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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL      Index         ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 7    Written/Pub. 16-19/12/09   

This chapter starts with events in Adelaide and Melbourne, before continuing in Queensland. (Townsville will be next!)



7.  The nnis courts  

Were there still doubters in the world, who thought I was a fraud or a charlatan, making up stories to show off? Who could blame them? If any of these would put my claims to the test, by faith, it would be a biblical reaction.

Did this happened on Wednesday 9/12/09, only hours after I had uploaded the previous chapter?

I was on my way home, cycling through Adelaide's East End, after having attended a meeting at the German Club. Normally I cycle home via North Adelaide, but because I had come part of the way by car, I cycled via *Rymill Park and later along the Torrens River. 

*Interesting, since Mill Street featured in a recent chapter I saw (Plus R code) - Why Mill. (More R plus to come). 

Had I not chosen that route I may not have spotted a business card on the footpath, where Hutt Street turns the corner into Grenfell Street. Out of curiosity (or was it experience?) I picked it up casually and put it into my pocket.  

At the next traffic light I took a glance. There was nothing much on the front. On the back I read an appointment time: Jan 6th, 9.30 AM. Before the lights went green I had decoded it - 1 6 9 3.

The address of the business was 229 ... Street. This second number (228 plus 1) made me wonder - was I meant to find this card? On the front were only two words, white letters on black background - [A cross] A 1 - Beauty.

Loved it!

Amazing, how magic just falls into place. When I sent the story about my little find to Channel Seven, whose feedback from asks for a back-up phone number, I came across one, which suited perfectly. The first four digits were 1963, the final three 007. 

Small miracles do happen! You don't have to be James Bond to see them!


Found 9/12/09 - ...XIA [Black] Beauty

Before picking up the above card I distinctly remember, as if on auto-pilot, I stopped my bicycle suddenly, crossed over the median strip, not even sure, if there was a path through that section of Rymill Park. Then I spotted above exhibit.

More discoveries on scanning: Take a look at the remaining digits of the mobile phone number! Adding 722 and 917 = 1639!

The first part of this phone number (this is very strange) are four digits, which I had some fun with, days before this writing. They originated as another 'Kingston job' - the total sum of six car registration numbers. (For story read on).  

- - - - - - -


Two days after the above find, Friday 11th Dec 09, I was curious (or did I just want an excuse for some exercise?) I decided to just look at the 229 address in Adelaide's CBD. All over Rundle Mall Christmas was hanging in the air. Busy shoppers rushing from store to store, carrying Christmas parcels, while other people just sat in a shady spot, watching it all, or were listening to buskers entertain the crowds.

Walking with my giant beside me through the mall, I felt tempted to stop for Sam, a busker artist with a Da Ninci surname. But I walked on past the large, silver balls, the mall's distinctively plain landmark. (Adelaide is a melting pot for distinctively plain specialties).

Pushing on my ears met the sound of familiar, yet distinctive brass music. Outside the ESPRIT shop a group of 5 French horn players, forming a semi-circle under the shade of a tree, were playing Christmas carols. They were playing a traditional tune, one which I recognized from my childhood days: 'O Du froehliche, O Du selige, gnaden bringende Weihnachtszeit ...

The literal translation, how fitting was it, after I had just uploaded a chapter, where the word grace played a magic role: 

"O what happy, O what blessed Christmas time, bringing grace ... (G.ace plus r).

The one world-changing event, the humble birth of a little boy in an animal shelter, brought G's ace - Jesus. With HIM came the solution to the problems of all mankind. HE became the go-between, linking God and man by taking on our pain and suffering, even death at a young age, so that we may live forever.

The essence of Christmas: God gave us HIS son Jesus, as a gift. We give presents to each other to celebrate this gift.

Recently, after listening to a discussion about Christmas on radio talkback Five AA, the radio presenter asked the audience, if they had any thoughts, or questions about Christmas, to ask a clergyman. Afterwards I learned his name, which sounded like Greg Ellison.

I dialled the number and was on air within a few minutes. In my simple way I explained (what I view as the tragedy of Christmas):

If there is a parcel under the Christmas tree with your name on it, when is the gift really yours?

Most people would answer, when the giver picks it up and hands it to you. But NO! The parcel may have your name on it, the giver, who took special care in choosing something, buying it and wrapping it, may hand it to you. But when is the gift really yours?

