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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL      Index       ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 8    Written/Pub. 26/12/09 - 1/1/10   

This chapter tells of discoveries around Christmas 09, before continuing the journey north in Queensland.

8.  The Eastern Gate

On Sunday morning December 20 I was viewing the regular TV program AnswersBC. It had only been five hours, perhaps even less, since I had uploaded the previous chapter. During his sermon Bayless Conley of Cottonwood Church, near LA International Airport, preached on God's willingness to forgive even the worst of sinners.

As an illustration he used a story everyone had heard. It was also the theme in the pop song 'Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree'. Except, Bayless did not use *yellow ribbons, but 'red bows'. Immediately, my mind I pictured the red bow I had found (and written about hours earlier) in Mont Albert, Melbourne less than a week prior. The bow had most likely fallen off a bride or bridesmaid's dress. 

(*Yellow and red are popular colours. In Australia they are those of the Surf Life Saving movement, and the Country Fire Service).

- - - - - - -

On December 24th, for the first time ever, in my life I transported bridesmaid's dresses in my car. My daughter, who is getting married in January 2010, was not feeling well. She asked, if I could picked up the dresses from the tailor after they had been altered. 

The location of the tailor was about 45 minute's drive away, in a street, which I was very familiar with. During one of my darkest hours in my life, in April 1999, I ended up in that same street:

 (Extract from Book 1, Chapter 9) 

Where would I go? I would not feel safe at home. Going to friends was not an option, they would not understand. Near the house of Kevin, a Christian business man I had only met a few months before,  I suddenly turned right from the main road, hoping my escort would not see me.  I drove quickly into the driveway of my friend's house, thinking I had lost the enemy's pursuit and feeling safe for the moment.

 (End extract)


While my wife stored the bridesmaid's dresses carefully in the back of the car, I took a quick walk to take a look at the driveway, the one I had escaped into that fateful Saturday over ten years ago. At the time I had not known, the impressive looking house was No. 9. 

But there was more, which may or may not be connected. As we were waiting to pick up our dresses, a gentleman paid for his dry cleaning. It came to $ 15.10. 

Walking out the door to our vehicle, a lady walked by, giving me a friendly look. On a leash was Inspector Rex. (Since the Austrian TV series, all German shepherd dogs are called Rex).

But there was more, more amazing similarities, in perfect timing. Not only had I written about bridesmaid's dresses, and a few days later picked some up from a tailor, the house at No.9 also produced an interesting link. 

Three days after walking past the significant address, at least in my story, I came across exactly the same name, surname and Christian name, minus the two letters 'on'. One of the singer/presenters, during the BBC Show Songs of Praise, shown on Adelaide TV on Sunday 27.12 had the same name, both Christian and surname, except two letters: Burton.


During this Songs of Praise I noticed something else, rather peculiar. The third line of the hymn 'Be thou my vision' goes:

"Thou my best thought by day and by night."

The words on the screen came up as: "Thou my best thought in the day and in the night".

The words in the did not fit. They never rhymed with my and thy in the line next line.

- - - - - - -


More observations, more peculiar happenings came that same morning, December 27th. Back in bed, after Answers BC and the other programs I watch, I listened to the radio for a while. Looking for a frequency with good Christian music, I tuned into radio Five AA for a few moments. No luck for some spiritual input from this source. 

I was about to change to another station, when my ears picked up a phone number. Inside my brain an antenna seemed to go up. On radio was the segment - Buy, swap and sell. During the few seconds I was listening I overheard the lady say that she also has some records to go with ....  (I assumed a record player). 

She again gave her phone number. The radio presenter repeated it. Since I love numbers I remembered the sequence - 3 6 7 4 5.

My strange mind thought: If it's a test [in 45] and 7 = 1, was there a possibility of 3.1.6?

That morning during breakfast I was still unsure, where to go to church that day. The telephone call earlier was far from my mind. It was a beautiful, crispy morning. I did something unthinkable. I decided to go on a bike ride, instead of church. Had I not written - on two wheels I feel close to God ...?

My mind pictured a cycling route, one I had not been on in years - Norton Summit. My path took me south, past the Paradise Community Church, toward the Adelaide Hills, through the suburb of Newton. 

Without warning, as oxygen flooded my brain, the phone call from early that morning, including the telephone number, popped into my head. Then I remembered that, going by the prefix, the lady who was selling her record player and records, may live close by.

