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To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL   Index     ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1    Book 8 / Ch 5    Written / Pub. 5/12 - 9/12/09   

As with other chapters, here I first write about what's on my heart at the present, then in the latter part continue our Sept 09 bicycle journey.

I was sought by those who did not ask for Me; I was found by those who did not seek Me. I said: "Here I am, here I am",  to a  nation that was not called by my name. I have stretched out my hands all day long to rebellious people, who walk in the way that is not good... (Isaiah 65, 1, 2).


6.  [Letter 4] is grace 

The date was right. This short sentence appeared in the previous chapter. The date referred to 12.9. On the top of the page in my dairy I wrote one word: GRACE.

Technically speaking, I uploaded chapter 5 not on 30.11, but two minutes after midnight, which was by then 1.12.09. The similarity between 12.9 and 1.12.09 led me to a further discovery - leading right back to - GRACE. 

In Roman numerals the central number is 5. Any single digit is either added, if written after the V, or deducted if before the V. For instance - CERT IV means Certificate 4.

If we look at the date 129 in that way, we arrive at 17. This number immediately, in my mind, brings out an incident on July 1st 07, where my friend Dave and I spent a big day visiting Adelaide's south. After arriving home I had been dumbfounded by the word Grace in Ephesians 1, 7. (Book 6, Chapter 10).

Usually, on the morning of uploading a chapter my mind wanders back and reprocesses what I had written. While writing the focus is more on sentence structure, spelling and style etc. I often marvel at myself, what I discover and the weird connections I write about. 

But sadly, I don't have a yardstick to measure, if these incidences are mere co-incidences or if there are other emotionally sensitive people, who are not numerologists, but experience similar magic with numbers etc. 

(To decipher the meaning of the title [Letter 4 is grace] wait until Bundaberg later in this chapter). 

- - - - - - -

On the morning of discovering and thinking about the number 129 as 17, I was just loading my disabled client Vicky, the lady who likes wearing NY, Rinnai or GGG hats, into the government van. The wheelchair all secured, the rear ramp back up and the door shut, I went back behind the wheel, ready to drive away. The time was 9 to 9.

(Hey, I just recalled these two digits, as I typed them. They are part on an email I sent only a few hours ago to Today, Channel 9 -  read on). 

Looking at the tachometer of the van the digits hit me - 8.51. But how fluky were the other digits, those of the odometer reading at that same moment - 18715? Just as I had been thinking of 17 these digits were staring at me! 


851   18715

Sorry, I didn't have a camera or you would see a picture here. I simply grabbed a tissue paper and scribbled the numbers down in blue pen for the diary.

How do psychologists interpret such phenomena - while thinking 17, half a metre in front of your nose 17 appears, hidden among other numbers?

Hey, it just struck me on editing - were 1 & 7 not the digits on the dashboard of my Suzuki? They had flabbergasted me, but I did not have a camera on hand to photograph them? (Book 2, Chapter 40).

    - - - - - - -


On the morning of commencing this chapter I had some serious fun with a TV breakfast show. A brave young lady was showing off a very large python snake. She explained: "If you see one of these around, don't be alarmed, it's not poisonous, but very useful in keeping rodent numbers down. This snake hasn't got a name, but if you can think of one, please sent us an email."

Don't I love a challenge, the opportunity to naming a snake?

When I started typing the following email all I had in mind was the word snake backwards, minus the N. But it turned out a little different and led in another direction, down the path of my one-track, digitised mind:   


Email to Today, Channel Nine, dated Dec. 5th. 09.

Subject: N out

Hi all,

What a brave girl this morning, allowing that snake all over her! What about calling that snake Ekas? The name means nothing, but is code. I leave it to you at Channel Nine to crack it.
But on a more serious note: Please don't call Christmas 'the silly season'. Christmas is a birthday party - sadly, one where the birthday boy get's very little mention. A most amazing part is this - Channel Nine should love this - HIS birth was foretold hundreds of years before it happened in Zechariah Chapter 9, Verse 9: "Rejoice greatly. (which doesn't mean be silly, but be joyful) O daughter of Zion, shout O daughter of Jerusalem. Behold you king is coming to you; HE is just and and having salvation, lowly and riding on a bicycle, sorry donkey, a GIANT*, sorry a colt, the foal of a donkey."
*Maybe, it's a bit of a silly season, with the right king, sorry the right kind of fun, happiness!.
Kind regards from Adelaide
Dieter Fischer
PS  Was on my GIANT yesterday, looking for Today at the Adelaide Oval, but they must have been inside the grounds, or already gone, when I got there about 9.15 AM. Well, today I found you.

