Chapter 4 Written / Published 15.3./17.3.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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On the day of starting this chapter a tragic event rocked Christchurch, New Zealand. It shocked the world. Unlike the earthquake, a disturbed human mind germinated an evil plan and carried it out. The world is crying out for peace!


Sadly, the world is looking for peace in the wrong places, trusting the wrong persons. Only ONE man won the battle against sin and death - Jesus Christ!


This chapter also concludes the 10-day trip to Victoria - with a number! 

"Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14, 27). 

4.   Odd 20 on Doon

The two events in early February 2019, which took me to travel to Victoria, were one week apart. There was plenty of time to enjoy travelling and sightseeing in between. Geelong, the second largest city in Victoria, about 75 kilometers west of Melbourne, was just the place to do so. 

Camping at the Caravan Park was reasonably priced ($32) , compared to some parks in metro areas or tourist destinations, who charge almost twice as much. I secured a site just outside the camp kitchen, which looked brand new. A cycle track along the Barwon River was just across the road. Loved it.

The first day I had the kitchen all to myself, great. The next night, as I wrote my diary after dinner time, some other people came to cook their meal. My back was turned to them. I had not seen them yet, when suddenly a thought came, stemming from my black-white stripes (BSW) fixation: 

"Would it not be funny, if any of the people cooking behind me, were wearing BWS clothing?" I turned around and so it was! One lady wore a horizontal, black and white striped top. I had to take a secret photo:

At the time I may have been documenting what had taken place earlier that day. I had been in Geelong, riding along the waterfront, the main tourist precinct close to the city center.

<<< Geelong waterfront

Geelong's main tourist attractions are on or near the waterfront. A stroll from one end to the other, taking pictures of the many famous statues en route, is a must.

At the time I didn't link this 'grandpa' to their football team (the Cats). One thing I recall: After taking this photo, I mounted my bicycle and rode away, just as a lady wearing a BWS top walked right by. 

No secret photo this time. The last thing I wanted being seen doing - stalking ladies. Would anyone believe, if I tried to explain my reasoning? (May I assure readers that as I write I'm getting over it).

Strolling along the mile long foreshore of Corio Bay I recognized a couple who had been on the city walk in Melbourne the day before. The lady's face so much reminded me of a friend from church. Recognizing faces is one of my strong points. Walking through the Westfield Shopping Mall another person registered in my brain. but who was this gentleman in a business shirt without tie, and where have I seen him before? 

Aha, with a little help from the web it came. He must have been on television, the local federal member of Parliament. His first name Richard. His surname (in code) ends in L it!

This was the second politician named Richard, who crossed my path on this trip. The other was the one I had recognized leaving the memorial service two days earlier. 

There was reason the name Richard was on my mind, even before leaving home. I had sent a brief email to an award winning investigative journalist, asking if he'd be interested in the story of a magistrate, possibly innocently lingering now almost two decades in a South Australian jail. The journalist was called Richard. (At the time of writing, six weeks later - 0 response.)

While eating lunch in a Westfield Plaza restaurant I caught up with the latest news, reading the Geelong Advertiser. How I noticed it, I do not know; only that I did. It was not fake news; a simple misprint more likely (or a test, if HE would see? Take a look:


Un-real estate! >>>

Nowhere near any major city, or in this case holiday resort, can you buy a home unit for 45K ($45000). Definitely a0 missing!

What came next may explain where this 0 went, and/or highlight my observation skills and fascination concerning car registration plates: 

As I was riding back to the camping ground, after lunch and some shopping, I passed the fire station. Next, there were sirens blaring and a fire truck racing down the street. The registration plate ... 511 reminded me of Chapter 5, in my Book 11. Back in 2012 in the US I had pitched my tent next door to No.1115, at a fire station. Pity, the fire truck was too fast for me to catch a photo. A parked taxi was another matter:


<<< Maxi Taxi

Within meters from the entrance to my caravan park, how strange, this taxi van, registration plate 5110 fitted perfectly (It started with C, so how could I ignore it?) The driver happened to be inside, so I took a secret picture from behind.

The next morning, how lucky was this, not far from the Geelong waterfront I spotted the same fire engine as the day before.

It was stationary, so no worry taking this photo.


Love MC N.

- - - - - - -


On a wall near the main Geelong wharf I noticed a plaque. As a tourist one learns a lot of history from reading these bits of information. So did I that day. The inscription on this plate, however, stirred a mild anger inside. Take a look:

Text: "The city of Greater Geelong is proud to dedicate Geelong as Sri Chinmoy Peace city.
In doing so, Geelong joins the international family of Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossoms, significant and inspiring landmarks and institutions, cities and countries, whose purpose is to inspire the citizens of the world with the ideals of peace..." (blah, blah, blah ...).

Whose idea was it, who moved the motion in the city council to waste not only the public's money, but follow and Indian guru? It is one thing for individuals to fall prey to the bulldust of some smooth talking charlatan, but to dedicate entire cities, institutions and countries to an Eastern religion ...? What right does a city council have to promote a cult? 

