Chapter 14 Written / Published 29.9/11.10.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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My late mother-in-law, finally had her wish granted to be in heaven with her Lord. Life and death are fundamentals, which our modern, largely godless society is tampering with. I can't help by speak out against abortion.


We finally come to the new developments in the Peter Liddy case, flagged a few chapters back. Reviewing the case, bringing back another Peter, involves some repetition. Even after almost 20 years, looking at various angles, old information takes on new meaning. I'm as convinced as ever that a great justice has occurred.


The truth about an unsolved murder case in Western Australia is only now (2019) coming to the surface. It took 40 years to reach this point, a long time to wait for justice.


But compared to eternity, which the human mind can't fully understand, four decades is but a blink of the eye in God's sight; a day like a thousand years. (2.Peter, 3, 8).


14. No life in the river

On August 18th, 2019 I witnessed a person dying. Never before had I seen someone during the final moments of their life. My parents died on the other side of the world. The news of the passing of my mother did not reach me until a week later. To this day I don't know why. 

Isobel's mother, Agnes Rose, had developed swelling in her arm, hand and legs. It got so bad, she was admitted to hospital, where things improved; but only marginally. Her nearly 98 year-old, frail body was transferred back to her nursing home on Friday August 16th, 2019. Isobel and I stayed in her room most of Saturday. With the curtains closed, the dark room had an air of gloom about it. Her dying mother was no longer conscious. Earlier that day she had been put on end-of-life-care. 

On Sunday afternoon I sat by Agnes' beside. The movement of the bed sheet, up and down just a few millimeters, indicated she was still breathing. A few times it stopped for what seemed like ages, but I counted only 10 or 15 seconds or so. Then she would start breathing again, before a long pause. Each time this happened I wondered, would the bed sheet start moving again?

Isobel was keeping our little grandson Jacob (3) entertained, while 6 year-old Aidan was out with his mother, our daughter Michelle. Jacob didn't understand and played happily with whatever was around to keep him entertained. While we sat beside Agnes I reflected, how 50 years ago she had accepted me as a young man into their family. I got to know them very well. We went to church together for a few years in a little Gospel chapel, just north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Neutral Bay.

When we lived in Hobart Agnes and her late husband Charles visited us a few times. She also came down on her own soon after her husband of nearly 40 years had died suddenly. Agnes seldom showed emotion, but during that visit she shed some tears, naturally. 

The time of the clock showed 4.10 PM. It was the time that dear old Agnes' heart stopped beating. She had breathed her final breath. God had finally met her heart's desire, to be with HIM and united with her husband in heaven.

In Loving Memory

Agnes Rose Newton

*27.8.1921       t18.8.2019

One of Agnes' and Charles favourite sayings came from the bible: Absent from the body, present with the Lord. (2. Corinthians. 5, 8).

- - - - - - -

Did I have a foreboding about Agnes' death? Five days before her passing, at the end of Chapter 9, I wrote these words: "One day, friends, all will take one final journey."

That day, August 13th, 2019, another death occurred. A member of our congregation, a young father, not yet 40 years old, lost his battle with cancer. I felt led to attend his funeral, which took place a few days before that of Agnes. Because I had published chapters 9 & 10 on 13.8. somehow my numbers brain noticed a peculiar parallel between the two deceased.

As I sat in church at the funeral, looking at the screen, I learned that the young man had died just 10 days short of his birthday. Agnes had died 9 days short of her birthday.

The age difference between them amounted to 58 years and 1 day. At the time I had written much about numbers 85 and 185. What does it all mean? Is it just another example of a crazy mind going into overdrive, for no reason?

If there is any meaning to be found, it's this: God knows exactly the hour and minute each of us is going to die. Life and death are all in HIS hand. Should not every human being on earth consider this? It's one way of becoming wise:

"Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90, Verse 12).

Christians do not have to fear death. This life is only temporal. Christians look forward to eternal life with Jesus Christ, their Lord and Saviour.