(The missing r, in the biblical quote, was unintentional.)


In the same edition breakfast show Tiger Woods, the super goofer, sorry golfer had been in the news for days, for all the wrong reasons.

A letter in our Advertiser Newspaper expressed what was in the back of my mind: Who will be next claiming an affair with Tiger, but for a million Dollars they promise to keep it quiet? The rich and famous often are targets for this kind of blackmail. (For example* see Bk 4, Ch. 23). 

*Just as I typed this - on Radio 5 AA, in the 2 PM News more women claim having had affairs with Tiger. One, a former porn star ... ! 

Tiger better phone his priest before going to confession. He may need to book a double session ...!


It's a long shot, if you pardon the pun, and I may be completely off track, but could it be that the timing of Tiger's remorse was not co-incidental? The Joyful News calendar for the month of December 09 quotes a very brief, but straight forward command - repent! 

The timing would be right - In early December, after Tiger turned the page of the calendar and read it, he decided to repent of his wrongs doings and confess them to his wife?


Joyful News Gospel Calendar, December 09

God "now commandeth all men everywhere to repent."

Which story is more plausible? My Tiger fairytale above or it's continuation by the world's tabloid press?

After Tiger repented, his wife totally disgusted with her famous husband, grabbed the first item available, a golf club (what else) and chased her famous husband down the driveway, wielding her threatening weapon. 

And who can steer a motor car safely, when a Swedish blond, mad as hell, is after you, because she doesn't believe in your story of repentence? Tiger promptly hit the fire hydrant!

I noted the Christian name of Tiger's wife - ELIN, nice name - that of a big river, backwards. 

It just came on editing: The scripture in Chapter 17 of the Acts is Verse 30 = 3 x 0 = 000, Australia's Emergency telephone number.

God means business, don't you think?


There is more: Our Daily Bread, December 8 - Tuesday. 


For a few months I have not been following the Daily Bread Bible readings. On the day of editing, however, well timed, I happened to see it at a friend's house - the subject is repentance. (I borrowed the booklet).

The key verse: The sacrifice of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart. (Psalm 51, 17).

Stop Press: An unusual discovery after thinking about the letters of the Daily Bread heading (ALOR). It vaguely brought out my limited French. Out of curiosity I check the Collins online dictionary, - by adding S* we create alors = 

 (= ce moment-l) then, at that time 
Il habitait alors Paris.  He was living in Paris at that time.

How amazing! Only a minute or two before my wife and I discussed, how her brother loves Paris. He and his wife travel there almost every year and send us a postcard! 

ALORS happened  .... then, at that time!

God not only means business, he knows HIS business, with precision timing!

*During a walk with my dog I was thinking, where the S fits in. Psalm 5 (or S) won? Also adding the digits of the date 8+12+2+9 = 31. S would fit. 

This reminds me: On Sunday morning 6.12 am on a TV Show called: It Is Written, a book was advertised titled - The Big Five. Or did they mean 72 + 5? 

- - - - - - -


True repentance is more than being sorry for being found out. It's genuine remorse for what one has done, the hurt caused to others, the insult toward God. True repentance follows by a determined resolve to change direction and not do ... (live without God) any more!

This act of turning toward God, after fully understanding what repentance means (it cost Jesus his life) will produce a feeling of immense joy. The more you have sinned, the greater the euphoria of finding forgiveness in God.

Consequently - let's not be worried about Tiger. The more woman come forward, claiming an affair, the happier the repentant super star will feel.

