Chapter 9 Written / Published 8.8/13.8.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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May I remind readers that my information regarding travel is not meant as visitor's guide. There are far better sites online for that.


We continue our US Tour, visiting Atlanta, Georgia. While riding my bike to a major tourist attraction outside the Georgian Capitol, much data to do with 1 and 5 followed my path.


At the end of the chapter, on the front page of our local newspaper, 511 became the star, linking right back to that tourist attraction.

Netflix makes its debut appearance. Being able to rewind and stop the picture brings interesting results in the Valley of Hope. 


9. Stalked by Five and One

The digits 138 had a very early entry into my life of numbers. Following my first ever phone call to the police hotline Crimestoppers, I was given reference No.1083. (I had become suspicious, why a former officer would give his daughter ancient banknotes to pay for her driving lessons. I never heard back from them) Crimestoppers phone number consists of 1 3 8 and a few zeros. 

Shortly after ending the previous chapter with these numbers, an observation on television triggered a thought which again led to 138. A documentary about a brazen bank robbery in Flemington, a suburb of Melbourne, showed the stolen getaway vehicle, a red Ford ute. It's not clear, if the producers used actual data, or made up a rego number at random for the television show.

<<< TV screen - DVC 574...


 ...reminded me of my first car ever, a Vauxhall Victor 1961*. It carried NSW plate DVC 712 - the difference: 138.


*What is special about 13.8. and 1961?

The Berlin Wall went up on 13.8.1961. Plus there is a direct link from Adelaide to British Royalty. Queen Adelheid of Saxen-Meiningen was born on 13.8.1792. South Australia's capitol city Adelaide was named after her.


I96I is special - it reads the same upside down! 

- - - - - - -

Before continuing our travels in North America, lets visit there on the TV screen. While watching the Netflix series 'When calls the Heart', two names came up, Kurt and Wilma. As soon as I heard the names I flicked back, just to be sure I had heard correctly. A Wilma we know was the name of the wife of the late Kurt, a former member of the German male-voice choir, the Liedertafel 1858. I occasionally visited Wilma in her Nursing Home at ... Aha!

<<< When Calls the Heart, S4, E2:

I took the picture on July 23....!! What amazing twist, just discovered after pasting this picture: The names Kurt and Wilma appeared on the screen at 23.57 * = the date ... and 5.

Hey, just perfect: Tag 5 onto 1858 and there you have our 185/85 again. Did they not created a quirky view of the German ER and HE, in the previous chapter? It all makes sense! 

Even more incredible - the name of the long time President of the German choir ( the choir established in 1858) makes another perfect match here: You will find his name listed, directly after mine, in the list of birthdays in the choir's 2004 Newsletter:  

But there was more: Four days after taking above photo in the Canadian Netflix drama my wife was watching another episode. The date was 27.7.19. That day we had been to the funeral of dear, 106 year-old Wilma. The men of the Liedertafel, looking smart in their maroon uniform jackets, sang three songs. It was a good to catch up with these folk, who I enjoyed singing with around 2004. I had taken Kurt's place to help overcome my mental struggles, and because I had lost my job. He had retired due to health reasons.

On the evening on the funeral (27.7) we were watching another episode of 'When calls the heart'. The names Wilma and Kurt still kept coming up, when I suddenly realized a further twist, which made me ask: Is it just me and my imagination or what? I took another picture:

<<< Hope Valley, Canada

The Wilma, whose funeral we had attended, had lived in Hope Valley, South Australia for over ten years.

The Wilma in the Netflix series also lived in Hope Valley, the name of the small village in the Netflix series. Is it just me, who finds such things fascinating?

The very next day at church the theme for that Sunday came up on the big screens: HOPE. How could I not recall Chapter 8, published a week earlier, where one image taken in church shows the word Hope on our church wall - Hope (for All). 

Also in that chapter I had included an image of a small park in downtown LA, where I had taken a rest during my brief visit there. It shows beautiful red bushes in Hope Park! At the time I had no idea how it was going to link into this chapter, over two months later.

Why this isso? God knows. Is the giver of hope encouraging those who are struggling through a dark valley? Is HE saying: 

"I'm there with you. Keep going, don't lose hope. Trust me, I'm able to see you through it all."

The word 'trust' is what helped me through my dark valley at the turn of the century.


Movie set -When calls the Heart, Downtown Hope Valley


- - - - - - - -


It was during the four-day stay in Atlanta, Georgia when my brain came up with this phrase: 'If numbers were a religion, I'd be the Pope.' Any reader, who has not yet been overawed by the myriad of numbers uncovered in my chapters, will be at the end of this chapter. But then, some rational thinking minds, hard core skeptics, never find magic in everyday life.

In Atlanta, for the first time ever, I stayed in accommodation booked via the website airbnb. Because of the delayed departure of the Greyhound bus from Mobile, again travelling through Lee County, it took me until 9.30 PM to arrive at the private house in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead. The host was very helpful, directing me to his large house, where I had my own room and bathroom. Not only that, he had a bicycle available for free.

