Chapter 6 Written / Published 28.4./3.5.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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From the previous chapter: "Thousands are killed every year for simply believing ..." [the story of Jesus' death and resurrection]. 


20 hours after publishing, or very close to it, many innocent worshippers were killed in a heinous act of violence in Sri Lanka. God is an awesome God. Who can fathom HIS mighty power?


The word television comes up fair number of times in this chapter. In a surprise twist at the end the letters TV suddenly show off.


We shall visit two places, Warrnambool, Victoria, as promised in the previous chapter, and the weirdest museum ever in Hobart. It's inevitable that politics come into play a few weeks before a federal election.


I discovered and wrote quite a bit about the gender war that is raging. The lies and injustice toward men is appalling. Time to make a stand for God and Israel.  

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
(Matthew 10, 28)

6. Why You Won

"Another shooting in America", my wife pointed to the TV screen as I entered the room. It was Sunday morning April 28th, 2019 the day of commencing this chapter. The set was tuned to a commercial television channel, which was broadcasting the day's news; mostly tragedies like a fatal car crash on the freeway, a stabbing followed by a suicide, a three year-old toddler run over by a 16 year-old learner driver etc. etc.

Why is it that such calamities are prominent in the information flow from the media? The proliferation of such reports tends to desensitize our feelings. We barely react to the horror and forget that each segment we are entertained with shatters lives, destroys property, tears families apart.

The reported shooting in the USA made me take special notice as soon as I saw the name of the city it took place near, San Diego, California. On two occasions I had been to San Diego. At the time I was preparing an upcoming third visit to the southern US border city.

The name, every time I hear it, brings up a memory of something that had happened on my birthday on 30.1.16. It points directly to San Diego. (An untold story that will remain so for now). 

Seconds into the TV news report another name jumped out. It showed only for a second, maybe three, but long enough to read it. It raised my interest level even further. The shooting, which left one victim deceased and three others in hospital, was reported to have occurred in a Jewish synagogue:

The Altman Family Chabad Community Center:


The name Altman had my immediate attention. What amazing timing, I thought! That morning I had decided to start composing this chapter, beginning with the short visit, hinted at in the previous chapter, to Warrnambool in southern Victoria. This coastal city had drawn my attention during two earlier visits. Their tourist map, I had discovered long ago accidentally, had left off an entire street - Altmann Av.

I wrote about it in Book 15, Ch. 7. How peculiar, there is a parallel to our previous chapter Book 17, Ch. 5: The title of both chapters include the word WIN! In the 2 1/2 years since, the authorities have not managed to rectify the omission in their tourist map:

Map Warrnambool VIC >>>


This street map at the railway station clearly shows Altmann Av. The tourist map below doesn't.

Please note bottom right! Lyndoch Hostel Nursing Home.



Tourist Map War./Vic >>>


Only a week or so before our trip this place had been featured on television. As I recall, a local artist had brightened up the place with his works, much to the delight of the old men (and women) residing there.

Flagstaff Hill - Pioneer Village and Museum, Warrnambool, VIC.

The $4 Mill. peacock.

The showpiece of the Maritime Museum is this life-size Minton porcelain statue. 

This precious piece of artwork was shipped from England on the Loch Ard. It was destined for the opening in 1880 for the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. However, the ship and it's precious cargo was shipwrecked off the coast near Port Campbell. In one of Australia's worst maritime disasters 52 lives were lost after the vessel sunk in only 15 minutes.

Miraculously the peacock, transported in a solid wooden crate, survived intact. When the peacock came up for auction in the 1970's there were no takers at $ 4000. The museum purchased it later from the Melbourne auction house for 4500 Dollars. Since 2010 the exhibit has been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

We picked a perfect day to explore the historic village. Two hours was nowhere near enough time to fully appreciate the place. The stories surrounding the many shipwrecks along that treacherous coastline, speak of tremendous hardship and miraculous survivals. 

As I browsed the website, reading a review, one visitor thought the entrance fee was a little high. The reply by the museum revealed a sad fact: "Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village receives no state or federal government funding for our operations and rely (sic) on the various business activities and entrance fees to maintain our 10 acre site."

This reminded me of an outrageous announcement recently to do with a museum and government funding. Australia is in election mode - less than three weeks to our federal election on May 18th 2019. Politicians and their entourage are crisscrossing the country, promising huge amounts of money, if they get elected to govern. 

