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  Written / Published 1.5.20/5.5.20   (Pics by author, unless indicated

But there's more' is a common phrase in my books. Often after many days of a discovery, suddenly there's another. I would never consider concocting any add-ons. Christians are inspired by HIS Spirit. Without HIM we can do nothing!


Today's chapter catches up on a short road trip to our neighbour state Victoria. Luckily we took it just before the borders closed due to the virus threat.


There is a strange link to our new lawnmower. We also share a beer and bee (truth) together.


Amazing! As I type this summary just before editing and uploading, SWR4 Baden Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart is playing a Beatle song:

"Let it be." (7.10 AM 5.5.20 ~ Germany time!)

All need Words of Wisdom, founded in TRUTH!      


3. Two ten/ten towers

Why it took two days to see it, I do not know. In the previous chapter two numbers had featured. It took 48 hours after uploading before I realized that reading one backwards matched the other. Alert readers would have picked it up, perhaps, and wondered why I hadn't make a song and dance about it?

Before giving details allow me to make a song and dance about a brief incident that will take us there - with numbers literally! On the day of commencing this chapter my wife and I were watching a program on SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) television called Letters and Numbers. Two candidates compete to turn randomly selected letters into words.

Because English is my second language, I like the numbers part of this TV quiz better, juggling numbers. Candidates select six numbers, some small, some large, and try to arrive at a total sum by adding, deducting, multiplying or dividing.

Last evening (1/5/20) this came up (going by memory):

50   3  3  9  2  6

Target Number:        864  

I know I'm not a genius, but it took me five seconds, perhaps eight, to reach the exact target number! Surprisingly, neither of the two contestants got it! Both were a long way off! My wife was sitting beside me, as I spoke aloud the solution:

50 x 2 (=100) x 9 (=900)   -   3+3 (=6) x 6 (=36)

900 minus 36 = 864   

If my wife was impressed, she never said. Perhaps the brief glance she gave said it all? "Watch that your head doesn't swell up and explode?" (She could have said: "You're a genius. Pity, nobody knows it, ha ha.")

Here's why I tell the story: One, to impress and two, two days after the previous chapter I woke early in the morning with a thought about our 'Big Tick' and 227 / 228 / 229. I wondered, how these digits would add up to?

My diary doesn't say how early I had woken. It must have been before 5 AM, because I had to get out of bed and use the calculator. Half asleep I thought the sum was 684, but I got out of bed and used the calculator. 


My diary does, however, say that on that day on that Wednesday at 1 PM it occurred to me that 227 read backwards is 722. These are the digits referred to in the opening paragraph. 



On editing it just occurred to me, how perfectly this number fits into this chapter. 2 10 will feature toward the end, totally unplanned! 

- - - - - - -

In my strange linking thinking I see how we are led from one disaster that struck Australia in 2006* in Queensland - postcode 4860 - to another in Victoria in 2009 - on 7.2.2009.

*Cyclone Larry started on March 18th that year.

Tyre SU 318 H / T >>>

Well before launching it, I had planned that March 18 would be the date for starting Book 18. When I happened to spot this tyre, my camera just knew what to do!

How well does it now fit into Chapter 3 of Book 18! And what a bonus is H I T - Love it!

- - - - - - -

St. Arnaud - Victoria

- - - - - - -

One of the two events mentioned above happened in Victoria in the hills around Melbourne in 2009. The death toll of the catastrophic fires (173) still stands as Australia's worst ever natural disaster. Above number 722 points to that date - February 7th 2009..

It so happened, my wife and I took a road trip to Victoria, luckily, just before the Covid 19 restrictions closed our state borders. I do not know how it came that number 27 (and 722) crossed out path on that trip. All I know it was so; 27 showed up a number of times, if you pardon the pun. 


<<< Jeparit, Victoria (on Friday 28.2 during rush hour, ha, ha!)


En route to our first overnight stop we turned off the Dukes Highway and detoured to this little known Wimmera wheat-belt town. It's the birthplace of Australia's longest serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, who was in office from 1939-41 and again from 1949 to 1966.