Not until you receive it, unwrap it and, hopefully, say thank you!  

That's the tragedy. Many, many celebrate Christmas, but they never ever want to know about their own personal present. Sadly, they never bother to find out what Christmas is all about, God's special present Jesus! They never find the happiness HE brings to all those who gladly receive HIM !


The 229 address, written on the black card, was easy to locate. If my find was all a co-incidence, then the sign outside, the word California in large letters above the door, also held no meaning; neither the travel agency, two doors away, where in 2007 I had booked my trip to California.


- - - - - - - 

Lake Albert, Melbourne - Dec. 13th, 2009



Looking for a suitable spot to stop and brew a coffee I was 'guided' to this spot on Lake Albert, Melbourne. 

The vehicle on the left is the reason for the 1500 kilometre round trip - driving my friend to purchase this vehicle, a Honda Accord Euro. (Story below).

Suddenly, while sipping my coffee, I noticed what can only be described as amazing: A word with two letters missing, on the side of a building, where we had parked. 

The word was rowing. The missing letters O and G, the same two letters, which feature so prominently in the previous chapter.

As we arrived at the above location, I recall, a big Christmas party was taking place a short distance away. Santa Claus had arrived at the same time we did!

On scanning, as often is the case, I noticed more, more links to the previous chapter: There are also two letters ( i and i ) missing in the word pavilion. Did not the word Pavilion also feature in the previous chapter? I had stayed in a caravan park in Pavilion Street!

But there was more: Near us two vehicles were parked, right next to each other: A silver Holden, rego no. .. I 639, and a white 4WD, registration plate [TEXT] 50. 

Apart from being just one great big co-incidence, there is only one conclusion: Somebody read my chapters and removed the letters for whatever reason. Then God showed HIS immense power - leading me right to this spot, in this large city of three million people! 

Nothing is too hard for God! He loves the code [plus R], and the word WIN.

- - - - - - -   


This discovery, and the story of the latest Kingston job, promised under the black card above, happened during my fifth visit to Melbourne in 2009. Not until late Friday evening, Dec. 11th did I know I would be taking this trip. (I shall be very brief telling this tale, since the legs are itching to get back on the bicycle in Queensland). 

A friend of over 20 years had asked me, if I would drive with him to Melbourne, to look at a motor car he had seen for sale on the internet. The two of us previously had trips interstate. I loved the thought. The trip was on.

My friend (R.) left it up to me to make a booking for the accommodation. I did it online. Without knowing it, the magic had started. 

On arriving a jovial young man booked us into our room. He gave us room number 45. His name was Jonathan. Neither the number nor his name meant anything at first. But on.

The name of the hostel was called OASIS. Only a O difference to ISIS, if you look at A = I. (This only came on writing this). 

On the morning of starting this chapter I had sent an email to TV Channel Nine. It was all about O. 

The long story in short: A day after arriving back from Melbourne, on TV Channel Nine, screened in the 2002 movie: My big fat Greek wedding. 

The name of the main, female character, the bride, is Toula. The name of my friend R. who bought the motor car from .... an employee at Channel Nine, Melbourne ... has the same surname as the bride in the film - minus the O.


Since I was the driver, R. left me with the task of finding a bank, where he could arrange payment for his large purchase. The most suitable was at No. 316 Chapel Street, Prahran. As soon as I saw the address I sensed something holy was cooking. (Chapel Street changes its name to Church Street at the Yarra River).

While my friend did his high finance inside the bank, I enjoyed Melbourne's sunshine. I took a walk through the backstreets of Prahan, never even thinking of a Kingston job.

Virtually metres from where we had parked, opposite a grand old mansion, was a large sign. Historic No. 10 Little Chapel Street was for sale. One of the names listed as agent was Liberman. Now I was warming to the idea - I'm not here for O reason. 

I walked on, passing a public recreational park on my left. An adjacent private car park belonged to the Princes Child Care Centre. It's weird, I know, but since there were six cars parked there, I thought ... No, it can't be ...  not a Kingston job? I briefly paused as my brain casually started adding the numbers of the registration plates; but six 3-digit numbers was not easy. 

A lady on a bench seat in the park was watching me. Without completing the task I walked on thinking: What on earth am I doing, adding car registration plates? Insanity has many facets.