- - - - - - -


On the afternoon before commencing this chapter I went to a memorial service for a 45 year-old doctor, who had passed away suddenly. It all started with an announcement in our Messenger Press Newspaper, one I had often quoted from in my early books. Printed in full colour on page 7 it took up one quarter of the page, which included his photo. It gave his name (DR T) and details of the memorial service on Friday 4.12.09, at 4.30 PM. 

During the week I had been looking for his entry in the Adelaide White Pages telephone directory. I could not find it.

Stop Press: When I write Stop Press, you know I made a discovery. I sure did. I just double checked to ensure my memory is correct - two surnames the same as that of DR T are listed on page 1058 in the current 2009/10 White Pages.

What makes my heart pound just a little faster - only a few days ago was the funeral for another man, the one who had died in the car crash on Bridge Road. (I found the horse racing ticket, shown in Chapter 4). He also has an unusual surname, which ends in ...ban. 

One surname like his, but not he, is listed on Page 1075 of the same White Pages. The difference - 17!


Thinking about it for two days I came up with more interesting facts. The surnames on page 1058 had the initials LJ and TJ. One address was No.43 S... Street, the other at No. 10 Green .. La. (I took a brief cycle to check out both addresses, while writing this chapter. S.... Street runs of Royal Ave.)

These strange facts, plus an inner urge to go, made me drive to Adelaide's outer northern suburb of Craigmore, where the memorial service was held.

Only on the morning of this writing I thought of a connection between my memorial service and an earlier part in my writing. In Chapter 26 of Book 2 you will find a photograph of what to me looked like a ... grave, dug with a John Deere tractor. I had taken the picture in Yorketown Road.


The 4.12 event at Craigmore was at Yorketown Road, at No. 213 to be precise. It all made sense.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. I purposely drove around the corner and parked the Suzuki in a back street. There were two vehicles already there. Parked ahead of me was registration No ...005. The vehicle behind was ..OA 717. It was hard not notice this late Model Toyota Corolla ...

(Roll AO C - this just came then, as I wrote)

...because it's headlights were on, but no driver or passenger in it. How can this be? Don't all late model vehicles have a warning (lights-on) devise? 

The Craigmore Hall was crowded. It suited me. I watched the service, standing in the open doorway, just in case I felt like slipping away early. 

The more I heard about DR Sean T, all the accolades for him, the more I was amazed. The local doctor, who I was told took his own life, was described as caring, generous and humorous; an outspoken individual, who also loved singing. At funerals you always hear nice things about people.

It was easy to identify with DR T. More so after one speaker mentioned that Sean loved table tennis and soccer. That struck me as most interesting. Before driving to Craigmore I had been playing table tennis at our Elizabeth table tennis group. The memorial service was only five minutes drive away.

Not only had I come from table tennis, I was only hours later going to Hindmarsh Stadium to watch a game of football (soccer). Adelaide United played against the Newcastle Jets in Round ...17 of the A-League. Our team lost  2:0.


More football news, which made headlines then, at that time!

On the morning of writing a major event in world football took place. The ballot was held in Johannesburg, placing the 32 teams participating in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa into 8 groups of 4. Two countries of interest I shall be watching closely, Germany and Australia. Both were drawn into the same group - D.

More links - football woes in Australia and Germany: My teams Adelaide United and VFB Stuttgart are both struggling, lingering very much south on the A-League and Bundesliga ladders. They should be going north, like I was on my bicycle.

Alors, Stuttgart appointed a new coach, one with a holy name - The big Christian. He's 55 year-old Christian Gross. Love it! He should do well, he comes from Switzerland and Stuttgart is ...  to the north! 

(Now, didn't I read somewhere you shouldn't mix sport with religion, or was I dreaming?)

The latest news: Germany and Australia clashed in another sport this weekend in Melbourne. In the Hockey Champions Trophy grand final Australia defeated Germany 5:3. 

- - - - - - -


Title Page - Reader's Digest, November 09

The New Wonder Drug - Should everyone take statins? 

It came, just after scanning: Statins - the Saints Cross! 

Indeed, Mr. Lenin or was it Mr. Marx, called religion a drug - opium for the people. What a wonder drug iT is!