Cycling on for a few minutes, I decided to just dial the number and enquire about the records. No harm done. I pulled into the car park of a Catholic Church - Francis of Assisi.

Hey... I think as I'm writing, I just found a link to this church - I had years ago dropped a letter regarding the innocent man in jail into this church - the address ... No. 59... now makes sense!    

(I just checked the phone book - number 59 is correct, the street name, fits perfectly, which I didn't know at the time). 


Outside the church in the shade of a tree, I phoned the number I had held in my memory. A lady answered the phone. Yes, it was the right place, and yes, she was willing to sell the records separate from the record player. I asked her for her address - 1 5 9... She told me her place was near Newton Road. 

(I just see a link to the Catholic Church - Rome, read on).

- - - - - - -


          Not Rome, Prahan, Melbourne

Ben 38 - RoMe ...  

 (Revisiting the previous chapter). Minutes after taking above photo I snapped the stop sign on the corner King Street. At the time I made no connection to the BNE label on the stop sign. Now I see...

Reader's Digest Dec. 09, Page 140

I just googled 'Ben from Lost'. This name came up, rather Da Ninci or Da Linci, perhaps?

Benjamin Linus, alias - Henry Gale


Aha ...After scanning the photo (on the left) another very obvious link to the Catholic Church came. The gentleman was in the news on the day of this writing: An ardent lady follower wanted to give him a kiss; instead she knocked him down! Ben 16 was shaken, but unhurt. (Please note, Ben 16, is not 16, nor 38 - he is nearly 83 years old).

(One thing we shall never know - Had the kiss succeeded, the pond.if might have turned into a frog, just joking?)

- - - - - - -


The reason I scanned above Readers Digest snippet was page number 140. On the morning of writing I woke at 4.01. I distinctly recalled, when seeing 401 I had dreamt about numbers 1 and 4 just before waking. (Footballer No. 14 will appear shortly, so will a man and a women, at No.1 and 4).

 - - - - - - -


On the morning of waking at 4.01 I also found this - Champion

140 kph - straight road vs. 140 kph - straight down.

 Apart from the 140 I was teased by 78, the last two digits of the barcode; and the registration plate of the vehicle shown on left:  2 ..x  498  =  996.

(On editing a new discovery - take a 9 out of either number = 2 X 48 = 96 - read on).

If those numbers don't make sense - good, Neither does smoking!  

- - - - - - -


My cycle up Norton Summit and down Marble Hill offered fantastic scenery: green meadows and lovely forests, interspersed with extensive orchards and a vineyard.

I had to control my urge to admire the landscape while riding. (My 20-year old recently was sightseeing, perhaps watching a curve other than that of the road, and crashed. Thankfully, the most damage was done to his pride). 

I had asked somebody, where Newton Road was and decided to simple check out No .. 159. The reason this number was bugging me, only the previous night I had uploaded about the number 51 in Melbourne, plus a direct connection to Channel 9. Maybe I was meant to see something at that 159 address?

From some distance away it became obvious. I was meant to go to church after all that morning. Right opposite to where I was going to look for records was a Salvation Army Citadel. (nice word Citadel). The sound of the brass music attracted me. The service was well under way. 

Instead of chasing vinyl records, I found myself standing at the door, until a friendly, uniformed worshipper, Malcolm, asked me to come in. He assured me that wearing cycling pants yo church did not matter. 

Not only did I make it to church that morning, I did end up buying a vinyl record. It was not at No.159 opposite this citadel, but at a garage sale on the way home. At a house, just around the corner, I felt to stop and take a look at what was on offer. There were two boxes of vinyl records.

When I came across a title 'A man and a woman' my mind went back 40 years. At that time, when my wife and I first fell in love, this romantic song was in the charts. It became our special song ... 


The record cover: A Man and a Woman (United Artists)

Music by Francis of Asissi, no sorry,  Francis Lai.

AMAZING - I just noticed the French, how could I have missed that earlier?

Englisch Man minus M = AN

French Man minus M = HOME

That's most amazing - the son of a friend visited us on the day I started this chapter! A few weeks earlier he had returned from a long stay overseas. He had lived mostly in Mannheim / Germany!  


ULP 1155 - MONO - Orchestrations by M. Vander / Ivan J. 