The Labor opposition leader (B.S.) did just that in April, a month before the election. He visited the island state of Tasmania and dropped into the privately owned museum called MONA - Museum of Old and New Art. The place has been described as the museum for Sex, Art, Death and Nudity*. (If we were to create the acronym SADN, it would sound a bit like satan?)

* May 2012

MONA is reported to be losing 20 Million Dollars per year. During his visit the Labor leader Mr. B.S. promised a bail out. The eccentric creator and owner of the sex and death museum would receive 50 Million (50 000 000) Dollars, if elected.

Here a valid question: Why can a millionaire obtain government funding for his weird museum that loses money, but the Warrnambool Pioneer village/Maritime museum is not receiving a cent in government funding? Outrageous!

Another pioneer village near Adelaide, Olde Tailem Town, could do with just a few of those proposed 50 Million. The exhibits are fantastic. The infrastructure in need of cash. Visitors walk among 110 buildings, more than Sovereign Hill, Ballarat and Flagstaff Hill combined. All are filled with many treasures of South Australian history. As I understand the owners had to fight bureaucrats for  three years to even open their gates!   

During a long weekend when we visited, the number of visitors that day could be counted on one hand. The cafe/souvenir shop was empty, no card payment facility. With a little imagination, co-operation by authorities and updated infrastructure Olde Tailem Town could become a major tourist attraction in our state! 

The Warrnambool Maritime Museum runs a spectacular night / light show. (Picture in previous chapter). The MONA in Tasmania runs a dark show in winter. It's called Dark Mofa. It celebrates the dark. Their website is introduced by graphics that would fit well into a horror movie:

Dark Mofa mid-winter Festival website


<<< T-shirt - Sell Your Soul.

It shouldn't surprise that its owner, gambler and creator would be walking beside BS wearing a T-shirt with this weird slogan.

The midwinter festival ends with a highlight: A crowd of nude  swimmers taking a plunge into the River Derwent.

They must not only like the dark, but also the cold. They won't like the heat.

Australian voters who vote for Labor on May 18th 2019 will contribute to this B.S.

Dark Mofa's program in June this year will feature a band called Dirty Three. They chose the sixteenth as the date. One could think they are mocking John 3,16. 

If so, God has an answer for the Dirty Three. HE loves numbers turned around. "...Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." (John 3,19).

Is the Labor Party obsessed with death? Australian voters who vote for Labor's B.S. on May 18th 2019 will also vote for this:

<<< Labor's dark agenda.

An abortion surviver herself, a friend told me of Labor's policy on unborn babies. 

Abortion up to birth for any reason! 

Abortions funded by the taxpayer in public hospitals! More babies would be killed. more women harmed! 

Our hospitals are already overcrowded; patients waiting in corridors for hours, even days, in pain before being attended to. Some have died because of sheer lack of resources. reports on 20th April 2019:

"Patients are dying and are being injured because of deteriorating conditions at the Royal Hobart Hospital, emergency department doctors say. Emergency department registrars have written a scathing five-page letter to management.

They said they can provide "as many examples as desired" of patients dying or being injured because of bed block and ambulance ramping

The Government says it recognises demand has increased and has provided funding for more staff.

The department's registrars have written a scathing letter to management, saying they have "grave concerns" and can provide examples of "direct patient injury and death" because of worsening conditions and bed block."

And what about those health professionals with some moral fiber, who are forced to carry out the slaughter, traumatized having to kill healthy babies?

Wake up Australia! Politicians want to sell your soul! 

Why would anybody even consider selling their soul? And who is the proposed buyer? Your soul belongs to God Almighty. Your soul is your immortal you! The devil, also called Satan, opposes all that is good, wholesome, true, pure and holy. He will steal your soul, sending you into eternal damnation, but only if you allow it:

"... your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." (1. Peter 5,8).

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6 12).

"He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning". But there is GOOD NEWS. "For this purpose was the son of God manifested, that HE might destroy the works of the devil." (1. John, 3, 8).

Friends, don't be deceived by dark forces/ Don't be influenced by pervert minds. Take a stand, turn away from all evil and trust our awesome, Almighty God!

- - - - - - -

Western Victoria, near Harrow


As I travelled through western Victoria recently I took a break in the town of Dimboola. During a brief exercise walk around the town I spotted a sign, displayed outside a Holden motorcar dealership that had long closed for business. (Another Holden story later). The large sign had a piece missing - the letter R. This called for a photo, since one of our codes (R+) would correct the sign:

<<< TO ANA - R.