"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." (Romans 8, 18)

- - - - - - -


It is evildoers who need to fear death. If they believe in an afterlife or not is irrelevant. The scriptures are plain about it. Christians in the western world are astounded, or they should be, how rapidly public morality is changing! Society in general is moving in the wrong direction, turning their backs on God. Everyone wants to do their own thing. If they don't get their way, they protest. There always seems to be one group or another on the news, who succeeded in having the attention of the media to air their grievances.

Does anybody ever consider what the root problem of society is? It is sin - the violation of the Ten Commandments! It has happened ever since Adam and Eve. The trouble is that the most important commandment - to love the Lord your God, passionately with our whole being and to live life according to HIS teaching - is ignored. (Luke 10, 27).

Jesus' way of dealing with our neighbour, to love them as you love yourself and, treat them as you would want to be treated, has changed into: Sue thy neighbour for the most trivial matter, and try to make a few bucks for yourself!

Sin has been in the world ever since Eve persuaded her man Adam to "just do it; nobody will know; it tastes good!" But the modern, liberal trend, law makers sanctioning sin by legalizing it, is relatively new. It is of grave concern to those, who prefer to live in a society that fears God; those who know that God's wrath will come upon evil doers.

During the composition of this chapter the 119 year-old laws regarding abortion were overturned by the New South Wales Parliament. Previously, abortions were only legal if a doctor deemed there was a “serious risk” to a woman’s physical or mental health. Unlawful abortion was previously listed in the Crimes Act. It carried a possible penalty of 10 years in prison for a woman, who administered her own abortion. (Source: Australian Prayer Network).

On Twitter, MP... (a female co-sponsor of the bill whose name is not worth typing here) praised the move as a “massive step forward for women & other pregnant *people that came “not a minute too soon.”

*Who besides women are pregnant people? What utter bulldust from a Member of Parliament! 

No matter how hard you try and twist the facts, the truth is that a fetus is a living human being, not merely a lump of meat to be thrown into a bucket and discarded! 

The truth is, those godless feminists, who claim they have a right over their own body, are hypocrites. Doesn't the growing human being they are carrying also have rights, the right to be nurtured and to be born?


<<< Human life in the womb

The heart beats, it's all there - hands, feet, fingers, toes, the head. The blood is flowing! To just destroy it, legally or otherwise, can only be compared to murdering a defenseless victim.

Who would get away with destroying a motor car on the assembly line, just because it's not on the road yet? 

Pro-abortionists are liars. Their philosophy comes straight from the pit of hell - a stench in the nostrils of God, who will not let evil remain unpunished!

May I remind every reader here - you were once a fetus just like the one in above image! What if your mother had said: "I changed my mind, I don't think I can cope with another baby?" She then rings the clinic in *Macquarie Street and makes an appointment to have that lump of meat (YOU!) removed and you were thrown into a bucket? 

She wouldn't have done that to a healthy tooth. A healthy baby, no worries, because our leaders just up the road in Macquarie Street (Parliament House) have said, it's OK to do so! Shame on all of you, who created iniquity by law!


*I had googled abortion in Australia and picked this clinic, because it came up as first result. I continued googling in preparation for the next part of the chapter. What amazing link I discovered next ... read on!

Friends, God is more clever than the most brilliant scientist and mightier than the most powerful politician.

- - - - - - -

                                Lake Learmonth jetty minus H2O !

As I write in October 2019 farmers in regional New South Wales (and Victoria) are in desperate need for rain. Some dairy farmers, especially, are in dire straights, forced to leave their farms, which had been in the family for generations. The Guardian reports:

"Large parts of the Macquarie River have dried up completely, as the state remains in the grip of one of the most severe droughts on record. It is forecast to dry up completely by Nov. 2019. The towns of Dubbo, Cobar, Nyngan and Narromine are the first to run out of water." (Paul Karp, 15.9.19)

(Pic Laughlan Bence) 


Those who think it's ludicrous to link the weather with the sins of a nation, think again. It's very clear in King Solomon's Prayer of Dedication for his people, recorded in the book of Kings, that God can influence the weather. Why would Solomon, who is often labeled the wisest man who ever lived, pray the following words, unless he knew that his people's sin could be the cause of lack of rain?