Until looking at this ULP number I never saw 2 1s and 2 5s make 5 to 12.

The theme song of A Man and a Woman appears twice on the record: No. 1 as an orchestral piece. No. 4 sung by Nicole C. and Pierre B.

- - - - - - -


In the German tradition the most holy time around Christmas is December 24, commonly called Christmas Eve. Since my wife did not want to come out, I could easily have stayed home myself. But all during that week I had in mind to attend the Christmas Eve service at the Lutheran Church on the hill, about 3 kilometres from our house.

It surprised me, how full the church was. There were two other services held that same evening. I had no plan, where to sit, since I only rarely attended this congregation. Toward the front were three empty seats, which I took, after asking permission. I sat next to a mature looking, friendly lady. She told me she originally came from Denmark. I had heard her accent, which sounded more like Dutch.

The preacher read out the scripture for the evening. He quoted a text, which after Luke 2 is probably the most widely used verse surrounding Christmas: Isaiah 9, 6. Suddenly, in a moment of Karma (if that is the right phrase for it) my mind opened. I actually sat in seat No. 9 form the end. Six people were sitting to my right. Since I sat in the third row, I couldn't help realizing, I had painted a work of art by choosing that seat - the number 963.

But there was more. I had only days earlier uploaded Chapter 7, Book 8. Since nobody sat between me and the six people to my right, seats 7 and 8 were empty. (Please nobody say... "you wouldn't read about it" are).   

On the way home on Nelson Road a van suddenly stopped ahead of me in a most awkward position. That's why I took note of its registration plate. I was awestruck - SIR 963 (slightly altered).

- - - - - - -


This brings me to a most controversial thought. A theory, which perhaps has never been expressed before regarding the mysterious Number 666 in Revelations 13, Verse 18:

"Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred three score and six."

The Zondervan Study Bible has this footnote regarding this verse:

"Various schemes for decoding this number result in such names as Euanthas, Lateinos, and Nero Caesar. Others take the 666 as a symbol for evil and imperfection - each digit falls 1 short of the number 7."


With the digital age emerged new theories about this number. One preacher thought it might be the 18-digit number, which all citizens on earth one day will be marked with - 6 digits the date of birth, 6 digits the location on a world grid, 6 digits a personal ID number.

In a cashless, digital money society, every person would need to be on the world-wide database to exist. Transactions are simple transfers of electronic data from your personal 18-digit number, just as we do with plastic money today.

In the mid 1970's one friend from church speculated that the plastic card heralded the advent of the cashless society. Australia's Commonwealth Bank introduced the now defunct 'Bankcard'. The symbol for the bankcard was three fat letters b inside each other. This friend persuaded a few that the mark of the beast had arrived -  bbb or 666. 

My Driving School logo, shown as mirror image at the end of the last chapter, was designed by a professional graphic artist. His name was Con, who at the time, very clever name, called himself Con, Artist. The design using the two letters dp, which stood for Driving Plus, was based on a vague idea I had given him. How amazing it turned out!

More amazing - the slogan surrounding Driving Plus Motor School that came to me in the shower one day: Your safety is Driving PL us.

God knew HIS plans way back in 1998. HE is still the driving force behind keeping people safe and having them saved.


 Left: Logo Driving Plus Motor School

Right: Icons for learner drivers in Australia. While learning, new drivers display L plates, working hard to earn P-plates. (Some states have introduced an advanced category - green P plates).

Even as far back as 1983, when I started my very first driving school, L TO P, God had planned that name, giving me the letters PTL - Praise The Lord, which became L To P Driving School. 

Just now this came: LOT P (Lover of Truth [Prince of] P).


The Book of Revelations is filled with calls for repentance. The human race, which is lost without God's divine intervention, is bound for disaster. Verse after verse in the last book of the bible urges the reader to turn away from evil, to turn to the ONE, who is in control - to turn back, a U - Turn toward L and P - Love and Peace.

 Nobody knows for sure, what St. John had visualized, when he wrote down the speculative number 666 in Chapter 13 of Revelation. My thought in this matter, after contemplating the dp/96 / logo: 

God urges mankind to turn around, a U-turn toward Jesus, the son of God. HE is symbolized in this, my website, by the letter N. Remember, the N (ENIN or NINE) stood for Lindy, an innocent victim of a gross miscarriage of justice.