Try to promote Jesus Christ and HIS teaching in your town hall or public square! You will find those same peace loving citizens are likely to start world war three! Hypocrites! reports that this spiritual leader, Mr. Sri who died in 2007, left behind millions of Dollars in property and cash assets. He is alleged to have exploited some female followers for sexual favours.

Friends, instead of joining the family of some Eastern religious guru, wouldn't our cities, our nations be better dedicate themselves to the One and only true God and HIS son Jesus Christ? Without Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the world will never find peace. Without Jesus the world's nations will not live together in peace. Without Jesus individuals and families will not enjoy peace, real deep peace inside.


 <<< Peace Cup

The day after above paragraph, on the morning of 3.16 (today March 16th) I was reading Isaiah, Chapter 9 while having a coffee. After reading Verse 6: "...his name shall be called ... Prince of Peace," I paused for a sip of coffee. My thumb touched right under the word PEACE. LOVE it.

Friends, as I write the world is in shock, following a tragic, murderous attack on innocent people in Christchurch, New Zealand. 


More than ever, the human heart is in desperate need for HIS PEACE!


- - - - - - -


Let's turn the clock back to 2018. In December I escaped the hectic rush leading up to Christmas. It was my first overnight bike-hike for some time. The first night in Normanville caravan park was very uncomfortable. Instead of carrying my airbed I thought two pieces of foam would do. Big mistake; had a very sleepless night. My body ached, it rained; a gale was blowing. 

Being awake almost all night gave me time to listen to the radio. The presenter of the overnight program on the ABC kept promising to play 'O Holy Night', my favourite Christmas carol. I thought it would never come. When finally, at about 4.30 in the morning, he announced that now he would play it, the singer who rendered it was Grace McCallum. 

At the end the presenter was still confused, saying: "Oh, this wasn't it, was it...?" or words to that effect. I knew the song was correct, except the very beginning was missing. It started with "Long lay the world in sin and ever pining."

There were two things that made me later wonder. Firstly, the presenter gave the location, where Grace McCallum (love the name) had sung the broadcast carol - Tolosa Street Reserve, Glenorchy. During the eight years in Tasmania we used to live within 50 meters from the corner Tolosa Street (in Bowden Street).

Secondly, the presenter on the ABC kept giving Adelaide's weather forecast as 25 deg. C. All other stations broadcast the correct expected maximum temperature 35 deg. C. 

The remaining two nights I stayed in Middleton Caravan Park. En route in Victor Harbor I had bought a blow-up airbed. The rough weather had blown away. I slept much better and was ready for a great day after a real good sleep.

There's a cycle track along the South Coast, which runs all the way from Encounter Bay to Goolwa. Not far south the Murray ends its 2 1/2 thousand kilometer flow, where the mighty river empties into the Southern Ocean.



<<< Port of Goolwa, Murray River

My bike ride would have normally ended at the Port of Goolwa.

However, that morning out of curiosity I kept following the track, wondering where it would lead to.

Often when I ride, even walk or drive somewhere, the sensation of 'I have never been here before' makes me feel I have grown a little. That day I kept riding, passing under the Hindmarsh Island Bridge, along the railway line to see where it was leading to. Suddenly, to my left a street sign sounded interesting: Curson Pl.

A name like that needs checking out. Right on the corner I noticed a boat for sale. The large number painted on the hull stood out, crying for my attention:

Yacht for sale >>>

Not that I was in the market for a boat. It was the number on the hull that made me snap this picture - ES 272S.

It was ES; and 272 looked much like the date Feb.7.

That date in 2009 was Black Saturday. At the time of above photo I had no idea that I would be in Victoria for that anniversary. But this is just what transpired.

(Back to Victoria, Feb. 2019)

There were still three nights to fill in before the second event took place on the Saturday - Adelaide United played Melbourne City in the A-League on 9.2.19. After Geelong I decided to first spend some time in the hills country east of Melbourne. Why not visit Kinglake on the tenth anniversary of the black day? 

En route at Hurstbridge a large sign of a business included the name Mason. My memory went back ten years. I had visited a few weeks before the big fire and came across the name Ian Mason. There was much to think about as I sat in an outdoor cafe, having a pie and coffee for lunch. 

It must have been 25 years ago or more since three of my friends and I had cycled through Kinglake. I could not remember any parts of the place.


<<< Kinglake, VIC, 7.02.19


After I had parked my Suzuki on the edge of the village, I was going to walk to the nearest public amenities

Suddenly, how ironic, heavy rain started to fall. Quickly back in the dry I drove instead and waited until the rain eased off.

Next I looked into the rear view mirror and saw this >>>.

Considering, these two ladies were about the only pedestrians in the vicinity and my BWS fixation was at its height, I took the photo.

There was very little happening, so after a quick stroll up and down the main street, I headed back down the hill. 



