Chapter 1 Written / Published 19.2./1.3.19   (Pics by author, unless indicated)

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"For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2.Cor.12.10b)

Above scripture came to me on the morning of 21.2 (2019). The digits 1 and 2 are again on the menu, as they were in the previous chapter, Book 16 Chapter 19.

The same day, in the evening, I snapped a picture of a lady. The timing and the dress she was wearing amazed me. Until now lady's attire had not been one of my special interests.

A large part in this chapter is about football. However it has less to do with the sport than with a rare phenomena, which even a statistician may have trouble explaining. Of course, January in Adelaide means bike racing. A number repeats itself.


But at first we shall look up. The lyrics on the church screen revealed an important message.


1.  The secret photo

"Christ alone, Cornerstone, weak made strong in the Saviour's love. Through the storm he is Lord, Lord of all."

In church on Sunday Feb. 17th 2019 I raised my voice with the rest of the congregation, exclaiming that Christ is Lord of all. My Spirit was particularly sensitive that day, knowing that two days later I would be commencing to write more chapters in this my online autobiography.

Earlier in the service the choir had sung lyrics from Psalm 121. How co-incidental was this? I reminded my wife, who was sitting next to me, what had happened on the Monday prior. We were having breakfast, while the television screen in the background dished up the latest crimes, car crashes, wild storms and misbehaving men*, whatever the producers had chosen to broadcast.

*At times one wonders what next? Perhaps general news broadcasts will soon be followed by not only two, but three special categories: "...This was our latest news. Sport, weather and misbehaving men are next!"

A few minutes after the news my wife made a comment. With a mildly raised voice she said: "That's in the bible!" I had not been listening carefully at the time, but the item shown (going by memory) was about people looking down constantly onto their mobile phones. Some psychologist expert advocated that looking up was healthier.

Her comment came after she recalled the beginning of a Psalm. I knew which one it was, Psalm 121, one I had learned by heart: "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence comes my help..."

Readers who know how I link data to each other would understand my next thought, let's call it an Aha-moment: "Isn't today's date ...? It was - 11.2, the same digits as the Psalm, only in a different order. This is the reason I took this picture on the Sunday following, February 17th:

 The choir's lyrics, based on Psalm 121

"Lord, I will lift my eyes to the hills, knowing my help is coming from you.

Your peace you give me in time of the storm."

The piece is titled - Total Praise. The lyrics end with: "You are the strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to you."

Any regular reader of my autobio, who notices the microphone cable, may now expect a coded message. The cable doesn't really touch any letters. What a pity!

But it did later in the service, in the lyrics of the chorus we started this chapter with, Christ alone, Cornerstone. Take a look:

       Left screen                                         Right screen


Christ alone, Cornerstone

Weak made strong in the Saviour's love

Through the storm he is Lord

Lord of all  


 h   a/o -  the Alpha and Omega

Christ - HE is it - God in the flesh, the beginning and the end.

Searching for the full version of the lyrics this surprise came: Two times in verse one the word trust appears. How can I ever forget how during my darkest days at the turn of the century (from the 20th to the 21st) God dropped this one word into my spirit. It was such a blessing at the time, after I had lost my dignity, my sanity and even the strength to get up and pull some weeds from our garden. How I needed that word trust in those dark days!

Without God's grace during that fiercest storm of my life, only God knows where I be? But waiting on God, trusting that HE could and would see me through, gave my weak body and mind new strength and hope for future.

The Christian walk is no guarantee that there won't be battles - breakdowns, broken relationships, sickness, accidents, abuse etc. The promise HE gave, however, is HIS assurance that HE would go through life's rough patches with me. And HE did. 21 years later I am still writing about IT. 

- - - - - - -

Following the final chapter of Book 16, where I had picked up and wrote about a black and white, striped baby sock by a beach in Tasmania, black and white stripes (BWS) kept crossing my path. In church the following Sunday, from where we sat, I spotted three ladies wearing similar patterns. Ever since then it seems that BWS clothing had become the latest fashion.

Here is just a sample, three images taken in the past few months, of the dozens of BWS that I noticed. Not that I was searching for any, but somehow a fixation developed. BWS were hard to ignore.

<<< Assurance

The theme in church that Sunday 17th Feb. 19 was assurance. The bible reading, praying girl wore black/white stripes.

During my volunteer work with German Seniors an elderly gentleman and I had a coffee in a local shopping center mall. I captured a picture of him.

<<< Viewing the image later did I notice that I had captured this lady inadvertently, as she was pushing a shopping trolley. She was wearing a black/white striped dress.

(Just noticed on final editing, how weird, my friend's shirt colours seem a close match to Trust and He is able in the title page!) 

On Feb. 21.19 I happened to turn on the television and surfed channels. 