God has proven, evidence in black and white, that the man, whose name is similar to Lindy, is innocent. Jesus said that truth will set you free. N is a symbol for truth! 

God gives everyone three chances to turn around, turn the 6 into a 9, turn from lies to truth. Many don't want that. They follow the Dawkins' of this world. 

Those stubborn unbelievers, who think they can fight against Almighty God, seal their own fate by refusing to turn around. They reject HIM and HIS offer of safety. Three numbers six, three refusals to turn back to God become  6 6 6, but never a 9, never the truth. Unbelievers mark their own fate with 666, by doing it their own way.

The parts of the body, where the number 666 will be carried, are symbols for action. The right hand is the tool for action, which started in the brain or forehead, the place for thinking.

Much speculation also surrounds who the man is behind the number. Adolf Hitler is a poplar suggestion. He commanded followers to raise their right hand in salute.

Russian President Gorbachev at one stage became a suspect. He has a large birthmark on his forehead. More recently, Richard Dawkins seems to spend much time and effort in fighting against Almighty God.

Who is the man or his prophet? At this point I have no theory, except to suggest that the man could actually be a movement, a global push for secularism, for eliminating God from the public arena? Many such organisations exist.

More thoughts on the subject (not suggesting I have definite, clear answers): Are the 144 000 sealed with God's seal (Revelations 7, 4) really 144 000 humans? How could the writer John on Pathmos have visualized the number 144 000? For that matter, how could he have had a vision, seeing 200 million war horses. Seeing a picture of two dozen people, it would not be easy to definitely come up with the number 24, in what we call a vision.

Revelations speaks of 144 000 selected ones, who will be standing with Jesus on Mount Zion at the time of the return of Christ. They have not defiled themselves with women. Are they believers, who did not fall for the deception of pornography (defiled with women), the curse of modern man. 

On this my website is a direct connection to the number 414 and a church called Zion (Bk 5, Chapter 3). 

How ironic, one of the few scriptures of 144 000 is in Revelations 14,4 (the very next verse, after the one which mentions the number 666 (Rev. 13, 18).

Christians are warned, if ever there was a time, when the compulsory marking of every person takes place, to refuse to accept it. Those who do must swear allegiance to another power. Our hope is in Christ alone.   

In Revelations 16, Verse 2 it predicts that those who had taken the mark, in whatever form it will be, will suffer grievous sores. Who would go ahead with a procedure, not only giving your soul away, but knowing it would lead to skin cancer later?


Whilst much of Revelation is a big mystery, one scripture I discovered in the Old Testament is not:

"She sent for Barak, son of Abinoam ..."  (Judges 4, Verse 6).

She refers to the prophetess Deborah. Her name means bee. On my driving-school website, if readers click through the crashes, they will come across the slogan God's truth prevails, delivered by... a bee!

The letter N (as in Lindy) represents truth, By turning it clockwise 90 degrees, we create the letter Z - Truth in the End - will set all free. (N & Z go well together - see footnote at the end of the chapter). 

Readers immediately saw the Christian name of the US President in the above verse in Judges 4,6. I discovered the surname also, a few months ago. I'm sure somebody else had before me, seen the name Obama in Abinoam. 

There is that tiny word in, showing off again. And the number 486 - Judges. 4,6 in 8,8 in the same chapter* as visiting Innisfail...! 

Please note: I am not even hinting at a suggesting that President Obama could be in (pardon the pun) the list of those ... men who are suspected anti-Christ.

(*Innisfail comes in Chapter 9 - originally Chapters 8 & 9 were the same chapter).


 - - - - - - - - -



(Beautiful North Queensland - Cairns (left) Magnetic Is. (bottom) 



(Back to cycling beautiful Queensland) 

Airlie Beach would have been a great choice to stay for two nights. However, apart from my flight back to Adelaide from Cairns, there was one other appointment I could not miss. A football match in Townsville. Had I known that the wind would change to a strong northerly, I would have stayed another night in the classy Airlie Beach backpackers.

That morning, since I had no tent to pack up, I was off early (after my walk on the beach). That day I almost equalled a personal record for the longest distance cycled in one day. I reached Bowen, 75 km away, before 11 am. The free coffee at the information centre was very welcome. Not so good was the news that there was no settlement, no caravan park for the next 100 kilometres.

