To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL       Index        ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1     Book 8 / Ch 4     Written / Published 14/11 - 16/11/09

And He does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men".  (Revelation 13, Verse 13)

4.  Taste the ipassion

Adelaide has been sweltering in an unprecedented heat wave. It's not even summer. Throughout this week, in mid November 09, temperatures reached the high 30's on the centigrade scale. In preparation to start this chapter I was sitting on the lounge, reading through my journal, while watching television. The inspiration what to write, what kind of story to begin with, came totally unexpected - out of the television.

Watching the ABC's Stateline Program in the background I read through my journal. On the third day, September 09, I read how I was arriving in Brisbane, crossing the Story Bridge on my GIANT bicycle. I also read that I had seen a lone pedestrian crossing the bridge on foot. That man was a look-alike to a well-known politician in South Australia.

Just as I was reading his name, that same gentlemen, none other than our Attorney-General, appeared for only a few seconds on the TV screen. What amazing timing! 

IT just clicked - did not a similar incident happen in the previous chapter? The same person, not on TV but on radio?

I am not cyber-stalking this gentlemen or try to show him up. But I know that with one brief directive he has the power to put into motion processes, which could result in finding out the truth, or otherwise, behind the evidence I presented to him. God knows everything, about everyone!


That same day back in  September I had started out in a very similar fashion. It was the day of my first leg of my 2000 km+ bike ride up the Queensland Coast, from Coolangatta to Cairns. A local cyclist, also enjoying some exercise on his two-wheeler, rode with me side by side for a short distance. I saw a distinct  resemblance in this middle-aged man to a pastor I knew well in Adelaide. Such look-a-like encounters had featured very prominently during my 03 surprise excursion across the Pacific (Book 1).

(Please note, whilst the next few paragraphs are events in Brisbane, later in the chapter we shall return to the start of my ride on Queensland's Gold Coast).


Brisbane's Story Bridge and the city lights viewed from the bridge.



The bridge was built in 1940. It took 5 years to complete. Four workers lost their lives during construction. It was named, according to Wikipedia, after a now forgotten public servant. (Story his name, but no story!) 


Let me continue with this story, since it started near the river, pictured in above photos. It was the day after I had arrived in Brisbane, Sept. 10th, 09, when I toured the city on my GIANT. I needed  more air in my tyre, so I dismounted and pumped a little more into it.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a motor car slowly driving by. Next it entered the car park of the Marriott Hotel. I couldn't help reading the registration plate: LVI 116. My mind had long ago had seen the letters LV as LoVe. I almost could hear the car speak "Love I I I 6". Immediately November 16 came to mind.

This date happens to be that of publishing this chapter, God willing. It reminded me of the devastating storm, which hit Brisbane on that day in 2008. I was there at the time, just before commencing another bicycle trip. How will I ever forget my encounter with Radio 1116? (See Book 7, Chapter 14 - I just noticed - in that chapter is also an ND twist. Read on for another one, plus another registration plate LVI ...)

Tyres pumped up I continued my tour of Brisbane, cycling through the Botanic Gardens and back into the city. I spent a few minutes meditating inside St. John's Cathedral. In the pew was a bible. I picked it up and opened it at random. The passage opened to the book of Zechariah.

  "Ask the Lord for rain in the time of latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; HE will give them showers of rain, grass in the field for everyone."

What amazing timing to be writing about it today, during the time of Adelaide's big heat wave. Only on the morning of writing did I express to my wife - when will we hear somebody admit that God does have a say in the weather?

Psalm 104 tells of God's power over the waters of the earth. The great flood, water covering the whole earth literally for five months, explains a lot what scientists don't accept or want to accept:

Animal carcasses, like dinosaurs, floating in water for five months, would leave bones coming to rest, in places where the animals never ever lived. The great flood as described in the bible holds a lot of explanations.

Psalm 104, Verse 9: "You have set a boundary that they [the waters] may not pass over to cover the earth."


(Back to Brisbane)

As I was meditating over the verse in Zechariah, (The Lord will make flashing clouds) the thought popped into my head: Why not a brief visit to the bus stop on Wynnum Road? On 16.11.08 I had stood there and taken shelter for 45 minutes, while around me thunder roared and lightning flashed across the darkened Sunday afternoon sky.

It only took a few minutes, cycling over the Story Bridge and down memory lane, and I was again standing under the Wynnum Rd, corner  Walter St. bus shelter, taking a photo. This time I noticed that it was bus stop No. 16 - how well does this go with the scripture I had read at the Cathedral minutes earlier - Zechariah 10.1?