"When the skies shrivel up and there is no rain because your people have sinned against you, but then they pray at this place, acknowledging your rule and quitting their sins because you have scourged them, listen from your home in heaven, forgive the sins of your servants, your people Israel.

Then start over with them: Train them to live right and well; send rain on the land you gave your people as an inheritance."

(1.Kings 8, Verses 35-36, The Message bible)

A jetty needs water!  

When I photographed this jetty near the mouth of the Murray River in September 2019, no particular reason, I was not even thinking of Verse 14 in 2 Chronicles Ch. 7. But the numbers are all there:

14 support pillars, 2 rows, 7 on each side.

Thank God for God's Word. It holds the key to solving the drought at grass root level.

The hope for planet earth:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”   (2.Chr.7, 14)

Very early in the Old Testament God promised:

"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and winter and summer and days and night shall not cease. (Genesis 8, 22) 

In the very next chapter we read that God gave a symbol, a sign to back HIS promise - the rainbow. But what on earth have they done with that symbol? Shameful!

- - - - - - -

Friends, politicians and scientists may think they can lower the earth temperature. Even if they were able to and enforce laws to limit everyone's accumulation of possessions and/or energy consumption, there would be no guarantee of success. It would only take one furious volcano to release a titanic amount of harmful emissions for months or years on end to undo even the best of human effort.

Even if humans in a concerted effort could reduce global warming, would young people, those who are marching in Melbourne against global warming this very moment as I type, be willing to make sacrifices? It's easy to scribble a clever slogan on a placard and wave it in the street with thousands of other hysterical teenagers.

Would those same teenagers be prepared to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk - walk or cycle to school or take public transport? 

Would those young ladies, whose religion has become climate change, dare to keep their shower time to 3 minutes a day? 

Would young mothers, who get emotional about saving the environment go back to cloth nappies (diapers), instead of using zillions of disposables for convenience?

From experience, raising four children, teenagers take more like 20 minutes to shower. They prefer Mum's taxi, rather than public transport. Suggest they could walk to school 3 kilometers, you could be up for child abuse! And what on earth are cloth nappies, I hear some young mothers ask?

- - - - - - -

In the world news in late September 2019 appeared a sad-faced, rage-filled, impudent, 16 year old, Swedish environmental activist. 

(Bob Thomas, the editor of online magazine New Life described her that way and added that she was being shamefully exploited and is obviously in need of spiritual help.)

How she managed to take center stage at the UN New York, and have world leaders come flocking to listen to her angry tirade, I find most incredible? I only agreed with her first sentence: "Some people say I should be in school..." 

Young people who want action on climate change, halt global warming, should be prepared to change first! They should heed the GLOBAL WARNING:

Change direction, turn away from immoral living, turn back to God, live by the Ten Commandments. "The wages of sin is death." (Romans 6, 23).

If one day this angry young Swedish girl were to ask: "Why were we not told this truth, why did we never learn anything about God and HIS son Jesus in school?" Then I would be prepared  to listen to the rest of what her troubling mind has to say.

Young girls are lied to, brainwashed into believing that if you fall pregnant, don't worry, you can always have an abortion, it won't affect you! (How can anyone just fall pregnant, like tripping on a footpath and when they stand up again - voila - pregnant?) 

How many woman are warned that they may develop mental problems, knowing they have killed their own flesh and blood, simply because it had not yet been born? I often visit nursing homes and see elderly, often senile women cradling a doll. It may be that some lost a child tragically? But how many of them had abortions and never forget their unborn child, forever living with guilt and regret? A doll is a poor substitute. 


- - - - - - -

Is there anything worse than politicians, who support feminists in making barbaric laws that allows the killing of human life? Yes, there is. There are two occupations, in my opinion: A corrupt police officer and a journalist who does not report the truth. Some smooth over things, saying since only a very small number of police are corrupt, overall it's not too bad. Really?

Let's pick a small number, 1/10th of a percent. That is only 5 out of 5000 who are corrupt. That's not many, true. But if you had 5 motorists out of the millions in New York decide to drive on the wrong side of the road, it would create chaos very quickly. That's how I view the scourge of crooked police officers. 

