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  Written / Published 12.4/20.4.20   (Pics by author, unless indicated

If it were not for the significant fact that the abbreviation for numbers is NOS, perhaps you'd be reading far fewer surprise digits in my pages. Yet, each number has its own story, mysterious and magical; on my pages possibly for over a decade.


Travel has seized in this chapter, as it has in the entire world practically. All because of an unseen, fearful bio terrorist. But there's always the bicycle, which takes us through surrounding suburbs, spotting big signs and little things - all stirred the brain into storytelling.


We only touch briefly on the No.1 history making topic of 2020, you know what I mean? (If not, here's a clue - it starts with c and ends in id; it came out in '19.)


And there was good news in the media, which managed to grab the No.1 spot that day - Justice for a prisoner, finally...!


2. The Big Tick

On Easter Sunday morning (2020) I did something I had not done in a long time; something I thought I had grown out of - picking up bit of debris off the roadway. It came to my attention as I was riding my bicycle through a neighbouring suburb. I was on my way to deliver something special. Details are of little consequence, except to say that a year earlier I had promised a young man 50 Dollars to be paid that day. I was delivering on that promise!

In my mind I knew that on this special day in the Christian calendar I would be commencing this second chapter in my new book. As I steadily pedaled along, the oxygen to my brain fuelled my thinking, which wandered all over. This often happens during exercise, especially after riding a bicycle up a long, steep hill.

As I passed the Golden Grove Shopping Centre I reflected how I had earlier, only moments after leaving home, turned from our street onto Nelson Road - N & Lson Road, as I'd like to call it. 

Since the number 50 - L in Roman numerals - was part of my wild thought pattern, the L - Son bit fitted right in! Jesus' death on the cross and HIS most miraculous, glorious return from the dead was being celebrated around the world at that very time.


Something else sprung to mind, still cycling near the shopping centre: Long ago I had visualized this cross, if divided by another cross, we can create four L. >>>

Within three or perhaps five seconds of this thought my eyes spotted the letter L on the roadway. Were it not for this amazing timing, perhaps, I may have ignored it:



<<< L - on Golden Grove Road.

At first I was only going to take a picture, but then decided to pick it up to later tape it into the diary.

Who would comprehend  my strange thoughts except God, who knows our innermost thoughts and knows each word before we even speak it?


But not only the letter L fitted into my wild, free flowing thinking that morning. The letter N did too. I became aware of it writing my diary the next day: The promised delivery that morning was to a person whose name starts with the letter N and ends in son. Unreal but perfectly true!

- - - - - - -

The number 50 in my years of writing had often surprised me, as it did that Easter Sunday morning. It happened again the next day, as I read a verse in the bible, a scripture reference to a devotional. The letter L was fresh on my mind, since I had just written my diary and stuck the letter L from the day before into my diary: 

Next I came this:

<<<  Mark 10, 29, 30.

So Jesus answered and said: "Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife (*50) or children or lands for My sake and the gospel's, who shall not receive a hundredfold ..."

*Footnote 50 informs that the NU Text omits the word wife!  

One can understand this, since there are many scriptures indicating how God hates (and largely forbids) leaving (divorcing) your wife. Leaving your mother and father or brothers and sisters, however, is a completely different matter. 

No.50 happened again a few days later when I took a trip to our recycling depot. I knew I had probably 10 or 12 Dollars worth of bottles and cans. The receipt, however, looking at it more closely later, revealed more of our numbers than first realized, including No.50:


Invoice No. 50 -  $ 13.50 >>>

At first I only saw the digits for my birthday that have emerged time and again (bottom right).

The invoice number (top left) only came after pasting this receipt into my diary. (Please note the letters ice, they will surface again shortly.)



While on digits 135, driving to church on Sunday 15.3. how could I not notice that the price for unleaded petrol at the gas station near our worship centre was 115.3 cents/liter? It was on the day of our final Sunday Service before the Government regulation forbid mass gatherings due to a virus threat in the community. 

Another final mass gathering that Sunday 15.3 took place at Hindmarsh Stadium. Total attendance that night was already down to 4286, before the football season came to an abrupt halt. As I write it's unclear when Adelaide United will play their next match. 