My first driving school vehicle, decades ago, was a Holden TORANA 1972 LJ.

But there's another reason for this story. Readers may recall a recent chapter where the name Howard played a part. A short time after publication the name of Fmr PM Howard came up on the TV. His Christian name was misspelled - Jorhn. 


On the return journey, across the border back in South Australia, I came to a cross road in the town of Mount Gambier. It was a Sunday morning, the time I love going to church, even when I'm travelling. But it was still early. I was in two minds, should I continue to my next destination to arrive early, or stay in this city and attend church?

Arriving at the cross road I had to make a decision, turn right or left. I stopped my Suzuki and checked online what time the church service starts - 10 AM. This meant I would have had over an hour to fill in. The matter was not that important, but I still quietly sent up a prayer: "Lord, what is it you want me to do, move on or stay?" 

The next moment I lifted my head. One look across the road, there was my answer:

Mount Gambier - Holden is here to stay

Now something else made sense, an incident that took place the day before in the town of Casterton. I had been doing business in a public toilet. My small bag, which contained the important things men carry - cash, credit cards, phone etc. hung behind the toilet door. After I had finished, (what was I not thinking?) the bag was there to stay. I left it behind.

At that time I had no plans to visit Mount Gambier. I drove straight past the turnoff and proceeded north west. It must have been about five kilometers out of town, when I suddenly remembered my treasures, hanging on that toilet door. I forgot that I was a former driving instructor, executed the fastest U-Turn ever and did some very creative driving (police like to call it speeding) back into Casterton.

Thank God, my bag was still where I had left it. What a relief; an even greater one than on my earlier visit! Back on the same road, driving like a grandfather again, I passed the Mount Gambier turnoff. This time, as I looked at the sign, it seemed to read: "Come stay with me." So I did.

Without my mistake, leaving the bag behind, I would never have been in church that Sunday and talked to a friendly gentleman (R). He was well in the know about the Peter Liddy case. The former magistrate is still incarcerated in the Mount Gambier Prison. R. told me straight out that he also thinks Peter is innocent, as does another person he confides in. 

The number of people I meet, who believe Peter is innocent, is growing! God knows the truth and the real reason, why he directed me to stay in Mount Gambier that day. My latest whistle blowing about the case, to the Attorney-General, the State Labor Opposing and a Member of the Upper House, all fell on deaf ears!

The member of the Upper House didn't address my point at all, but simply copied and pasted parts of an online article by the ABC. The Labor MP did not reply at all. The Attorney General's office sent a reply letter, saying my correspondence had been brought to the attention of the AG, Wendy Chapman. That's the minimum I expected; nothing since! 

Moves are under way, as I understand, to make a law to keep Peter Liddy behind bars indefinitely. Makes sense. If he were to be granted parole, he would have opportunity to start legal proceedings to clear his name! Outrageous! 

Maybe, Peter Liddy will become Australia's Tom Ward. This unfortunate gentleman has been denied parole, after spending 35 years innocently behind bars. He refuses to plead guilty. Why should he, if he's innocent?   Famous author John Grisham wrote his only non-fiction book - The Innocent Man - about the case. Netflix produced a documentary about the corrupt police practices in Oklahoma's Ada County.

Father Gordon MacRae is suffering a similar fate. Because he refuses to admit guilt, he has been in a Massachusetts prison for over 35 years. Why should he admit guilt, plea-bargain to be released? Outrageous! 

- - - - - - -

Today Show (USA) Actor Glenn Howerton talks 'A.P. Bio


Any readers wondering if the title of this chapter Why You Won is a code, they are spot on. Taking a short break from writing, I just happened to tune into the US TV show Today. It is broadcast mid-morning here in Australia. The actor Glenn Howerton was interviewed. 

I liked his name and something else. The words sunny and science made me play the letter elimination game: Voila - Y U I.

S U N N Y   -   S C I E N C E

- - - - - - -

Late in 2018 for the first time I came across a female journalist / author. As soon as I heard her speak on television, I sensed there was somebody radically different. l learned that she is passionate about men's issues, not only standing up for innocently convicted men, but fearlessly standing up against the nonsense propagated by radical feminists, who are waging war against men. 

Why had I not heard of her before? I wondered as I watched her on television speak about her latest book  #MenToo. Just this title raised my level of excitement.