But I was not, and am not, insane! Why not simply call it art? Yes, I was an artist, creating a work of art, much like a painter does. Except my paint are numbers, picked at random from the environment. My tool is my imagination; my diary and this website are my easel.

The thought that the six vehicles in the small car park might be a Kingston job, kept bugging me. Especially after I had spotted another distinctly looking vehicle on the far end of the same child care centre. An MG sports car, registration plate ... 777. The white machine, no doubt the prized possession of an enthusiastic collector, had fishing gear stored in the back.

At the time I had not known the name of the street I was walking down:


Corner King Street / Chapel Street, Prahan Postcode 318 (won)

King... Stop - one letter away from Kingston. Is that BNE sticker under the P for a reason? P be N - makes sense!

In the same block on Chapel Street are two equally impressive buildings, with their original names still visible - MY BIG STORE and LOVE & LEWIS.


After taking the above photo of the King Street sign, I resolved to find out, if indeed the six number plates at the Princes CCC (near the 777) would add to something. They did - I arrived at 4150.

Aha! Only one hundred metres away was the historic mansion for sale, at No. 10. I took this number, mixed it into our room number (45) and the picture painted so far equalled 4150.


<<< Leaving Melbourne on the M1 Geelong Freeway. The latest Kingston job (4150) was fresh on my mind, when I spotted this white 4WD. 

At first I saw it in my rear-view mirror. Next it was beside me in the adjacent lane.

Registration plate O... 415. 

Note the three colours of the above vehicles!

During an early morning walk around North Melbourne I found this, a small laminated card, obviously a kind of medical chart. It was filled with numbers and letters. The first line of data was  ALT <35 U/L. (More ALT to come!) 

After scanning I discovered a link to the picture on the far left: If L = 50 I see 0553 (St. Kilda Road). The three vehicles on the far left are white, red and blue, the colours of the Stars and ... I know what all are thinking: "Gee, long shot ..."


Over time, as my mind browsed over the weekend on Monday, I recalled that two of the three addresses, where R. had inspected Honda Euros, had been at No. 51 - a rather high average, I thought.

Next - the measuring rod came out - I deducted 51 from 4150 to arrive at 4099. Aha, only in the previous chapter had I written ... to Channel Nine ... quoting a scripture in the bible: Zechariah 9, 9. Christmas, the prophesy of the birth of Jesus, prophesied centuries before.

On editing another thought: Jesus demands a U - Turn - let the last 9 do that ... then wait until the end.  

The person, who sold the luxury vehicle to my friend, not only lived at No. 51, but works for Channel Nine, where we actually picked up the vehicle from, in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. 

But the picture is not yet complete. There is more. That morning, while I waited for a considerable time outside Channel Nine in Richmond, while my friend took delivery of his vehicle, I saw a few interesting registration plates. One I distinctly remember was .... 124.

Thinking about it all later, adding 51 to the Kingston job No. 4150, I arrived at 4201, backwards 1024. 

Hey, I vaguely remember this number, also in Victoria, in a place called Maryborough. Here it is, I found it: (Excerpt from Book 7, Chapter 26):

>>>>    1024 = 45   (Remember, 16* was opposite No. 5).


As you can see - 1024 had been previously linked to a trip to Victoria, in the middle of 2009.  

But there was more. My friend took much longer than expected at the bank. I had to move the Suzuki (to Walker Street) to avoid a parking fine. It was time for a coffee, so I went to the Coffee Club, at the corner of King Street and Chapel Street (at the Stop sign pic. above). There were three tables outside. The numbers on the tables were - 40, 41, 42 ... >>> 1024 showing off again (and /or 123?)

Reflecting back, totally unplanned, I walked inside and sat on the only table that had a newspaper on it. After sitting down I saw I had sat on table number 5. 

*Now I see something else! Amazing what comes, when you start painting a picture! Two addresses we visited in Melbourne to check out motor cars was No. 51 .... in Hampton and Canterbury. The only other one was at No. 16 ....  in Mont Albert!


While waiting for my friend to take a Honda for a test drive at Canterbury, I took a brief walk around the district. Strolling up the gently slopes of  Monomeath Avenue a scripture kept coming to me. Jesus said in John 14: "In my Father's house are many mansions." 

HE may not have meant Monomeath Avenue, but if this were IT, well ...  Every house in that lovely, tree lined street was a mansion. Walking past the tall security gates I could only imagine the wealth inside some of those places. Later we were told some famous people live, or had lived, in that street. 

