an old man appeared from nowhere. He gave me a certain look, hard to describe, before we both went our ways. I sensed that I had been watched.

 - - - - - - -

Stansbury, York Peninsula >>>

Leaving late morning, on the same day, my wife and I took our Hyundai for a drive down the scenic coastal route. A short relaxing walk along these sandstone cliffs in beautiful autumn sunshine was a highlight! 

Below: Stansbury, population 648, looking east over St. Vincent Gulf toward Adelaide.

This seaside village is a great place for walking, fishing, boating, golf, crabbing etc. and taking pictures of murals on walls!

Just a few leisurely kilometers further south, in Edithburgh, we planned to have lunch. At the time, the Covid19 virus crisis was still restricting businesses. Somebody had recommended a cafe, where they had a meal the day before. It was right on the main intersection of the town, hence the name - Location Cafe. (Love the address: 15 Edith Street).

After another sunny walk along the scenic foreshore, we visited the comfort station, a sanitized word for toilet. For reasons no man will ever understand, women take far longer than men to find comfort. But waiting for my wife has been something I was getting used to during the last 50 years we've known each other. (Pity that I had not used all these idle moments and learned a language. I'd be fluent in French by now!)

The waiting time that day, however, took a surprise twist. While standing on the footpath (regretting that I never learned Japanese, not really) a vehicle pulled up right outside the same toilet block, possibly to engage in a similar activity as my wife and I had done.

But it was the vehicle itself that stirred my emotion. Surely, this can't be co-incidence? I was mildly perplexed and discreetly took a picture. Take a look:

Main Street Edithburg - SHIMANO Ute's comfort stop

Most people would know that Shimano is a Japanese Company making bicycle accessories. So did I until now! That they are also manufacturing fishing gear, even Mr. Fischer didn't know. Maybe, the company is even into baby socks? 

Can all this really be just co-incidental? It had been only five hours, even less perhaps, since I had found the Shimano label on the esplanade.

(Hey, I just realized - the location was also outside a public toilet - makes sense!)

The Location Cafe was just across the road. Luckily, there was a table available in the beer garden, which we ate lunch at without breaking any regulations. Other patrons on the next table finished not long before us. We exited the cafe at about the same time. Without meaning to, no idea why I did it, but I read the registration plate on their vehicle as they drove away. It ended in ...060. 

Immediately this took me back two days to another vehicle, whose registration 060 had me flabbergasted. (Had I not written this thought before: "Just because I'm no longer paranoid does not mean nobody is following me any more?" Ha,ha!)

You see, on the Friday prior, the day we left home, we had detoured and travelled via Kadina to the western side of the Yorke Peninsula. We had never been south of Moonta to that part of the Spencer Gulf. Port Victoria (not to be confused with our neighbour state Victoria, 1000 km away) seemed a nice place to look over.

Port Victoria, South Australia

<<< My wife and I took a relaxing stroll from the car park by the jetty along the scenic cliff walk. The large shed in the photo above is the Maritime Museum. informs of the rich history and importance of Port Victoria and it's romantic association with sailing ships in a bygone era.

And who would know, according to above website, that 2000 million years ago there were volcanic eruptions, which (allegedly) formed the rocks shown in above picture? (Makes sense - those flying rocks sunk all the sailing ships... haha!)

A few minutes after taking above picture an amazing incident took place. (No, it wasn't another eruption of that volcano.) My mobile phone erupted, indicating a message had come through. It happened near the entrance to the caravan park, which overlooks Spencer Gulf.

Walking along, with one eye I checked the message, my other eye watched where I was going. At that moment I saw this vehicle parked behind some bushes: 

<<< Toyota ...060

This is what I was reminded of after the lunch in Edithburgh two days later. It was not the same vehicle, only No. 060 was the same.