During our short stay it was hard to not be reminded of the town's most prominent citizen. 

He must have loved coffee, looking at this unusual structure, called Menzies Coffee Palace!

We did manage to have a coffee at Jeparit that Friday afternoon. The general store / supermarket, the imposing double story, white arched structure shown above, came to the rescue to revive a tired motorist on his long journey. The address is 52 Roy Street. I'm writing it for two reasons. One, we had filled our petrol tank earlier, paying $ 52. Two, the date of writing is May 2nd.  

Our first overnight was at a historic, larger place called St. Arnaud. That's when 27 popped up first time on this trip - Motel Room Number 27. The town offered a choice of cafes and restaurants. We took the advise of the motel manager and dined at a very busy club/restaurant called 'DON's Kitchen.

(One could say, we gave Don the nod? Just learned online its location: Lord Nelson Park. Nelson featured in the last chapter, and will again, God willing, in the next one).

- - - - - - -

Just uncovered - unplanned, spooky !?

Two Tower clocks, both showing 10.10! AMAZING! 

Browsing my photo library, selecting material to compose this chapter, I just happened to notice the picture with the time of the Bendigo Town Hall clock tower (on the right) showing 10.10. I had taken it after leaving St. Arnaud en route to Melbourne.

In an instant another clock tower came to mind, which I had weeks ago seen the time - 10.10! Big Ben, London is pictured on the cover of my diary, in which this road trip is included!

<<< [LONDON] Diary 100


My diaries are numbered. This one, the only one with graphics on the cover, included the time span 01/01 to 12/03/20.

Isn't it astounding how all fits in perfectly?

Does this not go well with the big tick from previous chapter? Nos. 227 [+1+1] created the big tick!

But there's more. Last evening I sent a person a text, ending in 'You deserve a medal 10/10." I can't recall the last time I used the term 10/10 thanking anybody for anything! (Perhaps I'm not thankful enough?)

But then, looking back over 20 years, I can't think of a politician, a lawyer, a journalist, who did anything to assist in my fight for justice etc. that deserves a thank you with a 10/10 tick? There's only ONE who deserves a 10/10. HE! (Read on for more surprise two ten!)

- - - - - - -

The two L's of Fischer >>>

In my first road safety book I came up with this witty slogan: HELL - when HE comes with two LL. 

In February 2020 at a special sale my wife spotted this beer glass: Fischer's Hell. She showed me. How could I resist?

The world-wide web tells us this 1691 brewery, specializing in light (hell) beer is now owned by Erdinger, Bavaria. 

In the very entertaining Chapter 2 of Book 14* you will find the Erdingen story! (Reading it again, made me L O L.) 

*This chapter happens to mention a famous person, surname Fischer. It also highlighted

HE and HE ! What magic! (Pity, he's a politician.)

Hey - How creative is BEER? Apply code Minus R and there you have it - our symbol for TRUTH.

The moral of the story (not only for politicians or journalists etc):

Less BEER - more TRUTH!

- - - - - -

One reason for our road trip was to support Adelaide United's footballers, who played away at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne on Saturday 29.2.2020. We had booked into a modern hotel right near the stadium for two nights. The price was extremely competitive, possibly because of cancellations from Chinese tourists. The terror-virus had already started to impact.

After we were allocated Room 27 on the 12th floor I remembered St. Arnaud and was slightly bemused. It was not the first time I felt being stalked by a number. 

Because it was Saturday, and we arrived late in the afternoon, we were able to park almost outside the hotel's front door - free for most of our stay.

Hyundai i30, Melbourne, Docklands

Only on leaving two days later - surprise - I noticed that we had parked in Bay 27 >>>


My diary reminded me, that morning a vehicle with an interesting, custom registration plates drove by: ALLLLL. (Not sure exactly how many Ls, but it looked like lots n' lots.)


The next day we spent a leisurely day in the Dandenong Hills, a short drive east of the mega metropolis. I knew the area well, having taken many trips to our neighbour state over the years. The most recent jaunt was a year earlier, in February 19, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday. No.722 earlier in our chapter points to it!