Since the wind blew the right way, despite the heat, after an extensive break for lunch, I pushed on. I arrived at a place with a nice name - Home Hill. Despite having cycled 175 kilometres that day I felt not that tired. The caravan park only cost $ 12. It was very quiet in Home Hill. I spent the evening sitting on a seat in the main street, writing my diary. 

On arriving I had seen a huge cloud of smoke and flames in the distance. It was not a bushfire, but the burning off of sugar cane. Unbelievably, the next morning a fine spray of ashes rained down from the sky, as if snowing flakes in the colour black. A local assured me, they are used to it - no worry.

As I was leaving the town a parked Ute grabbed my attention. The registration plate was BEN ... (Aha, the second BEN in a single chapter - a high average, really). 

I liked the rest of the registration plate too. Reading it backwards, deducting 1, then adding the cost of the caravan park, I think, vaguely, sort of, made the date either that day or the day before, in Roman numerals... (just kidding).  

But why worry over a few numbers, when the locals don't give a thought, when black ash rains from the sky?


Only 9 kilometres north, across the Burdekin River, for the first time on this trip I saw water gushing under the road, as I have not for a long time. The district around Ayr is situated above a natural aquifer, hence the abundant supply of water. 

Had I arrived earlier that month I would have been able to have fun in their 51st water festival, obviously a celebration of abundance of water. (According to their website, one name, it appears, does it all, Allana. How about a Festival in Home Hill - celebrating the ashes?)

Besides sugar, which I couldn't get away from, the main produce in the district are mangoes and melons. The tourist website of Ayr claims 300 days of sunshine per year. What a sweet place to live!! Queenslanders claim that they can grow virtually anything that grows! (How about lemons?)

I stopped for a coffee at Alfie's Cafe in Parker Street. It must have been the water, the coffee had a distinctly bitter taste. It was, not doubt, the water. But why worry - plenty of sugar around. 

Cycling into Townsville early in the evening that day I received a rather spectacular welcome. A few jetfighters kept doing loops above the town. There's nothing like the roar of jet fighter planes overhead. In my mind, however, the surprise came on the ground. Cycling at the corner of Sturt & Blackwood Street I found a 5 cent coin. 

The corner is situated near a large rocky outcrop. A large water tank sits right on top. One of the murals, to make it look more attractive, is of a frog. Maybe, because the frog was watching me, I picked up the coin right outside Blackwood House. 

I cycled out of town just a little to erect my tent in the caravan park. Cycling back into town, only a short time later, I found another two 5 cents coins. You must admit, that's a high average - three 5 cent coins within hours of arriving. Not only that - the location of the 2 coins - Kings Road. Townsville sounded like fun - it was, it really was. (Why am I excited about 3 x 5 = 15 cents?)  

Booking into the caravan park I paid one night's fee, as well as a litre of milk. It cost $ 2.20. I was a little puzzled as to why the cost of 600 ml of milk was shown as 4 Dollars. 

"Excuse me", I asked, "isn't the cost of a 600 ml carton of milk too high?"

I can't recall the answer I received, if any. But perhaps the answer is here: Are the 4 & 6 teasing us again, in Chapter 8?


Tax invoice 100 (C) 64, and $ 4 for 600 ml of milk -  make sense in chapter 8!

Below: Blackwood House, the corner Sturt and Blackwood Sts.


One thing I do recall, it just came back. I had to wait a few minutes to book into the caravan park. The attendant was busy counting coins. Maybe, she found some too, as I did on above corner.

Aha, now I get it - T own & Count ... very clever, The name of the caravan park - Town and Country, on Kings Road.  

    - - - - - - - - -


Townsville is the town, which in '97 had 96 000 inhabitants. I had been travelling through once before with my friend R, the person who bought a Honda Euro in the previous chapter. The outstanding mountain, right in the centre of town and the river is all I remembered from that trip about 13 years ago.

The day after I arrived was a big day in Townsville's calendar. The Royal Air Force held it's eights annual air show over Townsville. (The airplanes the day before may not have been a welcome ... for... get it). The main attraction at the event were the 'Thunderbirds’, six F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft from the USA. 

Big crowds had gathered from early morning along Townsville main promenade, The Strand. For the first time the planes displayed their stunts not at the airbase, but off the Townsville foreshore. 