No doubt - all noticed the amazing Melbourne Cup ticket my son had bought in Chapter 3. He had picked first and second place getters correctly, plus Allez Wonder. How ironic - the word Wonder on the front page of the November 09 Readers Digest!

May ianswer the big question (should all take statins) with the sub-headline on the shoulder of the lady shown: Yes! If you follow the way of the Saint's Cross you are 'Saving your own life". (This article on Page 108 is about a healthy heart).

I see a connection between the two articles. The quotation marks are the same colour yellow as the words WONDER DRUG. The rest is black and white. 

- - - - - - - 


(Back to cycling Queensland - 13/9/09)

On leaving the caravan park at Pomona I learned the street address where I had stayed: 15 PAVILLION Street. Having played the Roman numerals game with MILLION, we won't bother here. However, it's interesting to note: Take Pa from Pavillion, the numbers mainly come out as 1 5, which digitally is IS. Later that same day, after leaving 15 Pavillion Street I was to cycle along a road called, that's why I make a point of it - ISIS Highway.

Back on the Bruce Highway a friendly lady, sitting in a roadhouse carpark selling strawberries, assured me that the alternative route to Maryborough is excellent for cyclists. So after a lunch stop, and a little shopping in the hilly town of Gympie, I left the Bruce Highway and turned north-east towards Tin Can Bay. Turning north again, before reaching the coast, this scenic detour gently led through pretty pine forest plantations. It's called Tuan Forest Road.

Having left the Bruce Highway meant there was nothing, no shop or pub for  84 kilometres. No dramas; I just made sure to carry a little extra water and a snack. Amazing, how I found that after a good breakfast I could cycle until well after midday without food and only one flask (750 ml) of liquid, unless the weather was very hot.

That Sunday (September 13th) conditions could not have been better. With extensive pine forest plantations on both sides of Tuan Forest Road I felt I was cycling through South Australia's south-east, where timber is also commercially grown, on a grand scale.

Riding along that afternoon I was listening, for the first time on this ride, to the transistor radio. A bubbly, female presenter named Poppy, hosted her program Straight Talk. One subject that afternoon was Clairvoyancy, UFO's, the paranormal etc. I was listening to stuff, which stirred my spirit.

I felt like phoning up and questioning, why intelligent people could seriously believe some of the things they phoned in with. If I were to tell them about the supernatural powers of the Holy Spirit, the same people probably would laugh at me.

At the time my Pomona Grace story was fresh in my mind. Had I been able to get through (I tried once, but no reception)  I might have asked how they would view my experience - singing the word grace, then seeing a GRACE Truck drive by a few seconds later?

And really - having a spacecraft full of aliens land right beside you, then kidnap you and take you hostage for the afternoon is more exciting. (Nobody rang with this tale, but there are people, who claim such alien encounters).  

How interesting is Poppy's surname - SA Victory is OK! (I googled her; the only female presenter listed on 2 SM's website). 


During the long hours pedalling I had lots of time to think. I juggled numbers. The radio station's phone number (Radio 2 SM - obviously linked from Sydney nationally ) 13 12 69 made that day's date 13/9 + 126. Of course at that stage I had no idea that at my final destination, Cairns, I would be totalling *1260 kilometres.

*(Correction 16.12 - should read 2160 kilometres). 

A vehicle had pulled off the side of the road. The registration plate .. 272 raised my level of number recognition, if that were possible. Right opposite were a combination of numbers, more digits to play with: 479 and right underneath 511. Why red letters? Are they believers in ... 4 X 79 and 2 x 72?

Staying at the Wallace Caravan Park in Maryborough I got talking to a German couple. Both were Chemists. One used to work for pharmaceutical giant Hoechst, the other for Boehringer. Immediately the name rang a bell.

Thirty years ago this company played a major role in the shocking miscarriage of judgement against Lindy Chamberlain. The experts analysed a substance at the alleged crimescene and identified it as foetal blood, which opened the floodgates of hell for the unfortunate woman.

The red substance later was found to be glue, not blood. Too bad the mistake cost her three years of her life and ruined her marriage afterwards.