Unlike the usual, politically correct garbage in the media, Bettina Arndt's common sense approach was like a breath of fresh air. Her book is the response to the myths and distortions of the MeToo movement. The main stream media mostly reports one side of the gender war. The statistical fact that at least 1/3 of violence in the home is against men is kept very quiet.

Likewise, we hear very little on the news about the injustices in family courts, robbing men of their cash and unfairly denying them access to their children! 

 December 2018, Bettina Arndt, Lauching #MenToo


Men's lives matter too. The author giving men a voice in wake of #MeToo campaign. (Pic. TV Ch. 7)

Bettina has a comprehensive website, which includes some unbelievable cases of false rape allegations that have landed innocent young men in jail and ruined families.

A classic example is the story of Dan, which was featured on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes on April 7th, 2019. ( As I understand, Bettina Armdt posted a YouTube video about the case, which prompted the Channel Nine investigation.)

Daniel Jones met a woman, Sarah-Jane Parkinson, at work and thought she was the love of his life. After a few months they became engaged. Jones built a house so they could live together. Not long afterwards, it all changed. Parkinson claimed abuse and had an AVO (apprehended violence order) served against Jones. 

"It was all fabricated lies by this lying, vindictive, cancerous woman," Jones told 60 Minutes. Parkinson's lies snowballed and in 2014 she claimed she had been raped. Mr Jones was arrested at the granny flat at her parents' house and taken to a police station. He would later learn that Parkinson had made an emergency call to police telling them she had been beaten and savagely raped that morning.

He was put into a maximum-security prison at Goulburn, a very scary place for a young prison officer, who knew screws get a very bad time inside. He spent four months in an isolation cell for his own protection, suicidal and knowing he faced up to 15 years if convicted on the trumped-up charges.  

Meanwhile, with Dan taken care of, Parkinson went after Dan’s family with false violence accusations against his dad, planting stolen goods, all manner of shenanigans. But little did she know that the good cops were running a sting on her and her corrupt police friends, tracking their movements. So it went on – for five long years. Eventually, Parkinson's lies were exposed by a smart detective, Leesa Alexander, and
jailed for three years and one month. 

The fight for justice for their son cost the Jones family three hundred thousand Dollars and six years of hell. (Sources: and Betting Arndt)

Betting Arndt didn't just feel sad for the family, she started a gofundme-page, raising money to pay the family's legal cost. Thank God there are still women who are confident in their femininity, who respect and stand by their man!

- - - - - - -

Male-bashing by feminists comes up in all kinds of ways; often very subtle. A recent television commercial, advertising a flight-search company, is a good example:

Pic. Youtube

<<< Smart woman sneers at a male beside her on a bench seat. Both are trying to find the best deal online! After 30 seconds she strides off very confidently, while he's still fumbling, looking like a loser.

Very subtle! If we were to reverse the roles, what would the feminist lobby call for? Boycott their website! 

- - - - - - -

Men can get into trouble not only by false rape allegations. A light-hearted joke picked up by the thought-police and you can land in hot water very quickly. More than that, those offended can go running to a television station. The doors open wide and they are ushered straight into the studio to blow their trumpet during the 6 o'clock news.

As I'm writing this chapter, famous cricketer James Faulkner is on their radar. He had posted a photo on social media with another man beside him. As a joke he wrote: "This is me and my boyfriend of five years". (They were just flat mates for five years.) 

On Channel Nine's evening news, sure enough, up came an item about it and a gay activist condemned the joke, saying homophobic jokes could offend certain people (or words to that effect). 

Has the world gone mad? If I were to tell a joke about a man with only one leg, could I expect a news item on television, a spokesman for the Amputees Association complaining that people shouldn't tell jokes about them? And how many times do we hear jokes about older people? How would a TV station respond, if I were to knock on their door, complaining my feelings were hurt and I want it broadcast on the evening news? Get real !!!

If you're famous and express your religious conviction you also are in danger of becoming a target for the politically correct Gestapo. An Australian international rugby player, a fervent, outspoken Christian did just that. He had posted many scripture verses onto social media, expressing what was in his heart. In April 2019, however, when he quoted a scripture from the bible, the devil got upset and all hell broke loose.

                                           Pic. Eternity News

<<< Israel Folau

The Australian born rugby super star was called before the sporting tribunal for quoting a verse from the bible. He believes that all sinners, not only homo-sexual people, need to repent or they will not enter the kingdom of God. 