Hey, I just saw a parallel, on editing. Wasn't it Isaiah 10,1 which played a central role in a recent Melbourne story? It was.

The advertisement on the bus shelter had changed, of course. Now it was for a famous brand of coffee ... ...Colombia. Their slogan: Taste the passion. 

- - - - - - -

Brisbane Photo exploits

   Top left: Isabel ylor, O My...! Can't help it - I saw TAO!  

Bottom left: Huge road safety advertisement in Queen Street Mall - DON'T WALK - WALK. It's that simple.

Q: Why did I take a photo of this? 

A: Only a few days earlier I had uploaded the first ever car crash 3-D animation on my new look driving-school website. It is about just this subject - a pedestrian hit, while crossing against the Don't Walk sign. 

(As at November 09 there are 5 3D animations, created by a young man, Leon. More to follow, God willing).

Right: Bus Stop 16, Corner Wynnum Rd / Walter St. Taste the passion (in M ...ona Colombia Coffee!)

- - - - - - -


(The latest happening - back in Adelaide).

Take a look at God's humour this morning! In Chapter 9, Book 7 you will find a picture of the word WONDER, which I scanned from my Look cycling shirt. You will also find that I had seen the word toys as story, by only inserting the letter r).

On the morning of writing, Sunday 15th November - or 11.15 (take note!) I decided to go for an early ride before church. Since the predicted temperature was to reach 40 Centigrade, and I had not been out much during this heat wave, a brief ride was on the agenda. 

Where normally I'd just slip into any old T-shirt and shorts, this morning for some reason, I decided to sport my lycras (bike pants) and a cycling shirt, one I had not worn in years:



Minutes into the ride, I smiled at God's humour, I recalled that only the night before I had scanned above photo of the Columbia coffee advertisement. But there was more. 

Cafe de Colombia was a cycling team sponsored by Colombian Coffee manufacturers in the 1980's. In 1983 the team first competed in the Tour de France. One rider - you'll love his name, if you know what Lord in German means - Luis Herrera, was the first to win a stage race for Colombia, in the 1984 Tour de France. (Wikipedia)

The letters BE (part of sponsors WOLBER), how they compliment BIC, was totally unplanned. The colours yellow, blue and red are South Australia's state colours. 

What about the BIC firelighter? I picked it up during my early morning ride today for two reasons. One, the location; it was on the side of the road, at the same spot by the traffic lights opposite the Adelaide Oval, where I had picked up some trash on 11.6 this year. (Book 7, Chapter 25). 

Two, the date 11.15, the date of this writing, but also the same digits for another date - 11.1.05. That fateful day South Australia suffered the deadliest bushfire since 1983 - 9 people perished.

 Had I cycled to Glenelg, as originally planned, I would not have come across the firelighter.


A scripture comes to mind: Jesus in the fire-lighting business: "I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!" Jesus was talking about God's love for us, inflaming our hearts for HIM. This takes no firelighter, but a passion for truth and justice, kindled by a burning desire within, to do HIS will, to please the ONE you love. 

Returning from my bike riding around 9.15 AM I didn't know where the Lord wanted me to go to church. I felt to go to one about two kilometers away, where I had been a few times over many years. A huge tapestry hung the wall: How the scripture displayed in large letters, fits here so well -  COI I, I 6 - "All things were made through Christ and for Christ."

- - - - - - -


Before writing about the big ride in Queensland, another fresh bit of magic locally. On Sunday 15.11 after spending hours writing this chapter, I felt the urge to take an evening cycle around the district. After I had mounted my bike, cycling down Goodall Road, I remembered a radio news item from two days earlier. A road death had occurred in the early hours of Friday 13th November on Bridge Road, Salisbury East. Why not take a look? I had not checked out road crashes for many months.

The sequence of events started a few evenings before. I had googled the website of a real estate agent in Brisbane. (How I came to google his name Chris ... I shall keep to myself). One of his web pages had a spelling error. The word addtions needed an i to make sense. I sent the gentleman a brief message, pointing out the spelling error. (Actually, I just remember - there was also a similarity in his phone number and that of ours).

It took another 12 hours before my mind opened to see not only a missing i in addtion, but add i.

The next morning I woke very early at 4.44 AM. Something was brewing, I knew it. It came that day, either during prayer or later in the day - add i into AM AM AM to create Mama Mia.

I had written about this Abba song in Chapter 20, Book 4. There was a connection to a TV personality, Kochie, the popular co-host of Channel Seven's Sunrise.

Watching Sunrise on Thursday morning, the day after discovering the missing i - yes, that's how AM AM AM came about - during the weather a huge monster truck screened; the word REX in huge letters on the side of the vehicle. The agent, who misspelled addtions was a REMAX agent. That's why AM stood out. 