News reports put the expected number of spectator at 80 000. Considering the size of the place, this is a large number. I felt very conscious among all those people, as I cycled along The Strand. I was wearing my football top - THE STAND. There was a good reason. 


The Strand, Townsville. 

Top: Spectators vie for the best view of the air show. It was a fun-filled day for the whole family. I'm not sure, if Radio 102.3 4TO FM broadcast live from The Strand. Had they done so, I could imagine the following announcement by a DJ: 

 "A listener just rang in. He was a little confused, as to the track we were playing by the Thunderbirds from the USA. To clarify the situation, what you just heard was not music from any US rock band, it was a live broadcast from air show at The Strand  ..."

Bottom: On both days I spent in Townsville I saw the Mercedes parked outside the premises shown. The letters of the licence plate DR ... 684 tickled my brain (again!) 

When I saw the two traffic route numbers, I felt an urge to take the photo. 169 ... somehow  seems to fit, even without the 3 ...?

The business name where the Merc is parked made me think of my middle name ROLF - Playing jumble-letters we can create -  For L. 

An adventurous artist, using the Roman numeral, could take ROLF and create all three initials of my name RDF (O = 0). 

 - - - - - - - - -


In the afternoon, during the air craft display I transferred on the ferry to Magnetic Island, an 20 minute trip which cost $ 29 return. Magnetic Island is a gem of a place, except for bike riders who carry a big load of luggage. 

The unspoilt beauty of the place, secluded beaches, like Alma, where a wedding was held as I came through, made for a relaxing 24 hours. Bungalow Bay has a fantastic backpacker hostel and camping area; great wildlife and only a short walk from Horseshoe Bay.

That same night, Saturday September 26th, was important date in Australia's sporting calendar, mostly in Victoria, South Australia and the West. Those states stop to watch the AFL football Grand Final. 

After pitching my tent I took a relaxing ride down to the foreshore at Horseshoe Bay. From the pub came lots of noise. Then I remembered - it was the day for the big football match. There were obviously many holiday makers from Victoria watching two of their teams doing battle on the holy ground of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 

St. Kilda was hoping for their first win in decades, while Geelong tried for their third win in a row. Until right to the end, it looked like St. Kilda finally could achieve their dream. But it was not meant to be. Six points, or one goal, was the margin at the end - 74 to 68.

Am I glad there is the 7 - I could become paranoid, thinking 468 is stalking us!


Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, Queensland


On Sunday 27 September the monthly markets happened to be held in Horseshoe Bay. I bought some candy to suck, while walking around, browsing over the local handcrafts etc.

A young boy, perhaps 7 years old, was looking at me, probably because with my bike gear, I did not look like a normal tourist. Without thinking, I held out the packet and offered him a candy. He turned away, seeking shelter beside his mother, who gave me a stern look, as if I had attempted to abduct or poison her darling son. 

Immediately, I knew, I had broken a big taboo, violated all rules of modern society. Any moment I expected a policeman to come along and arrest me! What paranoia has our society created for itself !

To me this small incident symbolizes the dilemma that exists, the ever increasing alienation between men and boys. Many are brought up without a man around, by women who fear men, who are forever shielding their boys from the very influence they need. A male influence in a boy's life, trusting other males as role model to follow, and skills to learn, is the key to healthy men, confident in their masculinity!

We had some boys, who did not have a father, live across the street. I befriended them with this in mind, and most importantly to tell them about Jesus. It did not work well. 

Today's pervert society, especially if this were to happen online, would call this approach grooming. Men could find themselves in trouble with the law, for simple being a male reaching out to the next generation of men. The damage done, often under the guise of child-protection, is far greater in the long term and not easy to detect! 

- - - - - - - - -


It was Sunday; time to go to church. Was there even a church on Magnetic Island? Cycling back toward the terminal, ready to take the next one back to the mainland, I happened to notice a church service in progress. It did not look like a traditional church, but more like a hall with the door wide open. I parked my Giant against a tree and quietly entered the place, where approx. 30 churchgoers or so had gathered for worship. 

I had missed the singing. A lady was preaching. She was dressed very casually - trousers, a trendy top, rather big earring, all seemed a little out of place for a lady of the cloth. I knew I was in a Pentecostal church.