Even the German tourists knew about this big stuff up in Australia's justice system. If ever the Liddy case is made public, the embarrassment will be worse. In recent years I have talked less about it, especially to strangers. When God chooses, alors, the truth will be shouted from the rooftops.


Somebody had left a Sunday Mail newspaper at the caravan park kitchen. I browsed over it and, should I be surprised, found some doubtful stories. One made headline news, since it surrounded a famous date - 9/11.

On that infamous date a young man, allegedly, played a joke with fellow passengers, while flying on a V-Australia jet from Brisbane to LA. Using an onboard chatroom he typed: "I have a bomb", which caused panic, when it appeared on the screens. According to press reports the sage continued:

Flight 007 landed. Police (James Bond?) came on the scene. For the next 91 minutes the flight was grounded for a thorough search of the plane and the man's a luggage. The delay cost V Australia $21,143 ...

The young chatroom joker's name Kirsch is German. It translates to Cherry.

But how was the airline able to come up with the exact damage the episode cost them? Looking at 21143 I could envisage:

211 + 007 + 10 = 228      or        211 + 700 = 911 take away 91 = 1.

Any other Bond options?

In the same edition Sunday Mail a blond bombshell ...

Aha, now I get it - Our Mr. Cherry above only had typed half his sentence, when the panic broke out. He meant to finish the sentence - I have a bomb of a girlfriend. She's blond and ...

Take a look of the snippet in the newspaper:

Sunday Mail Brisbane - 13/9/09, P. 3

Text: She's the blond bombshell taking Australian Idol by storm, but for Townsville's Kim Cooper the ride to reality fame has not been easy. The bubbly 21-year-old was bullied so severely as a child she decided to leave her home in Melbourne and move to Townsville ...

Left: I'm reading book on this trip of Ken Cooper. 

The similarity of the names Ken Cooper and Kim Cooper started the train of thought. I arrived at IM EN or MINE. 

Just on editing more came: NIE (never) M (Melbourne?) MEN I or  IN ME ...?

- - - - - - -


The Mary River, which runs through Maryborough (Pop. 24 000 in '97) was front-page headline in that same newspaper shown above. A planned dam at Traveston (note the name) created much controversy. The Queensland Government had already spent in excess of $ 500 million Dollars, according to ABC online.

Too bad that a few weeks later the Federal Minister Peter Garrett refused to grant approval for the project. One would have thought they'd first ensure Federal approval is granted before acquiring land, paying consultants etc. Who cares about a wasted 1/2 billion Dollars. At election time nobody remembers.


On leaving Maryborough, parked at the front door of a small church, I noted an interesting vehicle registration plate, a holy one  "Oh, remember that my life is a breath!" (Job 7,7). Had I been considering all the trucks that were overtaking me all day long, this could also have been my favourite scripture at the time.

But my thoughts went in another direction. By adding the digits 2 7 my mind reflected on the 2777 Kingston Job (Book 7,23).


Maryborough, Queens Park, looking toward the Mary River.














Top: Sausages grown on trees? The tree in Queens Park, beside the Mary River, is called Mozambique Sausage Tree - that's why.

Bottom: Childers, where I spent a few hours enjoying lunch on Monday 14/9. The backpackers hostel, foreground on left, was the scene of a serious tragedy in 2000. It is now an information centre /gallery / museum (Story below).


Eating my lunch in a park at Childers, I recalled how this town had been the scene of a horrible tragedy. In June 2000 a fire in the Palace Backpacker hostel took the lives of 15 young people. I enquired about it and was directed to a building in the main street. Upstairs in a large room, also used as a gallery, a memorial wall with the names and photographs of the victims was displayed. 

The fire had revealed how totally inadequate, or non-existent safety procedures were at the time. The deaths occurred because victims became trapped by locked doors and barred windows in an upstairs, crowded dormitory. A man was later charged with arson and murder and imprisoned for life.

As I reflected the names of each victim, one suddenly stood out. Melissa. Her full name is Melissa Jane Smith. Jane Smith is a common name. I know somebody by that name. But a further thought stirred in my brain, a reflection on an incident a few days earlier, also in a backpacker's hostel.