<<< There it was again - the news presenter of the Dutch language channel (SBS TV) wore BWS. 

Not sure what teased me more, her double Dutch news reading or the top she was wearing?



Immediately after pasting above three pictures (on 21.2)  of the ladies wearing striped clothing I shut down the PC for the day. I took my evening bike ride.


Within ten seconds, about 150 meters from our house on Kimba Road, the first pedestrian I saw wore a black & white striped dress.


Was I god-smacked or what?

During my half hour fitness exercise I kept wondering, questioning my sanity. One part of me wanted to dismiss it all, agreeing with those rational voices, who would say it's all co-incidence. But what if it was God, HIS Holy Spirit, the director and author of this script, who orchestrated the entire scene?

Before returning home the thought came that the BWS striped-dress pedestrian lady may still be in the vicinity, perhaps doing some shopping nearby? So it was. She stood there with a twin-pram outside a shop, as if she was waiting for somebody. I felt a little guilty, pretending to be reading texts on my Samsung. Secretly I snatched above photo. 

But then, had I asked for permission and she would have wanted to know why the photo, can you imagine my explanation? 

"About half hour ago I was blogging about three ladies, who all wore black and white stripes just like the dress you are wearing and three months ago in Penguin Tasmania I picked up a black and white striped baby sock and... hmm.... and ... hmm,  and perhaps ... maybe... it was God who ...?"

No, the secret photo was definitely a better option!

Two days later while having breakfast I turned the television to the You Tube Channel. This was three days after I had chosen the title for this book - TRUST He is able. Those familiar with You Tube understand that after tuning in, before selecting a video, a suggested viewing list come up. 'Trusting Jesus' came up as first choice:


Hour of Power TV >>>


Hannah Schuller prayed the opening prayer at this weekly TV church service.

I'm not sure what surprised me first - her black top / white stripes or the title of that particular program - Trusting Jesus?

<<< Timely email devotional

1. John 1:7: "If we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness."

In my inbox on 21.2 this email from California/USA arrived. The writer only quoted one bible verse. How timely here in Chapter 1, Bk. 17!

Please note, how the letters on the far right came out with a little help from the PC cropping tool: God t on can! In other words - HE is able.

- - - - - - -

God forbid that I should ever ignore IT, when magic numbers or letters cross my path, when digits emerge in unexplained patterns. In those moments I feel HIS touch. I sense HE is near. IT is the Lord, who I have known since my youth. The ONE who I have trusted throughout my life, especially during the turbulent events of the last two decades.

After my eyes had opened to NOS, the abbreviation for Numbers, and it's upside down version SON, this phenomena has provided meaning. Until that eye-opening day I had no clear understanding, why my brain increasingly noticed numbers. Gradually it expanded into letters, names, even colours.

There are times when particular data cross my path and only much later do I notice their significance. Take the 1250, which early in the previous Book 16 chapter had emerged twice with great surprise.

Only after completing the chapter did I realize that the digits of the scripture verse I had quoted toward the end, the Apostle's warning of Christ's judgment, must have been inspired. The digits of 2. Corinthians 5, 10 are the same as those of 1250; a near perfect match!

In early December 2018, about two weeks after above chapter, I returned from a short camping trip to country Victoria. As it got closer to home reading the odometer of my little, green Suzuki Wagon R+, my peculiar mind wondered, if the mileage covered would come close to 1250 km. 

But a hundred kilometers from home, after crossing the River Murray, did I realized I would be well short of that mileage. Pity, I thought it would be something to write about, covering exactly 1250 km after a 1250 numbers magic.

But God is able! (No, I didn't take a one hundred kilometer detour to create the odometer reading.) The trip meter did the trick. On arrival back home I was gob-smacked. Before getting out of the vehicle to greet my wife, who was watering the garden, I took the picture below: 1520:

Kilometers travelled (above 1000) - 152.0


God is able to accomplish what concerns you today. Since numbers concern me, HE established them. What is it that you would like HIM to establish? Trust HIM. He can do it. 

In my mind the author of IT all uses these seemingly trivial idiosyncrasies to highlight the message in 2. Corinthians 5, 10: One day Christ the Saviour will be Christ the Judge. Everyone will face HIM and receive that which they deserve. 

- - - - - - -

Another memorable number in Book 16, 19 was 122222. In the weeks after publishing the chapter my brain once again became aware that something was happening that pointed to 122222. It came ever so slowly, starting on 30.11.18. The subject matter, where this inexplicable numbers sequence showed up, was most unusual - football scores.

The team I follow, Adelaide United Football Club (AUFC), played a home game on that last day of November 2018* at Hindmarsh Stadium. They beat the visiting team from Queensland, Brisbane Roar, 2:1. That was only the start of AUFC football scores, which inexplicitly all included the digits 1 and/or 2 for two more months. 

