Chapter 3 Written / Published 10.3./17.3.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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It is sad to see much of society slowly distancing itself from Almighty God. In this chapter God is again speaking. HE is calling people turn back to HIM.

HE speaks through natural disasters. HE answers prayer.


We shall commence a trip to neighbouring Victoria for a memorable event. Amazing timing, the numbers testify to IT. 


3.  No Life without No.1

What should I write first here in Chapter 3, commencing on this day March 10th. My thought immediately turns to the date of my birthday 30.1. Actually, it was on the day before when I received a text message with well wishes from a friend. Except, his congratulations were a day early. 

Like his text, the following story that points to those same digits, also came a day early:

My little green Suzuki was to go on a 2000 kilometer journey in early February. My now 21 year old, faithful workhorse (pony may better describe it) needed two new tyres. While they were being fitted (on 29.1) I decided to take a look around our Salvation Army Warehouse (second-hand shop) about one kilometer down the road.

Walking along, talking on the mobile phone, I suddenly spotted a number painted on the footpath. It took only a nanosecond to read the date of my birthday backwards. The three digit number, we can assume, was put there by workman to marking a certain spot. Take a look:

<<< 103 the day before 30.1


At that point I should have become aware that those same digits were significant in another way. Only when I later paid for my tyre purchase did the figures add up: 

Two tyres at $ 65 each ...

<<< total $130.00.

This number must have still been on my mind the next day. 

Otherwise I may not have spotted it again on television, albeit in code. The Wheels Magazine car of the year had been chosen: the XC40.  

Aha, I thought, on my birthday 130 in code!

There was a small get-together at our home on Jan 30. The next morning as I was writing all those 130s into my diary a vehicle came up our drive There was a knock on our door. The visitor questioned, if they had left their sunglasses behind the night before. "Not here, sorry", I had to inform them. On departing I saw their registration number. You guessed it. It was ...130!

- - - - - - -

Right from the beginning of my illustrious writing career, I have been facing a dilemma. After observation matching numbers, data or linking names etc  they increasingly turned into codes. Where did IT all come from? How should my brain absorb and the interpret these mysteries?

Please nobody think I had not constantly questioned the source behind these weird, and at times wonderful stories. For almost two decades now, while documenting it all, I tried to prove me sanity. After each fresh, puzzling link there are three possibilities in trying to make sense of IT all; probing if there is meaning in the madness:

1. Some readers may think the writer is actively researching, looking for links that fit into his world of codes. When he found one, he spins it into a yarn for his next chapter. Perhaps, even his readers help along by creating fitting link? Example from previous chapter: 1. John 1, 17 in Ch.1, Bk. 17?

2. Others will just dismiss IT all as coincidence. Coincidences happen to everyone. If these readers were to advise me, they'd possibly recommend that I stop writing diary, to get over it and move on. These readers obviously don't follow the journey, the adventure with God, who knows when a sparrow falls to the ground or a hair goes missing from their head. 

3. What if there exists a Holy Spirit, what if HE guides ordinary people? What if the God who created the universe is still creating whenever, whatever HE wishes? What if this God is talking to HIS creation - YOU - through amazing circumstances? 

Example: In the previous Book (16) in the first chapter, could it be God spoke, saying? "Believe in ME. I am alive".

(Pardon the repetition).

<<< Microphone Cable -  i Live


 One week before this photo I had already chose the title for Book 16 'Live'.  Had I titled it afterwards, there would be nothing magical about it.

To try and recreate this precise picture, during the few seconds it appeared on the church screen, would be a difficult task. I knew that HIS Spirit and HIS hand had been guiding me. Anyone suspecting tricks with photo-shop is calling me a liar. So be it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  

If I were to believe in co-incident, why would I have bothered taking the picture? The doubters and unbelievers of this world regard the earth and its intricate, interwoven, life-giving systems as pure co-incidental. No creator, no meaning, how sad!

Scientists who dismiss the supernatural force behind the universe don't offer much hope for young people. If the world were really billions of years old, how come our earth never yet had a major accident colliding with another planet, destroying both?

A life lived on earth for God offers meaning - eternal life in heaven. Science has not yet worked this out.

- - - - - - -

Shortly after launching Book 17, during a few sleepless hours in the night, I was listening to the BBC, London on our ABC radio. A scientist was explaining the process how human life starts inside the womb, when male and female cells come together. Something didn't make sense, which made me search the relevant website and fill in their feedback form:

Subject: Can a cell make decisions?

Hi all,

Our ABC here in Australia broadcast one of your shows. Very interesting, as is your very informative website. During one segment, (I listened to it on the morning of 3.3.19) about how human life inside a mother's womb starts, the scientist kept repeating that a cell decides what it wants to be, if I understood correctly.

If this were the case, how can an intricately woven, perfect human being be the result? In any manufacturing process no part of the end product decides, what it wants to be - a piston in a car can't decide it rather prefers to be a headlight. The maker decides.