<<< Nature Walk

The drive to Healesville on the C 724 was very scenic. Near Toolangi a sign in the middle of a forest read - Nature Trail. It was just the place to stop and take quiet, most pleasant walk under shady ferns and tall timbers. 

The tourist town of Healesville, the location of a famous wildlife park, was not far back in the direction to Melbourne. I made enquiries regarding camping nearby. The first park did not cater for tents at all, as if we tent people are some kind of outcasts. The second place - a Big 4 Park - may have accepted my small two men tent (despite their fear I could be spreading a contagious decease). The $ 50 per night fee again said it all - we don't like tents here!

Thank God for the world wide web Google. There was an option about 12 kilometers away near Yarra Junction. Looking back, I was not meant to stay in Healesville, but at this place, called Doon Reserve Caravan Park. Not only was the 22 Dollar fee more in my budget, but to my surprise a scenic, popular rail trail passed real close to the park. Just what I needed the next day.

(There was a third reason DooN met my needs perfectly. But I only found out after arriving home - read on).

- - - - - - -

<<< Lilydale - Bike trail.

The 39 km former railway track between Warburton and Lilydale passes through beautiful farmland, flood plains and vineyards.


The gentle gradients make it ideal for cycling enthusiasts.

Years ago I had heard of the Warburton to Lilydale rail trail, but never got there to do it. This time it almost didn't happen either. I feared that rain had made the track too wet. Thankfully, the rain abated. The afternoon was perfect for riding. The gravel surface of the track wasn't a problem for my thin road-bike tyres either.

I surprised myself, even after a gear cable broke 10 kilometers into the ride, I was still able to finish the almost 80 km return trip in about 4 1/2 hours, which included a coffee break at Lilydale. Every day I thank God for my legs, my lungs and health. It's by HIS grace that I can do all that I do.

- - - - - - -

DOON RD > Doon Reserve >>>


The Yarra River flows beside this idyllic, leafy campground. It's only a couple of kilometers to the quaint village of Yarra Junction, which is on the Lilidale rail trail.


On Doon Road, not far from the caravan park entrance I noticed this price label on the sealed road way.

$ 20 on Doon looked odd? Take two O out of DOON and we we're left with DN, No.1 in my list of codes. It goes back 20 years. DN is all about two people with a similar name, who were found guilty of crimes, but I doubted their guilt and still do.


Code DN emerged for a second time later in February 2019. It sounds weird, but may I reiterate that I never claimed my stories were not weird, only that they tell it as IT is and was. The Salvation Army had published a calendar. We purchased one and hung it up on our toilet door. (As I write - perfect timing - the clock on the P/C reads 4.14 PM).

One 'sitting' day in February I happened to read the small printed text at the bottom of that month's calendar page. It was a verse from the bible. (Each calendar page has a verse for every month.) The February page caused my mind to question it's accuracy.

 Take a look:

<<< John 4, 14?
The text is quoting 1. Corinthians 13, the well known chapter about love, verses 4 -7. Yet, as shown above, the reference given is John 4, 14! 

Stop Press! Here is a link to Christchurch, New Zealand*, the city in the world's spotlight as I write: Events in Book 8, Chapter 13 take place in Christchurch. There is a story surrounding John 4, 14: "But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst." 

The 4th and 14th letter in the alphabet happen to be D and N!

- - - - - - -

The remaining night in Melbourne, Victoria on February 8th, 19 I afforded the luxury of a motel room. Both places of accommodation I stayed in Melbourne, the YHA Hostel and the *ARDEN (! ! !) Motel, happened to be very near Saint Patrick's Cathedral. (The day I write, Google reminds us with a graphic, is Saint Patrick's Day.) 

The second event, which had prompted me to undertake this 10-day trip, was a football match. Adelaide United played a one-all draw with Melbourne City. As I got talking to one ardent fan from Adelaide, we found that we were staying in the same motel, the Arden. He had spotted my little green Suzuki with a club sticker on the back.

My faithful 'green machine', now almost 400 000 km on the clock, took me across the Westgate Bridge early on Sunday morning, February 10th 19. My mind must have chewed over all that had taken place. I missed the turn-off to Adelaide. When I realized my mistake, checking the map, I found that I needed to turn right at Werribee to pick up the M8 to Melton, Ballarat and Adelaide. So I did.


<<< Road to Melton

As if a number is able to become food and fuel? When I saw that my mistake had taken me onto Route C702, I had to document it with this picture!


The tragic date of 7 February 2009 surfaced again at the very end of this journey. Please, nobody ask me to explain how such things happen. All I know, it's all either co-incident or a higher power directs my path supernaturally and urges me to document IT.

Driving into our driveway 800 kilometers later I noticed the last four digits of the odometer reading:

Insert 00 to create 2.7.2009. 


"Hello darling, how was the trip?" 

"Good - 1:1." 

Again, number One indeed had won.

Chapter 5