As we entered a service station, while above number was still fresh in my head, I could not help taking special note of the vehicle being filled up ahead of us. It was also a Hyundai:

It was not only 722 which had me take this picture. My initials DF were part of the registration plate, which did not look like it was the custom type.

<<<  *FD 722

Melba Park, Lilydale >>>

That day 1.3.20 we visited Lilydale, a town of 15530, in Melbourne's East. A park in the centre of town is named after Dame Nellie Melba GBE*, an Australian operatic soprano. (*Grand Cross of the British Empire). 

She became one of the most famous singers of the late Victorian era in the early 20th century. She was the first Australian to achieve international recognition as a classical musician. (Source Wikipedia)

The singer recently received an even more widespread exposure: Her face is shown on our 100 Dollar note. Perfect match for the 100th diary. (But then $100 in the bank would be more useful!) 

A tribute to her father revealed that his name was David Mitchell. That name had played a major role in much of my early writing. Various incidental names and numbers in those hectic years had sent my mind into wild spins. Perhaps to stop myself from getting dizzy, I called my second book: And of a sound mind?

David Mitchell II >>>

An hour or so after pasting above picture onto this page my wife and I were watching our favourite TV show.

At the end of an episode of 'The Last of the Summer Wine', as the credits scrolled down the screen, I caught the name David Mitchell again. (Another sound guy!)


Our hotel in Melbourne was located ideally for a short stroll down to the Docklands. The name is a little misleading, because no longer do warehouses dominate, but ultramodern high rise apartment block with restaurants and shops below. There's even a Ferris wheel in the middle of a huge shopping mall. 

Our weather expert son spent a year of his early career in the Bureau of Meteorology right in the heart of Docklands. Alert readers may recall the address: 1010 Collins Street.  


<<< Docklands, Melb.

No.1010 is the black and white block. The white tops of the black pillars in the water are pointing right at it. They're also black and white. But didn't my darling wife wear the right colour blouse? (I could have asked, if she wanted to be shown, but it may cause a headache.)

BUSHFIRE in the Dock >>>

Why anybody would call their boat by that name is anyone's guess. In 2020 in Australia the world watched as our Continent burned. And how about the boat rego number? Only a few weeks earlier number **70 was big on my radar, as were bushfires. 

Had I taken above photos at 90 degree angle to the right, the camera would be pointing directly to Marvel Stadium, formerly called Etihad. It's very rare that my wife joins me at a football match; even rarer than a leap year. But on 29.2.20 she did and witnessed her husband almost losing his temper, which is still rarer than a leap year!

Dressed all in red we walked from our hotel three minutes to the stadium. When we purchased our ticket at the gate and asked for seats in the away supporter's section. The way we were dressed it should not have been necessary; why would we want to sit anywhere else?

As we entered the stadium I knew where the away supporters section would be. However, it gradually became clear the seats we were allocated didn't match. Our tickets showed they were right among the local Melbourne Victory supporters. No drama (yet) since the stadium holds 50 000 or so, and it was 80% empty. We proceeded to the away supporter's section, where a few other 'Red's had already arrived. But no luck just sitting with them.


<<< The STAND - Two fans supporter's group! 

How would we have looked dressed with red cap, scarf and shirt sitting among the navy blue home team fans?

First a young man, then a lady usher refused to let us sit in one of the hundreds of empty seats!

My plea to let common sense prevail went on deaf ears. My reserve of patience was running low, when I heard: "I'm only doing my job". Bureaucrats love this common phrase, throwing common sense into the wind! My emotions kept rising steadily, as I asked the young lady: "Are you colour blind?"

She walked off to fetch her supervisor. He lectured me, the client of the stadium, to be polite to their staff. I didn't know she got so upset about my questioning her eyesight. While the supervisor went away to sort things out, we were made to sit 15 minutes or so at the edge the Adelaide supporters group. I was embarrassed. It felt like as if we'd been caught without a ticket!

