To think that GOD loves me

Autobiography                                                 Dieter R. Fischer                                                    Book 8

THE WINNER GAVE IT ALL      Index        ISBN 0 9577 426 8 1     Book 8 / Ch 3     Written / Published 26/10 - 3/11/09



3.  Three words to shake the world

When reading the memoirs of a person, you are probably learning of events that took place years, even decades ago. The writer obviously had taken excellent notes, or possesses a good memory to present long gone events as accurately as possible. After much editing, proof-reading a final manuscript is presented to a publisher, and a new *book is born.


*During Monday, November 2nd 09 I became aware, listening to the news, that Cadel Evans, whose story and photo I ended the previous chapter with, was in Adelaide that day. He launched his book 'close to flying'.

Remarkably, originally scheduled for 1/11 the book you are reading was launched, after being delayed with technical problems, on the same day as Cadel's.


The recent phenomena of blogging has introduced a whole new realm of telling the world your stories. Not only VIPs but ordinary folk with a love for writing, can get it off their chest - in their time and their personal style. No more crawling up to a publisher with a manuscript, having sweated many agonizing hours over the typewriter, careful not to be making even one spelling errors.

I love the idea of blogging. As a matter of fact, when we first embraced the idea of buying a computer, mainly as educational tool for the children, I quickly progressed to being a blogger, before I even knew what a blogger was. Now, years later I still love it and imagine there are readers or fellow bloggers, who read and appreciate my stories.

Here is one, barely an hour old, which confirms in my mind that other people indeed are interested and read what I have to say. The internet created a whole new sphere of communication - hidden clues.

The incident you are about to read is an example of God guiding me to a place, where he wanted me to be. It happened under ordinary circumstances, which onlookers would never suspect has anything to do with the spiritual or supernatural. 

The brief shopping trip lasted no longer than an hour. On the way home I felt guided to visit a garage sale, where I spotted three words - Jesus is alive. How it all started was nothing out of the ordinary:

On Friday 30/10/09 my wife informed me, she would be late home from work, doing some shopping first. One place she was going to go was the butcher, to purchase continental sausages. She never found the time that Friday. Therefore, on the morning of writing I did the shopping, a welcome break from the keyboard.

(Well, timed. After typing this, my wife called me for lunch - the de-lux Vienna sausages, love' m. ......(later)....The sausages were nice. The conversation ...? My clever adult sons were there. I should have known better and not talked about certain subjects. 


The theological term to be 'led by the Spirit' is often misunderstood. In Romans the apostle writes that being led by the Spirit is a hallmark of being a son of God (Romans 8, 14). Casual readers may picture a spirit-led person as a sleepwalker, or one in a trance, listening to a voice in their head, giving directions much like a SAT/NAV in a motor car.

Who would think God could use a trip to buy sausages to fulfil his purpose? This is why many don't see HIM as an everyday God. Sunday morning, if that, the mask goes on. During the week, no thought for God, too busy.

Or perhaps, those who think of God at other times, and want to follow God's ways, are confused or frightened, just in case it doesn't work out. They keep busy for God anyway, but progress very little, reluctant to take any risk.

The question, what does God want me to do, is as ancient as mankind itself. Friends, God wants us not so much to do - HE want us to BE

God's ways make sense. There may be detours, lengthy detours or delays. But committing your life to HIM totally, placing your burden on his shoulder, is very liberating. Total freedom, yet a slave, a servant moment by moment, with every breath

Declaring independence to your own self is not freedom, it slavery of another kind. You will be serving another master, one who is a liar, a deceiver and lead you to destruction in the end.   

Romans 8 and Verse 1 sums up a wonderful, liberating truth: "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh (ie your own desires), but according to the (Holy) Spirit". If you are in Christ Jesus, you never have to feel guilty again - ever. God's answer against depression!


Those waiting to be served in the butcher shop, all had a number; mine was 7. After my purchase, before driving off, I remembered having spotted two signs advertising garage sales. One was at number  7 ...  Ct; the other at number 6 ... Rd. (I just saw this on editing (DR / CT). 

I looked up and found the street names in the UBD street map. The grid reference of the first road, No. 6, was 83 Q1; No harm done checking out theses garage sales on the way home. As usual, without giving details, I was almost overwhelmed with numbers on registration plates, parked in driveways or outside these addresses.

One vehicle, however, stood out. A large van was parked outside the first house I went to see. Not only the registration plate ... 110 (plus 1 is the date of writing) but something more tangible, written on the door of the van, gave me the feeling, I had come to the right place - JESUS is ALIVE.