Before coming to the Peter Liddy case, which I had flagged I would a few chapter ago, a broadcast on our ABC television is fresh on my mind. 

A 44 year old, unsolved homicide, labeled 'state sanctioned murder', was finally coming to the fore. What I learned about the case, the fatal shooting of a woman in Perth in 1975, fits in here very well: corrupt police and politicians were all part of it. The most shocking fact - a police officer was allegedly responsible for the murder, yet it was all covered up for over four decades. Witnesses were too frightened to speak out before.

As I googled the case of Shirley Finn (on I could not believe that such evil could have happened and the injustice left unpunished for so long. It made me think, maybe the questions I had asked over the years, the possibility of police acting unlawfully, may be taken a little more seriously?

On I opened the link to a short video and watched the 1.20 minute segment. One witness had been harassed by police since 1975. Twenty years after the event, he gave a statement to police. Another two decades later he admitted to not having told the whole truth the first time. He did not trust police. Now was his last chance to come clean. (The policeman, the alleged murderer, had since died).

As the video screened I saw something extraordinary. To anyone else it was nothing but a lady wearing a shoulder-less dress. It made me press the pause button immediately. By now I had been getting used to seeing BWS (black and white stripes). But this one stirred up my curious mind: Were all these BWS I had seen and written about in the past year a lead up to this?

Pics. starfish / PerthNow

<<< Shirley Finn  t

The prostitute mother of three lived a dangerous life. Her friends and clients included underworld figures, police and politicians.

As the video rolled, seconds later the vehicle showed, where her dead body had been found inside. A large amount of money was found in the boot (trunk).

Forgive me, but I must mention its registration plate - 961, the reverse of a plate I had come across and shown two chapters back - 169.

Long ago, in Book 1, Ch. 71 it was a Dodge van, where I thought I could die at any moment. I was on the run, dodging a phantom pursuer in southern California; weird, but true. It's been an unbelievable journey since. 

The morning after pasting above images here, my eyes suddenly opened to a new revelation, another photo in Chapter 1 leading to a link in the Peter Liddy case. Perhaps there is a supernatural, underlying rationale to this strange obsession with black and white striped clothing, which started in October 2018, a year before this chapter? (Read on). 

No doubt, Australians will hear more above the above murder case! The truth can't remain hidden forever. 

This takes us finally to the Liddy case, which I had flagged to do a few chapters back. The public of South Australia has never been told the full version of the case. The printed media, the Adelaide Advertiser, as well as television's Channel Seven, since day one have always played the same tune, labelling the magistrate of a notorious pedophile, a magistrate child abuser.

Google explains the meaning of notorious as "famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed." Peter Liddy can only be described by that term, because of the media's shallow, headline grabbing way of reporting. If the full story were investigated and the findings made public, the full picture of our corrupt society would crystallize. That's the reason I keep on writing, to tell there's another side to this story, to let the light shine on the truth that sets the prisoner free.

The new development in the case may dispel the speculation, the hearsay that occasionally reached my ears, that Peter was going dement or senile. Why people would say this, I don't know; neither how they found out?

When I phoned Mount Gambier Prison and enquired earlier this year, the prison clerk on the telephone did not even tell me if Peter was still alive, let alone gave any information about his health! 

Had Peter lost his mind, nobody could blame him, having served 18 years jail time innocently. At one stage I wanted to believe those rumors about Peter's mental health. Perhaps somebody spread these, so people like me would stop writing to him or give up fighting for his release. If he had become senile, would Peter still understand his predicament and express the desire to be released? But that's just what he did.

A media report in January 2019 pointed to the fact that in 2019 Peter could be applying for bail. (Correction: This should read parole.)  In April the news was that he officially applied for parole, a process that is controlled by Department of Correctional Services, the Parole Board.

Suddenly, the case made front page news again! The Adelaide Advertiser on August 15th, 2019 once again had a story to stir public emotion against the jailed magistrate on the front page:

Liddy may die in jail >>>

The article by the chief court reporter, in the first paragraph, mentions also a convicted pedophile Colin Charles Humphreys, even when the two cases have nothing to do with each other - an old trick to paint someone in a bad light by association! 