Within a few seconds of sitting and listening to her talk, I heard a number - 450. If the sermon was about Elijah and the great victory God brought about against the false God Baal, or the lady preacher just touched on it, I can't recall. But I do recall the number 450 - the total number of prophets slaughtered, after God showed HIS immense power in a showdown between the god's of Baal and Elijah, who served the only living God. When it comes to false Gods, there is not an ounce of tolerance in the only REAL God. 

It came to me later - how amusing, that I would hear this number in Queensland (QLD), during the only church service on this trip. (In Book 7, Chapter 25 I had discovered that QLD in Roman numerals equals 450).

Another few facts may be worth mentioning - the location of the church, which I had stumbled across unexpectedly: Corner Sooning and Kelly Streets. A street with a strange name is very close by - Warboys Street. 

From the church's website I learned that this small congregation was an outreach from a large church across on the mainland. Unless I misread it, the church property is know as Camp Irwin. (On editing - my mind went back to Melbourne's R WIN magic in the previous chapter).  


Back on the mainland my next milestone of this adventure was a football match. My team Adelaide United was originally scheduled to play the team North Queensland Fury on Saturday 26/9. Because of the air show, as well as the  AFL Grand Final, the decision was made to play that game on Sunday 27/9. (Unless there was a better or another reason I do not know).

History was repeating itself. As happened in Newcastle in 08, by accident I bumped into my football team. I had by sheer fluke booked into the backpackers, just off Townsville's fashionable Palmer Street. As I was starting my ride out to Dairy Farmers Stadium, I noticed some young men boarding a bus. The Reds from Adelaide were boarding their bus for transfer to the stadium 15 kilometres away. My Adelaide team had set up camp, a mere 50 metres away at five-star, luxurious hotel.

Since I was wearing my red Adelaide shirt I was thrilled, when a player recognized it and gave me a friendly wave as I cycled by. (He got his reward about three hours later). There was more unexpected fun at the stadium's gate. The cost of the ticket. 

A few days before leaving Adelaide I had emailed a TV station, having fun with numbers. I had written: "If the ticket to see the Adelaide match in Townsville is $ 26.90 (the date it was to be played) I shall stand outside on my Giant and watch the game over the fence." It was meant as a joke!

However, the lady at the ticket office, who took forever to issue my ticket, must have know about my threat! She demanded $ 27 entry fee, ten cents more than my worst nightmare. I pointed to the price list above her ticket-window: $ 20 for away supporters.

I said I was an away supporter and handed over $ 20. The lady should have been wearing an L-plate. She asked another attendant, pressed more buttons on her console, then said: "It's 22 Dollars". Not even a please.

In the meantime, the queue behind me, consisting entirely of enemy supporters, grew longer, while I felt silly, as if I tried to squabble about the entry fee. I just wanted to get in, and grudgingly paid the extra 2 Dollars.  To this day I feel his lady overcharged me by $ 2.0. But ... 


... fate intervened. Adelaide scored a 2:0 victory. Justice - at least on the football field.   

  Left: The light was shining on Lloyd Owusu. He was happy to give autographs after the match. (I would later bump into him, quite accidentally). Cassio salutes Adelaide supporters, thumbs up.

Right: Young Scott Jamison (the promised No. 14) takes a corner kick right near the Adelaide supporters' area. 

Not many supporters made the long journey. I definitely was the only Adelaide supporter, flying the flag, who had come by bicycle from interstate. 

My ticket allocated Bay 124, Row B, Seat 1. (May be - that's why the extra two Dollars?)

Substitute No. 19, 19 year-old Matthew Leckie, scored the first goal after a brilliant solo run from the half-way line. The other goal came from the young man, who had waved to me from the bus outside their hotel. 


In the evening, strolling along Palmer Street, I was wondering, where the team would be to celebrate their win. At an ATM window I recognized a face. It was No. 11, Owusu, who told me the team was just along the road a little further, in an outdoor cafe. I was able to exchange a few words with coach Aurelia Vidmar and congratulate the team on their 2:0 win.

But there was more 2.0. In a strange twist of timing, the next morning I was watching the television at the backpackers, while eating breakfast. One of the headline news items was the change of name of an Australian icon,  called Vegemite. 

As I understood it, the Kraft Company ran a competition. Out of 48 000 entries ...

 ...Aha, it just came - multiply by 2.0 and you have - Townsville 96 000! 

... they awarded first prize to this suggested new name: isnack 2.0. 

It was not very well received by ...  After a flood of negative comments about the new name the company reversed their decision.