The co-incident lay in the fact that the person who had send me the text message, that very moment, drives almost exactly the same type and colour vehicle. Even the ... 060 part of the registration plate is the same! >>> 

About thirty-six hours later, very early on the morning of uploading this chapter, a possible explanation came as to what it all could symbolize. To dismiss it all as co-incident, my readers would know by now, is not my style. 

Sixty can be viewed as 50 + 10 or L + X in Roman numerals.  The letter L is the first letter of the word LOVE. Since there is no T among Roman numerals let's view the X as a cross: God (Jesus) showed HIS Love to mankind by dying on a cross!

- - - - - - -

What better timing than now to take us back about eight weeks. The story is again a typical example of an amazing discovery in my world, where others may just comment: "So what?"

When planning a few days by the seaside it's good to take some reading material. Packing our bags I included, among the usual items (like diary, bible) some copies of old SA Weekend Magazines. They come with the Saturday Newspaper and often don't get read. 

Looking back, I believe it was divine inspiration to include these. I was meant to see one particular puzzle. Had I not packed these, take a look and judge for yourself, if what I would have missed is extraordinary or what?

<<< SA WEEKEND magazine

Is this type of puzzle called conundrum? Readers try and find words, four letters or more, which must include the central letter (T in this case - Note!) The biggest achievement is finding the nine letter word.

A 6-letter word didn't take long to find: DIETER, that's why the diagonal line.

The remaining three letters SBL made it difficult to crack the conundrum. It took some time, but eventually the 9-letter word came. As mentioned, the magazines were old ones. Out of curiosity, perhaps I had an inkling, I checked out the publishing date? It was April 11/12, 20.

Suddenly it all fell into place - DIE t ER - that weekend was Easter!

But there was more, almost too painful to write! It lay in the solution to the puzzle, the word BLISTERED.

Dying on that t Jesus was not merely blistered. HE was bruised and crushed to death. Words fail ...

- - - - - - -

As I write in June 2020 the world's dominant news had been the virus crisis; until now. The mainstream media has another world wide event in the main headlines. Crowds of demonstrators around the world are seen waving cardboard signs with all kinds of messages, protests everywhere, the aftermath to the death of George Floyd, a black American killed by white police officers. Who can recall any death that has stirred the world's emotions to such a gigantic level?

I can't agree more with those who argue that the truth should be revealed, (Just look at the title of this book!) But I seriously question the wisdom of showing footage of this gross act of injustice dozens of times on every TV screen around the world!? 

Where would we be, if footage of every injustice, in graphic detail was broadcast as often? Which injustice would make it into the news? Whose opinion would be taken seriously and what authority decides any of this? 

God help us, if social media is to be the new policy maker, judge and jury? What we've witnessed is not democracy in action, it's mob rule. May God grant wisdom to all those, who have a compulsion to express their opinion on Twitter or Facebook. 

I believe in another book, let's call it F-ace book. It should be our guiding light, as it has been before mankind began!

There is at least one leader who agrees and is not shy to show it. His name starts with F:


<<< Outside F's church.


Rob Fisher, without c, would agree that it's not laws that need reviewing. Human hearts need renewing! The bible teaches how.


(Outside the same church, on a very hot day anno 2012, a white police officer gave me a bottle of water!)

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts!"

(Col 3: 14, 15).

Looting shops, destroying businesses and burning down police stations is not the answer! Revenge belongs to God! (Deuteronomy 32, 35).

Some voices in the mainstream media, even Christian leaders, condemned Donald Trump for his symbolic statement shown above! It should not surprise that the female Episcopalian Bishop of Washington DC is one of them. 

In her view, holding up a bible outside the church is unacceptable. Yet, giving a blessing to two men (or women) inside the church for a happy and gay marriage is OK?

Friends, as surely as 5 x 20 is 100, God wants all to see the difference between good and evil. God wants all to repent and turn from evil and follow that which is good - HIS ways, HIS Word!

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness..."

Isaiah 5, 20.

I respect any leader, who states that marriage is between a man and a woman and that the unborn must be protected! Full stop! 

This is what the Fischer bible teaches! 

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