It came to good use the very next morning, Sunday May 26th, 19. In less than 1/2 hour I arrived at church, a little sweaty, but happy to be in the place I had wanted to visit, the Church of the Apostles:


<<< The Senior Pastor of this church, the founder of 'Leading the way' Ministry Dr. Michael Youssef, appears daily around the world on radio and television. That Sunday he was preaching elsewhere. Had he been there, I would have loved to tell him how much he and I had in common: We're both of a similar age, migrated to Sydney around 1970, both met and married our wives there. 


His wife's name is Elizabeth, mine wife is Isobel, a Spanish version of Elizabeth. Michael and I both have four children, among them a son named Jonathan. 

As I was telling this tale to a tall gentleman in the coffee room, he asked if I wanted to meet Michael's son Jonathan. Why not? He took me into the main auditorium, where church goers were still chatting. He soon spotted Jonathan. We chatted for a brief moment, before he had to go. As the tall brother from the coffee room turned to leave, I caught a glance of his nametag: LEE. 


These three letters seem to be stalking us in recent chapters. They continued the chase in this US excursion. That evening on TV I enjoyed watching the Christian Channels. A preacher named Kerwin Lee (nice name) gave a sermon. A week later, the word Lee would be coming up in a most unexpected setting. (Next chapter).


- - - - - - -

      Amazing timing on TV screen: "I'm so sorry, Lee.. Please forgive me, Lee."


<<< Hinterland Series 1, Ep. 1

As if the short name LEE is stalking us! Within an hour or two after typing the above paragraph, my wife and I started watching a Netflix drama. There were two Lee to see. (I'm not sorry, but please forgive me, if you are tiring of reading what I see.)


- - - - - - -



Freeway sign - Mt Paran Rd >>>


On the freeway that runs next to the Church of the Apostles the name Mt. Paran stood out. Many years back in my journey, I saw the similarity between Para Hills, where we live and  Mount Paran, where the 'Holy One' lives. (Habakkuk 3,3).

1 MILE to Exit 256.

I wonder how many motorists pass this sign, and how few notice what is there - for one - to see? 4x4x4x4 = 256!

- - - - - - -

The next day, Monday May 27th, 2019 broke a heat record in Atlanta. Not since the 1950's had it reached 94 deg. F. in the month of May. This did not deter me from embarking on a ride to Stone Mountain, one of Atlanta's major tourist attractions, 27 kilometers away. It had only been a few days since the 511 and 5150 shown in Chapter 7. 

As a cyclist your eyes are scanning the ground more so than as a motorist or pedestrian. You try and dodge glass, nails etc to avoid a puncture. Occasionally you spot a coin, or what looks like one. In the US one finds many 1 cent and 2 cent coins on the ground; even five cents, as I did approaching a junction. But that nickel was not worth stopping for.

I continued through the green traffic lights. My eyes picked up the street name of the side road - Willivee Dr. My numbers brain kicked in quickly. How many 5s to bring out ...!

I stopped, not for the five cent coin, but to take this picture:

<<<  Willivee Dr (and N Decatur)

If W = VV, using Roman numerals and the ABC123 codes, we could call the street 5 5 I 50 50 I 5 5 5 Dr.

About 5 miles further into my ride to Stone Mountain, how weird, house number 1055 came.

Clarkson Town Hall Annex >>>

As I did in Willivee Dr, I first rode on, suffering from a mild dose of numbers overload. But since the next street sign, barely 100 meters further on, read Norman Street, I had to turn around and photograph 1055.

- - - - - - -

Readers may now understand why in Chapter 7 I had fast forwarded 11 days from LA to Georgia. Within the hour after above 5's and 1's galore I passed the Fire Station in Stone Mountain, vehicles 5 and 11.

<<< Stone Mountain Park GA.

It would be easy to mistake this gigantic monolith, outside the Georgian capital,  for Ayers Rock in Central Australia. At 251 m tall, very sorry, the American star rock is 97 meters shorter.

The park is Georgia's most visited tourist destination. The summit is accessible via cable car.

A scenic railroad takes visitors 4 miles around around the base of the rock. 

In the background, difficult to see in this picture, are the rock carvings of men, who made history. The name Lee among them - General Robert E. Lee. 

No doubt, if ever there were a future visit to Stone Mountain, it will include a ride on the scenic railway and the ascent in the cable car. As I found my way to the nearest metro station, I had a further encounter with a number. It was not 5150 - yet. It only took a little bit of creative thinking, borrowing letter D, to arrive there. 

As I passed the company name Dodson, some thing looked odd. The huge cutout number 5650 fuelled my curiosity even more. When letter D (500) made sense, number 5150 came out of hiding:

<<<  DODSON Global 5650

So much data seemed to stalk me that day that I only saw ODD SON after pasting this photo here. Readers who love Scrabble, would also have seen SOON, plus much more, like ODD NOS or, God forbid, Odd son?

