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Right at the end of Chapter 11 we read the familiar phrase there was more. In this chapter more came literally and, depending on the reader's view, supernaturally. The letter t is tangled up with more. However, the typing error in the introduction to the previous chapter (scrip without t) was a simple mistake.

But then, the divine scriptwriter, passionately obsessed with the t made something really special out of this mistake in the end. 


(Please note, two subjects I had flagged in earlier chapters, the death of my mother in law Agnes and a development in the Liddy case will follow in Chapter 14, God willing.) 


13. Giving more t

In psychology the term pattern recognition, as I understand it, includes the phenomenon of an increased awareness of certain patterns. In an earlier book I described it this way: When your friend buys a new car, say a green VW, you suddenly become aware how many green VWs of that make and model are out there. Previously, there were just as many, but you took little notice.

Some skeptical readers may dismiss much of my pattern recognition for that same reason. However, it's the sheer  volume of links that I see, co-incidences that cross my path that I feel compelled to make sense of. In my mind, writing it all down, thinking it through again in these chapters, is very therapeutic. In time I will come to terms with what is happening.

A thought came around the time of this chapter: Perhaps my endless, trivial observations years ago, such as picking up bits of paper and finding a message had a purpose? It made sense at the time. Had I dismissed it all as just an after effect of the serious mental breakdown I had gone through, I may never have progressed to bigger things.

There was a time when I thought that my odyssey with odd numbers surely must be coming to an end. It hasn't so far. When my chapters started to play with the ABC123 code, I never imagined how far they would be taking us. 

Possibly because of this phenomenon of pattern recognition, after Chapter 11 my observant eyes and creative mind kept crossing paths with the digits i and t. Here is a classical example:

Pic TV Channels Ten and Seven.

<<< Football jersey numbers

A football team was shown on television. At first I only decoded NOS 9 and 20 as i t. Thinking about it later, the number 8 on the far left completes Hit.

Here's a puzzle: Why did I paint the additional number 7 on the blue shirt ?

Answer: The seventh letter G completes the letters for YTHGIM. As in, our God is all_ _ _ _ _ _ 

The phenomena of the microphone and cable, how it keeps revealing letters or pictures on the church screen, does not seem to abate during Sunday church services. The previous two Sundays before this writing, it again struck me with such precision, I had to question, if I was seeing things? I regularly feel urged to take a picture, to document what I see. Perhaps, it's as much for you the reader, as for myself to prove I had not gone senile.

(The difference between insane and senile is simply age! Those who once called me insane have to agree: I have matured, ha ha).

To appreciate the following magic on the church screen, readers must know this: For the first time in years I had to visit a mobile phone store. There was an issue with my camera. I was able to take photographs with my Samsung, no problem, but was unable to transfer them onto my computer. No pictures to back up my magic stories was unthinkable.

Two days later, on Sunday morning 29.9.19, right at the beginning of church magic came. We sat toward the back of the auditorium, next to a friend. (Unlike some parishioners, we don't always sit in exactly the same seat). On the screen the theme for that Sunday came up in text, back by a graphic - a young man sitting on brick wall, head down, using an electronic gadget. The actual devise, one must assume was a mobile phone, so small, it didn't actually show. Take a look yourself:

Getting connected

The microphone itself, not the cable, ends exactly at the spot, where the person is holding his mobile device. 

I pondered for a moment, thinking: Since this is so, anyone sitting in another seat in the auditorium would not have the above perspective! (Except, perhaps, the other microphone did it also? But then, I may be the only one even seeing a cable hanging from the ceiling?

As the congregation stood for prayer, nobody was sitting right ahead of us, I sat down quickly and snapped above picture. If everyone had their eyes closed while praying, nobody's worship was interrupted in any way. My wife by now had gotten used to me taking pictures. She tolerates it. I love it. A week prior, I had done the same. Back then I had taken even more (pictures).

That Sunday (on 22.9, note the date) my diary reads: "In the morning, somehow I knew that church today would bring 'something special'. Yet I didn't search for it." 

More than ever before, that morning I wondered how it all can happen the way it did? Fortunately, I had my camera with me. (The transfer to the P/C problem has been solved temporarily by emailing each photo to myself). 

That morning my wife had sat down first. I sat in the seat to her left. Why she asked me to sit on the other side, I didn't understand. But as an obedient 'yes-dear-husband' I obeyed. Looking back, had I not changed seats I would have missed out on some more, incredibly amazing magic; no other words to describe it. The first graphic, below was only the start of what was to followed, see it all for yourself:

<<< Children's message

There was  i t  again, letters E S, the German word for it. After seeing this slide on the screen, I wondered, was there more to come? There was indeed!


Just before the service started, the brass band played a song by British Salvation Army Captain Joy Webb. The lyrics were projected onto the screen: I want to sing it, I want to shout it, I want to tell you all about it; the love of Jesus; it brings glory to my soul ...