Two data from that night as well as from the previous week, I found uncanny:

One, (how could I not notice?) the score on 15.3 at the football match in Hindmarsh was 3:0. The week before, Adelaide United had also played  on their home ground, it had been 5:1. (Reader may recall it from the previous chapter).

Two, at half time I did something I had never done before. I bought some merchandise from the mobile AUFC shop in the stadium. Totally unplanned, the cost came to $ 103.50; and it wasn't even my birthday.

After the game I cycled home via Main North Road, as I usually do. A flashing sign advertised a well named business called 'The Good Guys'. Within a hundred meters, possibly 20 seconds later, I spotted a 50 cent coin on the road. I'm showing it (magnified) here for two reasons:


1982 - 50 cent coin >>>


Firstly, AUSTRALIA I just noticed ends in IA as indeed many countries do. Secondly, three out of four digits match our chapter No.18,2.

- - - - - - - 

Coming back to L, a L to be more precise, there was one which I almost missed, had I not seen other letters first.

(Hey, I just realized how the Page No. fits in). 

It came on Page 153 of the April 2020 puzzle section of the Readers Digest Magazine:


<<< A-to-L fit-in puzzle.

The twelve letters A-to-L had to fit into the grid without two consecutive letters (in the alphabet) touching each other.

I wondered, why JEHC was given, why these? Next I saw A-L and that it was page 153...?! 

- - - - - - -

Amazing timing!

At this point in composing this chapter I stopped writing for the day and moved into the TV room. My wife had stopped the Netflix serial she had been watching. A picture still showed on the screen.

The timing and NOS amazed me: >>>

 [PEASANT] REBE [LLION] S1:E53 "Episode 53"

- - - - - - -

The next morning I commenced writing this chapter. (Just now as I type the PC clock happens to show 5.13 AM). After my prayer and quiet time I started the P/C to read my emails. The regular daily devotion from California was headed "Never give up". It pointed to a quote by one of my heroes Sir  Winston Churchill*, The devotional ended with these words:

"And that is God's advice and word to us. If we interpreted God's message to the Hebrew Christians fully, it would be: "God said, 'I will never, never, never, never, never [five times over] leave you or forsake you" or "I will never, not ever, not ever, leave you or forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5). This is the greatest reason why we, too, must never give up."

*There are many mentions of Sir Winston in my early writing. In Book 2, Chapter 19 you can read about an amusing account of a late night, crazy phone call to a radio talk-back station. Way back then, on April Fools Day in 2004 number 153 had played a role!

- - - - - - -

Going back to the 6th of February (please note 6.2!) the story in my diary must be told! Only now, on the day of publishing this chapter, did I discover more strange connections, hidden treasures, to the ones noted into my diary.

Driving in my Suzuki on my way into the city the traffic lights at Gepps Cross intersection were red. On this occasion, looking back, if it were not so, I would have certainly missed the magic. After applying the handbrake and disengaging the gears, my numbers brain must have engaged automatically. When I saw the registration plates of the two vehicles ahead of me I quickly snapped a picture.

Now I was glad I had not cycled all the way that day, but taken the green machine part of the way. Take a look at the photo after I gave it the big tick here:


Our Suzuki's plate carries rego ...228

(Please note, the link to HAIL will be disclosed in the next chapter, God willing).

It only occurred to me here, that on that day 6.2 six two's had shown off!

My destination that morning was a church service in St. Peters Cathedral. Prior to the opening of state parliament the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship and the Leaders of Christian Churches in South Australia were holding this particular church service annually - church leaders praying for a blessing on political leaders, what a good thing!

The scripture reading surprised me in three ways. Firstly, it was a passage in the Book of Romans, Chapter 12. (That's why I wrote note 6.2 earlier). Secondly, the reader was actually our local Member of Parliament, whose office is about one kilometer from our house. The words that came out of his mouth would have to be the smoothest, most delightful ever to be uttered by a politician in public:

"Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good; love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honour. Do not lack in zeal, be ardent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer ..." (Romans 12, 9 -12).