May I reiterate here that what I see I also find odd. Yet, as I have always done, I write it as IT was! 

- - - - - - -

Atlanta Olympic Park >>>

Georgia's capital city was host to the 1996 Olympic Games.

The next day, Tuesday 28.5.19 I spent the day looking what Atlanta Downtown had to offer. En route I took a look around pretty Piedmont Park (below right). It was again superb weather, sunny and very hot. It must have been school holiday, since many children arrived with their parents going into the large swimming pool or cycle around the scenic lake.

On the right the Bank of America building.

I tried to count the number of floors, but gave up halfway up. Pity, there was no public access, so I was told. The views from this tallest building in the South Eastern USA must be spectacular. Wikipedia tells us there are 55 floors and the total height is 311.8 meters. Love it, on the day of publishing 13.8.19!

<<< CNN World Headquarters

The size of the red and white emblem reflects how Americans like everything big. The foyer inside was abuzz with tourists, some queuing for a guided tour, others like myself, just sitting and having a drink and snack, taking it all in. The huge, covered courtyard had that of a shopping mall atmosphere. 

On one wall in the foyer, also in huge lettering, were some facts about facts:

"Facts are facts. They are not colored by emotion or bias. They are indisputable. There is no alternative to a fact.  Facts explain things. What they are, how they happened. Facts are not interpretations. Once facts are established, opinions can be formed. And while opinions matter, they don't change the facts. That why we at CNN start with the facts."

If this is so,, would CNN enter the debate on abortion with the fact that a fetus with a heartbeat, a baby kicking in a mother's stomach, is a living human being? If they started with this fact, there would be no debate about legalizing the killings of these helpless, innocent lives..

At the time of writing the State Parliament, the Lower House, in New South Wales has just passed legislation that waters down long standing restrictions that had protected unborn life. Even the Minister for Health supported it. Shame on all of them! Before praying for rain, they should pray for forgiveness!

Australia's politicians seem to be moving in the opposite direction to those in the US. Exactly 20 days before I visited the State Capital Building in Atlanta, Governor Brian Kemp had signed a law that restricts abortions once a heartbeat can be felt in the fetus. Thank God America, your country still has god-fearing politicians, who take a stand for the voiceless. 

No other President have I ever heard defending unborn, human lives besides Donald Trump. Yet, from what I observed during the few weeks in the USA, CNN and other media seemed obsessed with criticizing the President's leadership. Yes, we need facts. But more so, we need truth and moral integrity.


<<< Georgia's Capitol

When I spotted the shiny, golden dome of the Capital building I decided to pay a visit.

To my surprise, the Governor's secretary invited me, as she would any visitor, to sign the Governor's guest book. So I did. The reward was a packet of Georgian grown produce, peanuts. 

She pointed me to the fourth floor museum, a collection of natural and cultural history of the State. Some displays were from the 1933 World Fair. A portrait of their most famous son hung on a wall - Jimmy Carter. Above statue outside the Capitol is that of John Brown Gordon, US Senator from 1873-1880, and one of  Robert E. Lee's most trusted generals.                           (Source Wikipedia)


Exhibit in Capitol Museum >>>


I can't recall the significance of this plate inside a glass cabinet. But, if number 33 is the Chapter and Verse in Habakkuk, perhaps the A O lives in Atlanta? This city does have a Mt Paran, as shown earlier in the chapter! 

When I took the picture I had no idea, how it would now fit so perfectly into this chapter! Around 3.45 am, on the day of completing this chapter, this thought popped into my head:

In the English alphabet, the letters A and O are 1 and 15.

- - - - - - -

I'm sorry, (not deeply, really) but as I researched a little more, a strange twist brought out more data from Atlanta, with numbers 1 and 5 as special guests. 

With the limited time I had available, and since I was not a real tourist, I never got to see the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Had I researched earlier and found that one of the most famous Georgians was born in 501 Auburn Avenue, on 1.15.1929 I may have made a special effort.

But when you travel B & B style (on bicycle and budget), making all bookings, food is often more on your mind than tourist attractions. That is besides numbers, of course! But while numbers fill the mind, they don't fill the stomach. That evening after arriving back in Buckhead I went to the local supermarket to buy food for the evening meal. That night, by surprise, I got food and numbers in one purchase: Take a look:

Supermarket purchase, Food and 511! 


Fast forward two months, back in Australia, a week or two after having written Chapters 7 and 8. What came up on the front page of our local newspaper again created a huge question mark in my mind. See it for yourself: What's the AN SW ER? 

Fire Engine retires - Rego XCP 511


Note, how the image came out! As happened in the previous chapter in Tustin, ONE ( 1 ) did not make it into the picture! One day, friends, all will take one final journey.

Those who followed the ONE true God in this life, will take that one last trip with great hope. 

They will truly RIP forever.


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