The next day my wife bought Saturday's Advertiser. In the SA Weekend magazine, on page 12 - I saw something I can't recall ever seeing before - a huge drop letter in lower case, the letter i. 


One More Goal. The life of Frank Lowy. The gentleman is a driving force behind the ever increasing popularity of the round-ball football in Australia. They call it soccer in the US.


Please take note of the three letters REG, just beside the football ball. (On editing I also see REGO AL). 

In the same magazine, part of the regular 50-brain-waves quiz  on page 4, Question 46 asks: What is 4 + 46? 

Sorry, just kidding - Question 46: What do the letters in the transmission system AM stand for (Amplitude modulation).

Searching my website, how amazing, I found the reference to Mama Mia. In Chapter 20, Book 4 the first line included this date - 10/11/05.


Continuing on my bike, on 15/11  I went for a brief evening ride and wanted to check out a road fatality that had occurred on Bridge Road, Salisbury East).

After the Smith Road turn-off, just around the corner, is the little church, where I had played the trumpet. I thought I may have missed  the crash site. But only a few hundred meters before The Grave, sorry The Grove Way did I notice yellow paint, on the roadway, which police had used to highlight skid marks etc.

The news had said that the crash occurred during a high-speed police chase. This may explain the noise we had heard in our street. A number of times cars had roared past at high speed, waking us up that night. How the car came to crash on the dual-lane, straight road and crashed into trees, taking down a light pole, is a mystery. 

Another mystery is this ticket , which I found at the crash scene, and a Beck's bottle top. 


UNITAB horse racing ticket and bottle top. 

The ticket has one piece missing. The race on 18.9 had nothing to do with the Melbourne Cup. It was a race run in Newcastle. The punter picked horses 5, 6 and 7. Common Thief No. 6 was the winning horse.

Also at the crash scene I found this Beck's bottle top. Why did I take it home? Only after scanning did I see how the small letter i could fit - TiM.

The only personal detail given at the crash site, among the flowers, was the name of the allegedly deceased - Tim. 

Standing there, pondering I was wondering - had I been led to a shocking crime scene?

 - - - - - - -



(Back to cycling in Southern Queensland)

My September 09 bicycle ride up the coast of Queensland started with a thought. If I can ride south from Brisbane for 1400 kilometers, why not north for 2000?

To understand why I chose to cycle up the coast of Queensland take a look at the final chapter in Book 7 - the map of Australia, our land which is girt by C. Previous bicycle rides, from Adelaide, via the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Gippsland to Sydney, together with last years fun ride from Brisbane down the coast, created a large half circle - representing u. 

U only needed an I to create the letter J.  C and J together completed HIS initials. It's that simple. To do this I needed to ride north, along the Queensland coast. Crazy, maybe? But it was fun doing IT. 

My fun observations started on the airplane. The gentleman beside me tried to read a book, just as I was. I sensed he wasn't progressing much, being distracted by the TV screen in the seat in front of him and other interruptions. I was reading the book I had mentioned a few chapters ago, Held Hostage by Ken Cooper. 

The date was September 7th. Just before landing at Coolangatta airport I had been reading up to Chapter 7. Taking a glance across at the reader next to me,  I smiled as I noticed that he was up to Chapter 9 - on 7.9.

Virgin Blue Airlines prints a monthly magazine for air travelers. It was uncanny, as I flicked through the glossy pages, how my brain recognized headlines, articles, even advertisements, which I could relate to directly. 

Here is a good example. This advertisement grabbed my attention. It's an ad for industrial real estate. The address is either the very same building, or perhaps next door, to where I had worked after migrating to Australia way back in 1969/70.


My first job after migrating from Germany in 1969 was with a company called Elgar Machinery. They were located in Barcoo Street, a quiet back street in East Roseville, on Sydney's North Shore. Only after scanning did I recognize the logo as the letters L P. 

Discovered on editing - Barcoo / Barcode - deo?


There were two reasons I flew into the Gold Coast, instead of starting my ride in Brisbane. Firstly, the weather during my Nov. 08 ride was such that I saw very little of the Gold Coast. Secondly, I knew a friendly couple from the table tennis group at Elizabeth, where I play most weeks were up there, and I wanted to pay a visit. Glad I did.

The same night, after I had flow in from Adelaide, my friends invited me to join them for a meal at the local Bowls Club. As a non-member I had to sign in, giving my details, and take the ticket as ID, being a guest on the club's premises. I put the ticket into my pocket not even looking at it, until the day after. 