The article continues, explaining that 'The Advertiser had championed' amendments [to the law] which were passed by parliament with bi-partisan support, to keep Humphreys locked up forever. These laws could now be used to declare Peter Liddy "an 'uncontrollable predator' - and leave him to die in jail." 

May I ask, is it the newspaper's job to put forward amendments to the law? Isn't their job to report on proposed amendments? As I understand, it is politicians who propose amendments to the law!

Another classic: Associate your organisation with the word champion! Winners don't have a need to brag about themselves, openly or in a subtle way.

The article continues, stirring alleged victims and family into writing to the parole board [to keep Peter locked up forever]. Next comes this sentence: "He [Peter Liddy] has never shown remorse, nor has he demonstrated in any way that he has rehabilitated."

May I ask, why would you steadfastly maintain that you are innocent, which Peter had done, and at the same time express remorse for your action? From the pen of a journalist one would expect more common sense! And just how would you demonstrate, from a locked up prison cell, that you have rehabilitated, whatever that entails?

On page two, where the journalist got Peter's age wrong by about four or five years, comes this sentence: "Under the changed laws, pedophiles must convince mental health experts that they pose no risk to the community, before they can be considered for parole." 

May I ask, how can you convince experts that you are no longer a risk to the community, while you are being locked up in jail? How does that work in practice? Any criminal could lie. By nature that's what they do. It shouldn't take an expert to know this.

"I'm a good man now; won't do it again, if you let me go home."


<<< Released from jail


In September 2019 a man was set free from prison after he had served his sentence.


Convicted child killer and pedophile Michael Guider was released from Long Bay jail after serving 23 years. He had drugged, molested and killed a little girl.           Pic.DailyTelegraph)

Peter never killed anybody. He loved animals and probably wouldn't kill a fly. In Book 5 Chapter 13, I wrote a summary of the court case, after spending hours working through the transcript. That was 13 years ago.  Since then some shocking events have occurred, which I have already written about. Let me review two, one of which clearly casts doubt that Peter had uncontrollable urges to mess with little boys.

- - - - - - - 

In the light of the Shirley Finn case, a woman allegedly killed by police, the death of Rhonda immediately comes to mind (Bk10, Ch.2). In April 2011 the 58 year-old school teacher from Kapunda was found hanged outside the town. Police classed it as a suicide. No further questions asked, at least not by police.

Here is at least one question that should have been asked:

Why would a healthy, intelligent, working wife and mother suddenly do way with herself? Her husband, whom I spoke to face to face, was totally shocked and could not explain why she would do such a tragic thing? 

Then I received explosive information. The lady had been a neighbour of Peter Liddy. Her three boys had many times, over a ten-year period, spent much time at the Liddy mansion. Peter showed them his collected treasures and watched Peter feed his magpies etc. But nothing ever sinister took place; nothing that would paint Peter as a predator of little boys. The opposite was the case. He was kind to them.

Three detectives interviewed her sons. They wanted them to say that Mr. Liddy had abused them. A boy in the neighbourhood named Cameron, they alleged, had been badly abused, therefore they should also speak out against their  magistrate neighbour, in support of the other 'victim'. Peter writes that it was all lies.

The brave lady went to Peter's solicitor and told him all of this. The legal practitioner ignored her damning, new information. Why he never acted on it, is another unanswered question. If it was the same solicitor I had spoken to in his office, it would not be surprising. One time I had made an appointment with Peter's solicitor. He listened and was surprised that I knew so many details about the case. But again, no action; all filed in the too-hard basket. 

- - - - - - -

The other example, also written in one of my earlier books, involved the worst kind of bullying by the media. It was the TV soap operetta Today Tonight (Channel Seven), which came up with a two-night special. What they said was totally untrue, speculated slander, pure television gossip. The producer's superstar for the performance was a former inmate at Yatala jail. He appeared on camera, no face shown, no name given, and told this tall tale:

While in G-Division Peter was writing children's books on a computer. The discs were then smuggled out, possibly with the help of a prison warden. An outside supporter then took the discs to a printer and they were published. The author's name was given as A. Friend.