His reading continued to Verse 18, where we read more of what the Christian life is all about: Be a giver, be hospitable to strangers, be compassionate, live in harmony with one another, keep at peace with everyone, even those who persecute you.

Let's be truthful, if our political leaders were only practicing what's written in the first line in above scripture (Verse 9), Australia and every Christian nation on earth would be transformed for good overnight! "Hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good!"


If it has never occurred to Premiers Andrews in Victoria, Berejiklian in New South Wales or Palaszczuk in Queensland, or any politician who voted for laws that allows the killing unborn babies - it is not good, it is evil ! 

Hypocrites, if they bother praying! They do the opposite, not what God wants them to do!


Was it co-incidence that three days later - in our church service at Ingle Farm, the Service started with a bible reading, you guessed it, from Romans 12? Friends, the Christian way is the best roadmap to peace. It will outlast every other religion, philosophy or solution, trumps above the best ideas that any politician or scientist can come up with! The manufacturer knows best about HIS product!


(Photo with permission)

<<< Rev.Dr. Lynn Arnold AO.

Now the Rector of St. Peters Cathedral Mr. Arnold served as South Australian Premier in 1993-94. Perhaps he changed his career, becoming aware of the political hypocrisy - say one thing, but then do the other?

The Reverend Arnold was the preacher that morning. After his short sermon the congregation of about 90-100 sang a hymn written by David Evans. Never have I attended a church service, certainly not in an Anglican Cathedral, where they sang a hymn, written by someone I knew personally. 

David, a well known gospel singer/preacher is son of Pastor Fred Evans* and nephew of well-known Adelaide Pastor Andrew Evans. Unlike Lynn Arnold, who became a clergyman after politics, Andrew Evans became a politician after leading the Assemblies of God in Paradise, Adelaide from a small local church to one of Australia's largest congregations.

(*We shall meet him, God willing, next chapter). 

As we sang the hymn Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One, is here, it surprised me that the order-of-service sheet stated: Words and Tune: David Evans (b.1957). I sensed it was a misprint. My hunch proved correct. His website states he was born in the late 1960s.

Two final bits of trivia I picked up from the order of service sheet: Firstly, the postlude - Festive Trumpet Tune - was by David German. 

Secondly, the Very Rev'd Frank Nelson was listed as 'Officiant'. (This word comes up as spelling error on my P/C; not sure if it exists; unlike Nelson, a very familiar name, even in this chapter!)

- - - - - - -

In April 2020 the main headline news every day had been about an unseen biological terrorist that had brought the world almost to a standstill.

(Was I the only one who felt he was drowning in the constant bombardment, spreading fear that was more contagious (at least in South Australia) than the culprit itself?

It may sound silly, but I was almost looking forward to some normal news - police chases, house fires, bombings or men behaving badly! Film Producer [what's his name...?] must have been happy? Nobody talked about his long jail term. His news was drowned out by the virus.)

Before anyone condemns me for minimizing the virus threat, let me create a hypothetical: Imagine the main news, almost all news everyday, were about car crashes in America. Would anybody, ever have the courage to plan a road trip holiday through America?


One story on April 7th, here in Australia, knocked off the virus from top spot in media reporting! Once the third highest ranking Catholic in the world was about to hear his fate that day, if his appeal to Australia's High Court was successful. Cardinal George Pell had been twice convicted on two charges of sexual abuse, but maintained his innocence ever since being charged by Victoria Police six years earlier. 

It's not for me to investigate the Cardinal's case or to repeat what I wrote in Bk.15, Ch.5 and Bk.16.Ch.2. One repetition let me indulge in, however, a contradiction in a front page headline of our Advertiser Newspaper: "Give me my day in court, says defiant Cardinal". I had pointed out that the word defiant is the opposite to 'asking for his day court'. This biased headline inferred that he was guilty, but just won't admit it. Trash journalism at it's best!

Not only this newspaper, but our ABC, the publicly funded broadcaster, constantly reported on the case. They seemed obsessed, spending much time (and public money) not merely reporting about, but digging into the Cardinal's past. Were they hoping to find gold, when essentially it simply was - he said this happened decades ago, versus he said that happened?