I had placed some milk into the communal fridge. According to the rules, I filled in a label to mark my item with my name and the date. When I went back the next morning to use my milk, my name had been crossed out and another written on it - Janet Smith. This is why the name Melissa Jane Smith, a Childers victim, reminded me of Janet Smith, the name on my milk two days earlier.

There was another task I felt obliged to do during my Childers lunch stop. I wanted to please a man called Clint. I didn't know Clint from a bar of s...ugar - OK, soap, but since we're approaching Australia's sugar capital Bundaberg ...  

Beside the Bruce Highway, a few kilometers outside Childers, I had spotted a huge advertisement for a tyre business. The sign read: "SAY HELLO TO CLINT AT ISIS TYRE SERVICE'. 

I was used to obeying road signs, so I made a point of looking for ISIS Tyres. It was right in the main street. I pedalled up to the wide open door and called out: "Is Clint in?" A lady came out of an adjacent office and said that Clint was on the phone. I said I just wanted to say Hello. She assured me she would pass on my hello ... after giving my bicycle tyres a good check over (just kidding). 

The name ISIS had drawn my attention, especially after I found out that the road to Bundaberg, away from the Bruce Highway, was called the ISIS Highway. 

How aptly named is ISIS? According to Wikipedia ISIS is the Roman goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility. Not sure about motherhood or fertility, my wife IS is better qualified there, but magic? Yes, ISIS is right up my alley! 

How about this magic - Long time readers are familiar with my original, special 3-digit number 153 (besides 0's it's the month, year and day I was born). The letters IS in numerical form can't be anything but 15. 

Can you believe that the ISIS Highway from Childers to Bundaberg is Route No. 3.


About 25 kilometres before Bundaberg I had my first mishap. Railway lines and bicycles don't go well together. I didn't slow down enough, hitting the rails of the sugar train line rather harshly. One of my pannier bags shifted and got caught in the spokes. There was minor damage, which I had repaired the next day in Bundaberg. 

Overall, the few problems I encountered during the 3-week cycle were few and simply fixed. Nobody can expect to cycle such a distance and not experience some trouble.

It builds confidence to realize that you are able to overcome most obstacles that come up. This higher level of confidence leads to growth - and, why not, a bigger adventure in another exciting place next time?

Since I decided to stay two nights in Bundaberg, the town famous for sugar and rum, there was time to watch a movie at the local theatre. The title of the movie that evening, a few days after my GRACE magic, was Disgrace. (Now you understand why the title of this chapter). 

The title Disgace is as strange as the film itself - an Australian production, dramatizing racial problems in South Africa. I wrote into my diary, about the main characters in the movie: All were bad. I felt there was something missing at the end - justice. The title explains in one word mankind's worst enemy.... [Letter 19] in.


There was more letter-ology in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia. The place has something in common, almost, with New Orleans, Louisiana USA - Bourbon Street. Bundaberg, however goes one letter better. Here the main street is called Bourbong Street. Note the letter g!

Sitting  inside the magnificently decorated Holy Rosary Church for prayer and meditation I noticed the name of a prominent citizen, who had a stained-glass window named after him, Mr. Shearin. Doesn't it look like the letter g is missing?

Hey, this is weird, really weird, it just came. In the picture below the letter O is missing from the word Outback. Together with G, the O are the letters of a main road in Adelaide, with just these two letters as name - OG Road. 

People we know, who live very near OG Road (a few houses away in a street off OG Road, have the surname Shearing [Letter 19] hearing. (I warned you, it's weird). 

The school with the Two Hands logo in the previous chapter is only a street away from OG Road. In Book 1, Chapter 52 and more recently in Book 7, Chapter 16 are earlier stories, which also happened in [Letters 15  7] Road. 



As you can see, I was not the average tourist. I noticed different things. Likewise, I photographed different subjects. What did I see in this building to stop and take a photo?


Shopfront - Bundaberg Queensland, 


Note - the letter 0 missing: ..UTBACK.

I wasn't thinking of getting a tattoo, nor considered Pet Meats for dinner. What struck me funny was the writing in red letters in the top centre window: ENTRY DOWNSTAIRS.