Neither garage sale had any P/C equipment or vinyl records, something I would have considered purchasing. Minutes later I was back home to continue my writing. I long ago stopped involving my wife or family in such escapades. In my mind it all makes sense.


Those who don't understand 138 regard it as an ordinary number. Ardent followers, however, know there has been a whole series of events, linking from this number to this scripture: "For this reason the Son of Man came, to destroy the works of the devil". (1. John, 3.8). 

The most remarkable connection to this verse, my mission, goes back to a very early whistle blowing episode, where these numbers jumped into my face. I had phoned the CrimeStoppers phone number - 1800 333 000 and reported something fishy. (Bk 5, Chapter 23). The officer taking my call gave me this reference number: B 1083. 

My crime all these years, which my wife and family want me to stop, is that I did not dismiss these number incidences, but took them to God in prayer. God seems to say to me:


These numbers are the reason I sent you on this mission. I knew you were already stressed out with work, fighting the authorities as a driving instructor, but there is a man who has been jailed innocently. Go expose the truth - destroy the works of those who did wrong!" 

So I did and am still doing, after seven completed books and one just starting.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, promised by Jesus, to lead us into ALL truth. (John 14).

HE is alive. His mission is to destroying the works of the devil. It has already been accomplished. The winner has the winning ticket in his hand.

- - - - - - -


Business card found near Treasury Gardens Melbourne. 

SOMERSET Gordon Place Melbourne.

My neighbour's name is Gordon. His address is Somerset Road. Our address is No. 24. (His backyard borders our side fence).

I also love the digits 6139, both in the phone and fax numbers.

I won't reveal my neighbour's surname. It fits well into the picture, and makes me feel less silly, having picked up the above. 

- - - - - - - -


(Back to Melbourne, Sunday 11/10/09):

Considering the weather change that Sunday afternoon, I decided to head back to Melbourne. If indeed rain were to fall, I had the option of staying at a hostel, rather than the tent.

Thanks to the Eastern Freeway I was back in Melbourne around 5.30 PM. This allowed time for a further evening in the buzz of the city on the Yarra. A stroke of luck (could also be God's guidance, how do we know?) I found unrestricted parking right at the corner Lonsdale / Elizabeth Sts.

It was a great evening, much warmer than the night before. The Catholic church was just starting a mass, since people were moving about their premises. A Melbourne focal point is Federation Square, opposite Flinders Street Station. Since there was no special function taking place, I wondered why so many people gathered there? 

In an outdoor Cafe* a jazz band entertained the crowd. Brass has always been my forte. I paused and listened for a while. To my great surprise the small band ended their bracket with a popular Christian tune.

*I briefly watched TV Channel Seven's Sunrise on the morning of editing, November 3rd 09, which is Melbourne Cup Day. The program was broadcast from this location. Nat B. in a cherry coloured top, was reading the news. In the background I spotted what looked like the exact spot the jazz band had played.

As I ate breakfast Ronan Keating (not Ronin - spelling errors work) was interviewed. Great interview, great singing. Great name. (Christian name, anyway).


Looking back, I was meant to be in Melbourne central that evening, not in the suburbs. Federation Square is just across the Yarra River from Southbank. The jazz-band's final tune must have inspired me. My brain suddenly pictured a little chapel, just across the Yarra River on Southbank. During a brief visit in 2007 (Book 6, Ch. 20) I had stumbled onto it and attended a concert. (Note the name - St. John's Lutheran). 

I followed my prompting and detoured from Southbank's promenade into the church courtyard. A sandwich board (stand-up sign) read: REVELATIONS 7 PM. Free entry. At first I was not sure what it was all about, but I took note. It was a free event and was to start only 1/2 hour later.

At that point attending the event had not entered my head. I had to think about food, driving to a caravan park and erecting my tent. Just as I walked on, I noticed a motor cyclist parked his machine outside the chapel. As he took off his helmet he gave me a fleeting look. I moved on, strolling among the crowd along Southbank, back toward my parked vehicle.

Walking on the river's side my mind kept bringing up the courtyard Sandwich board and .. I had taken note of the motorbike's registration plate - 317. 

St. John and 316 matched perfectly. One early code I had worked with - plus 1 - added things up. The urge to go back to the attend the performance became stronger and stronger. So I did, despite knowing I would be erecting my tent very late at Hobsons Bay Postcode 3016.

A few minutes before 7 PM I found myself sitting in the second row of the small chapel, surrounded by young, attractive Lutheran ladies. I knew I had come to the right place!