The underlying, ludicrous suggestion was that Peter was somehow trying to connect with little children, gaining some kind of gratification, as parents were reading his stories to their children. 

What a lot of bulldust! Peter never had access to a computer. I learned this very early on from correspondence with him.

Former police minister >>>

Today Tonight wasted the time of the then Police Minister, Peter Malinauskas and interviewed him for this slanderous piece of journalism. He stated emphatically that PL (the other Peter) had no access to a computer.

Malinauskas: "If any prison officer is found to have acted unlawfully [helped smuggling tapes out of jail] they will find themselves in prison." (Makes sense!)

Watching the video again I noticed one marked difference between the Police Minister and interviewer Rosanna Mangiarelli, who many years ago happened to be one of my driving school students. 

The former police minister acted in a very professional manner. He showed a degree of respect and decency, by referring to Peter always as "Mr. Liddy".

The interviewer, however, possibly reading from a script doing her job, constantly kept referring to the magistrate prisoner as "Liddy". 

The use of appropriate adjectives, disgraced; public is shocked, sickened, alarmed, is a good example of brainwashing by the media. That's how the case had snowballed in the first place! 

The 4-minute video ends with: "We will certainly follow up on the investigation!" Nothing, so far in three years, at least not online that I could find a link to.

Here's the truth: The jailed, creative magistrate did indeed write a book. He created many pages, using pencil and paper, during the long, lonely hours in his cell. A supporter openly took them to a bookbinder and four or five copies were printed. 

For a few days I had one copy at my place to look at. The sheer size of the book would have made it very unsuitable as a children's book. The detailed, fine sketches, illustrating the stories, may have kept him from going insane?

There is a reason I am repeating the incident here. It's the name of the magpie in Peter's stories. It's called BB. (Note the name). 

In mid August 2019, as part of my voluntary work with German Seniors, my client, my wife and I were going for a coffee. We let him decide which Cafe to choose. Arriving at the shopping mall we walked past a few places, but then decided to turn back and sit down at the first Cafe we had passed. I had never been there before.

Sipping coffee, enjoying a cake, my old friend had a few stories to tell. He like having my wife with us. On the way out, paying for the coffees, I noticed a newspaper on a side table, for customers to read. It was a copy of The Advertiser, our only daily paper in Adelaide. On the front page was the headline "Liddy May Die in Jail", the one shown earlier in the chapter. 

What came next takes us straight to the Liddy case: Walking out of the cafe I noticed the name of it, something that even my observant mind had not noticed until then:


<<< BB's Cafe 

My apologies to my wife and my German senior friend. They thought they were the reason I suddenly got my camera out of my pocket to snap this photo!

In the very first chapter of this, Book 17, you will find a picture, also taken in a cafe, also showing the same German gentleman. In the background, by surprise, a lady showed, who was wearing a black and white striped dress. Now, many months later, I had occasion to report on a murdered woman, possibly killed by corrupt police. She is pictured wearing black and white striped clothing.

- - - - - - -

Earlier in the year 2019, after Peter's application for parole had been announced, I wrote to three politicians, whose comments I had read in the newspaper. I knew that they didn't know the full story. I explained in my simple fashion what I had researched, including the damning statement of one victim (the career criminal) who had stated that he had never been abused as a child. This alone should have raised serious doubts about Mr. Liddy's guilt and this witness' truthfulness. 

As I read this letter again, preparing this chapter, a new thought came. Like a detective going over an unsolved case again, a piece of information suddenly made sense.



<<< Mount Saint Rose, Kapunda.

During my research I visited the neighbourhood of the Liddy mansion. One person told me: "The same night after Peter was arrested, starting around midnight, they heard a truck arrive at the Liddy mansion, shown here when it was for sale.  

For the next hour or so stuff was loaded onto the truck and later driven away. This confirmed, in my mind, what the late Mrs Liddy had told me. She suspected the police to have taken these items, because they were the only people she thought would have known the security code into the room, where the millionaire's treasures were kept. 

The question has to be asked: How could legal authorities proceed so early in a case, taking property from an accused, when he or she had only just been arrested, not even tried or convicted yet?