At the time, as reported in Book 15, I challenged the ABC, why they were so eager in the Pell case, but totally ignored my plea for publishing the documented facts I had found in the Liddy (PL) case? Today I could repeat this question, since there has been nothing on the ABC (or any other media, unless I missed it) about the former magistrate's fate since August 2019.  

Compared to PL, who spent so far 18 years 10 months in jail, Cardinal Pell had spent merely 404 days in prison. But one day is too much, if you're innocent! His final hope was a review of his case by Australia's supreme legal authority - the High Court. On April 7th, 2020 this court exonerated the George Pell in a unanimous decision!

Outside St. Patricks Cathedral, Melbourne

<<<  Graffiti N...ICE.

The reaction from those who wanted the Cardinal rot in hell was seething anger, displayed on the door of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

They showed their true colours. Not truth, but vandalism is their weapon. (Pic TV Ch. Nine)

Agreed: No justice! Still denied for PL - finally granted for Pell.


A few hours after pasting above image into this page I went for my Covid 19 excercise. There were not many walkers on the track in Salisbury. One lady coming from the other direction wore a T-shirt. One word was printed on it: NICE.

(Believe me - it was JUST sO.)

Whilst Victorian police probably thought they were doing a great job investigating the Cardinal, journalist Andrew Bolt called it a witch hunt.

(Did they also think of doing a good job, when they gave a learner driver a $ 1652 fine during the virus lockdown? The young lady was punished for being on the road with her mother, who gave her driving practice. Police thought, it apparently breached lockdown restrictions. However, since driving practice is education that can't be done at home, the rules allowed it. Common sense prevailed. The fine was annulled. (Why chase drug dealers? Much easier to pursue a cardinal and learner drivers?) 

Social media was sharply divided following the Pell High Court verdict. It came as a surprise to me, how many had stood up in favour of the cardinal. A former abuse victim himself stated: 

"As a victim of abuse myself ..I have been following this case carefully ..and I'm afraid I felt from the beginning it was shaky and seemed more of a witch hunt against a powerful figure of the Catholic Church.

(Source Daily Mail, Australia).                                                        

The case against the cardinal was indeed very shaky. The public was and still is not allowed to know the victim's names. There were only two. (As if George Pell did not have ample opportunity to find many more boys, if he was an abuser?!) One alleged victim passed away years ago*; the other is only known as Witness J. (Perhaps he is the twin brother of Witness J. in our previous Chapter?).

*This takes me to express two thoughts regarding child abuse and their victims. Firstly, while terrible things may have happened to children (and adults for that matter) does it always have to make a person bitter, revengeful, toxic for the rest of their lives? Time does heal wounds, unless victims allow themselves to be obsessed with retribution (and/or the hope of a huge cash payout.)

If not here on earth, there is a time when everyone will be tried and  judged, regardless if they have committed serious crimes or merely ignored God's way of salvation, failing to keep HIS most profound commandment:

“You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself*.” (Luke 10,27).

Both 'perpetrators' deserve condemnation and need God's mercy and forgiveness, the serious criminals and those who never even consider God and HIS wonderful plan of salvation, let alone love HIM with everything they have, 



*Amazing timing >>>


Only two hours or so after editing this part of the chapter (~5.30 am on 19.4.20) my wife and I were watching our Sunday church service online.

It so happened this same scripture was the reading for April 19th.

Jesus replied, " Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your mind."


(Thank you God - your timing is perfect!) 


Secondly, not all victim's lives are ruined for ever! Take the case of Witness C. the first man to come forward with allegations of abuse against PL, the magistrate and surf life saving coach. After the magistrate's doubtful court case he had initiated, this man was able to land a job with a huge salary in Victoria. The Australian Grand Prix car race was moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. Witness C got a job on their Board. 

Pity he was caught drink driving, lost his licence and as a result the Grand Prix lost its sponsorship of the Motor Accident Commission.

Regarding the Australian Grand Prix the Sydney Morning Herald online reported on Oct 10, 2012:

"Losses racked up by the taxpayer-funded race since it came to Victoria in 1999 now exceed $350 million. An analysis of grand prix annual reports over the past decade of loss-making races shows that executives were paid bonuses totalling $1.5 million."