When I per chance looked at the numbers, they looked so much like my mobile telephone number. The similarity, unless it's just my view of numbers, made me question my thinking: Do I really suffer from a compulsive obsessive disorder - seeing magic in numbers or is there indeed something behind it?

Let me answer my own question: There is something behind IT ALL. Not only during this journey, but also through clear observations I made - my story has reached far and wide, right into the highest echelons of the Australian *Government. It just can't all be co-incidence. 

(*In late October I discovered some amazing things in on our Australian Senate's website - Names blew me over). 

I am convinced there is something happening behind the scenes. All know, except my family, who does not want to even look or listen.

Take a look at this scan and judge the Club's ticket number, and another discovery, for yourself:




Left: The ticket issued at the Bowling Club - No. 459411. The number underneath is my mobile phone number, consisting of 4 digits - 1459 (plus the ever present 0).

The ticket is glued into my diary, which I had bought at a Gold Coast Department Store. As I walked out with my my $ 6.99 purchase I walked past men's wear and could not help myself stopping to read the lengthy slogan on a T-shirt (photo on right).

It was on a mannequin, making it easy to snap this photo. Text: Some say, if he could be bothered, he could crack the Da Vinci code in 43 seconds."

Only after scanning did I see that the same digits 1459 are shown on the right photo: 43 seconds, $ 19, save $ 5.99.... 

Aha - I just saw what I could do with the remaining digit 3: If XS resembles 105, the 3 fits it well. 

('s hot in Adelaide, physically and mentally. For those 43 seconds I had to sweat, trying to finding a place for that odd number 3.)


But there's more. At church this morning the bible reading came from John Chapter 21. In Verse 11 we read, how our Lord came to the rescue of Simon Peter and the other fishermen, who had caught nothing all night. Then the resurrected Jesus came on the scene. 

Suddenly they found themselves struggling to land all the fish caught in their net. It was so big, it threatened to break, but didn't. Somebody at the scene either must have been writing a journal and/or had the same passion for numbers as I have. He counted and recorded the numbers of fish caught - 153! 

Taking directive from the resurrected Jesus made all the difference. How I wished our nation's leaders would read, believe and act after consulting HIM.

(Actually, in theory they do - prayers are spoken at the start of every parliamentary session. Is there any passion behind these prayers? Frankly, the few times I heard the prayer spoken, it sounded just like a formality. Still - better than no acknowledgement of God at all in our parliaments).


I never even considered buying the 'crack the code in 43 seconds' T shirt. But ... as I was writing I just remembered another T-shirt. Take a look!


In Book 5, Chapter 3 I wrote about this T-shirt, but no photo. I had worn it as I was checking out a car crash. The chapter is filled with numbers. Right back then 1115, 115 and 486 all had sprung up.

- - - - - - -


(Back to cycling in Southern Queensland)

What better way to start the first full day of my holiday on the Gold Coast than a brisk walk? Kirra Beach was only a few minutes away from the hostel I was staying at. On the corner of Surf Street, not thinking of anything, as if that were possible, I spotted a number painted in white letters on the footpath. 115 took my attention.

Only a meter or so away were six letters, two groups of 3, scratched into the surface of the concrete. The two short words sounded like male names - SID LES.

I stopped and pondered for a moment, when my DN code activated inside my brain: SID LES turned into - SIN LES. Taking the 5 from 115 I arrived at SINLESS, leaving the two digits 11 = No.1 [God] won.


SID LES  Corner Surf Street, near Coolangatta Airport. 

Taking the DN code my brain created SIN LES. About 1 meter away in large white letters was 115.

Another way to reshape SIDLES = ID 55 & L or...?


Later that morning my friends invited me to join them for a drive in the car. They had planned to do this anyway, driving across the border and exploring the northern New South Wales hinterland. It was a fantastic day, great weather, good company. I felt totally relaxed, being chauffeured through rolling hills, green meadows and historic towns.

Strolling around Murwillumbah I had a peep into a real-estate agent's shop window.  A house in Railway Tce. was for sale for $ 289 000. As one from far away does, I read through the ad, thinking, I could afford that, if ... Reading further down the advertisement, the price rose to $ 299 000. Interesting pricing structure, I thought.

My mathematic brain, without calculator saw the 10 000 difference differently. Was this ...ment... to be? (Ment = 10 000 thousand*).

(*28/11/09 - reading this - I may have meant to write: Ment=10 000 (ten + thousand). 

My hosts had warned me to expect a culture shock, as we approached the town of Nimbin, about 30 kilometers from Lismore. Situated amidst glorious, lush farming country the quiet place had gradually been taken over by a hippy culture, turning it into a Mecca for dropouts from all over.