Let's bring God, NO. 1, into the equation. The first verse in the bible states that HE made man. HE gives life, when deciding where each cell goes at conception and what function it has. Without NO.1 there would be NO life.

Kind regards from Adelaide, Australia.

PS The date as I write is 3.3.19. Add No.1, which brings us to Psalm 139.13: "For YOU have formed my inward parts. YOU have covered me in my mother's womb."

I am not sure if the recipient grasped my point - No life without NO.1. (The date plus 1 creates the scripture reference.)

To my surprise, within hours this reply landed in my inbox:

Dear Dieter

Thank you for your careful listening, and you did indeed hear correctly. As an embryo develops it makes choices about its developmental fate. These choices are guided by the local milieu, which comprises signals from surrounding cells. These are integrated within the target cell population and guide the "choices" the cell makes regarding how it develops and grows.

What scientists now need to understand is how those choices are reflected in the genetic patterns and signals that operate in the target cells.


Three things stood out from this answer. One, an embryo at that early stage can make decisions! Wow! There must be life somewhere!


Two, an embryo is guided by signals from surrounding cells, i.e. they have senses. There must be created life at work!


Three, scientists admit to not knowing it all. (They don't even know how a cell's choice is reflected in the genetic pattern and what signals operate in the target cells...?)

How timely was above exchange! I had just written extensively against killing unborn, human life. (Previous chapter). Should we now not be even more convinced that destroying an embryo in a mother's womb is unnatural, unethical and unacceptable?

- - - - - - - -

Around the same time, two days after launching Book 17, a natural disaster made headline news around the world. A savage tornado hit the US State of Alabama. My thoughts immediately went two ways. Firstly to my sister, who lives in southern Alabama. Secondly, I recalled that I had just written in chapter 2: "With the breath of HIS mouth God can create a category 5 cyclone."

The March 3rd tornado struck well away from where my sister lives. The more details emerged, however, the more data I recognized which could not all be co-incidence. The worst affected area, sadly with a high death toll, was Lee County, Alabama, about 60 miles east of the capital Montgomery.


<<<  LEE County, Al. USA


In Hebrew the letters EL stand for deity (Almighty God). How spooky to think ...?!

Next I noticed the only Highway to pass through Lee County is 85.  No.185 minus 1 =  HE.


Beauregard took the major brunt of the March 3rd tornado. 

Friends, to turn your back on God, ignoring the creator of the universe, removing the only hope this world has from public life, is the biggest mistake the West, indeed the whole world is making! The consequences are unfathomable.

Friends, God is not punishing the people of Lee County. The world's debt for sin has been paid for by Jesus Christ on the cross 2000 years ago. But God needs to wake up people, whole nations, to demonstrate HIS Power and HIS Love for mankind. May the great nation of America heed the call.       

- - - - - - -

The date was still 3.3.19 when I happened to tune into an American TV Show. A regular morning program was broadcast from Rockefeller Plaza, New York. (On researching their website a surprise came. No.1 was missing - again!) 

<<<  AUS TV Channel 72

On the screen appeared the portrait of this sow. Immediately, it reminded me that I had shown the snout of a pig in the chapter I had published less than a day earlier.


The story was about the flu season (at its peak) and how pigs could help in the hunt for the virus ...?! 

Next item: 'Mourning Joe, climate change threatening coffee industry'. For coffee lovers like me and Joe: Armageddon! 

Pictures: NBC Today (USA)

<<< The Boy in the Window

The very next item really left me in no doubt - somebody, far away, read my autobio and this was a response to Chapter 2, Trump et!

This 19-year old trumpeter was not allowed inside the bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

He's too young. So he simply stays outside and plays along with his band through the window. As I understood the story, the young trumpeter has become a legend on Bourbon Street.

Here is the story headline direct from the NBC website: Raphael Zimmerman isnít allowed to play in bars because heís only 19 but that isnít stopping the young jazz trumpeter. NBCís Kerry Sanders reveals how* found his window of opportunity. 

*he  is missing !?  (AGAIN !!!)

What came at the very end of the segment really nailed it for me. It would be much to great a co-incidence. Young Raphael explained that he has to wait until December 26th to be allowed inside. That's the exact date I had heard Donald Trump's mispronunciation, as reported in the previous chapter!

- - - - - - -

Vehicle of missing hikers >>>


As I write on 12.3.19 the news has come through that two missing hikers were found safe after an extensive search. They had taken a wrong track on Mount Buffalo in Victoria, got disoriented and had spent four nights in the bush.

When my wife and I again heard the news in the morning I prayed and exclaimed: "They will be found today".

Of course, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people praying. So whose prayer was answered? Only God knows. All I know, HE answered my prayer!
<<< ian N Australian N\otors?

This piece of plastic has been on my desk ever since I picked it up on a chair outside a motor wrecker on Jacobson Cres. Holden Hill. Now, 2 1/2 months later, read on how Ian (next chapter) and Jacobson fit into the picture.