He called for all to repent or they end up... 

If you believe in the bible, how do you tell someone that if they continue to live a certain way (commit sin) they will spent eternity, not just 10 000 years, separated from God in pain and regret?

In my eyes Folau's action, which obviously he felt called to do, ought to be applauded, not punished by terminating his multi-million Dollar contract. Can one be sacked from a workplace, simply by expressing his religious beliefs or by quoting bible verses online? 

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God." (1. Corinthians 6, 9 - New King James). 

Are Christians no longer allowed to say this or write it on their blog, as I am doing here? If the Folau fallout has served the purpose of a public debate on free-speech and the right to quote the bible - good. Even better, if non-believers start reading the scriptures and think it through for themselves. Those who do it with an honest, open heart and mind will find God. Promise!

- - - - - - -

The current, favourite subjects in the media appears to be men behaving badly. Anybody tired of hearing about it? Me too! In an Adelaide seaside caravan park a six-year old girl had fallen down in the playground. A 73 year-old man saw her, walked over and started talking to her! BAD MOVE!

It is alleged, by the six-year old girl, that the old man had said to her: "Come into the camp kitchen I will show you a clown." As the pair walked away (toward the camp kitchen) the girl's mother intervened. The next day the gentleman, who was staying with his wife at the park, was arrested. He was forbidden to leave the state.

What crime had the man committed? Should he have be arrested because the mother (and police) assumed he intended to assault this little girl in the camp kitchen? Was the act of helping a little girl up, after she fell down, considered as grooming? The 'crime' took place in a busy caravan park, 11 am on Good Friday, while both parents were nearby. If the 73 year old man was really planning to attack this little girl, it wasn't a good time and place. God knows the truth.

How much money on lawyers, how much police and court resources will be spent, to test what the man's intentions were and if the six-year olds testimony is reliable! (Drug dealers are happy about it - less police time to catch them!) 

If concerns about child safety had been as bad in biblical times, Jesus may well have been accused of being a pedophile. He even touched little children.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." After He had placed His hands on them, He went on from there." (Matthew 19,14,15.)

As a man in today's hysteric climate you should be worried to just speak to a child, frightened to go near one, let alone touch him or her. Late last year I made a stand against the madness. Everybody at our Mens Shed was asked to sit through an hour lecture about child protection. Most of the men are fathers and grandfathers, plenty of life experience with children. Plus, I had never ever seen a child inside our Mens Shed. 

All of the old men, 20 or 30 perhaps, had to roll up at headquarters and sit through a lecture how to handle children! I refused and have never been allowed inside the shed since. (I may be the only man in Australia, or the world even, who is refused entry to a Mens Shed because he didn't learn about child safety?)

Some who attended later said how boring it was and they had to sign a document afterwards to never touch a child. Where's the logic? Seriously? As if any sex offender would refrain from committing their evil deeds because they signed a piece of paper?

There a no winners in a gender war. It splits and destroys families. It leaves adults in poverty and children deeply anxious. Would our country and the world not be better off working together as a team? Men and woman are equal, but different -  equal in value, different in function.

- - - - - - -

Now that I have all that off my chest, let's revisit two Australian towns mentioned earlier in the chapter. Firstly Hobart and its infamous, weird museum of sex, art, death and nudity. After a visit there in 2014 I had seen the symbols x and + at their entrance. In Book 13, Chapter 5 I wrote about a mathematical oddity, which I had discovered by accident playing with the calculator. 

Let's refresh our memory: The twist in the numbers pattern was that four 3-digit numbers were 'dancing' through or around the 5 on the calculator. Any  pattern - + x etc always added to the number 2220. (During the past 4 1/2 years I have still not found a logical formula, why this is so). 

The second town earlier in the chapter is Warrnambool, Altmann Av to be precise. One early morning a thought came to me. Suddenly there was a link to both places by simply adding 1 + 1. 

Hey - this just came to me on typing: Our ABC TV produces a talk show, called One plus One. To link the two places above we need to use code ABC 123. 

 WOW, there's more - it just came - T V = 2022 !!! Spooky!

Until this chapter the focus in the street name Altmann / Altman had been the letter n. When I looked at ALT it came to me to apply code ABC 123.

A L T = 1 12 20.

If one plus one equals 2 we're back at 2220.

Revelations 22, 20: "He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.


Chapter 7