What makes sense now is the statement I had read online on the *Police Association Journal, where one detective wrote: "We had to give that bit extra to ensure a 100 % conviction of the accused." 

(*In Bk 13,Ch. 5 the date given July 73 must be a misprint

The statement, however, is correct!)

Just imagine, the magistrate would have been found not guilty and returned to his residence to discover all his treasures had been taken? His first project would be to find out, who the thieves were?

The Shadow Attorney-General, Mr. Maher, did not reply at all to my earlier mentioned letter. Ms. Bonaros, from the SA Best Party did. She sent a reply, which in essence said: "Can't help, nothing wrong". She may have tried to impress how much she knew of the case. But it took only a little googling to realize, she copied text from the ABC's website, word for word. 

But one can't fault SA Best Party's slogan on their website: Real change you can trust. (What? Trust a political party...?)

The Attorney General, Ms. Chapman, must have directed one of her staff to sent me a reply. It simply stated that my correspondence has been brought to the attention of the Attorney General. Nothing more, nothing since. (The legalization of prostitution in South Australia must be foremost issue on her mind at the present time! Why would the highest authority on law and order be interested in a man serving 25 years jail time innocently?)

- - - - - - -

The above mentioned headline - Liddy may die in jail - came as a bombshell. What was behind this move I wondered and wanted to do something; but what?

In times like these one feels to take up a sword and wield it to force evil into submission. But the pen is mightier then the sword. How could I be writing a book titled 'Trust, HE is Able' and then take things into my own hands? God is always in control, of this I am convinced.

It is one thing to deny PL parole and let him serve his full 25 years, but quite another to keep him locked up forever, robbing him of any hope he might have for freedom one day. This latest, possibly worst, scenario called for another letter to an authority, which I'd rather not disclose. It took me a few days, over a week, of digesting the bad news, before I finally put pen to paper.

Typing the three page letter, I thought, perhaps the seed of my words may fall on some fertile soil? I again explained all the facts, all the first hand information I knew. The letter was dated 26th August 2019. It ended with this sentence: "He [Mr. Liddy] has served 18 years and deserves a second chance!"  

Looking back I don't know why I had used the words second chance. All I wanted to express that he deserves a chance to prove he's not a dangerous man, a chance to clear his name. Maybe there was a reason why I used these words? 

There was. I can only ascribe it to God's perfect guidance and timing. Take a look:

Second Chance >>>

That same evening, August 26, after having posted my lengthy letter earlier, I opened Our Daily Bread bible reading.

In the first line I read the words  Second Chance. Checking later, those were the exact two words I had ended the letter with. God's timing!

 In my mind such an incident is God showing up, saying: "I'm here, I'm with you. Trust ME, I'm able!" HIS will will be done. You can bank on it! 


Friends, as I have written before, it is politics that keeps former Magistrate Peter Liddy, the longest serving at the time, behind bars. Imagine, if the full truth were to come out and made public, if the alleged victims were honest and tell how it really was, the embarrassment it would cause to all those, who took part in this wrong - the police, the judiciary, the media and not the least politicians? But who likes to admit they made a mistake?

And if your lawyer is lazy and/or corrupt, what chance have you got winning the fight for justice from inside a prison cell? If the former magistrate were set free on parole, he'd have the expertise, the thorough knowledge of the law to clear his name.

A German resistance fighter, executed in 1943 for standing up against the Nazi regime, put it this way: 

"There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice."
(Kurt Huber, quoted on

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On that fateful Sunday morning, Anzac Day in 1999, Psalm 94 was reverberating in my brain. It was my bible reading, picked at random that morning from the booklet 'Every Day with Jesus'. Two verses gripped my thinking: Verse 16, who will stand up for me, against the evil doers? This challenge may have been the catalyst for my standing up, interrupting a church service to read the entire Psalm 94. 

The other verse in this psalm, Verse 20, very strongly points to the evil of society. In the International Standard Version it reads: 

 "...destructive national leaders ... plan wicked things through misuse of the law!"

Nothing has changed in over 2000 years. Mankind has not yet learned this lesson:

Only God, through Jesus Christ, can bring true justice and eternal peace!


Chapter 15