- - - - - - -

In early February 2019 two events in Melbourne caused me to take the opportunity to take a road trip. It had been since August 2016 since the last visit to Victoria's mega city. The two events happened to be one week apart, so why not stay and make a short holiday out of it? 

Later, after having checked out both dates, did I realize if I went to both and stayed I'd be in Victoria for the tenth anniversary of Australia's biggest natural disaster! So it was. 

My wife did not want to travel with me. Melbourne was not her favourite destination and her elderly mother was very much on her mind. (The same moment I am typing here, she is arriving from a visit to Agnes' nursing home.) Travelling solo does have its advantages. You make all the decisions, including where and when to stop or what to photograph. There were plenty of both.

I had not planned to stop at Beaufort, having spent the night in nearby Ararat. But when I saw there was a market happening that Saturday morning, my brakes almost activated automatically. It was a superb, sunny morning for a stroll under the shady trees, browsing all kinds of stalls, handcrafts, bric-a-brac and second hand stuff.

While browsing what's on offer, I was on the phone to a friend. Suddenly, my eyes fell onto a book:

<<< Howard Jacobson struck me as funny. At that moment I was speaking to a man named Howard.

A thriller by ...N Grisham took me back to our recent Tasmania trip

Note price labels:

$ 1  and  $ 3.

My diary reminds me that a lady, dressed in black and white striped (BWS) top kept following me around. This must sound real paranoid to readers! During this short holiday the BWS fixation was at its peak!.

My destination that day was Howard Street, North Melbourne, where I stayed at the YHA Hostel. The first event that afternoon took me to Mentone (nice name). A Catholic organization, which stands up firmly and speaks out fearlessly for traditional values, was celebrating its 40th anniversary. A prominent Federal politician, formerly a Senior Minister in the Howard ( ! ) Government, was the keynote speaker.

His insight into Canberra's politics and moral attitudes was enlightening and frightening at the same time. The direction some of our leaders want to take us could mean, one day Christian preachers could be dragged before the courts for simply stating what the bible teaches on moral issues.

Friends, it is one thing for people to distance themselves from biblical teaching, it's quite another when godless leaders make laws which prohibit believers from speaking out against their godlessness.

Psalm 94, Verse 20 says it plainly: "...destructive national leaders plan wicked things misusing the law..." (ISV).

It gets worse: "They gather together against the righteous, condemning the innocent to death."

However, HE has the final say: "But the Lord is my stronghold, and my God, the rock, is my refuge. HE will repay them for their sin; HE will annihilate them because of their evil." (Verses 21-23). 

- - - - - - -

The next day, Sunday 3.2.19, I went to two church services in Melbourne, morning and evening. They could not have been any more extreme opposites. One was the 10 AM service a young, pentecostal congregation - flashing coloured lights, up beat rock music and very noisy. (Yes, blessed assurance, I am of the old school). 

The other church service was the Evensong inside the huge Anglican Saint Pauls Cathedral opposite Federation Square. There also were lights (candles), singing was by a traditional choir, dressed in long robes. The noisiest part was the prelude by the imposing pipe organ.

(When the priest offered a prayer for the sick, I thought that I heard him mention the name Ian Mason. Did I hear correctly ...? Next chapter). 

Visiting two completely different church services, all worshipping the same Jesus, made me ask: Which style of worship does God prefer, quiet and traditional or noisy and exuberant? What worship will there be in heaven?

If there is an answer at all to this question, this is it: God is not impressed by any style of worship. God looks at the heart of people. He knows our innermost thoughts and weighs up the intention, our real motive springing from deep within our being, our heart.

" Every way of a man is right in his own eyes. But the Lord weighs the heart." (Proverbs 21, 2).

The lively service in the morning was on City Road, South Melbourne. I was late, so the music had almost finished. The sermon by young dynamic Russell was based on 1. John 5, 13-16. His key points, in three words were Capacity and Confidence and Compassion.


<<< Keyword COMPASSION

The subject was prayer. Christians who believe in the name of the Son of God have the capacity to ask anything, if it is according to HIS will, HE has the compassion to grant our request. The confidence is not in our effort, but trust in HIM, who is able. 

Note ION - turned around becomes NOI.

The next evening my path led me to another kind of service. At Melbourne's Exhibition Hall, which was built in 1888, a memorial service was being held for the victims of the Black Saturday fires ten years earlier. The actual date was three days later, 7.02.2009. But some of the dignitaries may not have been able to change important appointments.

As I cycled down Victoria Road from the hostel I spotted a distinguished limousine, registration number C 1, coming the other way. Our Prime Minister may have been already en route back to the airport. The event had obviously finished when I arrived and just observed from a distance.


Exhibition Hall 1888 >>>

Researching the memorial service online for this chapter, a spooky number emerged. I certainly did not plan any of it.

The No. is not 1, but 173.

The date of publishing is 17.3. It happens to be Book 17, Chapter. 3. The death toll in this, Australia's worst natural disaster was 173. 

May Australia return to the only true God!

"Now this is eternal life; that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent." (John 17, 3). 


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