They made a fuss, wanting to talk to me, a stranger, old enough to be their father. Lutherans are friendly people with a gift of making one welcome.

Still not knowing what the performance really entailed, it dawned on me after a few minutes that this was not a play or drama at all. The one-man show, presenting Revelation was by an actor of the Backyard Bard Storytelling theatre. One of their actors, Robert Turnbull, recited the entire text of the Book of Revelations, word for word.


 Robert Turnbull with baby Hannah

Backyard Bard - Storytelling. 

The event was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  


Robert's performance was an amazing feat. He is only one of a small number of Backyard Bard storytellers, who do what he does. Needless to say, the group performs not only Revelations, but the Gospels and other books of the bible. 

The Book of Revelations is a difficult one to read, let alone memorize. Robert used only two props, a chair and a small stepladder. His skilful body movements, his interacting with the audience ensured the evening never became boring.

During the interval there was free food, which was welcome. At the conclusion I exchanged a few words with a young lady next to me. Suddenly, as I looked beyond the platform, I saw a shadow, which had been created by a lit candle and projected onto the wall.

The outline looked just like a sword ...

Hey, I just became aware of this little twist - sword words. 

A brief search in for the word sword in Revelations listed 10 in King James: They appear as Verse No. 396th -  404th verse. (O, makes 1 think...?)

Another interesting thought: The author of Revelations is St. John. 


The shadow on the wall looked just like a sword. When I pointed it out to the young lady beside me, she could see it too, which made me feel good. None of my family would have appreciated my strange observation. Pointing out this kind of phenomena back home gets me into trouble.

(The good news: Nobody at home any longer suggests I take tablets to correct my thinking. The bad news: I forgot to get the phone number of that young lady beside me, just kidding).


Staying the night again at Hobson's Bay (Sunday 11/10/09) had two advantages. I knew exactly where to go, plus I'd be quicker getting out of Melbourne than from the Eastern suburbs.

The weather had changed. Waking around 4 AM the next morning, heavy wind threatened to blow over my small 2-men tent. Rain threatened to fall any minute. My decision to pack up quickly, bundle everything in the car and leave, proved a good move.

After an hour's driving, mostly in the dark, and listening to the radio (read on) I arrived in Ballarat and parked right in the centre of this large, historic town. I cooked breakfast, sorted out my gear and tried to catch a little more sleep. It didn't work. It had become light. To be seen sleeping in a car in Victoria, compares as a crime to burning down houses, just joking. 

Besides, that Monday morning the people of Ballarat were already out and about, going to work. Instead of sleeping I took a walk through the shopping mall, up the hill on the northern end of the wide main road, and back on the other. (Picture below). 

Of course, I saw things. To this day it puzzles me, where this unusual, now ingrained habit, came from? My mind did not simply browse the book shop window, but started to transform titles, authors or both.

Michael Ende was the author of one of those books. (Ende is the German noun for end). His book title made me smile - it was called 'The Never-ending story'. I had written a story, seven books long, and was pregnant at the time with Book 8. 

There were more book titles and authors with codes, read on.


Photo-montage Ballarat in Victoria's Goldfields.

Below: Ballarat's wide boulevard, viewed from the western end of the Shopping Mall.


Left: "I was contemplating hard, should I photograph registration plate QUI 135, parked nearby in the same parking lot? Then I remembered MR 135 in the church carpark the day before. (QUI.T? 135 never will)

Right: Cameron Forbes: Christian name and surname had played big parts in my never-ending story.  The name Cameron came up in Warrnambool, another Victorian country town. Then there's Lindy Cameron, also an author, in Book 7 Chapter 9?)

How about 'The life of P' right next to author Peter Carey. I purposely scanned the photo on my PC, so we are left with a missing P (ETER) and C (AREY). Love it. 

Hey I just discovered more. (Oh the value of thinking it all through): Y ARE links to an incident, where the smoke alarm activated, because of a very small, controlled fire (Book 5, Chapter 12).

- - - - - - -



A thought about the phenomena of registration plates to ponder on: Over the years I have noticed them, all kinds, everywhere. Playing this game for so many years, I am asking myself,  have I become obsessed, could it be madness?

Then I recall, how it all started! During a time of serious crises we purchased two motor vehicles. The registration plates, with my outside the box thinking mind, led me to a scripture in Joel, the prophesy regarding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

It all was so strange, but all so true. Since this theophany involved registration plates right from the beginning, why should it surprise that they are still a part in this long journey? This is the only way I can make sense of IT ALL

- - - - - - -


Melbourne in October 09 had once again been the place for a great adventure with God. I loved every piece of it (except certain laws). A journey with HIM is never boring. HE too loves fun.