It's easy to see, why Jesus used the picture of a mansion as the place, where HE wants us to live with HIM. But even the most impressive mansion in that street, or any other fancy address, is nothing compared to ...

At the end of Monomeath Avenue I turned left into Mont Albert Road. On the ground I saw a red bow, made of silk. It had obviously earlier fallen off a bride's or bridesmaid's dress. It still looked clean. I took it and hung it on the nearest gate. Cut into the stone gate was the name of the mansion  - ELWELL. There you have IT -  L did well.

Just remembering - outside the Ella Cafe two possible clues - a garage sale at No. 7 G... Street, plus matchbox - Hilton. Hi to you too!

Why the long story? Where is it leading to? Early on the Monday morning 13/12 during an early morning walk I suddenly saw a building NATA - National Association of Testing Authorities. (I just googled their phone number 1 9 6 3 is in it). Was there indeed a test waiting? During many early morning walks, in many different places, had I made some significant discoveries. 

Thinking along those lines, as I stood right on the corner of the testing authorities headquarters, I looked on the ground and saw a small white plastic fork. I took a bearing. It pointed exactly to the front entrance of the Women's and Children's Hospital. 

There was a break in the busy peak-hour traffic. It took less than a minute to cross the six lanes and the tram lines.  Outside the hospital's main entrance was some activity. Getting closer I saw two policemen and other people standing around. A light pole had been vandalised. The police was just taking details, a lady officer snapped a photo. 

I walked inside the large building, just to have a look. The two police followed me rather closely. I felt a little uncomfortable, until they walked through a side door, leaving the foyer area. I paused to take a quick look around, entertaining the thought: What on earth am I here for? There was nothing to count ... 

Maybe I was there to learn that there is an Isabella Restaurant, attached to the hospital; or to pick up a free magazine Mothers Matter to learn about the new midwife laws, or to help my child eat well, or to enter the 'Win Win Win Hi 5 surprise prize pack competition? (But I know nothing about TJ the guinea pig?) 

Isabella seems to be the flavour of the month in the Mothers Matter Magazine. On page 17 it's about Isabella's Garden. (Isabella is unsure, if she's Isabell or Isabella? 

Then there's another Isabella, pictured on page 30. She is the 12-year old daughter of Lisa Bennett, a self confessed horder of shoes and bags, who runs a business called OiOi. (Looks a bit like IOIO opposite the Etihad Stadium).

The whole of page 31 is about serious fun for kids at the science works. I loved the address  2 Booker (He to book) Street, and phone number 13 [210 Won].


Much of what I do, the places I go to, the things I see, in the larger picture of things, are a test - testimony to HIS reality, HIS ability to lead, to guide. HE has the whole world under HIS total control. 

HIS power has not been established after a democratic vote. Nor will it ever need endorsing by anyone. The sooner all nations accept IT and acknowledge HIM as Lord, the better. 

(Now there is a suggestion for a resolution in COP 15 - the global-warning talk-fest, taking place right now in Denmark!)

- - - - - - -


Back to cycling in beautiful Queensland - September 09



Not long after leaving Gladstone I took a short detour into a little place called Yarwun. There was a general store/post office, where I mailed a few postcards and munched on a pie. Tomatoes, at $ 1 a bag, were a bargain compared to two bananas I bought later at Mt. Larcom - $ 2.95.

A small repair on my luggage rack was one reason I left Gladstone later than anticipated - at 10.45 am. Some welding had cracked under the weight of my gear. A kind tradesman at his air-conditioning workshop gave me just what I needed, some small hose clamps. He could have taken 5 or 10 Dollars for what he supplied. But he didn't want anything, which showed me that there are still kind, helpful people in the world, who are not merely after a quick buck. (Thank you, Sir). 

Back on the Bruce Highway the winds were favourable. I covered the distance to Rockhampton, 110 kilometres, by 3.45 PM. I couldn't understand why the Youth Hostel was at No. 60, when the street, Macfarlane Street, was only a hundred metres long. Arriving early allowed time to buy food at the supermarket, plus exploring the fantastic architecture along the Fitzroy River. 

Riding to the supermarket, on the footpath, I picked up a 20 cent coin. I mention it for two reasons. Firstly, the location -  between a computer pro (Pro Computers) and AON. The other reason, only hours later, I found another 20 cent coin. Two large coins, within hours of each other, is a rather high average. At what point does a high average stop being a coin-incident?