All was OK in the end, except at the very end. Despite Adelaide taking the lead early in the game, the home team equalized and scored the winning goal in the final moments of the match. No.9 Nabbout brilliantly landed the ball in the top right corner. The commentators used words like showstopper, goal of the season to describe it. - Final score 2:1.

- - - - - - -

<<< Golf football

This 26.4.20 newspaper article describes a new way of playing golf - with a soccer ball, aiming for a large hole! I had expressed the same idea to the friend I play golf with only a few weeks earlier!

My golf is so bad, I'd prefer to be kicking a football instead of hitting a golf ball, or should I say hitting nicely laid grass mostly. Above creative idea would be a remedy for a world-wide condition called PGGD - Post Golf Game Depression.

The golf course above is reported to be located in the Adelaide Hills. (Please note, the date of this report is not 1.4. But still, a certain prominent golfer in the USA called DON, still would not give it the nod. He'd just call it fake news!)  

- - - - - - -

What better time than right here, following a 2:1 football result in Victoria against Victory, to tell a 210 VICTA story! It happened exactly a month later on a rainy stay-home day reading the latest Reader Digest. 

Toward the back of the May 2020 edition, the magazine published a special section listing various categories of products and brand names that are most trusted. It covered all kinds, from band-aids to pet care, from disinfectant to power tools, even lawn mowers.

Browsing very casually (in lock-down mode) the name of a lawnmower on page 210 switched my brain to reception mode, followed by an aha-moment. It was April 29th, which a year later in 2021 will be my father's 120th birthday! But this useless bit of trivia was not the aha-moment. It was a year too early for that. What had happened the day before raised my antenna.


Readers Digest magazine, May 20, Page 210

A female reader from NSW, 60-69, described one product as "Australian Legend, proven ... over decades." It so happened, the day before we had purchased a new lawnmower, replacing our 15 year old Masport with, you guessed it, a Victa! >>>

But there was more the next day: In the daily reading The Word for Today, the key verse happened to be Job 2:10:

<<< Word for Today 30.4.20 

Text: "If you could ask God one question and guaranteed an answer, what would it be? George Barna asked this question in a national survey in the USA, the primary response was: "Why is there pain and suffering in the world?" 

Did you notice, the Soul Food (additional reading) for that day is Jam? Isn't there something missing? Of course, now I see it!

- - - - - - -

Before continuing, there's one other it (es) which needs mentioning:

In a bible study leaflet, Week 6 on Page 9, I noticed unusual brackets:         [W]e declare ... >>>

It was the beginning of 1. Cor. 2:7:

 "We declare God's wisdom, a mystery that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began." 

The drop letter on that page is S. The letters e & s create it ! It does all indeed sound like an ancient mystery!

- - - - - -

(Back to our hero) - Job 2:10: "Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?" 

So, where is God when it hurts? As I write there are countless sufferers, the world over, who are hurting badly! This has been so since Day one. In 2020 it has escalated to a level, unprecedented since World War II. Many hurting people, Christian or not, feel abandoned by God. Lukewarm believers even blame God for all their woes. 

Job was a man who suffered more than anyone can imagine - lost all his children, all his possessions in one tragedy! The above verse ends in confirming Job's integrity: "In all this Job did not sin with his lips."

What an amazing statement of faith and trust! Consider the previous Verse 9, the reply his desperate wife had given him, the worst any man could get from anyone: "Do you still hang on to that religious mumbo jumbo - just curse God and die!" Job ignored it. He was well aware that she had also lost all her children and their possessions! It really was Job's jam week! Nobody would have blamed him for cursing his wife instead and giving her a mouthful of ...?

Not so Job. Long before writers like Stephen Covey or Normal Vincent Peale discovered the power of positive thinking, Job knew all about it. Many passages in the Bible warn about what we should think and say to others. A right attitude toward adversity in the end will either  make us bitter or better. We fall apart or become stronger. 

It's not what happens to us; those things we have little control over, that matter. It's our thoughts we choose to dwell upon, the action we choose to take in response is what our future depends on. These we can control, if we decide to do so.