Since i.never heard any more about it (and above mathematics are proof) isnack 2.0 was a good publicity i.stunt, both for the A-League and for Kraft, which ... it just came ... translated into German means  ... strength, power!

 - - - - - - - -


Adelaide United is at present (End of 09) lingering at the bottom of the A-League table. It's a mystery what the reason is. May I suggest three things:

1. More power and accuracy in their shots at goal. (If Vegemite helps - whatever the new name - eat more).

2. A session with cycle champion Cadel Evans. At the time Adelaide won in Townsville, Cadel became the first Australian to win the world road cycling championship in Mendrisio, Switzerland. He beat second place getter, Russian Kolobnev, by 27 seconds. Add his 23 seconds margin in Le Tour and ... (De see a L).

3. Until the players get off the bottom of the table, accommodation at away games is in back packer hostels, dinner at Hungry Johns, or McDuff's. Nothing wrong with it. Didn't I see Bill Gates recently, eating a burger at ... ?

There is a spin off boys! Aurelio Vidmar told me the club does not pay for your wives to indulge in those luxury five-star hotel suites with you. Well, if you stayed in backpackers, I'm sure the finance committee would reconsider this policy.

(Confidence in yourself comes from within yourself, not from the celebrity status or the Red carpet that goes with it, if you pardon the pun).


Townsville looking toward the city centre.









Entry ticket in my Diary to Dairy Farmer's Stadium

(Note: Eastern Gate!)

This is amazing, friends. When I scanned the ticket and photo together, there was no connection between the two. All I knew, something deep in my brain reminded me, the Eastern Gate has a special meaning, regarding the return of Jesus Christ!

Googling the word Eastern Gate I came across author, Dr. D. Reagan, who obviously has studied the end times, the prophesies of the return of Christ, in great depth. He writes on the subject:

Quoting a selection from the article:

"The year was 1967. The occasion was the Six Day War. As the fate of the new state of Israel hung in the balance, I searched the newspapers daily for any information I could find about the war. The turning point came on June 7 when the Israeli army broke through the Lion's Gate and returned control of the ancient city of Jerusalem to the Jewish people for the first time in 1,897 years.

The old walled city has eight gates, and the Eastern Gate, and it alone, is sealed — just as prophesied in Ezekiel 44. The world would call that an "amazing coincidence." I call it a "God-incidence."

Members of the group (the Israeli Army)  had suggested catching the Jordanian defenders of the city off guard by blowing open the sealed Eastern Gate. But the leader of the group, an Orthodox Jew, had vehemently protested the idea, stating that "the Eastern Gate can be opened only when the Messiah comes.

The Eastern Gate is proof positive that the Bible is the Word of God. Its sealing is clear evidence that we are living in the end times. The Gate awaits the return of the Messiah. Then and only then, will it be opened.

(End quote)

For an in-depth study on the subject visit the website (I have not read sufficient to state that I agree with everything on the site. It comes across rather fundamental, which is not always a negative attribute. There is a detailed article regarding the number 666 plus much more.  


As I just happened to click on the >>> interesting emails <<< button the first one was dated November 16. Here I copy/paste part of the first one.  

Nov 16

I've been in a spiritual rut lately and needed some sort of guidance. I didn't know where to look in the Bible so I typed in the google search "How do I know I'm saved?" and I found a link to your site.

(End quote)

Why my excitement? I had been thinking, should I or should I not include a minor observation on the clock of the tower shown above. Now I'm glad I did, otherwise the date Nov 16 would only be half-magic! 

One morning, strolling through the Mall in Townsville I walked under the clock. My wristwatch showed 11.46. I thought: Strange, the time on the clock tower must be Adelaide time - 11.16. Later that day, passing the clock again, I realized the clock had stopped altogether. It still showed 11.16.

One final comment, more unexplained codes, linking to Above website, is based in Benton, AZ USA. 

As I often do, I discovered a spelling error on their photorama page: Stated I've visited. Should the letter d in stated not be the letter s, one key away?

More on that thought came two hours after writing this (during a ride on my bike in 38 deg. C heat): The heading, just above the misprinted 'Stated I've visited' was Todd's World.

Deduct d & s leaves the German word Tod = death.

 Friends, I just write as it is, and as it was. I leave the rest (in peace) to GOD.


Chapter 9