*Co-incident? That day was the 15th anniversary of a cyclist, hit and killed on the road to Kapunda. Interesting!

The results of the three games following, played in December 2018 were - 2:0, 0:2, and 2:2. Including the 2:1 above, disregarding the zeroes, we end up with 1 2 2 2 2 2.

Exactly one month later (on 30.12.18) Adelaide United defeated the Jets at Newcastle 1:2. Besides the second time winning 2:1, a piece of magic was happening. The winning goal became the catalyst for a further, incredible numbers twist. Let me explain:

At the final whistle, the end of normal time, the score stood at one all. When all were about to go home happily an Adelaide player was fouled in the penalty area - penalty kick for the visitors. Adelaide's No.11 Craig Goodwin made no mistake (picture below). Good win for Adelaide indeed.

Adelaide just snatched the win from the home team, thanks to this penalty by Goodwin.


After taking this image off the YouTube Channel I noticed, how well it fits into our 1 & 2 story here! The three Newcastle players looking on (bottom right) are wearing Nos. 4, 3 and 5. (Poker, anyone? Oops, Salvos don't play card games).

And how inspirational are these advertising signs! DMAN / Viva / Norman.

Above late penalty created a unique situation on the A-League ladder, which must be as rare as a visit to earth from Haley's Comet. May I explain?

After ten matches played in the 18/19 season, two teams, Phoenix Wellington and Adelaide United, showed exactly the same statistics of games won, lost or drawn. But more than that, both teams had scored the equal number of goals (14) and conceded the same number (13).  

A-League Table on 1.1.19 after Round 10: Two teams exactly same stats! 

A statistician may be able to tell us, what the odds are of this happening after ten rounds?

Still more history was made. It so happened that the same New Zealand team played Adelaide United again the week following, in Round 11. The date was 5.1.19. My wife Isobel and our son Jon came to Hindmarsh Stadium with me; also a rare occasion.

Pity that the game turned out to be a disappointment. No goals scored. As hard as the Reds tried toward the end, they could not land the ball in the net. As one shot after another failed and full time was approaching fast, I started thinking: If there is no score, wouldn't this mean that the stats for both teams remain the same for another week?

So it was. The only difference now - both teams had played 11 games, had 4 draws and were now on 16 points. (A draw adds one point). If it's rare that two teams are equal after ten rounds, what are the odds that they would be playing each other again in the next round, draw the match and therefore show identical stats for another week? I bet it's never happened before. (Oops - Salvos don't bet).

- - - - - - - 

Just as HE knows all about each soccer player or spectator; indeed God knows the most intricate detail in everybody's life. Why should HE not be interested in football scores or the name of players shooting goals?

<<< ABC TV Ja nice Godwin

When school resumed after the summer holiday on TV the name Godwin appeared. In a far corner of my brain it registered. I searched. 

Yes, I had come across the name Godwin before, during a visit to the NSW town of Wagga Wagga (Bk 12 Ch 10*).

(Please forgive my playful version of Janice). But hey! *How peculiar what I just noticed on editing. Did we not just get surprised by a football score 1:2 in Round 10? We did. Love IT!

- - - - - - -

Chapter 11 in the previous book was titled after a number I had seen flashing by in the 2018 cycle race. (HE 1, rider 185). No, I was not even remotely thinking of the chapter, nor the number when I snapped some photos on the first day's race on 13.1.19 in the evening.

Even if I had remembered the previous year and the story in Book 16, Chapter 11, no way would I have been able to catch the right moment for a picture. The peleton even on the flat can reach speeds over 50 km/h. 

But HE was able. Take a look:

Jan. 13th 19. Tour Down Under - Bartels Road, Adelaide, near finish line.

Checking the images on my phone at home next day (I only had taken five* photos) this triggered the memory: Rider No. 185 with No.7 in his slipstream.

No. 7 in the black 'letsgo' jersey is Michelton Rider Cameron* Meyer.

*Co-incident? No. 5 Cameron St. received many mentions, the first in Book 4, 8. It's a road in Kapunda. Interesting!

There was more that evening. Take a look what I scribbled into my diary for 13.1, about six weeks before this chapter.

[At the] Same time as TDU race - AUFC played in Sydney against SYD* FC.- 2:1 loss, Goodwin scored 50th Min penalty.

No. 31 Caleb McEwan won race TDU ... 

When the winner was announced at the end, of course, I had no idea that on March 1st (3.1) I would be writing about No. 31 and Caleb in my new book with the word able in the title.

Those who learned the biblical story of Caleb know that he had the mindset of a winner. In Numbers 13, Verse 30 Caleb exclaims: "We should be more than able to conquer [the land]."

Caleb trusted God that HE is able.

Chapter 2