At the start of my journey I had reset the tripmeter to 0. Arriving home - regular readers are now anticipating a magical number, reading it on the dashboard, right? Sorry folks, I totally forgot to look how many kilometers I had travelled.

It's not the length of the journey that counts, it's being on the right path. 


Antique store in Horsham.

Just as I scanned this, my son commented, how cluttered my office looked. He doesn't know the full story - not a cluttered mind, just a creative one. 

- - - - - - -


A moment ago, during editing this, the 2009 Melbourne Cup was run. My son had placed a bet. He picked first and second. But no trifecta! 



Weird names - the top two place getters: 

1. Shocking

2. Crime Scene

(Just saw a funny part, timing - picture above - Hors ham).


Above ticket added 4/11/09 - the day after the big race. I can't but look at the ticket in wonder. My son picked not only the winner, but Allez Wonder 22 and Crime Scene 8 ...

It makes my heart race because of a horse race! 

                           - - - - - - -



During the week of writing I broke a personal record. At least I can't recall having ever sat for five hours continuously, without getting up once, expect on a bus or plane etc. On October, 28th, from 8 PM to 1 AM I did just that in the Strangers Gallery in the South Australian Parliament. Coming up for debate and vote that Wednesday was a bill regarding a controversial subject, Voluntary Euthanasia.

The debate didn't start until 9.30 PM or so, which meant I had to sit through other, mostly mundane speeches and parliamentary business.

Suddenly, however, a few minutes into a speech by MLC (Member of the Legislative Council) Rob Lucas my ears picked up his subject: the Ashbourne/Clarke/Atkinson* Affair. Mr. Lucas reported the findings to Parliament of the Committee, who had investigated the scandal. I found it extremely interesting, since I had followed this case back in 2005, at the time of the (unrelated) Kapunda Road Royal Commission.


*At this point, 12.23 pm, 29/10 I switched the radio station to Five AA. The first voice that came out of the transistor was none other than that of Mr. Atkinson. 

During the 5-hours I sat in the public gallery last evening, around 11 PM Mr. Atkinson walked in the door, took a brief look as if searching for somebody, then walked out again after a few seconds.

The Ashbourne/Clarke/Atkinson affair in three sentences: Mr. Ashbourne, the senior advisor to the Premier, was allegedly given the task of arranging a deal between Mr. Clarke and Mr. Atkinson (the Attorney General), who wanted a court case against him dropped. The deal, if Mr. Clarke agreed, would involve arranging for Mr. Clarke positions on boards as reward. Mr. Ashbourne was charged with corrupt conduct, but found not guilty by a jury.


Mr. Lucas in his reporting to Parliament revealed some rather disturbing findings, which the Committee had uncovered. If I understood correctly, the evidence given by at least three witnesses, directly contradicted Mr. Atkinson's case.

In a newspaper article online, I read a few disturbing facts, regarding this case:

One rather serious turn of events, includes the death of an investigator, before he could hand down his findings.

Mr. Lucas virtually told Parliament that the Committee found Mr. Atkinson was not telling the full truth and the matter should be investigated.

A man personally involved in the affair told me recently, Mr. Ashbourne lives in South-East Asia. Why did Mr. Ashbourne leave the country, especially since a parliamentary committee was still investigating the case?


Listening to Mr. Lucas I was reminded of what had happened the day before Mr. Ashbourne was given his 'not guilty' verdict. One of the jurors had met with an accident, and was unable to attend court the next day for the final verdict in the case. To the best of my knowledge this also was not reported in the newspaper.

Friends, enough questions are hanging in the air, not only in the Ashbourne case, but other cases also. The truth needs to be told. Or was it nothing but window dressing, when the present Government assured voters after being elected, their's would be an open, transparent government.

Listening to the lengthy speech by Mr. Lucas I could not help thinking: Why is this not causing an uproar, when the highest instrumentality of law in our state is accused of acting corruptly? One newspaper article reported that the initial court action by Mr. Clarke against Mr. Atkinson, had it gone ahead, was going to be the trial of the decade. 

Why set up a Committee, at great cost to investigate suspected corruption, and when the findings go against the Government, all is kept under wraps? Does the public have a right to be kept informed in such serious matters? If any wrongdoing is suspected, even by a senior politician, it should be made public and investigated, even when it damages the Government's reputation and approval rating.