The word it dominates this song. In the full version it actually occurs 11 times!

Pity I was too slow reacting; no picture, only this recreation (from memory) how one verse came up: On the far left the microphone cable covered two letters ... I I. 

 How peculiar! I immediately thought of Chapter 11, where  I I  is actually part of the title in that memorable chapter?


What appeared next was even more ...? Let me explain. The theme that morning was 'Giving - Faith in Action'. The preacher started out by saying that Jesus spoke more about money and possessions than any other subject. The congregation was challenged that morning to examine our giving. Could you be giving more, I understood, was the underlying message. Giving to the work in God's kingdom may involve a sacrifice? (Note the keywords - more and sacrifice!

As usual the bible text was displayed at the front on the screen. They were the words of Jesus, spoken  in the Sermon on the Mount. HE explains how futile it is to be worrying about things. The graphic of the text stayed on the screen for a fair few moments; long enough for me to do that thing again - read the letters behind the microphone cable:

Text: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body what you will wear. Is not life more important that food, and the body more important than clothes? Look how God provides for the birds of the air. Look how he provides for the lilies of the field." (Matthew 6, 25 - 26)


<<< e o m r t

It took a while, but when I suddenly saw the word more, it spooked me. But where to put the t?

Of course! Is there a better symbol for sacrifice than t?

I saw the essence of the message in above: more (giving) sacrificially.


On 1 October 2019 after opening my P/C I clicked on the doodle on Google search. Below is a montage (for easier reading) of the page I landed on. It was to honour a professor of psychiatry, who from 1968 to 1989 had founded and headed the drug dependency unit at Yale University. The letters rt in his name Herbert looked strangely out of place:

<<< Herbert Kleber

German speaking readers know what 'erbe' means - to inherit. But why honour Mr. Kleber on 1.10 (30.9 in the US) when he had died on 5.10?

Nothing made sense until I saw early on the morning of writing (4.10) that r and t are letters 18 and 20 in the alphabet and Mr. Kleber died in 2018. Maybe, even the next day's Google doodle on 2.10, honouring New Zealand inventor Bill Robinson, had some connection? He invented a device to limit earthquake damage in large structures?

(Back to church)

After I had spotted the letters e o m r t  on the screen, my mind at that stage was racing. I wanted to shout it out, how God just confirmed the message in this unusual way! But who would understand? Better control my emotions and take a picture of the theme instead. That's what I did.

Giving - Faith in Action >>>

Much later, in preparation for this chapter I discovered more, which is difficult to see in this graphic: The cable comes down between the letters i and v, the 9th and 22nd letters of the alphabet. (Remember? The date was Sept. 22nd?)

Biblical giving is far more than just supporting your church or an organisation financially. How about giving your time, using your talent to help someone? A simple smile or greeting as you pass someone, a few moments to say hello, a note of appreciation or a genuine compliment are all forms of giving. Such insignificant gestures don't cost anything, yet they may brighten somebody's dull day, as well as that of you, the giver.

Let me give you another snippet of magic: The day after pasting above graphic about giving onto the page I went to the Gaither morning. As we had done for over a decade, a few music lovers watch a Gaither Music DVD and sing along. The very first song on the program was written by Ray Boltz. The lyrics of the chorus flowed into my theme perfectly:

"Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave."

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20, 35)

- - - - - - -

At this point in the chapter, after recommencing writing early morning on 2.10, God dropped a thought into my mind. Why had I not seen it earlier? Perhaps, God waited until now, exactly ten days later, to give us all another message?

The digits 2.10 reminded me of a chapter I have written, titled 'The 2.10s of Jesus'? The late Selwyn Hughes wrote for many years the bible reading booklet 'Everyday with Jesus". One devotional listed seven scriptures, one for each day of the week. All were in Chapter 2 and Verse 10 of a book in the New Testament. They describe who Jesus is:

In Mark 2, 10 - The forgiver of sin
In Luke 2, 10 - The joy bringer
 In Ephesians 2, 10 - The character builder
In Philippians 2, 10 - The  adorable name
In Colossians 2, 10 - The  fulfiller of life
In Hebrews 2, 10 - The Captain of our salvation
In Revelation 2, 10 - The crown giver.

So what was the revelation on the morning of the 2nd of October 19, only minutes before this writing, as I stood at the kitchen sink, doing dishes? I saw the link from the 'more & t graphic to the earlier song I want to sing, shout, tell about the Love of Jesus. I applied the e/a code to the word more to create amor!

 Now the message reads: Jesus' love (amor) is so great, HE went to the t for you.


The cross: The place to lay down your worries and fears, the place to surrender your dreams of success, your wealth or poverty; the only place where to place your trust. The ONE who died thereon is able.

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