The next morning, before leaving Rockhampton, I took a short ride along Victoria Parade, taking the photograph of the grand old mansion shown below. 

It was Saturday morning, September 20th. A lady was taking her little children for a walk. From the riverbank came the sound of loud voices. Some local folk, who may have stayed there the night, were having a lively argument and didn't mind the rest of us to hear it.

A statue of a soldier on a horse, opposite the riverbank, took me across the road. On the ground was a pink news sheet of some kind. I learned that on 7.9.09, the day I flew into Queensland, the Rockhampton District Primary School had held a Choral Festival. The first choir had sung 'The Lord is my Shepherd' and The Moon. The second choir sang Moonsong. The night finished with the Finale, what else? The song on the sheet reads: Stand up.  

Compere for the evening was Mrs.Leisa (e and the dot added). Nice to know there are still ladies in the world, who don't mind being called Mrs. That pink paper, the program for the 7.09 Choral Festival, was worth picking up in Rocky. (The reason I again mention the date 7.09 again was a small, bright red car ...709, in a driveway nearby. It all may sound boring, unless you own the car...)


 Grand old architecture beside the Fitzroy River, Rockhampton. 


Approx. 25 kilometres from a place called Marlboro, I crossed Banwan Creek. My A/O & French translation code kicked in - Good won.  

I almost took another photo, approaching Marlboro, the town named after a famous cigarette. Some burning-off was in progress. A warning sign beside the Bruce Highway read: Smoke Hazard ahead. (Loved it).

- - - - - - - 


Fortunately, the tiny town of Marlboro had a good size caravan park/motel. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and no church service was held anywhere. Cycling north on the highway that morning I sang my own hymns and made up my own sermon. Not a bad idea - I couldn't complain about the songs, or correct any mistakes the preacher made.

On the day of rest, a little ironic, I had work to do. A few kilometres away from Marlboro a van had stopped on the other side of the highway. Somebody was lying beside it on their back. I stopped to investigate. My help was certainly welcome. 

The gentleman, 64 year-old Alfred, who was travelling to see his mother in Sydney, had a flat tyre. Since he suffered from a bad back, he had great difficulty trying to undo the wheel nuts. With the help of a hammer I was able to undo them and change the tyre for him. He was most appreciative, thanking me with a bottle of flavoured water. 

More irony - on the day of helping a motorist with a flat tyre, minutes later, I had a flat tyre myself. More were to come. The latest fad, self-adhesive patches, obviously didn't like the hot weather. One after the other came off. During the next 24 hours I had to replace 4 patches with conventional ones.

The radio reception in rural areas was limited, receiving only our ABC clearly. On Sundays there was very little to listen to, besides sport. Listening anyway, on Sunday 20 September, I had one of those mental telepathy moments. Whatever it's called, I saw some magic in the timing.

Approaching the coastal town of Clairview I considered in my mind: If time allows I could possibly make it into Carmilla, the next major town. But the sun is already fairly low ...

At that same second the ABC radio announcer said those words: "The sun is dipping low here in ..."  He was commentating the Rugby League Grand Final between Maroochydore and Caloundra - the sharks played the swans.

Clairview was the first location since Tallum Sands, where my path took me back to the seaside. The well equipped, large caravan park was also the centre of this tiny community. This stretch of my journey had been the one, where I had been unsure regarding accommodation. It was welcome surprise to see it so lively and well equipped. The next morning a few little green tree frogs kept me company as I ate breakfast. 

The wind changed overnight. Blowing from the north-east most of Monday, I noticed a considerable difference in my average speed. The extra leg work, combined with the heat made me feel tired. Arriving in Sarina around 3 pm, I decided to stay in this town for the night.

Despite not having found it online during my preparations, there was a lovely caravan park, just a little out of town. It was well kept, featuring lush green lawns, plus a swimming pool under palm trees. The name suited well, Tropicana.


Sarina, Queensland - two frogs in the centre of town! One is waiting for a kiss ... 

Superb spot, Jolimont Caravan Park, opposite freshly cut sugar cane; majestic mountains, silent witnesses to the magic of a rising sun, promising freedom, joy and a closeness to God, as one can only experience it on two wheels (or on two bended knees). 