How else would anybody be able to reach the tattoo studio upstairs, except via downstairs? I can't see any steps to the upstairs.

 - - - - - - -


When visiting Bundaberg one can't avoid the name of one of it's most famous citizens - Bert Hinkler, the pioneer aviator born in 1892.

Relaxing in the Botanic Gardens I learned that this young adventurer, with an obviously inquisitive, outside the box thinking mind, went to school nearby. In 1911, aged in his late teens, he'd already had built a glider, which he successfully flew 10 metres into the air.

Bert pursued his passion for flying to become the first solo pilot to fly from England to Australia in 1928. Breaking many aviation records on the way his small plane landed right near the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens on Feb. 27.

Sadly, his passion for flying took his life at a young age. He crashed on another England to Australia record attempt in 1933 over Italy. Aged 41 he was buried in Florence.

On December 8th 09 was his 117th birthday.  

- - - - - - -

Cycling north, away from Bundaberg, I suddenly remembered I totally had forgotten to enquire and possibly have a look at the tilt-train crash site, which was headline news in 2004. The accident on *16/11 (that date must be disasters day in Queensland?) derailed 7 out of 9 carriages of the northbound express train, which was travelling too fast (115 km/h) around a bend. 

Back then I had been bemused reading a comment by an official. He was telling of all the broken glass. As if a train would crash at over 100 km/hour and one should be surprised about all the broken glass! (Book 3, Chapter 37).

*Isn't that interesting! Reading about the tilt train crash in Book 3 it not only amazes me that it happened on the same date as the huge storm in 08. In the chapter I quote a psalm, following a lengthy email to the media, virtually suggesting it's all lies. 

Psalm 116,11: "I said in my haste, all men are liars".

Whilst it is impossible for me to prove or disprove what happened on 16.11.04 near Bundaberg, Queensland (or in April 06 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania - Book 5, Chapter 29) I can't doubt for one moment that a huge storm hit Brisbane exactly four years later - on 16.11.08. I was there when it happened!

Maybe, among all my eight books I have been a little hasty, calling men liars? But until I get some answers regarding Bundaberg, Beaconsfield and the bulldust surrounding the Liddy case, I will not keep silent, but will keep on calling for the truth to be investigated, the results made known, and proper action taken to put right that which is wrong!


The little town of Rosedale, what a nice name, has a pub with an equally nice name - The Royal Hotel, where I rested over an egg and bacon burger. It was a very hot day, the lemonade very refreshing. The P & F (parents and friends) group at the school must have known about my favourite numbers. A sign announced their meeting on 14 Sept. at 3.15.

(Hey - I just see, how adding an e, transforms S.E.P.T into See PT! Love it. 

Maybe somebody even knew about the colours that turn me on? In James Street, the main road leading into Rosedale, I found an artificial (cloth) flower. The colour was lavender. I stuck a single petal into the diary.


After a 130 kilometre day, which concluded with a slowly leaking tube, I limped into Bororen just on sunset. Bororen was the only place where, apart from the few drops the first night, I experienced a touch of rain. It was only minor, I won't even mention it.

Since the caravan park at Miriam Vale did not have a camp kitchen, I cycled another 13 kilometres to Bororen, pumping up my tyre every few kilometres. Just outside Bororen I saw in large white paint, a number on the roadway - 166 999. 

Well, the date that day was 16.9. This leaves exactly 6.99. Remember, I had paid $ 6.99 for my diary right at the beginning of this trip?


The Bororen camp kitchen was not very well equipped. I had bought a tin of Irish Stew to cook. However, even if I had found a tin opener, it would have been awkward to prepare Irish Stew on a BBQ plate without a pot. My dinner was bread and some leftovers that night. But I didn't get upset about such a little thing. I wouldn't let it spoil my day. I won't even mention it.

(In contrast, a few days further north, Jolimont Caravan Park did not even advertise a camp kitchen, yet it had a stove, a kettle, a fridge, a tin opener, running water - all these, plus a TV. To watch ... the news ... to sort out truth from fiction, like... Scott Dixon or... YEAR 12 UNI PLAN or ...)