Where sidewalk cafes and restaurants normally smell of coffee or freshly cooked fish and chips, Nimbin's aroma was that of grass, also called weed*, pot or marijuana. No doubt, Nimbians enjoyed their alternative lifestyle. One street name is even called - Alternative Way. 

Strolling along the main street, outside the colorful entrance to the 'museum' one eager salesmen asked, if I wanted to by some grass. I asked him: "Do I really look like I would be smoking dope?"

I should have added as a joke: " ... and what's more, the grass is greener and cheaper in *Tweed Heads. And as a bonus they throw in a free tattoo ... (while you wait).

In the photo below you will see a small notice, which I photographed. It was attached to the window of the museum. The text proves, even those living the alternative lifestyle, must be thinking about God.

If those seeking world peace, were to engage in the most radical, alternative lifestyle possible, they would open their mind and seek the peace Jesus gives.

HIS lifestyle - 'love your neigbour as you love yourself' - carries with it only positive side effects, no brain damage, no schizophrenia or nightmares caused by drugs. HIS way of life is real life, the REAL alternative!


Nimbin - alternative-lifestyle Australia.

Bottom left: Notice on museum wall: Wanted for the production and distribution of illegal plants -  GOD ...and co-conspirator Jesus Christ.

If they meant grass, then the poster is not totally wrong. God did indeed create everything - including grass. But HE certainly did not intend for us to put a flame to it and inhale the smoke into our lungs! What brainless half-weed came up with that stupid idea?

(Just a thought - has anybody ever considered how much damage is done to the earth by the billions of cigarettes lit and smoked every day - besides the untold number of fires started by cigarettes? Maybe this should be investigated, not researching how we could stop cows from farting! 

Bottom right: Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland - at the start of my 2000 kilometer plus epic journey north. Note the sa.nd in the foreground.

- - - - - - -



The next day was Wednesday, the day I commenced my longest ever bike ride - 2000+ kilometers, in around 3 weeks. I can't recall, but did I not have reason to be mildly bemused that (according to my diary) I left my hostel, ready packed up for the big ride, on 9/9/09 at 9 AM?

Before heading north I took a brief detour to Kirra Beach and asked a passer-by to take the above photo. Earlier that morning I had had a little encounter with sa nd, real sand. On the cycling path along the Esplanade sand had covered a section of the path, making it hard for cyclists to negotiate. I cut a path with my bare hands and feet so nobody would get stuck. 

It was a good excuse to go back for the photo and to document the start of my journey. Already so much had taken place, and I had not even started the actual cycling trip. (It makes me think - will we reach Cairns in the chapters following, before the wet season sets in - Christmas?)

There was a slight distraction on my first day of riding. Fran Kelly, on the ABC's AM program, reported about young Jessica Watson, who was attempting to be the youngest ever to sail solo around the world. On her first day's sailing out of Brisbane, her boat got damaged after a minor collision with a cargo vessel. The news continued, reporting that the young adventurer was limping into Southport for repairs. A large media contingent had gathered and was eagerly waiting for her.

Well, I purposely cycled via Southport, saw the Yacht Club and Marina etc. I enquired if anybody knew when the young sailor was due, but found nobody - no media, no Jessica and no boat.


Left: Surfers Paradise, Australia's holiday playground. The date 9/9/09.


Below: Skyline of Surfers, Southport Yacht Club to the left. The weather was near perfect, almost all the time. 


Maybe I had a better talent in spotting car registration plates and transforming them into messages? Cycling long distances on my own, on busy roads there were many registration plates and much time to ponder them.

It happened later that afternoon, in a small group of shops, not far from the M1 Motorway. Mounting my bike after refilling my water flask at a liquor store (with Jim Beam, what else?) I noticed a 4WD exiting the driveway. Because the registration plate included 55 my brain read and pondered the entire rego number - 055 L J T. 

A few kilometers further on a truck entered a driveway, just ahead of me. Its registration plate was very similar. It jolted those same brain cells into life, into seeing ... love ... 055 LVI.

Had I not year ago seen the letters LV as 55. Here they were in one license plate! My oxygen flooded brain, cycling does that to you, created a now familiar message, using these registration plates:

 55 = *LoVe  = L + J [Jesus] on the T [cross] 

followed by: L [Love] the V [Victory] I [won].

*As I'm typing this paragraph Olivia Newton-John is singing on Cruise 1323 - I honestly love you - Love it!

Friends, love is what life is all about. God is love. The central theme of all my writing is - Love won. 

Love still wins. End of story.

Chapter 5