Our only Daily Newspaper, the Advertiser, described Mr. Rann as the most popular Premier of all six states and two territories:

"Since those nail-biting moments, Mr Rann has gone on to lead Labor to a huge election victory in 2006, and has been the most popular state Premier in Australia with his approval rating reaching 90 per cent."

(Adelaide Now, 9/10/09 - Greg Kelton)


Why damage your good reputation, by investigating possible wrongdoing by one of your senior Ministers? Close to an election such matters are best kept from the public.


On October 28th our Parliament was in uproar. Questions were asked about the Premiers friendship with a lady, whose former partner had attacked Mr. Rann with a rolled up magazine. (By the big, red bruise it caused on Mr. Rann's face, the magazine must have been hard-core!).

The uproar came during question time, when the opposition kept asking about Mr. Rann's relationship with the lady mentioned. Things got out of control. The Speaker threatened to resign. He suspended Parliament for a short time.

It made me wonder,  was the heated debate about the Premiers private life, just a distraction, away from corruption allegations, the report by Mr. Lucas, tabled in the Legislative Council the same day?


On leaving Melbourne, on 12/10/09 very early in the morning, I listened to the ABC's Overnight program. on Radio. A lady was interviewed, who was an expert in the history of newspapers. It was fascinating radio. I remember one listener phoning in, who was holding in his hand an edition of the London Gazette of 1768, going from memory. 

One statement during the segment, made by the newspaper history expert, came as a mild shock:

"Newspapers at the time before radio and television, were very powerful. One Newspaper owner boasted that his newspaper had so much influence, it could cause the Government to fall."

It should not have surprised me. I long suspected that even today newspapers still have the same power, to break of make governments. If there is only one daily newspaper in town, even more reason for a politician to stay friends with connections to the newspaper.

Friends, I realize my questions can be interpreted as innuendo. I don't apologize for that. Had I not uncovered a gross injustice, and ignored, even after presenting evidence in black and white, I would not be writing in such a cynical tone.

May God's truth prevail.

- - - - - - - 


Peaceful Albert Park - hard to imagine it's the location for Australia's most important motor race, the Formula One Grand, Prix, the first race each season. 

2 Lback5won5 and 5 cygnets?

Talking about birds - on August 9th, 09 in Adelaide was bird's day: One, the Crows played against the Magpies in AFL football. Two, on ABC 2 the classic Hitchcock movie 'The Birds' screened on TV. Three, the winning video clip on TV's Funniest Home Video, was a little girl scared off by a sea gull.

- - - - - - -


(Back to South Australia's Parliament)

The 3 1/2 hour debate on the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill was very educational. Some speakers' arguments and facts sounded convincing, until the next speaker told the exact opposite.

Holland, claimed one proponent of euthanasia, has very good voluntary euthanasia laws. They work very well. Next, an MP spoke against the law, quoting detailed figures, how many patience had been killed against their will? Who should we believe? 

MLC David Ridgway, as I understood him, did not make sense. He told how his father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live. The robust man put up a fight and ... lived another 15 years. Why then did Mr. Ridgway still vote for voluntary euthanasia? Who knows, had  the option been available, his father-in-law may have ended his life 15 years too soon?

The world is full of cancer survivors, who had been given months to live, possibly having been misdiagnosed or simply recovered unexpectedly, miraculously.

A number of speakers in both camps distanced themselves from their religious beliefs. Their faith made no difference how they would vote. Therefore, Liberal MLC John Dawkins, at one time leader of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, voted for the bill, whilst Labor's Bernhard Finnigan voted against it, saying that Australia was a secular country, and our laws should not be modelled on Christian principles.

After he said this I rested my eyes on a large book, a bible in front of the Speaker's desk. I determined to email this MP to challenge his claims, and to remind him, who is in charge of the world, and has been since Day One:


Subject: Why the Book

Dear Bernhard,

Your speech during the Voluntary Euthanasia debate last evening was very thorough. Thank you for staying firm on your views, so well expressed.

One comment, if I may. I disagree we live in a secular society. The whole Westminster System is based on ancient principles. If you go back far enough you will find our laws are based on the Book of Books, the Bible. The ABS will confirm that a large majority, over 60 % I believe, are still ticking a Christian religion as their choice. On that data I reject the claim that Australia is not a Christian nation.  

Unless you have not noticed it lately, there is a very large copy of the Bible in front of the Clerk's desk in the MLC Chamber. How can you say that Christian beliefs are irrelevant, especially when discussing life and death matters over a bible?