(Just watched our local news, before adding last sentence).

- - - - - - - - -


Fellow cyclists, Bruce Highway, near Tallum Sands turn-off

This adventurous couple from the Czech Republic had cycled for six months after landing in Perth. They had travelled right across the top end of Australia to Cape Tribulation. We met just before Gladstone and spent a few minutes together.

- - - - - - - - -


The couple's names were Paul and Mary. I was thinking to myself - here we are, three mad cyclists: Dieter, Paul and Mary. Paul was saying that food had been a problem for them in places. No supplies in between vast empty stretches.

Looking at their loaded bicycles (in the photo Paul is holding mine) made mine look like it were on a pleasure cruise, compared to their battle ships. The friendly Czech couple enthusiastically advised me to take the short detour via Tallum Sands and Boyne Island, which I probably would not have done otherwise. (Aha, N Boy? Read on).

Hearing the names Dieter, Paul and Mary, sounds a bit like Peter, Paul and Mary, three musicians of a different era. According to Wikipedia this American folk/pop group, how ironic, started out singing at The Bitter End night club in New York. 

Here is what I found so amazing, why I am writing about it here: I had Dieter, Paul and Mary on my mind as I was cycling into Tallum Sands and was listening to the 2 PM News, only an hour or so after meeting Paul and Mary. Suddenly, over the airwaves out of my radio I heard the American pop group Peter, Paul and Mary mentioned. What amazing timing! The female singer of the 1960's group had died of cancer. She was aged 72.


- - - - - - -

Sunset above Auckland Inlet, Gladstone, Queensland

The big local News as I travelled through the region was a huge Liquefied Natural Gas project to secure its economic future.

A quick online search revealed interesting names: "Queensland Curtis LNG spokesman Mitchell Innes says the company is looking forward to further discussions with the Government on how the blueprint will be implemented."

Gladstone is the third town of my group of 4, which had 24 000 inhabitants in '97.

- - - - - - -


Hey, now isn't that ...I just saw it after googling the lady's details? Did I not earlier in this chapter write about a dam, which was to be built, but was rejected?  

The river is the Mary River, the location of the dam - Traveston. Mary, the lady whose passing I had heard on radio that day, had the surname - Travers. 

Apply the code: R - TON. The N boy scored a TOR.

- - - - - - -


The reading in Our Daily Bread for Dec 9, 2009 - 1. Kings 3, Verses 4-14) brings out this point: Recognizing our own smallness can cause us to embrace God's greatness. Bill Crowder quotes the wisest man, who ever lived, admitting his smallness, after inheriting his father David's throne:

 "O Lord my God, you have made your servant king, instead of my father David, but I am a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in". (1. Kings 3:7).

With this attitude Solomon asked God for the wisdom to lead in a way that would please God and help others (V. 9). Bill Crowder concludes with words of wisdom all men should take to heart 

"Is life feeling too big for you? There may not be easy answers to the challenges you are facing, but God promises that, if you ask for wisdom, HE will grant it (James 1:5). You don't have to face the overwhelming challenges of life alone.


The word small has been a part of my journey for many years. It's shown in part on the entry page of my website, a painted wall, photographed by my daughter in Rosina Street Adelaide. All that shows of the words SMALL CAR is ALL CA and the number 10 above it.

The US President, on the morning of this writing, made this statement on the News: "Businesses sometimes start out small - but they become big."

How ironic, the letters SM are missing. In our code they represent 5 1000, the digits so frequently mentioned in this chapter! The number ten represents N & T, which brings us back to the symbolic, impacting number 414.

The remaining letters of small (ALL) contain the Roman numerals for 5050. Multiply this by ten and it transforms into LD, so prominently displayed in the header of this book. (The scan is part of Ken Cooper's book Held Hostage, which also received a mention in this chapter).

The missing letters - besides LD - HE.

Friends, it's not how small you start out, or how small you feel. What counts is the size of our GOD.

Ask HIM for wisdom to open your eyes to HIS greatness. 

You will become smaller and smaller; alors - bigger and bigger. 


Chapter 7