Mackay at lunch time was a hive of activity. I rolled up at a newly opened shopping centre, Caneland, and wondered, why the place was so crowded. It was the beginning of the school holidays, so the new, air-conditioned shopping mall became a good place to escape the heat.

I bought my lunch and ate it on a covered picnic table, overlooking the Blue Lagoon. Nearby, a bridge was under construction. Mackay had a real 'go-ahead' feel to it.

It may sound silly, why I decided to leave the Bruce Highway, to cycle the alternative, longer route via Marian. At the caravan park in Sarina I had met a couple, holidaying in their caravan, rego plate ..GK 210. They were from Marion, South Australia. 

On the main road into Marian I spotted a 10 cent coin on the road. I turned back to pick it up. It was right outside house number 591. I noticed that the number was written on a post, vertically. My brain deducted 10 from 591 = 581 ...?

Another registration plate outside the general store. Was the message - 10 4 URL? Well, here it is! 

A quick snack, to spend my newly acquired 10 cents, a chat with the friendly store keeper, and I was back in the saddle. The detour via Marian was well worth it; far less traffic and beautiful scenery. 

There were vast areas of cane fields, with high mountains as a backdrop. Unfortunately, a dust storm over South Australia had carried much soil from central Australia over to the East Coast. Whilst breathing never became a problem, the dust reduced visibility greatly. On one occasion I came within a few kilometers of a high mountain, before realizing I had travelled beside it for many kilometers. It had been covered in the haze. 

At around 5 PM at a place called Jolimont I passed a caravan park I didn't know about. It was right on the Bruce Highway; a perfect place to stay the night. Not only was there a camp kitchen, a TV provided a little entertainment, since the park was not near a town or village. 

There were long stretches between civilization along this part of the coast. It was noticeable, in different places and to various degrees, Queensland was still suffering from the ongoing drought. Drinking water became an issue. On two or three occasions I had to consume bore water, which a local had assured me was safe to drink. As the previous year, I never suffered any stomach or other pain - apart from the occasional ache in the neck. 

The next day, after struggling against a strong headwind, I reached Proserpine, mildly exhausted. I considered leaving Airlie Beach off the itinerary altogether. But from a previous visit I knew this resort, the gateway to the Whitsunday's,  was a gem. 

I stopped for a good rest at Proserpine, made sure I had some wholesome food and plenty of water. It helped me battle the strong headwind for 25 kilometres into Airlie Beach.  

Looking back, I was glad to make the effort and stay overnight at Airlie. I made some remarkable discoveries. One was a superb backbacker hostel, right in the heart of Airlie across from the beach. At $ 30 per night it was good value.

The rest of my discovery was mega magic; magic to the power of N (Read on). 


One of Queensland's prettiest: Airlie Beach

Shute Harbour Road, downtown Airlie Beach.

If I had searched for a foreground to take this picture, I could not have found a better one than this New South Wales registered, white 4 WD. 

AE - Longbeach California, April 05 (Book 4, Chapter 10)

72 - Melbourne, Victoria, Feb. 7th, 09

YU - San Clemente & Adelaide, July 06, (Book 5, Chapter 9)  



The next morning, real early, I strolled over to the sailing club, located next to the beach. Lying in the sand, my eyes fell on to a red number on a white piece of paper. (How well timed, to fit into this chapter, since 45 had featured earlier, 1000+ miles to the south!)



Had the number not been 45 I may not have picked this up. But Q [ LD] 450 was fresh in my mind as I walked on this Queensland Beach.

(How well LD fits again, both into this chapter and the heading of Book 8 above... never ending magic, read on!)

- - - - - - -


Another LD revelation from the previous chapter: 

I had failed to see something very obvious, which many readers who know German must have spotted. I had drawn attention to the letters HE, which complement LD, to form the word HELD.

Held is the past tense of hold. The word held in German means hero! (Ken Cooper, who wrote Held hostage must be regarded as a modern day hero! 

The word hero also came up in the scripture reading of Psalm 51 in the previous chapter. King David - the fallen hero prayed the right kind of prayer. His wrong-doing was bigger than that of Ken Cooper or Tiger Woods, yet David admitted his sin - and God gladly forgave him.

- - - - - - - 


Here is a question for readers in Queensland: "What does Airlie Beach, Queensland have in common with Warrnambool, Victoria? There may be a handful of smart readers, who know that both cities have a street called ALTMAN.N. But how many know that the tourist maps in both places are incorrect ?