God help us, if we ever move away from the most stable, powerful force our whole civilization had been grounded on for millenia.

Kind regards

Dieter Fischer

PS  Actually, the bible ought to be displayed opened, toward the middle pages. Isaiah 10, Verse 1 speaks about law makers, who make bad laws. Worth considering, in view of the responsibilities that rest with politicians.


(The spelling error - missing n, above the signature, was unintentional, unless ... somebody knew the latest marketing tricks?)


"While there is life there's hope" is a positive message, by Cicero, and quoted by many, including Winston Churchill. Life means hope. To face a battle with cancer can be like an insurmountable mountain. I never forget my daughter-in-law's tear, the day she returned from the doctor and told us the alarming news. 

Cicero's one-liner, no matter how desperate a person becomes, raises a degree of hope. 

Another one-liner, authored by Almighty God, is found in Exodus, Chapter 15, the last line of Verse 26: 

"I am the Lord that healeth thee."

In the New Testament hope ranks among the pillars of the Christian church, together with faith and love, which is the greatest of the three. (1. Cor. 13, 13).

Whilst I do not entirely agree with the notion that a seriously ill person can think themselves healthy, the medical profession would agree, a persons disposition to a bad diagnosis, can make a difference.

To keep up hope is an important factor in any battle, medical or otherwise. Is voluntary euthanasia not saying - I give up hope?

After the marathon sitting in parliament I broke another personal record. To the best of my knowledge I had never cycled 16 kilometre bicycle at such a late hour, from 1.05 AM, arriving got home around 1.50 AM.

- - - - - - -


Here is a brief story, written just as it happened, about an hour before writing on 29/10/09. I sent this brief email to the radio station concerned. This is it.


Hi David,
Love your music!

Thursday mornings around 9 AM my work takes me along Wandana Road Gilles Plains. Just after 9 AM this morning I thought - I wonder, if David plays a nice song for us, and switched from AM to FM 103.1.

The first song, a moment later, you announced was ... sunshine ...? I forgot the full name; the song was in a foreign language. But I understood clearly the first line of the lyrics - It sounded like: Nana heyah. 

My brain took note, because my eyes were just then falling onto the NANA GOOSE child care centre, Wandana Ave. Gilles Plains.

Hey, I just see nana in Wandana? 

Dieter Fischer

PS Isn't there a song lyric - that's how the story goose, sorry goes?


- - - - - - -


That same day I had sat in Parliament, October 28th, I attended a funeral. My wife was wondering, why I would attend the funeral, since I hardly knew the person, who had passed away. But I knew I had to go.

Some days earlier I was writing my diary. As happens very often still*, as I wrote a word, it was spoken the same second on TV or radio. I figured, since we use hundreds of words regularly, it is rare that two words coincide, as they do so often in my experience. Can science answer, why this phenomena?  


*May I remind readers there is a good reason, why I don't just dismiss this as co-incident. The first time this happened was not in this auto-biography, but in the earlier version of my life story. On that first occasion the two words were: supernatural powers. 

I had just typed them, when suddenly, a moment later, I heard them spoken on Adelaide's EBI-FM Radio 103.1. (The same station I sent the above email to). 

Supernatural powers - prophetic words. 


The reason I attended the funeral, this phenomena happened twice, on the same evening and pointed in that direction. I shall not disclose the details, only that I regard nothing as co-incidental. God is at work, of this I am sure. 

An incident about an hour after the funeral, took my mind away on a journey, ending in LA, the letters L and A. 

A young lady had walked up our driveway. She asked my wife where Maves Rd. was. My wife didn't know, so she called me from the computer room. I looked it up in our street directory and directed the young lady to walk to the end of Liberman Road. The street was right opposite.

My wife said, she felt that young lady to her appeared frightened. It was a rare occasion that somebody would come to your door and ask for a street. 

Thinking more about Maves Rd. I recalled the big fire, years ago in that short street. A house had been completely gutted. I noticed the only other street in that area - Loral St. 

Changing the second letter of Loral [o to a] minus r, leaves us with little else than It was in LA the a/e code was born. 

How weird, but true: Applying the a to e code in Maves it creates these letters, rearranged: vesme. 

That morning, during the funeral service I suddenly was inspired to call the title of this book - to think that God loves me.

The letters ves me are the last five letters in the title:

It compels us to think: God loves me, God loves you, God loves us and is 4 us us us US.

Chapter 4