(The latest figures are even worse!).

Who would not want to be part of that executive? Your event loses millions every year, but you are paid a huge bonus anyway - on top of your salary? My research revealed that Witness C, the Adelaide boy who became a big money earner, flying high in Melbourne is now a company director. His alleged abuse by surf life saving coach PL certainly did not ruin this young man's career!

One final thought which I have expressed previously, but have never heard it mention by anyone, public or private: If an evil man were to embark on a career, in the Catholic Church, or any organisation, knowing he would have access to boys, in view of indulging in sinister activities, that organisation becomes also a victim.

Those who argue and condemn those organizations for not acting more decisively I ask: Who knew 45 years ago how to spell the word pedophile, let alone know exactly what it meant? (I didn't). Maybe, with the luxury of hindsight would not everyone do things differently?


May be in 45 years time, when western countries are struggling to repopulate, politicians will point the finger at former governments and say: "What were they thinking in 2008/18/19 when they made laws that allowed thousands of perfectly healthy, helpless babies to be killed in the womb?

This state of affairs has been the new normal; for decades before any deadly virus caused havoc in the world! 

- - - - - - -

On a lighter note: No April Fool's joke - April 1st fact!


<<< Suzuki odometer

My green machine on four wheels loves numbers! On April 1 the 22 year old came up with this surprise:


If you only saw 22 as magic, look again! On 1.4.2020 the odometer displayed the very digits of that date 400221.

But there was more. If you put 2 and 2 together - 40041 - you will see those same digits on the far right and left.

(I only discovered this after transferring the picture onto the P/C later ! Love it!)


- - - - - - -


What better bridge than NOS 144:2 to take us on a brief journey to 722! On that date - the morning of 7.2.20 I stood on the bathroom scales. (With a name like Dieter, surely I have the best excuse to do so...?!)


Take a look at the reading:



<<< 72.2 kg 

That morning I found out that not only my Suzuki loves numbers, the bathroom scales do also. 

The very next day, Saturday 8th those same digits appeared on the TV screen (ABC). 

<<< [C - Virus] global death toll now stands at 722.

To put the mind of any doubters at easy - that the numbers are not doctored in any way - here's an image in the pictures folder of my P/C.


(Another surprise 722 in next chapter, God willing). 


- - - - - - -



Readers must question, as I had for a long time, why this obsession with numbers? Why did this peculiar focus on digits and why did it only start in my fifth decade of life? Without the bombshell revelation at the time, that the abbreviation for numbers (NOS), if turned around becomes SON, nothing would make sense. Only one option would remain - a mental disorder. Either way, I love my numbers, mental disorder or not!


Since the whole world at the present (April 2020) is obsessed with a virus, its almost inevitable that this chapter would include a paragraph or two about it. These are  are times when those in lockdown, everybody to a certain degree, has time and reason to reflect on their journey, taking stock of their lives, evaluating their basic beliefs. Somebody put it this way, if you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything!


On Good Friday for the first time in a while I cycled past the church, where my mission, the catalyst for me becoming a writer (blogger if you must) had started. On April 25, 20, only a few days after typing this, it will be 21 years since that memorable, life-changing event described in Book 1, Chapter 9.


As I pedaled and turned into the street of Clovercrest Baptist Church I noticed on the side of their building a big, new sign. Obviously, there had been a name change. In a nanosecond the similarity between the new name and the name of the virus everybody is talking about struck me. Take a look, your brain may make the same connection:



Clovie   >>>

Clovercrest Baptist Church.





How could I forget the experience? It birthed a passion to create, to reach many with the t message. (Just on editing this came: i c love!  


Right through the hundreds of chapters I have written since, I see life from a spiritual point of view. To this day I claim to be led by the Holy Spirit, as written in Romans 8, 14: "For as many as a led by the Sprit of God, these are the Sons of God."

Above sign led me to see: CLOVIE minus COVID = LED. 

Regarding L.ED, L - Education is very much my field of expertise!

"But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise ..." (1. Car. 1, 27). 


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