The Word for Today above ends with further declaration by Job, expressing trust in God and talking positive in the middle of his troubles:

"But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food." (Job 23, 10-12). 

Job took a firm stand, never departing from God's commandments. He deserves 10/10, a gold medal and a life membership to 'The STAND'.

- - - - - - -

Turn back the tick-tock five years. In 2015 in Book 14, Chapter 3 I wrote passionately about a controversial issue, the same-sex marriage debate. Without going into it again, on the morning of publishing this latest chapter, I had occasion to revisit this chapter and found the following paragraph: 

"Do you want total war? Do you want it, if necessary, as radical and brutal as we today can only imagine?") The blind mass of followers shouted back in agreement: "Heil, Heil ... !"

(Speech by Joseph Goebbels, 18.2.1943, Berlin, Sportspalast.

The email which arrived on the morning of typing, very timely, took me to this chapter; the word Heil more importantly. Literally translated, Heil means healed, but can also express the religious term salvation. When the brainwashed masses of Nazi Germany were forced to use it as greeting, as if the 'Fuehrer' was their Saviour, it meant 'celebrate or hail him [the evil dictator.]

In the previous chapter I had promised to disclose a link to hail, a word displayed on the rear window of the ...227 vehicle. (That's why above mentioned email came at this perfect time!) As I understood the HAIL in the car sticker, the driver hailed Satan. If he/she meant it as a kind of joke I do not know. All I know, Satan is real. His aim is to confuse, to destroy, to kill. We are warned in scripture to..

 " sober, [less beer] be vigilant, the devil (satan) is walking about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour". (1. Peter 5, 8)

Christians are called to take a STAND, resisting the devil and he will flee! (Verse 9). To open the door and invite Satan, even with a frivolous car sticker, is giving a welcome sign to the evil one. He will delight in devouring anyone, who acts so foolishly. Even worse is to experiment in occult practices. At first it may seem harmless, but the consequences can be devastating.

In late March 2020 I caught up with a German friend in the supermarket. I enquired about the health of his wife, who I had been praying for a few years earlier. She was suffering from severe depression and other illnesses. At that time he had told me about attending a séance and how they literally saw a table top lift up - pretty spooky stuff!

Must I go on? Friends, what you sow that you shall also reap! Each one must choose the life they want to live, sowing good seed or bad!

“For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” (Galations. 6,8)

- - - - - - -

In chapter 2 I also flagged that in this chapter we shall meet Pastor Fred Evans, the father of David, his talented Gospel singer son. Pastor Fred many years ago used to be co-pastor and song leader at the Paradise Community Church (now called Influencers Church). Today, well advance in years, the former missionary and his wife are doing a great service to us oldies, who were part of his church, who love the old time favourites. 

Ps. Fred, obviously very technically minded, runs his own YouTube Channel on the internet. Some of his uploaded videos are classics, church history and music going back to the 1970s, when he and his brother Andrew were in charge of the Klemzig Assemblies of God. 

In early 1983, a year or so after they had moved into their new church building, my wife and family attended Paradise. A clever bumper sticker, I recall, invited people: "Come to Paradise and be eternally grateful'.   

On Good Friday 2020 I played a video of a hymn Pastor Fred was leading, probably gong back to the mid 1980's. Among the many videos on his YouTube Channel, very rarely did I see any footage of the musicians at his former church. 

As I was writing about HAIL in the previous chapter, I remembered a clip where the camera had captured the musicians on their platform. I was in it and so was the word Hail:

<<< Paradise ~1985.


The lyrics of the hymn were 'Crown HIM ...the Lamb upon HIS throne." How well did they match Good Friday!


"Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.

"Awake my soul and sing, of Him who died for me, and hail HIM..."  

Friends, there is only ONE worthy to be hailed for all eternity. The ONE who died and rose again so that ALL might live! 

In Book 15, Chapter 6 we find a phrase, a perfect ending to this chapter:

Hail to the bee! Hail to the truth!

Chapter 4