In Warrnambool... here is another link to The Kingston job ... the graphic artist, who drew the tourist map, had left Altmann Street right off the map. 

In Airlie Beach the graphic artist spelt Altman with one n, whilst the street-sign maker added the extra N, as in the German spelling!


 VAST is the difference between ALTMANN ST and ALTMANN AV

How ironic - the name Altmann had entered my supernatural world as I sat*, watching what I now regard as an innocent 'old man' sent to prison by incompetent, or corrupt police. 

(Book 1, Chapter 18) How little did I know, when I typed the following at the top of the chapter: 

"Before anybody condemns me while reading this chapter, wait until the end of the story before judging me."

 That was 280 chapters ago, and the story has not ended yet!

Please, nobody think that I googled Altmann Street beforehand. I discovered the above during my brief visit to the town. 

When I cut out the section of the tourist map to glue into my diary, I had no idea how it would come out: Top left corner, imming   >>> IM MI NG ... !

* Writing at this point I had not seen this... (also in top left corner):

nnis   Courts !!

But look - what I just discovered! HOPE for ALL - the Community Health Centre right next to the police station! 

Truly amazing - totally supernatural - Friends, GOD is POWERFUL - HE REALLY IS!

 - - - - - - -


Can you see IT ALL coming together? God's finger is pointing at an innocent man lingering in jail, convicted wrongfully by the ... courts!

At the conclusion of Book 7, the second to last chapter, any impartial mind will find clear evidence, in black and white, that the imprisoned magistrate has been wrongly accused by at least one person. 

God has judged the case HIMSELF. HE is the judge of ALL things. 

Here is the Elder, who carries the number 24, mentioned in the last book of the Bible. This ELDER (old man - ALTMANN) is falling down to worship ALMIGHTY GOD. My chapter 'The Kingston job' concludes with a reference to these 24 Elders:

"Around the throne were 24 thrones, and on the thrones I saw 24 Elders sitting, clothed in white robes; and they had crowns of gold on their heads." (Revelations 4,4).

Chapter 4 of Revelations concludes: "

...the 24 Elders fall down before HIM who sits on the throne and worship HIM who lives forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying: "You are worthy, O Lord to receive glory, honour and power; for you created all things, and by your will they exist and were created." (Verses 10 & 11).

What a passionate surrender of power, throwing in your own crown, and making a strong affirmation of faith, acknowledging Almighty God as the creator. Only HE is worthy to be praised, forever and ever!

Let me suggest to world leaders, concluding their talk in Copenhagen as I write: The world needs a revolution, not a resolution. Not an empty promise to reduce energy consumption, but a determined turning away from greed, from lies, from deception and violence, toward embracing Jesus' teaching of love and peace! This truth, HIS truth, will lead to world peace. God is in control of all, including HIS earth's climate!

All those who not merely claim to love GOD, but those who love God passionately, with all the energy they can muster, can't help but pass on this love to others. They love his appearing as a judge:

Revelations 14, Verse 7: " angel said with a loud voice: Fear God and give glory to HIM, for the hour of HIS judgement has come; and worship HIM who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water."

God is an amazingly, creative God. The world does not exist by co-incidence! Why should we not trust this creator? HE knows more about HIS earth than all the world's scientists combined! 


After watching a BBC TV program, which taught evolution as if it were a proven fact, I emailed the BBC London. The DNA of a chimpanzee may be similar to that of a human, but please, let's be honest, there is a world of difference in our bodies, besides our superior brain power, not to mention God's spirit inside us!

In my email I posed a question, which has long puzzled me: If chimps have over time evolved into humans, has any of these animals in the last 1000 years reached the level of a human? If not, are there any good-looking chimps alive, who appear to be on the verge of becoming human? If not, why not?

 Sorry folks, my ancestors never ever included anyone, but clean-skinned humans!

A universal resolution, which all Nations of the earth will adopt, speaks of a powerful, creative God:

"Great and marvellous are Your works Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O king of the saints! (Revelations 15, 3).

Who shall not fear You and glorify Your name? For You alone are holy. For all nations shall come and worship before You, for Your judgements have been manifested."

(Revelations 15, 4).

Please retain - the number has come up!

What is the number? No, not 45. The number Is 96:

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder, and HIS name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9, 6).


Chapter 8